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REVIEWS OF Broadwater Hot Springs & Fitness IN Montana

Scott O'Connell

There have been a ton up updates done here, and the facility is very nice.

Joseph Bernhardt

The thing that took me by surprise at Broadwater Hot Springs was the quality of the food. I had one of the best burgers I have ever had there, and the pretzel appetizers were amazing! However, be aware that they charge a pool service fee! I was not notified that there would be an added charge for pool side service and had ordered a couple drinks. When I went to pay my tab, there was an $8 charge for the waitress to bring my drink 10 feet from the bar to the pool! Outrageous! I also wish the pool were a bit bigger. It was cramped in there and it was a hot evening in the summer. I can't imagine how bad it'll be on a winter weekend.

mike stanchuk

Got kicked out because my wife and I where not using an approved bottle for our child. We bought the approved bottle for our daughter to use and she wouldn't. So we put some juice in one of our sippie cups. The manager came along and told us that we can't have that cup there. So, we showed him the cup we bought and he said he didn't care and we need to gather our stuff and leave;it didn't matter that a one and a half year old didn't like their choice of cup. It wasn't their problem

Faith Scow

Nice that it is local but it is pretty expensive to soak. I would prefer white sulfur springs. I feel like the springs is trying to appeal to tourists rather than locals. The pools are a nice temperature but are overly treated with chemicals and it doesnt feel like a natural hot springs.

Scott Enloe

Great service and a great burger!

Monica Latham

Super Awesome. Renovated in the last year. Look for $5 before 5 deals (get in for $5 before pm). Try the red wine slushy!

fxrc net

The food is amazing and the menu is very creative. The atmosphere is second to none. The swimming facilities are equally amazing. I have taken my family there many times and it has never been even close to being crowded. There are many pools and you can always find plenty of room for the whole family without feeling crowded or crowding another family. The staff is very helpful and courteous. Fine dining, soaking or swimming , that have it all in style! Highly recommended! Go and enjoy!!

Anthony Lapan

Its hit or miss sometimes with how well the service is out by the pool. Sometimes they are prompt, other times you end up waiting for ever for someone to come by. Even when it's not super busy.

shaun obrien

I would highly recommend a lock for your locker last night some took all my money from my locker I had at least 80 bucks in the wallet.

Monica Meistrell

This was fun for the whole family, it will be nicer once the middle pool is done. The rec pool isn't beautiful like the other pools but was still a nice way to burn energy with the kids! The facilities are beautiful, soap and blow dryer are provided.

Jodi Lynn Mason

Nice and clean. Friendly Quick Service

Jonesy 406

Had a blast. Several different temperature pools, perfect for everyone.

Daniel Mack

Relaxing hot water springs swimming pool and restaurant. Serves poolside drinks and food. Family friendly and live music on certain days. Bring your own locks for the lockers and you're all set!

LueRonda Ball

Love the pools but was very upset with the quality of food served and the portion sizes for the price. Had a rude waitress although this was when the restaurant first opened but I will never be bringing my family to eat here again. I will say the woman bartender was amazing and very nice as was the guy who runs the desk when you check in. Thank goodness otherwise I would never be back.

Robin Nagel

Beautiful setting Great locker rooms Although I wish I knew I needed to bring multiple paddock locks. Should have a covered area to keep towels and belongings dry outside when it's raining or snowing Really charging $1 for towels? A bit ridiculous On the bright side I'm very pleased you give our military a discount

Wendy Wardisiani

We have a membership. Lots of great improvements to the facility. Very convenient to where we live.

Tim Rohrenbach

The best!!!! Great place to chill after a long day of enjoying the surrounding area. First class facility. Good selection of local beers and pub food. Highly recommend.

Morey Talbot

Great food and drinks! A nice time if you need something to do on a not so nice Helena day.

Christopher Norris

Soaking pool is nice and relaxing.

Rich C

Will never go back. Staff not helpful.

Sherry Hodges

Great soakng spot & good food!

Allison Torres

I really love this place and I spend a lot of money here every month. I take my daughter at least twice a week and usually make purchases from the restaurant on every visit. That being said, the springs pool has been increasingly murky lately and I'm pretty sure it's rarely drained. Chemicals are added for sanitation, so it might be hot water, but it's not natural water. A coworker told me yesterday that she asked about why it's so murky and the person she asked said they don't have enough flow to drain the pool frequently. This is a simple calculation to make, so why wouldnt they build like 7 smaller pools and drain and clean one each day? I think the dollar signs got in the owners eyes when the new pools were designed - and I'm sure they're making lots of money, good for them. But every time I come and there is poop in the pool or they're cleaning the drains at 4pm and you have to climb into a lukewarm 3/4 full pool I get a little more turned off. It's really a shame, because it's really a great place beside the cleanliness issues. Response to owner's response: I think you are missing the point. Regardless of how much you drain and clean, the pools have been murky lately. I was there when the poop was in the pool. I was also there at 4pm when the springs pool was shut down without any warning to paying patrons as they checked in. I have also talked to people there who paid that day because they wanted to go to the springs pool and when they found it was closed were refused a refund. It is also not a natural hotsprings, as you add chemicals for human health and safety (however, many people would rather not have the chemicals, or at least know what they are). These are facts; you cannot refute these things. And it's unfair of you to be so defensive that you accuse your patrons of reporting false truths. I have seen your other review responses - you're pretty defensive, borderline rude, but just borderline. That being said, I haven't planned on not coming to Broadwater anymore. I'm just being a bit more picky - maybe come in through the restaurant to check out the water first. Unless you don't want my money anymore.

Alex Stuczynski

So somebody pooped in the main pool and the staff told me and my family that they weren’t going to drain it. They didn’t. They just scooped it out and put chemical in the water and clueless people were swimming in the main pool no longer than 30 minutes later. They also refused to give us a refund. Do not come here unless you wanna reenact that scene from caddyshack.

J Rod

Nice and relaxing atmosphere. Great way to finish a day off hiking.

James QP

Edit: Updating to 1 star because of owner's response. I'm not a bot - yes I do travel a lot, and I write reviews in groups sometimes. Your beer was probably flat because the server was very slow and it sat around. Hope you can fix the issues and work on your customer service skills. Love the new renovations. Unfortunately, the food quality was low to go alongside the small portions, and the service was aloof and slow. Additionally, the beer was pretty flat. I hope they can work out the kinks because I would be happy to make this a regular spot.

Scott Soltis

We have only been once since the renovation but the restaurant was nice. I was able to get one of my favorite beers and I really enjoyed the food.

James nichols

Expensive food and beer but 10$ for admission is nice. But don't think it's a natural spring but rather heated exterior pools.

Rainy Kolstad

Its wonderful place to go on mothers day peacefull great food and awesome drinks

Sean Battleson

Poolside drink service, classy place...a bit spendy

Dalton Allen

Vast improvement over what was there previously! The facilities are much nicer than most hot springs around the area. New pool deck (with pool service), a nice bar, and good atmosphere make this a pretty dope way to spend a couple of hours.

Amy Dardis

After seeing all the remodel pictures on Social Media, my husband and I made a special trip to Helena from Great Falls just to check it out. It was definitely worth it. The remodel isn't complete yet but when it is it's going to be amazing! The pools are wonderful, the grill has an amazing menu and the service is wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be going back! It's great for families as well!

Jamie Ashton

Fun and good service. A little stiff though.

Peter Van Horn

I only go to the Broadwater for the restaurant and the heated pool. There tend to be a lot of children around, which is not my ideal hot springs experience, but it sure is kid friendly. I feel like the bar should have a window to the pool area for serving purposes, the current system seems a little clunky. The food at the restaurant is good.

cori gilroy

Love this place, and all the great people that visit it! Always have a great time relaxing and or swimming.

Adam L.

Good pools + sauna/steam room but inattentive staff

Corey Kruchkowski

What an amazing place! Beer! Hot springs! Food! Service!

Christine Miller

The service is usually good and the food is amazing. The different choices on temps is perfect too.

Tobe Johnson

The renovations to the Broadwater are nothing less than amazing! The Broadwater has been around for a long time, but with all the new updates, it is really a new business now. I loved exploring the new facilities, seeing the new equipment, rooms, pools and restaurant. They have really transformed this Helena icon. Great job!

Deborah Kocsis

Under construction, personal water bottle not allowed, concessions not open. Didn't feel welcome

Angela Woirhaye

Relaxing atmosphere and the water is so amazing! The change in the overall appearance from the way it used to look is incredible and I can't wait to go back again and again!!!

Carli K

Usually I get on to give 5 star reviews, and usually when I go to Broadwater it is an awesome experience. Which is why I won't give this review 1 star. But, Last time my husband and I went to have a late lunch and our bartender/server Lexi was clearly intoxicated. We decided to not stay needless to say.

Davey H

Great place I heard there was remodel and it looked amazing!

Beth Richardson

It's great to have racquetball and hot pools so close to home.

Jane Forman

Beautiful facility. Loved all the different pools, very well maintained, and good drink options. Only one complaint - we were told we had to buy a guest pass for my 2 month old niece. Really? Kind of a let down, and the employee couldn't explain to us why a baby needed to pay admission.

wally t

the pools are too (overly!) chlorinated for my comfort. this is not a natural hot springs, but more of a swimming pools with warm water. the men's locker room is always smelly and damp so they've had heaters and fans blowing both times i've been there in the past 10 months. the last time i was there was most likely the last time i will ever be there again. the people who work the counter are nice tho.

Heather Kahler

Love love love it! Food is tremendously excellent!

Robert Evans

The pools were nasty. The beer is amazing.

Dawn w

I've always had a great time here. Poolside beers is a plus!

Jacqueline Synclair Chappell

I went to the hot springs thinking I would be getting into natural fresh hot springs water. I found out that most of the springs are chlorinated, and the smell and chemical reaction of the chlorine made me very ill. I was disappointed in the fact that this was not something that was told to me prior to my visit.

David Lull

This place has been completely redone, and nicely so. Enjoy a cocktail and a soak! It would be top notch if it could be operated without chlorination, and if there were 21 and over hours.

Dylan Paradis

Poolside drink service, whoo hoo!

Jane Quinn

Always enjoyable! Love the pools and sauna. Knocked off one star for a dining experience that didn't meet my standards as far as quality, portion and presentation.

Ruth Story

Gorgeous hot spring with pool side drink service! Also, there is a nice little restaurant attached.

Caleb S.

This is a decent place for local hot springs. If you're looking for a truly authentic hot springs experience, youll need to travel elsewhere, but this is close and affordable. Good food and drinks as well but pricey.


It was a bit crowed for my taste but the water felt amazing

Gary Spencer

This place is just awesome. Hot spring pools, absolutely the best staff. Restaurant is very good with the most helpful people.

Steel Olson

Great friendly service. Cheap to soak up and feels great on the skin. Offers poolside drinks. Lots of different pools to choose from.

Shannon Callahan

I am revising my review. We went to eat and sit in the pool this weekend. The food was much better than this summer but the pool area was a "hot mess". The pool area was covered with cans, bottles and cups. The water was not clean. There were young people engaged in questionable behavior next to us and very inappropriate behavior in the shower in the locker room. I contacted the Broadwater through e-mail and they put the resolution to the problem back on me....Did I contact staff? What time did this happen? This can be a great business, a decent place to hang out, however I did not feel like management wanted to make the changes. I would say-beware if you want to take your young children here. Not family friendly.


The staff was very friendly. The pool was perfect. We stayed and had fabulous appetizers with the best waiter, Trenton. A fun place to spend an evening!

Ronna Jo LaBree

Little disappointed....the water felt WONDERFUL however the amount of chlorine in the pool was a bit much and it REALLY needed to be cleaned. Cobie was our server and he was WONDERFUL!

Angela Frey

Neat place. Pool area was very pretty at night. Lots of lights and music but still really cozy and relaxing. Saunas are nice. Only thing is that I was expecting actual sulfer water but it was more like a hot tub. Still really nice. Food is yummy! Had a chicken, artichoke and onion pizza with fries. If you buy a cup for $20 you get your first drink free and discounted drinks anytime you come back with your cup.


Good place, family friendly, two separate pools. The only con is that it was too loud from tipsy bathers, too loud rock music all day long. If you want a place to relax, that place isn't the one.

Candace Sweet

Pools are great, just wish the wouldn't clean them before or after hours. The women's locker room has a couple of issues, carpet and the swimsuit spinner is out of order more often than not.

Britiney Dutton

Everything that i tried to order they didnt have at all. They give very little cheese with the pretzel. The waiter was very snappy even tho they were dead. The only thing that was fine was my husbands order.

aurora swafford

Great place to relax and enjoy dinner.

Melanie Dewing

They need to hire more pool side servers on the weekends. Burgers are amazing!

Brittney J Murphy

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT host an event at the Broadwater Hot Springs in Helena MT. I booked the Broadwater’s event room in January 2019 for my wedding in May 2019. At first it seemed like a steal of a deal- we were promised 3 rooms for the price of $500 with cancellation UP TO 30 days before the wedding. Aaron Charlton promised a room for our caterer, all linens provided, and a set up/tear down team for the ceremony and reception. One month before the wedding neither Aaron or his boss Billie were returning phone calls or emails. They did not give me a contract and after DRIVING to the Broadwater was I able to speak with Billie about the venue. It was at that point when I found out they A. DID NOT EVEN HAVE MY EVENT ON THEIR CALENDAR. B. My $500 was NON REFUNDABLE after 60 days before the wedding. C. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING was included. No table linens, no set up team AND my caterers space was $1000 WHEN I WAS TOLD IT WAS INCLUDED AT NO COST. D. Again, NO CONTRACT. There is a level of trust and respect you have when working with a wedding venue. The Broadwater Hot Springs is truly a disgrace to this town and should never be considered as a “hang out” spot or venue of any kind. I was refunded my money due to the lack of contract but that was after they told me they didn’t want my business anymore. I happily took my money and my business elsewhere. I suggest you do the same.

Jenni Sampson

At the intersection of bar, restaurant, hot springs, and fitness center, you'll find the Broadwater comfortably situated. While perhaps trying to be too many things at once, it's far enough off the beaten path to make having all of those things in one place a nice convenience. The service is always friendly and it's usually not too crowded. The upgrades to the pools and locker rooms are quite nice. Once the third and final soaker area is open, this place will have it made. That, and offering fitness classes in the afternoon/evening for people who work during the day. Right now they're missing that, as well.

Kathy Mastin

The service was great, tasty food and great pools

Tim Barker

This place is awesome. Carrie who’s a manager was my server and she was absolutely fabulous. The hot springs were super fun and relaxing. I highly recommend this place! Beer and hot springs is a great combination!

Hope Brooks

Wonderful springs and wonderful people. Huge shoutout to Cori for awesome service.

Justin Overstreet

Hotsprings for reasonable price, pool side drinks available, can get crowded at times.

John R

Great place for everyone. Love the atmosphere and the wide variety of activities.

Crystal Bledsoe

The place was clean and well kept

Jason Williams

Relaxing everytime and my kids love it.

G Peter Younger

Had a beautiful soak at night. The lights were calming and exotic. And there's poolside service from the bar restaurant.

Brett Boutin

Nice atmosphere. We just went straight to the hot tub had good service there. Hot tub a little crowded. Didn't try the food but it looked good.


So the food is burnt, they messed up one of our orders twice, the ranch was expired, the service was slow. I was looking forward to the pool just to find out one of them was closed.

Montana Brothers' Misadventures

Great food and staff. Fast service

Cory Johnson

I highly recommend people buy a membership over the guest pass. When you're a member who comes in regularly you're treated like family.

Kyler Katka

Amazing place to relax

Mac Hanson

Very beautiful and clean facility! We love to go here it's so relaxing and wonderfully priced!

Ciara Stout Zabolotney

If you like super loud & obnoxious music in somewhat warm water then this place will suit you just fine. I like to relax at hotsprings but this place feels more like a party. They also don't let you bring your own water which is pretty irritating. If you're having issues with kids bringing alcohol, then kick them out. Don't punish everyone else. Feels like a money-grab to me. It would be nice if their main pool was larger so it isn't so crowded, or if they could heat up the other outdoor pool so that people could spread out, and remove the speakers from the second outdoor pool so people can get some peace and quiet. The staff are nice though, I'll give them that. But I don't think I'll be visiting very often.

Lisa Sonnemaker

Awesome, though the food is for tourists


We visited for our first time, facilities were very clean. Staff are friendly, didn't make it into the tap house for a drink this time around, but the pools were delightful, especially at night with a full moon overhead.

Michael Touchette

New layout, a restaurant and bar. Soaked with n the warm pool, the hot tub, had a hamburger and a couple beers. Friendly staff. Reasonable prices.

Markus Waters

Hot springs and poolside drinks. Great way to relax at the end of the work week

Michael Rivera

This is a beautiful place to visit and a great place to unwind, helps you forget about all your worries. As a guy I was just drinking a beer, but some ladies told me about wine slushies, and let me tell you I loved them.

Timothy Mielke

So I haven't been back since Brooke J. helped me. She autograted my admission to the pool. Now I understand if you have pool service you get autograted. I'm fine with that, ask any other staff member. Brooke also decided my pool admission should also be added to the gratuity. I mentioned this to Brooke and she pointed to the sign and said it's posted and shrugged. Her attitude is keeping me away.

Laurie Gulbranson

We had a wonderful day! Chilly when we got there, but warmed up fast in the hot springs. I even got a little sunburned!

Denise Felton

I've enjoyed all the pools and with a week's pass it is very affordable, lovely outdoor setting with a creek running in back, friendly and helpful staff. The only reason it is 4 stars for me is it lacks the deep, sulphur minerals content I prefer at a hot springs.

Den Shea

Great place to relax.Butthe booze is very expressive. $11.00 bucks a drink

Mitch V

I've been two nights in a row. Friday & Saturday night. There is no therapeutic aspect to this place, there are so many children running around at 10:30PM it's insane. Kids constantly running in and out to the steam room and sauna, kids crying in the spring and hot tubs. There absolutely needs to be two sections, under 18 or children under 18 have to leave after 930PM. It seems that parents use this as a play ground to get drunk and let their kids run and jump in the "hot springs". Maybe it's better on an weekday. The facility is nice, its just a bummer that it's not enjoyable when there are 70+ children under 18 past 10:30PM.


Service was slow but people were really nice and polite pools were fun and a little crowded

Jennifer Quick

Unfortunately the rumors about the new management and owners are true. I was scheduled to have my sons birthday party there but when our hectic military lifestyle got in the way they refused to reschedule and also to refund our $75 deposit. When I initially set this party up and paid the deposit I was told that at any point we could reschedule and that it was no problem as long as we didn't want our $75 refunded. Which I understood. When I called this morning the gentleman on the phone was smug and arrogant. He put me on hold for a good 5 minutes only to return to tell me no matter what I'd have to pay them another $75 to host a party there. Sometimes being a military family is tough. You deal with last minute cancellations and living moment to moment not really knowing when your significant other will be around. It was extremely important to my son that his Dad be present at his 7th birthday party . So it's understandable why we would want to reschedule so his father could be a part of it all. To say I am upset is an understatement! I now have to break the news to my son that his party will no longer take place where he wanted it. I will be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau and disputing the $75 charge with my Bank immediately. It's truly sad that we have someone conducting business like this in the wonderful state of Montana.

Eric Johnosn

Great place to relax. The place can get a little crowded but all in all a nice place

Spoils Maggoo

Went there on a Friday night, great atmosphere. I only went to the pool that has the bar and hot tub but they do have a more kid friendly pool there but I didn't go over there so I couldn't say what it is like but the one I was in was very relaxing. They keep music playing and the lights turned down, mostly just the lights in the pool are on and they keep changing color. We really liked it and will definitely go back next time we are in Helena.

KammY Law

Neat hidden gem! Drive by it 100 times. Great live music by the pools! Very cool at night

Matthew Beford

Jay was super friendly when we got there. We had never been there before and he didn't hesitate to give us a tour around the facility. We were traveling through and decided to stop and check this place out. Great price. We pay double that per person per HOUR!.. back in Idaho. The food and spirits menu was spot on and the wait staff were great. Would definitely make this a destination location next time through!!

Robert Hundley

3 Fun warm spring fed pools, polar plunge NOT very cold. Good service and food. Worthy hang out and work out place. Margarita pizza is very good. .. highly suggest it.

Suzanne Morgan

Broadwater has changed so much. It's awesome. The food is great. It's nice to soak in the hot tub and have a drink.

tobin aroner

Friendly attentive poolside drink and food service, hot pools and jacuzzi were nice but not the strongest mineral content and very loud music playing the whole time which might be good for some and others very annoying, especially if you arent a folk pop fan. I love music and would have been nice to hear at least a mix of various soak appropriate tunes. This place caters to the customers that want more of a social soaking experience vs. a quiet meditative soak.

Brock Gebhardt

Good time, welcoming staff, decent food!

David Gilleland

Hot spicy Southern Pub mac and cheese chicken dish tonight was amazing!!

Mike Davis

Fun relaxing place. Good food

Mary Hewitt

Didn't hit the Hot tabs but they looked fine

Dianna Robinson

Everytime I've gone in the last six months the pool has been filled with poorly behaved and unsupervised children. Also, my wallet was stolen.

Kasey Raia

Has a resort feel and is very relaxing! A happy surprise for the area, would definitely recommend. Try to go when it is not crazy busy though. One time I went on a Saturday afternoon and there were way too many kids. Later at night is the way to go.

Theresa H

Friendly service. Loved the drink service at the pool and available seating options. Had a really fun time with my friend as we went between the pools. Curious about the upgrades and construction that was happening while we were there, but it didn't ruin the vibe. Wish they stayed open later because the lights and energy were perfect.

chris kendziorski

Enjoyed our afternoon here. Was quiet and blue skies with snow around us. Water was perfect.

Anna Hartman

Was kicked out for storm. Got maby 20 min in the water. Kind of expensive for the time there

Pamela Caraber

Try the Montana Sky beverage. Maybe they would make a virgin one for the youngsters?

Chanin Kirby

Ordered a drink waited for over 30 mins had to go get it myself. Very overpriced

Cari Douglass

The hot springs are really nice, but usually crowded with highschoolers. They do offer a military discount and the ice cream is good!

Jan White

So relaxing! Great food in the Cafe also!

Tony Canike

Clean fresh facility with multiple pools, vibrant atmosphere, and poolside beverage service.


Very relaxing spa. Water is great, wine is super. Staff is the greatest. Covey and Jess are outstanding.

lindsey kynett

Great place to relax and have a beer.

Casey Guse

My daughter and I had an excellent experience at the Broadwater today celebrating her 5th birthday. We showed up and payed and I then asked if there's a family changing room (I'm her dad, and I didn't want her to have to see a bunch of naked men or vice versa). They do not have a family changing room, however, the very nice lady at the counter offered to let me get my daughter changed into her swimsuit in the employee bathroom. This kind woman then watched my daughter for a couple of minutes while I changed and then escorted her through the women's locker room so she wouldn't get lost. This made what could have been an uncomfortable situation super easy and convenient and I'm am very grateful for that. The pools are beautiful and nice and warm, it's much nicer after the renovations. My daughter was provided a life jacket and we had a blast. I will definitely go back in the future and would recommend to friends and family.

Shannon Shannon

I am allergic to chlorine so I’m am so grateful for salt water hot pool! Great staff, great remodel. What an amazing business!


Would be nice if there was a adults only area. So many kids running around with no supervision. Hard to relax when it seems to be a playground.

regan johnson

The atmosphere and food in the restaurant is great and the new pool is fantastic. If you haven't been there since the remodel has happened, make sure and check it out!

Jerry Murphy

I loved my experience at Broadwater Hot Springs and pools. I wish I had discovered them and/or gone earlier.

Simon mozer

The new pool is nice, kinda miss the old slide but that's just because I grew up with it. The deep pool was a little dirty but what can you do in the middle of winter. Nice atmosphere.

Billie Perry

The only hot springs with poolside bar service in Montana! Great selection of MT microbrews on tap.

Israel Schwope

Pretty cool place to soak. Bartender takes orders poolside which is nice. But the pools are small. When I went it was crowded. Big pool isn't that hot. Hot pool was crowded. They add chemicals to the water as well.

Janeen Caffrey

Nice facility. They have a play place for kids that is fun. No indoor pools, just outdoor, and no really hot pool. Nice sauna and steam room. And the changing rooms are very nice.

Devienne Teeters

This is a great place to soak.

Larissa Donahue

Nicely renovated from the hot springs of yesteryear. There's a large warm pool (too cold for me on a February night but lots of kids splashing around enjoying it) a small hot pool and a tiny cold pool for those masochists out there. Poolside beer service which is a nice touch. Locker rooms are adequate, towels are a dollar extra. Lots of families here, it was a little crowded for my taste, but at $9 a head and a chance to stretch instead of sticking to the interstate on your way elsewhere, it's a pretty good bargain. Would like to try the sauna next time.

Valerie Fields

Love this place. Great hot springs experience . Dining area is spacious and welcoming to families.

Laurie Glessner

Fun atmosphere

Jean Sweet

There are no lap lanes, and you have to fight for the right to swim laps. The drinking starts early on Saturday and Sunday, if you like that kind of thing

sara ingledew

Food was annoying. We ordered the nachos and added pulled pork for a $3.00 upcharge. When we got the nachos, we quickly realized that the amount of pork on them added up to about a quarter cup. For a $3.00 upcharge I expected more. When we asked our bartender if we could get more pork, she replied that it’s all portioned out in the kitchen but we could PURCHASE more pork if we wanted to. Of course we said know, having paid $15 total for essentially a plate of potato chips and cheese. Not impressed with the service or the food. Paid to soak and left. Not cool!

LeAnn Williams

Wonderful hot tub an pools. Great place to relax

Shane Schutz

Friendly service clean environment, they have a couple large pools and one medium hot tub also a miniature cold pool. There is a fitness room,weight room and racquetball room. They have a restaurant located there also and a bar the bar also serves drinks poolside with a 20% gratitude. The pool's differ in temperature so you'll probably find one that you like. I forget to mention the steam room in the sauna room too.

Cora Coleman

So nice to have a place to soak before we drive home!

Jenna Schipman

The General Manager Lexie is awesome! Very accommodating, friendly personable and takes pride in doing her job. She was a great bartender, consistently making sure we were doing good and filling drinks. She took great care of us. Also a very gorgeous lady!!

Thomas Scranton

Definitely check them out good times

im a lesbian

Super nice. It was relaxing and friendy staff

heidi hohmann

Wonderful hot springs. Could be a little more of a "natural" hot springs but it's okay. Clean locker rooms with awesome amenities. Saturdays are busy! Just plan ahead. Four pools overall to choose from. Food and drinks can be ordered poolside which is awesome. I have never had the food but it looks and smells good.

0 subs

I wish the dressing rooms didn't stink so bad! Pools ok, if you like swimming with people who have been drinking! So sad!

Brenda Bolton

Great soaking on a snowy Sunday afternoon.

Shelbey Christman

Feel like the hot springs is always kind of icky.

Jared H

Great place to relax. Nice hot spring. Good pool side drink service too.

Tom Harrison

Had my grandson's birthday party there . Kids had a blast

Sami Thomas

Visited just for dinner. What I could see of the outdoor pool area looked nice, but we didn't go there. The dinner was average, I would say. I do appreciate that the chef was trying some new things - it's rare that I can find a place doing Scotch Eggs!

Kathleen Ely

We were there Friday night. The full moon was shining through the trees as we soaked in the wonderful new pool. Lots of laughter from other people. I was AMAZED by the new room for women. I'm so pleased about the updates and renovations. We'll be calling this week to get a membership, after not having one for about five years because of the deterioration. That's not part of the scene now!

Christopher Hames

In Helena on work and Broadwater was a delight. Plenty of sun, beer and great customer service. Cori and staff was sweet and hospitable on 3/3 visits.

Kelly D

Great atmosphere, get there during good weather! Friendly staff and clean.

Seamus W

Good pools, but food was quite overpriced for okay quality.

Kathy H

Love this place. relaxing, clean, great staff, great prices, good drinks and food.. we come here at least once a month to relax in the hot springs and saunas

Ismael Reyes

Super cool

Liz Leeds

Well worth the $10.. Hot springs was nice. Good beer. Pizza was good also.

Sherri Marcoux

Big Sky Nachos are amazing a meal for two!!! Service was fast and friendly. Be sure to sit in Kasias section our drinks were never dry

Heather Stevenson

These hot springs are one of the nicest and most reasonably priced I've been to!! Their locker room is clean and has free lockers for customer use (you provide your own lock). There's a restaurant and they will serve you drinks while you soak!! They don't allow you to bring in your own water bottle, but they will provide you with a free water cup which you can then refill throughout your stay.

Tamara Dansereau

I have such a good time here and the pool is nothing but amazing! They have pool side service, food, and it's family friendly. I will go back

Joe Furr

Good dressing rooms, great choices of pools, poolside beverage service, good eats, easy access. What is not to like?

Black Falcon Electronics

The pools are very well maintained and are perfect during the winter! Will be visiting during the dead of winter!

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