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REVIEWS OF Crunch Fitness - Lubbock IN Texas

LeighAnn Sierra

So far just haven’t had a great experience. I cancelled my Planet Fitness membership to try here since my best friend recommended it, and so far I’m really regretting that choice. When I stated I was a new member I didn’t get a tour so I toured the layout myself, I didn’t get details on any classes available or where I can go to look for information regarding that. My friend recommended I do a body scan so I set an appointment for that and after waiting about 20 mins I was told no one was coming in to do it. So wasted my time altogether. I do have high hopes that something here will change my mind, but I guess we’ll have to see. The only reason why I’m even giving two stars is because the front desk girl that checked me in genuinely felt apologetic but other than that, not impressed.

The Smallest Lemur

Great equipment, great atmosphere, and great people. The only thing they could improve is adding a sauna. 5 stars for their reply! Love businesses that communicate with their clientele online!

Alix Gavin

I signed the cancellation last July after I realized I didn't have time to commit outside of working and school. I never thought twice about it because I figured they would do their job. I recently found out that I have still been billed monthly all this time. Apparently the cancellation never went into the system???! And I wont be refunded +$120 something despite the fact that I showed emails of me telling a Manger I wanted to cancel last July and that I would come in to sign it off- and the system clearly shows I have not checked in in +230 days. This is outrageous.

DorK Productions

Great Facility! Clean and extremely friendly!

Stephen Henderson

Dakota Zarate

Aaron St. Clair

Steph Wilson

In February I was emailed a 2 week free trial. I went to 1 workout and then got sick with the flu and couldn't go anymore. I call after I get better and they were able to give me the 2 weeks free again since I was sick. After that, I knew they were a great company. Staff is friendly and have always been welcoming! I love this gym!

Joanna Bayens

LOVE THIS GYM! Staff is friendly and always have smiles on their faces!

Bonnie Sue Sambrano


Alexandria Esqueda

Very clean and nice, wide range of equipment. I have been to many gyms and this one is my favorite so far. The front desk staff was very nice and genuinely happy to be there, assist and answer any questions I asked. I’ve gone as a guest a few times and tried their free week trial, but was unfortunately only able to use it once due to illness and having to go out of town. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!!!

Joseph Garza

No contracts/Fun experience/Done deal

Vincent Garcia

Best gym in Lubbock, Tx

Karen Zapata


Christopher Jewell

Been coming to this gym since day 1 of opening. Been to alot of gyms all over the US and this one is great. When I first came there were some issues with personnel as far as courtesy and attitude. I offered constructive criticism to the regional Manager while he filled in during the start up. Whether it was training or the change in employees, they are an attentive staff and very professional. I've seen some of the members they have to deal with and can understand the difficulty of maintaining the positivity 24/7 but they do it anyways. Price is great. Yes the annual fee exists but for 10-30 a month pending your package, it's definitely affordable. Trying out there personal training program for a month and will follow up after.

Ariel Kirkland

I like the price I know I like working out here. It gets extremely busy during Prime Times but I enjoy it here.

clayton duke

Andrew Van Arum

steve latham

I like it friendly staff n helpful , not too crowded, equipment enough for what I need . I think best workout place in lubbock amazing ...!

gail blankenship

Isabel Macias

Best gym ever! Clean and the equipment is great! Love the tanning beds and the hydromassage. Big plus! ❤️

Dayna Wilson

I have another membership at a gym and got a crunch membership just for tanning until I seen what they offered and it's amazing. I been going to their RIDE classes and I love it.

L.D. Porch


Jovaan Jackson

Gym is what you expect from a gym, but if you're looking for a trainer I highly recommend "V". He will make you feel at home and design a workout specific to you. Overall the best experience I've ever had with a trainer, and he doesn't burn me out. Workouts dont make me . No shirt on in the pool this year! Lol

Hayden DeDear

Really loved the gym but had to cancel my membership when I moved out of Lubbock. A 8 months later I started getting charged again on a month to month basis and only noticed it when I was hit with a $55 annual charge. They refused to refund any of the money even though the account had not been used in over a year. If you have to cancel make sure to check your account every month. NOT TO BE TRUSTED Edit: don't trust their response. 3 months later haven't got a dime. Bunch of liars and cheats

Ramon Gutierrez

Brian Hamilton

Tim Hall

Took a 6 month break things have gone down hill paper towels to wipe down machines are always empty. The peck fly machine has been broken for 3 weeks. They needed two of these anyhow hard to get on it when working.

felipe davila

Mike Bullock

I'm good broke a sweat just driving by there

Johnny Hernandez

Nice , friendly clean

Joelynn Carter

Great gym with an awesome free weight area.

Abdulraouf Alhumaid

Its look like going to be really fun !


I signed up because it's the only gym other than premier that has heavy bags. Bag sounds like a deflated marshmallow when I hit it with this heat. Great equipment otherwise once you finally get to use it after the juiced up bros get done with their 10th set.

Don Warner

Cancellation process was a complete joke. Attempted to cancel over a year ago and was continually billed for the entire time after I was confirmed to have had cancel the membership. Management does not help in the process and makes it difficult to get out of the membership, even if you moved in my case. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a gym with better management.

Latinya Sattilaro

Well had to walk myself around also didn't even explain the prices or try to get me to go with them. It's really small and they have one fan.

Jake Thomas

Great Value!

pete serna

Nicole Duran

Avery Bouchard

Great gym. New equipment, clean

Beverly Weisman

Busy but fun

Sheryl Layton

I really liked this gym. I visited with my daughter and a friend. It is very clean. We ďid laps. Nice pool. Lots of friendly members.

Lance Blair

krysta gomez

Shayla Kiser

It's the gym I go to,to work out!!!

Brooke Baker

Ashley Ibarra

Steve Hunter

Can't Beat It

Jennifer Dunn

OMG I love the classes!!!

Adrian Torres

Dalia Pamas

Luis Cruz

Two thumbs up.

Traci Carter

I love Crunch! The membership rates are such a great deal for the benefits your receive. The classes are great, lots of variety and a great schedule. The machines are nice, well-maintained, and most of clear instructions on them so you don't have to be intimidated if you're a gym newbie. The staff is all really nice and helpful and seem to genuinely enjoy working there.

Teresa Bloodworth

Great place to work out. Clean, affordable, friendly staff.

Jonathan Flores

The best gym in Lubbock for sure. It's new, clean and the staff is great. They are so friendly and they get to know you. I love the atmosphere. It makes me want to work out harder.

Denise Molina

Andy Rodriguez

Joubal Vernaza

Why are there only 2 toilets and 3 showers?!?!?!

Nate C.

Best gym n Lubbock

Michele Lopez

Love the gym and the classes. Wish there was a closed off dressing room in the women's.

Eddie Ramos

Great place to work out great daycare lots of room great prices

Kenneth Hiracheta

Nathan Shrode

Lynsy Williams

I haven't used my membership in a year so i called to cancel and alexis informed me that i can not cancel unless i come in. Im not available to come in so now i have to call my bank and do a stop payment.. that's ridiculous!

Ryan McClellan

Need more ab workout machines please, I'm begging you!! Lame that they don't, but everywhere else does.

Michael P


Jeff Smart

Excellent staff and well managed. Enjoyed my time at this location and the trainers were always helpful. Would recommend to anyone in the area!

Comnex Gaming

They say you can cancel at anytime but everytime i tried they had some reason as to why i couldnt and kept it up then finally let me but at that point it was too late they said that they have to charge me for the next month and that there was nothing i can do and cant get my money back even though everytime i tried to cancel early they wouldnt let me

Bests forever

Good place to go.

Paula A

Reagan Sims

Surprisingly well equipped for the price. They have a lot more variety in there equipment than any other gym in it's price range.

Michael Micolites

awesome gym

Ryan Kemp


Will not recommend this gym to anyone. I currently am a member at another gym and was wanting to try this one out since the price is good. I signed up for my free trial and when i showed up to Crunch, parking was very limited and I had to park across the street. Also, the front desk members were VERY unfriendly and didnt give me a tour. I told them I was there for my first free trial and literally the only thing they told me was " give me your ID and come get it when you're done". Nothing else was said to me. No tour, no explaining membership options to me or anything. I wasnt a fan of the cardio equipment. The brands of the equipment was foreign to me. I am extremely disappointed in this gym as I was intending on joining. But now I will stay at my current gym and not recommend this place to anyone.

MR. Jones


Jose Sierra

Chris Warwick

I used to really enjoy working out at this facility. The equipment was new and the staff seemed to take pride in not only the members but also the atmosphere. After a year and equipment becoming used and repaired infrequently, I chose to end my membership. I explained the issues I had with the facility to a manager when I cancelled my membership. My hope is the friends I have, which still workout at this facility, will have a better experience than mine in the future

Bill Lewis

Can we have the cross fit class not interrupt everyone else's workout? Have that class in a separate room. Otherwise, I love crunch!! There is plenty of equipment and space. Nice staff.

Shunda Wagner

Today was the 1st day i started at Crunch and i don't think i will be returning. I was rowing about 20 minutes when i was told i had to move because a exercise class was starting and they had stations and rowing was 1 of them. I told her i jus had a knee replacement and I'm limited on things i can do and this is what i feel comfortable starting with. There were 3 other ones they could use. She says yes i understand but i don't make the rules. Now i have 30 or more people looking at me. I paid my money for use of the equipment just like they did. When i signed up no one told me that some days and some times your hard working money you paid won't mean as much as someone else's. I was never given a calendar telling me the there are days and hours that there is equipment off limits. The manager just kept saying I'm sorry but its policy. If i would have known this was "policy" i would have never signed up!!

Georgia Houston

Nancy Harbour


Always open and tons of equipment

Renee Teys

Really friendly and helpful staff, well set up gym

Coleman Townsend

Jose Teran

Jory Holtz

Bridget Cross


Kat Cade

I was so excited to begin taking classes, but every time I show up, guess what class is full. I called and asked if there was a way to sign up for classes online, No. I got off work, got dressed, drove over there, finally found parking and then was denied access to my class and I arrived 15 mins early! Im paying for a gym I cant even get access too. awesome.

Karen Meyer

Penny Burch

Kaci Gipson

I love this place so relaxing and staff is very friendly and helpful :)

Andrew King

Erin Jarrell

Blanca Ruedas

Very friendly staff

JoAnn Becker

A very clean fitness facility and just an awesome staff

Joe Huntzinger

This place is great. The range of equipment really facilitates any fitness style. It does get pretty crowded sometimes which makes it very hot Inside.

Destiny Lamb

Chriselda Evaro

Childcare area is clean and enjoyable for the little ones. The gym is always clean and the classes are great!

Amanda Lee

Amazing equipment and great atmosphere. Just wish they had a sauna.

Ryan Phillips

beth koehn

dennis Newsom

Aaron Baca

Bracken Schreiner

Juani Ortega

The beat gym in lubbock great child care the teachers are very responsive!

Branson Carson

Neci Sully

Usually a 5, but today, as crazy as it sounds, their water station was down and staff had no idea when it would be fixed and the male staff was so rude, never apologized and gladly charged us for a water. Really poor customer service and bad attitude. It’s interesting that we get notifications for memberships, but no notifications when you can’t get water in a gym!

jessica hardage

Great atmosphere and great staff and classes

Tristan Comer

Dara Turner

Very rude. It took four people to figure out how to ring up a spray tan

Bayley Falkenbury


What For

karyn bailey

This Place is AWESOME! We love having the flexibility of coming at any time. It is very clean as well. Which is a big deal to me. All of the staff treat us like family. The Manager, Matt Gulley, really knows how to treat customers as well. He had us won over the first day we came...Extremely professional and friendly. We Travel a lot and just wish Crunch was everywhere!!

Mark Forzano

Zoe Woodruff

G vining

Lots of sweaty armpits

Ryan zamora

Brittny Bynum

The Ride with Nathaniel is the best! His class is intense and he always bring the energy. I have to get there 30 minutes early because his class is always full. He has the best playlists and makes you feel sexy

Toni Daniel

Luv it

Jay B

Ben the manager is sharp and made my experience one to talk about. Facilities are beautiful and staff is super nice. Trainers around to help and all brand new equipment. Open format with plenty of equipment! Super clean and Sarah at front desk had great energy ! Check it out first before shopping around.

Rikka T

Absolutely love this gym!! Been a member since day one. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. I love all the different classes that are offered. Clean locker rooms is one of the best parts. Lol

chelsie young

Very nice and clean facility

Jenny Carter

LOVE Crunch Lubbock!!!!

Jared Bardell

Ellen Essential

Renea Brown

Jon Luke Griffing

Genaro Longoria

Kristen Dillon

Awesome place to work out and affordable!

typhanyrenee Billington

Love Ashley! She truly cares about the people and her zumba class is a lot of fun!!

Nima Eskandari

Jon Dough

Linda Rodriguez

Took a spin class with Nate and had a blast! Highly recommend

Will Hocket

Ed Armstrong

Nice place for a great workout!

Joshua Arthur

Great gym. Clean and new equipment.

The Burrtle

Alba Gonzalez

In the beginning was amazing.w time filthy

Erin Zamora

This is a amazing place! I usually don’t take my kids anywhere I work out being I just don’t leave them with anybody! Well I went awhile back to try out the childcare! While I was there I met Tawnie. She was so amazing and so great to talk to. She helped me be able to relax and know that my kids are being well taking care of. She is a amazing asset to this company, and I know when I take my kids back to Crunch childcare, with Tawnie there I have nothing to worry about! Thank you again Tawnie for everything!!

ben Dominy

Jennifer Lozano

Claudia Hernandez

Lots of space and lots of working equipment! Staff of super friendly!

Alfredo/ Myrella

Clean , nice people , opened 24hrs . Love it

Prudhviraju Gadapa

Motivating atmosphere

Brandi Smith

Laura Valdez

Fernando Mena

Paul Perez

Lousy customer service. Front desk no one trying to get me to join up no one wanted to show the facility to show what it offers. The only thing I got out of this experience was "You can join on line also"

Sandea Starr

James' Girl

Omg... DA BEST EVERRR! Complete with everything you need. Delightful staff! Everyone is awesome! I love the fact that this gym is so encouraging! I've been going everyday for 4 weeks straight and I will continue to go everyday! Thank you crunch fitness for changing my life!!!!

Kristian York

Cassandra Rodarte

Kristin Miller

Great classes with fun instructors, lots of equipment and choices and daycare! Won't break your budget either! Recommend trying it out!

Al Berto

Great gym and fantastic staff. Only thing they need to fix is their toilets. They flush horribly.

Anita Sims

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