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Great gym with everything needed for a good workout! It’s never too busy and the music is usually good. I personally don’t like that it’s a bit dark but that’s my opinion I think some prefer that, as far as everything else including customer service it’s great

myles williams

Been going to this gym for almost 2 years now and i love it! The Staff is super friendly and are willing to help with any issues you might have. Chey and the rest of the trainers will go out of their way to help with any fitness issues you might have and help to push you to go beyond.

Herb Carrillo

Excited and looking forward to working out with my wife daily! Location has all the essentials. Have heard nothing but great things about crunch fitness. Staff is nice and very welcoming!

Jamie Herrera

My husband and I both had memberships here. The gym has everything you need and enough variety in equipment to mix it up for the same muscle groups. It was worth it for the HIIT and Zumba/yoga/stair classes - great prices!

William Horner

Love this place. With the Peak membership you get unlimited guest privileges which means you can essentially have two gym memberships while only paying for one. I highly recommend Crunch.


Crunch fitness is a great small gym. It has new equipment and a good mix of gym rats, yoga divas, average and old folks. Also, the gym has kettlebells, battle ropes, tires, exercise balls, free weight, cardo machines, weight machines, etc.... This is the first gym I really like because its clean, equipment in good working order and well organized.

Joseph Delsoin

This is a great gym! Staff is very friendly and has a mix of free weights and machines.

Alex Flores

Great Gym to go to, they are well maintained and clean!

Jessica MacDonald

This gym is the worst. Don't join unless you have a lawyer ready to help cancel once you're done.

Jason Delacerda

It's always clean , good price

Billy Jackson

It's worth every penny of the $10/month that I pay, but it's not worth a penny more.


I m paying 35$ monthly so I can join classes but 2 days ago, they reserved some tools which I usually used for class. And they do not let me use it. Tools were not used next 30 mins after reserved. Immediately I want refund but manager told me he can terminate my membership but can not give refund. I m paying but not allow to use tools. This place is going downhill, I m searching another gym. This gym has limited count gym machines. Update - I do not know that review worked or not but they are more careful to reserve tools, especially they reserve the tool if there is another same tool. It does not deserve 1 star anymore, but many treadmills do not work but I start to enjoy to go this place, not bad at all

Michael Lopez

Great gym and great front desk people. I’ve been going here for a few years and you can’t beat the price compared to the big box gyms.

Eric Dunlap

Great gym!

Amanda Lenoard

kami&kamdens gamer time

Elizabeth Ferguson

I've been coming here for almost 1 yr and I really like this gym. I chose it because of it's price, the condition of it's equipment, and the amount of weights ( barbells, squat racks, etc).This is really a no frills gym. There are no saunas, steam rooms, or juice bars. Everyone that comes here is just here for a work out. All of the machines are nice and fairly well maintained- I've seen them change out padding a couple of times and I've seen them actually cleaning all of the machines several times. They have tons of cardio machines and a good amount of weights. They've even added a barbell- lifting platform. My only wish is that they had a few extra barbells ( sometimes during their busy hours they are scarce), and maybe one more squat rack ( sometimes you have to wait)- but hey, I'm really happy they have free floating barbells and squat racks at all.

Ana Diaz

It's a very nice place new, and good staff also a very good prices

Zoelyn Copeland

Drew Martin

Great ownership and staff that are turning around this location!!! Great facility and new ownership is showing they care about their customers!!

Cynthia Alvarado

johnny mantx

Affordable gym

Mike G.

Deceptive billing practices. I guess having a signed form saying you cancelled your gym membership means nothing. I got charged again when I came in June to cancel membership and was charged for July for not being within 10 days. Ok, that's per contract. But I have been charged for August and told my membership was never terminated, only the general manager can do it, and he is gone for a week. Will be calling my bank to get these reversed!

Erik Arevalo

Great Place to get a good workout Cool People and friendly staff.


Fantastic gym! Amazing functional strength area for flipping tires and pushing sleds. Juan was super helpful and knowledgeable. Felt welcome from day one.

Nat W

Gym is nice. Poor customer service. Personal trainers are very pushy and will harass you to buy a personal training package. Billing sucks. Will charge you a $30 annual fee even if you cancel within a couple of months. Cancelled but my credit card was still charged two days after I cancelled for the annual fee plus one month of dues which they won't refund.

Ty Tpan

New management is a amazing. They are getting new equipment. Personal trainers are friendly and knowledgeable. Front desk people are very helpful.

amber thurman

DDW Logistics

Crunch fitness is the best!! If you're ever in the area stop on by the staff is awesome.. especially kimmy I believe she's the receptionist if she is here to greet you you definitely want forget her.. cool people's!!

Carlos Magro Malo

Best gym to go to you get the bang for the buck.

Trey Albright

Owner is a total globo gym type meat head who does not care about clients just $

Cameron Stone

Staff is friendly and I rarely have to wait to use machines or weights

shrikant sarma

Been working out at crunch fitness for more than 2 years now. Best Equipment. Best Trainers. Best Music.

Estefania Dunlap

This gym is one of the worst gym's I have ever been in. They are all laughs and hugs when you sign up but when you cancel your membership they will not tell you the policies and regulations of their cancellation policy. In fact they will tell you you can cancel ANYTIME except that they don't tell you if you are within 10 business days of your billing cycle you will get charged for the following month. Poor trained staff and managers in customer service AND fitness. The manager and staff are very disrespectful, unprofessional and do not go straight to the point. I spent 3 days calling to talk to a manager before I was able to talk to him and the staff kept on hanging up the phone when I asked to speak to him. Do yourself a favor and don't sign up on this gym, they are thieves and do not know how to do business. Just like any other gym they will rip you off when you want to cancel. Maybe you will read this and not pay attention, but you will sure remember it when you cancel your membership... DONT DO IT!

Sed Ellis

Great gym but showers smell bad. Other than that, would be 5 star

Carol Woods

Clean! You can work out on all parts of your body they got it!

Kenneth W

I have been going to this gym for over a year and i really like it! It has a couple tanning booths and a water massage bed. The equipment is pretty good there are a couple things they could add but it has all the things your need for a decent price you should go check it out!

Devin Deal

It’s a good deal for the price, however they need More of the free weight benches. They have 2 flat bench, 1 incline, and 1 decline. If you come during peak hours then you will never get one. They don’t enforce putting weights away so everyone there just leaves benches and machines fully loaded with weight. And since the number of machines and benches are limited people claim 3 and circuit even though people are waiting. Personally I just jump in because that’s ridiculous but I think the staff could do more to prevent machine hogs when they have a limited number of machines. If you come after 5:30 the training class is there and they block off 3 or 4 machines just for the class to use which is annoying. Half of the cardio equipment has been down in need of repair and takes quite a while to fix. Out of about 8 stair masters 3 work currently.

Juan Barrera

Mike Lawler

Crunch gym is a great place to workout the people are fun and exciting. The trainers give free sessions and provide excellent tips for you to reach your goals.

Ivan Lopez

Nigel Duhaney

Cody Duffy

The gym has been very clean and the equipment very well maintained since new management has taken over. Friendly and helpful staff each time I come in too.

Jordan Pena

The atmosphere is great, the machines are great, the employees are great, especially Neil he’s a badass dude. The gym is all around great 10/10 would recommend.

Ben Zapata

Loved going to this gym clean well kept and the staff and instructors are all very nice and helpful.

Richard Crider

Unfortunately do to the gyms greediness I have to change my review. About a year ago I needed a place to go when I was in town for work, they'd let me pay $10 for a few days a week, so I was giving them more money than an actual membership which I was ok with since I don't live in the area and didn't have to "join". Then recently they started trying to charge me $10 a day which would be about $20-$30 a week. No thanks someone else will be glad to take my money.

Marlo Dell'Aquila

Absolutely love this gym! I am very big on how a gym lays out their floor and they do a great job of spacing all the equipment out so everyone is not all top of each other while they work out lol. The space is always clean and the staff is so friendly and helpful! I highly recommend people of all different fitness levels to use this gym :)

Kevin Musgrove

Crunch Fitness is a beautiful gym. I’m a physique competitor who travels a lot and visits different gyms across the nation and I was very impressed with this gym. It was very clean, they had a lot of nice, well kept equipment. I talked to a guy named Neil. He was very down to Earth and helpful. Definitely worth checking out and visiting again!

Frankie De Soto

Great place to work out and the right price. The equipment are up to date and the work out programs are varied per interest. I wish it was 24hrs but for me it works for me for a 45 minute work out and leave.

Allen C

LOVE this gym! It opened this summer so everything is brand spankin' new. Staff is very chill and friendly. They have lots of fun , fitness-related events, and best of all the monthly membership is only $10.00 and they're 24 hours M-F! Cons: no pool, b-ball courts, indoor tracks, or towels but they do have a bunch of free fitness classes. I just bring my old Golds Gym towel and stick to the machines & free weights for the most part. Recently moved to Irving so don't always make it out as much as I would like to but Highly recommend this gym to anyone wanting the most Bang for their Buck.

Jesse Saucedo

Great gym. Always clean, kept tidy and its never super packed when I go.

Emily H

Nice gym, very clean with lots of equipment.

Tamil mani Annamalai Raja

The gym is good and people are very good and help us. But when it comes to money, it's worst. I paid for 4 personal classes and taken 2 already. I need to cancel the gym for personal reasons. When I went to cancel the membership, the attendant told they will process a return for $90. I don't receive for 2 days and I called back again. The owner telling me that they will not return the money. I don't understand he keeps on telling there's a contract. If so, why the employee doesn't know that? What can we call the people who don't serve but want money that they don't deserve? Update: If you want to cancel, cancel the membership before 10 business days. Else they will charge for another month like they charged me.

Alyssa Wolverton

Super great value. I go with my SO all the time, and it has a great variety of equipment, shows on tv, and functionality of a gym. I only wish it was easier to have some sort of community here.

Dylan Nicks

There are many machines and, of open space a very good vibe about the place. Would recommend to others!

Steven Wade

Every since I joined this gym, I've loved it. Coming from the Marine Corps where all weights and equipment is available to training mma in Austin and being able to go to a gym for 10 bucks a month that offers bags, weights, trx suspension equipment, turf strip, tires, pull up bars etc.... you can't beat it. I'm usually in there 5 to 6 days a week. Love tha gym

Joseph Chi


Update 10/4/17 - I spoke to the owner and he refunded the monthly fees and provided me with the cancellation form, all is well. I cancelled my membership in late August, went in and signed, the employee said I was all set and that I my membership was cancelled. I had to pay for another month because it was too late in the month, they also charged me the annual fees. They charged me again this month, when I called them they said that they had no record of me canceling. My advice is to ask for a copy of the cancellation form and ask them to send you an email. I'm going to speak to the general manager and work this out.

ricardo santana

Got caught up in an issue with the staff in charge at the time I was there. Someone had a complained about me and went to said staff In the front. The staff approached me and was unwilling to hear my side of the story and took everything said by the person complaining as ultimate truth. Was left as the bad guy with my part of the story being heard. Worst past is there was no other staff or manager at the moment to issue a complaint about the staff's behavior.

Kimmy Le

Crunch Fitness is a great gym if you want people and trainers to support you. It is a great environment to help you feel comfortable working out. There are a wide variety of equipment for all types of gym-goers.

David Senkus

Great location, very clean and professionally run. I like the free weight/machine balance and it has great capacity to handle the crowds after work. Nice locker rooms too.

Constance Krause

Crunch fitness is an amazing gym! Wes and all the staff are very helpful and professional. The gym is very clean with great working equipment.

Uriel Blanquel

Love that deadlift platform ❤️ and leo and kimmy are the best front desk people around :)

Rezwan Khan

I have been a regular to this gym since it opened 2 years ago. The staff are always friendly. The changing rooms are always clean and I have never had to wait to use any piece of cardio equipment. The gym also has a great range of resistance exercise machines, dumbells and barbells. For me it easily outclasses both LA Fitness and 24 hour Fitness.

Natali 8

The best gym in the area, I tried few before and none of them was like this one!

Kuwait champion

brandon theppote

Awesome place, good culture, Kimmy and Leo always here to help.

Karls Mundaray

Cool gym cool people nice price

Pavel Chernatov

Best pizza ever!

James Merrill

Awesome service! Great gym. Kimmy is always nice. :)


Good price


New Ownership! We attended this gym in 2017 and had an issue with the billing. I went in and corrected it from the previous owners. Great Staff. Great Location. Lots of cardio equipment.

Sean Bounds

Brought my girlfriend as a guest tonight the employee was very rude and unacceptable to both of us... He sold me a shirt and disappeared for about 20 minutes while I was attempting to get them to activate the tanning bed. Completely wasting my time and not checking anyone that was walking in people were not even badging in. When I asked to return the shirt he raised his voice and got very confrontational.. The gym is decent no hot tub, sauna, or basketball, but when members get treated like I was tonight I don't know how they stay in business.... Very very unpleasant expirence.

Ian Ferguson

Dave Kelly

I joined when they first opened. They haven’t spent a dime on the gym since opening. TV’s don’t work, cracks in upholstery on benches and other equipment (been like this for years). The maintenance and cleanliness is very suspect. Typically the spray dispenser with sanitation fluid are empty. That’s all the bad news. The good news is you only pay $14 a month for a pretty bad gym experience.

Guillermo Vaquero

Dishonest staff

Jade T.

First impression: A straight-forward, no bells & whistles gym. Plenty of machines. Weight machines area can get crowded depending on what time you go, there may be a small wait, but overall I like it. Staff is friendly and very helpful.

Dominique Watson

awesome gym! Its a small gym but has a great environment. Thank God I can actually be around people who actually lift real weights unlike planet fitness lol I feel like an athlete again going to this gym.

Daniel Maldonado

Jen Darnell, one of their employees, was very rude to me and showed little to no interest in actually helping others achieve their goals. When I called her out on her poor attitude, she then called me names such as "stupid" and "idiot". This is someone who does NOT take pride in what they do, nor does she seem to have a clue since she herself is not a model example of fitness. Thanks Crunch Fitness, you guys set the standard for customer service!

Fancy Dezign

Close to $30 a month and no AC or fan. Had to leave my Zumba class early because I almost pass out. The manager Nick Ewing needs to do better on fixing the AC inside that room. Decrease the peak monthly fee if AC or fan is not going to be provided.

Brandon Ramirez

Richard Roper

Joshua Walters

Mehrzad Asadi

David Gabriel

I would really recommend y’all to work out at this gym! It has Affordable prices, and its a very clean gym.

Wesley Sparks

This place has gone through some major changes in past couple weeks! Machines are looking great, the new classes being rolled out make working out way more fun, and it’s the most affordable quality gym in the area!

joseph pina

very hard to get a hold of the actual office to get questions answered. I have called twice and it goes to voice mail and then says the voice mail box hasnt been setup yet. What kind of place is this? They say they are open at 4:30 in the morning is it really that busy right now that no one can answer the phone? I have had this account for over a year and they still owe me and my wife a free training with a trained trainer for 1 hour. I attempted to setup the consultation and they tried to give me and my wife the same trainer so it would be easier on them. I am starting to wonder if this is a legit business

selam kidane

Davi N

Pretty solid gym overall, the staff is really cool and for the most part people just come here to get there workout in and get their asses home, the equipment is in good shape fairly new and nothing was tagged out for repairs which was a huge plus only issue I have with the gym is that the restrooms are kinda small and the lighting is really dark, looks more like a bar or club with how dim it is in their. But still a good place to check out it's never packed and the people are cool I guess.

b w

Not the best of experiences at. Better off at planet fitness

Jake Krause

Good gym! Clean, professional staff, and well serviced equipment. Couldn’t ask for more in a muscle palace!

Osniel Rives

Michael Cebold

There is not a single thing wrong with this gym. The people are friendly, it’s extremely clean, no egos and no judgement. If you don’t belong to a crunch fitness gym it shouldn’t be only because there isn’t one close to you.

Alfonso Perez

Mahesh Rajapakse

I have a membership here as a second gym to go for a change and I was pleasantly surprised how clean the place is. All the equipment is maintained well and new. I like it The unfortunate issue with this place is that they have very unprofessional staff that bring personal issues into work and create chaos among members and cause membership issues. I was personally caught up in an issue where everything that happened was delivered to me out of context and made to look like a bad guy while personally attacking me by the manager on duty (Juan) as he is friends with some staff that cause problems After all this was done, the manager was standing behind my car without knowing it was mine and making fun of me and spreading lies about me to other customers. Didn’t even give me the owners contact details when I requested it. This place is run like a frat house.

Cheyenne Barney

Crunch fitness is my gym it has great equipment, excellent staff, and a judgement free community of people from all over who will treat you like family.

Lore C

It's a great gym, but the associate that is supposed to open the gym is always late.

Chaun Fluker

Overall, my experience with Crunch is not bad. We have been experiencing extreme heat in the area. However, the gym is hotter than the outside. Especially, the room in which classes are being held. My friend came in as a guest to work out with me. She almost fainted in the fitness class because of the heat INSIDE the building. There was only one fan for the entire room. You can do better... Surely, you can purchase fans and ensure the air is working properly. This is for the safety of everyone who works out in your facility.

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