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8017 Atlantic Ave, Cudahy, CA 90201 Located in: Cudahy Mall

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REVIEWS OF Chuze Fitness IN California

Carmen López

I really like this gym. Very clean and not crowded! The staff is VERY friendly and welcoming. I would rate it 5 stars but the sauna is still out of service

Freddy Cruz

Diana Rocha

Viri Conde

Just signed up this week I'm in day 2 and I love it! Friendly people greet you as soon as you walk in! And when you leave there is room for everyone. Staff is amazing and friendly.! I love my workout I have all the machines available. I havent tried the pool yet but I'm so excited for it. This gym is really cool! And they have a cinema inside! Score!!!

melissa aguiar

Nice gym .. customer service was grate ... only thing is I would like a keto friendly smoothie on the menu

Lovely_Jen Lifestyle

I won a free 31 day trial on Instagram check out my video on how this happen on Lovely_JenLifestyle Video is title : INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY and then this happened

Perla Hernandez

michelle barrera

Me and my husband went last night for the first time!! We Finally found a great gym we both feel comfortable going into to ..

Yolanda Morales

Andy Ibarra

Great location, machines and amenities but there was a deal breaker for me. The part the was a deal breaker for me was not allowing bags on the gym floor. Every other gym around the area doesn’t have this rule. I carry my foam roller, lifting belt, wrist wraps, wrist straps and even my running shoes in my gym bag for obvious reasons. I don’t want to be running back and forth to my locker. Whats gonna happen when the gym gets busier and they can’t control the amount of people and bags on the gym floor. Makes no sense to enforce a rule that eventually will get ruled out due to the amount of traffic coming in.

Mar B

Edward Cervantes

Oralia Romo

J Mars

I love this gym the classes are awesome !! And I love the theater room!!!

Heladio Mendoza

Dorothy Parra

All employees were busy assisting new members meanwhile I'm just there waiting for a tour all geared up. Nice gym is a plus especially right across the street, but customer service is ehh

jose castellanos

Hajar Benhnia

I love this gym. To bad they have those days they put on music that works.on my nerves. I understand 98% is Hispanic. But i dont have to listen to traditional Latin music. Not really motivating when im working out. I love all the people who work at this location. Super nice and sweet and helpfull. They remember my name and they always say hi. Restrooms are very very very clean! And sometimes the steam room is out of order. Little bit annoying. It happened a couple times. They call themselves 24hour, but they actually don't. I wish they were longer open on Fridays and Saturdays. They close at 10 pm. And 8 pm. I think that's toooo early. Wish that could change in the future.

William Arteaga


(Translated by Google) What I see that has steam sauna is ideal one hour of cardio and then steam sauna is what I was waiting for (Original) Lo que veo que tiene sauna de vapor es ideal una hora de cardio y despues sauna de vapor es lo que estaba esperando y serca

Liss Gallardo

Great staff! Classes are amazing and so is the equipment. Restrooms are clean and that’s a big plus

George Lepe

Man where is the sauna

Janice Montes

It's nice but it would be better of it was 24 hours. The hours are too complicated.

Alex Palma

Love it

_paloma negra

martha villalobos

Not packed ... great environment .. love the theater cardio


Looks cool and big but way over price.think I'll just stay at planet fitness...

gerald grand

New place,nice and clean!

Jorge Ortiz

Rolando Avendaño

Peter Moran

When is it open???

shelsie quiroz

I love this gym! The staff here is really nice which I love. The gym is never to full I can always find an opening for whatever I need. The cinema room and hydro massage are my favorite things here.

Marco R

The Cudahy location has been open for less than 1 month, and the pool has already been closed twice for a faulty pump.

robe guti

First time walking in this gym and already the service is bad. Never coming back. LA Fitness tops this place anyday.

Hector M

This place was good in the first month but it’s gone down. They got three saunas but only one works and that tiny room really just at regular temperature with lights. It’s super packed in the evenings majority are weights hogs.

David Thorne

I took the tour and the place seemed pretty cool. The reason i gave it three stars is due to the limited classes and how the scheduling for the classes is done. The website says "schedule your class", but you can't, you have to show up 30 minutes before the class and check in and hope you're one of the lucky ones to get in. Some of us don't have the time to do that. Also, i think they need to add more classes and more time options. Unless i want to do zumba almost everyday, i'd have to wait 2 hours after i get out of work to take part in the class i want. Sorry, i just don't have that kind of time and driving home then coming back is not an option. Aside from that it looks in order, then again it's new, we'll see what its like in a couple months.

Gisela Machado

Valerie Gamboa

I haven been going almost every day since it opened (only missed 3 days) and so far, it’s been great! The gym is beautiful, you can always find someone cleaning, the staff is friendly and helpful, the are plenty of machines...the list goes on and one. For the price of $9.99 you get a whole lot of amenities. This gym was so worth the wait!

Juan Ruiz

Peque Alvarado

(Translated by Google) Good place (Original) Buen lugar

Maria Eugenia De La Cruz

Gigi Solarzano

Jorge Valdivia

Eddie Reyes

I have a few things to pick from this place but it's nothing out of the ordinary because every gym is different. This place is pretty great & I have an LA Fitness membership. I've been an LA Fitness member since 2014 & I am truly considering a conversion to this. It's got plenty of cables, machines, and weights/plates. I'm looking forward to coming more often & doing some work here. Only did legs the one day I've gone but I will definitely try to do all muscle groups before committing. I think the one thing I'm disappointed in is that there is no free-weight bars (where you slide the plates in). That's a huge letdown for me. Still, many perks of this place.

Alan Barrera

I have fun in this gym however please fix the saunas

Stephen Zavala

... you’ll see why once you get the people this place attracts

Samantha and Alexa blogs

Ricardo Garcia

Daniel Martinez

Roberto Gamez

Jaysus Lopezz

do we need parents to sign up

Jr Contact

Love love love Chuze Fitness, awesome workers...

Jade Kastl

Great staff awesome areas, a little thrown off by the hours they’re open but other than that I love it haha

Edwin Martínez

Jack Burke

Great staff! Classes are amazing and so is the equipment. Restrooms are clean!!!

Erick Barba

This gym is amazing. It has everything you need to get ahead. I'm really thankful it's just 5 min away from home. Edit: Don't let all these one star reviews throw you off. Chances are they are personal preferences that gym doesn't allow for professional reasons. This guy giving a one star because he forgot his ID. Cmon man, grow up. The gym is really great. And in the city of Cudahy it's really a thing of beauty.

Walter Duran

Great workout place

Miguel Hernandez

This is my new favorite place to exercise!!! Lots of new equipment and the jet spa is great after a workout!!!

Zay Zay

Erica Sandoval

I'm a member at this location amd didn't have anything to complain about it until today. I understand there's labor holiday hours, however when I checked online yesterday it seemed like the hours were back to normal. And just to confirm I also called to make sure that Tuesday's hours were regular 24 hours and it was confirmed that it was. Now I'm here with a line of people waiting until 4:30am. Nit happy at all.

Juan C Castro

I Went in to check out the new Cudahy location I was thinking of switching gym. Forgot to bring my ID and was quickly told No Id no access and no exceptions. I felt manager could’ve made an exception being that I was trying to sign up. Really turned me off. I’ll stick to my gym. Customer service needs improvement!

John Garcia

So far, so do good, better gym....

Maria Gomez

Alicia Gandara

Alisha Garza

The perfect balance btw Planet Fitness, Blink Fitness, and LA Fitness. There probably isn't a comparison actually. Chuze Fitness is just that great. If you're looking for quality equipment, encouraging staff, powerful classes, and an overall great experience - Chuze is where you'll find it :)

Edgar Murillo

martin castillo

Great gym

raul daniel

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Mily Peña

(Translated by Google) Good service and very clean (Original) Buena atención y muy limpio

Elver Galarga

So the reason for this review is to raise people's awareness about this gym. Two days ago someone broke into my locker and took my gym bag along with my wallet at around 1000 PM. It is a nice fancy gym but it was built in a bad area which needless to say there was a shooting incident last week. They told me they were going to check the cameras and the manager would get back at me. Well, i'm still waiting for that phone call!!! and at this point I'm considering canceling my More, More membership. One last thing, if you have valuables, leave them at your car or the lockers next to the turf area.

Guadalupe Cortes

Very great place. Nice and clean.

Claudia Zepeda

Lucas Lara Rojas

An actual gym that has space for weightlifting. Come here mostly late at night and early mornings. Best time to come in to take advantage especially for someone that works and goes to school full time. Staff is really chill and they have great protein shakes.

Miriam Chavez

Yolanda Zambrano

I went for the first time last night with my daughter and was totally amazed . Awesome gym

Tom My

Place isn't open yet how are people posting reviews

Laura Conejo

Clean place. Staff is very friendly.

Abel Sanchez

Miguel Cortes

Jonathan Teodoro

What’s the point in getting the big packet if you can’t even enjoy it with your guest


(Translated by Google) For me it's good, it has all the equipment necessary to be fit And if I recommend it

Christian J Perez

Daisy Castellanos

I agree I like to carry my gym bag with me so I won’t be going back and forth hate that I have to put it in the locker

Lorena Ramos

New gym is Cudahy. Awesome amenities for the higher tier membership. I absolutely loved it.

Hector Ceballos

Edgar Gomez


Bridgett Valverde

I got a bacterial infection from the pool. I think there chlorine levels were not good. Been sick for a week plus. Possibly might cancel my gym membership. Overall good gym. Nice employees. But, the fact that I got the infection... bums me out. :(

Esperanza Padilla

Gio Mendoza

cool place to workout. very clean. just needs to be 24hrs all the time

javier gutierrez

Exceptional gym. Very impressive. Interested to see how long it stays at premium level !

Rafael Juárez

Went for my first visit today it's pretty awesome having a gym near by my house. Walked in got checked in, got a tour, then started my work out. They have every machine you need for all your workouts. Cinema area is pretty cool, workout while you watch a movie. The best part is the sauna and hot tub. People kept opening the door to the sauna which let the steam out only thing that sucked lol. But I had the whole place to my self basically. They need a place to rinse off by the pool area.

Lacey Fresh


I'm so excited they opened a gym close to where I live. Now there's no excuse to get healthy and be fit. The gym is huge and has ample parking available. I came in with my brother to check it out and see which membership is more worth it. The staff was super friendly and attentive and greeted us with a smile. We were greeted by Carlos who gave us a tour and went over the benefits for each membership. The gym has a lot to offer and you can try it out for a 7-day trial by downloading the app and signing up. There are a lot of fitness machines, a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, training rooms, smoothie bar, private showers, lockers, and massage chairs. The lockers are modern that come with their own combination lock which is nice, so you don't need to bring your own. There is a cinema that plays movies while you work out on cardio machines if you like to watch entertainment while you work out. The machines are clean and there's disinfecting wipes available to wipe them down before and after you use them. I can't wait to see how the workouts go and get started.

• ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ᴊᴀᴢᴢʏ •

Hi! I've never been, but I assume it's great because of the other reviews. But I have 2 questions : 1 : do you have a kids room? 2 : How much would it be for a membership of 3 to workout and one kid in the kids room if you have a kids room?

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