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2800 S, b NH, N Interstate Hwy 35 Suite 220, Round Rock, TX 78681 Located in: Crossing Point Shopping Center

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TexasTailgateCountry .

This is a small and intimate gym that is judgement free! Cross Gold's Gym with Planet Fitness and you get Crunch Gym! The gym is clean and the staff is very friendly! The music is loud, but not too loud to where I can't listen to my own music. This gym offers classes and options for personal training. The prices are reasonable and they offer no contract. In my observation, this gym has all that you that you need to get in shape!!!


Don't come here. The equipment is maintained well. The monthly rate is fair. The staff is friendly. For the most part people are curtious and wipe their sweat off the equipment and clean their own weights. If you cant be curtious, don't come here to mess the place up cause this place is nice.

María Isabel Mendoza

I really love my gym. The HIIT classes are amazing. The facility is very clean and with plenty of room for all the members. The child care place is awesome and helps me so much when I have to take my 6 year old. Highly recommended

Larry Butler

Kimber Vance

Great staff, very clean, lots to do!


Thomas Newton

They have up to date Gym equipment but staff very unprofessional and egotistical.

Cain Cooper

Mike Aguirre

Fun place. So many gym equipment. They also have a daycare for parents who want to get their workout done but tied down by kids. Lots of interesting classes too

Qusay Fadhl

I canceled my membership after two weeks I signed . I even didn't use the gym once . After 2 months I find out they still charging my card ,plus 52 $ maintenance fee AFTER the cancellation which I'm No longer member , This is unacceptable I spoke with the GM and he only refunded me 10 $ for one month only . Make sure u get a confirmation email or paper, otherwise they will keep taking your money. Staff doesn't have any experience and they don't want to admit it . Crunch gym still owe me 52$ cause it was taken after cancellation.


Spencer Cordero

I like this gym. It’s pretty new and people are nice. Staff is good.

Ciera Case

Great gym with awesome classes and affordable

Katie Heron

This is a wonderful gym, I drive the extra ways from my house because my kids love the childcare center and they feel so comfortable with the staff that watch them, and so do I! The gym is clean and everybody that works there is so welcoming and friendly!

Rachel Davis

Justine Salazar

Cheryl Odom

Reasonably priced

Alex Bowen

Daniel Ochoa

People are awesome, staff are very friendly, and overall such a good environment to be in.

Matt B

Omar Robles

A lot of great workout equipment

B. Drew Campbell

I really like the gym but I love their equipment. I just go for the standard gym experience and having modern equipment that's well taken care of is A HUGE plus

Aurora Wilson

I started going to Crunch about 8 months ago when my husband signed me up. (no i was not offended, LOL) He likes to work out and i wanted to improve my fitness. I love it! We work out about 5 times a week and i can truly say that we go so frequently because we love the environment. i love the variety of classes offered, the size of the gym, the quantity and assortment of exercise equipment, the friendly and professional staff and instructors, and the people that workout there. its a great value for the price. Everyone is there to workout! All shapes, sizes and ages of people that just want to improve their health. As a woman some exercises can be a bit awkward, but i don't feel self conscious because everyone is just doing their thing. I highly recommend it as it has made quite a difference in my health and fitness!

Mercedes Urquiza

The staff are very helpful and super friendly!

Latif Masud

BEWARE of fake reviews. This place isn't OPEN yet. I signed up three months ago online reading the reviews and this place still hasn't opened, yet they took first month's payment.

Jose Gonzalez

Great gym to work out in and very nice staff.

Santosh Cholraju

Nice gym, Gavin was helpful and made my decision easier to join the same day I wanted to explore & try out !!!

Jennifer Costanza

This review is not for the gym itself (because the gym is lovely). You know who was not lovely? Erika, the associate working at the front desk this morning. My husband and I went in to terminate our gym memberships and we were told that we would be charged a number of fees. We then asked a few questions and instead of answering them politely, Erika was rude, short, and unpleasant. It was overall a very poor experience and we were extremely disappointed.

Reyna Coria

Best gym ever


Best gym I have ever joined, Crunch is like "Cheers", where everybody knows your name. It feels like a family and everyone is super open and encouraging! I cannot recommend this gym enough!


Enjoyable atmosphere, nice equipment

Audrey Thein

Super friendly staff, great equipment & super clean!

Trenton Jones


Spenser Oshaw

Crunch! Such an iconic gym that’s always a fun sexy place to workout! I’m so excited we will finally have one in Austin!!!

Sandra Flores

(Translated by Google) They are missing machines and something hot to get one to sweat after exercise and be more kind and speak BILINGUE (Original) Les ase falta máquinas y algo caliente para meterse uno a sudar después de aser ejercicio y que sean más amables y que hablen BILINGUE

Matt Kovac

Great gym, great atmosphere, friendly staff. Nice variety of workouts available and classes are really good.

Keith Kirven

Josh Ferbin

Jonathan Hampton

Great gym, tons of equipment. And the staff is very friendly.

Cam Brown

Adrian and the crew are phenomenal and are truly the gold standard of how a gym is supposed to be ran. We really appreciate the smiles and help the crew gave us

jonathan yates

Juan Aguilar

Jeff Smart

I attempted to transfer from my previous club in Lubbock to this location. The first day I went in the girl at the counter told me I COULD NOT work out here. I explained to her that I was transferring my membership and she refused to let me work out. She insisted I would have to cancel and sign up again. I left displeased. The manager later reached out to me and told me I could come in and work out at anytime, and he apologize for the confusion. He told me to feel free to come in and work out as I pleased. I went back to the location and worked out for a couple weeks with absolutely no issues. I SIGNED a form to have the membership transferred upon returning. TODAY HOWEVER, I scanned in and went to change when I was approached by a staff member in the locker room. He insist I called the gym in Lubbock and cancel. I explained to him that I had spoke with the manager, I signed a transfer paper and that he told me I could work out there freely. THe staff member continued to argue with me. I told him I would call Lubbock and cancel and find a new gym closer to home. (I was going out of my way to work out with this gym.) The staff member responded "I dont think we will miss you here, you don't seem like a nice person." VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I left this gym and do not plan on returning. This area has PLENTY of other gyms and I will be glad to take my business down the road after the way this was handled. Very unfortunate considering the Lubbock club was wonderful. Maybe the staff from Lubbock can travel down to this location and help them with their customer service.

L Cooper

Great People and Nice Gym. Needs a few tweaks and I know they are learning since they just opened.

Norma Guerra

truly no judgements and everyone is so friendly

Marina Trent

Love Love love coming here! The staff is always super friendly. Machines are aplenty and it's nice n clean. The other day I tried their water for sale called CLEAN which supports recovery efforts for addicts which I found really thoughtful. They've also got really tasty protein drinks for sale. The overall vibe is upbeat and it is not too busy late at night. I look forward to coming here when I am able. There is a great pride about everything and it really shows. Highly recommended!

Frankie Zellner

Love the gym, the staff, the owners and the fellow guests are friendly too. Very clean and well maintained equipment. I love that I have a studio to dance in when there isn't a group class. The general manager Adrian is so upbeat and genuinely interested in creating an upbeat and welcoming experience.

Colton Guderyahn

Great gym with a wide variety of new equipment. Also excellent service and staff. I was sitting in the lounge area after my workout and a guy came up to hand a note with the WiFi password. Really cool people and atmosphere

Bryan Murillo

Been at crunch for almost a year now and man my experience as been great. Love how clean the gym is every time I go. People there are nice too. Great equipment. This is the gym to go to

Ericka I

Jared Adams

Love working out here. Great classes and the trainers/instructors are great. Eli and Brian have have great HIIT classes. The facilities are fantastic and always clean. One nit-picky thing, wish the morning classes started 15 minutes earlier (5:45 am instead of 6:00 am) makes it a little tricky getting to work by 7:00 but the workouts are still awesome.

Taryn Engelstad

Ireen Luna

I started going to workout with my boyfriend as his guest and instantly felt comfortable there. The staff is extremely helpful and nice. It may be a bit crowded at certain time but I have yet had to wait to use any equipment.

HerausGomez11 Gomez

Hector T

Awesome gym, very clean and new. The class instructors were extremely nice. They care a lot about the clients in the class. Name a gym that is cleaner than this

Mikala Smikal

Literally the best gym around. They care about all their patrons and their GM Adrain actually does a lot of the classes and teaches one too. He is super involved in the gym. A lot of good classes and equipment at a good rate! Highly recommend! 20/10

Erin Gates

Rolando Jimenez


Harrison Uhouse


Bryan Lewis

Rodolfo Garcia

nice gym

Hector Farias

Baldemar Silva

Brittany Figueroa

Crunch is HANDS down the best gym in round rock!! I have been to quite a few and crunch just blows every one of them out of the water!! It’s reasonable pricing, classes and trainers are on point, and I like how they have a affordable day care and don’t charge an arm and leg for it. If you haven’t signed up yet I don’t know why you are waiting! It’s a great atmosphere, you will be greeted with a name and not hey where’s your key tag, and they are very personal and remember things about you!!! Just truly an amazing place and so glad they are here in round rock! I’ll give it 10 STARS if I could

G-Spot Salon and Spa

sundar M

Stephanie C

Cam V

Great alternative to golds next door, affordable and maybe a little bigger... definitely 10 years newer which helps. For the price they charge it should be worth it

Sadeq Alinizi

I liked at the beginning but no more, the classes take most part and time of the gym you can’t workout at the free area because always busy with classes. Their classes always at the peak time and no rest these areas always busy. So you can use only the weights area and busy too. Today I was trying to workout little at the open area and someone of the stuff asked me to move because there is class going to start and there was one already done 10 minutes earlier. I spent more than 2 hours just to work on my chest and wasn’t productive. They should work on classes schedule so everyone can get benefits of the gym.

Rooster Random

It's a great place to work out at and always has great service.


Hard to find something better for the price. No sauna but that shouldn't be problem if you're actually going to the gym to workout. Otherwise good, clean facility with plenty of squat racks and a turf area. Back corner of the gym is a bit secluded and gym bros like to workout shirtless at night. Music gets inappropriate at times once most management leaves for the day but nothing headphones can't fix. More cable machines would be nice.

Mirna Ortega

Mz Kandice

The workout area is small which makes it a little harder to workout in especially if u have to wait on a machine.

chelsie Odom

Jennifer Ferguson

Love this gym and the price. Fun classes and my son loves the child care area.

rajat upadhyay

Adrian Jaimes

Nice environment to work out in and very nice and helpful staff! Highly recommend

Preston Baggerly

Lisa Park

Laurie McElroy DeVorkin

Jeff Blatt

Alyssa Bowholtz

Romana Hassan

Adrian Mertz

Paul H

Griffin Wiebel

Update: Not only were my concerns addressed kindly and promptly, but one of the biggest problems I had with the facilities (cold showers) was fixed quickly. Amazing customer service. Updating rating from 3 to 5. Good work

kyp palmer

Awesome gym!

suhyun cho

Cliff Mullen

Great staff, great facilities, great value!

Natasha McMillan

Raul Bernal

Raziela Garcia

The staff at Round Rock Crunch Fitness is always friendly & professional making a big impact on the energy of the gym being so motivational and passionate about health & fitness. Special recognition to the owner Eli & General Manager Adrian! The membership was beneficial & fun especially because of the 24 hour availability.

James A

It's a nice gym. I'm glad they're finally open and 24hr a day at that. I work 12 to 14 days and at most gyms I can't work out everyday due to closing hours. At Crunch Gym I don't have to worry about what time I go. If interested in finding a gym don't hesitant to give them a try. You won't regret it!

Kandice Sellers

Super nice gym!! Great staff!! Clean equipment!!

henry davis

went to register , management sucked! bald headed guy sucked !!! very unprofessional

Louie vincent

Called to see how much the membership cost. $9.99 per month there there is some $35 something fee upfront and an annual fee I guess after 60 days? I wish they would just tell us that upfront. Thank god I called and not drove. I guess I have to commute to 24 hour fitness. Sad this gym has so much potential ***UPDATE*** After leaving Crunch and going over to 24 Hour fitness, I just realized today 10/09/2018 that they are still charging me after about 2 months. Wow. Bad business practices!

Sana Hussain

My husband and I recently tried out Crunch Fitness with a 3-day pass. Overall, the gym itself is SUPER nice. The equipment seems to be brand new and is kept very clean. There are a lot of machines, both strength and cardio, as well as a pretty large weightlifting area. If I was rating solely on the facility, I would have definitely given it 5 stars for sure. However, there were some other things that were a little annoying that brought down my rating a little. I still think it deserves 4 stars though since what's most important is the gym itself. Pros: - 24 hours - New and clean equipment - Plenty of options to choose from regarding cardio and strength equipment - Very clean and nice locker rooms - The group fitness room is HUGE and very nice - Separate room for spin classes Cons: - You have to check out weight clips, which I thought was really odd... Also, no one tells you these need to be checked out. Therefore, I found myself all the way in the back using a rack and confused about where to find clips. - I wasn't too impressed with any of the staff. As mentioned before, no one told us there were items that we need to check out, such as the clips and belt. Also, they were very weird about my husband utilizing their handheld body fat scanner. Usually gyms will have that out and open for people to use. It was oddly difficult for the Crunch staff to provide it to my husband even though they have it available in the personal trainers' area. The front desk told him to ask the personal trainer and the personal trainer sent him back to the front desk. Then the front desk claimed they were "busy". I didn't realize it required so much effort to hand someone a body fat scanner...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - You can only put your things in the locker room, which is all the way in the back corner of the gym. I usually pack pretty lightly when I come to the gym - usually just my car keys and jacket. It would be nice if there were small cubbies or something near the front for people who don't need the space of a full locker. - It seems like the place would get packed at peak times. I usually go to the gym in the mornings and it's pretty empty. I would NOT want to go after work. This place is super nice and has so much potential, but I really think they need to hire better staff. Our current gym is a little rundown and doesn't have the best equipment, but the owners and staff there are super awesome which makes it a tough place to leave.

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