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Where is Marine Park?

REVIEWS OF Marine Park IN New York

Ilona Skigar

Its an amazing place, park, beach, but it needs good cleaning. NYC parks sign is everywhere, but it is soooooo dirty everywhere.

Denise Daize

Awesome camping experience

Kathryn L

I feel blessed to have this beautiful park so close to my house. Great for brisk walks, bike rides or dog play (off leash from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m.). Great people watching...always something going on. The community center is a great addition with events daily. Just know that the center field is still pretty covered geese droppings left during their migration...oh how my dog loves to roll it


Very good park very open and there is a skate park


Great green space in Brooklyn - check out the Nature Trail across Avenue U. Hopefully Parks Dept spends money to spruce up this park!

Edouard Aslanian

Great place! Trails for hiking, bicycle path, channel for canoes and kayaks, and a rental place to get all of the above. Reccomending it!

Glen Hochstetter

It is nice to be in this park, a respite off the street.

Menachem Lev

The park is beautifully taken care of.

Mel Jiang

Park has basket ball, handball and baseball courts. A nice sized park

Nikima Bloome

Just all around nice park. You can Bbq Rent bikes and boats events and lots for the young ones to do. Across the street is an 365 ice parlor. Just check it out

Maid Marian

Beautiful park, clean and pretty, live taking my bike for a ride there.

Maria Santana

Grace Place you have running space for the kids fields to play ball like this

Ira Rudowsky

Salt water marsh walking path, fresh air

Avin Toussaint

Lovely and beautiful park. There's so many plants and flowers along the paths you can observe. They have a astonishing pond and it's truly relaxing and peaceful. They also have buildings were u can learn about nature. 10/10

Akeem Dodson

Lots of fun for all members of the family

Harold Stoler

Nice local park.

Derwis Karasu

This is safe and beautiful place

Yana Burmich

Enjoyable experience. Great place to hang out with friends and even go to the Salt Marsh. Pretty refreshing at the shore.

Denise Durant6

I love this park, every opportunity I get I go there, it's nice for picnics, bday party and kids play. Quiet and family friendly. The breeze is awesome.

Yavel Tosado

Very nice park for the family. Very clean and inviting.

chris martinez

Fantastic space with an abundance of possibilities for families to play a variety of sports.

Geoff M

Love walking around with my wife

Aurora Parkinson

Will always be a center for the community, love this park

Elina Nazarov

My favourite park. I love to ride a bike

Georgio Anthony Palios

A little wet, but overall a great time


A great park in our neighborhood. Someone please fix that roof where all sorts of weed growing. I feel like it will collapse any time soon.

Steven Kreger

A nice place to have an outing play Baseball at one of the fields bike riding across the street is the nature center and trail they have picnick tables bathrooms are clean and acessable atmosphere is very nice

Steve J

A,wonderful park for runners, walkers,bicyclists or people who want to read a book on a bench. Basketball, handball Bocce courts,baseball fields and a senior center. An oasis in Brooklyn.

Raúl Miguel Hidalgo Guzmán

On the day is beatiful!

Khaled El-helw

A great garden for kids.

Cynthia San Jose

Its a clean park. Salute to the maintenance crew for being top of their game. Always cleaning up and empty the garbage. The toilet is not stinky compared to other city park.

Tara Abyssinia Klang

It's a piece of suburbian heaven nestled in the middle of nowhere. We love it. The Salt Marsh across the street is our favorite spot to go.

Sherrie Pisano

I'm ASTOUNDED that we have a marsh here & its beautiful

Roger Martins

Salt Marsh Nature Center is historic

Howan Chan

Get a kyack, go at high tide. It's a gem.

antonio dabao

Nice place and lot of activities...

Jose Salce

Great area to relax and bring your kids to play and enjoy the park amenities. The park has space for baseball, football, soccer and cricket and also basketball, tennis and handball courts. There are bicycle and walking/running paths covered with the foliage from trees, so in the hot summer days it can be enjoyed. The park continues across avenue U, where there is a salt marsh nature center. There are free workshops and tours. You could rent bicycles and even canoes. There should be more oversight, specially when grown adults take dogs on the kids play area, and dogs pee and poop, even though there are signs that clearly states "No Pets"

Esther Mermelstein

Beautiful park for biking running taking kids or just sitting on bench people watching

James Sanchez

Beautiful place to chill n enjoy the joggers jogging by teenagers playing basketball ball, soccer, volleyball or just chill with ur lady on the bench in the shade of couse.

Alexander Zaurov

Very nice park with a lot of activities to do!

Vincent Ngo

Awesome space for kids.

Catmandu42, Mr.

Spent 7 days& 7 nights looking for Bigfoot. Didn't find him

Charles R Davis II

This is one of the best parks in Brooklyn. There's a lot of activities for adults and kids to do... Basketball, lots of handball and tennis courts, separate bicycle trails for walking and bicycle riding/ rollerblading bocce courts and a baseball field ... There's even golfing... This is a great place to bring the family for a little relaxation for fun for the kids. Rather you are a kid or adults I'm sure you will find something to do here.

Elena Zimareva

Beautiful park!!! Very nice staff (rangers were extremely helpful). We we're lucky enough to celebrate my daughter's birthday at the Marine side of the park. It's like a real garden with numerous of wonderful flowers and butterflies. Keep in mind that you need to get a permit if your party is over 19 people - just ask the park rangers (avenue U and east 33rd street) how to get it. They have 4 tables and a pretty secluded area there. We had a wonderful time!!! Thank you !

Sly Fox Duke

It's a great park to go to especially since it's so massive and it has many fields, courts, and play grounds. It also has a nice amount of space for riding bikes and walking. The only downside for me is that I wish that the city took care of it better, so like the pathways and the areas between the trees don't look so abandoned. Other then the small visual, it's a nice place to hang out in.

Gary Kowanetz

Very well run and operated. One of the best public golf courses in the city.

Volcanic Butterfly

My friend got a permit for her kid's birthday party. Semi shaded area, clean when we arrived.

Rufina Aleyeva

Great place to do sports activities!

Scott Smith

Love it one of my childhood playgrounds.


Love Marine Park, especially in spring and summer when the grass is green and trees are in full bloom. During winter it can get a bit depressing due to the brown grass. There's usually parking in the lots but if it's fulls there's streetside parking as well. Temps are usually a bit cooler here than in other parts of Brooklyn so definitely bring a jacket during spring and autumn, even if it's warm elsewhere. It also never seems too crowded. All in all Marine Park is a fabulous park.

anthony johnson

It's a beautiful park,great with family a friend's to spread out,do sports or just get some sun sit back and chill..

TorqueDom Primeau

nice track. some broken glass on the path so maintenance could be better. still, a nice open space with some new facilities.

S. W.

Enjoy my AM Walks. Very flat, no hills would like some.

Tanya G Davies

Nice place to quickly get away from NYC, while in NYC. Around Sheepshead Bay and the ocean. I enjoyed myself. The short hike on the left side of the park is more scenic. I was unable to complete the right side because of the huge mosquitoes. They were scary. Cool place to watch crabs and birds.

Saniya Iftikhar

My children love that park has a Comfortable and calm environment.we loke spending time their.

Debbie Matheson

I love the trees that r through out the park. Its kept rather clean,benches throughout

Carla Heyward

Fun park, only the bathroom's are hardly ever open.

Malachi Rowe

Beautiful landforms ; great family picnic area

Rasha Al-Talla

Very nice place. Open. Lots to do. Fun for the entire family

Juanita Crespo

Marine Park is a very nice place to go with the family but lately there are so many mosquitoes that it's not easy to have a good time

Karl Fischler

Marine Park is the largest park in Brooklyn It extends all the way to Flatbush ave Kudos to the crew that maintains it So many activities all the time. and they keep up with it. I go there almost every day to wenjoy the senior center and enjoy the people watching . Great park

Vladislav Zborovskiy

Amazing and huge park! Everything was just renovated. Good for any ages. I personally enjoy the tennis courts and evening run. However, be aware there are people walking dogs and cat, which can bring insect.. so stay away from grass if you body not fully covered. As far as everything else park is kept very clean and neat, there are squirrel though, but they are cute.

Buffy L

Great neighborhood! Beautiful park, near the water, nature reserve!

Dashka Milashka

A beautiful spot to have a birthday party or go to play on a play ground

Dennis Janezic

Course is great shape. Outdoor grill is open but there isn't a drink cart at this time. Don't know if they are going to bring it back

Jody Smith

Bring bug spray. Look for crabs. Enjoy sunrise or sunset. Go kayaking. All in all a great time.

Darrell Clark

Small park but ok for exercise and working out. Jogging, biking, pullup bar, and small workout area to get your blood flowing. Tennis, handball and basketball. Several baseball fields. The have bikes for rent so families can ride around. Across the street you have the waterway where they have nice views. All in all not prospect or central park but a nice neighborhood park.

Mike Jalilzade

Quite nice place, You can get to relax

Wenceslao Plazas

Always is good to have time and you go to a park,make exercises and relax. It is for your mental health.

George Montalvo

Rafael Rosario

The best park in dear departed wife we spend time playing handball.n running around.the best to expend time.quiet.

Roy Lian

This place have great fields for damiles and friends to come and sit by the tree and there is a big baseball field

Martin Friedman

Anticipating returning to Brooklyn, I had forgotten how beautiful this park is - plenty of benches, concert seating, basketball courts, and ball fields. With an Active Adult Senior Center located right in the middle.

Sarah Semidey

Spacious, dog friendly and they have bike

Bubbles Barkinghound Palace

Beautiful walk with my doggies.

Halyna Lehka

Nice place for kids and adults. Playground has great water area

Angel Farachio

Beautiful park to enjoying summer. Nice playground .

Casey O'Neill

Great new basketball and handball courts, plus a great oval for a leisurely bike ride.

Vincent Zappulla

Love this place lots of parking. Lots of things to do with the kids. Lots of fun.

Joseph Hunt

Very good experience nice Park to go and walk the trail and enjoy the beauty of MOTHER NATURE

anthony hernandez

Great place for bother kids and adults. The city park workers that maintain the restrooms and grounds are polite and courteous in addition to doing a damn good job.

C Armieri

Very nice park, fairly large parking lot & large open grassy space.

Rosiana Then

Excellent park with sprinkler for the children to cool down during hot summer day.

Pro Game Player

I just love Marine park it's the best park in Brooklyn

Jacob Klein

This is a very nice and quiet place, I found. Even my kids loved this place.


Good place to walk and bike.

Shashai Thomas

It’s a great park with friendly people

Stanley Newman

Good place to have a rest

Kathleen White

Community Park opened to all . It's safe early in the morning and late at night

Naomi Lehrer

Something for everybody to do. Visit the nature center, bike, canoe, walk, jog, play in the park, ... the list goes on. Well maintained, clean, enjoyable, ...

Work Email

This park is probably the largest plot of green land in Brooklyn. Most other parks are kids parks and playgrounds. There's even parks for dogs. This one is a people park, great for picnics and outdoor gathering and outs never crowded unless there's an event and even then there's a lot of space. Vendors sometimes rent the space for fairs or selling Christmas trees... Parking is plus too!

Jiajin Mei

This park is very nice and big and you can run and ride bike I love it so much

Maxat Yerkeshev

An oasis amidst concrete desert. There's a pond or river nearby where you can rent a boat for a ride, or a bike if you prefer earth more.

Lisa stankevich

Bike and boat retails avalible, Just a beautiful place.

Authra Gujjar

Safe clean AND beautiful open air

Ahmad Salem

It's a lovely park with lots of space for families and groups. Has a parking lot, handball court, tennis court, soccer/baseball court, etc..

Chaya Merzdov

Great place, lots of empty space for bbqs and picnics

Jasper Chen

It is a nice spot to take a walk. There is some equipment there that needs to be fixed. For example, there is a bicycle exercise machine there it is missing a pedal.

Gerald Siesser

I love the park I love the bike I like to paddle ball courts I like the trees and the sun sets

Jamie Albano

Beautiful park but the bike and walk paths inside need to be repaved desperately.

Davion Ferguson

Saw this place in the winter time while at work. Park looks perfect for picnics in the summertime and for relaxing and taking a break just like I did.

Mavis Kirsch

The best kept secret in Brooklyn. After my run I would walk over to the conservatory, there you have an overview of the saltwater marshes. You can also walk around and bird watch, step out to the overlook areas, have a picnic or just take pictures. If you love nature and quietness just take a walk and collect your thoughts.

Eva Zibell

Peaceful and beautiful. You forget you’re in Brooklyn

Clairement Dibule

Nature, bugs, birds, tide smell, all you need to feel out of the city

Jonathan Montano

hi pleasa leave a like on my comment an go thear

Miriam Rodriguez

I walk and enjoy the park. Its Clean and it has a center for senior citizens . GREAT park

Jan Wein

Great place to walk and just enjoy....

Jean Fontaine

I enjoy coming to Marine park to play basketball. The park is beautiful. There are many basketball enthusiasts from around the five Boroughs that come to the park for the great atmosphere. My only concern is the cleanliness of the basketball courts. More trash baskets would be helpful.

Ed F

Soccer practices with Dynamites youth soccer club is always the best!!!

syed mohsin ali

Come and have fun ton of stuff to do

zorada 7

I love the park because it has 2 parking lots

abbas tahir

My son so happy at please wen I'm take him

rasco venturi

All esta nice to be around here

Rad Sal

Nice park next to my house not that bed

Daniel Heredia

Great place to explore year round, with numerous activities and sights. Only suggestion would be to improve flooding mitigation on some paths.

Лилия Присветлая

very beautiful place for walking, fresh air and wildlife. There is a toilet, bench, convenient paths

Mahogany _46

Marine park is huge and has a lot of space for different activities. From soccer in the summer to a children's playground. There's a walking/ running track that is great for excerising.


Used to be a very nice park. It is just OK now. Garbage not picked up on time, garbage bags everywhere. Standing water on playgrounds, mosquitos love that. Bathrooms are dirty and smelly. Pavements need repair ASAP.

B.R. Satyanarayana

I love this park , I was staying in Brigham St , in Brooklyn , very close to Key Food Supermarket. Every evening I use to take a walk by the park to reach Kings Plaza . Morning i use to stroll and shop on Avenue U , on the opposite side of the park . Memorable days .

Jason Alfredsen

Fun little park for the family with 2 parking lots....awesome!

Yamithsou Corley

My favorite park to walk, ride a bike with plenty of parking. great sprinkler park for kiddies as well although it does get crowded. It has plenty of shade and benches for a leisure walk. I am frequently there and enjoy my time there regardless of what I do. 3 times around is almost 4 miles of walking. great exercise!

Volodymyr Zaykov

Very beautiful place.

Hirel Sagar

Fun park to go to when you're free

Desmond Selby

Fun riding bikes with the kids. Bathroom is disgusting and smelly.

Tzippy Zeines

I love this park. It's beautiful and so relaxing!

Mazal Zirkind

It's huge, with well maintained grounds, children's playground, senior fitness area, a beautiful lake, trees and flowers.

Aaron Cimbal

If only there were no bugs

yunosey Gardner

This paark has lots of grassy land ,many dog walkers come here and H.S students this park has jogging lanes, and a body of water in the middle surroundings some sea life here as well you can rent a boat here and going for a tour, some people grill here also.

Aislinn Diemer

A scenic place to unwind at the end of the day

Ana Abreu

I love taking my dog to Marine Park around 8:00am, he gets to socialize with other dogs and to run free tru the fields. There are also tennis courts and workout areas free and open to the public!

phillip weinstein

Grew up hanging out here by the creek. Great for jogging and playing multiple sports basketball,handball and racket ball

Robert P

Needs better maintenance. Bike and walking tracks could use a redoing and trees need work so that large branches don't fall.

Charles Scott

Great park, lots of room for different activities and reasonably clean.

Joseph Schnitzler

Beautiful and spacious park.

opemipo odugbemi

It was a very nice place and you can play soccer( no goal post). Cricket, baseball, and tennis.


Fun game area good to jog bike and others

yehuda steinberg

Beautiful park! Love this park! There are bike rentals and boat rentals, beautiful place to ride around and great place for baseball. Beautiful playground. Only missing a place to buy drinks. Oh well. But worth going anyway. They also have a playground for little kids, with slides and swings and more. Make sure you're riding your bike in the right direction, people driving in the wrong direction are very annoying! Thanks

Weekee Chew

Pavements horrible. Can't do things like roller blade or scooter without losing a knee. It's been like this for decades.

Chris Podvin

Nice ball fields. Parking and restrooms available.

Melo’s Island

Great spot to play Softball, plenty of families and other activities take place throughout the day which gives it a peaceful yet busy vibe

Neal Balagula

Love this park and it has newly redone tennis courts. However, their tennis court attendant has terrible temper and no people skills. Last 2-3 weekends there is no attendant until 12 noon, which means that if you get a court a 9am, you can play till 12pm if you like... These courts are packed on weekend, therefore there is no reason for Department Of The Parks not to have an attendant present from opening till close time.

Artur Prokopenko

Very good place for running and playing with dogs

ife walters

Kids love to have fun there. Never crowded

Rina Basin

One of the best parks in Brooklyn. Great for all ages from infants to toddlers to school age. Has a good amount of shade and sun. Sprinklers great during the summer.

Natalie Mena

I love this park. No matter the type of day or weather this place makes me feel happy and just a great place to escape without having to leave the “city”.

Terence Walker

Quiet and peaceful, easy to get to

Daniel Petit-Frere

Beautiful place to live, raise family and neighboring

Pedro Pérez80927

Nice Place to take some pictures

Mendy Schwartz

Nice. Would be better if the baseball fields had grass in middle of the infield

Rob Homa

Nice park in the Marine Park neighborhood, not too far from Kings Plaza mall. Some organized cricket leagues play here. Usually I come here without any specific plans and just enjoy a sunny day for a little while.

Tony Hawk

Good course you play challenging greens very tough and fast l love playing there

Marsha H

Clean, organized, helpful. Has everything! Everything a dollar,no tricks.

Bryan Van Huele

Very sunny. High school Boys had a great game

Paula Traghetto

Marine Park is especially enjoyable in the spring and summer. Lots of activities for the entire family to take part in. Bike riding, baseball, cricket, basketball, bocci courts, children's park and sprinkler, and bathrooms too. Across the street is the salt water marsh with a relaxing walking trail. With seating comprised of wood benches and stone. Check it out!

campbell raymond

Always in great shape.

Jessica Romero

Make sure you bring spray! Very nice and scenic.

Sabab Anim

Great place to spend quality time

Umedjon Asrorov

perfect place to visit. enjoy

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