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377 Denton Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, United States

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REVIEWS OF Spring Rock Golf Center IN New York

Kenneth T

A golf range and two sets of mini golf. No matter you are a pro or a kid, you can enjoy golf here. Reasonable price.


Tons of space .even when full. Nice pro shop. Cool V.R golf games. And club house res. Great service

Keith Sherry

Great place to go with your friends and is open late

Aneury Reyes

Nice Place...

mpower dance

Some of our group liked there meal, but I wasn't impressed. I had the lobster eggs Benedict. I should have known better. The poached eggs were over cooked, the hollandaise was too thick and the lobster was flavorless. I was told the burgers were good. The mozzarella sticks and fries were good. Not necessarily a family brunch spot. More like a bar than a restaurant in its energy. The manager was very nice and took time to stop by and chat with us.

Satesh R

Great range and mini golf the restaurant is horrible. Servers seem to be on drugs or drunk and gave unclean dishes. When asked to provide better dishes they simply acted as if it were my problem and washed the same dish and return to me. The glass had lipstick on it. The two server girls need to be fired.

Evan Brosowsky

Nice course

Ben Wong

A great place tip exercise and practice your gills swing.

christine kemmett

Love going with the family!

Mackenzie Cashman

The mini golf place is really good, but one of the courses was closed, causing a lot of people to be crowded onto one course. I saw this one family that was skipping around on that course. They also started to play again right as I was about to leave without paying again. The driving range is nice though. It has 2 floors, and you never have to wait for a booth.

Sung chan Hong .

Range good

Lenny Abiuso

The driving range stalls are covered, so you can practice in the rain. The driving range has plenty of stalls. Never had to wait. They have a nice putting green with chipping area and a nice practice sand trap. There are several teachers available if you want lessons. There is also a bar, if you want to have some snacks or drinks.

Rashad Al-Haddad

Great Place. Clean and reasonably priced!

David Bhopaul

Golf range is op

Chris Convey

the mini golf here is awesome

Chris Lau

One of the best kept driving ranges. Has a connected bar and restaurant which is nice.


Good experience overall. Went for brunch with the family. Food was okay. Drinks were really good. Staff was very nice.

Stan Lightell

Nice heaters for winter practice. The stalls are partitioned with back and side walls. You can really work up a sweat even when cold outside.

Keith McLaurin

Great privacy so you can concentrate

Darwen Perez

Great golf range. Plenty of stalls. never had to wait.

John Thompson

Mats and Tees suck but good prices. And the putting greens aren't even worth practicing on they're just carpet. Every downhill put just runs off the green

Ho Jung Kim

(Translated by Google) My father's coupon sale is very bad. If it's a sale a week ago and there is a difference, it is partial. (Original) 아버지날 쿠폰세일이 아주나쁩니다. 일주일전 세일하고 차이가잇으면 편파적입니다

Andrew Cho

Nice golf range. Each box has heating and fans for year round practice.

Richard Yau

Nice place to play mini golf or just going to the driving range. Plenty of parking unless there is some event going on.

Judy Oren

This minigolf venue was recently redone and is very nice.

inam ahmed


David Slawotsky

Nice and quiet

Howie Rosenthal

Way to busy and noisy

Joseph Itzkowitz

so nice

S Park

Lots of stalls but can still get crowded. Balls are in good condition most of the time. Has gone through continued renovations in past years.

Aristotel Papatrefon

Great course. Very well kept.

TJfishbuk Salliverro

Great place to practice or warm up before going to the golf course

Benjamin Hill

Nice driving range.

carl wood

Good food really cheap beers

Tommy Jones

Their website is very sketchy off the tee. It redirects you to a "gorgeous single Asian ladies" site as well as "Watch TV Now" and others. Very unprofessional indeed.

Alon Mor

Great range and mini golf. Friendly staff

Daniel Shulman

Never had to wait for a stall, ask the bar for plastic cups so you can bring a pitcher to the range with you.

Eric Lutz

My range for years. Recently the range has become obsolete. If ur long. Only 230 to fence so now they won't let anyone hit driver on top deck. The money they've made over the years makes u think they would raise the fence another 20 feet. Sucks if your long. But swing simulator and virtual golf are a treat for 35$ an hour.

Joseph E. Acosta

Not too crowded, which I liked. The grounds were nice and clean . The ponds were not that clean but that's the lack of respect by the people who just don't use the trash cans. All in all it was a good experience. Will revisit.

Ernest Garnier

Great place to practice. Tons of stalls to hit balls, great hours, decent putting green and sand bunker to practice your game. Highly recommended.

Tony Hesketh

Cheap, clean and huge. The perfect place to take an hour from work for "lunch."

Fernando O.


Sal Bloise

Very nice staff at club house. Prices were reasonable and food was much better than I expected. Worth the trip. Kids can also enjoy the mini golf.

Genevieve Rodriguez

Two floor driving range!!!

george coppersmith

It has two decks to hit from n on cold days booth where heated. It lacks a chipping n pitching green. Has indoor putting green n can play var name courses by simulator.


It's my first time being on a golfing range. So I don't know any better. For the moment I'm just happy to be out using my new putter. When I know more perhaps I will say more. ⛳️

Christine Mazur

family fun place not too many of these places around

john speck

Tough for lefties. Limited number of stalls for southpaws. Mats are bolted down, so you cannot turn them around. Also if you are tall some stalls are too narrow. If you are a tall lefty you are really limited. Like me. But still the best range in Nassau County by far and away. Pro shop closed down so that was a bummer. Reasonable price.

Central Fh

Management is so bad. They say 11 PM closing. However they are turn off light and heat 10.45 PM

Norm Heger

Plenty of stalls. Easy parking.

George McDaniel

One of the worst places to golf. People are rude and when you ask a question about the machines that this facility provides, everyone seems to not know how to use it... Even the lady at the counter disregards people's questions about the machines and pricings. Also, the once you enter and pick a stall to practice in, you'll only get annoyed by the people around you who are obnoxious.

michael mullahey

Although it is usually crowded you can always find a stall to hit balls.

Clifford Johnson

Free parking, double tier range, green

Chris Werbkay

Great mini golf course!

Lester Haynes

The best range in the area

George Steen

Great but needs new mats

George Dallas

Decent driving range but cosmetically needs a facelift

Rich Kammerer

It was ok.


Great place to go mini-golfing. I love going at night because it can be relaxing. Very fun place to go with friends. Has a very nice layout and environment.

Carlos Cortez-Crespo

This was only my 2nd time at a golf range and it was a lot of fun. Took the wife and kids and they had a great time. The staff was friendly even the other questions where nice as well. Highly recommend as it was fun and not expensive.

Cecilio Taveras

Coffee good to

Krystal Dawkins

I had a great time at this miniature golf course. The prices are affordable and the scenery is calm .The staff is nice too. I will visit again.

Maynul Islam

Perfect for quick outing with friends and family

Carmela Fazziola

Great to take grandchildren; had agrat time.

Ben Abrams

Had a great time playing mini golf with the family. There are 2 mini golf courses to choose from, one being more child friendly. There is also a 2 level driving range with a distance of 230.

Josha Morris

Awesome, great driving range, the practice putting green definetly needs an upgrade, I have never played the miniature golf here but I would expect the practice greens to be more up to Par. Bar restaurant is cool too.

Fraz Iqbal

Alot of mosquitos.

Marsha Nairne

Lots of parking

Ryan D

The best driving range around

Michael Composto

Fun course

Seamus singleton

Great place went their recently to hit a few white balls this place has a lot going on clean and well Run nice snack bar Lots of places to practice your putting. Good price$ 15.00 for 175 balls and believe me that's enough for 1 day Would defetnely go frequent this place again soon.

Michael Andrew Martins

Very rude and unprofessional management and employees!


Nice driving range

Haley Kammerling

Fun drinks and good snacks! Plus mini golf!

Morgan Russell

We went to mini golf two hours prior to the location closing and we were denied entry. He said the location was closed, however the website clearly said differently. I would not go here again and will mini golf elsewhere.

Becca Mariie

Site says that they close at 12AM, got there at 10PM, and the employee said they were closed. Then why does your website say 12??!

Gabriel Diaz


Loren Ecker

Nice fun with my two boys. Quiet at the time we went which was on a Monday late afternoon.

Rajib Mazhar Hasan

A good way to spend an hour with family and friends. The minigolf course is very nice - we have been going there for 3 years now with my kids. The Juliet course is our favorite. Highly recommend the restaurant as well.

Lin Russ


Dorothy Matinale

We had a blast with the leaders from our church youth group and some very chsllenging holes and water features but very disappointed in the cleanliness and management..there was .trash everywhere..also we were a large group and a birthday party was on the same course.. They jammed all 50 of us on one course instead of splitting us on the 2 coursed! l

Eran Garma

My first time and the range, went with a friend place was open late well lit big parking lot. Priced reasonably great way to let off some steam at the end of the night worth the drive

Leo Song

Overall a good range but it could use newer balls. Sand trap needs some work as well.

Jose Otero

Miniature golf courses. Yes there's two, Romeo and Juliet each with their own difficulty 18 holes each. Good time and family fun. And it's inexpensive.

Stacey Sutton

Beautiful grounds. My kids and I had a fabulous time!


one of the best around the area

Tri Duong

They have plenty of space to practice, but the mats are old

Harry Luo

Drive range, simulation, coach

Laura Ziemak

Great place, friendly staff!! Really enjoyed this place!!

Ross Smith

Great driving range justin and I went to.


Best range so far

Alejandra Rosales

Very family friendly and the icing on the cake was the fireworks show at the end!

Paul Dunn

Nice place for mini golf and hitting range and bar with music

Stacy Michael

Miniature golf was a family day spent perfectly

daniel belzberg

I did a paint night here but it's really nice and the there's also a mini golf place next door


The management was so bad and not easy to understand. I am not happy with the manager. in the year of 2012, I tried to learn golf at that time. I met Peter Ha as an instructor. He was a good teacher. He recommended me to buy $500 ticket for worth of $700 balls. I paid $500 and got a plastic card of $700 in it. In October 2012, I think the card will work for 5 Months. However Hurricane Sandy came and they closed down for 2 Months. When they open again I had to go out a business trip for 2 Months. for total of 4 months I could not go... When I come back to range they told me my card have $210 and would be expired within 2 days.... I asked my instructor name by PETER to extend Expire date. He told me "go to office and ask manager" I went office but the lady manager was not there

Joseph Pisicchio

Not the best brunch in town...

Trevor Tsang

Said they were open till 12.. showed up at 11:26 and didn’t let me purchase my large bucket of balls.Owner gave me an attitude

Frank LiBretto

This is a two level driving range. They have a bar on site as well. The machines for the balls take credit card. There is also traditional mini golf there and multiple other training areas such as sand traps. It is north facing which eliminates some of the sun issues in the early morning and late afternoon.

Jeanell DR

The driving range is nice but the miniature golf area was so out of date. The green was gross and they do not maintain the property. Would not go back to play miniature golf there!

Marc Kramer

Great driving range and miniature golf

Benjamin Yomtobian

Fav driving range. Best mini golf courses in Long Island. Food and bar is exceptional.

Jeff Bonowicz

Reasonable prices and nice range


Great atmosphere

J Santiago

Night golfing, yeah!

Billy Powell

Nice driving range

Danny Kim

While I think they do a good job of replacing balls and rubber tees before they get too old, the facility itself is a bit long in the tooth. The heaters and fans are hit and miss. Plus, although the prepaid card option is convenient, it would be nice to have a small bucket option. The smallest starts at 140+. The new restaurant (after several previous failed attempts) actually looks good. Great decor and ambiance. And it looks like people actually come there to hang, especially on game nights.

Rex D

Interesting mini golf course. I ended up playing both courses. Each had their own unique challenges. The hours of operation were a bit confusing, though.

Spencer Tucker

riving range is nice. Mini golf courses are old and need to be redone

Dan Nemirovsky

Great happy hour

Kathy Ribaudo

Great place to practice. Always crowded even late at night. So you feel safe

Tommy J

Great food at clubhouse

Joshua Solaman

I use to go here all the time! You are able to go to the driving range, mini golfing, and get some good food at the Club House. It's perfect for a quick outing with friends, family, etc.

Howard Kim

Best ball deals

J.R. Martin

Nice place. Clean

Carlos Rivera

Great multi tier range.. always room no matter how busy.. full service bar and pro shop are nice touches. 4 stars.

Seung Ho Cho

2 층 으로 되어 시워한 느낌이 들기는 하지만 너무 좁아 우드를 사용할 때 기동에 부딧치는 경우가 많다

Vincent Kwong

It's pretty good, the booths are nicely spaced and there's a cabinet to store items that you have. Overall a pretty chill place, not too many loud noises

jaswinder singh

Went their to practice some swings. This location is absolutely perfect, Lots of bay to swing, they have two levels of bays.All the swing area is neat and clean, mats are in good condition and balls are clean too. They have good deals on balls, i took $13.00 for 130 balls. They also provide private lessons , they also have workshop to fix your clubs. Putting area is nice and clean, They also have sand bunkers to practise and some chipping area also. miniature golf also on site. They have snack bar and restaurant also. Definitely go back again.

Jen Gonzalez

Fun for the family

José Damian Jimenez Gómez

Un hermoso campos de golf

James Yoh

Good miniature golf courses.

Natashia Grayson

Well kept driving range. The best part is.. this place is one of the least expensive gold ranges I've visited. I stopped playing ever since I moved back from Connecticut, but now they got me hooked! I took one star off because there was a miscommunication with the fees. They charged me twice on the my CC and I had to call to adjust it. It's a hassle but for the most part I enjoy golfing here

Jessica Rosario

Delish foods and not expensive ! We're played at Romeo n Juliet mini golf!! Very relaxing!

Josip Golja

Great place to relax, unwind and hit a few golf balls.

Joseph Devivo

Going here for years. Best range in the area.

young lee

nice place

Don MacMurray

Nice place for lunch and a bucket of balls.

Manny Mamakas

Not a bad way to spend an hour. Kids love it

Khin Zaw

The best golf range for the area.

Kevin Fitzgerald

It's ok, was hoping for a more Interesting layout

Rich H

Nice driving range that has to decks. Prices are reasonable and right across the parking lot is mini-golf!

Travis Arrington

Came here for brunch but it was over, food was cool. Nothing special

Aashish John

Fun place for mini golf and parties at a good rate.

Tom Parisi

Would be a 5 but the mats are getting very old

Masayuki Nishimiya

cheap, large. good facility

Charles DeVerna

This facility has double deck , an excellent pro shop that does very good repairs indoor and outdoor putting,sand trap,indoor simulator. A very good care and a pub. Faculty opens early and closes late. Golf ball quality is good for a range. Kept clean with a very friendly staff. Several pros are available for lessons and they are good.

Mike park

Do not get lessons from Peter Ha. He's never played any high school or college golf. He yelled and threatened my 10 yr old child at the range because my son was not able to swing the way he wanted him too. He should be kicked out of this range. He also owns the pro shop which no one should shop at.

Renny Itwaru

Everything you want in a driving range!

Lisa Wellenreuther

Great burger and service!

Dan Farren

Good balls excellent mats!!(

John Argenziano

I come here often to have my son hit golf balls and usually don’t have any issues. This time, I brought my 4 year daughter and tried to buy her ice cream after hitting balls. I was denied because I had no cash and could only use my cc on charges above $8, even though my total spend for the day was over that amount. Even worse, the teenage cashier LIED to me that the system cannot transact lower than the $8. In the end, he wouldn’t make an exception and I had to leave with my daughter crying for ice cream. Please change your policy or retrain your employees to have exceptions. Time to get with the times where most people won’t be carrying cash! JA

Kelvi Ferreira

My family had a great time There.

Sabena B


AJ Freedman

Great place for mini golf with friends or your girlfriend.

Brady Funn

Excellent golf range. Should have kept pro shop though. It was convenient getting clubs re-gripped while you practice.

Li Ben

Nice place to hang out with kids.

Nathan Moon


Greg Woo

Great location. Decent prices. Some of the stores are a little run down. Stil ln, it's a great place to practice your shots.

Christopher Ramos

Great place to dial in on your swing. They have putting greens and a sand trap, as well.

Gerri Scott

Nice place to play golf and hang out


Very great place for you and your friends/family to lash some ball mon

David Terrazas

Nice grounds. Went for their Sunday Boozy Brunch. Great food. Good drinks and service.

Jason Chen

Great driving range place for family and friends to practice

Simon Chan

Great facility

steve kicinski

Upon my entry to this golfing establishment I was more than satisfied with my first initial impression The staff was very friendly and even when I shot my ball into the bushes they went to go get it for me. This place is better than all other mini golfing places because in here I feel like I’m not judged for my amateur golfing skills in other places I get left at and made fun of the hotdogs are good also good also

Justin Chiang

Fun cheap place to spend some time hitting some golf balls

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