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REVIEWS OF Hybrid Fitness IN Texas

Jcort nahhh.

Great gym setup, allows you to do both HIIT and regular gym workouts. Location is also very good, plus they offer 24/7 gym access for a great price.

audrey alba

It's awesome that they have a 24/7 open gym! They also have an amazing and flexible staff who are willing to work with your schedule for personal training! By far best gym I've tried in a long time. Strongly recommend!

Rick Hunter


Good no frills gym.

Michael Sanchez

Great place

Emma Lopez

Warning About hybrid Fitness – El Paso TX!!! What is offered in the website sounds amazing. The price is unreal. But the truth is completely the opposite. My personal testimony will sound like I have something personal against the business. But when it comes to the facts, I am going to be very detailed on what I experienced with the trainers, equipment, presentation, classes, quality of training, technique, and workout planning. Lets start with the trainers, The main one is the owner – Arnold, he is pretty cool but is very lazy, he is late most of the time and he definitely is not a morning person. Arnold as a trainer is not very good, he does not instruct in proper format of doing exercises and is always texting on his phone. He tends to be on a constant slacking mode. The planning of his workouts don’t seem to be very efficient. I say this because all of his clients that I saw in a period of about six months did not really have much of improvement physically nor technique wise. Another Bad thing is that there is a lot of rotation of trainers due unethical approach within. The gym’s concept would be amazing if it was kept up. But the problem is that everything is left all over. The equipment is old, damaged; unmaintained leading to multiple accidents in the short period I was there. I hurt my knee on the leg curl machine because some part would fall off causing it to shift angle leading to wrong angle and pressuring and causing damage. Also in a short period I was not the only one to get hurt. Another lady broke her toe with equipment that was left for multiple days in workout areas. A girl hurt her lower back when doing deadlifts due to the carelessness of the instructor. Another guy broke his foot when landing on the sandy, unclean floor and slipping. Just like that I can keep on going. For this reason I chose to change. I hope my experience is taken into consideration when choosing your gym. Thank you

Martia LaManna

marc patrick

Ian Munoz

Meghan Henderson

Warning about that negative review by the user below: Don't let that one (negative) comment fool you. "What is offered in the website sounds amazing. The price is unreal." as the user stated is definitely right about that. You can find a trainer anywhere in town but nothing will come close to Hybrid Fitness and you'll see when walking in yourself. I began there as a client in the end of August of 2013 give or take. I have seen it all and they have amazing classes and trainers and competative rates it seems. The environtment is very motivating, non judgemental and for all levels. I'm very impressed with equipment there that I can't find in other gyms. The owner himself, unlike the above user stated, is anything but lazy to say the least. He is a good multitasker and is very much on the ball. He does use his cell phone often due to his phone being both his personal and business line let alone always being there for the clients or any inquiries. He really is great as a personal trainer and not just by name/label. You can go to a gym that's a big chain and the will have an office handle phone calls if you wish, though you would be highly less likely to reach them when needed. As far as the statement ... "all of his clients that I saw in a period of about six months did not really have much of improvement physically nor technique wise." I am at close to 70 pounds lost and counting as of now since I started 6 months ago. Results can vary because not everyone can change their diet and are at different levels and situations. People have different motives and I am seeing others everytime I'm there and they are not all thinking about their diets. Which is majority of the problem anyway. We learn and get motivation and coaching there but only in the end I'm responsible for my results. The times my weight changes, its from what I did. "Another Bad thing is that there is a lot of rotation of trainers due unethical approach within. " Must be so few of these situations because I have the seen the same great trainers there that I have seen since beginning of my journey nearly 70 pounds different and same clients there who've seen my comparison. Everyone there is great I never once had any issues and I plan to continue as long as possible. I highly recommend Hybrid Fitness. Cost is worth it considering for me I would be paying a much higher price for health hitting rock bottom. I guarantee I'm very brutally honest and blunt as it comes. No bias here. See for yourself you don't have to take my word for it. You've got nothing to lose.

Zach Bryan

What an incredible gym. Best gym in El Paso for sure. Not sure why anyone would want to visit any other place.

Nathan Gable

Great gym full of very nice people... Includes work out plans and full arrange of anaerobic and aerobic equipment

Kimberly Bebon

Definitely one of my favorite gyms! Great vibe for people who are really there to workout. And people actually rerack their weights here and have solid etiquette. I LOVE the 24/7 access. Also Arnold easily has some of the best customer service out of all the gyms I've been to.

johnny blaze

Great facility!! Private, despite being smack dab in the middle if town! Get your workout on!!!

marcus mercer

I came in for the week for a conference and needed a place to work out while in prep mode for an upcoming competition. I reached out and Arnold responded at 6am to welcome me the week—-talk about customer service! The gym was within a mile from the hotel and was legit-Everything I needed to get done plus the atmosphere. If you need a place to get away and grind when in El Paso, I highly recommend Hybrid Fitness. Thanks for the hospitality!

Colin Flaherty


I joined Hybrid Fitness in January of 2018, after my first year of going, I've liked the gym since I started going. It especially helps that its close to UTEP since I am a full-time student and I can shower up right there without having to go home to do so. Yeah, its only one shower but its better than nothing! Otherwise, this gym is pretty good, equipment is up to date and its continuing to improve, the other gym members are very friendly, and has a good variety of things to work out on from the front of the gym to the back. Plus, sometimes, you may have the gym all to yourself, you can go whenever you please within the 24 hours of the day without having to worry if its open or not (as long you have the code for the door to enter of course) and most of the time not worry having to deal with over crowding. I highly recommend for anyone to go ahead and try out Hybrid Fitness! Its worth it.

Totoro12 Rubio

24/7 ACCESS, NO FRILLS STRENGTH This is without a doubt the best gym I have been to in El Paso. There is an awesome selection of equipment, and never a shortage on racks. No matter what you train for (Strongman, Powerlifting, Crossfit, etc.) you will find what you're looking for here. There is a great vibe too, everyone is here to put in work. And you will definitely not find better customer service, Arnold is a great guy. I strongly recommend Hybrid Fitness to anyone who is serious about their training.

Bryan Mariscal

Awesome gym and environment! Loved the place and would recommend it to anyone !

Miriam Ortiz

Awesome place to work out! Friendly and amazing environment! Arnold is a sweetheart. I recommend this place to everyone!

Adolfo Lopez

Aurelio Rubalcaba

Great place for training. Everyone that goes in, does his or her job and then off you go. All work. No games. Get some.

Margie Ramirez

I used this place one year ago. The trainer would charge me $150 for private training but would have 2 or 3 other people on the side he would also be training at the same time as me. That's very unethical and lazy!!! I should have reported him to the Better Business Bureau. I got hurt several times because the trainer would not take into consideration my capabilities and age. I finally had enough and looked for a new trainer that knows what he is doing. I agree with other reviewer Emma Lopez that Arnold does not know what he is doing and is very lazy. This place is a joke.

Jennifer Cello

Love the gym, variety of equipment.

jovanna saenz

Horrible gym. Nobody would show up for the 6am class. Basically went off the dry erase board without instruction. No instruction or feedback. Dirty gym and equipment.

iliana sosa


Eddie Sepulveda Jr

Angel Murillo

Itzel corral

I absolutely love hybrid fitness it’s such an affordable gym plus open 24/7. The owner is awesome and very understanding. I highly recommend anyone with a busy schedule or If you're a student to join it’s perfect!

Stephanie Castanon

Hybrid Fitness is awesome! It has a really positive vibe and made me feel super comfortable! I had tried other gyms, but this one was the best. If you have any questions on how to ise the equipment, the owner, Arnold is super good at explaining how to use it. It is open 24/7 and location is super good!

Rashan I

Have truly enjoyed my time as a member of Hybrid Fitness! The many types of equipment available there allow for you to get in any type of workout that you need! Also love the fact that the gym allows for 24/7 access. The members of the gym are friendly and the owner (Arnold) is a great guy! Highly recommend membership here!!!

Ben Greif

I love this gym. Why? Because it is a gym that trusts you. The literal opposite of a planet fitness, this gym lets you blare your own music and lift however you want. It is really like owning your own gym, and I get a lot more motivated in a warehouse type gym. The owner is consistently adding new pieces of equipment and refining the gym (you can make requests, he fulfilled one of mine!). For example, the bikes in the photo below are all replaced by brand new Rogue Echo bikes now. There are still a few downsides that some might mind such as some pieces of pretty old and tired equipment and no A/C, but I like it. If you go here, just follow the few simple rules like putting your weights away!

Layla Townsend

Hybrid Fitness is an excellent gym!! I have been a member for the past two years with the owner Arnold being my personal trainer. As a physician, I pay attention to several things...a trainers knowledge, attentiveness, the maintenance/equipment of the gym and most importantly how the clients are being treated. I have been happy to say that I have sent many of my patients to this gym with nothing but excellent reviews, not to mention results. Thanks to Arnold at Hybrid Fitness I (along with others) have come to understand that self motivation, clean eating (lifestyle changes) and a consistent exercise regimen is the only way you will produce results. I will continue to send my patients to this gym . Thank you Arnold!! However, I am somewhat perplexed as to why this gym has recently received a bad review as the person who reviewed the owner/gym is not a client of his; as a matter of fact, is a client of a personal trainer who was just recently dismissed from the gym. It is sad that people will use social media as a way to perpetuate a "smear campaign."

Andrew Najera

Gyms owners name is can you not get jacked?!?!?!?

juan gurrola

Helmut Dobler

Great place to work out

Nancy solar

John H

Jose Fuentes

Excellent gym

Estephan Robles

Great gym, and very affordable. the equipment is also in great condition

Eric Saldivar

Awesome fun

Dillon Wenk

This is the gym I use every time I’m working in El Paso. Management is friendly and helpful. The facility has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s also a huge plus that it’s 24 hours.

Edgar Guerrero

Adreanne Vasquez

Fun and positive workout atmosphere. I see people of all ages, at all different fitness levels come to work out. It's 24hr and the fee is flat and affordable. Personal Trainers are available too.

Oliver Dobbs

Adam Franco

Love this gym. One of if not the best gym in El Paso. What I like most about the gym is that 1. It’s affordable 2. Anything you could think to use there’s a good chance it’s there. 3. Everyone at the gym is super chill and the environment is welcoming. And 4. You get to play your own music when the aux is available which you can’t find at most places. Overall I’d recommend to anybody who wants a unique place to train. Also, in addition the owner is always easy to reach and responds as soon as he can. He even helped out a friend of mine who was in town over winter break get some training in while here.

Abraham Gonzalez

One of the best decisions I've made this year was to join Hybrid Fitness. I came to Hybrid fitness thin, tired and had low confidence. With Arnold's guidance, personal training, and nutrition advice I started feeling better within the first month. As time progressed I became stronger, leaner, and more energetic. I highly recommend working with Arnold at Hybrid Fitness.

Dandra Andrews

I've been working out at Hybrid Firness almost 4 years now and I love this place. Arnold (the owner) is a great person, trainer and friend. I tried other places before coming here but none compare to this place everyone is very friendly. Definitely a place you might want to check out the membership prices are very affordable from my point of view.

David DM

Arnaldo Rodriguez

Gym is open 24/7 to members and has everything from commercial gym equipment for bodybuilding to cross fitness equipment to some strong man equipment

Michael Moore

Anabel Marquez

Best place to workout, everyone minds their own business and Arnold the trainer is always helping

J Love

I can come and go as I please, even though it's a little dirty... but then again what gym isn't. Lol. I love the people. Feels like family when I'm here. Another home away from home. No One bothers you. Everyone is friendly. Do what you will. Great place all in all. Hooked. Thank you.

Andres Barrientos

Friendly staff

Edmond Martinez

Great location and facility to do athletic training. Lots of amenities and amazing value! Owner is also always available.

Deirdre Cobos

Clarence Frazier

They think of them selves only

Hector Zubia

Hybrid Fitness is a very effective and great place to workout. The owner/trainer Arnold is a very effective trainer and does what he can for his clients. The other trainers that utilize the facility are great as well. The atmosphere that is presented in the gym is very welcoming and is not like the other gyms where there are many egos floating around. I have seen very good results since joining Hybrid Fitness. I have recommended the gym to quite a few friends who have come by and completely enjoyed the experience. If you are looking for a gym where you can network with good people and be motivated by others besides just the trainers, I'd recommend giving Hybrid Fitness a try. Your goals be what they will, there will be many to help you get there. It's a very close group of people there not only for themselves but for the progression of others. The facility is great and continues getting better. There are a variety of workouts and much learning that can be done in your training. Bottom Line- if your looking to better yourself and enjoy doing it, I highly recommend stopping by and seeing what this gym is actually about.

Alfred Cazares

Has everything you need. A good old fashioned gym.

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