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REVIEWS OF ASI Gymnastics - Keller IN Texas

natalie allen

We love ASI Gymnastics in Keller with Coach Kiersten! She’s a phenomenal coach and if your wanting the best to teach your kids she’s the one to go too. Not only do we as parents love her but so does our athlete! Our child has gained confidence, strength and willingness with her experience with Coach K! Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Loni Sñow

Fun place but the seating arrangement for spectators is too small and very uncomfortable. It ruins the experience.

Thomas Syrotchen

Years ago we came here for a birthday party and we were impressed with the wonderful staff. Two years ago our son asked to try gymnastics and so we remembered ASI and the great staff. Our son has gained confidence, strength and an enormous amount of skill. Class size is no more than 8 to 1 and the coaches split their time between each student pushing each one in a positive learning atmosphere. The one star review seems so far off from staff and their customer service attitude that I would seriously question the accuracy.

Cinthia Vazquez

My daughter loves it. Second year.

Charles Weber

Very nice place to learn about gymnastics.

Jeremy Estes

jm ac

Misty Moorhead

Let me tell you about coach kiersten out of the keller ASI! She is literally amazing and gives 100% of herself every single class. You know if you have her as a coach your girls will leave knowing the names of each skill and excel in each movement and be strong as an oz. seriously she is so special and I cannot race enough about her!

John Sullivan

Coach Kiersten is amazing. Every kid in her class receives individualized attention, even when she has a full class of 6-8 kids. She commands their attention and is a true teacher. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to start their daughter in gymnastics

Rob S

They have a good program and team experience. It can get a little expensive for team members and there are a lot of meets all over the metroplex but the coaches seem to care and do a good job.

kay ma

Great atmosphere and teachers. They really put their heart into training and making it fun. Would highly recommend!!

Raghvendra Bali

Friendly and flexible staff, fun place for kids.

Brandon suits

Whiskey Crusader Will

Knowledgeable coaching staff, convenient location, reasonable prices, exceptional results.

mark townzen

High coaching turnover rate. Friendly staff.

Hannah Horsch

My 5 year old loves going here. She attends two classes a week and can't wait to go back every day. It is a little hectic at first with how many kids are in the gym but each class has about 5 kids in it.

Elizabeth Moore

Coach Paige and Coach Marissa are amazing!! we love you guys!

Katie Thomas

Coach Marissa is wonderful! She is positive and encouraging. We just joined her class a few weeks ago and have had a great experience!

Lindsey Smith

My daughter is 4 and has been at ASI since she was 15 months. Bethany has been her coach the last two years, but we have loved all of our coaches! They have great birthday parties too!

Julia Stewart

My daughter is 9 and started here about 10 months ago. I originally used a Groupon because we were just trying it out. My daughter loved it, so we signed up. All of the coaches are great. My daughter is always excited about going and I am so glad we made this decision.


Ciara Preator

Great place for kids to tumble

Cassandra Kifer

Friendly staff. Plenty of equipment. Clean facility

Jade Darr

Ellen Dash

We go to the Homeschool Open Gym almost every month, and the kids love it. It's not very organized, but since it's not a class, that's to be expected. The staff has always been friendly, but the place stinks like sweaty feet!

Pradnya Sachdev

We celebrated our kid's birthday last week and it was great. The party coordinators were fun and helpful. We had kids from different age groups yet everyone enjoyed a lot. They attended to all kids every minute of the playtime. The extended option was sooo worth it. All our guests told us they had fun. Even grown ups enjoyed a lot. I plan to go there for open play now. Definitely recommend ASI.

Geoffrey Sanders

The after school program is a mess. They don’t have a dedicated area for the kids in this program to play on the floor so they have to overwhelm the young kids with a tons of rule to keep them safe. Then when your kid messes up not only do they have to do a time out but they have the kid make a write up of what they did wrong. So when my wife picks them up, she gets a lecture of what they did and how she needs to be a better parent so they would follow the rules better. We are not going to darken these doors again.


Friendly staff!!! My son was with the three/four year olds and coach Jordan was excellent!! She never yelled at the children!!! I used a Groupon but if it was in my budget I would continue!!!! :)

Jade D

Love coach Kirsten. Has been teaching my daughter for over a year and had always been great. I wouldn't recommend the parents night out for the younger or less confident children. Despite being cheap they dont really monitor the kids

V mazzanti

Staffs have always been friendly and flexible. My child has been going there for 2 years. Coaches are attentive and kind and fun with kids. We had Mary Ann, then Sabrina, and now Jordan is working with my child. I appreciate all of them and their hard work to help my child improving his physical strength and coordination.

E Carrillo

We came for a birthday party and was disappointed in the "coaches" attitudes towards some of the kids. We have a 5 yr old and 18 month old, this is a great place for older kids who can follow directions. However if your kid cannot (an 18 month old for example) don't expect to be treated with kindness but constantly told you aren't allowed to do anything as simple as your child jumping on a trampoline because you need to follow the group who is currently swinging on ropes. Also, if your child has "missed their chance" at anything constricted by time limits at stations...well too bad. You as a parent get to explain to your crying child that they weren't first in line so they missed their chance.

Shanna Norwood

My two year old goes here and she loves it! Spends all week talking about gymnastics. They have a great toddler program!

Phillip Labossiere

Great place for kids interested in gymnastics wether ur a beginner or advanced. Plus they have a boy's only class which is great for my son. Friendly helpful staff. FYI... it gets pretty crowded Saturday afternoons. Started off with a Groupon and continued with regular lessons. My son love it

Courtney Buck

Darrion Ashton

luis barajas

Lacey Cox

donna west

Lily's Boss

Sometimes being wrong isn't about holding on its about letting go I used to do gymnastics here but I quit doing it but I'm going back because I do gymnastics constantly now and I have a great FEELING better than last time Wwwooooohhhhhhhh

Lincoln TANKsley

perla fuentes

Too many people for the size of this place, great staff but very disorganized....

Dr. Brad

Coach Wally is the best, most patient coach. Really cares about the kids and tries his best to teach them skills. Coach Morgan, Lauren, and Bethany are awesome too my 4 yo had them too. All staff seem to be great and a nice facility.

nadia kelema

My daughter was on team Kierstan level 1, coach Kierstan is such a wonderful coach and person, my daughter learn a lot with her. I wish she had a level 2 team so my daughter would still on her team.

Marcin Gostomski

Tricia Kuon

My daughter has been going to ASI for 2 years. ASI has a great program that is well-organized and employs awesome coaches. For her level one team this year, my daughter had Coach Kiersten. Coach Kiersten is an excellent coach. My daughter progressed quickly under Coach Kiersten’s teaching and earned high scores at competitions. In fact, in our last meet which was a state meet, there were about 60 girls competing in our session. For that session, 4 out of the 6 girls on Kiersten’s team scored in the top 10! In addition, the staff at ASI have been helpful and kind to us in all of our interactions. This gym has an outstanding program and I can’t say enough good things about it.

Ashley Keefer

Our daughter Aly has been going to this location for less than a year. As a transplant from Austin who was on Bronze to flourishing into a level 1 and now going onto level 2, she has made leaps and bounds. We tried two other gyms prior to this and they weren't a good fit for her, either a lack of progression or scary, herd coaching techniques. Here, she has had Coach Kiersten Jensen, who is a tough, but loving hands on coach and has been the perfect fit for her and us. If you are looking for coach commitment and someone who truly cares, then this is it. She is very good at communicating with the parents, handing out notes or providing feedback on what needs to be done to improve throughout the season so you have time to address it. We truly appreciate her honesty and the effort she puts in with the girls.

jay south

Pros - coach wally is the absolute best for kids. Great coaching style and personality. Cons- wish they had better outfit selection for young girls . Need more choices with shorts.

Ednith Villalobos

Angeles Hernandez

alecksa rocha

Love it

Patti Warren

Matthew Haney

Ms. Nicole was a lasting impression on my daughter. My daughter looked forward to each week when her gymnastics day arrived due to the great atmosphere and fun she had at ASI. I can say that my 2 year old and I loved this place!

Jonathan Celone

Coach Lauren is the most patient, loving teacher we have met so far in our daughter's life! We started our daughter out with swim lessons at an early age, but ultimately made the switch to gymnastics because aside from having more fun with each visit, Coach Lauren has taught our daughter patience and listening skills that show far beyond the gym. Our daughter is excited to give Coach Lauren a hug every time she sees her and tells us at home how she is going to listen to Coach Lauren and learn new things. Coach Lauren is truly a blessing and ASI Keller is very lucky to have her!


Patsy Morris

Charity Byrum

Katie M

Sameh Elgamal

Friendly staff


We love Coach Taryn! She's so patient and kind with the kids! Especially when my little guy isn't so cooperative some days! He has so much fun and is learning lots!

Kristine Felts

Gina Reynolds

Coach Kiersten is wonderful with my daughter. She knows how to combine enthusiastic encouragement with focused discipline. My daughter has not only improved her physical skills but also her attention span and self confidence in the past four months.

Matthew Sherick

Had several of my children in classes here. Friendly staff good training environment. My only gripe -- smells like dirty feet...but that is the whole business so its expected.

Holly Bender

Coach Marissa is awesome! Savannah loves going to gymnastics every week because Marissa makes it so much fun and is very encouraging.

AlecXander Medical Spa

Great fun! Great exercise. Edit; My children have been going here 1 year. I like the program because it is in small steps. They have learned so much in a year. My 2 girls are more confident in all sports because of ASI. ages 8 and 6.


today was my first visit to sign up for my daughter, employees was very helpful and friendly

Charlie Smitherman

We love coach Paige! She is knowledgeable and great with kids!

Lex LeFils

I used to go to open gym when I was younger and now my little sister goes sometimes, and it’s great!! The coaches are all super nice and encouraging and uplifting, which is something I haven’t seen in most gyms. All in all it’s very fun and enjoyable!

Connie Sweatt

Paula Gregory

We love coach Taryn!!!


Kevin Chaples


Great place but smells like dirty feet!

J Bow

Coach Kiersten is amazing and my daughters has learned so much from her. Coach Kiersten's ability to give her attention to the entire class (even with 6-8 kids) and keep the kids engaged is very impressive. ASI, please don't let her leave!.. EVER!

Carrie Mamantov

The detail and the planning to meet my daughter's unique needs is evident each week! We love Coach Lauren and we are grateful for the Gymmie Kids program.

Brittany Marshall

Left furious. We came for a party and my baby decided he was hungry. I went to the opposite side of the gym and used a cushion to lean against so I could nurse him. One of the employees came over and kicked us out. I asked nicely if I could stay where I was til I was done nursing since we weren't in the way or bothering anyone. She replied that I shouldn't be nursing in public and walked away.

Richard Thomas

Be sure to cancel your membership well in advance of the end of the month and put stop future payments with your bank. We canceled 3 days prior to end of month verbally on the phone. Well payment went through and they could care less to reverse transaction and would not. Staff could care less. So for 85 dollars they get this bad review and I won’t tell you if there was anything we did enjoy. So here’s your single star and my recommendation for anyone to look somewhere else. Poor customer service. Just another run of the mill gym.

Jolly Kapoor

Coach Berkeley is wonderful with all age group kids! She is patient, fun and puts smile on any kids face!

Savannah Denham

Twin Kids Making Stuff

Coach Kiersten is phenomenal! My kids progressed so far so fast working with her the last two months. We hope they can stay in her class forever! She pushes them, keeps them on task, and is very motivating. She manages kids in a wide age range with masterful skill. She's a true teacher and cares about the kids' progress. I have seen my kids work so hard for her, and she's really helped them develop a sense of pride in doing skills correctly. I can't say enough positive things about her!

Yatin Panchal

Very poor customer service. Staff is very rude. They Dont behave good with kids

Juliana Fuentes

My girls love this gym.

Tiffany Harvey

I visited asi this evening as a guest for open play night or whatever it's called with my three year old and a I have never been so humiliated in my life! The staff was so demeaning to me as a parent it was unbelievable. The " sales manager" actually tried to pull my child out of my arms while I was trying to buckle her into her carseat telling me "I can't let you take her". 1st we have never been to this gym and we were invited by a member. My daughter is 3 which they allow but the staff give no 1 on 1 direction to the children. My daughter was roaming around so I went down and showed her how to sit and wait her turn for the trampoline not long after a "coach" with a nasty attitude came over and told me "parents feet must remain on the concrete". I smiled and explained it's my daughters 1st time here and she is only 3 and she said "okay" clearly not caring and made me go to the concrete. Not long after that my daughter was playing clear across the gym in the pit of blocks with all the other kids when she got out walked past the "coaches" and over to the corner of the gym where they store equipment and I could no longer see my child. There was no adults nor kids over in this area. I stood in the parent section waiving my arms and hollering for any "coach" to assist. The two "coaches" that were supposed to be monitoring the pit area looked my direction and turned their backs. I walked as fast as I could across the gym to get my child to ensure she wasn't in danger and was greeted by another "coach" who said she was a "floor coach" who said to me "Ma'am, we have already told you that you can not be on the gym floor." I explained No one is watching my child except for me. She is allowed to roam freely and no one cares! I have been trying to get someone to help her navigate all the different activities and all I get is stop protecting your child?!?! Unacceptable! This lady even tells me she herself is a parent and understands my frustration but I am not allowed protect my child while these "coaches" ignore my daughter? I ask to speak to a manager above her and she tells me only a sales manager is there. What could a "sales manager" possibly do for me? I asked for a SAFETY Manager! I was told no one else was there. So... I picked up my child, grabbed my purse and left . I am now in tears and so is my child who doesn't understand why we have to leave. I am then approached by a young SALES manager who thinks it's okay to attempt to pull my child out of my arms! How is this remotely okay?!?! Who is running this place?!?! Parents, do not leave your children unattended here, EVER!

Chase Space

I tried them out because of a Groupon and my daughter loved it so we signed up. We have had a few scheduling conflicts and the staff has always been very accommodating in person and on the phone. I was a gymnast so I was planning on being picky about any program, but they are cautious knowledgeable and I have already seen a lot of improvement. We aren’t in the afterschool program, but if I ever need to be I am putting my kids in it. It looks like so much fun, and I bet these kids get home exhausted!


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