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1323 Industrial St, New Braunfels, TX 78130

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REVIEWS OF American Fitness Center IN Texas

Hailey Cortez

Great atmosphere most importantly it’s clean the ladies do an outstanding job with the gym!!!

Brittaney Leigh

It’s a good gym. A little confusing to navigate if you’re new. I just wish they had more leg and ab machines. It’s really geared towards lifters. It’s good though.

Amesley Nisson

Been going here since highschool. I love the staff and members who all share motivation and inspiration that you won't find at Planet fitness. Much friendlier than Golds. Great showers too!

Wilberth Reha

I’ve been training for about 1 month, and it’s been a great experience, my personal trainer Octavio Barba makes sure that I do my exercising the right way throughout the whole routine, he’s patient and his experience and knowledge helps a lot on my way of becoming a stronger and healthy person :) The gym provides all the equipment that you’ll ever need, and it’s open 24/7!

John Arevalo

Valissa Soto

Best gym in town!! Awesome equipment, great atmosphere, good music! Great amenities like tanning, sauna, child care, classes and so forth. This is the gym to go to!!

Nehal Patel

Best gym in town with affordable prices and a non-corporate feel. They cater to the individual and don't lock you in to expensive, no-opt-out contracts. Definitely try their free week pass through their website and you won't regret it!

Zaragoza Pérez

This gym is home away from home. I love this gym. That is all.

Octavio Barba

Best gym I've ever been to. It has all the bars, dumbbells, machines, squat racks & benches you'll ever need (and then some). Seriously, it's low monthly membership fee even includes classes like Les Mills body pump & yoga! A bunch of different cardio equipment, and a cross-training room with kettle bells, rowers, and plenty of room for calisthenics. Cool, friendly owner, atmosphere & members.

Hannah Barton

Love this gym! The atmosphere is great and they make it possible for a mother of 2 to workout. Their daycare is great as well!

Laura J

Kristan Roberson

slo moe

Phillip Sanchez

Great gym!

Connie Kemph

Great place to workout! Everyone is friendly and it is kept clean. Also love my fitness trainer Nicole Sanchez

the one?

Terry Aguirre

Stephen Gomez

Joshua Langford

joe perez

Best gym I've ever been to. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. You couldn't get me to go anywhere else


This gym has great accessibility to a lot of necessary equipment. The environment is friendly, with amazing staff.

Raquel Thompson

I love the staff, very friendly and knowledgeable. The Zumba classes are a blast! It's such a large facility loaded with a variety of equipment to facilitate any of your workout needs and clean too.

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Get big

Agustin Sarabia

Great place to work out. The equipment is wonderful and the hours help out when you work nights.

Ritesh Patel

Jezuz martin Campoz

Warren Zerr

Been going to American Fitness for about 3 years. Great place with a friendly staff and clientele that give it a "home" feeling. Something for everyone. Old working out with young. Whether you are a beginning lifter, seasoned power lifter, bodybuilder, or if you want just want to come for the array of fitness classes like Zumba or Body Pump or just the cardio equipment, this gym has something for you. Recent change to new equipment is taking some getting used too because, well, it's not the old stuff. I have already adapted to the new stuff and love it. Try to beat this place on their rates and the extra's" that are included for which other gyms charge extra! This place is like Cheers...come where everyone knows your name!

jacob luna

Best gym I have EVER been to! I went to American fitness for about 4 months and it was exactly what I was looking for. The front desk people actually get to know you and are really nice. When you sign up you get one free smoothie and a one free personal training session (1hr long). They have multiple group classes if you're into that. However I really enjoyed the amount of free weight equipment they had they and rarely had to wait to use anything even at peak hours. This gym is 24hrs on week days and closes at 6pm on weekends.

Frankie Lopez

Nakita Gonzalez

Steven Habel

I workout at this gym when I am home visiting family. The gym is awesome and very "authentic" for what a gym should be. It has plenty of equipment and the environment of the facility is friendly. I would choose working out at this gym as my main gym if they had one in Houston. I would workout at this gym over any corporate gym (Planet Fitness, Golds, etc.) because it is a REAL gym. Not one of these gyms where people "get a good workout", but they don't sweat, cry, or make an occasional noise when lifting. If you want to get a great workout and be surrounded by people who also care about their fitness, this is the place to go.

Amber Medina

Comfortable BEST GYM EVER

Alfonso Orduña Sánchez

Juan Calderon

I had to find a gym because my hotel's fitness center was out of service. I called them and they offered me a day pass for ony $5! I went in on a Thursday night at around 10:00pm and there were only about 5 other people there. There was plenty of equipment available. The equipment was very adequate. There were tons of free weights and all the other devices/stations that one would need to get a complete workout in. The staff was great as well. I felt as they treated me as I signing up for a membership even though I was only there for a day.

Caz Zac

Chris Martinez comment almost kept me from going! Glad I decided to stop by and check it out! They have six squat racks four benches two incline and a section dedicated for at least three dead lift bars. I could see his point as far maybe the quantity of plates, if everyone was deadlifting at the same time. But overall great gym for lifters! A+++ plus they keep their day passes at a super reasonable price ! And can't beat a quick sana after a workout

Sunny Valencia

I love this gym. Its so convenient and has all the things a need and want out if a gym. I work out 5-6 times a week. I can do just about anything except swim there (no pool, no biggie). They have the cardio section, assisted machines, single weights, an activity room . it's awesome

Miguel Noriega

Mike Walters

Jay, the owner, goes out of his way to make sure everything is great at the facility, the staff is great, and they are always improving the equipment.

Dylan Johnson

Love this place. They are always making continuous improvements to make this the best gym in town.

Trey Popaditch

Chris Martinez

Used to be great gym....had everything for ALL types of lifters. But the owners have gradually become shifting to crossfit, body building type of lifters. He used to have accommodations for those that like to lift heavy weight, not so much anymore. Feels like he trying to squeeze that community of lifters out. Such a shame. Slowly getting rid of good equipment for just all nautilus equipment which isn't lifter friendly. Those that have experience lifting KNOW the difference. If it wasn't for daycare, would have to get another gym.

Jose Lopez

I love this place. It has that old school mussel feel to it. Real “ Iron “ feel. Where people go to lift! Not like other chain gyms that have a lot of S&M you know get a quick pump and “stand and model”” for the gram” ugh

svtwin73 .

I'm pretty sure they are growing a science experiment on the ceiling and wall fans, please don't turn them on until you clean them!

With Love Sara Vega

I love this place. Can you please open one up in San Marcos. This gym is better than any gym here.

David AstroLogicSciences

Here is a real gym that offers multiple high end brands of fitness equipment to work every possible muscle plus all the classic free weight and Hammer Strength machines for the no-nonsense hit it hard individual. This fitness center is spacious, modern and clean with a client base around 18 to 40 who seem committed to their workout. The environment and the background music in case you forget your ear plugs is, excellent! Did I mention the value for this enormous space and fantastic equipment options as well as the multiple group classes from yoga to zumba. I am shocked that this place isn't part of a national chain because this is how you do it1 5 Stars for this place.

Tyler Kunz

Jeremy M.

Friendly staff , great gym with lots of good equipment and plent to do also people are very friendly

B Fras

I've been going to this gym for over a year. I love the it compared to typical chain gyms. Sometimes a bit busy in the evenings on a weekday but I always end up with a good workout on any machine I want.

Joy Owens

I have gone to American Fitness for about 10 years and I cannot imagine going to any other gym! Every single thing about this gym screams AWESOME!! From the multiple rooms with EVERY single piece of equipment you could imagine or ever need, to the wonderful/personable staff always talking to every person that walks in the door, to the flexible long hours of operation. I am usually at the gym 4-6 Days a week and look forward to going every time. The Staff/Owner are always striving to better the gym and satisfy all of their members wants and needs. No matter what time of day you go in there, everyone of the members and employees are having fun together. I have built amazing friendships and met the coolest people in this gym. I will never be a member of another gym. American Fitness is my HOME!

Aimee Leigh

I love this Gym so much! Everyone that works here and works out here is so friendly! They have done a lot of remodeling and added a lot of new things. And all of the classes rock! I will always go here!

Josh Mckinnis

everyone is treated equally here .Love this Place. I have been working out here for last 5 years. this place has commercial graded equipments! this place has more machines than any other place in town.

Todd Kidd

will mobley

An amazing gym with everything you'll ever need

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