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REVIEWS OF Golf Club of Houston IN Texas

Jason Michael Rosado

So amazing. Words cannot Express the joy I had playing this course. Great work Team awesome

Joe Mata

this is a fanatastic place to play - service and greens are awesome recommend to anyone that loves golf

justin worthy

DeLawrence Woods

Doug McCowan

Vince Bender

Course was in average shape. Our fore caddie Bennie did an excellent job. Issue is price vs. service. No one greets you, or helps with your bags when you arrive. The temp topped out 100 during our round and there is zero water provided except at the turn. Only saw the cart girl one time in 18 holes and that was on the front side on 3rd hole. If you are going to charged premium money then should expect premium service. If local or from out of town, worth the trip to go to Woodforest instead of GCH. Course is in better shape, greens are best in Houston I've seen and staff provide great service.

Benjamin Black

The course is excellent, but just a bit too much money for me to place frequently.

Suzanne Butler

The Golf Club of Houston (formerly Redstone Golf Club), rated 4-1/2 stars, is home to two 18-hole championship layouts: the generally higher-rated Tournament course and the private, Peter Jacobsen & Jim Hardy designed Member course. The Tournament course is a championship layout that ranks with some of the best in Texas. This tree-lined and open parkland course provides a wonderful test for your all-round game, with many attractive, skilfully crafted and challenging holes to enjoy. A must play if you are in the area.

Micheal Max

Still reeks of Tigers awesomeness

Kim Eubanks

Just awesome, went for the fire works display tonight.


Amazing course layout! This place can be very punishing from the tips but fun all the way around. Caught a 59$ rate at 1 pm which is a steal for a course of this quality. *Warning* raccoons everywhere! My buddy had his phone stolen by a raccoon on 10th tee box (raccoon literally came out of brush took phone off of cart and jetted back into woods). Pro shop was helpful and allowed us to go back and look for phone after our round. We found it about 10 yds off the path in waist high brush. Very eventful day to say the least. Course is a must play if you live in Houston area.

Megan Coleman

Arlene Blanco

The Golf Club of Houston had a beautiful layout and stunning views. Our caddy Dwight was excellent and made our round of golf a lot of fun! The morning pace was great and even though we let one group of 4 play through (they were very advanced) my father and I did not feel rushed - finished in 4.5 hours. Despite morning tee time, I was unaware they charged me a forecaddie fee of $15pp - as I was expecting what was stated on their website as $40pp to include gratuity, so I came unprepared with any additional cash for the minimum gratuity. The pro shops response was that it was off season and they frequently do this to allow the golfer to pay gratuity to their caddy - which was contradicting what was on their website. Second to that, they also failed to mention the sanded greens and did not offer reduced greens fees or compensation. This was the most frustrating part because I booked a very expensive morning tee time as a gift on my fathers 70th birthday and he was very disappointed with the conditions of the course. Playing the Golf Club of Houston was a surprise for him as it was one of his dream courses to play, this was his first time playing and for him to be disappointed on his birthday defeated all my efforts.


George C Caballero Houston

Jared Bohny

I realize it's not around tournament time but the course was kind of disappointing because it was very very and brown.

Peter J

Looks easy bot difficult tomake a good scores


Highly disappointed with this establishment and its management practices! My husband's iPhone was stolen by one of the caddies, as confessed by a fellow caddy and the culprit who is also a caddy, and it has taken over a month to get response from management or a follow up to my inquiry, even after providing specific details. After patiently waiting for a call back from the managers with some explanation, any explanation, I am left to conclude that they encourage such ill behaviors, such as property theft, from their staff. This is not your average public course, so I expected a quick response, an apology, and the highest level of customer service. Nothing!!! Unbeknownst to them, I have well established relationships with some members and intend to share my experience with them. This is outright piss poor management and unexpected! Furthermore, I'd hate to think that the lack of response, by upper management regarding my investigation and the behavior exhibited by the caddies towards my husband, has anything to do with our "dark complexion". I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, and I have every intentions of sharing my experiences with any and everyone!

Jonathan R

Played in JULY 2015: WARNING: Right now the course is in terrible condition! I recently played in a foursome with 2 people that have played here in the past and they could not believe how bad it was. All of us got a tee time special on golf now for $125 per person, this was supposed to be a good deal but it did not feel like it when we were playing. We park and a employee shows up to pick up our clubs, we go inside and after signing in (with golf now you pay online) and we start walking out to our carts and the pro shop employee walks us out and says the course is going through a grass transition in the fairways. Ok? We go to the practice green and find out all the greens have recently been aerated. So you can imagine how frustrating it was when your putting and your ball is bouncing on the green in different directions when you are going for a birdie. Now for the fairways I am honestly speechless on what to say. For up to 30 yards on some fairways there is nothing but dirt. We all stopped and asked the caddie what was up with the course and he said they were recovering from a flood. (That's not what they told us at the proshop?) After playing, we all go to the bar and I guess the bartender already knew we were disappointed because he just started talking about the poor condition of the course, apologized and said it was because they allowed to many tournaments to play this season and it tore up the course and they should close it down because in his opinion it is unplayable at this point, but the management doesn't care because it's a business that needs to make money and they throw out some cheaper tee times that require a fore caddie and we unfortunately found them. We wanted to turn around and get a refund, but with Golf Now you can't get a refund unless it's bad weather, it felt like we were robbed and trapped somewhere we didn't want to be. And the forecaddie was required, he didn't know the correct distance half the time. Why is this a requirement when the course is in this poor condition right now? I especially felt bad knowing that this was my dads 60th birthday. So we all heard three different reasons from the staff why the course is in this condition; transition of different grass, flood, and to many tournaments. This is supposed to be one of the best golf courses in Houston and after playing many of them, I would honestly rate this one as the worst for its CURRENT condition and for the extremely poor management who needs to inform everyone of the condition before they set a tee time. The green fee should be $40 for the condition of this dog track right now. Having a returning customer is better than hiding the poor condition from someones first time playing who will never return now. ANY course in Houston right now is better than this one.

Nick Drysdale

Love the shell tournament. Superb course

Jim K

Value - 2 stars Course - 4 stars Customer service - 1 star. We had a foursome play the afternoon of Friday 10/7. I had called ahead the previous week twice to inquire about afternoon rates and whether there was a Military rate or not. Both times the gentleman I spoke with said yea there's a military discount. The second time I spoke with him he quoted about $70 for a 230p round after military discount. Upon arriving with my out of town military guests, we had to seek someone out to check us in. When we indicated we were active military the first individual said they don't actually have a discount. With a little bit of confusion and exhausting conversation they charged us $125 per person for a 230p round where we had to play the last two holes in the dark. No one was there to direct or help at the bag drop. No one was available to point us in any direction to the first tee, as there is little to no signage. The layout was nice and conditions this one of year were mostly good. I would not recommend this course as there are 5-6 better courses in surrounding area that also include customer service for a reasonable pric

Jesse Burgos

Awesome golf.

John Zero Signal

Best course I've ever played at in my life. It was like a dream. Purely divine. I highly recommend you save your pennies, this baby was worth it.

Jose Martinez

Victoria Harms

If you ever get an opportunity to play a round of golf at the Golf Club of Houston, TAKE IT! It is a beautiful club, challenging course, and very well maintained.

Xander Louis

jose martinez

love it very fun

Dude Spellings

GREAT experience. Hard to believe that a golf course could be worth $250, but Redstone is. The only way to describe the perfection of the greens is to say that its like putting on a pool table. Its that true and perfect.

Sean Williams

Best course that I've played. Amazing facility and extremely well kept!


Jeana Davis Lawrence

Monslisa Scott

T Time at its best... Monalisa

Michael Barakat

Philip Midgley-Carver

Be careful what you expect.... Played after significant rain and called the pro shop to see if it was playable. They were honest and said it was very wet so carts to paths only, and the greens had just been punched. That said they had a decent online rate so I played. What can I say? Practice facilities are awesome and as good as anything you might expect. The course is big and long, wide open with huge, sloping greens, deep bunkers and plenty of water. You can see that they could make the course as easy or as hard as they wanted. However, even if the course had been dry, the fairways would have been patchy at best. The tee boxes were almost on the fairways in places so you frankly you could have been anywhere. Added to that, it took 3 hours to play 9 holes (to be fair they were apologetic in the pro shop and refunded half my green fee as a rain check no problem). The moral? The course clearly fluctuates in condition - the condition around the SHO is apparently amazing - but when the course is in its downtime, don't expect tournament conditions. Always call ahead and the guys in the pro shop will probably give you an honest assessment. Second, drainage isn't great so if it's been raining, expect it to be wet. Thirdly, they really need more proactive marshalls. 3 hours for 9 holes is not acceptable, no matter how apologetic you are. Lastly, if you are playing a PGA tour course, you should have an option to play a middle set of tees that are at least in the general vicinity of the tips. I hope to be back when conditions are better - there is potential for it to be great - and hope to be able to give a better review next time.

Merrill Mcwilliams

Chris O

The course is in spectacular shape. Our forecaddie, Chase, was very helpful and enhanced our time at Golf Club of Houston. Great facility.

Kai Sabin

Teresa KIM

Scott Minnix

David Alvarez García

Jess Clark

used to go here with my uncles, by far one of the nicest courses in H-Town. 10-10 recommend.

Chase Epley

CliffNotes for those just checking reviews: - Car was broken into (smashed window) during an afternoon round. - Staff was apologetic about the situation, but otherwise not helpful. - This has happened before, and security cameras are not installed to cover the Guest Parking Lot. - Other than the smash & grab, a nice course that was fun to play. I played this course while in Houston visiting my in-laws for a few days. I’ll start with the positives: the twilight rate of $45 was a steal compared to some of the other courses. The course was in great shape despite the amount of rain. The marshal allowed me to play as a single since it was pretty open, and good pace of play allowed me to complete the round in under 3 hours. Now for the negative: During the round, someone smashed the middle window on the driver’s side of my car and took a backpack. This happened in broad daylight sometime between 2:00 (when I arrived) and 4:30 (when my bank’s fraud dept called me about some attempted charges.) Upon getting back to my car, I called the pro shop to let them know about what had happened. The person in the pro shop was apologetic for what had happened, but that was about it; no one came out to check on the situation, see if they could do anything to assist, etc... After filing a report with a police officer, I went in to let someone know that there was a ton of glass in the parking lot. They were closing up, and I was helped a lot by a woman whose name I can’t remember. She took my name and info, and said she’d pass it along to the GM who would call in the morning after checking the security cameras. She was the most helpful person in all of this. I called him (Repeat: I. Called. Him.) at 2pm the next day, left a message, and he called back. He was also apologetic, said there was nothing on the cameras, and that was that. During this process, I was told “we haven’t had a break-in in months... for a while, an officer would do patrols through the parking lot.” I read a review about a break-in a year ago in what sounds like a similar situation. Overall, everyone I dealt with was nice and apologetic about the situation, but that was about it. It’s easy to be nice to someone who has just had their car’s window smashed in and stolen from while on your property. However, playing on a course with such a good reputation, I expected more. More assistance, more communication — anything that could have helped take the bad taste out of my mouth. This is a course that plays host to a PGA Tour event, not the local muni. Had this happened to a member, naturally, more assistance would have been given. I’m not naïve enough to expect the same treatment as a member who pays thousands per year, but some attempt to remedy the situation given the circumstances would have been nice. Last thing: if this has happened multiple times, put some cameras on the light poles that would cover the entire parking lot.

Jake Jones

Great, great facilities and the course was in great shape. The woman at the pro shop was very rude, however, and did not leave a good taste in our mouths. For that, I have to give the place 3 stars. She couldn't represent everyone there.. For a first impression, wasn't good.

Gatherlight Young

Logo ball design is Fair.

Richard Vinson

Played the tournament course today. It was a 5.5 hr round. We were waiting on every shot. Unfortunately the redneck in the do-rag behind us didn’t understand that and started yelling at us and cursing, some directed st my young son. The course was in ok shape, the greens were slower than I would expect. There is not enough water on the course for this heat.


I had the chance to volunteer for United We Care at the Golf Club of Houston on May 4th, where the 20th Annual We Care Charity Golf Classic topk place, i came all the way from Lima, Peru and my experience at this Club was awsome! Beautiful and well taken care course, excelent service and food and the view is amazing!

Paul Waller

Just overseeded. Still nice though. Greens slow today

Scott Owens

I always love playing here. It's always cool to play on courses the pros play.

In Joon Shin

John Glenn

GF Weaver

One of the finest golf facilities in the Houston area. Home of the Shell Houston Open.

Jared Silva

Tim Pace

Mainly what a course but the quality of pros and the number was impressive

Mark Davis

I’m writing on behalf of a colleague who joined us for a round of golf at The Golf Club of Houston last Wednesday, May 9th, 2018. After an enjoyable round, we returned to the parking lot to find a Harris County Sherriff’s Deputy parked beside his Ford Explorer. The rear driver’s-side window of the car had been smashed and his backpack, laptop and a $5,000.00 Omega Limited Edition wristwatch had been stolen. His front door lock was damaged where they attempted to break in and as a result of that effort, his front driver’s side window was also cracked. His was one of two or three vehicles broken into at the same time that day. Our caddy informed us that his vehicle and another caddy’s had been broken into a few weeks earlier. Police reports were filed and after some time, my colleague headed home to deal with the window replacements. The most troubling part to us was that there was no management on duty to speak with about the incident. One of the members was with us and he also expressed deep disappointment that no one was there to help your customers in their time of need. At $159.00/player green fees after 3:00 pm and several groups still on the course in the early evening hours, I would expect that an operation of this size and notoriety would have at least one manager on duty until the last guest on the course or in the dining room has gone. I/we make several trips every year to play the course, usually right before/after the Houston Open as well as in the fall and have done so for the past seven or eight years. I am also a former member of Blackhorse Golf Club and continue to play there more frequently than any other course I play. The staff there knows several of our group by name. It was really a shame to have such a nice afternoon end with such a frustrating experience which completely overshadowed the good time on the course. Some of us have had similar experiences with break-ins around town and due to lack of management response or concern have discontinued our patronage of these places. Many establishments have added a security guard to patrol the parking lot and I think that would be a wise investment on your part and greatly appreciated by your customers. My colleague’s property insurance only covered 20% of his loss. I am hoping to hear back from you with an offer to help offset the remainder of his loss and the corrective actions to be taken to prevent this from recurring. I look forward to your reply. **Update** Management reply was also disappointing: Home office passed along your email to me. I am the General Manager of Golf Club of Houston. I was made aware of the incident the next morning. I do not know the gentleman who was driving the Ford Explorer (you had said it was a Jeep but I am assuming it was the Explorer). My understanding is that Reese McCall, the Assistant General Manager and Director of Golf has spoken to your friend the day after it happened. Beyond that I am not comfortable speaking about that particular situation with anybody besides the owner. However, I do agree that a better job of communication is needed. Julie was working that evening in the restaurant and was the Manager on Duty. Reese had left at approximately 7:15 after he spoke to the police. It doesn’t help to have a Manager on Duty if everybody is not aware of that and we will rectify the situation. As far as break ins, it is the first break in that we have had that took anything of value (the other break in you spoke of had club, tools, etc but nothing was taken) since I have been here for almost two years. We are looking into better cameras that can detect license plates and are also looking at security pricing for various shifts. Unfortunately, all parking lots are targets so we need to do a better job of protecting ours. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover theft in parking lots or of personal belongings. I am sorry this happened to your friend and I apologize we did not handle the situation better. *** We won't be back and if you value your vehicle and possessions, I suggest you play elsewhere.

Richard Porfirio

I was really underwhelmed with my experience here. Guessing yardage, looking for bunker rakes, lots of spotty tee boxes and the icing on the cake, they had CNN on in the proshop, yes the fake news network of 2017 CNN. The condition of the course was mostly great. The layout is spectacular.

Tartisha Hill

Miguel De Jesus

Ty Wallace

Such a wonderful facility!!

Guillermo Macias

Great place to play and practice. It is a bless...all the time.

Howard Keifle

Amazing layout! Awesome advice.

Stephen Jurgella

Course is in unbelievable shape. Parking is great for the event. Only issues are the layout of the corporate tents on #18 and the ability to get onto the course and watch in a reasonable amount of time. This course layout really discourages walkers, however, it's about the players and not us so I understand. Happy Golfing!

Terry DeBey

Love the Tournament course ( only public) - country club feel and care. Great club house and friendly staff - best of the 5 courses we play.

Benton Middleman

We enjoyed an early (7:20am) round on the tournament course. The clubhouse is nice and efficient. We checked in and went to the range for a few minutes. We were greeted by Melvin, our caddie, who was very helpful and a pleasure to be with as we navigated the course for the first time. Everything was excellent and the pace of play was nice. We enjoyed some breakfast sandwiches at the turn. The greens were nice and Melvin was spot-on with suggestions and reads. I will definitely return to this excellent facility and course. It was a memorable day!

Brian Rountree

Unfortunately the Golf Club of Houston is no longer a tournament course from a condition standpoint. Tee boxes were suspect at best and greens were slow. This would traditionally be the optimal time to play the course but clearly they have stopped caring for the course. It’s still a fun course at $50-$60 including cart but nothing more than that given the options in Houston. I hate to write this review given this has traditionally been an amazing course but the condition is simply no longer worth the premium price.

Loqman tawakal

Tamesha Shook

Incredible experience <3

David Yi

Miguel Lazo

(Translated by Google) These pages are useless at all (Original) no sirven para nada es tas páginas

Daniel Anderson [ASE]

Always friendly and professional.

tony jin

minecraft fan

Ray Reynolds

I flew to Houston to visit a friend in the Memorial Hermann trauma center. On my way home I needed some time to clearn my head. I called the course and spoke to Rich. I told him I'm not a member. He said, "I will get you in." From the moment I arrived, I was treated like a special guest. The Marshal Bob B. Led me to the 10th hole. He stopped a couple of times just chatting with me. Golf is a spiritual journey, not about money, but about nature and developing the soul. This place was an incredible experience. I stood on the 18th green just taking it in. Well done staff.

Aero Tech

Jon Bradford

Kris Jones

Was here for the Shell Houston Open. Beautiful course. Had a great time.

Derek Crawford

Absolutely beautiful and Hard! Even in December this course looks and plays perfect. Passing by the tournament tees the pros play from on my way to the regular tees gives a renewed appreciation for just how good they are.


The tournament course was in immaculate shape. Greens were running around 8.5 to 9 on stimp. Very challeging but fun to play. The only down was pace of play was a little slow 5:15 minutes. Practice areas where pristine. Over great course. Very pricey, but it was worth playing the same course the pros play the Shell Houston open.

Ian Pirsch

Luis Zaragoza

Rafa BH

Great course but not in it's best shape at all. Fairways were soft and it's grass tall. Got some of my drives just behind where they bounced. Greens also bumpy. Got a 60$ deal in Golfnow. Staff were incredibly friendly

Toni Dawson

James Jones

Will it's Houston's golf course so it most be good

Frederik deCockBuning

we were very welcome and had a great round ! for sure we come back!

Luis Patino

Price is amazing , place is spacious

Charles Schmidt

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