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REVIEWS OF 9Round Kickbox Fitness Plano Pkwy IN Texas

Ken Duff

9rounds is by far a better choice than a traditional gym. The workout is hard but fun. Best of all you get great cardio, strength and skill training all in one. In and out in 30 -40 min. The trainers are great and constantly change things up. I recommend a recovery supplement after each workout you will feel much better days following.

Natalie Ardizzoni

This 9Round location is the BEST in town. Hands down, by far, no two ways about it. I’m a member of the one on mockingbird & popped in this location since I was in the area & the owner, Kyle, was so so nice!! He was so accommodating & welcoming to me & he definitely made sure I got the best 30 minute work out I could. After leaving this one I was sore the next day! & I’ve been doing this for a while now. The trainers are so personable & inspiring, they will correct you and make sure you’re doing it all right to truly maximize your time there. My favorite thing about this location is the trainers will take you off the station & do one-on-one work with you actually practicing your jabs & hooks, etc. that’s the whole reason why I joined in the first place! Not just to do it for one 3 minutes station. I live downtown & have made it a point to come back to this location because it just doesn’t get any better than this. WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE & THEIR MOTHER ! Thank you Kyle!!!!!! You’re the best!

Ashley Brown

Sign of a financial crisis: requiring contracts....I stopped in yesterday because pricing is not posted anywhere on their website. So I asked the young lady how much is membership. She explained the workouts and how they change every day, asked about my fitness goals, where I work, etc OBVIOUSLY avoiding a simple question. So I asked again, “How much is membership?” She ushered me to a video and stated the video would explain the payment options. It didn’t. It was an overview of the gym’s workout rotations. After the video she encouraged me to sign up for a free week. I, for the third time, stated “How much does it cost?” She showed me a piece of laminated paper that had $99 for 12months and $149 for month to month with a contractual requirement of 2 months. Also there was a $75 equipment fee. I asked what the equipment fee covered. She stated it was for gloves, wraps, a gym bag and something else. I asked if I could bring my own gloves, she said no we recommend you use our gloves. I asked if I brought my own gloves would I still need to pay the fee, she said yes, then later in the conversation said no. I asked if I could take the price list with me, she said no and directed me to take a picture of the price list. I didn’t so she offered to write the prices down. I believe pricing is not posted because it is not static. I believe it increases as membership decreases hence why they want to lock you in for 12months to ensure revenue. Good business models don’t need that. Internet, cable, gym, etc have moved from contracts. But I digress. After 20 minutes of pulling teeth to get a price and the inability to review the membership contract, I decided to not join the 9round team. The gym is literally less than 1,000 sq. and does not any equipment that could command $99-$149 per month. I was interested in the time because of the “no class times” but there were two people there when I stopped by for pricing. I like the synergy of the exercise class environment and 9round didn’t have that at the time I would go.

Betty Scott

Stephen Henry

Just wanted to comment on the 9Round located off Preston on the west side of Plano. The work out provided there is not only excellent but also extremely fun. There are no class times so as a member or guest you can arrive any time during the day and get a great workout. Personal Trainers are there as well to keep you motivated and give instructions so that your workout is truly beneficial, and it is worth every minute of the 30 total minutes it takes you to complete the exercise session.If you have never tried boxing or kickboxing as a form of exercise then this is the place for you. I truly feel that the Trainers there are here to help me improve my health and lifestyle. So if you are reading this take it from me this is the best workout in town. Hope to see you up there soon!!!

Brent Tallent

9Round is incredibly awesome because it adapts to my schedule. I can walk in anytime and be working out within 3 minutes. The trainers are awesome. Jordan and Kyle, the owners, are very energetic about doing whatever they can to help me reach my fitness goals. They give lots of great tips on how to get more out of my workout. I keep getting stronger and it's a lot of fun. I love the kickboxing style of working out!

Ambar Sanchez


9 round is a great workout. Jordan and all of his trainers are so helpful and encouraging to reach my goals!!

Kimberly Dawkins

Home away from home

Ethan Lee

It's a great workout place with both trainers, Jordan and Kyle, being respectful and pushing you at the same time.

Letty McLure

9Round has been one of the best gyms I've ever joined! The workouts are effective, hard and short...yes all in one! But the best are the trainers, Jordan, Kyle and Shelley rock! Thank you all for working me out!

Selina Dewji

I would recommend this gym to everyone. The owners are phenomenal and genuinely care to train each person individually. Can't find this type of training for the price anywhere. Both Jordan and Kyle are absolutely wonderful! If you are looking for a flexible workout schedule with a trainer, this is the place to be.

Jeremy Knighton

9 Round is one of the best all around workouts there are! Coming from a local 9R in South Carolina to this location has been an extremely easy transition. Both Jordan and Kyle take the time to personalize each and every experience and know how to put their own touch on each workout. I highly recommend to anyone in the Plano area!

Martha Gonzalez

I LOVE this place!! Kyle was my trainer and he was the best! This is a very motivating and supportive atmosphere. A full body workout everyday and the best part is, it is only 30 Minutes with NO class times!! Definitely recommend this gym to anyone!

Zae Banks

This place is awesome. The training is for all ages and all fitness levels. No class times and no judgement. I am motivated more and more each time I go.

Charity Williams

Me and my best friend have been members for about a month now. Love the quick 30 minute full body workout that changes daily. Also have such awesome trainers Jordan and kyle

Jason Scott

Me and my wife have been members for about a month now. Can't say enough about this place and how much we enjoy going there. Jordan and Kyle are very motivating and help push us every workout. If you need help with being motivated through your workout this place is for you.

Galen Flemons

Emily Salazar

Its grate

Michael Gultz

Great staff and workout!

Alex Stewart

Highly recommend this place . Very motivating and encouraging trainers!

Carla Rascoe

Kyle and Jordan are AWESOME! I've been working out for years, but I've never seen results. But working out and having them as trainers have already produced results in just a few weeks. Also, I like that it fits my schedule (30 minutes).

Noha Bakkar

I came in for a trial a year ago, and somehow they made me sign this contract saying that I wanted to join. I cancelled with them that same week, and somehow I've been getting charged on my card ever since $100 every single month. When I finally noticed that I've been charged, I finally called them to cancel and they were not helpful at all. EVEN the contract that I signed up for was for only 6 months, and they kept renewing it without even CALLING ME OR APPROVING IT. How do you charge someone $100 every month for a whole year WITHOUT SHOWING UP EVEN ONCE. HOW? I have never even gotten a card, or anything except that one day I showed up for trial run. It was for sure my fault for not noticing this sooner, but now I have to actually cancel my credit card account because THEY WONT EVEN CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP. Make sure you read your contract and to be so careful with them because THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.

Kathy Kasrai

Really great staff. You just come in and start your workout at the bell- great for people who need to be in and out really quick but also need a great workout!

ernest trice

this is a 30 minute full body workout that kicks your butt! I have heard a lot of great things about this place and definitely didn't disappoint!

Tyler Dorney

Easy quick effective 30 minute workout!

Dana Kraft

I like that the exercises are different every day and that the trainers are always there to help. I feel like I am accomplishing more in 30 mins then I did in my previous 1hr classes. It also motivates me to work a little harder because it is only 30 mins! Being a single mom, the no class time schedule is also perfect!

Anne Edgette Scott

I tried Nine Rounds, Preston Rd as my first post-baby workout and it was a terrific way to kickstart my fitness routine ! The owner and manager were extremely motivating and encouraging and modified workouts to each participant's level . This is a terrific workout and you're in/out of the gym in less than 40 minutes --my kind of workout !!

Ted Draper

If you are looking for a fun workout that is also challenging, look no further. Get your workout in at 9rounds in 30 minutes. New workout every day, trainer on site...all you do is show up and work, results will happen. Hit this club today. #awesome #fithappens

Clara Mills-Romines

My friend invited me to try 9Round the other day. Her and I have tried countless other gyms/workout places over the years. From crossfit to orange. I can honestly say the 9Rounds has been my favorite. She is a mother of 2, so a gym that spits you out after a great 30-minute full body workout, is awesome for a mom on the go. For me, it’s all about practically having a personal trainer at every workout. I also like competing against my self via a heart rate monitor to dial in calorie burns. Worth a try if you are curious.

Chelsea Ward

Awesome workout! Kicked my ass. Loved that they freestyle on all of the kickboxing rounds! Definitely will come back if in the area!

Aspen Russell

Really love this place. Jordan and Kyle really care about you and seeing you reach your fitness goals! Haven't enjoyed working out in a very long time and so glad to have found this place! HIGHLY recommend this place!!


Great fun, fast, effective workout!

Mariya Volvovsky

Great workout! Kyle and Jordan do a great job here with all their clients! It's an effective 30 minute workout that really does get you results.

John Ryan

Great workout for all ages. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Cristian Alvarado

Came to my school really nice guys.

Robert Lamse

Jordan and Kyle do an incredible job of running their location and it's an awesome 30 minute workout each time that gets every single body part. The workouts are changed daily so the routines are different and challenging each time. I just recently joined and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to either stay in shape or to get in better shape in a great, highly motivational environment!

Tiffani Geisert

Such an awesome workout! Jordan and Kyle are awesome, feels like your own personal coach and you can go on your time....not from their scheduled classes

Kyle Redinger

Although I am the manager of this gym, I am writing this review to speak on the environment of our facility and how amazing our members are. If you are looking for a FUN and effective workout, this is your place to be! If you are looking for a gym where you want to feel accepted and just want to enjoy coming to the gym each and every single day, this is your place! We as a staff here at 9Round Preston Road work hard to make sure everyone who walks through the door gets the same love and encouragement as the next person. We truly set a standard for ourselves to make sure your workout experience is always TOP NOTCH. But not only that, we truly care about EACH and EVERY single member that we have. We create friendships and bonds with everyone, not just us as their trainers. Jordan and myself are both former professional baseball players, who are professional, but also know how to have fun when the time is right! We make sure we get everyone smiling before they leave after their complete 30 minute workout! Come in and check us out...first work out is always free! You will truly love the experience we offer!

Ryan H

Fantastic 9Round location. These guys create easy to follow workouts, explain how to do each "round" (3-minute workout), and the trainers challenged me (in a good way) when I wanted to take that extra second of rest. I've tried a lot of different gyms, but only 9Round has kept my attention. I love their "no-class times" operation and I can drop in at my convenience. I can't even begin to think where else I would work out that was more convenient and effective for me personally. Thank you for such a welcoming and family-like environment.

Veronica Dixon

Working 12 hour days, a 30 minute workout is ideal for me. I feel stronger and more energetic after my workout. I really liked the free trial before signing up and the trainers who push me when I feel like I can't go another second.

DareToAim Photography

I absolutely love 9Round. When I moved to Dallas, that was one of the first things I signed up for. I knew I needed something flexible and quick to fit into my schedule and 9Round is the perfect fit. The trainers are the BEST and so personable. Each time in come in, they call me by name. Each trainer makes me feel so good about myself and motivates me to keep going. I am SO blessed I found this place and I look forward to continuing to make progress toward a happy and healthy life, with the help from 9Round.

Taylor Meadows

The best!! An amazing workout with the nicest people who genuinely care about you and your progress!

Antoine Banks

Nice spot, clean and friendly. The staff is very professional. Great all around strength and cardio workout!

Matthew Sanderson

I had been off my workout game for a while when I started working out here. The first workout absolutely killed me, but after pushing through and keeping at it, I lost 16 pounds in three weeks time! Kyle and Jordan continue to push me and I am losing even more weight as the months go on.

Colea Owens

I started 9 round in May 2016. I did the initial class for free and it looked like fun. I informed the owner that I was a travel nurse and that I would only be in the Plano area for 3 months or less. Afterwards he got me signed up pretty quickly and I opted for the month to month membership due to my work status. He highlighted a few places for me to sign electronically and we began the workout. I initially thought this was a boxing gym as I have boxed in the past and wanted to continue doing so. They do not emphasize form or technique but Moreso encourage you to stay "moving" at each station. They also are not trainers, just have experience working out. I was forced to pay 20 bucks for gloves that you only use at 3 out of the 9 stations at most. I tried to hold off on it bc I didn't see an immediate need since they let you borrow gloves but eventually I was forced to buy them. After a my first month I didn't continue going yet I saw that payments were still being taken out. I called the owner to inquire as to why and he stated in the contract (that was brushed through) that I had to let him know 30 days ahead of time In writing. I felt a little blind sided as we had sat down on numerous occasions to speak both about the company and my profession prior to signing the contract and he didn't mention it, yet I should've read it thoroughly so that falls on me. At this time I am not in the area and have moved on due to work yet he still took July payment out even after we spoke. I was waiting to receive confirmation that my membership has been cancelled after our conversation and found that he waited until after the payment was taken out to cancel. Great.

Bethany Gentry

A fun and kick ass workout! Jordan and Kyle are awesome.

Ramie Casebolt

Love this place

Ford Ben-Okoli

Awesome experience! I'm a Houston member and I tell you, I definitely got a good, challenging workout! Kyle and Jordan incorporate random one-on-one sparing sessions during your rounds which I thought was unique! I'll definitely be back here next time I'm in Town!

Jerome Terry

Great workout that always changes.....I recommend the gym for all your workout needs.....I came here from Georgia where I am a member and there was no drop off on the workout or intenisity....gym is top notch and ready for you to get the body that you want and desire.

Justin Varghese

Just came to this joint and wow what a workout. Jordan is the owner and was super friendly and helpful when I didn't understand exercises. He checks up on you as well so no hiding behind punching bags for rests. ha. I guarantee you will leave sweating, and not because of the Texas weather. They keep you moving with different exercises and their is no experience necessary if you can't do the exercise. A variation will be found to challenge you. defintiely worth a try. besides, the first workout is free!

Shalee imes

9rounds is a Full body high intensity fitness program. Strong network of enthusiastic personal trainers with a possitive atmosphere. Guaranty toning results. Ten out of ten would recommend 9 round at Preston and park!

Bianca Flemons

A great full body workout for all fitness levels. I love that the trainers adapt the training based on your fitness level and yet still challenge you. I had a baby a few months ago and needed something to bring me back to my old self. 9 round on Preston Rd has helped me jumpstart my fitness journey and remain motivated. Thanks Jordan and Kyle, your hard work never goes unnoticed. 9Round rocks!!!!

J Lee

I live in Missouri but I'm home visiting the family in Plano. I worked with Jordan and he was WONDERFUL!! He would pull me aside to get my heartrate back up and I haven't sweat that much in a while. Highly recommend!

Terry Ofair

Been a member now for 1 month. Really love the concept, non stop workout for 30 minutes plus the nutrition program you get when you become a member. Jordan and Kyle are amazing they push me and motivate me each workout!

Sierra Uselton

great workout and even better staff who truly care about your fitness journey!

felipe Z

I workout 4 times a week doing my own routine and consider myself to be in great shape. I wanted to switch things up and try something new so I heard about this place and tried it out. After trying it, I immediately felt the burn in places I never felt them before! This is a great workout for novice or very experienced gym goer's. Kyle was my trainer and motivated me throughout the whole workout. Highly recommend to anyone in this area

Keodaly Sanavong

This place is great! I'm a 9Round member in Houston and am in Plano visiting my brother for the weekend. They let me work out no questions asked. The trainer is great. I had a great workout.

Catie Caudle

Trainers are awesome! Workouts are always changing! I highly recommend this 30 minute workout!!

Julie Thomas

Great workout, encouraging trainers, and I LOVE the convenience. You really can't beat a 30 min workout that starts when you arrive and truly works every part of your body.

Bruce Vernon

9Round is such a fun way of working out. This is not your typical oversized, stuffy gym with exercise equipment that most people never use. 9Round's unique family style atmosphere, and trainers that are constantly holding you accountable, makes its not only a worthwhile 30 minute workout, but also a fun atmosphere from the beginning, middle and end of your session. Come give 9Round a shot!

Jennifer Vale

I was searching through some local Groupons completely unrelated to fitness and stumbled on 9 Round. I am always down for something new and different to keep me motivated to keep working out and was intrigued with this concept. There are 9 rounds or stations, each with a different workout that last 3 minutes a piece with a 30 second break. During the 30 second break they toss out other exercises to keep you moving. Most of the rounds are kickboxing based but it's a complete total body workout with lots of cardio! A complete rotation is just 30 minutes! 30 minutes and you're done! Each day the workouts are changed up so you're never doing the same thing! They always have a trainer there (often times they have 2!) to guide you through the workouts and even some one on one punching and motivation! The owners/partners/trainers, Jordan and Kyle, do a great job of motivating you to keep going and to push yourself while making sure you're doing everything correctly. The Groupon was for a week for $12. I have since bought an actual package that came with my own gloves. Location is on the corner of Preston and Plano Pky. There are two in Plano so don't go to the other one! First class is free and I totally recommend checking it out! You'll be hooked!

Brittney Daniel

I have never been an athletic person. Any working out, training, or physical activity I've done was hard for me to find motivation towards continuing. 9Round is completely different. It's a difficult full-body workout, but the atmosphere is fun and overwhelmingly positive. Plus it's only 30 minutes! The trainers are great at tweaking workouts to meet your needs and, in my experience, know exactly when to push me. This is probably the longest and most dedicated I've been towards working out and I encourage anyone who wants to add a unique exercise regimen to their schedule to try 9Round. You won't be disappointed and you'll be excited to come back. I never thought I'd be happy for sore muscles, but 9Round has changed all of that!

Kylie Bishop Music

I was a member of 9Round in OK for a year, and I recently transitioned to the location on Plano Parkway. The owners Jordan and Kyle are amazing. They push you to work hard and be your best. They are both athletes and have a lot of knowledge and tips during your workout. If you haven't tried 9Round, I definitely recommend it. There's nowhere like 9Round that provides a fun, 30 minute full-body workout.

Loretta Davis

Great workout, something different every time I go!

Lauren Bridgman

Good workouts and friendly staff. I wish I had more time to go. BE WARNED: if you sign a contract with the gym, you are responsible for the payments for the DURATION of the contract. When they say you can cancel at anytime, THIS ONLY CANCELS THE AUTOMATIC CONTRACT RENEWAL. Don’t make the same mistake I did when they do not clarify what you are actually signing up for. Yes, I should have read the fine print, but I wanted to give others a heads up as well. Think carefully before signing anything-it’s an EXPENSIVE, LONG-TERM commitment.

Lori Wood

Great workout with personal trainers that are very knowledgable. I highly recommend!!

Dj vale

Great workout with great owners!

jordan scott

This place is awesome! I love the high energy and excitement!

Johnna Branch

Amazing workout, Jordan & Kyle are awesome trainers and they make you want to work harder to reach your goals!!!!!

Crystal Scherer

Wendy Davis

Excellent work out! The trainers are friendly, encouraging, and super knowledgeable. I love that it's a quick workout and everyday it is a different workout. I love that there are no specific class times; that is excellent with my schedule. I can just show up at whatever time and start my workout. It's fun, effective, and anyone can do it. The trainers are really good about modifying any moves and then pushing you to do your best. I've been going for nearly a year and am totally addicted.

Brittanie Shaw

Great full body workout! Since starting 2 weeks ago, I've lose 10.5 pounds!!! Jordan and Kyle are awesome and always push you to the MAX!! Love this place!!

Kim BatemanCourt

I love that there are no class times! My work schedule differs from day to day, so it is hard to meet specific class times. I like the motivation from the trainers during the workout, and how they continue to push you to keep working. The trainers are so personable, it feels more like a family. It is the only workout I have stuck with for more than a year. I love it!

Jasmine Savage

Awesome workout! For sure glad I became a member and man they have some great eye candy

Jean Redinger

Great high intensity workout..great trainers that are very motivating..recommend to anyone who is looking for great cardio workout, and best part is that only takes 30minutes out of your it..

Jenna Morgan

Really glad I have found this place. Atmosphere is great and Jordan and Kyle really push me!

Jessica Brock

Best place to destress and get fit!!!

Camille McGee

I just love this place! Jordan & Kyle are awesome trainers who motivate you to do things you never thought you could do. I've gone down two sizes and lost a lot of inches. 30 minutes a session with them can change your life!

Morgan Scott

great all around 30 minute workout! Jordan and Kyle are awesome motivators! Highly recommend giving it a try!

courtney meyer

Great workout, fits with any schedule, only 30 minutes of hard intense training, however you feel like you worked out for over an hour! Staff is helpful, encouraging, motivating and friendly! You will feel results quickly!

Michael Werner

Best trainers I have worked with! A fun and exciting environment for everyone.

Nathan Villa

Came to the 9rounds on Plano Pkwy and had a great workout with Kyle. Came in as a drop in from Odessa and was welcomed in immediately with no issues. If you are looking for a great pump and sweaty gym clothes this is the place to go. Kyle and his trainer work with you the the whole time and help you no matter what your fitness level is. Great guys!! Thanks for welcoming me in!!

Gila Lepine

The trainers are awesome and give you personal attention, it keeps you focused and motivated to work hard.

Amy Stubblefield

Jordan and Kyle are great guys! As ex pro baseball players, they talk the talk and walk the walk with fitness. It's great to have such enthusiasm in Plano!

Dee S

Lacking customer service skills and information.

Abby Jones

I started working out at this gym about 3 weeks ago and I could not be more happy about the uplifting, positive environment and the staff here! Jordan and Kyle are very knowledgeable about how to target each person's needs. This is such an amazing place to workout and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a healthy lifestyle.

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