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Kathy Garcia

My final weigh for the 8 week bikini challenge was this past weekend and I lost 19.6 lbs. I am thankful to Irma and Taka for pushing me to the end. Even when there were days I didn’t want to work out they were their to motivate me to just push thought it. Their time and dedication to teaching me how to do the workouts properly is something you don’t get everywhere. It takes more than just saying you want to lose weight. It takes discipline, determine and wanting to make a change for the best. Fit and Fun Fitness Academy has helped me through my journey and has given me the tools I need to live a healthier life. I have always struggled with my weight and my sister truly inspired me to join this journey with her. Thank you to the 5am familia for always having a smile on your faces and finally making working out fun for me. The environment is one of a kind. The best part no one is there to judge you. #mastertrainerirma #taka

Marcela Vena

Fitness Transformation Academy changed my life. Truly it did! I took the 6-week challenge to lose 20 lb. and just want to share my experience with anyone who’s interested in losing weight but don’t know where to start. The reason this challenge works is because you will use all the tools provided (meal plan and exercise plan) to achieve your weight loss goals. Suddenly you will find yourself getting up at 5 AM and going to exercise. I’m not going to lie to you, the first day it was very hard to get up and get going, but after 3 days, it became part of my daily routine. Don’t be afraid to get addicted to exercise, I promise you, you WILL, and once you make that connection, you are set for life!!! Once you show the instructors your commitment, they will help you every step of the way, especially my instructor Irma #mastertrainerirma. She has so much energy and will send positive vibes your way!!! The same happens with your peers!!! They truly become kind of like your family, they cheer you on, and they will ask you if you need anything. When they see you struggling, they will offer to help you. When you don’t come or come at a later time, they will ask you why you didn’t come at the same time. When you post your daily progress, they will comment nice things in your posts. The meal plan provided is proven to help you lose weight, and it’s not a weird gimmick in which you only eat one food group and not others. You will be eating clean food, whole food that will nourish your body and will give you the strength to exercise and get stronger every day. You will get off sweets and junk food that in reality are bad for your body and make you gain weight and feel tired all the time. In conclusion, the challenge works because it gives you all the key tools to help you achieve your goals. If your New Year’s resolution is weight loss and getting healthier, don’t look any further, the Fitness Transformation Academy and the 6-week challenge are here to help.

Brianna Rivera

I started this program because I had lost all the confidence I used to have. I grew up extremely fit since I am a dancer and I used to always exercise. Then once I moved out to Los Angeles from Texas by myself for college, I had no clue how to eat right and I did not have the same consistent dance schedule I was used to in high school so I slowly started to gain weight. By the end of my third semester, I had gained almost a total of thirty pounds. I was shocked because I was still so young and I did not think it was going to happen that fast. When I came back from Christmas break I knew I needed to change but I still did not know how, until I saw the Fitness Transformation Academy's ad on facebook. I had no clue what I was going into but I decided to try it anyway and it was the best decision I have made since moving to Los Angeles. I took the six week 20lb challenge thinking it was almost impossible to complete but now that I have finished and passed my goal by hitting 23lb I could not be any more of a believer. I discovered so much about myself through this challenge and I could not have done it without Irma Sandoval. She truly believes in people and she has one of the biggest hearts I have ever met. She cares deeply about her clients and truly wants them to succeed to their fullest potential. I needed to make the decision to change but the support, help, and knowledge that both Irma and Taka shared with me are worth more than anything money could pay for. The community feels like a family and the more time I spend there the more it feels like home. If you have the drive and the willingness to change this is the perfect program for you. It worked for me and I know I could work for you! Life after the challenge is exhilarating and I feel so confident in who I am and what I am capable of. My story is not over yet but it is going to continue at the Transformation Fitness Academy with my new fitness family!

lily lizama

I was tired of not doing anything, feeling tired ,overwhelmed, stress and did not like what I saw every time I saw myself in the mirror, so I joint Transformation fitness academy , it has really change my life , so I joint the 42 days challenge to loose 20 pounds , so I lost 22.5 and very happy with the results. I love this gym because everyone is like family we help each other in everyone, the environment is awesome

Jose Esparza

Great place

Erica Melton

MY TFA CHALLENGE #1 EXPERIENCE: Discipline. This single word is why I needed transformation. Seeing that Transformation Fitness Academy (TFA) was offering a Free 6-Week transformation could not have been more timely. When it came to my eating habits and physical fitness, discipline is what separated me for many years from achieving success at my many prior dieting cycles. Primarily because somewhere between the decision to start a new, exciting fad program and the self-deprecating thoughts that followed when I arrived defeatedly at the proposed end date, I failed to maintain the discipline to see my own ambition through. Left with a pile of excuses and an increasingly difficult to fit wardrobe, I just never seemed able to lose weight! My mind started, but my will could not resist the quick-in-route meal, followed by dessert and then needful rest from over consumption. TFA, however, was different. I became equipped with the tools needed to end this vicious cycle. I became Empowered! Admittedly, there were days I wanted to stop. Days when I did not want to eat the prescribed meal plan. Mornings that I wanted to sleep in instead of working out. But, along the way, there was tremendous - and at times, overwhelming - encouragement and accountability. Support was in abundance from the Facebook private group full of kudos and recipes, high fives following a completed exercise to texts at 4:30 am from a fellow challenger reminding you to get your butt out of bed so we could make our 5:00 am workout. Yes, the accountability was in part the $497 refund being ever dangled before me to maintain dedication to the end. But also, it was facing the wall daily seeing my weekly weight juxtaposed to the Wonder Woman image on the wall. I would work out harder some days with laser focus on this view, finally believing in self and internalizing the chant that "I got this!" In the end, discipline won out. I stayed. I committed not once, not twice, but daily. I saw it through and I saw results. For the final weigh-in the scale read 19.7 pounds less. I gained back my health, my happiness and my belief that I could finish what I started. Thank you TFA!!! But now I want more. Next Goal: Challenge #2 - 20 pounds more.

Lucy and Eliana Friends Forever

Challenge #2 testimonial This second challenge has really gotten me motivated to change my life for good! I lost 9.9 lbs for a total of 34 lbs between the two challenges. I have energy, I'm stronger, I'm a better wife and mom and I'm a better teacher. When you are happy about yourself, it's easy to be happy in other areas of your life. Thank you Transformation Fitness Academy for helping me change my life around. Thank you to all the trainers for always pushing me to do more! Thank you to all of my friends that worked out with me the past 12 weeks! You guys have made this journey so much fun!

Sheila Briody

I came here after a bad foot injury and a weight gain of 20 lbs from not being able to do the cardio I used to be able to do. And all I got here was 100% RESULTS. This place works like no other . The padded gymnastics floor here is Amazing for any one hear with old injuries. The exercises use your own body weight and there isn’t much cardio as I expected . It’s the pace of the intervals and changing exercises which burns the fatI have worked out here consistently for a year in August 2019 and not only did I lose the 20 lbs my body fat % has gone down 10%, . With a diet plan where I never went hungry and taking the supplements , I am in the best shape of my life at 48 yrs old . Thank you Irma!

Nilska Guerrero

Something that FTA taught me through exercise was to find my “why?” Why do I workout? Through workout and discipline, I have learned to respect my body by making time to workout and feeding it the proper food at the proper timing in order to get into the best shape I possibly can. The workouts are designed to challenge you and make you stronger as you continue the program. I really enjoyed seeing the difference every week as I got stronger and could lift heavier weights. The beauty of this program is that you see results quickly. I became addicted to getting results. I did the Swole program recently and I got my body fat percentage to be lower than its ever been in my life. I felt so strong after I finished it because not only did it tone my body, I also learned to safely lift weights. Irma and Taka really care for their students and go above and beyond to help. I can’t imagine any other gym that has such a fun, engaging, and uplifting environment. If you follow the rules, you get results. Its as simple as that. I have gained so much self confidence, strength, and discipline through working out. It helps me deal with my everyday stress. I didn’t expect to get all of that when I joined this gym. My weight loss journey at FTA has not only changed me physically, but it also has changed the way I deal with situations outside the gym. I am more calm during difficult situations, I choose to maintain friendships that are positive and healthy, and I set higher standards for myself in general. I didn’t expect to gain all of that through weight loss. Thanks FTA!

Angie V

Testimonial: This was my first challenge at the Fitness Transformation Academy. There is not one single negative thing I could say about this place. I really hated (past tense) working out, especially running. Here at the FTA, there is no running and you always get a good workout. Not only are you shedding pounds off, you're also toning your body! I learned to love my workouts so much, that I became a member!!! The trainers are AMAZING, as well as the other members! There is not one single day where you do not feel encouraged to give it your best and push through the limits your mind sets. Although I was so close (-18.1lbs) to reaching the goal for the 6-week challenge, I do not regret being part of it. I always complained about back pain and ever since I began working out, eating healthy, and losing the extra pounds... the pain vanished! Not only am I feeling better than ever, I am also loving the way my body is transforming! I am forever proud of myself for taking this challenge and making this change in my life!

Elizabeth Vila

I am so thankful for this program. I hit rock bottom before joining - low energy and just feeling awful about the way I looked. It was so hard to lose weight from my pregnancy and I couldn't seem to find the time to exercise. This program turned things around for me. I am stronger, have more confidence and have the energy to keep up with my two kiddos. I feel great! This is the second 6 week weight loss challenge I have participated in here. Both times I did so to help lose the pregnancy weight I couldn't get rid of. Both times I was surrounded by positive people full of energy and pushing you to be your best. The owner, Irma, does everything she can to help you get stronger and be the best you. I have learned the importance of taking the hour for myself to workout each day and planning out my meals. I am so much happier and fitter since starting this journey and most importantly I have the energy back to keep up with my two toddlers. Thank you #MasterTrainerIrma for helping me on this journey. I guess I forgot to mention that I met the weight loss goal both times. I went into the final weigh in not caring though because I had gained what i had been looking for - strength and confidence. Meeting the weight loss goal was pretty awesome though - don't get me wrong. I am very proud of accomplishing that two times!

Sunny Milton

My experience with Fitness Transformation Academy has been awesome. I have been a member since August 2016. A friend of mine did the 20 lbs in 40 day challenge and I was really blown away by her results. I believed that if she could lose the weight, then I could do it too, so I decided to give it a go. (Note: I did not join that challenge. I only joined the gym as a member). I was instantly hooked. The energy and positivity of the trainers and the rest of the members is fun and infectious! There is such an eclectic group of people, and we are all very supportive of each other. I love coming to the classes. It does not feel like a normal gym. (Personally, I feel like a fish out of water at LA Fitness and those types of places. I have not experienced a feeling of inclusion there, like I have at FTA). We have a seriously great time working out. As of early November, although I had lost 7 lbs and was starting to feel healthier, I really stepped it up a notch when I signed up for their 28 Day Little Black Dress Challenge. The challenge paid off for me. I showed up more consistently to classes. I lost 10 more lbs and lost body fat. I can see and feel my body changing. It feels amazing. But more importantly, I learned to eat better and much healthier. I was provided with a detailed eating plan and a packet of (tasty) recipes, many of which I will continue to use in the future. (Mom's Chicken Soup is the BEST!!!) As a result of the progress I have made towards being healthier, I feel stronger and more determined in every area of my life. And the support from the trainers (Taka rules!) and the other clients has everything to do with that. I am so grateful for this place and I'm looking forward to making much more progress in the new year!

Roberto Alvarez

Testimonial: I decided to join Transformation Fitness Academy about two months ago when I heard all the amazing results people were having. I was hesitant to do the 6 week challenge but I can honestly say it has been the best decision I have ever made. The trainers here are amazing! Irma has developed a plan that works and gets you results. Each week I was challenged and pushed to do more and go harder and surpass my limits. I was not happy with how much weight I had gained over the years. Coming here has changed my life and has helped me see changes in my body that I thought I'd never see. The amount of weight I loss has me addicted. To the point where I have enrolled in another challenge. The staff is amazing and genuinely care about you and motivate you to be the best version of you possible. I was done making excuses for the weight I had gained. Transformation Fitness academy has changed my life for the better! So happy with my results and thank you to all the trainers for pushing me!!!! The amount of training you get and guidance is top notch and incomparable to all these other gyms.

Tom Yepiz

Testimonial: HELP!!! That is how I started my e-mail to Irma Sandoval. AKA #MastertrainerIrma at Fitness Transformation Academy. Just about 8 weeks ago, along with a picture of myself. All because I was sitting at my desk saying oh Lord what am I going to do? I'm to young to feel like this. Within a few minutes I had a response back from Irma. She invited me to an orientation that evening at the gym. So I attended the orientation that was given that night by her husband Taka. Taka asked us to write a short story giving a reason why we wanted to do this 6 week challenge.I had a list of reasons. I'm 55 years old and not feeling like I should. The Doctor tells me. I am pre Diabetic. He asked me to start taking a low dosage aspirin everyday, and he prescribed Lipator for my high Cholesterol. I said Doc, You bumped your head. I'm not taking meds. What else can I do? He said change your eating, and start exercising. I did well for a while, but it was not enough. It was a pound here and there, but then I would gain it back on the weekend. So here is my story I wrote. I have 4 kids and 2 grandkids.My 2 youngest are 16 and 13 years old and this amazing younger wife. I need to be here for them, watch them grow. I want to be active in their lives. When I finished writing my story Taka asked me. Do you want to fix (YOU)? because this is for you. I said yes!! He said welcome to FTA. That Saturday we did our weigh in. My wife came with me to hear about the meal planning. Irma comes out to talk to us about how important meal planning is to our success. Along with workouts, Supplements, Vitamins, Positive Attitude, what stress will do to our minds and body. After our weigh in. I had my last cheat meal. After some hard work I am excited to say I lost 23.3 lbs in 6 weeks. I am starting the next 6 week challenge on 6/4 and by 7/16 I hope to lose another 26.7 lbs. This is not easy but with the trainers at FTA, some hard work and good healthy eating. It works.The trainers are awesome. They are your biggest cheerleaders, great attitudes, They watch over you to make sure you are using the proper form and technique. All to prevent injury.They stand behind you, give you atta boys, pat on the back, High Five. The simple thing that let you know you are doing well.Then comes Monday weigh in. It might be 2 lbs it might be 3 lbs. what counts is the numbers are coming down. As you walk out from where the scale is at. Each person is there to high five you because we support each other. We are a family helping each other.I love everything about this place. A very special Thank You to #MastertrainerIrma, #Taka, #Bruno #badassbeastLeslie,#Rosa, #Fellipe, #Annette, & #Darkside. So to any of you who don't like how you are feeling and would like to fix (YOU) This is the place Fitness Transformation Academy in mid city Los angeles. Simply the best. 5 plus star out of 5. TY

marla eisenberg

This is an amazing place to get healthy and trim. I started the 20lb challenge to get healthy and to lose some extra unwanted pounds. At the end I ended up losing 21.3 pounds and feel so great. I am not stopping here. Yes, I have taken a few days off, but I am back on track to continue working out and lose a few more pounds. I have made some new friends and I love working out with my new workout friends. Not only do I lose weight but I have fun doing it. My husband and I both did the 20 pounds in the 6 week program and we both feel great and are having fun doing it. I am also a mom of two young kids and I thought it would be difficult to work out, but to feel better and being fit, you find the time for yourself to do this not only for yourself but for your kids so that your fit and trim to keep up with them. Trainers Irma, Taka and Ellen motivate me to do more than I think I can. Pushups are my weekness, but these trainers have changed that. I can see the muscles in my arms that I didn't see before. Thank you team for making me a healthier, stronger person. See you at the gym.

Michael Sorich

Great facility with a qualified, positive and motivating Boot Camp Coach. Bilingual Coach Irma helped me find "the Hero" inside me and lose 15 lbs. in 3 weeks! If you give the Transformation Academy a shot you will be Transformed Si, su puedes!!

Xandra Myers

Transformation Fitness Academy was truly a transformational experience. I was at first skeptical about the 8 week challenge, but the results speak for itself. This challenge requires your full commitment and dedication but if you do the work you will get results. Before this program I was very overweight, depressed and extremely out of shape. This was my first exercise program since my spine surgery 2 years ago. I went from crunches to full sit ups without pain and now I’m doing real push ups! I also went down from a size 14 to size 4 in 8 weeks!!!! Amazing! The classes have great energy, enthusiastic trainers and a fun playlist. I really enjoyed the welcoming community that treats this place like a real fit fam. I am a forever changed person with a new found love for health and fitness. Thank you so much for everything TFA

Jessica Prasad

I stumbled upon FTA through a friend on Facebook. Her transformation was amazing! I soon reached out to her and FTA, and signed up for their 6 week weight loss challenge. My first week was definitely a struggle for my mind, body and soul. I have never been able to stick to a meal plan and regularly exercise on my own before FTA. I'm the type of person who needs to be pushed and motivated. You get all that and more here at FTA. All of the trainers and fellow members are so positive and motivating. They make you want to push harder every single day. With pushing harder comes results. After every single work out I felt stronger and healthier than the previous. The results are what made me keep on coming back. Yes, it's definitely hard to wake up and get it done, but now if I miss a day, I feel completely out of wack. At the end of the 6 weeks, I lost a total of 18.4 pounds, just 1.6 shy of my goal. BUT THAT'S OK. I never thought I would even make it this far. It has not been easy by any means. I am now so much stronger mentally and physically. Thank you so much to Irma Sandoval and Rosa Leslie for keeping me motivated and pushing me to do my best. This is not the end of my journey. If you want it bad enough, you can do it! Hard work pays off! Hope to see you at the gym! :)

Irene Marie Sanchez

Delmira Martinez

This place is like no other. I couldn’t had found a better fit for myself at this point in my life. I came to Fitness Transformation Academy needing a physical outlet for tension and what I encountered was better than expected. Coach Irma Sandoval creates a welcoming, encouraging, and collaborative environment to help you meet your needs through a holistic perspective, mind and body approach. The sense of community she promotes, helps you feel part of a family of like minded individuals. I am fuel not only by the workouts I engage in at Fitness Transformation Academy but also by the inspiring stories shared by Coach Irma and it’s participants.

Jensine Nickelberry

Before the Transformation Fitness Academy, I had no real issues with how my body looked but I knew that underneath it all I was very unhealthy. I knew I wanted to eat better and learn about nutrition and fitness, but I didn’t know where to start. Since going to the fitness academy, I have learned a lot about my body and overall I feel better about my health. I would recommend going to the academy and doing the boot camp if you are serious about losing weight and wanting to improve your health and ,most importantly, if you’re willing to do the work.

Dana Smith

Testimonial-I never would have imagined that I could consistently be able to wake up at 4am to workout at 5am. Now I can't imagine my days without it! This was actually my 4th challenge, but it's been a few months since I have been there. Now there are about 12 people from my circle of friends that work out there. It was great to workout with my friends. The trainers as well as other challengers and members are so supportive. The trainers are there 24/7 to answer question, keep you motivated and push you beyond where you think you could go. This is the most supportive and nonjudgmental workout atmosphere I have ever been in!!!! If you are in a place in your life mentally for physically where you are stuck in a place you don't want to be, The Fitness transformation academy is your answer. When you are able to surpass your limits you become stronger physically there in becoming stronger mentally. I know when I am working out with this family on a regular basis I walk thorough the world differently. I am better for myself, my husband and my daughters. I can't thank the Fit Fam team enough for the life changing experience I have had with them.

J. R.

I've been coming here for several years now, and done several of the fitness challenges, and I love this place. The staff are friendly and encouraging, the other members and veterans are always willing to help out the new people, and there's no ego/intimidation here. Just people wanting to better themselves and help others do the same. Having seen a lot of people come and go with the challenges, I've of course seen and known people that things didn't work out for, but I don't think it's hard to see that these are people that 1) didn't follow the instructions with regard to workouts and ESPECIALLY nutrition, and 2) these are people with absolutely no accountability. The people that fall short fell short for reasons, and it has nothing to do with the lack of encouragement and tools provided by the staff. If you're ready to get into the best shape of your life, and you'll be diligent about it, these guys can take you there!

Alina Chem

Great workout place for all levels....Very welcoming...Love the supports and the training with Coach Irma Sandoval and Coach Taka Rivard.... Best members workout team. Very much recommend it!

Jannet Granados

Final weigh in, 18 lbs. lost and several inches dropped. Made my goal once again. Thank you to my FTA family, Master trainer Irma, and coach Taka for the constant motivation and support. I wouldn't have been able to do it with out you. Finding the Fitness Transformation Academy has been one of the best things that has happened to me. I tried many different ways to lose weight and keep myself motivated to work out but nothing stuck. FTA provided me with the tools and support that I needed to make the change happen. At FTA you will find a warm, supportive, and encouraging environment and community which is what you need to be successful in your weight loss journey. I started my transformation 1 year 2 months ago and I am now down 118 lbs. and my journey does not end here. I will keep pushing forward to the final goal and I know that FTA will always be there to help. My life has changed for ever and I am ready for the next challenge. Positivity, persistence, and determination are the key to unlocking the warrior within us all. It happened for me, it can happen for you. Come and join our family and let's take this journey together.

Isabella Zablan

Testimonial: Challenge #1 When I first applied for the 6 week challenge, I wasn't sure what to expect. All I know is, I was committing to something HUGE and it was my job to finish it through. I was a little intimidated to do this program with my former weight lifting, track running, linebacker boyfriend (lol) but it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me! We grocery shopped, meal prepped, drooled over our favorite foods but walked away strong willed! It made us a stronger, healthier, and happier couple❤️ It almost sounded cliché to hear the trainers say, "everyone around you has the same goal, they know what you're going through," at the beginning of the challenge. In my head I'm just like "yeah yeah yeah.." But In reality, ITS ABSOLUTELY true!! We go through nausea, light headedness, irregular BMs, the inconvenience of "life happens" during this challenge... We all go through it TOGETHER and it makes it 100x easier when the people around you know exactly what you're going through! I wasn't sure that I was going to make as many friends as I did because I'm kind of an introvert, but I have met some amazing people who I can honestly say are my friends! Throughout this challenge, it was definitely difficult because I didn't see myself losing as much weight as other people, and I doubted myself soooo many times. Don't get me wrong, I felt stronger everyday, I felt more confident in my body, And I was definitely a happier person!! But...the numbers weren't showing up and I was starting to worry. At the beginning of week 6, I was 11 lbs from meeting my goal, and I was already thinking of what I was gonna do if I didn't make the weight. "What are my options? How can I afford to NOT make my goal?" However, with 100% confidence, Irma assured me that if I FTDI (followed the damn instructions) to the T, that I would make the weight on Saturday. So, I listened to her. And guess what? I lost 20.6 lbs!! I almost cried I was soooo happy! I couldn't believe it! Now here I am, onto my next challenge!! Challenge 2: My Testimonial: The second time around, time went by even faster! I'm happy to say that I lost 7 lbs, which adds up to 27 lbs in 3 months! Even though I didn't make my 20 lb goal, I couldn't be happier with myself. I weighed out at 189.2 which is craaaaazy because I haven't been in the 180s in 2 years!!! I saw new people conquer, I saw familiar faces conquer, and unfortunately I saw some of my favorites faces go.. But it's all good because everyone has lives to live, and all I can do is hope they continue on their fitness journey! I'm truly appreciative of the Fit Fam staff because they did not judge me for not making my weight. They only supported me until the very end! I'm happy to say that I will continue to work towards the hard sexy body that I've always wanted :) #mastertrainerirma

Aya Reyes

C Eich

Rebecca Hopper

Challenge #1 testimonial - May 2016 I just completed my first 6 Week 201b Warrior Challenge and I lost 9.2 pounds! Before the challenge I lost 40 pounds (I weighed 238) after I stopped working due to chronic pain, restrictions and limited mobility due to work related low back, sciatic nerve, neck and shoulder injuries. I was only able to walk on flat surfaces for exercise and even that was painful. I lost the weight just because of not eating the food that was brought into the work place regularly. But then I became very depressed and all I wanted to do was eat and sleep, subsequently gaining weight. So now I am right back where I started at 198. Yay! I am a single mom of an amazing 10 year old girl who comes to the gym with me almost every morning before she goes to school. I love that I can bring her with me and she loves it to. I decided to do another 6 week challenge to keep the momentum going since I have more to accomplish! The super supportive trainers and members here create a dynamic fitness family synergy that is more unique than any fitness program I have ever experienced. About 9 weeks ago my daughter’s second grade teacher posted about TFA on Facebook and I thought, “THIS IS EXCACTLY WHAT I NEED!” I decided I had to try it and it has seriously changed my life! I have become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, I am a better and more patient mom and I am more happy and confident in myself. Even crazy LA traffic doesn’t seem as bad! The support and encouragement I receive from the trainers, fellow challengers and members at TFA is priceless. The music playlists are killer and diverse and gets me through my workouts dancing and singing (when I have the breath). I leave the gym feeling high from it all and I am completely sober! Not only that, I have increased mobility, flexibility, strength and I feel sexy! I absolutely love this place! Do you want to change your life? Want to be healthy, happy and fit? Come check it out and learn how to eat healthy in appropriate meal portions, to do meal prepping and how drinking enough water is the key to it all… Special thanks to Irma, Taka, Leslie, Bruno, Annette, Rosa, and Angie the Shark for pushing me as well as teaching me modified exercises to prevent further injury. Rock on!

Sandra Morales

Three years ago I got diagnose with thyroid disease. Which made it hard to lose weight due to the lack of energy and my slow metabolism. I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. I tried working out on my own, but found it difficult to stay consistent with my workouts. After months of trying to do it on my own I decided I would go back to the place that help me lose 16 pounds four years earlier. The 6 week challenge at Transformation Fitness academy. A place that greeted me with open arms. The people who attend are positive, friendly, and great. The coaches Taka and Irma push you through the workouts using positive talk, and make sure you are doing the movements correctly. They believe in the people and really care. I was happy that I was able to take my son with me. He did him homework while I worked out. This place has become my happy place! On my 6 week challenge I lost 12 pounds. I build muscle and feel great. I joined the fit family and I’m looking forward to spending time with these amazing people and to continue loosing weight and looking great for my wedding. I highly recommend this place.

joe mama169

If you want to transform your life this is a GREAT place to start at. FREE weight loss program if you want to TRY IT. I love the workout the excitement the energy that this gives off. If you want to lose 20 pounds in 21 days, DO IT!

Paola Zuniga

I joined the 6 week, 20lbs challenge; it was a present to myself, and as such, it's been a great starting point for me, I intend to continue to work on my health, my strength and challenge myself as much as possible. Thank you Taka for being such a great guide, thank you Irma and Philip. I will see you, and all the wonderful people we share the floor with, back in January 2017!

Cecilia C. Mendoza

When i started this 6 weeks challenge i was afraid that I would fail because i would always start exercising and then stop for one reason or another. But coming to the academy made it so much different for me i had a lot of support and motivation. Coaches will help with the food and the workouts. They are always there for any questions. Every single workout i did within these 6 weeks I enjoyed it to the fullest The academy has great teammates that made me feel like family. Now with my new journey i became a member. I highly recommend the transformation fitness academy. # coach Taka Rivard & # coach Irma Sandoval are the best. Thank you

maria vega

6 week 20lb challenge in 42 day. Week 6/day 42. Saturday was the Last day of the challenge. I'm so happy and proud of my self I lost a total of 26.5 lbs in just 6 weeks and getting my $497.00 refunded. Coach Irma Sandoval and Taka her husband were very supportive ,they push you and motivate you. I was very committed did not miss a workout I even went on Saturday at 7 am. The first week was not easy getting up at 4am to get to the 6 am workout was challenging but the group welcome you with words of encouragement. I listened to my coach #mastertrainerirma. You get results if your committed you learn to plan your meals and make right choices. Come and join take the challenge take care of your body with a good hour of exercise Irma will help you all the way. My coworker also join she had awesome results.

Cathy Amador

I have been with the Fit And Fun Transformation Academy (FFTA) since November 2014 and started out with the 6-Week Challenge. From then on till today, I have lost a total of 30lbs, lived a happy life and a healthier lifestyle! My journey started when the doctor told me I'm pre-diabetic and only a couple points down on the border (yes, 'twas that close!). She told me I need to attend this 3 hour seminar about diabetes and learned that, unless I changed my eating habits and everyday activity, (reality check) I'd be diabetic and in medication before reaching 40! So I saw this ad on Facebook and went for the orientation. I remember exactly how it felt as I step into the door...overwhelmed! I was suddenly in a room bursting with passionate people! As a keen observer and wouldn't tolerate any bull, I kept quiet for a while as I listen to everyone speaking in the same note about fitness. And further down the line I realized (an instant answer to a prayer), this group is legit and personal. When I signed up, already knew, this is the starting point of a healthy new me... November 3, 2014 (to be exact) is the first day I started with my 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge. It was tough, I'm not gonna lie! I even posted videos doing this challenge everyday with thoughts that, if something happened to me, say if I pass out or die in the process (yes, it's that intense!), I'll have documentation in present or afterlife!

sandra alonzo

Marilyn Janssen

Before I started fitness academy my day to day life was very basic and without improvements. I stayed at a constant emotionally and I was really run down. As soon as I heard about the six week challenge I wanted in as my body and mind longed for a transformation. When I started the challenge all of that changed and instantly I gained my motivation back and my productivity rose. When I hit a plateau because of an injury I pushed myself even more when I recovered and I met the challenge. It made me more excited then I’ve been in long time. That alone made me feel so empowered and like a real victory. Everyone at Transformation fitness academy is so supportive of each other and some friendships are blossoming which I am so grateful for! They are all there for each like family and lift you up emotionally and spiritually. Since the challenge I shine bright with pride. I adore my toned and tight new shape. I would recommend everyone that has been emotionally drained and or wants to gain a more muscular body and evict the fat they don’t need. The coaches Irma Sandoval and Taka Rivard are so inspirational and really give that push to challenge yourself more and more each time.

Cristina Collazos

I did the 8-week challenge. At first, I was doing it because money is a good motivator for me. I quickly realized that this was more than just money, it was about making a real and positive change in my life. The changes in my body have been slow and steady, and I did not lose as much weight as I wanted, but I am not the same person who started the challenge. Irma is super knowledgeable about vitamins and food and she helped me out a lot when I was dealing with stress and wasn't losing the weight I wanted. Also, the coaches make the workout super fun and the time flies by. I also tend to work harder in groups so the group workouts are amazing and they're key. I am so much happier, and this challenge motivated me to find a better job, start taking better care of myself, and really doing things I love. Also 5+ lbs off of a 5'2" girl does count for a lot. And that's just the beginning. :) Thanks Irma and Taka, love you guys!

Magdeny Dominguez

Chris Korbel

I lost 80 pounds, 8 inches off my waist and gained muscles during my 18 weeks in three FTA six week weight loss challenges. What an amazing transformation! Freinds and colleagues tell me I am unrecognizable. I take a vain pleasure in their compliments. On a deeper level, the FTA showed me that I posses the ability to improve myself in any way I wish. I would say it was worth every penny but it was free. However, to achieve this change I would have gladly paid! That’s why after the last challenge, I chose to become a member.

Marilee Franquez

Okay how do I start this ..well as a child growing up in was always the chubby fat girl that kids at school would make fun of but I was able to work myself and eat right to lose most of the weight while in high school. After that I always TRIED to stay active and did my best in eating right but that sugar addiction kind of always overpowered lol long story short once I got pregnant I completely stopped working out and ate whatever I wanted. .gaining about 45lbs..I tried everything to lose that weight again but motivation and lack of support always brought me down. Then I heard about the Fitness transformation Academy. I was skeptical and to be honest scared of the agreements and signing the forms but I did. And let me tell you that it was the BEST decision I made! I give thanks to all the trainers to Irma in believing in me, in all of us. They give you all their support and the people there as well. You are surrounded by so many that have same goals and everyone motivates one another making the challenge much more easier. The first 2-3wks I can say were hard for me, it had been a while that I hadn’t worked out so intense and ate healthy but we’ll worth it. After those 3wks I had a lot more energy and was hungry all the time ha ha I started doing double the workouts and even added 1-2 hrs at 24hr fitness. I worked my ass and even my daughter would join me at times. In those 6wks of the challenge is managed to lose 19.7 lbs! and not only that but I got stronger and I feel stronger. I started not being able to do a chin up and guess what?! I can do 8-10 in a row now!. I couldn’t have accomplished this without my FTI family. Love you guys so much! And I promise I will be back, don’t think I can go without your guys support and motivation!

Karyl Smith-Jefferson

Markie Bryant

My US family! Epic workout and super positive, safe space. Amazing, friendly community. Aussie Markie ✌

Jaylen Rodgers

If you're ready to work and see results and COMMIT you will happier than you've ever been!! When I started I weighed in at 235.5. At 20 years old, I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and feeling miserable and slow. I'd play basketball and feel lethargic and slow. Than I watched my friend shed weight and wonder how'd he do it. At first I laughed it off like it was nothing but after a while you find yourself wanting a change. So once I got my money together, I decided to take the 6-week challenge. The FTA does an exceptional job at working around your financial situation and you can tell they truly care about you. Once listening to their advice and attending their gym for 6 weeks I dropped 26lbs and I feel better than I have ever felt. If you are looking for a life-changing experience, and are willing to FOLLOW THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS AND PUSH YOURSELF, than you should have NO issues and love their program. Once you rationalize things and put things in perspective, I promise you will see results. Commit to yourself, listen to their direction, leave your excuses at the door and you will learn to transform your lifestyle, your appearance, and watch as your hard work changes the people around you. Take the challenge, become a sponge and absorb everything they tell you and change your life FOREVER!!!

Imperial Party Rentals

Mid June I went to the doctor for an annual checkup. While I was waiting for the doctor to arrive, I glanced at my chart on the computer screen. I was in disbelieve when I saw I had gained 17 pounds from June 2015!!! I knew my clothes were tighter and some wouldn't fit me anymore, but never in my life I would had thought that I had gained so much weight!!! Same night laying in bed, I was looking for exercise/diet plans, where I came across transformation fitness Academy's six week free challenge to lose 20 pounds and signed up for it! I wasn't thinking much of it and was very skeptical. When they called me I thought I would just go for the orientation. When I arrived I wasn't impressed. I have a paid off membership at super sport for the entire year! I was used to fancy equipment and huge facility and there I was in that one room gym with the blue carpets and no shower! I still thought I would stick around and listen to what they had to say! Something about the trainer/presenter Bruno Pontes made me gain the trust and made me want to try it out! I got my two weeks free workout pass before the actual 6 weeks challenge! The very first day I felt welcome and comfortable! After workout I felt simply amazing! I couldn't wait to get back there! The workout to get there is nothing comparable to anything you get at your regular gym! The care and support of your fellow gym members and the trainers is nothing like what you see out there! I had the honor to meet amazing and real people there such as tom Tom Yepiz, Erica Franco, Francesca Luna, Jeannette Gonzalez, Ellen Loughlin and many more! Anytime I needed help and support, they were there for me! The trainers Bruno Pontes, Taka Rivard, Annette Olson, master trainer Irma Sandoval are phenomenal! At the end of the challenge not only I lost 20.2 pounds, a full size, and 7% body fat *I met wonderful and real people! *after spending lots of money and time with no results, I finally got a clean and clear skin by eliminating all the junk from my diet! *my low mood during the morning time was gone!!! * I learned to be disciplined! * most importantly I learned to love myself! I strongly recommend the fitness transformation academy challenges or membership to anyone, with any size and with any fitness goal out there!

Tan This LA

I really don't know what I would've done if I didn't find the fitness academy! I was a mess, my body ached all the time, I had absolutely no energy. I worked about 10 hrs a day, ate whatever I could get my hands on, came home ate dinner and went to bed. I must've gained about 40 pounds in one year! I had no social life because I was embarrassed to go anywhere because of the way I looked, I even stopped looking in the mirror! And I couldn't see my vagina anymore! That was it! I'd been following Irma on FB for almost two years and that was the day I made the infamous call! I didn't know what to expect all I new was I wanted to change my life, lifestyle I WAS READY! But still skeptical...I literally ran out of orientation crying...but I knew this was my last hope. If I didn't take the challenge, I was fit sure leaded down the path of DIABETES, HIGH CHOLESTEROL AND HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, as it ran in my family. Now I don't want to say it was easy but I wanted out of my fat body soooooo friggin badly, that I would've done anything and loved it as long as it would get me to where I wanted to be. With focus, determination support, the desire to really want more for yourself, and motivation and most important knowledge anything is possible! And I got all of that at the FITNESS TRANSFORMATION ACADEMY and much more! I and extremely happy and proud to say that I've lost a total of 52 pounds in 6 months! I went from a size 14 to a 3 from 181 lbs to 129 lbs...I couldn't believe it...but it's true! And all I did was listen to Irma and Taka,followed their nutrition plan, worked out 1 hour a day and magic happened! IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, BE HAPPY, HAVE ENERGY, LOOK GREAT NAKED, HAVE MORE CONFIDENCE...etc... GET DOWN TO THE FITNESS ACADEMY RIGHT NOW, YOUR BETTER BODY IS WAITING FOR YOU! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!

Francisca Curiel

Testimonial 1 After years of struggling with weight loss,I've finally found something that works. I tried gyms,Herbalife,Diets and Juicing .Nothing seemed to work. The frustration led me to give up. Recently I was diagnosed pre-diabetic,and I decided to do something about my health. Wasting time on Facebook,I came across a FTA Advertisement. I decided to contact them. I was amazed by their costumer service ! When I emailed them, they got back to me really quickly. In the program I learned how to make healthier choices. The workouts, the trainers,and the FTA family helped me through my journey. I'm really happy I chose to join their program. I'm happy to say I lost 22 pounds during the six week program. I'm going to continue working along with the FTA family on my journey to reach my goal. I highly recommend Fitness Transformation Academy to anyone who is serious about making a Life Change. Thank you FTA staff for all your support. ‪#MasterTrainerIrma‬#Taka#Bruno#MagicMike

Christina Iacono

Testimonial: This is was my first 6 week challenge. I was so nervous in the beginning. My first week, I could barely get through the exercises. Couldn't do a sit up. Push ups were not on my skill set! And for the love of all that's decent and holy I could not breath!!! Lol! But what I could do was trust the process and believe my body knew what to do and get the hell out of my own way!!! My friends and family know about my struggles with arthritis. My body hurts every day. There is never a day where I wake up and do not hurt. I let it get the better of me and have watched my weight creep up on me the last few years which of course only makes things worse. Hard to move, can't look in the mirror, cholesterol is outta control! I was emotional from the loss of my granddaughter. Afraid To fail because of a thyroid issue. I took this challenge because I wanted to do something for me. I wanted a healthier life. I wanted my children to see me be an example of not giving up! I showed up and did the work, with the help of my trainers and the best gym mates ever!!!!! This is an amazing place to show up to everyday! I look good. I feel good. It is the greatest place to find motivation. No judgement. Fun and fit Fam!!! I look forward to my gym time! I am so proud to say I lost 14.1 pounds!!!! Im so proud of me! Im forever grateful to Irma , Bruno, taka, Leslie and Rosa!!! You guys are forever family! I'm now a member and plan to continue my weight loss and have set another 20# in 6 weeks goal for myself! I got this!!!!!

Brenda Hernandez

I honestly don't know where to begin!! My name is Brenda H, mother of 2 beautiful kids, with my pregnancies gain a lot of weight. I tried everything to lose a few pounds and nothing seem to keep me interested long enough to commit to it! I've purchased pills, shakes, I did diet plan, and nothing motivated me to continue. Suddenly a friend told me about this excellent program to lose 20 in 6weeks for free and they had an orientation time that worked with my schedule and I had to see what this was all about. I listened to IRMA SANDOVAL the Master trainer talk about the program and some who were in the program spoke about their experiences and I wasn't sure I would be able to commit to this program. I almost walked out but I had a sense of defeat in my spirit and I refused give up and joined. I committed to 6 weeks plus some Saturday free boot camps and lost 26.8 lbs!! And I feel very proud and happy about myself because I feel good!! I was pre diabetic for two years and I just went at the Doctor and he told me everything now is fine and normal and I'm very happy because I'm not anymore pre diabetic. its GONE!! 6 weeks of eating right makes my body feel better ! My body aches-gone!! I am 5'3 and I weighed 165lbs -my heaviest ever and I am now 138lbs and still shrinking!! The trainers are wonderful and professional. They ALL know you by name and They will hold you accountable and have zero tolerance for excuses!! I love them ALL Irma, Taka, Leslie, Bruno, Mike .thank you all for being kind and transforming me into a healthier person. I really recommend if you want to transform your lifestyle please do not hesitate to contact FITNESS TRANSFORMATION ACADEMY.

Harsh Dharamshi

Shannon Caudill

I just finished the 8 Week warrior challenge and wanted to share my honest review about the program. I had awesome results and lost 20lbs in 8 weeks with correct diet and exercise. A few things to know before you start if you are considering the challenge: - You’ll be asked to put down a $500 deposit. I was ok with this as it was a very strong motivation for me to stick with the program and not cheat on the diet plan. I also considered this a way to “bet on myself” and if I were not to have met my goal I would have considered the money as services I paid for in the 2 months. A lot of people balk at the amount which is understandable but a lot of mornings it was the only thing that made me get out of bed. - If you do meet your goal you have a number of options to have your money returned to you. You can have them pay you back your deposit but the strongly push to have you remain a member of the gym. In the latter case your money will be kept on and you won’t have to pay membership dues for a few month until your deposit credit is used. - In your nutrition appointment they will recommend that you purchase supplements that they have vetted themselves to use throughout the program. This is optional and you can use supplements you researched yourself that still adhere to the guidelines. I had some dietary restrictions arise two weeks into the challenge and the staff was very flexible in letting me tailor the supplements usage to my needs. I ended up only using protein powder and glutamine and still being able to reach my goal. With that out of the way, I will say that this program was extremely effective for me. I lack a sense of accountability anytime I am dieting and exercising and this program provided me with that. I knew if I didn’t stick to the diet and exercise regimen I would lose my deposit, so every day I got up and ate right because I wanted my money back. However after a few weeks it stopped being about the money because I started to see result and get excited about the challenge. I began to look forward to workout outs and noticed I had more energy through the day. I also generally felt a lot less sick once I started eating better. I work better in a team environment and they gym has provided me with a sense of community and comradery. The trainers are high energy and motivational which makes me looks forward to class. There are also variations to exercises to make workouts more accessible or challenging as you progress through your challenge. Thank you Irma and Taka!

Guadalupe Funes

Great energy, friendly group, and amazing instructors!


Testimonial #1 A few months ago my best friend text me and tells me to check out this page on FB called FTA so I did after looking it over it seemed to have everything I was looking for, workouts and nutritional guidance. I was looking a gym to teach me new life habits not just for myself but also to teach my son .So my friend and I went to an orientation I didn’t have the money to sign up right that moment but I made a date to come back and start the 2 week free trial and then jumped into the 6 week challenge. Unfortunately for health reasons my friend couldn’t join. But I didn’t let that stop me I joined anyway I was ready for a new healthier life. I began the challenge April 16, 2016 I have to say this gym is way more than just a gym it’s a support system. The trainers are amazing…..(Leslie, Bruno, Taka, Rosa, Felipe and of course Master trainer Irma) it really doesn’t matter what your fitness level is whether you’re a beginner or a fit fanatic. The motivation these trainers give you keep you coming back every single day. The trainers will modify the work out to your level. I’ve been to quite a few gyms and I have to say this is the first one that I walked into that you really don’t feel any judgment from anyone. I never felt self conscious about if I was doing the exercise correct because there was always someone around to help me. The Diet was not bad to follow. With all the support from my family, friends and my FTA family the 6 week challenge went by really quick, the hardest thing for me was getting up at 4:20 AM to go to the 5 AM class. So here is what you all want to hear when I started the challenge I started at 220.5 pounds I am happy to say that thanks to the FTA program I weighed out at 201.7 on sat May 28th 6 weeks later. I was so happy with the results that I signed up for a second challenge I start June 4. It for me it will for you if your willing to put in the work. Hope to see you all in there.

Munira Virany

" Fear is a Reaction, Courage is a Decision" -Sir Winston Churchill. That is exactly the motto I abided by when I decided to do this 2nd challenge. Maintaining a steady weight is a struggle most of us have throughout our lives, because we don't, can't, or are unaware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle! I can attest to that because I did the 20lb challenge exactly 2 years ago and was doing really, really well for about 1.5 years and decided in the last 6 months that cheat meals were my "best friend". Then......,,,, you wake up one day and realize you are heavier, weaker and your "best friend" just failed you and is really the devil! Sure LIFE is crazy, stress is unmanageable BUT it gets in the way because you don't have your priorities straight. Exercise and healthy eating relieves stress and one hour of exercise a day is only 4% of your day! So………. I finally woke back up and got right back on the train and I hope that with this testimonial, you will too! 2 years later and a 2nd challenge later, I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. A healthy lifestyle is a win win for you and those around you as you are a much happier person all around! And.......all of this was made possible because of the recipe that FTA and Irma Sandoval has for you! Every time she says FTDI she does it because she wants you to succeed!!! I lost faith that I could tackle another challenge, she picked me up and I did it and this time lost 21.5lbs. In addition, the trainers, Taka Rivard, Bruno Pontes & Annette Olsen push you to your limits and beyond because they collectively want to see you succeed and get you back on the path of a healthy lifestyle and bottom line love seeing you Happy! Last but not least, a big thank you to all my workout buddies, you rock! Chocolate may be your aphrodisiac, but FTA is mine! Cheers to healthy living and looking your best!

J Garmon

This is a really amazing community of people working out to achieve personal and team challenge goals. Never thought I'd do the group workout thing until I met Irma, Taka, and the members here at TFA. Love this place! I Took the 6 week challenge to lose 20 lbs and did it! I needed to lose exactly 20 pounds (165 down to 145) so everyone said it would be too hard, very unrealistic. I've always been athletic and appeared in shape, but after 2 kids and work life... well you know what happens. But, I followed the regiment and it REALLY does work! I have never been a group workout type of person, but I honestly enjoy the community of members and "gym family" that continue to workout at FTA. Definitely worth every penny and I am becoming a member now. Love this place and my new family. If you're looking for a solo gym workout then go to planet fitness, 24 hour or one of those places... this is for motivated, enthusiastic people that want to get fit and want to see the people around them succeed at it too!

Jan Albert Uy

Lost 27 lbs in 6 weeks here. I dont know if I was lucky to be in an amazing group of people working out. But I am grateful for this place.

Shalyce Whitaker

This place will change your life for the better and the best part is it wrong feel like work. It's a family and no matter what they have your back.

MacKenzie Hobbs

I took the 20lbs in 6 weeks challenge. At the start of the challenge I didn't think I could possible lose 20 lbs. But today during the final weigh-in i have surpassed my goal. I lost 26.2 lbs in six weeks. I am so thankful for the Fitness Transformation Academy. To end the program I want to do a self-reflection on my diet and exercise habits. I have always enjoyed the active lifestyle. As life became overwhelmingly busy, I got lazy. I no longer took the time to plan and prepare for my meals, I took the easy way and convenient way. While the convenience was there, my confidence was not. I wasn't happy because I was no longer healthy nor energetic. Finally, I stumbled upon an info page about the Fitness Transformation Academy. With that discovery I decided to push myself further than I ever have. Of course I had my reservations, so I did some research into this program. I wasn't 100% sure that this could work, but I was willing to try anything that wasn't destroying my body with drugs or other cheating habits. When this program started I didn't think I could reach my goal. But I did, not surprisingly because I followed the damn instructions. You need to accept a life change, just not make a change in your life. The whole program is centered around teaching you to be healthy. I got the support I needed because of the amazing staff, encouraging and dedicated trainers. They worked with me to encourage and support me. By the end of the 6 week challenge, I felt an amazing difference in my body, both in strength and energy. Thank you #mastertrainerirma, #taka for being you. You guys have helped me so much. The last six weeks have been one of the most positive and encouraging experiences of my life. I feel motivated to continue my new lifestyle. It was far from easy but it was worth every sweaty moment. This challenge is for those that are committed to finding themselves within their own prison. Stat focused on the present so you can live the future.

Tijor 24

If I could give Zero stars I would. Fitness Transformation Academy was the worst mistake I ever made. Complete waste of money and time. The gym is very small and smelly. The coach looks like a self taught trainer. No real structure,doesnt have a clue as to what training is. Just an awful experience!

Diane Taylor

2 months ago I had my annual physical with my doctor that changed my outlook on my health. He prescribed several drugs for different aliments. My blood pressure was very high, my body pain was continuous and my cholesterol level was elevated. I decided right then, I needed to do something about it. I was on Facebook and saw an ad from (TFA) Transformation Fitness Academy. I reached out to Coach Irma and joined their program. Now I'm telling my story. My life before the challenge was exercising every now and then. I would fuel my body with unhealthy foods and unhealthy sleeping habits. I was only as good as my body. I was desperate for a change. Now that I have completed the challenge in 6 weeks I'm committed to me first. I take better care of my spiritual & physical body. I'm much stronger, wiser about my health and I can perform exercises I couldn't do when I began this journey. My blood pressure average is 110/70 and I lost 21.4 lbs. at TFA. I learned through this process that If I persevere I will win. I must plan or I will fail. Please find time for you body or sickness will find time for you. Its continuous and a permanent lifestyle change for me. At FTA Taka Rivard and Irma Sandoval coached me daily to success and swam laps with me. They worked at my pace and level. They were my biggest cheerleaders. FTA has a positive workout environment. I made new wholesome relationships that encouraged and supported me during this challenge. Taka and Irma have a successful plan that gives you desired results. You must follow the instructions!!! I'm grateful I had the pleasure to work with this dynamic duo team. If you truly want to change I recommend this program to my family, friends and unknown person. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Taka and Irma for investing in me all of your knowledge, time and expertise. I'm better because you did.

Heidi Henkle, L.Ac.

I signed up for the 8 week challenge and showed up on day one, hitting the ground running. In the beginning I was shocked at how weak and out of shape I felt. Little by little I got stronger and the routine became easier and easier, while the results slowly started to reveal themselves to me. It takes more than just saying you want to lose weight. It takes discipline, determination and wanting to be better. It was tough. It was brutal. It was wonderful. There were times when I was working out, feeling like I would die, and would look over to the person beside me who was struggling even more, and it made me realize that we were all in it together. The sense of community I felt was magical. The Fitness Transformation Academy has helped me get back to my core, my power and my strength. My final weigh out for the 8 week bikini challenge was this past weekend and I lost 20 pounds. This was days before my 50th birthday, so I was very happy, and a bit shocked to be honest. I am grateful to Irma and Taka for their inspirational motivation. There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed at 4:30am or even 6:30am, but the team dynamic that was created made it all worthwhile. This process of working out was absolutely transformational. I became addicted to the routine quite honestly. The amount of sweat that poured out of my body was comparable to that which I experienced in my youth as a competitive athlete. It felt incredible and the clarity and energy that I experienced was intoxicating. What revealed itself to me through this journey was my own integrity to myself and my health, and I am grateful for that to be realized from day one to the very last day of the journey. I am grateful and clear and stronger than ever before because today is the beginning of the rest of my life and it is through the discipline that I learned at FTA that I can move forward in my life, with the discipline to continually be better. Thank you, and a double thumbs up to your journey! In addition to that, I suggest you read the fine details and small print about the challenge and what is expected of you in order to complete your challenge successfully. I did not do that and it was not clear to me the extent of what was expected of me, and for that reason I am suggesting that you do ask clarifying questions so that you can enter the program with clarity and integrity, to be successful. I do recommend this challenge absolutely to those who are ready to embrace a fabulous transformational physical challenge, and to be part of a wonderful supportive community of warriors with leaders who will give you their all, ready to meet you wherever you are. No judgement. Just love sweat and transformation! Warriors forever!! Peace out. After challenge completed, turns out the founder has zero integrity. She makes you jump through hoops to get your money back, which was the reason for doing the challenge in the first place because it is advertised as "FREE". Many promises with no follow through. I think the challenge should be taken off the table so she doesn't have to return any money to people who successfully complete their challenge because it brings out the worst in her as a person. Bad business model. It's unfortunate because I think the place could be magical if it weren't for the feeling in my gut based on bad juju. She's happy to take, whether it's free sessions of healing, or discounts, or your money, but it's not a reciprocal energy exchange. I have found over and over in life that without integrity, nothing works. Plain and simple. Life lessons yet to be learned over there.

Monica Alvarez

I decided to try this place out because a friend of ours was going to the camp 20 gyms and honestly thought this was going to be the same, but wow I think not. The orientation was just 2 of us, guess that should have raised the red flag. Anyways they ask you to write a paragraph about why they should SELECT you to join the program, then they do the orientation and not once they read your paragraph they select you if you have the means to pay the $497 fee to do the 6 week challenge. Big dummy here signed up, and that was that. Was told to come in on the Friday before the training began to get weighed in and get the manual to FTDI oh and to buy all their supplements (another $300+) down the drain. The day of the weigh in, Irma had 3 interns assisting her, one to take pictures, one to learn the bs marketing of why you have to buy the supplements and the other to pull all the contracts & papework together, prior to showing up they never advised to show up in workout gear. So now lets move on to day 1. OMG the workouts were awesome. I felt great, I sweated and felt awesome. I was following the minimal stuff you could eat and drinking the gallon water, on that week 2 (Monday) I weighed in and was bummed to have only lost 2 lbs, that continued. by week 3 I was asking the trainers on the FB secret page (where you were instructed to post all your questions) for help. Why weren't my numbers moving?? Should I start carb cycling? Not one answer from anyone. And don't ask them anything after the classes they have no time to answer your silly questions. I finally went to the dr and my dr said my hyper-thyroidism had returned and needed to go back on medication and that was probably one reason my numbers were not moving plus she said that my body was not use to eating so much (3 meals and 2 protein shakes with sugar). week 4 I took it upon myself to carb cycle, still no change with my weight. week 5 I continued asking for help, still nothing. Oh but Irma and Taka were always on facebook reminding you to post all there marketing pics on your facebook posts or you'd not get your money back. at this point I was done with this place, they get your $497 but they aren't there to help you. All they want is your money. Irma is a bully and she's classless. She ridiculed a fellow challenger for all to see on the private page for not following the instructions. How dare you when your Intern-coach failed to do her job by changing his FB page. they claim in the manual to meet with you after week 3 to see why your numbers aren't moving, but not once did they meet with us, nor call and ask us what is wrong. I spoke to many doing the challenge at the real camp TA and they said the trainers there would call them and were all super encouraging and wanted you to succeed. The best was on weigh out, Irma tried getting a challenger that lost the 20 lbs to film a testimonial and that brave woman said "first of all don't call me sweetie when I asked you a question on week 1, you told me to not speak to me" BRAVO Ruta! Put that bully in her place, how's that for someone to treat you the way you treat them. Since I didn't lose and I did like the workouts I was interested in finding out the cost to join, haha they wanted another $997 for the year! who is she kidding, you don't clean your gym, the floors are filthy, you don't have a shower, you keep the AC off. Irma its time you FTDI and do all you claim in your manual.

Suleyma Ramirez

I recommend this academy hell to the yeah!!! Great coaches their workouts are awesome both coaches are awesome they give

Ivette D

I'm so happy I decided to do the 21 Day Detox. I was nervous and unsure I could do it but I pushed through my insecurities and my hard headed ways. I listened to my trainers and followed the instructions. The first week was the hardest because I chose to start hard and juice the first 3 days. I almost juiced the full 3 days but my body was speaking to me and Irma said LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. So I did. I ate a healthy measured meal and quickly felt my insecurities melt away. I knew I could do this program. As week 2 came along I noticed my skin GLOW, I mean I was actually glowing. I usually do t wear foundation or powder so I was able to tell and my skin cleared up as well. I was liking what I saw, not to mention my stomach by then had gotten flatter and I was walking around my home with hardly anything on, I never do that....I got confidence by week 2. Starting week 3 I was super happy my my workouts got more intense because I was able to go up in weights and do box push-ups, assisted pull ups and I hit a record of sit-ups. All mind you things I never had the strength to do prior. This was amazing. I was proud of my achievements and I kept surprising myself. The compliments of my skin glowing came up people literally were telling me I was GLOWING!!!! I also got many many compliments as to how much thinner I had gotten and what I was doing. It was overwhelming and motivated me to work harder. I started my 21 day Detox challenge weighing 133.5 lbs and finished weighing 123.3. I lost 8.4% body fat, I was at 31% body fat and finished at 23.2% body fat, I also lost 5.5 inches off my waist!!! My self esteem is much better, I'm proud of my accomplishments and I want to keep this up. My multiple Sclerosis was not an excuse for me. I pushed through my weaknesses and the soreness and the pain. There is always pain when we work out but I've learned to deal with pain. Pain is good when it's you working your butt off. I know you can do it. Don't doubt yourself or be a procrastinating person. There is no time like the present. So you all know I am completely against trump face. So for my motivation to finish the program and hit my goal at weighing in at 125 lbs. I told myself if I didn't hit my mark I would pay $199 to the trump administration/supporting group. FTP! I did it. I hit my mark and beat it. I weigh now what I weighed in high school!!!! Do the Detox program and find something that motivates you. #mastertrainerirma #trainertaka I couldn't do without you both, being my supporters and not letting those negative thoughts or ideas come to my head, I kept hearing your voices in my head whenever I doubted myself, thank you.

Abel Balderas

Coming up on my second year at Fitness Transformation Academy I thought it was the appropriate time to write a review. All my life I have struggled with weight loss as probably most of whomever is reading this. I’ve tried most of the food diets, gyms memberships and supplements to battle weight loss. But now hitting two years at Fitness Transformation Academy, I can strongly say it works for me. I’ve read some of the other reviews here and I want to give some input from someone who 2 years ago was at almost 300 pounds. I was having chest pains and shortness of breath. As a dentist, I know the value of good health, but it just seemed like a losing battle until I joined Fitness Transformation Academy. I lost over 40 lbs in 9 months, half of that weight was lost during the challenge that most people hear about. I’ve maintained my weight for over a year now because I continue to attend classes. A strong motivator for keeping up with the classes is that all the other students feel the same struggle as I do. Weight loss is a challenge. Controlling my eating is a challenge. Regular exercise is a challenge. What’s great about FTA is that weight loss is a challenge for all the members. Whether your struggle comes from loving to eat or because something is eating at you, we all need something extra to motivate us and keep us motivated. I’ve never kept up with any weight loss program more than 2 or 3 months, so to be coming up on my 2 year mark is an enormous accomplishment for me. And it's a great testimony that their program works. Irma and Taka are great motivators. I’ve read the other reviews and yes, they can appear to be harsh, but it’s not that at all. It’s because they really care about helping people achieve their goat and all of us who struggle with weight loss know that sweet talk doesn’t cut it sometimes. My recommendation is think about what you’ve tried in the past and if FTA seems different you should focus on what you want as an ultimate goal and not about the small stuff. You owe it to yourself for a new life. Since I’ve lost over 40 lbs I haven’t had another episode of chest pain or shortness of breath and now I'm in the most positive relationship ever. Good luck to all who battle weight loss, I hope you find what is right for you. You only have one life to live. Enjoy it.

R Salumbides

If you are ready to make a change and focus on YOU for a change, than this is the place. Here you are more than just physically challenged, but they will get you thinking about your mental and spiritual toughness too. I never realized that I was letting so much get in the way of ME. I have done many challenges, as I continue to set new goals. Each time, feeling more and more confident and challenged to keep moving forward. Newest challenge- 8 Wk Bikini Challenge- Success! Another challenge in the record books. I think this makes me 8 and 0. I loss 22+ lbs over the last 8 weeks and honestly, I never thought I had that much to lose. I walked into the Fitness Academy 15 months ago and in total have lost 90 lbs and just over 30% body fat- pretty amazing. I feel AMAZING, stronger and healthier than I ever felt. As I enter the 49th year of living, I am feeling ready to conquer the world and whatever it throws my way. This program with it's step by step plan, support and accountability is exactly what I have been looking for my entire adult life. Since having children, I struggled with my weight and never quite found the recipe for change. Thank you Taka Rivard and Irma Sandoval- the fitness Academy really changes lives.

Francesca Luna

Testimonial: 6 Week Challenge If you want a great fitness program in a friendly and supportive environment this is the place for you! Last summer, I noticed I'd put on a few pounds more than I was ever used to. As you can imagine I was pretty upset with myself and decided I was going to start working out! Pretty easy, right? Problem solved... Wrong! I was never very good at motivating myself. Yeah, I would start strong, get lazy and lose interest in less than a week. It was easier just to go back to the bad habits that got me unhealthy in the first place. And all that did was send me to a pretty dark place where I was in a crappy mood all the time. I seriously was depressed and disgusted with how I looked and felt. I knew I had to do something to drag myself out of this place I was in. I remembered seeing the advertisement for FTA on Facebook a couple years ago. It was always in the back of my mind. But I knew with my work schedule I could never make any of the classes. I went to an orientation just to see what it was all about, and knew it was for me. Earlier this year an opportunity came up, FINALLY where I was able to adjust my schedule to fit them in and I jumped at the chance to change it! I knew I couldn't let this Pass Me By. It was now or never to make that personal investment in myself and Dear God thank you for letting things fall into place! I'm so glad I did! I am 21.3 pounds lighter than I was 6 short weeks ago and I am more full of life and energy and happiness then I have been in a long time thanks to my FIT Family and my Awesome Trainers. Yes, I call them my FIT family because that's exactly how they treat me. Like Family. From the moment you walk in the door and throughout the workouts you receive love and support and encouragement. What impressed me the most about the Owners' and their facility is their sincerity and dedication to building a more healthy community. They really want everyone who comes through the doors to succeed, not only within these walls but in our lives! I am learning how to become strong mentally and physically, and how to make better choices for a fit and healthy life. Coming here and joining this family was the best decision I could have made for myself. I feel like I'm 25 all over again! Happy, healthy and sexy! ;) It feels great to be part of team again. Thank you, FTA!

Deven Robinson

This is my testimony for the the Member 8 week Bikini Challenge! I have been with FFFTA since February 2015 when I started my first 6 week challenge; (which by the way I vomited after every class for the first week). Now 1 year and 3 months later, I've completed: Two 6 week challenges (lost 35 lbs), one 8 week bikini challenge (lost 19 lbs 4% body fat), countless 6am morning workouts (some including wall twerking, box jumps, burpees, planking, doing over 100 sit ups in 2 1/2 minutes, conquering the bosou balls, lifting weights, just to name a few) and I'm 4 sizes smaller, I have more energy and I have learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This 8 week challenge was a lot more difficult than I expected, but I stayed focused, remembered my why when it got tough or when I was too tired to get up, meal prepped and always FTDI. I have learned as long as you stay consistent and listen to your trainers, you will ALWAYS, ALWAYS get results. I have never experienced a gym like this one. I have felt love, support and encouragement from my first day with the 6am class led by Lauren Bland. All of the trainers have been amazing, helpful, fun and I love how they challenge you and always hold you accountable. If you want to change your lifestyle, learn healthy eating habits, have amazing fun workouts, make new friends all while losing weight and transforming your body then I would recommend this program for you. I have made many amazing friends here while completely transforming my body and I thank all of them for being so supportive. I love you all and I will miss seeing your sweaty smiling faces in the Lightside and Darkside. Thank you to Rosa Leslie SixWk Coordinator for being such a badass beast and encouraging me to get uncomfortable and challenge myself. I didn't think I could do it, but I did, and she believed it first and for that I will always love her!

Elise Bowles

A friend persuaded me to visit for Buddy Week and I was hooked! The atmosphere is great, coaches energetic and most of all supportive to your goals. This is a gym where they take the time to get to know you and your goals, and more importantly encourage you to achieve them. This is a class based "Warrior" workout, so no waiting in lines for the meatheads to stop hogging the equipment. Everyone moves everyone does the same and everyone achieves, no one is left behind. I have been going to the 5:30pm or 6:30pm classes with Coach Taka and he has motivated and encouraged every step of the way. Whether it is "one more" or in the discussions during cool down. Coach Irma has helped me get a handle on my food and the 2 are a winning combination. I have just completed the 21 day detox challenge and lost 10lbs, 2inches off my waist and dropped 2% body fat. I'm committed and now starting my 6wk challenge to drop another 20lbs! I'm taking this time for me and not only have I improved my fitness, but my health, my mental balance and have more energy for life! Why would you not do that!!

Grace Leon

*Many people have sent me messages asking me what I am doing and how did I get to this point. Here is my story. **Final: lost 16lbs and 4% body fat Testimonial: I started my journey with Fitness in May 2015, I weighed 201 lbs. That was my breaking point. I was hopeless and unhappy. I started Weight Watchers and walking 3 miles, 5 times a week and lost 24lbs. I got motivated and I knew I needed to add more to my exercise regime. I came across an ad on Facebook for Fitness Transformation Academy "lose 20lbs in 6 weeks". In Oct 2015 I got started! This proved to be exactly what I was looking for, a family environment with lots of love and support. Knowledgeable trainers who seemed to really care. I struggled with the 6 week challenge as the meal prep and food I was not used to and only lost 11 lbs. I didn't let this discourage me. I got back on the horse with support from Bruno, Taka Irma, Annette. I did my second challenge the 8 week Bikini challenge and loved it! This time around I followed the meal prep and diet. I worked out 5 days a week and saw immediate results. I pushed myself even harder to get stronger with the help of Taka who never let me rest on my laurels. FTA has helped me gain confidence and happiness in all areas of my life and most important, made me the healthiest and fittest I have ever been. I love my fit life and cannot imagine my life without it.

Nicólas Cruz

Review of Challenge #2 at Fitness Transformation Academy I decided to take the challenge again because I really enjoy working out at this location. The trainers always push you to work harder and to become a better version of yourself. On top of it, the people coming are always full of energy and positive energy, which makes the work outs enjoyable. This second time was more about pushing my boundaries and becoming stronger a committed to this new adventure. I was and still I am not looking for a short-term solution, instead I am looking for a long and successful transformation. I know there is still work to do, but I am glad and happy that I can make it here at the FTA community. I am always surrounded and supported for great people. Everyone has his or her own opinion and experience at this place but at the end of the day it is all about what YOU are willing to do not for anyone else but yourself. So I would suggest to anyone to come and check this place out. Experience it. I did it and I don’t regret it. Looking forward to a long, great and hard series of workouts more with the FTA family! P.S. Bright side; best side ☺.

shaniece allen

Two months ago I signed up for a six-week 20 pound weight loss challenge I went to an orientation not really knowing what to expect. So me and my coworker sat there and heard what they had to say they informed us that the challenge would require a deposit however if you completed the challenge you will receive your money back. i was a bit skeptical but i figured why not give it a try I know I had weight to lose and I was willing to spend money on liposuction so why not go the cheaper route and try the challenge. The challenge consisted of a meal plan and workout that's it. as long as you follow the instructions you shouldn't have a problem with being successful. I'm pleased to say that it was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm completely happy with my results and I can't wait to see how stronger and sexier. I can get with this next 8 week challenge that I'm about to do. i had the pleasure to workout with two of the trainers that work there (Bruno and leslie) and they were nothing short of outatanding. there motivation through out the the workouts keep you going and striving for better. they push you to be the best you. I have had knee surgery in the past and they were able to help with workout modifications. thanks guys you were were great.

Tania Wilson

I FEEL LIKE I AM 20 YRS OLD!!!! I completed my 2nd 8 Week Bikini Challenge and I must say...I am amazed at the amazing results!!! After my 1st 8 Week Challenge, I was so happy with my progress, and honestly, stuck around for a 2nd one because my husband wanted to do a 2nd 8 Week to get his body fat even lower. I did not expect to see dramatic results again, and yet, at the end I could not be happier with my physique. I NEVER thought I could look like this - I NEVER believed it was possible to build this much muscle and still look feminine. I certainly NEVER expected to be this strong and yet with the help of FTA and the amazing trainers, I have surpassed every goal I ever thought attainable. This challenge is not for the meek - it will seriously challenge you. You will be cooking - alot. It will become a routine part of every week to shop for healthy ingredients and take a weekend day to cook and prep for the week. BUT IT WORKS!!!! We are highly specialized powerful machines and without the proper fuel, we cannot be expected to work optimally. The people at this gym are real - that is one of my favorite aspects of FTA - no ridiculous "LA gym culture" here - no makeup, dripping sweat and the messier your hair gets during your workout, the better the workout and the better your results. We work hard. We play hard. We eat right. I am now officially a member of FTA and really can't imagine my life without this place or the amazing people I've been lucky enough to meet. FTA has been a blessing and a savior for me - as someone with PCOS, I have increased risk of depression, cardiac issues and diabetes because my hormones are always in flux. FTA gave me the tools to truly turn my life around. If you've been dissapointed by Doctors, let down by wacky diet programs and clueless about getting real results in the gym - rest assured, FTA is here to help you succeed. We will expect hard work & determination - but boy oh boy, just wait until you see the results and feel the love of your fellow FTA gym buddies...IT'S ADDICTIVE!!! I started my first challenge in late October - to recap my results: Starting Bodyfat: 44% Final Bodyfat: 22.7% (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Starting Clothing Size: 12 Final Clothing Size: 6 Starting Weight: 166 Final Weight: 135

Sherry Xu

What’s unique about this gym is the positive energy and encouragement. We work in teams and have fun. You know people are there waiting for you, helping you and cheering you up. I always coming out of the gym feeling pumped up for the day. Coach Irma and Coach Taka literally transformed myself and I’m grateful to have found them in my life! I can’t believe I’m finishing up my 6 week challenge tomorrow! Here is my review of the program: *How was life before you started the Academy? Before I started the academy, I was constantly feeling tired, unhappy with my body image and weight, but didn’t think it will change because I “didn’t have time.” I tried not to go out or take photos with my family because I wasn’t confident with myself. *Why did you decide to do the 6 week challenge? It was by chance after a critical event in my life and wanted to focus on get my personal life on track. 2019 is a year of renewal and self care. I was so happy to find Transformation Fitness Academy (by mere chance or destiny?) and I signed up with Coach Irma on the first visit. This is the best choice I made this year! *What was the hardest part of the challenge? The hardest part was making the initial commitment (it took me almost two decades) and then stick to it. I tried my best to work out everyday and eating healthy is challenging. **What did you learn about yourself in this challenge? I learned in this challenge that I have potential and I have perseverance. No matter rain or shine, I showed up because Coach Irma, Coach Taka and my wonderful workout buddies were there waiting for me! Where there is a will, there is a way! *How is life after the 6 week challenge? Life is fabulous - I got a lot of compliments from family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. I’m proud about what I achieved in the challenge and will keep working on keeping myself in good shape. *Would you recommend it to your friends and family! I will absolutely recommend this program to my friends and family! In fact, I’m bringing them to the gym myself to show how supportive people are so that they don’t have to wait as long as I did to take better care of themselves! Thank you so much, Coach Irma and Coach Taka for helping me transform my life in 6 weeks!

Lily P

Irma is intense but both she and the FTA team are the real deal! I needed someone to not care for my excuses, to kick my butt and to push me because I never had the motivation to do it myself. I knew I wanted to take the challenge since December 2016 but got into a horrible car accident that same month which led to a road of excuses. I was scared to workout after the accident because of my constant shoulder, back, and hip pain. My doctor recommended physical therapy, pain medication, and exercise to alleviate the pain...I only chose the first two but felt temporary improvement. I felt I would always need medication to ease the pain. I again reconsidered taking the challenge but kept making EXCUSES! I read every single review on FB trying to find a reason NOT to join. I focused on the negative reviews to justify my excuses but only realized that if I wanted to take this challenge, I needed to let go of it all and take a chance. I saw this as my only route. After successfully completing the 20 lb 6 Week challenge, I am happy to report I am no longer in any pain from my accident, I have been cleared from physical therapy, taken off medication from my doctor, I can now lift 20 lb weights on each arm (I started out with the 5 lb weights), I feel energized, and am stronger than when I started!

Susan Johansson

If I can do it, you can do it! I have completed the 6 week member challenge at Fitness Transformation Academy. I have been a member for three years and never participated in a challenge. I thought that showing up 5 days a week and working out would allow me to eat whatever I wanted and I would be able to maintain my weight. Not so. The number on the scale kept creeping up and one night at class with the #darkside, I was encouraged by supportive members, and trainers, who never give up on anyone, to step up and take the challenge. The biggest change for me was the food and to be successful meal planning and prepping was essential. I wrote out a menu each week, prepared food in advance, and followed the instructions. Eating every three hours was an adjustment but soon became normal. As I started to feel stronger and more energetic, I was able to complete 2 workouts a day thanks to the other members and encouragement of the trainers Taka and Master Trainer Irma. I weighed out today and lost 12 pounds and 8% body fat in 6 weeks. I was very pleased with what I had accomplished in 6 weeks. I don’t know why it took me so long to step up and take the challenge, but I am glad I listened to the words of the supportive trainers and my fitness family. Don’t be afraid, you too can do this!

Kirk Lazaruk

I just completed the 8 week challenge and here is my frank review. 1. First my background - I am 59 and came in at 6'-1" and 220#'s. My body fat was over 30%. My target was 198. I did not make my weight but that wasn't because of the program, that was because I had a medical mishap and surgeries that cost me two weeks. I wound up around 202/203 with 6 weeks of participation. A brand new suit which I had bought two months before I started the program now needs to be altered because it is too lose. I lost 2.5" rom my waist band. I didn't have the medical interference, I surely would have made the weight. 2. The workouts are a very effective way to get motivated and they are modified to fit your level of fitness. 3. This is not a Gold Gym type of place. The music is upbeat. It is a place for everyday people who are trying to get healthier. If you want to be the next Arnold, this is not the place. If you want to get fitter, build up a core and get toned (and stronger) then try this place. 4. The workouts consist of warm up, 5-10 exercise that are mostly body-weight floor exercises with a mix in of dumbbells and TRX type bands. 5. A nutritional guide is provided to you and if you follow it, you will lose weight. I got a little bored with it but it works. KEY TO KNOW - ITS YOUR OWN FOOD. IRMA DOESNT SELL YOU FOOD - YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE MARKET - WHICH IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. 6. Lastly, I always felt better when I left then when I went in! Delete review Kandice Q. Kandice Q. Azusa, CA 3 friends 1 review Share review Embed review Compliment Send message Follow Kandice Q. 5.0 star rating 5/1/2018 The 8 week program changed my life! I've always been one to struggle with my weight and just over all will power to loose it but with Irma and the FTA's fami

Yoli Melgoza

Awesome !! Best life changing decision I made for myself I lost a total of 30.6lbs ...4lbs on VIP 2week free trial & 26.0 on the 6week challenge. I loved this place so much that now I am a lifetime member. My cholesterol dropped 60points as well which was awesome!!! I am on my way to a long healthy life ....Transformation Fitness Academy is the only place that actually worked. I tried every diet every fitness center I actually live around the corner from 24hr fitness but I drive to FTA everyday for my workouts because it works ...the results are proof... 17yrs I struggled trying to lose weight...Irma is the best trainer . She motivates you & pushes you to never give up. I am thanking god each day for leading me to FTA...I am not stopping... I am going to get lean..toned & fit!!! Thank you FTA for changing my life!!

Mar Lopez

I finished my very first 6 weeks challenge. I lost a total of 26lbs..let me tell you it wasn't easy I struggled a bit with meal prepping but I couldn't continue this overweight lifestyle. I strongly recommend to drink your gallon of water everyday and make sure you attend 5 days a week a session. I strongly recommend instead of using the elevator use the stairs and instead of parking your car in front of the store park the farthest possible. I was lucky to find a motivated trainer, I felt like family, I felt like a team and I felt like someone cared for me. I look back at my phone and noticed that I stop taking pictures of me and if there is a photo I would take a side photo to avoid seeing the double chin. I now have energy, feel confident, can walk around with a sport bra without getting judge. I am now able to fit in size Small. Last I remember- I was size small in middle school that is 20 years ago..sign up and you will see that in a matter of weeks u will get results!! Have any questions I am here to help!!

Michelle Nah

Testimonial 1- I'd just first like to say that this place has definitely changed my life ! I have never been able to stick to a meal/workout plan like I have during my 6 wk challenge . The energy here is great, the trainers are awesome and the workouts are fun . I have always dreaded working out but I actually looked forward to going to the workouts ! There have been numerous diets that I have tried to lose weight but I always found myself quitting after 2-3 weeks. I lost an overall 14.1 pounds during these 6 weeks and I could not have been any happier with my gains. If you wanna lose weight and are having a hard time doing it by yourself then this is the place to come to. :)


Friendly employees, prices too high

Alicia Deleon

Norma Polanco

This is the best place in the world! I joined the 6 week challenge and lost 17lbs. Coaches Irma and Taka are amazing and if you just follow what they're instructions you will accomplish your fitness goal!! I feel more energetic,focused and over all I feel great!

Jeff Hirschberg

I have just completed the Fitness Transformation Academy 8 Week Challenge in which I lost a total of 32.7 lbs and I don’t plan on stopping. FTA offers not just a gym but an environment where members work out in groups and offer motivation and support. The coaches advise members not only on fitness but a diet plan designed to drop weight. The energy from the trainers and other members is infectious. You will want to succeed. instructions, you will triumph and be ready to set the next set of goals. This is not a scam. If you work-out and follow thei

Julie Hirschberg

I started the 8 Week Challenge with my husband after our boys left for college and we needed to make changes in our lives. We ate out a lot and portion control wasn’t really in our lives. First we did a 21 Day Detox which helped get us get started. Then we took on the 8 Week Challenge. The Challenge far succeeded my expectations and I feel better than I have in years. I was a person who never exercised. Now I do two sessions a day. I finished the Challenge losing a little over 10% of my starting weight (that was the goal of the Challenge), 3% body fat and 20” overall. I went from a size 12 to a size 6. It wasn’t always easy but with the help of the trainers and my fellow challengers I made it through to the end. But it’s not over. I will continue to come to the workouts and follow my eating. And find a partner in your personal life or someone you are accountable to at the gym. It really does help. Lean on your fellow challengers for support and recipes. If you follow the instructions set forth, you will have success but you need to make it happen. You need to get up and move, change your old bad habits to new ones. Eat right, move your body, follow the instructions and success will be yours!

Lynde Kaufman

The workouts were constantly changing, which made it much more exciting! The coaches challenged and pushed us. I was so tired and blah throughout the day until I started these early morning classes. Now, I have tons of energy and feel great! I’m so glad I found fitness academy. It totally saved me!

xochitl lira

Worst place ever staff judges. They make you join the gym if not they will criticize you and make you feel like you can't do it.

Russ Player

Testimonial - May 2016 . . . . I’ve completed 4 challenges at the Fit and Fun Transformation Academy (“FTA”) since September of 2015 and am hooked. I first heard of this program when my wife joined around June 2015. I watched her shed more than 20 pounds over 6 weeks and was completely blown away with her results. I needed to experience this “free” challenge first hand. I highlight free, because there is a semantic argument regarding the use of the term free which is recurring in many of the negative reviews. The program requires a REFUNDABLE $497 deposit. If you follow the program, including social media requirements which some deem onerous, and lose 20 pounds you will be eligible for a full refund. Feel free to decide on your own whether this qualifies as free. I attended my first group session in September 2015 after nearly a decade of lethargy, apathy and a healthy dose of parenthood saw my weight balloon to nearly 300 pounds. The first week was very challenging. I experienced intense muscle soreness and regular cramping. As the days and the workouts progressed, I came to understand that embedded within the pain was growth. I learned that working out relieved the soreness. I’m not sure when it happened, but I grew to embrace the pain and looked forward to it. I lost approx.. 32 pounds during that 6 week challenge and another 22 during my second. Fast forward to May 7, 2016 . . . I’ve just completed my second 8 week warrior challenge and have lost a total of 70 pounds. Over the course of the challenges, I reduced my body fat by 8%. The thing I like most about FTA is that the workouts, even after 8 solid months of grinding, remain challenging. There is an adaptability for each movement that allows for an appropriate challenge for both advanced and novice members. It’s posted on the wall that a 1 hour workout is roughly 4% of the day. I have found that devoting the 4% has been the simplest part of the program. I have also learned just how little I knew about nutrition. The nutritional aspects of this program are presented in a manner making them applicable to a broad audience. In short, there is a list of approved ingredients, and general guidelines on protein/carb/vegetable proportions. There is a direct relationship between my adherence to these guidelines and my results. I’ve done as many as 11 sessions in a week and crappy eating habits have resulted in crappy results. I’ve been away from the gym and have lost weight and body fat percentage when I followed the guidelines. In my opinion, the beauty of this program is that it provides me with a roadmap and placed the keys to success within my control.

Paloma Pozos

This place has helped put my life back on track! Trained with both Coach Irma and Coach Taka! I loved their style of coaching and the atmosphere that they have created in their gym. This place truly cares about your well being and progress that you make physically and spiritually. I was given an amazing diet to follow and Coach Irma was always on top of me making sure I had no questions. This place is all about teamwork and encouragement. If you are looking for a fit fam this is truly the place to be at! Remember if you join the team you must be ready to sweat!!! #coachirma

Laura Galperson

I was going through a really rough patch in my life and and gained weight. And then my joints started hurting really badly and a rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I could barely walk, I was in that much pain. I hurt everywhere! A bunch of the teachers at my son's elementary school, as well as a few of the moms, did the 20 pound/42 day or 8 week bikini challenge at FTA and they were all successful! I decided to give it a try although I never in a million years thought that I could lose 20 pounds in 40 days! Working out five days a week (or more sometimes) has changed my life for the better. I have followed the FTA meal plan in totality and, to be honest, I enjoyed the foods and I was never hungry. This is a very different kind of place. There are no fancy locker rooms are showers or a sauna. Those are not the things that change your life or lead to success. At FTA, the focus in on a classroom with trainers, music and equipment. The trainers are so amazing and totally encouraging - they really push you to meet your goal. In addition, you will meet wonderful and diverse group of individuals who are incredibly supportive and who I now call friends - we are all in this together! When I started six weeks ago, I felt like I was the least coordinated person on earth but I was encouraged and now I can do all of the exercises. In addition, every day the routine is different and the workout is inspiring. You are encouraged to push yourself as hard as you can. There are lots of high-fives! I never knew that was what I needed, but it works! I am not a morning person, but I look forward to my 6 AM workout or 7 AM workouts. I cannot thank my trainers Leslie, Isabella, Magic Mike, Irma and Taka enough. They believed in me even when I thought that losing 20 pounds in 42 days was impossible and I surprised myself by losing 22.1 pounds!!!! I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment and will continue working out at FTA. I no longer have any pain, and when I went back to the rheumatologist last week, she did not find evidence of fibromyalgia!!!! The sense of accomplishment that I feel from completing this challenge has carried over into my personal and professional life. I now know that once you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. Thank you again FTA, you are the best! I'm looking forward to losing another 10 lbs with y'all and keeping it off for good!!!

Eleanor Murray

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