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REVIEWS OF Southern California Weightlifting Club IN California

Krista Dornbush

Supportive and fun atmosphere! Very knowledgeable coaches and friendly athletes.

C.P. Byers

I feel like I hit the jackpot finding SoCal Weightlifting Club. I've felt welcome from the first time I entered and have found the entire staff to be helpful and interested. The gym itself is a fantastic space with everything I could ever need. Very knowledgeable coaches and awesome community. Highly recommended!

Cynthia Northrup

So far, so good! The space is great and everyone is really welcoming and supportive of each other. Coach Kody knows what he's talking about and is extremely focused on each detail of the correct form.

Mark Yeterian

Finding gyms with a sense of purpose, direction, and community is rare. Socal weightlifting has these qualities and more. Quality coaching and point of getting to know each athlete that is a member and also drop ins. It is more than just learning the olympic lifts here. They are about guiding a person to become the best that they can be.

Mikie Cacho

Awesome coaches, all the necessary lifting equipment, and a supportive community.

Robin Chinchilla

Fletcher Dugan

Excellent facilities with knowledgeable, friendly coaches that will help you improve whichever discipline you practice (crossfit, oly lifting, powerlifting).

C Rivera

This place is the s***. I've been coming here for two years and I definitely do not take weightlifting, fitness or nutrition seriously, but the group of people that walk through those doors create an awesome and welcoming atmosphere that any noob or experienced weightlifter would want to be a part of. The coaches know their s***, and it shows with the improvement of not just me personally, but with everyone that comes in. It's been awesome seeing this place grow and seeing the lifters get strong as hell. 10/10 Would recommend to anyone who wants to try weightlifting.

Donovan Klem

Great hospitality. Staff was super friendly and welcoming. The gym had great equipment and an amazing training environment!

Matt Chua

I've been coming here for the past few weeks and each day I come in, the place feels more and more like home. Everyone from the staff to the coaches to the members are really helpful and supportive. I've always wanted to learn the Olympic weightlifting movements, but I wanted to do it the right way. The coaches are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help. Thank you to everyone at SoCal WLC that has made my experience so far a really positive one.

marisa leon

I recently joined this gym and so far I'm loving it. I heard about the gym a while ago but it was until recently I went to one of their seminars that I decided to start training here. I have no background in Olympic lifting, so the coaches there have you set up personal training sessions with them to see where you stand, even if you do have a background in weightlifting. I have been working with Spencer and he is a great coach! He has helped me progress with all 3 lifts. His teaching style works perfectly for me to understand what I'm doing. The gym in itself has a great atmosphere and community. I can't wait to see my progress with this team.

Giovanni Galvez

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 2 years. And I recently fell in love with the weightlifting aspect of it. I stumbled upon this gym and decided to stop by unexpectedly. The owner was a pleasure to talk to and I really appreciated the backstory of the gym. I signed up on the spot and they immediately invited me to a Halloween party that weekend. I went and had a great time, met a ton of awesome people, and immediately fell in love with the comradery. The coaches are very patient and very knowledgeable with multiple degrees to stand behind, which put my mind at ease knowing I was going to be learning from them. The people and the environment have definitely made me enjoy this sport immensely and I can’t recommend this place enough.

Alexander Kim

I've been to a couple of different gyms, but I really like this one. Great coaches and programming. I didn't know much about Olympic weightlifting prior to joining this gym, but I am learning something new everyday! Highly recommend dropping in and trying it out. It seems intimidating at first, but the community is extremely friendly and welcoming. The staff is dedicated, and will help each individual reach their goals provided that you put in the work!

Ian Guedry

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Best spot to lift in SoCal

Laura Bee

More than just a gym. SoCal Weighlifting is a family. The coaches go above and beyond to make sure each and every athlete has what they need. You are welcome here, regardless of age and experience. I wouldn’t recommend any other place!

Nathan Serrano

Nice facility. I was there for a weightlifting competition and their set up was great, well managed and executed.

Zachary Rickmeyer

SoCal Weightlifting has been an awesome gym and an even better community. I came here from out of town and the staff and other members immediately got to know me. They have top-notch facilities and everything you need to get in a great workout. The coaches really know their stuff and give solid advice.

Kersti Whitney

It's been a great experience working out with the SoCal Weightlifting Club so far! I Olympic lifted throughout college for sports but I haven't had as in-depth coaching on technique before. Chris and Kody know what they are doing and they are willing to work with me on sport specific training as I pursue volleyball. Sarah is awesome at keeping up on communication and managing the whole group. Everyone shows up happy to be in the gym and it's a fun environment to work out in. Everyone is supportive and pushes each other. If your ready to push yourself and get strong this is a place you would want to be!

chris huerta

Was working out at 24 hour fitness for a year, but really wanted to train and learn how to perform Olympic lifts. I've been coming here for about 2 months so far and am already seeing improvements in technique and strength. I would reccomend anyone coming to at least check it out as they will work with you and get you stronger!

I Aragon

This gym is home for me. Coaches are professional,knowledgeable, and fun! My son attends their kids class, and he could not be more happy! Thank you Genie, Chris, and Topher for creating an amazing environment.

Info Front Range

Jay W.

Have attended seminars with coaches Spencer and Chris. Phenomenal coaching and facility!

Ryan Kaplan

Absolutely love this place! I was finally able to find a barbell club that is as passionate about Olympic lifting as I am. From the day I stepped in the door, I felt welcome and like I am apart of the team. The incredible coaches, team and programming make this a place I am happy to call home.

Megan Anguiano

If you want to learn how to Oly lift, if you want to get strong and if you want to meet some amazing people this is the place to do it.

Claire Cunningham

My experience at Crossfit Extracted the last three months has been absolutely wonderful! I'm a high school volleyball player who has been looking for a community where I can get stronger under the supervision of experienced coaches in order to play at the collegiate level, and that is exactly what is offered. Chris, Chris, and Genie are so supportive and have made me a much better weightlifter and athlete. Genie, being a former volleyball player for CSUF, has given me so much advice and challenging sports-specific workouts for improving my game. Under the coaching of she and Chris, I've become so much stronger in my olympic lifts. Their attention to technique and detail has made the program so successful for me; the training is helping me realize my goal of playing volleyball in college. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a challenging program along with supportive coaches and members! CC, Long Beach

Lawrence O'Hara

I been training here for only a few weeks, but I can say that I already love the training facility, the environment that it and its coaches provide, and I hope to do some outstanding things here.

Melissa Saldana

Friendly, fun, amazing environment! I recently joined this gym and so far I'm loving it.. best feeling to be surrounded by people who have the same goals and help each other improve and get better!!

Lucy MacAlister

Awesome place with knowledgeable coaching and motivated athletes. Great balance of one on one coaching as well as feeling part of a team. This gym feels like family. No better place to lift.

Jed Feder

Great staff, great facilities, great vibe. Visited for three weeks while traveling for business and they made us feel right at home.

Angelina Mullins

This place rocks. Im only in town for 3 weeks with the Aladdin 1st National Tour but they've been incredibly accommodating and really kind. The gym is great and the people are even better. Couldn't ask for more in a gym, only wish we were in town for longer.

Sean Koperweis

Best weightlifting gym in the area! Awesome coaches that are dedicated to you becoming a better lifter. Very welcoming, community oriented atmosphere.

Jennifer Chong

Great gym with some great coaches! The staff and members of the gym are extremely friendly and supportive. They have a range of crossfit classes and even classes for those who just love weightlifting. The coaches have your goals top of mind they will work with you to help you get the results you want!

Christian Sanchez

I’ve been here for about 3 weeks and it’s been awesome. So many friendly people and the coaching is great. Can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future!

Ambrosio Gonzalez

Became a member of SoCal weightlifting club about two months ago and instantly felt at home. Chris runs an amazing organizition as well as the rest of the staff and coaches. They always have something going on for their members. Bonfires. Movie days. Potlucks. It really feels like more than just a club!

Kevin Pak

The best weightlifting gym in SoCal with great coaches! Especially Spencer !!!


Zack Bartell

This is a great gym that truly values its members. The staff here care more about development of each individual than any other gym I have been to.

Brennan Torres

If you’re looking for an awesome weightlifting vibe, this is the place to be. I dropped in for a quick seminar and Spencer already knew what my problem was and gave me useful advice on how to correct it. I will definitely be coming back soon! Thanks again SoCal!

Nick Covello

SoCal Weightlifting is the best weightlifting gym in Southern California. Incredibly knowledgeable coaches and a great culture. The best place to go for any new or experienced in the sport. Highly recommend.

Toni Indelicato

I have been to quite a few gyms before finding the SoCal Weightlifting Club and never before had I felt so welcomed. The owners, Chris and Sarah, are very organized and on top of everything. They do everything they say they are going to do and actually care about the members needs/wants. :) The gym is filled with great coaches who want you to achieve your goals. Chris's programming is amazing- I've followed consistently for only 8 months adding 11kg to snatch and 10kg to clean and jerk!! Not to mention, all the members are so supportive. 10/10 recommend!! <3

Sarah Smith

Margie McClure

I am a new athlete at SoCal Weightlifting and am beyond happy to be here! The coaches have been so supportive of me as I’ve been learning to break down bad habits and diligently working with me to establish new ones. Beyond excellent coaching, I also am delightfully surprised by the wonderful community. SoCal works hard at creating a place and space for athletes to come in and get their work done, but also for them to just hang out while others are working. The athletes here are so encouraging, fun to be around, and are there to celebrate wins with you and encourage you during the lows. Just last week, the coaches held an all club meeting and, in the meeting, discussed the importance of culture in our club. They also do an amazing job at supporting athletes when they go to their competitions encourage the community to come and support at well. I cannot recommend SoCal Weightlifting higher.

Eric Zepeda

Well what can I not say about this place. I came over from CrossFit to weightlifting 7 months ago. From the first day I stepped in that door I was made to feel right at home. The coaches are amazing Chris, Kody, And Spencer I don’t know what I would do without them. The athletes at socal are some of the hardest workers and caring. In the time I have been here my technique has improved, and my strength has skyrocketed! I would of never thought I could do this. With their guidance I have managed to. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to start weightlifting. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

Jake Jerzykowski

I’ve been going here for 4 months now and have already hit some significant PRs in all my lifts and feel much more confident with my Olympic lifts. The coaches are awesome and know how to not only fix your form but also inspire you to push it harder. SoCal WLC is the place to be if you wanna improve, regardless of your experience level.

Cory Tricamo

Amazing group of people and awesome environment. Love this place for everything they do for their athletes. Chris, Kody and Spencer are all great coaches and really know how to program and make you properly progress with Olympic lifts! Best place in Southern Cali to get into competitive weightlifting and a great crowd of like minded and determined peeps! -baby giraffe

Emily Macadam

What a spectacular place this is. I'm so lucky to have found this gym and these people who are not only passionate about the sport but are dedicated to creating an incredible community. The coaches are so knowledgeable and caring and the members are endlessly encouraging and supportive. Never change, SoCal.

Maddie Green

Before I joined SoCal Weightlifting Club, I was really into CrossFit but always loved the Olympic lifts sooo much more than gymnastics and stuff. I knew I wanted to make the switch over to solely Olympic Weightlifting so it didn't take me long to find SoCal Weightlifting Club online. Once I contacted Chris and Sarah, scheduled a free training session and checked out the gym I knew I found my new home. Working with Chris and the other coaches throughout the several months I've been with them has made all the difference. This gym truly cares about its members and treats them like family. Come check out SoCal WLC and see just how awesome it is! :)

Quinn Henoch

Top-notch facility for anyone (of all levels) who is interested in weightlifting or general strength training and wellness. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the sense of community is very strong amongst the members. The owners and staff are in the trenches everyday and are extremely passionate about what they do. Highly recommend.

Devon Ivy

The programs are custom tailored to your needs and goals, the coaches are always there and working with you, and the facility has all the equipment you could want. All of the members are very friendly and welcoming, and the staff coordinate many events outside of regular training. I recommend this club to anyone in socal who is looking to get into weightlifting.

Lexy Smith

I've been working with Kody the last few weeks in preparation for a weightlifting/crossfit competition and have seen massive improvement. Great gym, Well-equipped and Kody can't be beat as far as coaching goes!

Sheena P

Great coaches. Great gym. Great team. I found my second home!

Spencer Gray

Crossfit Extracted has the best weightlifting program in Southern California. The coaches are amazing, and they will work with anyone who is eager to learn.

Quinn Everett

I visited SoCal WL Club for a few days while I was in town. It’s an awesome gym with a great vibe. Very knowledgable coaches and a great team training atmosphere. Very welcoming group of people. 10/10 will return.

Tommy Boy

Extracted CrossFit and Weightlifting I have had the pleasure of being a member since the beginning. I have seen this gym grow and develop as a community. The Extracted community continues to grow as a CrossFit and Weightlifting powerhouse in the SoCal area. Extracted is relatively new to the area. But it couldn’t be a better time to make a statement in not only the CrossFit but the Weightlifting Community (commonly referred to as Olympic Weightlifting). The coaches who are motivated and dedicated to their craft and continue to expand their knowledge base. Focusing on walking before you run when it comes to workouts and movements. Chris and Genie have trained and been trainers at premier gyms with tenured and professional weightlifting coaches on both the west coast and the east coast. The coaches took all this training and competition experience back home and opened an ever-growing Weightlifting and CrossFit Gym. Chris, Genie and Chris are amazing coaches accompanied by Cody the assistant coach/athlete who adds to the knowledge of this gym. The coaches know what it is to be a competitor and a coach and use this knowledge to cater to whatever your fitness level may be or whatever your goals are. As for the many members, they are family and welcoming to any newcomer. It has been amazing to see many of their members who had little to no fitness/weightlifting background to be completely molded in front of your eyes into confident, safe and strong individuals. They all have a sense of camaraderie and continue to push themselves mentally and physically on a daily basis. If you really want to be impressed you should see the children’s classes that they offer nothing like a bunch of “little beasts” to get your attention and motivation. If you have recently transitioned from CrossFit or any other sport into Weightlifting you must visit and spend some time training at this gym. The programming and eye for precise movement by the coaching staff is far superior to any other weightlifting gym in the area. The time the coaches have spent absorbing knowledge about the sport and honing their craft is obvious in how they have developed their weightlifting team….. SoCal Weightlifting

Daniel Foret

Tyler Simons

Just completed my first weightlifting meet with coaches Chris and Genie. Though I was hesitant to sign up for the meet in the first place their coaching and encouragement have led me to complete my first meet, as well as, perfect my mechanics and movements in the snatch and clean and jerk. Their coaching and the extremely supportive environment at Crossfit Extracted/SoCal Weightlifting has also built a confidence in myself that I never thought possible. I started Crossfit just over a year ago now and the last 6 months I have spent at this gym have been the best 6 months I have ever had in my entire exercise career (15 years or so). It has become more than just a place you go to burn calories or to add steps to your Fitbit. This gym is a place you go to change your health, your mind and your life. I look forward to the next 6 months at Crossfit Extracted/SoCal Weightlifting and continuing to develop my technique in the lifts, build even more confidence and just having some plain ol fun. From Cloud Nine - Tyler

Andrew Couch

Great club to lift at! Friendly staff plenty of space. I come in every time I’m in town. Highly recommend to any lifter of any level.

Akul Sharma

If you hate commercial gyms, then this is the place for you. They have excellent equipment. They also offer great programming and coaching. I train with Juan and my 2 rep max has turned into a 10 rep max in just under 2 months. Very welcoming environment as well!

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