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3049 Greene Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76109

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Cindy s.

Great workout experience, quick, great results, and flexible times.

Molly Crews

I received an email that they were under new ownership, inviting me to come see the new 9Round TCU, but when I tried to call, the phone number is out of service!?

Jimmy Estrada

Great trainers and amazing workouts. Love working out here

Autumn Ortiz

I love all the trainers at the TCU location now that a new owner has taken over. They really are hands on when it comes to working the mitts with you. They are all very friendly, helpful and encouraging. You get a great workout in a short amount of time and with no class times you can start whenever you get there; I never feel rushed to get there on time.

Rebekah Holmes

After hitting a rut in my normal fitness routine, I thought boxing would be a good way to get back in the groove and kickstart weight loss. I chose 9round because of its awesome and convenient location. And then I met the trainer Quay and the fitness game has been changed. Not only does he do a great job of motivating and bringing the fun, he has taught me so much about form, technique, and coordination. Never would have thought I could do the speed bag, but lo and behold Quay broke it down for me and I’m getting better each time I go. My husband loves Quay too and joined so that we can all train together! I highly recommend this workout.

Katey Stimek

9round is an amazing place to train. You can go at any time and the trainers are very motivating. Awesome workout in 30 minutes!!

Veya Salcido

I love this Place and recommend it to everyone! After the Arlington location closed, I decided to check out this location. Sky (the owner) received us with open arms. Their workout combinations are great! I love their encouragement, guidance, and motivation. I see results in strength , endurance, and toning. I'll be here for a long time. Thanks Sky and Josiah.

Rundee Thomas

I loveeee 9 Rounds! This is my 4th week and I have been going 3x a week and I'm already down a pant size!! Whoop whoop! I'm going to be summer time fine but most of all fit and healthy ! Sky is a very positive motivator trainer I know!!! The words good job Rundee or you can do it makes me sweat harder!! Everybody wants results over night but I didn't get unfit over night and I'm pleased with my progress weekly but my goals are being met and I will meet my overall goal soon!!!

Caroline Farish

I have worked out a lot of places in Fort Worth but I am really loving 9 Rounds... Each work out is hard, quick and everyone there is so nice and helpful. Great for a busy schedule because of no set class times and the efficiency of the work out. LOVE I1T!

Henry Green

Javier Garza

Fun, intense, and only takes 30 minutes of your time. All the trainers (including the owners) are nice and keep you motivated.

Rene Zerfas

Leah Benson

Great total body workout!

Cynthia Ferrufino

I really enjoy this gym. In just 30 minutes I get a great cardio/full body workout. The trainers are very helpful and motivating.Great music. There are new stations every day so it never gets boring! My only wish is that they were open on Sundays!

Felicia Malveaux

This place is AMAZING Jesse, Steven and Devonte know how to bring out your STRENGTH!! THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE WORKOUT!!! One time and you'll be HOOKED!!

Emma Beebe

It smells so bad, the equipment is never cleaned between sets and by the end of the day, all of the gloves you wear are caked with sweat. Also, when I went in personally to get my contract canceled, they said it was but lo and behold I got charged again for 3 more months. This is outrageous. I would never suggest this place to anyone

Rachael Price

I love this place. Seriously, nothing like punching the crap out of something to make you feel like a badass. Plus, Sky and Josiah are awesome- nice enough that you want to come back and just mean enough to really motivate you to work hard. It's a circuit with 9 rounds, so you don't do anything for longer than 3 minutes and the whole workout is over in 30. Plus, you can start at any time-- no waiting for class time to start- it's up to you. I'm a med student & can't make time for anything that takes more than an hour from pre workout to post shower, so this place is perfect.


I've visited other gyms in the area and I chose 9 Round. I love the fact that it only takes 30 minutes to get a great workout in! I highly recommend this gym. The trainers, Sky & Josiah, are great! An added bonus is that there is always parking available in the area so you don't have to park far!

Brandon Potter

This is the perfect high intensity quick workout!! They always have a good workout laid out for you. Very upbeat and positive staff to keep you motivated. The owner is always around and very approachable! Overall this gym is full of good vibes and good workouts, I highly recommend it!

Mary Helen Hill

Fast paced, always busy, no time to stop lifestyle? ONLY 30 MINUTES!!! I love this place. I always get the best workouts. I am also a data junkie and monitor my heart rate and calories when I work out. I always burn at leat 500 calories and hit my target heart rate everytime. I have NEVER been disappointed. Workouts here are as intense and effective as you are ready to make them or you can ease in. Workouts change everyday so its never boring and there is alway an option to take it up a notch if you need to challenge yourself. You can walk in and start your work out right away, you can start at any station. You can workout alone or with a buddy. Everyone is friendly and clientele demographic is varied. Located in the heart of TCU campus there all ages and fitness levels are welcome. 30 minutes!!! That's all it takes! As a workaholic, fitness conscious mom, my calendar is jam packed with appointments so this place is PERFECT for ANYONE busy or not! Get in here, you are gonna love 9Round!! FIRST WORKOUT FREE!!!! NO EXCUSES!!!

Jacque Pritchard

Best Place, Best Workout, Best People! I have been going to 9rounds tcu for 6 months and have drop 30pounds, toned my total body and loved every workout. Never gets boring and works!!!!

Sam Juliao

Sky, Turbo and Cody make it so easy...a workout starts every 3 minutes!

Angie Arlington

My new favorite place. Can't beat the workout for the amount of time spent. Workout changes daily, never get bored. Great staff!

Cynthia Torres

Everyday is a hard workout! 9round challenges me to keep coming back for more! Awesome job guys!

Starla Ewan

Allison F

great quick workout with great staff that pushes you well! my stamina has really improved since I've been there & plan to continue with them

Samantha Sauter

I'm in love with this gym! It works perfect with my schedule because classes start every 3 minutes! I get an incredible, challenging & fun workout every time in just 30 minutes!!! I'm already seeing results in just under 2 months! The trainers are super friendly and keep me motivated! So glad I found 9Rounds!!!

Gina Scott

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6:30AM–1:30PM 3:30–7:30PM
6:30AM–1:30PM 3:30–7:30PM
6:30AM–1:30PM 3:30–7:30PM
6:30AM–1:30PM 3:30–7:30PM
8AM–1:30PM 3:30–6PM


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