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REVIEWS OF Billings YMCA IN Montana

Mrs. Shaw

Ok....I don't usually leave reviews like this, but, I can no longer ignore the problem! The Y has changed, it is dirty and over crowded. Yesterday I had to wait and wait for parking then I walked in and there are signs up all over about theft being high and to top it off the locker room was beyond dirty it was disgusting! So I just walked out. I love love love the Y, but, there has been a dramatic change that led me to looking for other gyms lately. I don't want to move, but, I also don't want to dread going to the gym. I am posting this here for management to see, so, they can work on fixing the problem. I am so sorry

Melissa Schweighardt

Richie Rich

Towel service . Pool . Steam dry sauna .

Tammy Dodge

Wonderful place for the kids

C. L. Picard

Great place, but parking is across the street and the traffic is always crazy, not very safe for people coming and going. Great staff and lots of things to do. Fun for everyone.

drey drey

Paul Bejot

Jenny Jen

I would give the place 5 stars however the weekend times are the only thing holding that back. I really feel it should be open longer on the weekend instead of closing a 5pm. Other than the time it closes on Sat. and Sun., its a great place.

Becky Vincent

Love the Billings ymca

Yvonne Holds

Calista Kelly

Valera Chiriac

Mark Peden

Good facility but I agree with Daniel b. Groningen men sitting in the sauna naked! It makes me feel uncomfortable a groping of men sitting at a table all nude talking.

Elena Praast

My baby girl (9 yr old) learned to swim here, on her own & she finally took her swim test and passed no problem. We really LOVE it here. :-). :-). :-) She has taken hip hop dance classes & played on the basketball through school a couple of years through school but been members for about 3-4 years (off & on). I've got to bring my momma (Maria Wine) RIP (last Nov) & she LOVED the hot jacuzzi & it was GREAT for her poor swollen legs. :-( So my daughter (Ashlie) LOVES to bring all her friends (guests) to come & experience the FANTASTIC, FAMILY ORIENTED STAFF!!!! Soooo needless to say GREAT facility!!!!! Thank you YMCA for making our membership worth while. <3. <3. <3

Fishn Mama

Love the Y. My whole family uses the facility several times a week. It has something for everyone!

Keith Skeers

Dylan Wood

I've had my struggles with the Billings ymca in particular, as they are in serious need of a makeover and to rid some of their staff. Theft is an issue here as wall as some members of staff not wanting to come to their jobs with a happy attitude. The weight room... oh the weight room.. It desperately needs remolded and EXPANDED for sure as it is often that I'm waiting on the one squat rack to clear. I've seen recently though that they are getting two new ones so this is good news! I really hope that management takes a look at how this ymca doesn't accept memberships from other ymca, also. Every other ymca that I have ever been to accept my memberships from elsewhere so I cant understand why this ymca wouldn't. Basketball is always an issue at this ymca as pickleball and fitness classes often occupy the basketball court more than basketball is allowed to take place which boggles my mind. I will say, however that there are a few staff members that are just awesome! Monique is one in particular that always has a welcoming attitude and never fails to be happy and excited to be at work, which is what the ymca's i remember as a kid were all about. I sincerely hope that upper management takes a good look at her attitude, level of professionalism and overall customer service and puts her in charge of training at some point! I love the YMCA as a whole but most definitely see where Billings is lagging compared to the rest.

Miranda G

Lots of options and classes and continuously making improvements

Kailana Weaver

Monique Voigt

Will Haugen

Very active and dedicated to helping members. Couldn't ask for a better environment to grow as a person in health and fitness, plus all the activities they offer for your children to keep them active. The YMCA has become more than a gym to me it's a 2nd home. (Tricia Haugen )

Andrew Carroll

Value and convenience. Allows chalk. Other members are friendly and respectful. I've checked into some other places closed to my home but nothing comes close.

Corby Skinner

The Y feels like home. A happy, healthy mission-driven place in our community.The Y is committed to building a stronger, healthier community.

Joshua Obelenus

I remember spending hours at the Y with friends and family. The deep-water aerobics program really helped me lose weight.

Marissa Pearson

Not only is the YMCA a place to work out and reach goals but it's a place to get away, it's a place you can go to to release a lot of emotion by working out. They have amazing classes and work out routines, staff that show you correct ways and incorrect ways of doing things. I'm proud to give a rating of 5 stars.

Shane Delzer

This place is rough. You would think with the prices they charged they could expand their weight lifting section or at least upgrade their broken down equipment. The wifi is atrocious working less than half the time. The sauna is downright disgusting. Spend your money elsewhere.

Robert Tambo

Shawn Wentz

Needs more publicity! This place is awesome.

lance hansen

Is a great place that has everything you need and if you are low income they have programs to help you out. Great place to be a part of.

Kristene Bogle

I have always been a supporter until I witnessed the lack of staff communication and follow through with customers. After 2 and half days of trying to find out about some paperwork but having been told my son would have after school care. I am called back a 8 PM on the night before school starts to be told my son is wait listed and there hasn't been room in the program for 2 weeks. When I first called to inquire if there was space and was told yes so I went through the hoops to get my son in. Before those hoops was the time I should have been informed of the waitlist and I would have understood and made other plans necessary while he was wait listed. I now have no after school care for my son the night before school is due to start. Absolutely unacceptable. I would have enrolled him somewhere else or had a back up plan and put him on the waitlist from the start if someone would have informed me when I first called to inquire as inevitably I wanted him in your after school program and would have happily worked through the process. Now I have to miss more work and scramble to figure out a resolution to this issue and all I heard was an I understand you're frustrated. Train your staff on communication.

Matt Wolcott

marcos quinones

Mitch Ronshaugen

The best equipped facility around hands down. Tons of classes included w membership, scholarships, and community.

Thomas Kelly

A real treat for the body and mind

paul bianchi

They say they practice "core" Christian values, denied me a membership because I'm on the violent offender registry for something that happened 6 years ago, judging someone and not showing forgiveness definitely goes against every Christian value out there, take the Christian out of the name and don't say you practice Christian values when you do the complete opposite by judging someone of their past, such a joke

Prudence Lybeck

Kendra Benton

David Slaughter

Amanda Rouse

Daniel Bisso

This ymca is both awesome and not great. The facility is just a bit old. The locker rooms aren't great. Too much group interaction for a mixed sexuality world. I felt like I got a lot of stares from the same sex. Add the inconvenience of it being downtown and that was enough to make me cancel my membership. One thing I can say is that they do have a lot to offer in terms of activities and related facilities.

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