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REVIEWS OF 9Round IN Alabama

Faith Keating

Unbelievable great training no matter your level you can achieve so much by working with 9Rounds! 9 Rounds OVIEDO is the best! Well run, great people and worth every penny to get in shape! I HIGHLY recommend this program. After working out at the regular gym for over five years I finally saw results with 9ROUNDS OVIEDO!!! Thanks to all the staff!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Joseph Abram

An absolutely wonderful workout! I love that there are no class times, I start when i get there and I'm done in 30 min. Kicking, punching, sweating burning calories!! The owner's Ricky & Erica are amazing!!

Kris Wolf

The workouts are great and designed to accommodate beginners to hard core. I have been there for about a month and the excitement of the trainers is motivating. The ability to start a workout with at-most a 3 minute wait is very unique. I highly recommend this gym for anyone out there looking.

Tara Hammond

I love the variety!!!! I am easily bored and crave novel experiences. 9Round provides new and exciting challenges at each workout.Brandi is awesome! She’s friendly, energetic and very helpful esp to newbies.Erica and Ricky have a genuine love for people and an interest in helping them become healthier and physically fit.I would definitely recommend 9Round.Thank you for making workouts fun and I see results!Tara H.

Arthur Reed

Very friendly staff. They have been very helpful and have answered all my questions. I usually go early in the morning so it's not usually crowded. Everyone there is very polite and respectful

David Wong

I had a great experience with their 6 week challenge. Access to 5+ trainers, support group, customized diets, heart-rate monitors with post-workout analysis great for monitoring intensity, progress, and calories, boxing equipment, and countless proven psychology tips and tricks to help tackle insane goals. Great for shocking your system and forcing lifestyle changes. Daily and monthly challenges add extra variety. 3 min timer between circuit exercises reminds trainers to be very attentive to each phase of the workout. Over a hundred exercises are commonly used and another hundred or so will appear occasionally. Small room, no water fountain, and no barbells/machines for heavy lifting, but on the bright side, all equipment is in A+++ condition, water bottles are provided, it was never too crowded for me, and I was able to bulk ~9 lean lbs there. The weighted vest and hanging rings are nice! I find it easy to burn over 500 calories from one half hour workout there. You should be so tired every day that your body will demand you get enough rest, and getting 7-8 hours of sleep instead of 5 is enough to make some people feel 100x better. Just prepare to sacrifice several things in your life, listen to your trainers advice, and be honest with yourself. If you do what you are told even when you absolutely don't want too and feel like you're suffering, then you will be fine. It's definitely mostly a mental challenge.

Carolynn Tobkin Heil

Love this place and the people! Originally came in for a free detox and ended up falling in love with the place. I’ve also learned self defense! :)

Rochelle Manning

My co worker referred me to 9 rounds. It is absolutely an outstanding workout. It targets every part of your body. The instructors are friendly, energetic and keep you motivated. They are all professional and well trained. The Studio is clean and tidy . I would recommend in a heartbeat.

Lauren Kimball

Just finished my 6-week challenge with 9Round Oviedo! I love the workouts and that the personal trainer is always there ready to help :) I look forward to a year of getting stronger with them!

Vincent Torina

Joselyne Pérez

I love this kind of workout, in just 30 minutes I am able to train my whole body in a exciting way.The workout each day is different and they have great trainers.I highly recommend it.

Solange Velazquez

Kristen Cowan

I participated in the 6 week challenge at 9Round in Oviedo, FL and I am so glad I did. They provided a cook book with awesome recipes and support to help guide the challengers through the entire process. The managers and trainers were involved the entire time and continued to push me when I was ready to quit. I decided to continue this membership for 6 months at the conclusion of the challenge so I can push towards more of my fitness goals. Go try out 9Round and never look back!

Stephen Marshall

I'm not the type of person who normally likes to workout, but I knew I needed a change. I was a little intimidated at first but right when I walked in the door the staff was super nice to me. This helped me relax. I signed up on the spot for a membership, which I normally would never do, and have been going at least 3 times a week for the last 4 months. I'm down over 30 pounds and I feel like I finally have my self confidence back. The workouts were hard at first, and they're still hard! I've made mine harder as I've gotten in better shape by hitting the bags faster and harder. You can do the workout, its worth the effort! Hope this review is helpful.

Erika Hosinky

Love this gym! I The workouts are not intimidating like i thought, and i've improved so much since i started! definitely worth giving it a try.

Jimmy Fox

excellent staff that are very helpful and motivating, they take into account each persons abilities and customize the workout for you when needed. lots of fun and always a different work out to keep it from getting boring

Kendall MacKenzie Binkley

Kavien Hillmon

Erica and Ricky are fantastic! They do a great job of engaging members. I can burn between 500-600 calories in a 30 minute workout. The workouts change everyday, so you won’t get bored doing the same work. 9Round is a great place to jump start your fitness goals.

Alison Davenport

It is a blast!

Joseph Bivona

Marlene Arias

Thank you for calling me a resolving the issue. great customer service

Gabrielle Veuthey

Great workout as always! I’m from South Florida and my regular 9round is down there but I was in town for the weekend and wanted to get a workout in. They were so nice and welcoming and I had a great workout. They are really engaging and motivating. I’ll definitely be coming back next time I’m in town.

Vivi Aubret

Totally in love! Team is amazing and always available to support you with anything they can. Looking forward to the end of my body transformation!

Tim Hoban

I did my first month or so for free while getting a feel for the workouts and I absolutely loved it. Was worried I was too old to do the workouts but they modified every thing for me. Signed up to stay on for a year.

Nadine P Negron

30 minute, full body workout! High intensity, friendly/motivating trainers, clean/upbeat atmosphere. Great experience!

Erica Salters

The best place to come and get a great workout!!!!

Kathy Smith

Great experience! You can go twice a day and that is what I need right now. Chelsey did a great jobl!

Dede Kenney

Alex Feliciano

I signed myself up for the six week challenge . Austin was my first point of contact where he explain to me in depth about his gym and the commitment and ownership they have establish within themselves . I wanted to challenge myself and accepted the six week challenge. My goal was to lose 20 pounds within that time frame. I must say, the staff at the Oviedo 9 round were amazing. I mostly worked out in the afternoon, so RJ and Josh were my main trainers I dealt with. I must say, they mentor, trained and pushed my body to its limits. I was seeing results right away, I follow the meal plan that was given and any questions I had, they were ready to answer and help me. I must say, this has by far the best experience I had first hand. Never done something like this, I committed myself and 9round help me achieved my goal. I ended up losing 23 pounds and I would recommend anybody to join them!

Rebecca Smith

This place is awesome! Great workout and so much fun!!

Eliana Reano

donna taylor

Awesome high intensity training in just 30 minutes. No class times, you can visit on your schedule.

Cole Linam

Awesome workout, great atmosphere if you havent signed up yet, YOU BETTER.

Sandra Multhauf

High energy, great coaching, variety, cardio and strength in one workout. It's tough and I'm not in the best shape so having a coach there helps me go further than I ever would on my own.

Andrea Ariosa

9 Round changed my life!!! I did the 6 weeks challenge and it was the best thing I did for myself!! I feel like a new person! I never thought I was able to accomplish this at 41. Thanks 9 Round!!!

Lyndsay Smolarsky

Audrey Nelson

The staff is very supportive and encouraging. They help you workout at your own level. I can feel the effects of just two workouts already.

Brittany Reese

9 Rounds has definitely been a blessing. The workouts and timeframe is very flexible and much needed for me. I'm able to get an tense workout and still have time to enjoy my day. I can definitely see improvements and weight lose from the 1st week to now. Super excited to keep this going and see more results. Also a great environment and get staff!

Erik Provitt


I never found a workout I would describe as fun until I found 9Round. I love this place! You will never be bored working out here since the workout changes daily. I love not having to worry about making a class time, because there are none. I just show up and the trainers coach you through the full 30 minutes. All of the trainers here seem to genuinely care and want to help you be your best too. I'm so happy I joined this gym, and would encourage anyone thinking about it to try it out.

Sharon C

I've had a great experience so far at 9Round Oviedo. I've worked out in the past, but never got the results I was looking for, not to mention the boredom factor. In the past month and a half, I've both lost pounds and gained muscle and have been challenged physically and mentally at each workout with variety. The coaches are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and care about your progress. I look forward to continuing to train at 9Round Oviedo and know that the program will help me reach my goals. Shout out to Coaches Adam, Brooks, Alexys, RJ, and Andrew! You are the BEST!

Anne Houghton

So most of you are looking at fitness options... here is my experience, maybe it will help. Cross fit injured me, yoga made me flexible but did nothing for shape, orange theory is expensive and has rigid unforgiving policies on class participation, running injured me, lifting weights made me shapely but not lean, gyms got boring and demotivating after a while... 9 Round Is the best of all worlds. It's a balanced, affordable fitness experience, in a motivating & flexible atmosphere! You have enough familiar exercise to make you comfortable and enough challenge/variety to keep you moving towards your goals. You also have people encouraging you and working with you... Let's face it, even the most experience exercise junkies love having a coach to push them! If you aren't convinced yet, just google search images of kickboxers/fighters bodies... Point. See you Monday :)

Joy Crawley

Gyms were never quite right for me, but these extra 55 pounds I've carried around for the past 3 years weren't right either. Erica and her husband made me feel comfortable here. They push you past your limits. They focus on making you cardio fit, making your core stronger, everything else falls into place. Before you know it you're having fun and kicking the %$#@ out of heavy bags. 3 months ago I couldn't do 3 push ups in a row, now I'm doing 15! I'm stronger and the inches are falling off. Word of advice.....wear the monitor that shows you your workout stats while you're there. It will make you push harder.

Allyssa Amos

I like the fact that if you stay consistent at 9 round, you will see results. I love the trainers. Been going for the past 4 months & they feel like family to me.

Boris Key

Do yourself a favor and take a free first workout, you won’t regret! I was always bored with gyms and not being active most of my day, started to look for options around. I was driving by 9round and got intrigued by it and loved the idea. Took my first free workout and it was exactly what I was looking for! I met Ernie who showed me around and guided every step. He was the reason I signed up the same day! It is amazing how much energy, patience, encouragement and support Ernie gave throughout the session. It really feels like you have a personal trainer with you all the time, and while membership is on the expensive end, I think the admission price totally worth it. I love the fact that this is a quick 30-minute workout so no excuses to skip it. And you cannot beat the convenience of the flexible schedule – just show up any time! Workout changes every time and it is really fun! By end of it, I crawl out to my car. Yes, you will be exhausted but you will feel great! Really glad I found this place!

Tyler Picard

Awesome idea that allows you to effectively have your own trainer that works within your schedule. Additionally, the workout routine changes everyday. The staff and members here are very easy to work with and go out of their way to help you. To top it off the gym and and all equipment are kept very clean. I highly recommend it if you're looking to change up your workout routine. I was doing just that 4 months ago and do not regret my decision to switch to this gym at all. It's well worth the money.

Alexandrea McMurren

Ernie G Smiley is the best, he really knows how to keep someone motivated and enjoying each workout. This place is amazing! Never the same workout and leave feeling amazing!

Andrew Baseball

I visited from out of town from another 9Round. Everyone was super nice and it was a great workout - a nice balance of encouraging you with correct form, etc. without crossing into hardcore where you're always worried about making a mistake. 9Round is a great gym. If you're thinking you "might" like it, you definitely WILL like it so don't hesitate. BTW, I am a woman in my 50s -- all ages and fitness levels can have a gym home here.

Rob Nicholas

I Love 9Round! The trainers are so great and the atmosphere is great! GetFit@9Round or release some of that stress off your shoulders! I look forward every time i leave of going back. So addictive. It’s working for me! 9Round Forever!<3

Brooke Van

I just finished my 6 week challenge and I exceeded my goal with the help of all the trainers. It has been a great experience and I already signed up to keep coming back!

Jen Wright

Great workouts that are interesting and change daily; personal attention from trainers on the floor with you at all times; encouragement to reach and exceed your fitness goals. Positive and upbeat environment. No class times, workout on your own schedule. Highly recommend.

El Mayimbe

Service sucks, you supposed to get one on one, training and my wife didn't, they just didn't delivered, a bunch of young unprofessional trainer that don't represent your company, very disappointing

Devar McBean

Great place to for a full body workout.

Steph's Happy Hair and Happy Lifestyle

Effective and quick workout! I feel strong! The staff is very welcoming and ready to train me when I walk through the door! Love it.

Alex Brisard

Tina W.


Amber Lynn

High energy music, trainers that keep you pushing, and workouts that change daily. This gym has it all!

Dee Higgins

I LOVE THIS PLACE! The trainers are fantastic at keep everyone motivated. The workouts are fun and fast paced. They offer tailored meal plans that are very satisfying and great portion sizes, there is also GREAT online support from trainers and fellow 9 round members. I love the Oviedo gym, Adam and ALL the trainers are simply awesome!

Sharon Johnson

Great place to work out!!!! Ricky and Erica are amazing!!!

Finda Guyton

Shauneice Scott

I love love love this place!!! The trainers are so Invloved and they care about everyone who comes through those doors!

Mollie Goodroe

Jamey Robson

Incredible workout! Very clean, great atmosphere and you feel welcomed. If you are unfamiliar with this type of concept, here is a quick breakdown. You go in, hit all 9 stations with personal training guidance, and you get out. Its been a while since I have sweat like that. The beautiful piece is that you don't have to worry about signing up for classes, feeling out of place, or waiting for machines to free up.

Brigette Reid

Thanh Tran

Highly recommended! Love this place ,cleanest, friendly, great service

Annie Rosenblatt

Wow! Can't say enough about this place!! Tough, fun, supportive, so much better than the normal gym, and excellent results!!

Kasey Wheeler

I absolutely love working out now! Ricky and Erica are both amazing and lead so well. I couldn't imagine starting my fitness journey anywhere else.

Shi Purchase

Life changing...they are motivating, family oriented and to be honest...Working out never hurt so great! Thanks for redefining what healthy looks and feels like; both mentally and physically! For the 1st time in my entire life, I'm excited to go to tge gym & get" MY 9 Rounds ON!!!!" Thanks Erica!

Tiffy Oliv

I love this gym! I was looking for a fun way to workout. 9 Round is definitely perfect for me. My mother-in-law and I joined a month ago and we are already seeing results! Erica and Ricky are amazing trainers and they will keep you motivated until the end of the workout.

Anakin S

Brigitte Rodriguez

Jeffrey Wills

Maria Soldi

Martina Young

Lisa Malantonio-Allison

Reyna Foxworth

I absolutely love this place and ALL the trainers are amazing, encouraging and supportive!! It is a killer workout and only 30 minutes! I've been only going for 6 weeks now and I am super excited with the results I am seeing in my body. No set class times made it really easy to fit in with my crazy schedule, so no excuses! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Brandon Nieves

This gym is awesome! With my crazy schedule, being consistent in working out has always been a real struggle. Also, the last thing I want to do after a long day at work is go to a busy gym where I spend an hour or so waiting around for equipment to get a sub-par workout while surrounded by a bunch of gym bros flexing for selfies in the mirror. But 9Round changed that for me. There's just not another gym where you can come in whenever you want and get consistently great workouts and training all in half an hour. The no class time format here makes it convenient to squeeze in my workout at the end of every day on my way home and eliminates all the things I always hated about traditional gyms. I actually look forward to this part of my day now, which is something I never thought I'd say before.

Patience Deaton

I enjoyed this facility. I didnt have time to try my free workout but the gentlemen there was very kind. Their prices are a little steep, roughly $160 a month for one person. In the past I've paid $80 for a 9Rounds membership so I'm holding off for now. Other than that, the facility was clean and seemed to get a lot of traffic.

Jacques Rossouw

Mali Forrester

Vero M

9Round CFL

Amy Andrews

I signed up for the challenge, and while excited, I was still apprehensive about only 30 minute workouts. I'm used to much longer ones, having aerial silks as my fitness/hobby before moving. But it is truly enough!! 30 minutes is perfect... I really had no idea how effectuve this type of workout is! I absolutely LOVE the variation in each workout, the music is great, and the staff really pushes you, while having a great time! I am always excited to start my workout here! Highly recommend it!

Viviana Diaz

They are awesome at this gym. They listened to what I needed for my body and my goals and adjusted the workouts to fit what I needed for me. RJ, Josh, Austin and Mike made it a great experience. THANKS GUYS

Wendy Gill-Gregory

Just started and so far it is a GREAT place! This is a workout for EVERYONE- very clean and motivating trainers.

Kristy Achenbach

Kaila Kowalski

I could never convince myself to get into a consistent gym routine until I discovered 9round. I was searching online for workout classes and saw these ads for 9round kickboxing and decided to try out the free first workout. I had zero intentions of joining and figured it would be too hard. I cannot believe how wrong I was! After my first 30 minute workout I was in love (and also exhausted). I signed up the very next business day and haven’t looked back since! My favorite parts include that I can walk in anytime and workout, the trainers pay enough attention to help you out and encourage you but also allow you space to do your own thing, and I’ve been able to modify the workouts to fit my skill level. I’ve seen my skills increase in the past 6 weeks. I used to come home from work and immediately change into pajamas and sit on the couch all night. Now I am excited to go to the gym after work and have so much more energy to reclaim my life! I am so grateful for 9round!

Jessica Wolf

Great workout that changes every time, great trainers, expensive


Man this gym is the place to go! If you've got a desire for shedding lbs., a desire to learn boxing/kickboxing (self-defense) techniques, if you like having someone in your ear encouraging you to reach new limits, and also get every bang for your buck then 9Round Oviedo and Orlando are your spots. The owner Austin is a wonderful dude that does a good job inciting passion and positive vibes in his trainer/instructors which then vibes on throughout the entire gym atmosphere. They've got a great thing going down there at 9round, you've got to check it out! Don't wait, Just Do It!

M Vinson

My children are in sports after work. So I just wish they had earlier times. I always workout around 5 am. So I love the program...but just need earlier times

Steph Sharpe

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