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2020 S Georgia St, Amarillo, TX 79109

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REVIEWS OF Crunch Fitness - Amarillo IN Texas

Sher M

Great, supportive atmosphere. Attentive staff. Clean. Good group classes. Lots of weights, variety of fitness machines, mats, balls, etc.

Annette Barrett

Got to get back to working out there. Love it, it's cool, lovely music and people who are courteous and respect your privacy.

Deleware Dk

I love crunch fitness the best Gym in Amarillo tx my favorite gym ever.


This is a great gym! I really like all the different equipment they have and the Iso machines that are plated. And a huge cardio section!! Really pleased with this gym! Come check it out

Hamadi Mnongerwa

very cool gym

Nick Grimes

nely ruiz

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Exelente

Calvin Armatas

I love the Crunch Brand! Super excited we're getting one here in Amarillo! Group Fitness classes tons of free weights and a state of the art Tanning Studio! Super Pumped!

Adrian Castillo

Charl Martinez

Jarrett Estep

Eduardoyguadalupe2013 Hidalgo79

Kristina Ochoa

Love their brands pretty awaome✌✌

Lori Irvin

This is the ONLY gym I’ve liked in Amarillo in years (and I’ve had memberships at 4 others)! It does get crowded a lot, but that just shows that members actually like being there! There’s a great variety of weights, machines, and cardio equipment. The employee who is at the desk at 5AM has an AWESOME attitude. He’s friendly, personable, and helpful. The classes are great, as well as the instructors! I would like it even more if dress code were at least a tiny bit stricter. I don’t see why it’s necessary for some to have all of their parts (that used to be called “private”) showing in order to get a good workout. I actually think some machines would free up faster if guys weren’t glued to them waiting for the half-naked girl in their view to finish her sets. BUT, I’m still willing to give this 5 stars based on the gym itself and the employees.

A Win

This place is awesome

mike smith

Very clean, looks great amazing staff.

justin walker

Ok for awhile but unclean at times. Nicer places in town for the price.

Steven Sanchez

Brooklyn Ballew

Daniel Vongphrachanh

Sierra Davis

You’re not allowed to tan without your own eyewear now. The lady was super rude and demanded I show her my eyewear. When I did not have my own, she said I cannot allow you to tan. Even though there is community eyewear people can borrow. I don’t bring money with me to the gym to buy eyewear. I think I will be canceling my membership, because the lack of professionalism I just now experienced was ridiculous. Like I said, it’s not about the eyewear. It’s about your employee being rude.

Victor Salas Jr

Big gym with lots of new workout machines. Very nice and clean.

Marlin Graham

Great fitness Great Staff

Marissa Ruvalcaba

Raquel Arenas

David Edwards

I would recommend this place

Diego Garcia

Elena Martinez

Carrie Bays

Great place. Clean gym and friendly staff. The class list is amazing and the instructors know their stuff.


Steve Ninja

I canceled my membership after they were having the 1 dollar enrollment and they still are charging me membership fees. When you say you cancel doesn’t it mean canceled all the way. Please let me know why am I being charged still. !!

Patti Muscianese

sabrina Jeffries

I love it me and my family enjoy our work outs its clean and nice the most i like about Crunch Fitness is the nursey for the kids while u work out the kuds are enjoying themselves playing etc. And we love the massage area and the tanning area you have your own lockers the showers etc. You dont want to miss working out a Crunch Fitness

Pamela Butler

Great gym and staff

Royce Cantu

wanda Gross

Good work out. Best gym so far

Curtis Alexander

This place is great. I haven't ever paid no money and get my pump on daily. #VisitorPass #NoMoney #FreeWeights. In case the terrible grammar didn't give it away, this was a joke. Crunch is great and I'm a nerd.

Nairobi Ortega

Rojelio Sanchez

Maggie Adams

The paper towels, soap or toilet paper are always out while the staff just stands around. Constant wait for machines. They’re always doing promotions where they give away classes etc for free - why would that make me pay for a peak membership? I would not recommend this gym at all - it’s a waste.

Keri Shayla

I would recommend any of the gym facilities in the amarillo area EXCEPT for Crunch Fitness. The staff has atrocious customer service skills, over the phone and in person. Not worth the time or money I have wasted by joining. Please read the fine print because they don’t tell you that you are committing to 60 days!!! They are basically robbing people of their money.

Gustavo Camarillo

Love it!

wonder woman

This place has nice equipment, friendly staff,and the place is very clean.

Stephanie Vasquez

David Johnson

Love this gym except for the people sitting on mechanical weights playing on their phones

November Chavez

Love this gym wish it wasn't so full all the time but I am so glad it is a 24 hour gym makes life easier. Thanks Crunch

Mario Rodriguez

Patricia Tidwell

Good place to eat love the food and ice cream.

Peliculas Rosano

Joann Shafer

Dillon Sullivant

Chris Schulz

Awesome... Great atmosphere

Suzy Bell

Love this gym. Has everything you need to workout. Staff is very friendly

Heather Stewart

I have been a member of this gym for about 6 months now. When I first started working out here, I enjoyed the cleanliness of the gym and the attention that the staff gave to the bathroom, the spray bottles and paper towels on the floor, and how they consistently cleaned up chalk marks around the squat racks. I have noticed that since the gym has gone to being open 24 hours, and they have hired a lot of new staff, I am extremely disappointed that the spray bottles on the floor and the paper towels are almost always empty. It is frustrating to have to go up to the front desk with an empty spray bottle and ask for a full one when it is always sitting right under the desk. Today the gym was completely out of paper towels. This is disgusting and unsanitary and makes me not want to come back to workout here. People sweat. Please provide the supplies necessary to allow members to clean up after themselves.

Matt Wootton

Felt as if it was impossible to get a membership by walking in. All Wanted was to work out that day and was turned away. But amazing equipment. So I rated the service one star because I cant rate the equipment I have not used.

Angela Owens

Came in, kinda busy, but its all GOOD!


I'm there almost every day I love it.

Casey White

There is plenty of space and equipment available to get your workout finished and back to your busy day!

Krystal Coulter


Crystal George

Demka Belikov

Robert Bueno


Please watch your account closely, I had signed up for crunch when they first opened in Amarillo & we decided that we were going to try something different & not do crunch. So I called & asked to have it cancelled for both then all of a sudden in January of 2018 which is months later they withdraw money from my account mind you I cancelled months before then not even a week later they tried another withdraw but I had already told my bank that they were not authorized to withdraw fund, So I called them last week to find out what was going on they said they had no record of me in the system, then all of a sudden they say oh its because your still stuck in our system and they got it cancelled and for me to take in my bank statement showing where they withdrew the funds case it didn't show an amount in their system. So I go in & speak to their so called MANAGER Megan Staunton who starts off rude and asks for the key ring, I ask what key ring if I haven't even been to that gym then proceeds to well If you gave us the account info of course its going to get withdrawn and I told her I had already spoken to someone about the issue and she wasn't listening like she needed to then says that she cant refund me the money, Why not then she says we can put that towards a membership and I said why if I already have a membership else where and want my money. she then proceeds to ignore the situation and I asked to speak to a manager or someone higher up and she says well Im the only that you can deal with. Im very disappointed in the CUSTOMER SERVICE"!!!! I don't ill be going here anytime soon they really made that certain.

Elayne Chavez

No judgment gym.

Rob Tru

Cool gym, but it's really dirty at times. Also they draft my account and I have no idea what's it's for at times. Also people tend to hangout and not workout. Especially by the punching bags or be in the way of them. Last thing their employees are rude and lazy.

Thomas Chanthanakhone

Nice and friendly staff, lots of space, clean gym

Rebecca Schmidt

Julián Esparza

Cory Stone

Great place to work out, no large crowds after 8:30 pm

Luis Cruz

Got a free membership so I guess it’s cool...

Dhdhd Sjshjdd

I love this place so much i workout with my dad all the time and the child care is the best and me and my family just loves this gym highly recommend to go here rather then any other gym

Hillary Deaver

Great place to do your own thing or go to group classes! Everyone is really nice. The ads do not lie when they say #nojudgement!

Alex Saldivar

Duncan Ventura

Very clean establishment with some of the most modern equipment as well as Tanning for a low cost

Only Adonis

It's got a weird vibe

Elizabeth Ward

Javier Chaparro

Daniel Gallemore

Nice facility and friendly staff

Kara Beasley

The best gym I’ve ever been a member of. Fantastic price, tons of awesome equipment, clean, great tanning, and Tyler and the staff are some of the friendliest and most motivating people ever. They care about your journey, learn your name, and speak to you when you come in. Best gym in Amarillo, hands down.

Thomas Lambert

3.7 stars. It is busy during peak hours,(5pm-8pm ish), but I never have a problem finishing a workout. It's only ten bucks a month and the staff is really friendly.

VDL Chef Jacket

Pretty great

Brad Allison

Ramona Fausto

Love this place !!!!!!great classes

Christy Redrick

Melissa Walker

jack hayes

Everything is clean new works great !! I’m not crazy about the nursery closing from 1 to 4 on weekdays since I like to workout at 1 but all in all good place!!!


I love the equipment, and the environment is easy to work out in! I have really bad anxiety, and the employees and the environment help me feel comfortable enough to work out in peace without worry!

Bianca Oviedo


Tomkeiferfan 1996

I'm stoked for this gym to open and that's coming from someone who has never had a gym membership before lol

Tommie Dodson

Crunch is a great place for young n old advanced or novice trainers! Every staff member,and personal trainer that me,and my wife have encountered, have all been friendly,knowledgeable,engaging,and very helpful! Thanks for an awesome place to stay healthy n have fun doin it!

Guadalupe Archuleta

Could be bigger but they do have a variety of equipment

Aaron T

Excellent facilities for $10 a month they need another one in Amarillo

User 758

Really like the atmosphere here. The equipment was all great, and lots of room to move around so you're not bumping into anyone.


Melina Cruz

Erin SW

I came to Amarillo for the Christmas and New Year holidays. I decided to try out Crunch Fitness in order to help me keep active. Their staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I had a good experience and plan to revisit when I'm in town for an extended amount of time. In fact, I'm going back today. :)

Michael Ovalle

Lynn Nelson

This place had everything you need to train. Personal trainer, group training, classes, and a spin class "ride"

Jessica Hernandez


Allison Davila


Good gym wish the billing was better

Isaac Veliz

I can never find any equipment thst I need open. Way too many people. If you want to get anything done, you need to go at 5am.

Gaby Saenz

Awsome gym lots of machines and free weights

Jon Watson

Freaking love it here! Amazing gym for very cheap.

Joshua Mattia

Friendly staff, plenty of machines, and many free weights.

Rosalina Salcedo

Jennifer Perdue

Matthew Smith

Recently joined to be able to do cardio during lunch. It has lots of equipment but the locker room is definitely lacking. Not bad for the price you pay.

Bigbenchxx545xx strong

Debora Henson

Friendly staff and great place for your workout.

Mandi Chavez

Greg Beauchamp

Vicky Encinias

Very busy and packed from 430-8pm. Great Classes offered all day. Daycare available. Clean facility. Friendly staff.

Soumee Sayasith

TheFoxRanchTX FoxRanch

Love this place!!! I was paying $40 for a tanning membership at PBT and also paying a gym membership to another gym... now I do still recommend the other gym for people who live on that side town, I moved to the North side and still went to the other gym for two years. I am so happy this place opened!!! First, I pay $40 a month for their all inclusive package (it was deal for people who signed up before/ right after they opened & I am not sure if they are still running that special). It includes tanning, unlimited classes, camp crunch ( a HIT small group class), day care for my Little’s, and use of anything in the gym. Legit best deal on the market!!! How it works, you pay $40 (or whatever package you go with, they start at $10) a month and once a year you are charged an additional maintenance fee $40, this is in addition to your normal monthly bill. The employeies are fantastic and truly a great group of people!! Also it is clean. They also have a personal trainer corner where you get one of those as well. Super easy! I can’t say enough about this place. Highly recommended!!!! Go see Mark, Madison, and Cassidy at the front desk!! Jessica, Kevin, and Caleb are fantastic personal trainers!!!

Jennifer Godwin

Amazing gym! The daycare is awesome! My son played with toys & got to color. They interacted with him, even remembered his name. It really helps to have a great gym daycare so you are actually able to workout. The parking lot was full but the inside is so big you don't feel like your piled up on everyone. The atmosphere makes for the perfect gym. The prices are so cheap! I was paying 80 bucks for me and 2 kids! Now it's 30 bucks with up to 3 kids included. Overall we were really impressed.

Shelby Page

Friendly staff and good quality equipment with great variety

Yaneth Chavez

Savannah Anderson

I really enjoy going to crunch!!! I have tried several guns and I have to say this is by far my favorite!!! It is always clean and the machines are kept up. Everyone makes you feel comfortable and I love the atmosphere! The prices are also wonderful.

Perry Flores

Crunch is one of the cleanest gyms in town. They can get packed but the atmosphere is generally positive and people seem to be more willing to allow others to "cycle" in on machines. They maintain their machines efficiently I haven't seen a broken machine go past a few days before being fixed. Peak times can get a bit rough but it normally calms down once the classes are done.

Erica Criado

Really loved the classes just wish the enrollment stuff wasn't so pricey.

Remy Remy

It's an ok gym. It is full of people and gets crowded.It's not just $10/month, there's a subscription fee and yearly fee, so take that into consideration when signing up. Lots of people who dont rack their weights back and who believe they are experts on fitness. Lots of grunting and the "kkkssssssssss" sound that you can hear across the gym. So you take a look and it's just a dude doing average weight but has the attitude of a bodybuilder. However, the staff is nice and welcoming. I don't believe the higher price plans are worth it unless you are a person who needs the tanning machines.

Dave Johnson

For the price and the amount of equipment, you can't beat it. The other posters talking negatively are doing so out of spite and not truth. You can't find another gym for this price of this size.

Zachary Jensen

Good size place. The 6 employees behind the counter were not inviting.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Nice friendly atmosphere.

Allen Mires

Delinda Brooks

Misty Walton

LaDez Captain

crystal valles

brandi krob

Need more cardio equipment

Lyndie Higdon

Melinda Madrigal

Richard Lamas

Deann Morrison

Just visited to see what they offer. It looked nice & good price.

Frosty Mao Bao

It's a stupid place that doesn't let me exercise

Anthony Elsheimer

The best gym i have gone to the employees push you to do more to better fit yourself.

The Original Troll!

David Coty

I like the gym but I don't like that they want your bank account numbers and years fees are kind of high.

Jay Argue

Stephanie Marin

I signed up on day one at the enrollment center! Can't wait to be in the gym!

Deana Lucero

Friendly, helpful, and convenient. 3njoy working out here.

jimmie welch

There's something for everyone at crunch! Whether your a bodybuilder, cardio bunny or group fitness fanatic they've got a membership for you! Cheap prices, wonderful atmosphere and amazing staff. Go check them out!

Belinda Klawitter

Friendly staff

Aegina Smith

Such great staff!

Nichole Ramirez

Yeska Magallan

Matt Hanson

Music is great, but so loud that I wear earplugs. Much worse in the Spin classes - intolerable. Will likely go back to Golds.

Matthew Hite

Great new fitness facility in Amarillo, Tx in the building that was formerly Hastings

ricky salayandia

First off, let me start off with this gym is for everyone. If your a beginner or more advanced body builder. This gym has pretty much everything you’ll need. Cardio? Check, free weights, check, and A LOT of other machines for back day, leg day, chest and tons of room to freestyle your WOD. Staff keeps everything clean and wiped down. Not like the other gyms, not going to name names(down the street). Anyways come check it out and see for your self and have fun and get a quick pump while you visit.

Keointha Koulavong

Helen Saenz

I go here with my daugh i love just wish it had better hrs

Josiah West

Britni Lowe

This place was absolutely horrible the manager Megan Staunton was the worst representative I have worked with. I was not aware my yearly membership would be taken out and was upset that it was taken out in December. I asked to cancel and for a refund seeing as it just came out of my account. They told me that it was not possible and that I was breaking contract. She was very rude and essentialy accused me of lying when I told her I have been a member at another gym and I am not charged an annual fee. I asked for a time frame on a call back (professional courtesy to give a time frame) she told me I dont know depends on if i hear back.

Jose Jimenez

I like the gym very much. I like the new 24/7 schedule but just like its competition it is now getting crowded, thanks.

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