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REVIEWS OF Crunch Fitness - Killeen IN Texas

Tiffany Jones

This place is filled with great equipment and wonderful staff. The relationship just didn’t work out (pun not intended), but that’s on me. The staff members are kind, knowledgeable and don’t try to “hard sell” additional services to you. Zero pressure, and that’s always refreshing to see. I had to cancel my membership and they were friendly and 100% understanding. They did not hassle me at all to try and make me keep it and I appreciated that the most. If circumstances change, I’ll be sure to sign up for their membership again because, again, they are awesome people.

Michelle Carr

Luv this gym! It's has a Huge selection of Classes & I need the child care center 4 my daughter. It's open 24/7. Very clean & friendly atmosphere

My_posic _YT

My favorite place to relax and workout.


This fitness center has so many options to create a great workout! Whether you are a beginner or have worked out for years this club has everything. The staff is friendly and helpful. Workout for free to start then choose the membership that will suit your fitness goals and budget. No contracts. Beautiful decor.

Jay Dag

The best gym

denise noone

So friendly fun and motivational... Im so glad i became part of their family

Julie Cothern

Amazing gym with group fitness classes all day availability. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Lori Mclean

If your looking for a great place and clean gym this is the place for you bring a friend and you won't regret it bicycle classes and all sorts of classes to choose from. The staff is A+


Was in town only for a week. The manager aloud me to use a 7day free guest pass even though I was not a local resident (and I was willing to pay day passes or work something out for the week.) The staff was very friendly and accommodatin. All the equipment was brand new. Free weights only went up to 120lbs dumbbells ( which is more than enough for most, not for me unfortunately). A lot of cardio equipment, two spaces for cycling class and a Zumba class, huge functional fitness area and all the cable machines you would ever need. The fitness center has tanning and day care available which is nice. Only down side is that it gets really crowded after 430pm week days till well after 8pm. So odds are you may be waiting on a bench or a machine and all machines are new so the padding is not broken in yet and really stiff if you have a bad back or anything this might get annoying. But all in all a great gym.

Hot Vapors

No judgements! Lots of equipment, small group training and group classes. Tanning, hydro massage, and red light therapy. Daycare available! Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Michal Smith

Love Love LOVE this gym. Great customer service. Friendly staff. Always welcoming when you walk in. Great machines and classes. Great place to workout! If You don’t have a gym you should join crunch !!!

jovan rodriguez


Rachel Sizemore

Fun, no judging, great classes, great staff

Edwina Funnye-Coke

Great gym lots of different equipment and nice atmosphere


Clean gym. Friendly and helpful staff. Walking in from day one they make sure you feel like you're already amongst friends. Plenty of equipment. Only complaint would be that people do seem to decide against the daycare services and have their kids sit around on equipment. And use of daycare wasn't seen to be enforced at the times this was observed.

Marie galvin

Staff is super friendly and the class instructors are super fun!

Keith Wilson

New equipment and plenty of it to go around! I'm thankful for this gym!

Kefa Masaki

Lovely place. The classes are challenging with amazing instructors. Satisfied member

Ron N.

Excellent, modern equipment. Plenty of space to do all types of workouts. Crunch Fitness knocks P.F. in the dirt!

Alina Nikolaeva

For only 30 dollars a month I get all classes (even small group training for crazy work out), equipment, tanning rooms, red light therapy rooms, massage chairs. I go there at least 4 times a week and mostly I do classes and body treatment with red light. By the way the app for booking classes easy and nice. But when I watch their workout videos I can't rotate phone. That's why I need to bring tablet. I noticed that they repair everything fast.


So I got a membership in October but went in early November to actually cancel it since I wasn't using it like I thought I would. Well, come to find out the lady that I actually spoke with didn't cancel my membership at all and now I have a high balance. I have NEVER actually used the facility itself and have only been in there twice; to sign up and to cancel it. When I called the billing company, they explained to me that they have nothing to do with the gym itself but was just trying to collect the money. I am sure they are a decent gym but when I went to cancel my membership, it should have been taken care of the first time.

Cage Stevvs

A branch from Crunch fitness Gym opened up in Killeen, Texas October of 2018 I believe. My wife got a membership and I started going as a guest with her. I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff, as it was my first time being there, the equipment, locker rooms, and floors were clean, and it didn't smell too bad either. There were also great amenities for members like massage chairs, tanning beds and booths, and red light treatment chambers. In all I believe it was a good experience.

michael rockhold

Too crowded, mostly with idiots sitting on the all too few ab machines playing with their phones. If you ask them if you can get a set in suddenly they start pretending to exercise. One goofy old man with his hat on backwards never seems to do anything but sit and look around, monopolizing a machine. I initially bought the membership because of the bags but when I am able to go they inevitably have some class. Not a good deal even at 10.00, I see their reply below. This is the ONLY time I have to come in. I cannot juggle my work schedule around their classes sorry

Norma Botello

This gym is so dirty. Machines are gross I have never seen anyone cleaning machines. Restrooms are disgusting and no toilet paper. This gym has really gone down fast being only open for 1 year.

RD Bryant

Great place to workout. I love this gym and the people in it. Classes are great and staff is excellent.

paul troxel

Helpful staff and 24/7 usually really busy during day from about 7am-7pm. Outside if those hours it is manageable.

Teri Wright

I absolutely LOVE this new gym. So glad you came to Killeen. I left PF for you and it was a no brainer. Atmosphere is awesome, staff is always friendly and smiling and there if you need them anytime. Did a STOMP class today, OMG, it was the BOMB!! The instructor was so much fun and full of energy and excitement. Made us all feel INCREDIBLE. Love it. Keep up the good work Crunch

Nancy Almanza

One of the best gyms. Everything is new and works However the best part is all the classes they offer great mix and selection.

Jay J

Only 4 stars because its difficult to get in some of the classes n sometimes too crowded

Emily Rees

Was charged the wrong rate

Kathleen Patterson

The price is great, but that's about it. It's always crowded when I go. I've tried going other times, but it doesn't really get any better. Half of the gym is treadmills and ellipticals. If you want to work on one of those they will always be open. The quality of the equipment is not as good as it is at other gyms. If you want to use the free weights you will be tripping over people to use them. They have tanning beds here and you can smell that fake tan smell anywhere you are in the gym. Maybe this stuff just bothers me. I have social anxiety so this is not the place for me.

Rebecca Bausch

I'm in love with this place! I recently joined. You really cant ask for better staff than these guys and gals. Always so upbeat and friendly. It makes me really enjoy working out. Although I haven't been in a few weeks due to my car having problems which makes me sad. They have a big variety of equipment. Always cardio equipment available, which is a must. Amazing classes and so many things to do to get fit. I love it!

Alexia Wilkinson

I love that the gym is ok open 24/7 and the staff are very friendly.

Mona Santiago

Different options for group classes, very clean and spacious.

jon williams

Went to crunch for the first time today, staff was helpful and friendly. My opinion, the freeweight are is very small and the dumbbells stop at 120lbs. Not alot of benches and the barbells are terrible. Other than that its a nice facility and i had a good experience. Definitely would recommend.

Lizbeth Sanchez

Love coming here . I been doing Zumba classes with mrs. Angel

Ivette S

Eh, way too crowded. But it was nice for a while.

Anthony Thomas

Great atmosphere and awesome equipment. Outstanding Grand Opener today.

Gabriella Marie Martinez

Great staff, very friendly and quick to set up a membership. Great equipment, clean. Squat racks and HIIT training

estevan flores

Great staff

Rachel Norman

Well, i signed up for a 7day guest pass here at crunch. The young lady was not enthusiastic at all. I could barely hear her explain the equipment and areas of the gym over the extremely loud music. As she toured me through the relaxation area she walked quickly without actually taking me into the rooms. And when i asked about the heated standing machine she seemed to be irritated that i had questions, even when i asked about the protocol for using this area i never got a straight answer. I proceeded with my workout and finished and went to the desk to ask if i could try the heated machine. She told me that it would be 15 minutes and when i asked if i needed to come back up or if she would find me she never answered and walked away. So, another young lady asked if i was waiting on something else i told her and told her that the previous young lady was not personable or friendly at all. Her excuse was that they were overehelmed and short staffed. A really big reason that i am thinking about changing gyms is so i can have childcare. When i asked the young lady who gave me a tour about childcare she just pointed to the room and read off the daycare hours. As i was leaving i asked a young man if i would have to be added to a waiting list for daycare or will it always be available when i come in. He then explained that sometimes there is a wait for childcare because of capacity rules. As i got ready to leave he then JOKES that if childcare is not available that i could just tie my children up out front!! Being, not only black, but also an older black this was not acceptable at all. These young people need to be taught some manners and professionalism! I will have to weigh the pros and cons of joing this gym. The equipment is grade A, but the attitudes are horrible. They do offer several classes that will provide some different options for workout. My son talked me into trying here because he swears by this gym instead of planet fitness. Planet fitness doesn't offer a lot of the things crunch does but they are always friendly. When it's dark out they watch the women until they are safe inside or in their cars. They greet you with a smile as you enter and as you leave. I am going to use this pass at crunch to see if at other times in the day the atmosphere will be better. I arrived at 0900 maybe a lot earlier i may get that all around great service that I'm looking for.

Hannah Odell

I liked going to this gym till some teenage girls where laughing at me. They should really have an age requirement. It's good to just work out maybe do a class (if its available most of the time they get full) but I went to freeze my account because I'm not home and cant make it to the gym and they said I would still be charged the 32 because I was doing it the day before the billing. Which is understandable. But they charged me $75 I called and called and called for the past 3 days they wont answer the phones they wont call me back even though it says they will... I even sent a message on Facebook as the phone suggested and nothing....

Sean Campbell

Awesome crew!!

Jadzia Guillen

Cool gym. First one I joined since being here in Killeen. I went in at around 0900. Seemed like a lot of people but there is plenty of space to workout and breathe. People seem friendly enough (not really there to socialize) and the atmosphere is non judgmental. The daycare area is decent. A simple sign in and sign out ordeal. Just be patient with the staff and children. They only hold a max of 30 children at a time. I have no info on classes they provide, I just prefer to lift weights and do my own thing. I get in and I get out, this place makes it easy enough with the amount of equipment available.

Debbie Thompson

Best place ever. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Love my membership.

Edwina Funnye

You should differently check this place out for yourself. Lots of equipment and great classes

Ryan Meadows

This is a great gym. I got the 7 day pass and loved it. The hydro massages were so nice after a workout. I usually hit the sauna but the massage was a lot better. And you cant beat the prices they have. 10 bucks for an access membership. That's pretty good compared to Golds gym. I would have signed up, even with all the gyms I have access to on fort hood but I will be leaving the area soon. They do offer deals as well where you get a month free. Just get the 7 day free pass, subscribe to their emails and they will let you know when they have deals. Also, they dont pressure you to join after the pass. And signing up for the pass requires no credit or debit card, just an email. Overall great gym.

Rodney Burton

Lots of cardio machines and the fact that I cant go as much as my wife but can piggyback off her membership when I can is such a plus for us

zac C

Nice facility. Lots of cardio machines and space for free weights with nice bumpers. The back area with the turf is also nice. My only improve would be the bars. They are terrible. They feel like a 29+ mm circumference and very agessively knurled. I prefer a lighter knurl and a 28mm bar wich are also better if you're not going to get 15kg bars for female lifters.

Leslie Bonham

Bang for your buck at this gym. I work nights, making it hard for me to have a gym that can be open based on my schedule, especially a good gym like this. They’re always having events, giveaways, classes, “parties”. The workers are nice and helpful with any workout questions or needs you may have, very knowledgeable. However, if you plan to come workout after work like everyone else seems to do.. it’s a bit of a hassle. There’s usually classes going on in a large majority of the area and people everywhere. But hey can’t blame them, everyone wants to workout here!

BK Diddy

24 hours and plenty of equipment. It does get packed from time to time and especially after 5pm to 8 or 9pm. They do an outstanding job of keeping the gym and the equipment clean. The staff is awesome, and friendly. They really did a good job opening this location.

LaNeika Racquel

Great gym, great instructors, geeat people and great atmosphere

Yessiena Fugate

I'm so picky with gyms but I love this place!! If you're in the Killeen area this is the gym I think everyone should join. I used to go to Golds and that place is a money hungry machine. While this place doesnt have a pool or sauna, they offer so much more- customer service, clean facility, maintained equipment, and a friendly atmosphere geared for all types of workout methods. It's great!

Miranda Jones

I have been at the gym a while...I like it...but today was gross and no one is paying attention. Couldn't get anyone to stop and listen to me. I like the circuits...but there is a reason everyone is asked to clean when done...and no one really was today. A couple was bouncing quickly from one to the next ever wiping it down. His sweat towel was always placed on an adjacent machine as well. Gross. Then another guy is hogging two machines at once going back and forth and no he never cleaned them either.

txjadedlady bryant

I'm a premium member and love this gym. It's new to Killeen, all the equipment is new, staff is great, and they have classes and a daycare as well.


It's good to get exercise done.

Pamella Coleman

My husband goes here to work out. The staff is super friendly. He passed out and they rushed to provide basic first aid, which I'm thankful for. You get a free week membership with all the perks if you sign up for it ok line. The place is huge and plenty of equipment. He loves it and says the machines are very new looking.

Clint Donnatien

I go there almost every day

vacanator stallone

Everything you need to get the shape you want is at your disposal. Membership is affordable and there is no contract.

Christina Strand

Love my gym :)

Zuley Gonzalez

The gym is super awesome and the people employees are amazing I love it this place is entertaining...

Kayla covert

Went in to see about the child care area before signing up. The lady at the sign up desk was rude and short. Didn't offer to give me a tour or anything. She just spit prices at me while not paying attention to my questions. Clearly not well versed in sales or customer service. She was incredibly unfriendly.

Kayla Tyler

Crunch is the best gym in town. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They have amazing classes. The Kids Crunch staff are the best as well. My daughter loves going to play in their childcare facility while I workout.

Ashante Williams

Brand new everything. Amazing staff. wide variety of classes. No extra charges.

Kim Seeley

New. Already having machine malfunctions on some equipment but luckily they have multiple so you can switch when not crazy busy.

Angel Vazquez

Pretty awesome spot to get a good work out

Eric Bynum

Clean with lots of machines. Good value.

Anthony Louis

So, so. Pretty busy

jwill #HEdiedforus#weliveforHIM

Open 24/7 excellent staff and customer service enough equipment to use offers a lot of different classes at different times decent price for everything offered not very busy at night

Jenn A

I love this gym. Everyone is friendly and equipment is great!

Mends For You

I want to switch gyms, but no one answers the phone, or calls back like the VM message says someone will. My friend already goes here, and I really want a seamless transition!

Mikaéla Romo-Ortega

I don't think I have ever given any gym a five star review. I am usually more critical of gyms because I believe that comfort and cleanliness are most important in deciding what gym you want to have a membership with. Crunch not only has amazing customer service, but their trainers and group exercise instructors are the most encouraging and professional people out there. I have never had an issue with the equipment or lockers being dirty. I go to Crunch every week day at 5:30am-7:30am and there are always plenty of cardio machines and free-weights and squat machines available. I truly love this gym and wish I did not have to move out of the Killeen area in the next couple of years. I won't miss killeen but I really will miss the clean and friendly environment at Crunch.

Natalija Wiles

maite aguilar

It was an amazing experience. Please open another location in temple or belton Texas ❤️

Jacqueline Bavier

Great gym. Someplace the area needed. Has the ability to serve all fitness types like golds, while also catering to low pricing and a fun atmosphere that PF advertises.

Octavia Robinson

This fitness center is amazing and I love going no matter the time of day!

Rico Star

Thats where i grow my muscle love this plaxe

Jowell Neira

It’s been great. Although my 7 day free pass was not full filled due to my need of the kids care which was not able to be utilized during those days. It was pretty upsetting I wasn’t able to take advantage of that marketing deal. How would I be able to try out your facility if I couldn’t use it for what I need it most for (kids care)? Other than that I have been able to change my life attending Crunch. I love the multiple group fitness classes, the HIT workouts and no judgements. With my membership I can tan, and get massages. Really is worth the price each month. The instructors have been great, esp. Felix, Angel and Dai-Von. Thanks for your patience and friendly service!

Bradley Grace

Great gym. Crunch is the product of Golds gym and Planet Fitness having a baby. Great variety of equipment and free weights; as well as a functional fitness area. For the price this place cannot be beat in the area. While i dont use it the optional child care is a great selling point. Its is also 24hr which is great. The locker rooms are always clean and the staff has been nothing but friendly and helpful. If shopping around for a gym in Killeen are this is the place to pick.


THANKS BELLA! Your enthusiasm is contagious! She's a true Professional! CRUNCH should feel blessed to have someone with so much experience. Crunch is 100% super clean, super spacious, and SUPER PUMPED! I left feeling encouraged and passionate about joining CRUNCH!

Miranda Hairgrove

I’ve never been to a gym before and I was so intimidated to start. The staff here are incredibly welcoming and there are plenty of machines available that I have started to look forward to going every day. If I have a question about anything, I can easily ask for help from the staff without feeling silly. I also did a fitness assessment with a Star and she was fantastic, it was good to set a goal and know what I can do to best get in shape. The other amenities such as the hydromassage are a great motivator for me to go often and really I couldn’t be happier with the gym. Overall the gym is clean, welcoming, and has a lot of equipment so even when it’s busy I can still do what I planned. I highly recommend.

Eric castellon

Good gym for what you pay. However they should have installed a sauna instead of having millions of tanning booths. Customer service is ok. Good place to get a workout at.

Sherri Smith

Love the staff

Katelynn Dauz-Sleva

This is the 2nd time they’ve refused to watch my child because she was a little fussy. The gym is great but child care is horrible. Only 2 staff members are amazing with my daughter, the rest are horrible. There needs to be either more staff in the child care or better staff who knows how to manage fussy children. They also told me my daughter had a fever of 100.4 which isn’t true because I checked my daughter’s temperature and it was 98.2. When I went to drop off my child the lady had a look on her face like she didn’t want to be there, they aren’t friendly at all. If they can’t handle a child that’s a little fussy then they shouldn’t be working in the child care area at all

Tonya Henry

Everything seems so exciting about this place. A brand new idea in central Texas. We are excited for you to open. See all the Facebook adds and promotions to advertise the business. Thanks for bringing Crunch to Killeen!!!

Tashia Burgess

Great equipment. Gets packed sometimes Great classes

Ere Moreno

Looking forward to the new spring classes.

Kiki Fortunat Nkulu

Being a 24hr access fitness center, it gives the freedom to plan my time there. Plenty equipments to use, more so the leg areas, free weights and HIIT . Great atmosphere.

Gemini Ann

I was visiting my daughter and she brought me here. I was really impressed with the facility, equipment, and personnel. I think it's a great price for what I need. Let me know when Crunch sets up shop in Memphis, Tn.

babii nemoo

I love this gym so glad I got a membership they daycare area is a decent size and it has a bathroom my kids love it. The staff is very friendly cheerful and it makes the environment of the gym comfortable and it makes you never wanna leave.

Angel Fernandez

The gym, awesome! The promo is garbage, I enrolled a month before they opened with the offer that the were no fees because they weren't open yet. This month the bill comes up being almost 80 dollars, when I call they explain is the annual fee they charge 2 months after my membership starts that's different from the enrollment fee. The person on the phone tells me I should've known about it, someone should've told me. But they didn't. Might not be a big issue for some but 9.95 a month to an 80 dollar surprise charge doesn't make sense.

Richard Lopez

Great staff and gym is always right for great work out

Dawn White-Williams

Awesome space and phenomenal people!! Took me 2 years of trying other places that care only about $ and not enough to keep the equipment clean and up to date, and manage the participants goals. I'm home!!

Markia Thompson

Me and my friend signed up during the month free promotion. Never received.

Angie Taylor

I love it here, there is such a diverse amount of things to do. From classes, to small groups. There is so much equipment you can exercise what you need to and some. Perfect gym!!

Jodi Crain

Love the classes and how much the instructors really care about you.

Silas Solis

Very nice gym great equipment nice atmosphere overall great place...highly recommend it

Bahiyyah Khalilallah

Crunch is awesome!!! I've been in and out of several gyms in my life, and Crunch is by far the best!!! Classes are phenomenal, people are friendly and welcoming, tons of equipment, and perks like babysitting, tanning, and hydromassage!! There is literally something for everyone here!!!


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