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REVIEWS OF QNTM Fit Life IN Tennessee

Alex Willoughby

Once you become a member, they are extremely poor at communicating. I have sent multiple messages with time-sensitive questions about my membership. The "lost" the email and suggested that I didn't actually send them a message. When I spoke to a manager I was told I should've called because they don't usually check their email. They were supposed to follow-up and I still have not heard from them. While I like their equipment, the customer service aspect is lacking and very unprofessional.

Justice Terry

Very tight weight room. Crowded, even as early as 5am and lots of the men don't know how to wipe a bench. Staff is friendly and attentive and prices are reasonable.

Jamie Danaei

This gym is a scam!! Literally no one who can handle memberships are ever there. They claim they don’t have contracts but yet when you want to cancel no one is ever in who can handle it and when you email no one ever responds. I have left countless messages for managers or owners to call me back and not one person has lifted a finger to do so. The one time I was able to talk to a manager after calling for the 5th time, she knew everything about my issue yet couldn’t pick up a phone to return my call. The owners and managers of this establishment only care about getting your money, once they have it good luck getting it back or getting out!

Dalan Brown

Best gym I’ve been to!! I’ve lived in over 6 states and used countless gyms. Recommend 10/10

Nicholas Farella

Michael Pearson

Nathan Poling

Mathew Cantrell

Has everything you need to get a solid workout in. Clean and plenty of room.

Cherrelle Matthews

Wayne Skutt

Excellant facilty! Top of the line equipment, plenty of space to work out in a clean environment..


Lots of cool perks. Definitely worth the membership.

Lucas fit

Joseph Orszulak

I was there 8/4,5,6/2018. This is one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest, gym I've been to. Not one machine, one piece of equipment, one piece of cardio was out of order. The equipment is fantastic. I used a few new pieces I had never used. As a 24/7 facility, to be that well maintained says a lot.

Mark Posey

reid ivie

James E Lauderdale Jr

Although an excellent place to train, I did not like the reception there. First, even though my name was already in the computer for a day completely free to try the place out, I was asked for a photo ID. I could not even use my business card! When I put the card I had received from the lady I had previously met, I heard another person say that was fine, since I had the card. Highly secured location with poor customer service, if you ask me!

Heather J

Love the rebranding so far. Best gym in Nashville, plenty of cardio equipment and a great weight area.

Jens Kvalvik

Live DJ on Saturday is cool, plus friendly staff and clean amenities!

Kristen Pike Baldon


Kyle Mask


RES Photo

Martin Keehn

great facility and staff every time I'm in Nashville my go to gym

Robert Proctor

I came in to sign up for a membership today and Julia Warwick and Brian Albertson were very helpful. They answered all my questions and were very friendly. Best "joining a gym" experience I've ever had.

Dan A.

In town for vacation. Super clean and contemporary gym. Great equipment for cardio, machines, free weights and Olympic lifts. Highly recommend.

Justin M.

I love this gym! It's really clean and has a lot of equipment. The equipment is also up to date. I've not interacted with the staff too much, but they seem pretty cool. It's honestly the best gym I've been to and the fact that it's 24 hours is a big plus.

Alok Bansal

Regular gym and great people and service

steven dodson

Beautiful people exercising lol I'm old

Evan Elliott

Logan B

Jason Bates

This is a fantastic new gym. All the machines are brand new, the facility is exceptionally clean, and the staff is awesome.

Cameron Chinatti

Best equipment in town!

Jason Neil

Ricardo Simmonds

New equipment and has everything I want and more. Convenient if you work in the city. I've come at 6am and at 5:30pm and there isn't a struggle to grab equipment at all.

Elizabeth Manning


Andi Shaw

DyJuan Mitchell

Mel K Lockett Tattoos

My husband and I have been going here since it opened. Staff is awesome, gym is gorgeous and it's 24/7. Everything is new and kept super clean. Not too many people (for now, which still wouldn't be a bad thing) there's plenty of equipment and free 2 hour parking. I use the water massage daily, it's awesome. I recommend this gym to everyone.

Stephanie Booker

they don’t have an actual number to call. They don’t answer the phone when you do find a number. They continuously call from multiple different numbers about my membership even when I repeatedly told them I don’t have one. They are very annoying and don’t know how to run their business properly

Ovidio Stiniguta

Sean Gilder

There is a lot to like at this gym if you can walk here, never have a problem and don't use the sauna. The sauna is on a one hour locked timer so you cant turn it back on without a key. Less than 50% of the time the sauna will be on. The other 50% you will hear lame excuses from the staff as to why they forgot to turn a key and push a button on time. Trouble is it takes hours to heat up! Then they have a why you mad bro attitude, if I have thirty minutes to use the sauna and it takes 2 hours to heat up....I'm not using the sauna that day that's the prob bruh. Secondly the parking lot is owned by premier parking which bottom line are shysters. Even if you can get the machine to work and punch in your free parking code of the day they may still ticket you. The staff is tired of hearing about it so they have a lax attitude about your potential 50 dollar ticket that may end up on your credit. The parking app crashes usually 3 times before it works and according to the staff that doesn't work when it works, yet other staff members recommend using the app. Olivia the assistant manager is more concerned with winning an argument than listening to the customer and really is not equipped to be a manager or deal with customers. Her endless excuses on why it's impossible to get staff to push a button once an hour was extraordinary. 1 star off for parking. 1 star off for staff and 1 off for the sauna being mismanaged consistently.

tony truand truelle

Top Thread Apparel

Amazing Gym. Perfect location for those who work downtown. Super Clean and top of the line equipment. @topthreadapparel

Justin Morris

Great equipment and very clean gym!

Alex Armas

This place is the best bang for your buck in the city. The staff and equipment is par none. Your missing out if your not a member. The people that go are great too!

Robert Samules

Nice Gym

andrew bracey


Highly recommend this staff great equipment and a lot of plan goals

james pace

Best gym in Nashville! I had been a member of the ymca for over 20 years and am very happy I am now working out at world gym music city. The gym equipment is all super nice and clean. The layout of the gym is awesome. The staff does a great job of playing good music that keeps your energy level high and the gym is open 24 hours for those who like to workout late or during hours with little traffic or gym crowd.

ralph smith

Edwin Delgado

Excelent and perfect gym

Ali Meyn

thumper lee

Well maintained, friendly staff, good equipment, and a overall nice atmosphere.

Peter Chacon

Great gym

Katie Beech

Well first, we have gotten in before and when we came today (their 1 year) they would not let us in so we left. We drove about an hour to get there and we were so excited for them to just turn us down. The blonde girl specifically was rude. Then, i commented something about it on their instagram post and they deleted the comment. I definetly will not be returning.

Samer Kamal

Great new equipment and, great location, but pricey

greg hooper

Great staff amazing equipment

Allison Behringer

Samantha Borgen

Texas Gas Works

Mouse Trap

Mikel Frank

Landon Bell

Best gym I've ever belonged to. Great people and great staff

Rayce Harman

Nikko Glasper

Ed Carp

BEST GYM EVER ! In town for a short vacation and was lucky enough to have found this gym. Jonhnny the owner and RJ the personal training manager were friendly, helpful and nice. The equipment both cardio, weights and machines were awesome. I own a fitness facility in Natick, MA and have been in the Gym scene for longer than I care to admit, I assure you one would be hard pressed to find a more complete facility. Thank you for a week of great workouts in an amazing gym !!

T. J. McKinney

Great gym with excellent equipment!

Caleb Lee

I like this gym, but I became upset when I was charged a late fee even though I paid on time. I had received a new card and handed them my new card june 1st, my payment was also due june 1st so I assumed I paid on time, but a few days later i was charged 40 dollars for being "late". I requested this removed, but they did not work with me :(

Jahmel Wilkinson

Mario Jiménez

Adam Gordon

Great ultra modern place to work out at. Super Nice Staff. We came from out of town and picking up a day pass was easy

M Review

Walter Nelson

Slightly over priced and once you add the "annual enhancement fee" the gym is really overpriced yet the amenities are very nice. Reason for 3 stars: once qntm branched away from World Gym, marketability decreased in contrast to price as this is the only QNTM and World Gym is in multiple locations.

Kyle Dinger

Dylan Shum-Drake

Love this place. Equipment is top notch. Weights are great. Squat racks are awesome.

Erin Crawford

aaron ivie

Celeste Williams

We are in town for our honeymoon, and stopped in for a day pass to work off the hot chicken and beer. Clean, well organized, and a friendly staff. Tons of high quality equipment, machines, and free weights. My gym rat hubby was in heaven!

Jeska Fodor

This place has everything you really need: A LOT of squat racks and the Booty Builder machine!!! Cool vibe, clean and the staff are super nice. They don’t harass you while your trying to workout in attempts to sell you things. Overall a great gym!


I really can't say enough about this gym. I miss very few things from my trip to Nashville, one is Kayne, and the other is definitely this gym. For $15 (I think) I was able to use the gym for 24 hours! Everything was available to me except a member's only area on the top floor that's similar to a Crossfit box. Everything they had in there however was available elsewhere throughout the gym. (Except jump ropes, they were hard to come by, and could be borrowed from that members only room) There are plenty of squat racks! I think I remember seeing lifting platforms too. The machines they chose for free weight lifting and circuit lifting are top of the line. My personal favorite about this gym was the large area dedicated to body weight workouts & stretching. There was plenty of room for 4-5 of us to comfortably do our own "thing". I used free weights, kettle bells, and jump ropes, while a pair of guys were working on big balancing balls, and another had a mat out to stretch. I felt comfortable doing my warm up drills which include a lot of back and forth running/skipping/jumping. Mirrors are available all around that area. This gym is *clean*. It was the exact ~vibe~ I was looking for, exposed brick, duct work, weight lifters, professional athletes, "hole in the wall" seriousness, it somehow was sparkling clean! Wipes were readily available and I do use them before and after using equipment, but in general the locker rooms & weight rooms were well kept. The cycling room is one of a kind. I've only ever seen another like it at Vida in DC (which charges $200+ for membership). The lighting effects and organisation of the bikes is really well done! I didn't get to take a class but I would have loved to try it! I took advantage of the merchandise here. Their shirts, male & unisex were what I purchased, are the softest I've ever worn, even post washing!! Highly recommend. I took advantage of the full body scan here. For an additional fee ($50 I think?) a machine will use a bunch of lasers/photos to totally map out your body. It will tell you exactly measurements, body fat, % muscle % after you stand on a rotating platform for a minute! The report that's generated is totally customisable, and I'd love to return to get another done soon. If I was considering a membership I would have noticed things like Qutips, towels, soap, etc in the locker rooms. Unfortunately, I didn't even look for any of it because of my short time there. Free wi-fi available, just ask for the password! Highly recommend you check it out!

Chris Panczner

Was in town on business and always look for a solid gym when I'm in a new city. QNTM is hands down one of the best gyms I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot all over the country. Hats off to the owners/staff for creating an amazing atmosphere while offering everything you'd need in a gym. Only downside is this gym isn't in Philadelphia where I live!

Megan Crone

Great gym! No complaints, just wish I would have known I didnt have to pay for parking for my first visit. Which, the staff had told us after we had already paid. So not the gyms fault, we just didn't know when we went.

Jay Gilhooly

Karla Martínez

Brittany P

David Vaughn


Jamie Higdon

This is the gym you've been looking for! I'm so excited to have a gym of this caliber downtown! Awesome equipment, great staff, convenient parking, just an overall great experience!

Zachariah Swetky

Awesome gym! I dropped in while traveling. They offer many squat racks with safety spotter arms and real barbells. We're talking American Barbell Co. and Rogue here. I even spotted a Westside power bar. They also have a bona fide GHD. There is also a littany of resistance machines and ellipticals and other standard items. Great friendly staff too! Thanks for a great workout!!

Jonathan Gill

Updated: Just have to comment on response to our previous review regarding signing up for a membership. Called NUMEROUS times over the course of 3-4 weeks with no help, always passed around, "account director" or salesperson or whatever happens to never be in the actual gym. Someone finally took our information down on Monday 5/28 (Memorial Day, fine, no problem, most people aren't at work but again called several times before this)... but it's Wednesday June the 5th y'all . Owner replies with: "please allow for 48 business hours for response.." however, as noted in previous review, we waited a FULL BUSINESS WEEK for a response. 48 business hours passed from the time we wrote a review even (and still haven't received any response other than you pushing us off another 48 hours)... Not a good way to earn business at all. Coming from Los Angeles and Denver we are used to a way different pace of life but c'est la vie. This place must be full so move on, look elsewhere, and beware! OG Review: Have called several times to get more information on signing up for a membership. Nobody who’s there can ever help with that and I’m told to call someone else? Finally got someone to take down my information and didn’t receive a call back all week. Not a good way to earn business.

Jerrold Daniel

Great gym and equipment. Never overcrowded.

Ashley Mullins

Very nice gym, new equipment and not very crowded. My only concern would be parking after they become more established.

Jonathan Christopher

j g

tondrick davis

Paul Golden

Janice Snow Rodriguez

Jeremy Swanson

Tara Russell

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