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REVIEWS OF 9Round Plano Legacy IN Texas

Anthony Thompson

I deeply apologize about my last post. I went there 5 days and I cant judged anything off one experience. I probably had a bad day at work. But this gym is a great gym. After the 30 mins it feel like you been working out for hours. They will push you to the limit and keep motivating you to keep going. The trainers know what they are doing and they are good motivation. I will tell people about this gym. A good work out place

Jason Chen

I love everything about it. I started going to have a better cardio workout than running on a treadmill. Looking into local gyms to get the feel and what they had to offer and 9rounds was just the perfect timing and place. Started working with the trainers and develop a rhythm with each one. Loving how they recognize me and my effort I put in as the workouts change day to day so I’m never bored. Doing exercises that I wasn’t sure about form or technique and use their knowledge to get better results and prevent injuries. As I continued my journey with 9rounds, the family feel environment help kept me going. Seeing friendly faces day in and out, that sweat and toil with me through the workouts, each time I walk through the door, has help me live my best lifestyle. I love 9rounds

Tracy Brown

Let me start by saying that I love to work out. I do, however, get bored very easily. I tried 9Round because I wanted some variety in my routine. Well, they certainly provide it! The workout changes regularly, is challenging and is supported by fun, knowledgeable (and sometimes evil :) Trainers. I am officially hooked and look forward to going to 9Round regularly. I'd even go Sunday if they were open! Do not worry about your fitness level. If you are a beginner, they will work with you and make sure that you understand the moves and will modify if necessary. If you are more advanced, they will make sure that you get a hard workout. They will tailor the experience to your level, so go try it!!!

Lee Higdon

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the instructors and with overall training I have received. With the encouragement of the instructors and the friends I have made there, I have increased both my strength and endurance, as well as my overall confidence. I love 9Rounds.

Nicole Wight

When I was looking for a place to workout, I wanted some place close to my house, that would not take 2 hours to do, and at affordable rate.The bonus with 9Round is that I get all that and more.I love that there are always trainers there to help me if I need help and support. It’s like they know when I am ready to give up and they help me every time so I keep pushing hard.It’s not an easy workout, but it’s didferent every day and as fast as I’m there it’s over. I hope to be a member there a long time.

Maryam Shakeel

Joining this place was the best decision of my life. I was zero active and was in a bad shape, but this place has helped me not only physically but mentally to. I have lost 20lbs in 3months. And feeling very energized and active.Trainers here are super friendly and helpful, they will modify workouts according to person’s ability and needs.The best part is this workout is done in just 30mins and anytime during they are open. So just walk in and get done in 30mins with almost 350-500 calories burned. The owners Steve and Zoe are the nicest person. Always ready to help you out with what questions or concerns you have.

Karen Gutierrez

Joanne Kozlowski

The best birthday present today? Working out at 9Round Plano - Legacy ! Thanks everyone! I LOVE working out here! We're like a family. Not only do the trainers motivate, but the 9Rounders get to know each other and push each other also. Where else can you go and feel so loved? Thank you Zoe & Steve for creating such a wonderful place to sweat it out!!!

Mounika Paruchuri

Daniel Coveney

Excellent workout with an excellent staff.

Rachel Howard

I love 9Round! It is only 30 minutes and they really make you work! I feel AMAZING when I leave. I have only been here for a month, but have already noticed a difference. The instructors and owners are super nice and are really helping me towards my goal. I won't give up!

Megan Doyle

There are so many things I love about this place - it's a great workout that is always changing (I've been a member for 3 years and I'm never bored); the trainers are amazing and provide just the right amount of 1:1 attention during the workout; and the owners are fantastic and really care about the members. I was able to continue my workout at 9Round during 9+ months of my last pregnancy. I'll forever be grateful for the encouragement that I received from the trainers who helped me adjust my workout as I got closer to my due date. Since my daughter was born, 9Round has helped me stay energetic and strong, and the workout is so efficient I don't have to spend too much time away from my kids to accomplish my fitness goals!

Flora Lin

I get in and I get out quickly with a good workout. I don’t have to think about what I have to do-the workout is already there. The trainers help me modify if I need to.

Latasha Banks

I am in love with this place. Where can you go to get a really good workout with the convenience of personal trainers at a fraction of the cost. These guys truly care about their members. The workout is never the same and the best part is its only 30 minutes. Who can't spare 30 minutes. Another added bonus is the nutrition classes. I now look forward to working out.

Craig Campbell

Excellent fun and challenging workouts ! The staff is super friendly yet pushes you when you need it ! Been going for about 2 months and already can see changes and feel so much stronger . When I started I didn't know what a plank was let alone a side plank or burpee. I definitely recommend it to anyone who will listen .

Jennifer Hong

Exercise doesn't have to be boring and repetitive! No matter what tour fitness level, or lack of fitness, in my case, 9round can empower you to take control of your health. The trainers are supportive in every step of your progress. They show you exactly what and how to do each exercise safely and effectively. Trainers modify exercises based on your fitness level too. Exercises change daily so you never get bored. 33 minute circuit. Start anytime. First workout is free! Try it! You are going to love it!

Sara Heath

Mark Higman


been going to 9round plano for 10 months now. This is the perfect place for me. personal trainers and 30 mins. lost 10 lbs and inches. Love the owners Steve and Zoe. And love the trainers. never liked working out or going to a gym and now i plan my schedual around it. Thank you so much 9round

James Gatz

It's was great work out and the instructed were great and was very helpful. Great place to go

peter evans

I've been going to 9 Round since last May and LOVE IT! I was very hesitant to do kickboxing; I had heard how difficult it was, how it was exhausting, and I will admit that I was not big into working out before. But since the first time that I went to 9 Round, they push me, have fun, and make me sweat harder than I have in a long time. I now go 4 times a week and I love it because the workouts are always changing, working on different parts of the body, and keeping me on my toes. It's a constant 30 minute workout and it's the best workout I've gotten. They always have trainers there to help and push you. If you have an injury (such as myself), they are more than willing to assist and accommodate the workout to ensure that you don't injure yourself further but still get a good workout. I work 4 jobs, almost all the time, and it's fantastic that I can find 30 minutes to go in and work out. I don't have to depend on a class or when I can schedule with a trainer. The trainers are there, the gym is open, and they are willing to help me. I get in, get out, and get fit, just like they promote in their slogan! I've recommended family and friends to go and sign up. My husband now goes as well and he loves it as much. In fact, I'm jealous when he gets to go and I don't. I never thought I'd be like that, but with 9 Round, I'm so glad that I am. :)

Missy Kesler

love the no class time, trainers are fun, major sweat fest!

Elizabeth Carpio

I love the different exercises and the staff is friendly and always ready to help.

justin sheu

The owners and staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Trainers actively help you train and give you individual focus, which is a nice contrast to some of the larger kickboxing/boxing workout gyms like Title Boxing. I can get a fairly self-paced workout here efficiently. Owners feel more interested in building their business and making members happy than just making money. Would recommend this place to anyone looking to get some good cardio in a positive environment.

Alex Capote

Great workout and experience from the ownership down to training staff. Great group of people and fun workouts!

Jenny O'Neal

Love this gym!!! They treat you like family and really want to help you accomplish your fitness goals. It's fast paced, the workout changes everyday, and the trainers are amazing!!!

Chad Dickie

Great place. Wish they would open one in Allen

Diana Schonfeld

If I could give this place 10 stars I would. This is literally my favorite gym ever, for so many reasons: -no class times, so works perfectly with my always-in-flux schedule -no workout is ever the same - you may do exercises you've done before, but they're always mixed in with other new ones -get in and out in 30 minutes (which is more than enough if you push yourself throughout) -clean, bright facility, and great music -individual mitt work every time you come in -the trainers are awesome (especially the afternoon/evening crew: Sovandy, Siara, Roxy, and Francesca) - they always have a smile on their face and are amazing guides helping you perfect your technique or learn new moves But what truly makes this place special are the owners, Zoe and Steve. They make you feel like you're their son or daughter, as well as a crucial member of the 9Round family. I'm so sad to be moving out of state - if I can find a gym half as good as this one, I'll be thrilled!

Matt Feller

Great workout in 30 minutes! I was amazed at how much can be accomplished with the encouragement of the trainers. I leave feeling like I have put in the work to achieve my goals.

Misty Hoyt

It was a great workout. NO standing around and individual attention at each and every station.

Chelsea Ward

Awesome workout! Kicked my ass. Loved that they freestyle on all of the kickboxing rounds! Definitely will come back if in the area!


Jamie Lesko

Kaylea Gatlin

Great atmosphere, great trainers, and a great work out every time! I've been going for 2 years now. I love this place!

Aiyana A

Amazing community to work out with. Love it!!!

Candace LePage

I love this gym!!!

Erika Dominguez

Rick Rocco

This workout is a blast! You get to be Rocky Balboa and Bruce Lee every day! The tempo is upbeat, but not impossible. A lot of Cardio & Core work - I love it! The trainer (Barb - 5:00 AM class) and owner (Steve) are very helpful. They even allow you to play your preferred workout music (clean versions of course). I can't wait to get there each morning!!!

Jessie B

Love this place and everything about it. This is one thing I'm going to miss after I move from here. Thanks for helping me get back in shape. This is a really fun place!

Christina Davis

9rounds is great! There are no restricting class times, you just show up and jump into the next available round. The workouts change everyday so you never get bored. I've been working out here for two and half years and love everything about it!


This is a great place with wonderful people owning and running it. If you want a personalized experience and help reaching your goals, this is it. They care about each person and their success along with all the health benefits you gain with this type of workout.

Missy Yi

Best workout ever! Physically dead when finished! ( in a good way!)

Jane Brewer

Gym is kept very clean. The trainer is very knowledgeable in training as well as fitness. Wonderful and enough facilities

dawn marie gray

When it comes to gym-type workouts, I've pretty much always done my own thing because group classes either annoyed me, either because of mediocre instruction, the class was not difficult enough, or the set time was difficult to make because of work/kids. So when I say the 9Round in Plano is AWESOME- I mean it! The instructors really know their stuff-- they take the time to make sure your form is correct and that you understand the activity. They are enthusiastic and definitely motivating... and a lot of fun! The class is a difficulty or as easy as you make it-- don't get me wrong, it's not easy... but it works if you're a beginner, or if you're looking for a workout to kick your butt. It is so convenient-- a new round starts every 3 min, so you don't have to stress about making it to a class early to make sure you have a spot... there's always a spot for you! I am super happy I found the 9Round on Legacy in Plano- I've had a lot of fun burning fat!

Ann Mason

Highly recommend this place. It's a great high intensity workout and you're done in 30 minutes. You can go at any time, no need to schedule in advance and the 'rounds' change every time so it never gets boring. The owner Steve is great, he spends time with each customer and helps them get the most out of their workout.


I've belonged to many gyms over the years and 9Round is by far the best! I get an awesome workout using every muscle group in only 30 minutes! The trainers are very personable and help everyone know matter what their fitness level is. Every workout is different each day so you never know what to expect and that keeps you always wanting to come back!

Lisa Douglas

I have been a member of 9rounds, Plano, TX since January, 2016. I love the challenge and encouragement the trainers and owners give me. I have toned and gained more strength in just three short months than I thought possible. I wish I had taken "before" pics so I could show you the difference. If you are considering a gym give this one a try. It is definitely worth looking into. Fun and fulfilling -- time well spent!

Grace Benson

Ramie Casebolt

I love this place! The workout was amazing and the trainers keep you pumped up the whole time. I recommend this for everyone looking for a fun and effective workout!

Estefania Franceschi

Levy Nelson

Leigh Ann Freeman

I love this place! The people are great and the workout goes by so fast!

leesa dejong

I love this gym!!! 30 minutes and I walk out feeling like I had an amazing full body workout! Great trainers and owners as well!

Courtney Graff

Best workout ever..can't wait to come back!! Loved Jordan and Kyle..they're great trainers and know how to have fun!

Tiffany Nguyen

9 round is an amazing workout!! I was nervous at first to try kickboxing but Steve and Zoe make you feel right at home! The trainers at this location are so helpful and NEVER leave you behind. The atmosphere is very friendly, comfortable, motivating, and judgement free. The workout is different every day and all the one on one time with the trainers is actually improving my kickboxing technique! I find myself excited to go workout now. A gym like this is hard to find 10/10 I would recommend!!!


Dear 9 Rounds, This is the first gym I’ve been to since I moved to California. In the beginning of my membership I was excited because I was starting to believe that the work out would help me achieve my goal to lose weight and eat healthy. I love your trainers! They are all positive and very helpful but sometimes when it gets crowded I’m left to fend for myself and learn the exercise posted on the wall. It has been very challenging since I hurt my finger but as soon as I got better, I went back to start my regiment again. I was starting to learn the exercise again when I was approached by the owner and was asked literally what my problem was. Her exact wording was “are you having problem reading or understanding what you’re reading?” I was offended and it stuck in my mind the next few days until I decided not to go back. I’ve talked to her a few times and she comes out quite strong on her opinions and I just don’t like being talked to that way! She said that I can’t always depend on the trainers and that I need to learn what’s posted on the wall! I paid for 6 months but after that experience, I would rather lose my money than go back and get the same treatment again. I would definitely not recommend this gym to my Toyota co-workers. I will continue to look for a friendlier gym atmosphere. Thank you. As an update, the owner read my post and here's his response. Kudos to the owner! To-date, I have received a refund and found a 24 hour gym. =========================================================== Maria, I just read your recent Google review and was very disappointed to learn the ownership of 9Round Plano failed miserably in delivering to you a positive experience. And because of our failure, I am refunding 100% of your membership fees. As an owner, please accept my sincere apology for the inappropriate comments and treatment you received. I accept full responsibility for the actions of my co-owner and will do everything possible to ensure this does not happen again. I wish there was a way we could undo the damage and earn back your trust. However, I do understand you not wanting to return. Finally, I want you to know we do appreciate your honest and constructive feedback. Your feedback will serve to challenge us to do a better job in dealing with our members. I wish you the very best! Sincerely, Steve Krusemark Owner - 9Round Plano

Bridget Burke

This place is great for an awesome workout! I am in my early 50's and I thought I was in decent shape until I joined 9Round. I was very nervous my first time, but the owner Zoe made me feel so comfortable and everyone is so friendly and helpful! The owners Zoe and Steve are fantastic and always want to make sure you are enjoying yourself. I cannot say enough about the trainers. They are so sweet and so patient with everyone. It is like having your own personal trainer.. They take time with you to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. They are always there to help you! I have to thank them all for so being so caring and helpful! A shout out to Kylee, Francesca, Yolanda, and Siara. I am sure there are other trainers that I have not worked with yet who are just as fantastic! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. to try it out. I think you will be very happy with the results. It is a great place for all young adults and older adults who want to get into better shape and feel good! I am very happy with my results! Thanks, 9Round for all you do!!

Irene Ramirez

At first, I was mainly interested in the concept: a high-intensity, kick-boxing style workout without any fixed class times. However, during and after my workout I really came to appreciate to supportive and friendly staff. They really create an open and non-judgmental atmosphere. All kinds of people of different fitness levels are welcome: no need to feel shy or embarrassed! So if you're looking to start something new and get fit and want a friendly, supportive team around you, give this a try!

Natalia Gibbons

I have found a family here, starting from the owners to every single one of the trainers, they make it enjoyable to be there, they encourage me and always are there to help with a smile. I love my 9ROUND experience

Sherry Bryant

Addicting type workout! The people & staff are very encouraging fun!!

Nikko Ponce

Best gym I have ever been to! The staff is upbeat and positive. They are extremely knowledgeable and patient with newcomers. Don't let the young ones fool you either, they all have individual backgrounds and experiences that make them more than qualified to get you fit. No class times to toe you down, a healthy environment that's not intimidating at all, a really great workout, nutritional guidance and so much more. 100% best place to get a fun workout.

Cindy Cabrera

Best work out place! EXTREMELY Helpful and knowledgeable! Always friendly, they help you out and get to know you in a personal level. 30 min in get your workout done with and your out. I would recommend this to anyone! I have worked mostly with Steve and Alexis and they are amazing! I love 9Roubd Plano!

Debra Austin

Great workout! The owner and trainer were both awesome. They helped with my form at each exercise station and to make modifications when I needed to. Really good way to make 30 minutes work towards reaching your fitness goals. It was also great to do with a couple girl friends even though we were all at different fitness levels. Thinking about this as a date night for me and my hubby...

Stephanie Lemke Ullah

Selina Dewji

I wokld recommend this gym to everyone. The owners are absolutely phenomenal and genuinely care to train each person individually. Can't find this type of training for the price anywhere.

Dominick Howard

Robert Armstrong

The inviting and engaged culture makes for a one-of-a-kind workout experience. My wife, teen daughter, and I work out together at this location and can't speak highly enough of Steve, Zoey, and the entire training staff. We attend between 3-4 times per week, and have been going for 2 years (wife and daughter) and 3 months. Every single workout session we are greeted warmly, and then worked vigorously! The combination of cordial friendly staff, and observant personal training makes each 30 min session a valuable investment of our limited time. My wife and I started working out here after an entire adulthood of being out of shape, and we had little confidence in our physical abilities. Over our time here, we quickly gained confidence. We're by no means fitness gurus now, but with guidance and training, we are able to do the workouts competently enough to have fun. The biggest surprise for us is how quickly our daughter picked this up. She started when she was 11 and is now able to unload a flurry of punches like nobody's business! 9Round Legacy's team has helped her grow into her early teens with confidence and grace (and uppercuts) and it's the biggest reward we've gotten from this experience. 9Round Legacy Plano has my fullest endorsement!

Andrew McQuerry

Patricia Young

I love the variety of the workouts! The trainers are great and are always there for encouragement and to help you improve and push yourself.

Nick Lau

Great, intense, full-body workout in under 30 minutes in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The concept of rotating workout stations is super-flexible meaning you can slot your workout in whenever you need and when you have time. No need to worry about fixed class times!

Brianna Johns

I LOVE 9Round Plano by far my favorite place to workout! The workouts are always challenging you to take your fitness to the next level, the trainers are there to help at all times and the customer service is impeccable. Steve, the owner is awesome! After working out at 9Round for over a year I unfortunately had to move and I have yet to find a place like it. The impressive part about it is Steve allows me to pop in for a session whenever I'm in town visiting family. If you are in the area permanently and looking to see change / weight loss this is your place!!!

Natalie Brewer

Great workouts! And love that it's only 30 minutes and no class times!


Brooke Lusby

Connie Matthews

The workouts are challenging and the staff helps me to modify where I need to. They push me to give my best. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

tiffany du

After my first 9round experience (the first class is free by the way), I (as well as other members of my family) signed up immediately. I have previous experience in Turbo Kick and some martial arts as a child but that's about it; I wouldn't call myself athletic, but I like to jog/walk a lot. With or without experience, the staff here at 9round will make you feel welcome. They will push you, no doubt, but you will get to move at your own pace! The workouts are different each time, so you will never get bored. It's a full body workout -- 1st round being warm-up (normally jump rope) followed by rounds of punching bags/weights/etc. And if, for some reason, you feel like you need extra work, the trainers will give you extra attention :). I have been a member of both Gold's Gym and 24 hour fitness. The reason I enjoy the 9round experience is the personal workout attention and friendliness of the staff. It feels like you are part of a workout community which creates a very encouraging atmosphere!! So, come and give 9round a chance. Again, your first visit is free!!

Erik Lesko

Great workout. As fun as a workout can be. Trainers are awesome, very good motivators. It's only 30 mins but it's an intense 30 mins. The routine is different every time, you will never get bored. Well worth it.

Niki Darling

9Round is the best place I've found to work out! The trainers motivate you & it's an intense 30 minutes that leaves you exhausted but charged for the next one! And both the owners & trainers are personable & remember who you are & make you feel welcome & good about being there. :-)

Yair Bash

Avinash Reddy Desireddy


Alvin Davis

This is the best gym ever!!! You guys have saved my life.You don't know how much it means to have a place to go where people actually care about your goals and are truly interested in you! THANK YOU!!!!

Teha Harris

Showed up without an appointment (not for lack of trying but my schedule makes it tough) for my first, free session. The trainer, Barb, could not have been more gracious or professional. She made me feel welcome and comfortable. It was great. I'll be back with money in hand to sign up for a membership later this week!

Michael Hirsh

Great work out and very friendly and courteous staff!!! Highly recommend it is a fun workout

Rhea Jemmerson

This is where I started my fitness journey. If you're trying to establish a routine and get fit then this is the place to be. Even if you're advanced it'll still be a challenge. It's a small gym and the trainers will know you by name... this is good cause you really get the encouragement and the accountability you need to keep at it on those extra tough days or if you're now starting out.

Jonah Mae Enriquez

My experience with 9Round Plano Legacy has been transformative not just when I lost 17.5 lbs in 9 weeks during a weight loss challenge but also have developed my love for exercise. The 30 minute total body workout is intense yet enjoyable, The no class times made it so convenient for me. The support and guidance of the trainors is extremely helpful. In the process, I have improved my endurance , coordination and focus. I feel good, happy and quite proud of myself because I am doing exercises which I never thought I could do and enjoy doing.

Tyrone Johnson

Always a great and exciting workout with the best trainers!

Smita Ganga

I LOVE 9Round! This gym has genuinely changed my life. I have been a proud member for over a year now. The workouts change everyday, the trainers are extremely motivating, and I am a stronger person! The employees treat you like you are a part of the family, and I love that about this gym. You really feel that they care about your health and personal goals. I would recommend this workout to people of all ages! Thank you 9Round for keeping me in shape!

Shri Boyapati

Jordan Mikesell

Favorite workout I’ve ever done!! Coaches are amazing, and so helpful. I never feel like I’m burdening them as I ask them all of my questions.

Trent Noland

Clarissa Danif

Fun, friendly, fast, and intensive! With only 9 people working out at a time you really get the personalized experience with both the trainers and even the owner, Steve, helping you do it right and to your own body's potential. The rounds are always changing which make it so much fun and never the same boring workout everyday. Not to mention that you're in and out in 30 mins and you work out to your own schedule. It's a non traditional gym with immediate results.

Eddie Gee

I joined 9Rounds a couple of months after it opened. I have found it to be an efficient way to get in shape with my busy schedule. Since I joined, I have lost and maintained about a 10 pound weight lose and my body has toned up. Steve and his staff are very helpful and very encouraging in make sure your work out great!!!

Deepa Nadar

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