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REVIEWS OF Revere CrossFit & Training Center IN Massachusetts

Isadora Manoela

John Jurgensen

Rosette Cataldo

Coaches were awesome and very well educated on safety and fitness. Facility was clean and the atmosphere is awesome to work out in. Not intimidating at all but challenging. Best Box!

Edgar Vasiliu

(I am speaking from a very beginners perspective.) I wanted something that would help me get fit and healthy. And I was already convinced that Crossfit would be a great option because I saw a close friend greatly helped by another Crossfit gym. When I went to Revere Crossfit, I was impressed with the coaches who are knowledgeable, professional and fun. The workouts are intense and are different everyday which makes things interesting (and brutal). And the coaches try to be helpful to ensure you are doing what's doable for you, all the while challenging yourself. Also, there is a friendly and encouraging culture between the members which is a nice bonus. Revere Crossfit is a great mix of serious and fun. It is a massive upgrade from Planet Fitness and worth every penny.


When I decided to join Revere CrossFit I knew it would be fun but what I didn’t know was how much FUN it would be. From the moment I walked in the coaches and athletes acted as if they’d know me forever and they treat everyone the same regardless of their current fitness level. I look forward to each and every workout and it feels like home every time I walk into the box. My only regret is not joining sooner!

Sergio Reyes

Lynn Morin Anderson

Great work out, great people!

Carlos Acosta

This week will mark my first month at Revere Crossfit. It has been great, the workouts are intense. What I like about it is that the trainers encourge good form over injury. When I work out at Revere Crossfit, I feel like I am being trained by professionals not meat heads.

ruben taveras

Mike (the owner) and team are awesome. I workout here when I’m on vacation from FL. They are a great group of individuals. The facility is nice and clean and it has everything you need to get a great workout.

Kerri Cordy

I started going to Revere CrossFit a little over a month ago. I was unsure if CrossFIt was the right workout for me, as I had always considered myself an athlete, but really only stuck to running, gym machines, and light weight lifting. After the first week training at Revere CrossFIt, I was hooked. The trainers make sure you are preforming the moves correctly, so I never feel as if I am in danger of hurting myself while lifting. The workouts are intense and you see results fast! I also really like that even if I can't do one of the more complex moves, there is always an alternative to make sure I am still working the same muscle group, so that one day I will get there. I would highly recommend Revere CrossFit to anyone!

Kevin Welsh

Two words... Life Changing! I have had "Gym" memberships for over 20 years. At NO point did I EVER look forward to going! That is until I found Revere CrossFit. The staff is very friendly and inclusive. Everyone is on different levels but the "Team" and "Family" atmosphere that these folks promote makes you realize that we are ALL athletes. The friendships I have made here will last forever. No more "Gym Roulette" for me, I'm Good!!

Ricardo Ortiz

The coaches and members at Revere Crossfit are some of the friendliest and most committed people I know. They push me every day to challenge myself in different ways and become a better athlete. We are provided with unconditional support and real time feedback. I really enjoy coming back for more!

Jorge Chirinos

Hello, I just got kicked out because I said the truth! What happened? Ok, I showed up to the class and the owner (in a bad mood as always) told me: 10:30am call will be cancel. Me: why? The flyer says it will be effective January the 2nd 2018 Owner: well, nobody shows up, I want to take that time! Me: well it’s not right, I paid because the schedule and you are taking classes and days off without further notice. You did that with Sundays. Owner: if you don’t like it just go. Me: ok, I want a refund. Owner: I will charge you a month and give you the rest. Me: ok (I walked out). Just to let you know that I paid the promotion so, I guess if I paid 599 I will get back 500 (doing the math 100 per month), but I didn’t get that amount back; the owner said, “you broke the contract (I never saw that contract) asking for a refund”. Well, maybe he thought that after he kicked me out I would leave without getting my money, I am a nice guy but no that nice LOL. The owner thinks that everybody that goes there is his friend, maybe it could be, but I believe that after people walk through that door WE ARE COSTUMERS. People expect a good service, which is awesome when Gabby is there. I paid for an unlimited service for a reason, to feel free to show up to any class at any time without a problem (it was a problem after all). If nobody shows up to the class, take your moment and think about it: why? People may think that I took that seriously, well yes, I paid for a service which was getting bad so, if I have to complain I will do it because I was there PAYING not FOR FREE.

Stella Shea

This is an intense workout, but geared to all ages. If your 18, 25, 45, 55 and beyond. You see results. I didn't think I could do it but you know what? I was wrong. The trainers are incredible. They are right there pushing you, helping you. Everyone is encouraging you. Classes are small which is awesome. If you are thinking about it just do it!!! Try it.

Shaun Mackell

CrossFit... it's the gateway to a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle - and Revere CrossFit is the best place to make it happen. They have great coaches, new ownership, and a friendly community that welcomes people of all ages, colors, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. The gym is clean and spacious, has a shower, and has enough bikes, rowers, and equipment for everyone. Believe me, if you show up to Revere CrossFit and do the work, you'll see and feel the results.

Maximino Rivera

It took a lot of convincing to get me to attend a CrossFit class because of the stereotypes I associated with it, but I am so grateful that I was convinced! Revere CrossFit has helped me in my fitness journey now for almost four years. The coaches are effective and the members are supportive! The sense of community at RCF is quickly noticed and contagious. I highly recommend anyone who has thought about doing CrossFit to check out RCF and see for yourself!

Lisa Baron

At 59, my friends and family thought I had lost my mind when I told them I was going to try CrossFit. 6 months later, it's turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made for my physical and mental health. Owner Mike P. has fostered a culture of committed, kind, and mutually supportive members. The box has a diverse membership that is welcoming and supportive of the achievements of all its members, regardless of age and fitness level. The coaches are all certified, skillful, and will push you hard, but always within the limits of your own physical capacity. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in a short period of time, with consistent attendance. Come and see for yourself!

Simona Prado


Excellent staff and trainers. Its a wonderful community that makes you feel like family. Owners and staff truly care about their clients.

Danielle Dahlstrom

Revere CrossFit was were I tried CF for the first time and I fell in love with it! Great coaches who genuinely care. Whatever your fitness level, you will be accepted and welcomed.

James Linthwaite

Let's be honest, CrossFit isn't easy but that's the point isn't it? The trainers at Revere CrossFit are fantastic. They don't rush the workouts and always ensure everyone in the class is using proper form. They explain everything really well so you know exactly what you should be doing and why. They are also able to modify the exercises for every level and really help you challenge yourself. The other members are great too. It's a friendly place and everyone works really hard toward their goals.

Mohammed Behairi

Kayla Scheitlin

I love the welcoming atmosphere of Revere Crossfit! The owners and coaches are fabulous - they push and encourage you, but they also make sure that you are comfortable with the moves you are doing. The workouts are challenging, but the coaches are always willing to help you modify them so you can finish. I'm really enjoying becoming a part of this community and looking forward to (but also secretly dreading) each WOD. :)

GoMez Alejandra

This Box is AWESOME!!! Classes are a blast!!!

Aaron Pelletier

This gym is great! It has everything you are looking for to make yourself better. The coaches are friendly and there to help you and are happy to work with you before and after class on movements you want to improve on. The other athletes are friendly and encouraging and want to see you succeed. I highly recommend this gym for anyone that is looking to become their best self while having some fun!

Angie Rossi

Analilia Bautista

Jennifer Diaz

Nothing has changed my body like Cross fit has. The support from the coaches keeps me coming back and I love the feeling of accomplishing things I once feared from picking up a barbell to trying to rope climb! The schedule helps me get my workouts out of the way super early (5:30 AM) which is important to me being working mom of two. During every workout you will have a team supporting you (even at 5:30 AM). You WILL get stronger! I can, without doubt, encourage ANYONE to try Revere CrossFit.

Mehdi Balbsir

Stef Gomez

LOVE this box. Great coaches! When I think I can't reach my potential, they always support me and kept me going. This box is clean, organized, friendly and supportive. Highly recommend it!

jim Burns

20 years got by pretty quick. Raising a family, not taking care of myself. At Revere Crossfit I was immediatly comfortable. I felt unjudged and welcomed and I am certain that is true for everyone that makes it through the door. I learned how to exercise at Revere Crossfit through the expert instruction received. In that learning process I also aquired a new way of thinking, a new mindset. These things combined give me the confidence that this is now a lifelong change. The results I have achieved are dramatic. I am rebooted, remade. I am grateful to everyone at Revere Crossfit and consider myself lucky to have found them.

Tiago Lousa

Really nice community. Fun, professional and happy experience. We advise all travellers and local people interested in getting healthier, fitter and happier to drop by and try it! A huge thanks from Portugal

Michelle Kielty

Started CrossFit a few months ago, and it's been great! There is a real community vibe and everyone is very supportive. The new owner, Mike, is making a lot of positive changes and brings a lot of fitness expertise to the gym. I appreciate his emphasis on form and technique in particular.

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