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Where is 9Round Billings Heights?

REVIEWS OF 9Round Billings Heights IN Montana

Justin Bauman

Adaline Martinez

I decided it was time to get back into shape and tried out a few gyms. Once I tried 9Rounds I was hooked!!! The trainers are amazing and Corey and his wife have been loads of help through this journey. My son and I love it so much!! Since joining my 2 older girls have joined and now my husband wants to join too. I think it’s going to be the beginning of a great new year.

Sarah Burns

9 Round is a very inviting gym. The trainers are encouraging, helpful and fun! It's a great workout and I always leave with a sense of accomplishment and feeling great! All in 30 minutes!


The *FREE 6 WEEK CHALLENGE, is it worth it? Honestly, it depends on how well you know yourself and your goals. Is it really free? yes, if you reach your goal and don't give in to the sales pressure, and if you borrow their demo gloves for the duration of the 6 weeks. The facility itself is deserving of a 5 star rating, the trainers are amazing, the facility is always clean, the anytime workout is flexible and they accept your membership at both locations. The 6 WEEK CHALLENGE gets a 3 star rating, which is why this review averages to 4 out of 5. The focus of the challenge is sales, and it is obvious in the structure, communication, and priorities of how it is organized. The 5% body fat or 20 pounds lost in 6 weeks is very aggressive, definitely doable! but aggressive. (For the most accurate results you should do your weight and measurements the same way every time). The friends that I referred to this program were disappointed with the lack of communication/coaching regarding the nutrition, obligations, and lack of clarity on the process. (however, they loved the atmosphere and bought a membership). I recommend joining 9 Round to anyone that wants to improve their fitness level. I noticed an increase in cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and athletic ability in the short 6 weeks. I recommend doing the 6 WEEK CHALLENGE if you 1) Plan on signing up for a membership anyway 2) Recognize that this is kind of a generic, one size fits most type of program that has support (rather than hiring a trainer whose priority is you and creates a program personalized for your specific needs/goals) and 3) Realize that in order to succeed you will have to go above and beyond the bare minimum of 3 weekly workouts and following their nutrition plan. The Challenge is $500, and if your goal is to develop the gym habit, increase your fitness level, lose some fat, and make some friends, I say do it. If you feel overwhelmed by a gym, and end up just doing the treadmill for half an hour than 9 Round is by far the best bang for your buck. If your goal is to build muscle, an athletic or sports goal, or you have an injury or illness that needs more personalized attention, then I would invest that money in a personal trainer. Best advice I can give for anyone considering this is know yourself and what you want. I successfully completed the challenge May 7th of 2018. Lost 2 pounds, a couple of inches but changed my composition and went from 30% body fat to 23%! I not only did 9 Round every day*, but followed it with a 45-90 minute weight lifting session. I also took their nutrition plan and added the restrictions of 1,200 calories and a macro ratio of Fat 15%, Carbs 45%, and Protein 40%. *(in the 6 weeks I had 3 rest days, only 1 was necessary physically the other 2 were due to a busy schedule).

Tina Bounty

Great work out, you will be addicted in no time!!!

Brian Zoller

If you're looking for a gym that takes the 'guess work' out of working out, I HIGHLY recommend 9 Round. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because the hours can be a bit tricky if you're a) not an early morning workout kind of person or b) prefer to workout later in the evening. Also, it is a slightly higher cost than other gyms. That being said, if you're likely to get a gym membership and then wonder about whether or not you should use the treadmill, bench press, or do arm curls or all 3 and not sure how long you should do each to get results? Pay the extra, get a 9 Round membership, and just do the 9 Rounds (that change daily) and leave knowing you got the workout you paid for. Personal trainers on site for every workout, and they actually motivate you to reach your maximum potential as well......which results in maximum results as well.

Alyssa Francis

Desiree Kroll

Jeremy Morris

Great Staff that keeps you motivated to keep coming back, and a great workout!

Jennifer Spencer

I love this place I'm losing weight and feeling great! The trainers are awesome and always there to help. I would definitely recommend this place.

Judy Aragon

I absolutely love 9Round! I have had two kids in the last three years and gained a lot of weight. I stuck to their diet plan and got a great workout with amazing trainers! I finally fit in my nice jeans again and I am confident in my body! Thank you 9Round!!!

Nateal Trowbridge

It works. You'll see results. They WILL kick your butt.

Lauri B

I absolutely love 9Round!!! No class times to schedule, new workouts every day and the best 30 minutes of your day. No way you’re getting out of there not drenched in sweat

Kira Volle

Jenn Brumwell

Love everything about 9Round - the trainers, atmosphere, 30 minute full-body workouts... I highly recommend giving it a try if you’re looking to switch up your gym routine, get in better shape or if you’re just wanting to focus on a healthier lifestyle. I was hooked after the first workout!

Y Bolt

I was a little nervous when i first started 9 Round, thinking that it wouldn't be a fit for me, but watching how "ALL" the Trainers treat everyone the same whether you are physically fit or not. They know how to help you in anyway you need And i Love that they all have wonderful personalities with a sense of humor. Love this place :-D

Katie Pauli

9round is a fun, friendly and powerful way to get a great workout. The trainers know your name and care about how are feeling in the workout and in general. The workout is only 30 mins so it is easy to fit into a tight schedule. Go check it out!

Luke&Joy Stahl

Amazing workouts and amazing trainers!! I would recommend 9Round to anyone no matter your current fitness level!!

Amber Zahn

Chavela Emery

I joined specifically for the 6 week challenge. I like how quick and intense the workouts are. There is always someone there to guide you and push you to your greatest potential! Oh and Megan! Megan is the best and you can't help but love her even though in the moment she will be your worst enemy!!

Ali Fischer

This is one of the best workout programs I have done and actually stuck to it. I love how the trainers push you and are right by your side teaching you step by step. They make you feel comfortable and not judgemental like most gyms make you feel. I joined 9round for the 6 week challenge and loved it so much that I got a membership and going to stick with the program. I highly recommend 9round ro everyone. It's a great environment and great people.

Megan Ersek

9round is amazing, you get a different full body workout everyday, it’s on your own time since there are no set class times, and my favorite part is there is a trainer included at no extra cost! The results speak for itself .

Josh Hale

Very inviting atmosphere. The trainers are so helpful and encouraging, and they seem to know when to push you and when to let you go at your own pace. The trainers know your name and welcome you from the moment you walk in. The workout is tough but so much fun, and I definitely have a sense of accomplishment when the 30 minutes is up!

Azure Stroop

Rob Hutchinson

The workouts are already planned out so all you have to do is show up and get a phenomenal workout in. Trainers are very friendly and attentive; will push you appropriately. Would definitely recommend.

Sara Stieg

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Personable and satisfying every time. Awesome trainers who customize every workout and push me to limit leaving me feeling great and sweaty


It works!

Shalene Harper

Great workouts and phenomenal trainers! Total body workout is amazing and different every time!

Tricia Rafferty

9 Rounds has been exactly what I needed! The trainers are all so supportive and helpful. No class times so I can show up when ever I’m free! Workouts are always pushing me a little more. I’ve never felt so strong! I love this place!

Kyle Snyder

9Round is a great workout place where the trainers are always excited to push you and motivate you to get a great workout!

Callie Bullard

I love 9round! The trainers are so amazing. I love the convenience of popping in at any time and having a personal trainer help me through my workout and telling me exactly what to do. I seriously have no clue how to do anything which makes any other gym a waste of time and money for me.

Levi Mattson

There are hundreds of options for people who want to start an exercise regiment in any given town. From full blown weight training gyms to peaceful yoga studios. Each individual has to take account of their personal needs and wants and balance them against what is offered at said places. This review is for me and why 9Round fit my needs, perfectly. I hope that if these same requisites are in your corner, you step into a 9Round and try it for yourself. I am busy with a job, a year old child, and restarting school as that weird 40 year old in class. I do not have time or energy to decide on a given day what exercises I accomplish. I also lose motivation quickly once my work shoes come off. I have the soft but loveable dad bod and a spare tire for when I get a flat. I do not enjoy group follow the leader workouts or being peered at by bicep bunnies who wanna know what you lift. BUT I do enjoy someone else making a plan of workouts for me, quick but effective mix-it-up styled regiments and motivation based training, loud music, and most of all punching. Sometimes you just gotta hit a bag and release your cares away. This is why 9Round worked and works for me. We all have our favorite based rounds, and the ones we loath. 3 minutes seems an eternity when you are stuck on the reverse bridge anything, and an instant when freestyling on a bag. Some trainers motivate through encouragement, others thru directed pain, others with laughter and others with a 'Rocky' based mindset. The great thing is, if you happen to be with one youre not so fond of..its 30 minutes, and you can pretend its their face you are sweating on or gently nudging with your glove. Personally I needed motivation to get back into a healthy lifestyle. In 6 weeks I learned alot about myself and the needs to accomplish those goals. I also learned I could ACTUALLY lose weight and get stronger! I didnt personally notice my loss and gains til towards the end. I put on a pair of pants that lo and behold, fit...loosely. Such a little accomplishment meant a great deal to me. My two recommendations to 9Round if they are taking them are: I know how hard it is to have an extra person there while workouts occur to be there for customer service only, sometimes discussing things that dont go quickly while they are instructing is very unaccomidating and can put off someone new or trying to question what 9 Round is, so if down the line that could be plausible would be excellent. And two, have 2 gyms connected, one side for experienced & one side for new and learning people so us flailing sweaty outofbreathers dont feel so bad (just a joke but could be cool. Two sets of workout levels and if you wanted could do one in the am and one in the pm). Overall my experience was beyond positive because I put the effort in, heeded trainer advice, followed the program and worked it. Nothing will come from failing to do so and can not be blamed on nobody but ourselves. If you go to a 9Round I recommend to start small, dont overdo it, dont show off, its a learning ladder to guide you to the top. Make your gains feel like gains by achieving small battles and goals in your mind. Dont look at the person next to you and compare, we all are on different days, schedules and styles. But do keep a positive outlook on all things. From start to finish your mind will be racing with questions, answer them accordingly. I did. And I lost 22lbs in 6 weeks. And im not even done yet.

Shannon long

The trainers and the atmosphere they bring to the gym. Going to the gym they make it feel like everyone is there as team with the goal of getting stronger and healthier. I am excited to be on this journey to health and strength! I LOVE 9rounds!!!

Shandi Driskell

Absolutely amazing workouts, the trainers and owners are the absolute best, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! The workouts are definitely addicting!

Rose Schneider

Claire Hutchinson

Brittany Lanaghan

9round is the place to be. Amazing environment, their new 6 week challenge is fun and definitely holds you accountable. And who doesn’t love to kick and punch things!!!!

LaTeasha Johnson

9round Is absolutely the best work out for your money! Its quick, accessible, and you get to work out on your own time with amazing trainers who will help guide you and push you through every step of the way! All of the trainers are personable they learn your name, strengths, and weaknesses to help you get the best workout possible! One of the best parts is 9round absolutely feels like a no judgement zone so you will be 100% comfortable and confident working out! There is seriously not enough good things to say about 9round!

Alison Wheeler

katie unrein

Get fit here for sure! Quick workouts with personal trainer encouraging you the whole time! Easy parking too!

k perez

tim mcdonald

Awesome place to work out with some truly amazing trainers. Could use a little more airflow though.

Danna Wallace

Megan Hoban

Awesome trainers!!! In and out within 30 minutes!!! Best gym I've been to yet!!!

Jessica Gaard

Love the workouts, trainers, and flexibility! Been an incredible experience!

Angie Horvath

I love the accountability that you get at 9round from the coaches/trainers!! They encourage you and push you to do well. There is no getting bored with these workouts, as everyday is different!! I found it easy to stick with, even after major back surgery!!

Stacey Hindman

I have been a member of 9Round for almost a year now. I have tried other fitness routines in the past and 9Round is by far the best. With other facilities I struggled with what I should be doing to get results and then when I’d do what I thought I should be doing and didn’t get results I had expected I’d get frustrated and give up. At 9Round knowledgeable trainers are included in your monthly membership fee and have been there for me every step of the way. One of my favorite aspects of 9Round is that the daily workout is all planned out and noted at each station, no guesswork needed. I love the Heights location, it’s convenient, the trainers are awesome, the hours work for me and I don’t need an appointment. I’m hooked, the experience has been positive and motivating for me and I’m down over 20 pounds since joining.

Kinsey Miner

The 9Round team is friendly and very welcoming. They push you when you feel like giving up. I love going there and would recommend it to anyone!

prophecy project productions

incredible workout and best staff in town bar none

Dale Orelup

Great full body workout! I've been going for 5 years, still addicted. Always a new work out daily, fun atmosphere. Trainers are amazing, keep me coming back. This gym has changed my life. Thanks 9Round.

Geneva Berg

Love the structure. The people who work here are amazing and I love how they push you just a little more than you think you can handle.

Tiffanee Zelka

Best gym ever and I LOVE going. The best part is the trainers, they make it fun and enjoyable!

Shannon Spence

9rounds is awesome! My favorite gym so far. The workouts are short but intense. The trainers are all friendly and definitely push you to give your best. If you are thinking about joining a gym then this is it! Or if you already have a gym, switch over. You won't regret it!

Breanne Reitler

I started at 9 Round because I don’t like the regular gym environment of running on a treadmill and trying to figure out what machines to do to target the areas you want to improve, and also feeling like everyone is looking at you. At 9 Round you walk in an the energy is amazing, the trainers are always inviting and upbeat, the workout is quick and you can defiantly feel your hard work after you’re done. The best part is every day is different so you’re not doing the same thing day in and day out. They also have meals plans to teach you how to eat to get the results you want. I didn’t just lose weight I lost inches!

lesli glen

Ken Blankenship

Steve Davis

Awesome place to work out! Everyday is new and fresh and definitely not monotonous. 9 Rounds is the ideal place for a quick (30-40 minute) full body work out that creates results. It's a great place for anyone young or old, in great shape or not so great shape. You can go at your pace and build muscle and stamina weekly and the results are real. The owners and trainers do an amazing job and strive to help every member achieve their goals. If your goal is to lose weight, feel better, gain stamina or relieve stress, 9 Rounds is the real deal!!!

lacey lessard

Such a fun place to workout! The convenience of showing up at anytime to get a great workout is unbeatable. The trainers are great to work with. The workouts are different every single time and they kick your butt! All in 30 minutes. I love it.

Shayla Budell

9Round is amazing!!!! The trainers make it so fun you can almost.......almost forget ur working out. It’s not just a work out for me it’s an outlet..... I’m so glad I signed up for the 6week challenge and can’t wait to keep going!!!!

Whitney Gehlhausen

I’ve always been an at home workout girl. I have high anxiety around to many people & never thought I could do the gym scene. At the beginning of the year I decided once a month I needed to do something completely out of my comfort zone. 9Round ended up being one of those things. I am absolutely thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone and dove right in. I just finished up my first month! 9Round is the perfect workout for anyone in any stage of their fitness. The trainers are all absolutely amazing and do a phenomenal job pushing and motivating you! The best part, it’s only 30 minutes with no set schedule

Rica Dombrovski

I love the variety in the workouts, the people, the trainers and when you play my favorite music! It’s almost like it’s MY gym

Kayla Willis

Absolutely LOVE this gym! Being a busy mom made getting the gym more difficult; however, with 30 minute workouts and NO set class times 9Round was defintely the best fit I could have ever found. Not to mention ...they have trainers included whom tell me what to do, so I come in, the workouts already set up for me, I do it and i'm on the way home to see my sweet babies! Thanks 9Round for everything!!!!

Derek Cottrill

The trainers and the atmosphere are great! I love the high intensity 30 minute workout! Makes it extremely easy to fit it into your day.

Nina G

The trainers at 9Round know my name and that makes me feel like part of the community. The workouts are different every time I am there so there’s no chance of getting bored. Everyone there is working hard at working out and it’s great! Plus, I can be back home in less than an hour after I left it. So glad they opened one in the Heights! Give it a try, the first workout is free!

Michelle Mitchell

The team they have is awesome! They call you by name, and love that it is a 30 minute workout which most people can fit in their schedule. I have been going almost 4 years and loved every minute of it.

Holly Mahlmeister

Every encounter is met with friendly staff that take the time to get to know you. Each staff member really know just how hard to push you in your workout to get top results, and the flexibility with available hours is un-beatable. So much fun that this is a workout easy to keep coming to!

Sherry Ross

9Rounds is the best gym I have ever been a part of. The workout is quick and intense! The trainers are the best part of it. They push while being kind. They modify the exercise if you need it. The atmosphere that the owners have created is PERFECT!!! I am loving it and looking good!

Tara Nye

Update: 2/16/19. So I have been a member about 8 months. I'm still as happy as when I start if not more so. Love the welcoming atmosphere. The trainers know my name when I walk in. They offer encouragement and a good workout. I started at 9 round with the 6 wk Challenge. I have never felt so comfortable and motivated by the trainers and fellow 9 rounders. I have never been a "gym" person. I always felt lost, unsure of what to do or how to do it. It is definitely not that way at 9 round. I started with the challenge and ended up signing up as a member. I'm amazed at my results and want to keep up my new healthy lifestyle. Thanks to all the trainers.

Ginger Daffin

Fun, quick, effective total body workout in 30 min. The staff is wonderful and the program is very conducive to a busy lifestyle. Highly recommend for those who want to see results.

Patti Helsley

Kara Gehrt

It's so much more than a gym! The trainers are amazing, and they really do teach you HOW to do each exercise to benefit your body, and I have gained so much knowledge on nutrition and diet! It really has made a permanent life change in a short amount of time. Plus, the 30 minute intense workout is the perfect amount of time for me as a busy mom, and I still get a great workout every single time I go!

Lisa Wilson

9 Round is amazing! Best workout in 30 minutes and the trainers are awesome!

Kathy Ferdig

I love everything about 9Round! I am nearly 50 years old and HATE to exercise. I have never been in good shape as exercise is torture. I LOVE coming to 9Round. I have stuck to 4 days a week for the last 4 months and look forward to my morning sessions at 9Round. The trainers are amazing. They are fun and encouraging and tough when they need to be. My daughter and I cannot speak high enough about this club! You have made exercisers out of couch potatoes :)

Justine Wiedrick

Absolutely love 9 Rounds! Never found a gym I could stick with. Everyday, the workouts are different and the trainers make you feel like you belong! I love it hereq

Katie Jones

Great gym! Trainers are awesome and very willing to work with people. You get a great workout and they help you reach whatever goal you set for yourself!

Lindsey Davis

These trainers challenge me every time I go in and it's amazing that I have been in almost 30 times and the workout is never repeated.

Lynnelle Bixby

I have never really felt comfortable at a gym till now. The atopmser is great and the workouts are awesome!

Tara Z

I recently joined this gym and I absolutely LOVE it! The trainers are amazing and truly care about helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Every day is a different workout so you are always challenging yourself and never bored!

Bryan Letcher

Corey, Kayla, Nancy and Chris are doing a stand up job. The trainers are great and the environment is awesome. No pressure when you walk and they give you 100% every day

Shelly Ten Broek

The trainers watch my activities and offer advice for form adjustments making my workout more efficient thus decreasing my risk of injury. Owners and staff are friendly, helpful, motivating and well informed

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