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REVIEWS OF The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers IN New York

Gregg Isaacs

Jasmine was great at the front desk!! My friend birthday was today we came late and she let us golf gave us the best information and customer service! Great time for 15 min!!!!

David Blaut

Great place to hit golf balls with a one of a kind backdrop. There are waits sometimes, but most of the time you can get right on the driving range. I do wish they would try to offer more amenities similar to Topgolf.

Jeremiah Gonzalez

This place is always a great time, very well kept and a fun place to show off your swing! The balls come out of the floor so you never have to tee up and when it comes up you can adjust the height, so convenient and a back saver! The price you pay is not by the hour, but by the amount of balls that you hit so it is nice because you can take your time and feel no rush! Also when purchasing the more balls you purchase the higher percentage you pay, so it’s worth getting the higher count and even if you don’t finish them, come back with the card next time. It’s on the pier which is great and connected to the rest of the complex which makes everything else that much more convenient. Overall, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jeremy Janas

Had a blast here for a recent team outing. Our assigned golf pro was really friendly and patient. The food was also very good. All in all a great facility and supporting staff.

Sarat Chandra

Been here during the winters on a weekend with a bunch of friends. Its a fun spot to hangout with a group and flaunt your golf "skills" ;). The place seems to be pretty crowded especially during the weekends and you will have to wait in line to get yourself a spot. You can rent some golf clubs at the counter and pay for the count of golf balls and not time (which is a good thing as you can take your own time). There are classes and virtual golf available too. Also found the pricing pretty reasonable given the fact that it is in Manhattan downtown area. I felt that during the winters, the heaters at each of the golf counters/stations weren't sufficient as it can get pretty windy and cold at the pier. There is no live tracking of your golf balls, so its really difficult to see how far you have hit the ball. Overall the place is nice for a fun hang-out with a group or if you want to practice some golf in Manhattan.

sonnysamiel sonnysamiel

Before my lesson with William Larkin I was a mid 80's shooter not the best score I know. But I went and got a 30 minute lesson from him for the first 7-8 mins he was just laughing and talking about my grip on the club, the next 7-8 minutes he made me take swings then told me about his old job at a golf course he use to work at then told me he has a bad back...??? What the hell is he giving golf lessons for if he has a bad back since the lesson I cannot even hit a green he ruined my swing and it was the worst decision I've ever made I highly advise you guys to never go there!

Christophe Querton

Great driving range in Manhattan! The equipment feels a bit old-ish but it gets the job done. Try going off-peak, it's a lot cheaper.

Graham Meighan

Jesus Alfredo Diaz

Jason Luong

Louis Amira

William Fraind

Rishi Josan

Great place to chill out after work

João Aclésio Miquilino Miquilino

Michael Corridan

Vera Vadnyuk

Fun! It has the look and feel of a country club, that happens to be on the pier. There are so many options from a putting green to a golf simulator, lessons, and driving ranges.

Becky Curran Kekula

This place is fun! It has the look and feel of a country club, that happens to be on the pier. There are so many options from a putting green to a golf simulator, lessons, and driving ranges.

Zsuzsa Détári

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Anthony Schultz

Matthew Cole

Yeah, it's okay. The website does a great job of pricing and listing peak and off peak hours. I went for my first time during off peak hours and paid $25 for 125 worth of balls, more than enough for a single player. It does seem to get pretty busy so you might have to wait. After I purchased my card I took the elevator up to the fourth floor and picked the stall I was suggested by the staff. Of course, it was not working but they fixed it really quickly so no worries. 125 balls, I was sore in the morning. Oh, and I guess the view is nice. If you're into looking at boats and a river while you golf.

Marco Kruk

It was fist time playing golf. Had so much fun, no clue what I was doing but had a great time. And a great view watching over the Hudson while smacking the balls towards it. And it's not your typical uptight golf club, no dress code, just fun.

Pavel Dumitrescu

Raymond Stensholt

After work, hang out, enjoy the time

Matt G

Jordan Hale

Robert T. Dowling

The driving range is a great escape when your in the city. The Sports Complex provides many things to do and many beautiful views.

The Corcoran Group

If it’s a nice day get there before 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. The driving range fills up rather quickly.

Ben Warner

Very good and relaxing place to go golf when you just want some peace and relaxation. Always come here with my pops and I can say it gets pretty competitive haha.

Desmond Chow

Want to work on your golf swing? Come to the Golf Club at Chelsea Piers. This is also a popular activity for bachelor parties. Good times bonding while working on your game. After about two hours it can get a little tiring so move on to some beers.

William FitzGerald

XFresh channel

(Translated by Google) Nice place to stay (Original) Хорошее место для отдыха

Simon Cutts

Cool place for a hit over the river

Nishant Junankar

Mataku Bai

Very nice place for a soulmate.


Tai le van

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers

Eric Woo

Todd Murray

Cathy A.

Oscar 666

It is good But I am not go to that place

Henry Blaukopf

Stewart Allen

Awesome to be able to hit a few golf balls in Manhattan. Easy to get to and not too expensive. Def worth a trip to on a nice day.

Justin McCalla

Marcus Maffucci

Chris Demeke

Alex Sei

For me, it's the place to be happy. You can hit the balls and the beautiful area. Special secret, if you like Person of Interest you can stay there at the same place like John reese

Baby Henry

Baby Henry and his friends found this very good value and a lot of fun. We will be going back for sure!

Julie Truong

I took a class here. Great instructors. The driving range is multi-leveled. Lots of amazing challenges. Everything is digitally dispensed. You'd use a card and swipe for balls.

Peter Krepa

Jonathan Batista

What a great place. I have no idea how to golf but it is always fun to bring friends and family here. Super simple to get started and very clean and bright facility

Ambelique Malebranche

I played only once there but would do it again. The service was good because a guy who workes there was showing me how to hit since I am not a good hitter.

Craig Evan

Mikey Noynay

I loved this place even though I am not a golfer. The service people were very nice. Had to wait 40 minutes to try the driving range but the Pier had many other activities to see while we waited. They have a text message system to let you know 15 minutes beforehand for when your booth is ready. The big plus is the automatic ball feeder on the tee which makes it so much better.

Jeff Sereno

The golf range is short, only 250 yards distance so it's tough to get accurate gauge of drives. Fairly expensive for a bucket of balls but a cool experience

Nathaniel Chan

David Doherty

Michael Boumansour

Pekka Auvinen

Good place. Place to visit if you like golf.

Eric Saucier

They should really get an online ticket reservation system. The wait tends to be around an hour or more. Not really efficient to go there to get a number only to sit and waste an hour or more of the day.

Joyful Day

Great if you live in NYC. They open late and the instructors are really good.

Landon Everdeen

Carmine Arpaia

Paid for 2 hours of the Virtual Golf Simulator with a friend. It wouldn't register our swings. We didn't get to finish a single hole. They wouldn't refund our money because they have a "No Refund Policy". We spoke to the manager, FitzRoy, who was completely useless. Give these scammers your credit card at your own risk. Or better yet just get Tiger Woods on Wii and don't waste your time with these guys.

Aria Ni

Evelyn Kim

Liz Bryant

duncan wood

Really helpful staff

Darrell Capeding

Christopher Foster

Decently priced, however the rental clubs were beat up. Experience was worthwhile.

Jonathan Pei-Chan

Plenty of stalls on the multi-level floors. More expensive than queens/LI. Try to hit balls during the off peak times.

Eugene van Tonder

Awesome place to hit a few balls at luxury yachts

Bruno Santos


arvind kumar

bernardo guglielmi

Suzuki Yasuyuki

Ankit Patel

Awesome spot and great service. Good times to go are late afternoon on weekdays.

Bill Mele

Jan Willem Giesberts

Ok driving range. In weekends long lines and the rental clubs are not the best

Michele Bergo

Angel Caraballo

Naiel Iqbal

This is pretty much your only option for quality golf lessons, a driving range and other golf-related activities in Manhattan. Given their monopoly, the prices are high, but not unfair. The staff is fairly pleasant and I've found many of the golf coaches to be top notch and world class. The driving range out back is a great place to spend an hour perfecting your swing.

jackiecrazycool 17

Top golfs a better new place, Everytime I go here all the stalls I used broke down, some guys fixed it quick none the less, but still pretty annoying that every 5 to ten balls I hit it breaks down. Then I try to leave and my card gets stuck lol too many systematic issues that dont get premninatly solved.

Sal Schisano

I been here several times and have had a fine experience until this last time. I was told to go to a bay on the third floor, was removed from my hitting stall for a lesson and the stall I was moved to had someone arriving from downstairs to hit. When I asked them where I could go they said downstairs to wait for another bay to open. So I went from waiting for a stall, to getting one, to being moved to one that was already occupied, to another long wait. Poor customer service experience.

Matthew Seabrook

I've had nothing but good experiences at the range here. Even on a Saturday afternoon the wait is never all that long, and the card/ball system is convenient and easy to use. They allow drivers on the bottom floors despite the relatively short range, and the folks working the desk are efficient and know what they're doing. It's a bit pricey per ball, but what do you expect golfing in Manhattan.

CEAS 112

Great staff. From technician to front desk to Pro Shop, friendly and helpful. Heated bays with auto-tee system, customizable tee height. At time of writing, I am taking Beginners 1 classes under Soo Young Lee and cannot wait for my next session. 4 classes, 90 minutes each. Purchase classes through Groupon to receive a discount of about $160 (up to $210 with 20% off coupon) off the sticker price, plus a free hour in their simulator AND a $50 ball card, which grants close to 270 balls, off peak.

Joshua Wilson

Megan Yu

There's something incredibly satisfying about hitting golf balls with the view of the Hudson in front of you. Great place to spend an afternoon. Club rentals are available.

Kurt Hildebrandt

Very cool place to hit balls "into the Hudson River". Automatic tee up is a nice touch. Check it out for sunset. Just gorgeous.

gary Morton

Fernando Ocasio

Wissam Hamou

To release stress from work, nothing better than hitting the driving range, you should go there on a weekday as early as possible to avoid the crowd. Go to the 4th floor it's an iron only level, and there will be less people there

Shengwei Ren

Anthony Washington


Sean N

Can't ask for anything better than having views of the water while swinging on some golf balls.

Allan He

The place is nice, but kind of expensive. Then again there are not many driving ranges in Manhattan. I got a groupon, so it was cheaper. My instructor Chance was helpful and friendly.

H. S.

Monday is 20 percent off for ladies day!

Peter Rapciewicz

Great spot to hit some balls. A little pricey but you're paying manhattan prices.

Jérôme OGER

Agence Posca'fé

(Translated by Google) An excellent practice on several floors ... Good memories! (Original) Un excellent practice sur plusieurs étages... De bons souvenirs !

Deron J

first time i golfed, i was nervous but the range makes here a good place to practice for a beginner!


This place is definitely worth it. There are packages that gives you certain amount of balls to hit.

Quinten Coppens

Nice driving range with an impressive view on the Hudson River. With a bit luck you will encounter a big cruise boat making his way up north!

Thomas McCabe

Absurdly expensive ($50 for something like 100 balls!), always a long (60-90 minutes) wait. Go to Randall's Island if you in any way can. Taking an Uber there would probably still be cheaper. Added the second star solely for the auto feed tees, which are nice, especially after you've stood around for over an hour waiting for a spot.

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