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REVIEWS OF 9Round IN Texas

Jessica Diaz

Love this 30 minute whole body workout! Each day it’s a different workout, led by trainers that are ready and willing to push you harder and make you stronger. I would totally recommend this place to anyone (any age, size, or athletic ability).

Maryum Samreen

Great place for the workouts. I see big changes in weight loss ans also healthy muscles in less time due to the workout they offer. I would highly recommend Spencer he is so much good trainer who motivates u alot during the workouts i would say that he is the best one in Ashburn location. U r the best keep up and good luck...

Latha Ramakrishnan

Dynamic environment, best workout that you could possibly get in 30 minutes, no class times, access to trainers, ability to customize routines and most importantly trainers know when to push so you never really reach a plateau. The workouts change at every round and every day so you don’t get bored. The circuit model with no class times has been easy to fit into my busy lifestyle.

Mike Coleman

Great workout in 30 minutes! If you aren't wiped out afterwards, it's because YOU didn't put forth the effort!! Top notch trainers, staff, and owners!!

Heather Houseknecht Highsmith

9Round doesn’t feel like a workout, until you’re sore the next day! I love how each time you go, it is a new experience. The trainers really get to know you, and you feel like you’re surrounded by a family. The thirty minutes pass quickly, because you’re so busy working hard. I recommend 9Round to everyone I talk to!

Mayur Phadke

An excellent place for a great workout. Good friendly staff and trainers.

Jody Perez

Leena Batavia

Christine Skaggs

Javid Alimohideen

Working out at 9round @ Ashburn has been great so far. I like the training format very much compared to other fitness locations and the best part is you get a real trainer to guide you with your workouts

Andrea Del Hierro

Me encanta este lugar para mis ejercicios, cada día es un ejercicio diferente con mucho cardio, los entrenadores son muy pacientes y muy buenos para entrenar, aparte te dan mucha motivación para que no te detengas. Especialmente Miss Sherly su esposo Adrian y Sebastian, siempre están al pendiente para Ayudarte y motivarte! Cuando iva a otros gimnasios como al Héroes nunca tenía la motivación ni ganas que tengo ahora aquí en el 9 round aparte que nunca esperas para que se desocupe una máquina para hacer tus ejercicios aquí en 9 round cuando esta listo para tus ejercicios los entrenadores de inmediato te dicen que ejercicios hacer , ! Definitivamente recomiendo 9 round es el mejor Lugar! Me ayudado mucho con mi autoestima y depresión!!

craig haywood

Joanna Couri

I love 9 round! Not only is this a fun and effective workout, it fits with my schedule. The ability to go any time of day my schedule allows makes sure I always get a workout in. The staff are friendly, motivating, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this location to anyone!

Maggie Lushina

Shlonda Stokes

Absolutely love this place, results are amazing the trainers are very patient and willing to motivate/push you with no hesitation, workout music is awesome the workouts change up so no boring repeats, I can finally say I enjoy getting fit

Kanika Singh

I was very excited to join this gym as it is near home and I enjoyed the first session with my trainer. However, since joining, I noticed that the gym was not being wiped down as frequently and more importantly, I had to prioritize my health first. I attempted several times to contact the location (phone, facebook, billing, corporate, walkin, email) to confirm cancellation of my membership. I have never received a call back and have not received consistent information. I have had to come back in twice and am getting emails which indicate that no one at the location is communicating with each other and the owner does not have a handle over operations. I am at a loss for how to deal with this location since they refuse to confirm cancellation of my membership. Honestly, since I didn't even complete my 10week session (I had to stop halfway due to my health and have not been back for classes), the owner's refusal to get back to me seems like a very cheap ploy to earn extra cash and charge me unnecessarily. Edit - seems like others have a problem with the membership set up as well!!

Vikas Wadhwani

Great place to workout and to keep you in shape. Here are the few highlights of this place. 9Round has personal trainer available for you all the time and they (Calvin, Jennifer and Mervin) are really awesome. Also, I was always on-time, the round starts every 3 minutes so wherever I arrived my wait time to start is 3 minutes or less. I really like the fact that I was doing different workout every day and personal trainer are available to give the instructions and correct me as needed. Also, I was doing 9 different 3 minutes workout every day and that's make it so powerful workout. The facially is very clean and well maintained . The owner Sheetal Shah is great to work with. She knows everyone by name and always looking out for you, she always made sure that I have good workout and awesome time while I am there. Also, they provided me a complimentary diet plan based on my individual fitness goals and it worked very well for me, I lost tons :-) of weight with the help of diet plan and of-course the state of the art 9Round workout. I go there 3--4 times a week and that has good enough for me on track of my fitness goals, although I can go as many times as i want. Thank you 9Round Ashburn team for providing such a great place to workout!

Suzanne Barnes

Jennifer Bowman

Maggie Lambertson

Lily Rodriguez

AngsKids เลี้ยงลูกแบบอเมริกัน

Jenae Dawson

Saroj Poudyal

Kaitlin McIntosh

9 Round is a great concept, no class times was a great way to get in a workout around my schedule. But I wish you recieved more instruction from the trainers.

Rinku Kandhari

Rachel Griffith

Love coming here to get a great workout! Every day is something new so you never get bored, and the trainers are super nice and motivating. Plus, you're in and out in 30 minutes!

Priscilla Rodriguez

Mollie Ball

Rae Michalak

Neil Orta

Rahul Kothari

Staffs are really helpful at 9 round Ashburn. Fantastic place to workout.


Excellence all around

Karen Killian

BEWARE, it’s one of those gyms that are impossible to cancel! I started with a 6 month membership, loved it, renewed. I was told that anytime I decided to stop to just cancel before the end of my contract. During the renew period the owner sold it and it came under new mngmnt. I had to stop going due to a shoulder injury. I sent an email saying I needed to cancel and why. They sent back the cancellation form told me to fill it out and return them. So I did, within an 2 hours! A couple months go by and I get an letter saying I’m past due. I call the # listed, they use a 3rd party billing company. I explained what happened they looked up my acct and said “OH YEAH, it says right here canceled.” I thought that was the end of it but a couple months go by and I get a collection call. These people were awful. I explained the situation to them, they say they don’t care, they want the money. I said no way. They told me to call the gym. I did, had to leave a Vmail, explaining everything. A couple months later the collection people all again. I explained again. They were rude again, told me call the gym again. I called the gym and left a Vmail, again! The gym finally called me back today, at least a month later. They said I owe almost $1000. I said, no I canceled last August, via email. I said, they obviously had my cancellation info because they sent it to their 3rd party billing company because they have my acct saying cancelled. She tells me, I’m not allowed to cancel via email and it says so on the cancellation form(lies). She says if I don’t pay they’re going to hit my credit with it. I said, I will fight you and I will win. That’s where we are. Check out the cancellation form, it doesn’t say anywhere on it that you can’t cancel via email.

Michelle Stanfield

I joined for a challenge 3 weeks ago..I already seen good results and I still have 3 more weeks to go. For 30 min workout is so can feel the work done and is a lot of fun if you don't like to follow a class or go to the gym and not knowing what to do, this is kickboxing and I love it. Hopefully I will achieve my goal at the end of my 6 week challenge.

Kevin Finan

Would give it 0 if I could. I’m not sure how this place is still in business, I guess they make decent money by constantly ripping off guests and hoping people don’t sue. Don’t believe anything about “month to month” contracts or “rate stays the same”. If you actually read the lengthy contract you’re signing up for a lot more. I’ve had much better experience with UFC gym who has an organization structure, not an independent place that doesn’t care about customers only their bottom line. In such a competitive space, you can find many more that are not trying to go after your last nickel.

Cassidy Honne

Allison Brennan

I recently joined a really love the workouts and staff/trainers! I'm challenged every time I go and find myself pushing harder than I do when I work out on my own.

Patrick Cordero


I just joined so I am new to the program. I felt very motivated to work out and I look forward to returning. I am in no way a gym person and I am in desperate need of getting my health back on track and my weight down. The trainer knows how to push me and still be mindful of my health limitations. I read the fine print and they did tell me up front all programs are auto renewal and I filled out my form to terminate my next auto pay that day. I really am happy to say that they are friendly and easy to work with.

Cecy Soto

victor marchetto

The work outs are good and fulfilling. Please make sure you are extra careful around setting up plans and make sure you read all the fine print. This location is run by a robot who don't believe in dealing person to person or making resonable exceptions. If they can extract another dime from you they will.

John Duquette

Was a great experience. I joined for the 6 week challenge to lose 20 pounds, and I lost a staggering 32 pounds - 12 of those in the first week alone. The daily change to the workouts keeps your body guessing as well as prevents the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again. 30 minutes was the perfect amount of time, get-in and get-out. I personally throughly enjoyed when Calvin did pad work with me - it really took the workouts to the next level. I would have given 5 stars, but the hours don't really work with my schedule, and the lack of child care are barriers to a long term membership. However, if the hours work for you, and brining your kids won't distract from getting a solid workout in, I highly recommend giving 9Round a shot!

Marlene Hamra

Maria Hernandez

Amy Ramirez

Laurel Baird

I thoroughly enjoyed working out here. I just needed to find something closer to my house for a morning workout.

Asad Mahdi

9Round is a great place to work out for a half-hour. Each session includes fresh and new workouts that will leave you exhausted by the end. The instructors, especially in the Ashburn gym that I go to, are friendly, motivating and very enthusiastic! Couldn't be happier with the experience and I strongly suggest people to give it a try! You won't be disappointed!

Stewart Phillips

I have never sweated this much during a workout. Come in anytime that is convenient for you. Trainers demonstrate proper technique between rounds for each station. Every day is a different workout.

Miriam Hoebel

Great gym. I have been a member for a year now and I love it. Every workout is different, I get a full body workout in 30 minutes. The trainers are great, always there to push me and keep me motivated throughout my workout. They also help me with my form to make sure I do it right in order to get the most out of the workouts. I went in in January of last year to try it out and I was hooked. By the way, trainers are included in the membership, unlike other gyms where they cost an arm and a leg and you only see them once or twice a week. At 9Round, trainers are there for every workout.

Irene Munoz

I love how you can come in at any time and the workouts are never the same! The trainers are great! I am greeted with a smile everyday day! Love this place!!!!

Darien O'Crowley

Extremely efficient workouts here!! The science behind the variation of movements and 3 minute round times really check out. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly... but don't mistake their kindness for weakness, if you want that motivation to get your buns in gear this is the place!


9round is a great workout! I love that there are no scheduled times. I can workout at my convenience. There is always a trainer there to keep me going and instruct. Right next door to Allstate in Moorefield Village shopping center. Near Moorefield Green,Ashburn, Brambleton, and Ashburn Village.

liliana chacon-menay

Sreelatha Jambula

Great place to keep you active and fit. Trainers are awesome. Definitely its the place to try out. They have flexible timings and trainers are always available and work outs will never get bored and they keep changing them to get you motivated, its hard but we love it. You feel like you get special training in every work out. I recommend 9 round Ashburn.

Kranthi Kiran Pusala

Alan Alexeyev

Really good place for a quick, intense workout

Shailendra Jain

Gail Brady

I love this place, the owner, and the trainers (Alex is my favorite)! I loved boxing; however, I got a pinched nerve from the repetitive movement and had to drop out. I asked if my payments could be stopped until I was better, and they graciously worked with me. I am getting better each month and may have to just continue riding the bike and doing weights at Gold's Gym, unless they can give me an alternative solution. Best place EVER to get motivated and get active!

Neha Shah

An excellent place to workout. Very good and helpful staff and very reasonable rates with training included !

Emily Story

Joined 9rounds for their 6 week challenge and loved it so much I joined as a regular member. Trainers are always positive, modify workouts if you have injuries and are all around good people. The fact that the music is always bumpin’ is a huge plus. If you need to add exercise into your life 9rounds is the place to go!

Brian Deming

Every time you think you've turned the corner, the challenge goes up a notch. Exercises change daily, so the muscle confusion really takes hold. Barely two months into it (3x per week) and starting to notice a big difference in my fitness and cardio levels. Haven't dropped much weight, but I've dropped plenty of inches. Get off the couch, put down the doughnut, and go hit something.

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