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10650 Benbrook Blvd, Benbrook, TX 76126, United States

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REVIEWS OF Whitestone Golf Club IN Texas

James Sanders

Too slow. Tee times are every eight minutes which causes overcrowding. Happens at some courses. We quit the last three holes because it was backed up three deep.

Patrick Gray

This course is a great value for the price you pay! Greens looked and rolled great, fairways in great condition. Course is challenging enough for experienced players, but even beginners can play well and enjoy it. Pay attention, there are some creeks/hazards you can't see from the tee box on some of the holes on the back 9 that may require you not to hit a driver/wood from the tee, but I think that makes it fun. Folks inside the club house were wonderful and helpful. I'll definitely be back in the next few weeks!

Eddie Arthus

Great condition. Good pace of play.

David Clanton

One if my favorite places to play. Great course. Lots of challenges.

Rick Upson

Course well kept even through summer conditions.

lilly blanco

Beautiful, great. So nice... i want to go back again. We have nevet been in a place where every single one smiled so much.

Danny King

Myrah Crooks


Dontrell Austin

I've played this course for years and its declining. It's an average course at best. Don't pay more than $25

craig levisay

Plan on a 5 or 6 hour round. No marshals and they send off singles and 5 somes on the weekend

Kenny Her

Ben Jones

Winter golf conditions

Evan Ligon

Stacy Gallegos

Phillip Reed

Andrew Roberts

This course used to be really nice. It has been let go a lot over the past couple years. Sand traps are like concrete not sand. Get rid of them if the’re not going to be maintained. Course lay out is really good and the greens were hard but ok. I would not spend a lot here. Use an app like golf now to get a good deal and it’s worth that but no where near the prices they charge at the front.

Charles Bee

Nicki Winberry

Challenging course, but very fun! Came inside after a hard hole for a snack and the cute little short brunette girl knew just how to put a smile on my face!!

Joe Borden

Not expensive, but greens aren't great. Love the course layout though

Tom Clemmer

Good value for the price. Some interesting hole layouts. Golf carts are getting a little worn out but still get you around the track.


Challnging course, love it, staff is very friendly.

Gabriel Ramos

Had a 709 tee time and showed up at 630 and the gates are still locked?? Now 705 and still waiting to get in ????

Michael Corley

Guadalupe Garza

This is a $20 Golf Course at best. This course is neglected and is all together rough. It seems they do not spend any money on this golf course so far as keeping it up. First and last time I played this place.


Reg Young

Play early to avoid this heat.

Dennis Woods

Mike Galley

Very nice coarse and saw super hawk .

Mike Sarap

Enjoyed a round of golf. I'm looking forward to being there again.

Paula Pedigo

Course nicely laid out.

Nathan Brockway

The tree's have grown up alot since the last time I played there. But overall the course was in great shape.

jason sanford

Vaiden Courtney

Course okay staff very good

SB Walker

Chris Tribble

Good course that is always in good shape. Great deal for the price.

christopher miller

A hidden gem with low prices

William Eric

I have a love, hate relationship with this course. Price is very affordable. The past couple times was only $15 with a cart. It looks like they are trying to improve the course. The traps need sand. Just alot of trash on the course and in the native areas. Sometimes the course looks amazing and sometimes it looks a little rough. I keep coming back though.

Brandon Cummings

This place is trash

Mike Gain

They had aerated a week earlier and the greens keeper did an AMAZING job! The greens were already rolling true and the fairways were in great shape. Had no wait and loved the layout!

Andrew Clogg

Update: they have resolved everything to my satisfaction above and beyond what I expected. Played nine holes today - noticed all the sand traps have been upgraded - nice! Mixed feelings about this place. Currently under new management. I had a $200 gift card and they charged it up front without telling me. Long story but basically they switched systems and gift card system hasn't worked for weeks. I think they were back charging me for previous range balls. They should have discussed with me first before charging. The young kid in the shop was apologetic and tried to help as best he could. Hopefully when I go back they will credit back my gift card.

Mike Harper

Great little golf track here! I love the feel of being out in the country a bit and all the great scenery!

carlos hernandez

Great course

g.d prove

Alright for a course this time of year

Kenneth halsey

Julie Holder

Dirtbag 17

Andy Parham


Bruce Mallory

dave russell

Course is in really good condition except for the bunkers which are unplayable. Price is right and pace of play was excellent.

rose neill

Edgar Turcios

Scott .Berggren

Rylee McCracken

Terrible staff, the young guy running it is rude and has no knowledge of running a business, course was not maintained sand traps are like concrete

John Wallace

John Argumaniz

Great people...

Clinton Newman


Leah Hall

Robert Blackwell

Played 18 on Tuesday. Tee boxes, fairways, and green excellent. This was in August. Great course. Understand its busy on the weekend. If you can play during the week and you will love it.

David Hixon

We played Whitestone last week and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. In the past it has always been an enjoyable experience. Last Saturday not so much. Positives: - Greens were in very good condition! - Staff were all very friendly! Negatives: - The fairways were horrendous. The grass was dead and too short or too smashed down, not sure which. Every fairway shot was like hitting off the cart path and this alone basically ruined the fun of playing. The grass in a field behind my house would be easier to play off of than dead center fairway shots. - Stuck behind a slow fivesome with the marshall unable or unwilling to do anything about it. We eventually had to just skip a hole on the back to get ahead of them.

Eric Biamby

Scott Thetford

Justin Henninge

Eric Addison

What a dump. I hear they are going to remodel.

Mike McCandless

I play this course frequently they have new owners if I understand correctly they need to hire better grounds keepers the greens are getting pretty bad I am used to the dirt traps but come on

Zach Johnson

Barry Barnett


Rachel Ford

Cody Hamer

Good course. Great value.

Joshua McIntyre

Benjamin Murray

I'd give it a 2.5 if I could. I'll bump to 3 if I get a helpful response. Pros: The greens rolled pretty well and held iron shots. The layout offered a pretty good challenge. Carts were pretty nice. Bathroom in the clubhouse were clean. Cons: Even though the green speeds were good, there were a LOT of divots and bumps on the surface that people hadn't fixed. I saw one of the employees drive right up to the edge of the green while retrieving the flag. That's probably not helping. I thought the other reviews exaggerated the bunker conditions but they are TERRIBLE. Filled with mud and gravel. You couldn't pay me to hit a ball out of there with one of my clubs. Aestheticly, it really takes away from what is otherwise a pretty course. It'd be one thing if there weren't that many but they're everywhere. It is a minor miracle that I only hit into one. There are reviews going back a year where the club has thanked people for their feedback about the bunkers but not once offered a timeline on when to expect it to be fixed. Bathroom on the course was pretty bad. My wife said the women's door didn't close all the way :( I'd probably be more upset if I hadn't payed a discounted rate. I'd consider going back once the bunkers are fixed. As I said, I'll bump this up to 3 stars if someone can give a timeline on when the bunkers will be fixed.

Andy Spencer

Anthony Casares

Kevin Koop

Gery M

Would get 5 stars if the trash along the course was picked up and if the bunkers had good sand.

Michelle Sides

John Assface

I last played here 3 years was nicely maintained at the time. I have no clue how fairways and teeboxes could be like concrete with all the recent rain, but most were. This place has more sand traps than most and they haven't been touched in a long time. Hard dirt with all kinds of stuff in them...except sand. Greens were pretty good but even the common areas around the clubhouse had weeds and little to no maintenance. For a relatively new course it seems to be declining faster than most. Price was decent ($27) for what you get...just hate to see a once nice course turn mediocre due to simple maintenance. Course layout is and always has been terrific...

Scott Grizzard

Good course! Staff is great!

Connie Allen

Ed S

Roy Florez

Been playing here since high school. Love the course!

Jim Szumera

Great price. Great layout. Great challenge. Greens need a little luv. But hey. It's January.

Keith Moore

Greens were a little bumpy, otherwise a great morning outing

Jeff Dillard

This is a first class facility with a great staff. If I could just keep the ball on the green....

Monte Martin

Great layout. Needs a little better up keep or it would be a 5

Kim harston

Nice tournament today.Course in good condition

Justin cray

Rory Nowak

The customer service in the pro shop and in the kitchen was the worst I’ve ever seen. People acted like their lives were just miserable. Said they don’t allow 5 somes on the weekend which I understand yes it could be busy but it wasn’t at all. I guess that’s what happens when you hire high school kids to run the place on the weekend. Probably won’t be back.

Eric Ewing

Great facility! Not much to go off of for me personally, but it was quiet and the courses were clean and mess free. I would say that the clubhouse could use a bit of a facelift however.

Bryce Polhemus

Sandy Smith

Brandon Oliver

Richard Buck


Fuc Off

I like golf

Sam English

Vistied the Course today. Greens and Fairways in great shape. Sandtraps were horrible (I visited the beach a few times!). Sandtraps should be called hard dirt or mudtraps instead. Overall it was pleasant. Please pay attention to the prices on website instead of asking the pro shop.

Pamela Neil

Clip Nuesome

Good shape right now. Still one of my fav tracks in Ft Worth. Hit or miss on conditions but we got a hit. They are putting good effort into the course and it shows.

Brian Clayville

Great golf course and excellent value! The greens were in excellent shape and were a huge challenge to read. The bunkers were a mess but that’s because of all the rain I think. I will go back!

Charles Fisher

Parker Rider

Ramon Campos

Lesley Judge

rustin roman

this Course is hard but very fun to play and awesome staff nice cold towels and dry towels offered in cares I've only been playing for a year now I really enjoy it


Great place to go, ask to play the river.(very challenging course).

John Hash


kurtiss bird

Set up a early Sunday morning tee time at 6:45am. I was told that there was one group ahead of us but when I showed up there were 3 groups on the course and 3 waiting. Asked the staff and he said that he has people tee off at 5:30 so it is what it is???? Course was wet but that's to be expected, lots of standing water and soft grass, pretty decent conditions on fairway. Bunkers were terrible and all mud with rocks throughout, As with most early morning tee times greens needed cleaned and made putting extremely difficult. Course layout was really confusing and not clearly marked honestly. Overall the price of this course versus its other competitors in the DFW is way off, I will not be coming back here unless the rate drops significantly.

Carsol 257

Robert Montgomery

Great layout, decent condition, good prices.

Eli Argumaniz

This course is great shape. And has great senior rates.

Jose Mendoza

awesome golf course. friendly staff!

Gary Simmons

probably the best shape the course has been in in a long time. the only problem is the bunkers just wish they would put some sand instead of dirt with rock. Play here you will like it.

Michael Edwards

Fast play, friendly staff and the course is in good shape. If the bunkers were playable, I'd give it five stars.

Brandon Mackey

David Beckwith

Played here for the first time today. Enjoyed the course very challenging. Fairways and Greens were in great shape and the greens held iron shots well. The bunkers are under renovation as I understand it. When completed this will be a very enjoyable place to play. The staff was very friendly. See ya next time!

XxSeptic W0lfxx

Greg Collins

Really nice corse in great shape and decent price

Lance Bedell

Great course! Fun to play and challenging

Adam Barrett

marco arredondo

Nice course

Antonio duran

Sergio Gomez

Great place always enjoy it when I play there

Randy Molina

Course is in good shape but the bunkers need a lot of work

Aaron Keating

Bunkers are garbage, rest of course is great.

Tracy Brown

Very enjoyable, not to difficult but also not to easy

Alan Siggers

I love this course - interesting and tough. The bunkers need work and white sand .

David Johnson

Rough shape in the winter, bunkers were under repair. Greens were in decent shape. Felt like we overpaid at $33.

Darryl Givens

Played this course twice this year when traveling to Texas. Plenty of challenge and deception. Can't wait to better my score. Played from whites. Blues and Tips look like a doosy. Some reviewers mention conditions, but I thought were good shape. Fair price as well.

Gregory Busby

Good course. I play here a few times a month.

Dustin Johnston

Kevin Hanson

Robert Sanders

Chetoss Rivero

(Translated by Google) Is very. Cute (Original) Es muy. Lindo

frankie b

adalberto cortes

Once they could fix their sand traps, this course would be very good.. fair ways and greens are well kept. Good staff.

Danielle Mings

Jerry Laster

Course poorly maintained. Carts were dirty. Trash cans on course haven't been emptied in a week.

Wendell Rodgers

Played their twice, first time 2 birdies in a row. Second time two pars. Its a challenging course, but can really test your game. If you just started playing, you might try something easier. If you have played a while this is the place. Love it,be back for a third time soon.

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