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Where is Van Cortlandt Park and Golf Course?

REVIEWS OF Van Cortlandt Park and Golf Course IN New York


I've spent many a romantic days in this beautiful park. Many things to do and plenty of places to get lost in the woods. Picnic area , public pool , handball , basketball , baseball, golf ect everywhere around this park a tranquil river when one can fish.

drew madden

I love this course. It was a bit slow when I played it, but to get a marvelous links style course so close to the city was a real treat. Also don't miss the brats from the cocktail stand.

John Ludewig

There are many trails. Some for running others for cross country but I like the hiking trails. There is a large field that many use for different activities and soccer and baseball fields as well. There is a horse stable on the north end and a pool on the south end. If you like to play golf there is a course in the park as well.

Christopher Boccard

Greens in the best shape all year.

Anthony Caputo

Very clean and a pretty place to hang out

Sean Cushing

It's a love-hate thing with this course. It's close to Manhattan, I know every nook and cranny of this place, on a weekday it moves, given how many rounds are played here... those are all positives. When it's backed up, it's slow going; when the grass refuses to grow in certain spaces, have fun hitting off hard packed bronx dirt; when the wasps and hornets are buzzing around the 4th and 5th holes... run for cover. And the hamburger at the halfway house... avoid all costs and opt for a dog instead. But it's home. And not savagely expensive. And a decent on course beer selection. And it was Babe Ruth's home course too.

George Blank

Large open spaces for a day of family fun

Carmen Rodriguez

Clean, refreshing and it was a boy or girl surprise party. Lol

Murray Echt

Worst pace of play I've ever experienced

Jean Villarreal

You can walk, used bike, see duck, play golf, running, cross country race, adventure

mohammed sahan

Good for fishing....

Serge Tulupov

Nice fishing!


Fun park

yari andujar

amazing !!

Gabrielle Remolona

Only specific people who payed can go there. I never personally been there but yeah.

Gary Grover

Great spot for walking, jogging, soccer, baseball, football, picnicking - outdoor activities. Right by the last stop of the '1' Train, going North from Manhattan.

Don Juan De marco

Love this park bigger than Central park

Steven Leon

This is a fun place. I go fishing here all the time.

Michael Mitchell

All time favorite!

Sergio Valencia

Very nice


This is the park that I grew up playing cricket. One of my favorite park in the city. I wish the park department never took away two of us pitches. It is unfortunate that they took it away from us. But thanks to the park department for giving us the space and giving us a place to enjoy our weekends. I wish there more bathrooms. Anyways I’m looking forward to next season. Enjoy all three sports in the park!

rosa deleon

This place is beautiful and excellent to relax and doing exercise. Great for everyone.!

kevin warren

Was raining

Nard van Hensbergen

Drive it past the creek to enter the VCGC Ed Hall of Fame

Young World Video Magazine

"Vanny" is Great!'s an old course...not the most picturesque but it certainly deserves respect. Much like Rock Creek in DC, must be accurate or you'll loose many balls. A real player's course!


The positives: it is definitely a golf course in that it has grass, trees and holes. And It's historic I'm told. That's it. The negatives: Where do I begin? If it's your first time here, forget about being treated respectfully. Everyone was cranky and unhelpful, from the pro shop, to the cart man, to the starter, right on through to the club "professional", who I refer to as Professor Ponytail because he's rocking a pony tail like a washed up wrestler/hair metal guitarist, even though he's pushing 50. Guess he stopped maturing senior year of high school back in 1971. This never-quite-good-enough-to-make-The-Tour Katelyn Jenner look-a-like had the audacity to, in the middle of our tee shots on a par 3 ask how many balls we were planning to play off the tee, telling us "this is not a driving range". Mind you my friend and I hit a total of 4 balls, the first two of which ended up in the water hazard. As far as I know the rules of golf allow you to play another ball with a penalty if you lose yours; perhaps someone should explain the rules of golf to him, he seems a bit rusty. Too busy thinking about Wrestle Mania I suppose. Mind you, he was in a twosome on the adjacent green behind us that somehow had 5 balls on it. Talk about playing multiple balls. What a hypocrite. He also admonished us for not replacing divots, even tho I did in fact fixed my divots, but the Ric Flair wannabe would hear none of it. This incident had us fuming for a good 3 holes before we calmed down, so he essentially ruined part of our round. That's not to mention this course layout seems like it was designed by a 6 year old with a learning disability. You end up criss-crossing the course numerous times because one hole rarely leads to the next, and there are virtually no signs. The 9th hole doesn't even take you to the clubhouse, because that would make too much sense. And there's no beverage cart service, so forget about having a cold one in the middle of the round. Also the mysterious "twilight rate" that's posted online apparently doesn't apply if you take a cart since there's an almost $20 cart fee per person added to the $23 twilight fee. So you end up paying $40 no matter what time of day you come if you're taking a cart, which is a virtual necessity, because, again the course was designed by Zach Nicklaus, Jack Nicklaus's failure of a half-brother. So if you enjoy ponytails on club pros, geriatric curmudgeons, and a general don't give a damn attitude, this is the course for you. If not, then don't bother.

Tamanna Irin

One of the best in usa

Alan McLaurin

Nice grounds

Rick Lopez

Huuuge and great level walking. Tons of forest paths

J La

Very good place to run, of course

W. Dyer Halpern

Lovely course with lots of trees. The final three holes are a ton of fun to play. Winds its way throughout the Bronx, never losing an urban feel in a secluded environment. Affordable too.

Bernard D'Orazio

Saturday tee time at 1 = 5.5 hours. Better earlier.


Love it♥️


Very nice public golf course. Challenging but not overly difficult. Good length. Behave off the tee or pay the price.


Beautiful spot

Troy Jackson

Amazing scenery who knew hidden gem in The Bronx

Marsha Carson

Love it

Eamon Lee

Fun Times

Joshua S. Levine

good city course. challenging. could use some investment.

Hieu Nguyen

Beautiful course but marshals on duty must go out onto the course to maintain the normal pace of play of golfers!

Judith Nugent

This park has been a great place my hole life. I have cats that passed away buried there. It was a great place to go with family and friends. Had great BBQ's there. My dad played paddle there for 30+ years. My children were raised there... Well like I was, we frequently went there to play paddle or handball. We also went to the pool


And that's my Hangout the people around them is lovely

Rodney sipes

Great Place to learn, The condition of the course has improved slowly over the last 5 years. The greens have been more consistent. The layout is a bit forced in certain stretches of holes and the crowds can be annoying if you tee off to late on a nice day. Love to take my oldest son there late in the day as the crowds have dissipated by then. Great experience overall

Rolando Deleon

Great overall experience every single time.

Walter Quinones

I loved.

Malik Thompson

The golf course could be maintained better, especially for the steep price of play. No same in the cart to repair fairway divots, the tee boxes need seeding and more frequent location rotation.

Manny Santiago

Its lake life

Haider Rizvi

It's open, green & having all required facilities of a good park .I really appreciate it's up keeping by its management/staff.

Tom Hall

Love the guys who work here. Place is overcrowded and tee times are scheduled too close together. Just played 14 holes couldn't finish Yahoos jumping from hole to hole, guys hitting 3-4balls per hole no supervision. Gotta be watched better Rangers could do a much better job where this is concerned.

lawrence martin

great golf course

Dave Mandelbaum

Course is in good shape except for a couple of the tee boxes the first especially. The thing it's missing the most is a warm up area. And if you're looking for a 4 hour round you better come early. It's public golf and there's lots of duffers who have no concept of pace of play.

Kim Nelson-Edwards

Pretty place


Great course, been around forever, and will stick around. Very worth it if you can get there.

Lissette Santiago

Very nice place to take the kids

Love Erica

Just love it

Shemika Campbell

Love fishing there with my lill family big park

Patrice Murrain

It's a nice quiet environment, great for families. It has several cricket fields and areas for children to play

catherine hetmanski

It's a big park

r r

If going to van cortland park this was the best parking I could find even though finding it wasn't easy.

Ronald Rajaram


Jared Erickson

Nice course for a change of pace. Get an early tee time if you don't want to have a 5 and a 1/2 hour round

Clarissa Silva

Vanny is a public 18-hole course with a nice mix of hilly and flat holes. According to NYC data, it is the oldest public course in the US with 6,096 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 70. The course rating is 68.6 and it has a slope rating of 110. It's located right at the end of the 1 line 242st Street. For avid golfers: the course isn't well maintained, so be prepared to be on the course for a little longer since it is a slow course. For beginners and for fun: there is no practice range. Overall, though, for a public course in a public park, it's nice and has some challenging holes.

Raj Rana

One of the oldest golf courses in the country. A bit drier, with Fairways and greens showing their age. No driving or chipping range. Anyone living in NYC, a concrete jungle, will appreciate having access to this course. Play here quite often.

Enyuan Shang

Nice place for a work or hiking.

sahib Barjan

Big wonderful park .

K. Braeden Anderson

Great golf course, highly recommend for the price and location.

Larry Moffett

Green to heavy need to be cut and roll.

Andre Ruis

Icy, could only play 14 holes. They knew, wish they would have gave some sort of credit back, instead of paying for 18.



Ed Jennings

No place better ...on this whole great Earth

Rajesh Shah

Peaceful, veey green in May-June, easily accessible Metro. Comes 2nd to Central Park.

Rosa De Los Angeles

Excellent place, you can enjoy with all the family, restaurant, bar, picnic, etc...

Julio Queliz


raheem davis

Today was the first day and as you can imagine there were plenty of folks outside enjoying the opportunity to play. Was disappointed at the lack of communication today at the course. Holes 15-18 were closed and a few temporary greens. That wasn't the issue, the fact that there were no signs indicating that specific hole had a temporary green was disappointing.

mark elzey


Elercia morales

I love this place

Melanie Wesslock

Great public course in nyc. Played a 4 hour round on a Monday w my son. Amir in pro shop was helpful and pleasant. A challenging but fun course.

John Peterson

Very nice public course and reasonable for NYC.

Rayner Mendez

Awesome park in NY.

Nancy Santiago

I love this park. It's always clean.


It's a fun course for any golfer--I'm an average golfer who loves the sport and the course offers great challenges for me. Never a dull moment. No driving range, of course. Mosholu Golf Course, which is right across, has a driving range and a compact 9-hole course which everyone plays the whole 18 and the traffic jams there are horrific--almost like the I-95 in rush hour. Many good players do play at Vanny, as it is aptly known among locals and they find the course fun as well. The traffic within the course can be tough, but early bird and twilight hours are best (one can finish a round in 3-hrs or less). If you decide to tee off anytime after 10am or noon, expect to play for a good 4-5-hrs. Yes, bring aspirin and your unlimited data plan to fiddle around while waiting to hit between some of these holes. Decent and (somewhat) helpful staff... Food is ok, but I wouldn't pay for it since the quality is so-so. Go for the brew, as that is still expensive but at least you can't go wrong with it.

Pedro Pagan

Excellent good place to see nature and trails with history.

Ralph Findley

Had a wonderful day there

ya feckin eejit

Quiet and clean


Amazing park

Peter DiRollo

Very friendly and pleasant. Golf course


First time here, had a good time, went fishing, catch and release experience.

B Led

I really enjoy this course and think its great value for money. The staff is very friendly and easy going, the facilities are pretty good with a pro shop, restaurant, bar, and clean bathrooms. The course itself is not ridiculously over challenging like Ferry Point but it's well kept, nice greens, and there are some difficult holes. I live in the Manhattan so this is a great place because it's easy to reach, you can usually get a full round in within decent time, and it's generally pretty chilled out and quiet.

Judy Egger

Great place to run, walk, and bike

james white

Great park space in the Bronx, the more commonly used areas are kept in great shape however the trails are seriously in need of some upkeep. There’s so much history in the park that is just neglected. The geese and swans are also not afraid of people and certainly expect you to feed them, kinda like this guy lol

E Berk

A taste of the good ol' days! Check out the locker rooms from the movie Wallstreet upstairs! It's a public club house dripping with history, and because it's public, you can just drift into the clubhouse and walk around.

Bob Li

The 4.2 rating which is higher than Forest Park is a little misleading. The fairway and greens are definitely 2 tiers below Bethpage. While we were playing, the course had lawn mowers starting from hole 3 all the way until hole 17. I mean, 1-2 holes I can understand, but having that sound on while you golf is extremely annoying, BUT the MOST important is how am I suppose to alert you that I'm about to hit my ball? The biggest concern is the ball hitting one of those guys. It is beyond me why they would choose to do this in the morning. Also, the mowers seemed to be always ahead of us.

Agustin Melendez

Very idyllic, peaceful, and clean.

Kay Carpenter

Huge park with many sights to see. Sit near the lake to relax and watch the swan family

Kosh meister

Great park for all out door sports, I love the walking trail n bike trail.

Cj Chimelis

Very big park

T Temple

Nice place....

victoria vazquez

Didn't know we had such a beautiful lake, must go again, calm, relaxing just live it

Andre Caravello

Always therapeutic to walk the trails... Sit on a bench and breathe... Workout every way possible... Enjoy time with family... Date night... or day...

Don Speaker

Great course when you have the time, also very busy. Expect 5 to 6 hours

Anicka Lew

It's peaceful and beautiful


Best park in the city, get away from the chaos.

Brett Deutsch

I always enjoy Van Cortlandt. The course is long, has nice variety and is affordable. But it's a NYC course so you have to know what to expect, like some beat up greens and some slow play.

Kyle Goans

The course has a bit of a strange layout, which being in NYC I get, but due to the long distances from green to tee boxes, the guy in the club house should have at least suggested renting a cart. The greens were in good shape. Small, but enough undulations to still be a challenge. The course as a whole looks beautiful with a lot of trees lining each hole. The fairways and rough did not have enough grass which resulted in too many balls coming to rest on dirt. The sand traps were in good condition with plenty of sand in them. I'd like to give 3.5 stars but since that's not an option I gave them 4. I also find that the green fees are a bit steep for a public city course. I paid $40 to walk. I'll play here again because it's the closest course to my home in the Bronx, however there is plenty of room for improvement.

chance Harrington

Love the wildlife, the turtles

Dilenia Jerez

Love it!

Jeff Evans

Fun course. Hole #2 is the toughest hole in NYC

lindsay bliss

I did 7 miles yesterday. I'm gonna tris wed. Yolo.

Soul Bey

This golf course has this super ugly gate surrounding the vandcortland takes away from it's besuty

Dez Price

Beautiful clean

Christina Smith

Loved it. Nice place to bbq

Nick Dellarocca

Old nostalgic golf course dates back to 1895.

Dorshay Johnson

We like going to the pond and watching the swans, ducks and geese. Its nice to walk the path, but I wish they did a better job on maintaining it.

Henry Tejada

If you're going to feed the ducks don't feed them bread, it's not good for them lol

Michael Rabadi

Great, laid back atmosphere. They are accommodating and everyone there is very friendly. I shopped around for a regular course and this one stood out far above the rest. The course is laid out very well. There is a place to grab burgers and hot dogs on the 12th hole. The food is excellent there actually. The course has a good mix of challenging and easy holes. Certainly not the hardest course I've been to, but definitely the most diverse I have found in the city. This has become my regular place to play.

Gregory Uhrlass

Interesting layout.... there are little groups of holes spread out. Fairways are tore up as expected but there is enough grass you could play it so if in the fairway you could move it.

Shawn Maniram

Great park

Christian Lemon

Easy to get to from Manhattan, fair price for the round. Don’t expect to race around in 4 hours. Staff needs to work on hospitality...

Richard Alonso

Nice place to go workout have a barbecue or just taking a nice walk

Quincy Gonzalez

Great place to Run and Bike!

Vladimir Morales

Good for exercise, walk,play ,is really fun

Patrick O'Connor

Great course. Highly recommend it!

Katherine Bai

Don’t go. There are a bunch of ignorant people telling you what to do and what not to do. Even if you get there at your time you still have to wait for other people to go in front of you. People keep giving you lessons in a rude way.

Jesus Medina

Great place for the whole family.



Samuel A Perez

So relaxing

Stephen Pergelides

Excellent place to visit with the family

Myrna Cruz

A very peaceful and enjoyable afternoon with my partner and puppy. Nice park with nice people. No rowdies

Baileys Corner

Best of the NYC courses. Can get backed up on weekends. Course conditions can vary, as it's heavily used, and there may be a bare spot here and there. Tricky little track as course management definitely comes into play here. Put away your driver and opt for a long iron on some of the shorter par 4s. Avoid the hamburger like the plague at the halfway house and go for a hot dog instead.

balkrishna bhandari

Really nice place to be

Derrick Dawkins

One of the best course over the years, now management unprofessionally, bar and restaurant staff unfriendly. I rather to go elsewhere to spend my hard earn cash

JBri Gar

Very peaceful

Tom Trebat

An excellent place to play a round of golf at a public course.

Yaritza Diaz

I had my baby shower here on 11/3/18 and it was truly a wonderful experience. The owner was extremely helpful in guiding us toward the right Set up. He knew I wanted my event on the deck and though it was very windy, he made a few suggestions and made it happen. The staff was very helpful and did their best to make the day go as smooth as possible. They allowed me to set up early and provided me with the chairs, tables, and linens. I was given freedom to decorate however I wanted!! However the deck doesn’t need much decoration, it’s beautiful on its own. It went well with my fall themed shower. I was able to fit 14 round tables each one with 10 people and there was still enough space to dance and play games. I would definitely host another major event here. I loved it!!!

Chris Schubert

Shooter McGavin great pro here

M Rios

Nice park, there's a pool, running track, nature center, tennis courts. A pond to fish and on Fridays during the summer there are rowboats for the public on a first come fist served basis.

Charles Mcbryde

Of all my years there, this is one of the best Golf courses in the NYC area. The East coast Golf club,

Shelly Winston

Loved it, great experience

Ambrose Johnson

Beautiful and historic course. I would have added a star if the greens weren't so slow...recently aerated.

Kathy Karpin

My go-to place to decompress and relax. I routinely walk along trails, the track and hang out with friends @ the dog run called Canine Court. Frankly, I love this place.

Josephine Campbell

Nice visit

Rob Fields Sr.

In good shape just a little wet on certain holes.

Mike Williams

Cross country race. Great experience. Need to balance the racers in each race better.

Dennell Ross

We took our Grandsons oit Fishing there

Kai Landy

The swans are beautiful and it's such a good place to hike.

Jimie Torres Ortiz

They have great spaces for BBQ and there's a pool as well. A good place to bring the family

Richard Gray

Park beautiful. Restaurant now renovated, pretty, clean, but $7 for domestic beer -wow.

Dante Garcia

Huge park. This park has everything. Pool, baseball field, basketball court, hand ball

Elvis Pabon

Love this place

Laura Alvarez

Absolutely love this park.. Bathrooms always clean park is always clean great feeling of peace here..

Maria Horvath

A beautiful park with lots of history!

Joe Brunetto

Course was in good shape. August 2019

James Cruz

Great place to visit it has a little of everything. Golf course, track, handle ball and tennis courts swimming pool, baseball fields, open fields. Transportation, the number one train, buses, vendors, playgrounds. The Van Cortlandt Museum, Van Cortlandt Cemetery. Trails. Bird watching. It's a great park for its size. Come check it out make yourself a great day.

Andrew Thompson

From the track to the course, your choice. All I can say is You will feel good about your decision.

Suzanne Sharp

How we aren't throwing concerts in this park is absurd its almost if not bigger than central park.


Love it.

Ildiko Keresztes

Very very beautiful!

Life Out Loud and Listen

What a surprisingly nice course! Really really cheap to play during the week. $27 during the week after 3pm with a cart, that's about as good as it gets. Me and my girl went and the staff was amazingly friendly which can sometimes lack in NYC. While golfing, I looked over and asked my girl, did you almost forget you in NYC? That's what it's like. It's an easy course, not to challenging, and the fairways and roughs seemed to be well groomed. The tee areas were a bit dingy, and it can be a hassle when you dont use a tee on pars 3's like me. Food prices are standard, and drinks are a bit on the expensive side, not much selection in terms of craft beers, but that's not that big of a deal :) Overall, it seemed very family friendly, pretty fast play so there was not much waiting. Definitely will golf there as many times as I can. Hope this review helps.

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