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REVIEWS OF Dyker Beach Golf Course IN New York

Michael Gendron

I came for a golf outing and the course was in great shape. It was a beautiful day. We had a great time. The only downside for me was battling the traffic both ways.

Robert Morale

Great try the snack bar take your food eat outside u would not know that u were in the city

Jose Silva

Attended a wedding here, place was beautiful and service was good.

Andy P

Good course, pace of play slow.

Zoia Sajid

very clean and beautiful

Randy Ireland

Excellent course, courteous staff, and very well maintained course. Will definitely be back!

Gen Incontrera

Service good..relaxed environment

Diane Villanueva

When hear from my high school reunions it was absolutely beautiful

Sergey Morozov

Can't say anything about their golf course as I don't play golf. But they also have a venue there when they do events. We had our wedding there and it was nothing short of amazing. Great service, great food and great setting all came together to produce the best night of our lifes. Would highly recommend.

Michael K

Wow really enjoyed playing here over the weekend. Was my second time here and the staff were friendly and facilities were in great shape. The greens were decent and pace of play was quick (for a public course). Highly recommend playing here over other NYC courses - a hidden gem.

CorreyHope Kustin

The facility and grounds are rich . Everyone was polite and helpful. The place is so clean. I had a wonderful time at the event I attended. I recommend this golf course for events. I didn’t come early enough to play but those that did enjoyed it.

George Hartoularos

My daughter had her wedding here a few weeks ago. Beautiful reception area. Food and service during the cocktail hour and dinner was excellent.

David Roque Guerrero

The guy in the club house was extremely rude and tried to charge us for 4 carts, when we only needed and asked for 2. Then tried to make it seem like it was our fault. Nice course but not worth it, will not be coming back.


Busy NYC golf course No time for errors with ground before and after you Best on weekdays

thomas sawyer

Is a great place to have a golf tee or two in order release the stress of the day nice Cool Breeze at the end of the day is kind of calming and relaxing also has a nice view a little bit of history from Wikipedia also Prior to the 1920s, land stretching from 92nd Street to 86th Street was privately owned. The Dyker Meadow Land and Improvement Company owned the largest parcel and leased the land to both the Dyker Golf Club and Marine and Field Club, who used the Dyker Heights Club House, built in 1898, as their golf club house.[13] In February 1916, the Poly Prep Country Day School, which was moving from 99 Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn to Dyker Heights, was unsuccessful in its attempts to purchase this parcel for their new county day school, as they were some $80,000 short.[14] Thus, the land was sold to the NYC Parks Department.

Christine Odorisio


Avi N

Gorgeous outdoor wedding on impeccable grounds. Easy to find and spacious parking lot.

Michael McBride

Nice looking view for mothers day brunch facing the golf course with family. Brunch food was average but would come back for special events. Pleasant staff

Maria Candelario

Nice for parties, 1baby shower, business luncheons. Ample space.

Jack Murdoch

Food was great

Niclas Swahn

Overall, a fun and enjoyable experience for me and my son. Course is in good condition. The greens are a bit slow on a few holes, but other than that decently fast. Me and my son decided to come here after our home club had a tournament. Main problem was the pace of play. Of course, being a public course you are going to have a mixed skill level, but for us the players in front of us would take almost 10 minutes on the tee, and slow down our four sum. The round took 5 hours and 30 minutes- the longest round of golf I have ever played, but I shot a 80, +8. Overall 4/5.

Jonathan Wong

Been to many events here over the years. Most recent one was a good friend's wedding reception and it was absolutely stunning! I've always loved this venue but it really came together for this event in particular! Staff was great and really friendly! I wouldn't mind having my wedding reception there.

The Vue Catering Hall

Great place great staff. Very clean

Gabriel Rodriguez

Great place cheap and good people service

Sim Schoener

I enjoy events here due to the large deck overlooking the golf course .

NEIL stein

Decent course, slow play, very well worth the price for city residents

Derek McConnell

They throw an awesome bridal shower.

Brandon Young

A nice public course that has some challenge to it for a beginner like myself. The tee boxes are well used but the greens when I went were in descent shape even the day after a pretty hard rain.

jeffrey weisenfeld

Lovely, fair course. Well maintained. Beautiful setting with some elevation changes. Friendly helpful staff. Good food at good prices. 20 minutes from my house. I could not enjoy it more.

Brooklyn278 .

Playing here for 20 years. This is the worst the course has ever been. The term dog track is understated. There is no management and American golf should be ashamed of themselves for attaching their name to this course. the greens are torn apart not from golfers but from the incompetent employees maintaining the course. Please try out the course and sharre your thoughts.

Jodi W

They did an amazing job with my wedding! The food was out of this world. The spread they laid out in the bridal suite was unexpected but greatly appreciated! They took care of us at ever turn. I highly recommend!!

Angelo Kostalos

Great to come with a good friend and just spend the day playing golf, the surrounding nature makes it feel that you are away from the city making it feel like an amazing adventure. The park next to it is also great for kids and small little picnics. Parking is also available at this park so no need to worry.

Marylee Bentivegna

I was here for a bridal shower and it was great the food was delicious and the atmosphere lovely

Lawrence Dimino

Always good

Robert Favale

Real nice for this time on the year

Andjalie Elizer

The place needs face uplift. Nice staff

Eleanor Palmeri was Not Good!!! My friend got a parasite from there worse food ever

David Catala

It was fun

Barbara Bowen

The space is great and clean.

Carla Rupp

I went to the best wedding. Fantastic. Great setting!!

Roxanne Sharpe

Service and food top notch

Carl Walker

The course is well maintained. Perhaps the nicest NYC course. That said, it's not particularly challenging.

john speck

Great greens for a city course.


Nice course. Staff very friendly. They need to fill up water coolers more often though

Andrew Sutton

Good value for a decent course but it is often times very packed with a pace of play pushing 5.5+ hours. There are marshalls out there that are supposedly enforcing pace of play but they don't seem to be doing an effective job. We had a tee-time at 1:40 and when we approached the 1st hole around 1:30 there were 5 foursomes in-front of us that still needed to tee off. We ended up just jumping onto the 6th or 7th hole where there was a gap in groups. And even just ~13 holes still took almost 4 hours. They really need to encourage "ready golf" especially when it's mainly rather average golfers out there.


Food needs improvement as does service.


A very large well maintained golf course .

Stephen Jacobson

Beautiful place to have a wedding

Tom S.

Great course and close to Manhattan.

Jennifer Lam

Love the lights


It's an ok place.

Giacomo Pollina

Horrible course

Karen Joseph

Beautiful setting, delicious food.

Paulina Makrillos

Stunning views, impeccable service for any event! We shared a friend's wedding event.

Efrain Hernandez

2 stars just because they dont have a driving range and that is all I was looking for.

Carlos Alberto Ortega Solis

Wonderful place to spend good time and talk with family and friends.

Liam R


Steve G

Great location, golf course views, excellent service and food. The short ribs are a must have.

Maynul Islam

Nice fun spot for kids.

Sydney Liaw

Great management... polite, professional and hospitable.

حسن الحنفى الحنفى


Gabriel Kaiser

Four year at this venue. Satisfied with staff, food parking and price. Great value. Thanks!

Boris Sterin

Always consistent and good condition, but typical overcrowding for a city course.

Joseph Thorpe

Nice looking view for mothers day brunch facing the golf course with family. Brunch food was average but would come back for special events. Pleasant staff

Gregory Drinkwater

Really cool course in Brooklyn. Play 18 and the head right to l&bs for the best pizza.

tammy saffioti

Sensory overload at it's finest!

Jeremy Espenshade

Nice golf course accessible from Manhattan. Practice putting green out front. By 9:30am on Saturday, they were already a half hour behind on tee times, and the round took a solid 5 hours, so expect to spend a long time. Staff was a bit surly, but otherwise fine.

roly rodrigueez

Cool riding bye

Virginia Cantone

One of my favorite places in the world. Clean and breathtaking, the grill has great burgers and breakfast

carl cohen

This is a beautiful designed course but it needs more attention to items that are typically taken for granted on other courses. Among the worst problems is the lack of any place to practice prior to playing, except for a putting green that often doesn't correspond to the greens on the course. There are no benches to sit on while waiting to tee off, which is a problem since the course seems to overbook and waits can be long. There are no restrooms so players often use the bushes. On the positive side, clubhouse staff are very nice and helpful.

Richard Carvalho

Pace of play is too slow. Otherwise Ok.

George Jensen

The guy in the club house is power hungry I seen him tell people who walk in 15 minutes to their tee time that he should not let them play they need to be there 30 minutes before ! Then today I get there 35 minutes before and he wasn't even in yet ? When the club house opened I went in and he said to go back out and wait for him to call my group ... that is not the worse of it we were playing a good round an hour and a half or so for the front 9 Sweet ... what's with the to of people on the back 9 ? 3 hours for the back 9 why am I waiting to hit at every tee box ? Why are there so many people on the back 9 when I have the 2nd tee time ? Nice course but the management need some help ....

It's me Joel Sameth

Great catering hall.

amy zarrouk

This place is great. I did my daughter’s engagement there and the service exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Liala, their event planner, the party was fantastic. Our family and friends had a blast. The service and the food were amazing. Liala made sure that this party is going to be memorable. I highly recommend this place and I recommend asking for Liala.

celeste rosario

I would recommend this place for any future events.

Noreen Kalstein

They had the maimonedes cancer annual dinner. Loved the food and the entertainment.


Nice course. Long rounds

eric spencer

This course has become my 'home' course due to it's beauty, challenge level and convenience. The course is well maintained, the prices while a touch high are consistent with the quality. The staff is accommodating.

Gregory Edwards

Wish I could write about the actual course, but it was such a mess in the pro shop I left . Course was 30 minutes behind tee times at 7am!! Let people out for free bc they couldn't process everyone.

Mayer Klein

Very nice please

mohamed hawash

Beautiful hall

Brian Rhee

The golf course has really degraded over the years. Tee boxes are a mess, greens are full of sand and pocked with mud and dirt. Check out the par 3 on the second hole since it foretells what's to come for the rest of the day. Also, because this is one of the more accessible golf courses in NYC it gets packed! I've given up trying to squeeze in a round under 6 hours on the weekend. There are no course rangers enforcing any kind of pace of play and they often perform maintenance work during peak hours on the weekend. A few years ago this was a gem of a course in the NYC area, now it's just a lump of coal. If you can, La Tourette in Staten Island is a much better course with much better pace of play. I was able to drive out there complete a round (~4 hours) and drive back home then it would have took me to play Dyker!

sky unidentifiedstorm

Venue has several rooms for large or small events. Well trained staff. Valet available. Parking lot is a small walk from door.

janelle jackman

I had a research presentation at this location. Very beautiful location. Was easy to get street parking though I do believe they have a parking lot but it is a bit of a walk. The food was excellent. I was not eating meat so I can only speak to the vegetarian dishes but heard that the meat and fish was also good

John Taber

Awesome course to play on. Always a good time

Shea Werner

Beautiful area

Ronald Campisi

Nice open to the public .


Very horrible. We got their to throw an event, the table cloth was filthy. The plates still had food on it and wasn't properly washed, the staff was rude and it was impossible to get served. The place wasn't vacuumed from the previous event that took place. The bathroom was disgusting and we had to force someone to clean it. But on the bright side the food is delicious and tastes good. I don't recommend this place


It was nice.. easy to find parking space and the bathroom was very clean

Juan Lizarraga

Fun golf course, very scenic. Pace can be very slow as all NYC public courses. No driving range or chipping practice.

Sumin Wu

It was very fun when i went there but there isn’t much to say.

Shemeeka Greaves

Lovely grounds, attentive staff, awesome food. Would definitely have my own important family event here. Gate situation is a bit confusing.

Michael Fabemi

Nice place .

Winnie Far

Great location for a wedding

Kenneth Crosland

Excellent food,need better beer selection

Maria Sterling

Is a good, clean space for events, but parking available.

Anne-Gaelle Charpentier

It was a graduation party and the caterers were so nice and served us with smiles on their faces. The mini taco were so good and delicious

Michael Libert

What a great course. Was surprised how nicely taken care of it is being in a busy part of Brooklyn. Great view of the Verrazano and an old church. Not far from 92nd street exit.

Lucas Hearl

Decent course but pace of play is agonizingly slow.

Karen Joseph

Beautiful decor and ambiance. Delicious food.

Zachary Brenneman

Experience at Dyker can vary depending on the starter and what time you tee off. I have played this course north of 10 times ranging my completion times between 3:30 - 5:30 hours on the course. Dyker does it's best given that it is very played throughout the week & weekend. It is a short, but somewhat difficult course with open fairways. All in all I would recommend playing this course as early as you can in the day, as Dyker get more crowded, the playing time increases dramatically.

Sandy sh

I went there for an event. It was beautiful and well kept.

G. W.

Is not accessible for disabled people some people can only walk so far everything seemed far. It was too far for the elderly to go from room to room but overall nice food just the chicken marsala needed to be better.

Malinda Montemarano

Beautiful and convenient location. I have been to numerous parties and work functions at the Dyker Beach Golf Country Club . I have always been impressed with the superior service and superb food.

Angela Stillwaggon

I used to work here a while ago and it's always been a pretty great place. It's even more beautiful now. I doubt the same people work here but most of them were cool. I played here as well and enjoyed the course quite a bit. It's beautiful inside as well as outside. Most of the other people who came to play were decent too but there were definitely some weirdos.

George Thompson

Pace of play could have been better (played a 5.5 hour round), but overall, I thought the course was in pretty decent shape, especially given how much play it gets every week. There was only 1 green that was almost totally gone, but otherwise, everything was as you'd expect from a muni course. It was also on the pricey side, at $71 with a cart. $60 would have been about right. Now, I understand that there's not enough real estate for a driving range, but they could at least put a chipping area in somewhere (or maybe even a hitting net, like they have over at Weequahic in Newark, NJ). And someone needs to cut the grass on the practice putting greens! It was like carpet and not even close to the speed of the actual greens.

Nick Agel

Great location for a gold course. The holes are on top of each other, so at points other golfers will be breathing down your neck. The staff is very friendly

Joseph Leal

Dyker was great especially for first time golfers. Very open courses. Service is good and cheaper than some others I've been to. I cant believe this is in Brooklyn. I liked it and would go again

susan baker

Beautiful venue, polite and professional staff.

mohammad murtaza Shahzad

Very good park

Jo Ann Berry

We had our meeting there. Nice place. Would book a party there if I ever needed to.

PeterJ Romano

Nice atmosphere in the large, roomy party room our Church group reserved for our annual dinner. Plenty of room to dance and the bar has any drink you can think of. Food was excellent with good portions, great service too!

Avrohom Baumgarten

No air conditioning in the place and that's just horrible

Marsha Henriquez

Very nice place!!

Gillian Cudjoe

Surprisingly classy

richie campo

Easter brunch,was fantastic!! The food was excellent,staff was accommodating and friendly,a beautiful day for my granddaughter and wife and family!!!! We will do it again!!!

A Bur

Nice event space.

Buddy Montesione

Rather surprised on how nice the course actually is!!! Place is in great shape! Greens roll true...and the course has both strategic holes...and holes you can just let it rip!!! Definitely recommend playing here! Oh...the staff was really friendly as well!!

Richard Staley

Sixth year at this venue. Totally satisfied with staff, food parking and price. Great value. Can't wait till next year.

ed aleksey

Interesting golf course with a variety of different types of holes. Well maintained for a city course.

abbas tahir

Nice place for waking & amazing please

ari weber

Great event venue.

A- Aron

A great course to play. Doesn't feel like you're in Brooklyn.

M Rendler

Nice people. Nice place.

Vincent Colangelo

Course is in good shape. Fair greens and moved ong quite well. Under 5 hours on a city course is good time.

Peggi Brown

Great venue, food and staff! Was there for a family wedding, just perfect.

Rafael Contreras


Daisy Rodriguez

The food was phenomenal. The atmosphere was great.

EM Rollins

Was there for a catered event. Great time had by all!

Sean Hu

Down to earth. But if u don’t want 6 hour round go early

Melissa Cavaliere

I love going to events at dyker beach club #1

Ken Kelleher

We had our wedding here, and it was perfect. Every detail was covered. The staff is, as a whole, friendly, accessible, and incredibly gracious. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it. Our guests were all happy and that made us happy. Thank you so much!

Jacob Gluck

Cozy tucked away banquet hall, perfect for private affairs. Wholeheartedly recommend.

Emmanuel Santos

Went to this place for a wedding and the location is absolutely gorgeous.

Nicholas G

Conditions are sometimes a little rough, and wait time can be a pain, but a decent public course for the money. Players club seems to be a good deal if you live nearby.

alex lundqvist

Not a bad layout, too bad the people working there are not to friendly. Course is usually not in great shape either...... And forget about playing on weekends unless you dont mind a +5h round.

andrew gamadia

Have a friend who works here and has gotten me inside as a guest, it's very scenic and clean also the staff grills food in the summer and serve beers etc..

Maria Duhon

Beautiful place and best hot chocolate at ice cream parlor

Sharon Alexander

Beautiful place for wedding! The food was great and so was the staff.

Colin Rhoads

Terrible experience booking and showing up to play at this place. Called the golf pro shop to book late afternoon tee off time and he said the course was wide open and no threat of the course being backed up. I get there and the first hole has an hour wait. I go back to the pro shop continue to watch him take phone calls telling people he hasn’t booked a tee time all afternoon when he just did with two additional people just while I was standing in line to get a refund and go to another course. Zero concept of delegating course traffic and a huge waste of everyone’s time. Will never attempt to play or waste my time at this course again.

Antonio Limone

Staff and course great.

Ebony Mitchell

I went for a bridal show but staff was friendly place was nice and clean food smelled great from the restaurant lol and bathrooms were very cleaned and smelled good bartender was excellent.

Ariel Weigel

Visited the Dyker beach golf course for a family member's wedding. The property is actually very nice and the hall was very nicely decorated. It was awesome because we were able to walk around the grounds and enjoy the beautiful night. This place would be great for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and the like. I was very impressed with how the staff went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect.

Patrick Keegan

Warning: If you cancel the players club they take 2 months to cancel it, which is fair but for me after the two months they kept charging the fee; and when I looked online to see if it was canceled it was. Also the course is in terrible condition right now, with it either being like a desert or like a swamp depending on where you are standing.

Thuan Vu

Nice home course, but damn it can be packed.

Rose Of Sharon

I attended a health education seminar there today given by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Very beautiful venue for all types of events, the wait staffs were very attentive, the food was great, cheesecake was excellent! !!! This a wheelchair accessible site, parking is a five minute walking distance but, they have valet service so, you can wait for your car if you like. The decor is beautiful, golf course is pretty big and plenty of carts waiting around for transport. If I had an event to plan, I would use this facility.

Sandrine Dreeny

We went in end of season. Couldn’t find our balls coz of the leaves. Cart were pretty dirty and noisy and no one around to assist. Probably worse golf course I ve been. Maybe it was a bad timing.


Great place for events. When there for my wife job. Always good when there is a open bar. Cocktail hour was healthy eating, Someone though that was a good idea NO it wasn't. But main course was my choice and it was awesome. If you invited me for cocktail hour stay away from the healthy choices. Lol

John Poma

Good food and nice people

Tony Hawk

Great place 2 golf tough course love it will enjoy

Mike Pittman

Good public course, but as a public course, you'll most likely have trouble with getting a quick round in. Expect 2.5 hours at a minimum per 9 holes. Also, play with easily identified balls, or someone from a neighboring hole WILL play your ball as theirs at some point in the round.

Marco Hurtado

Best place to visit during December


Nice chill there...

Frankie Jr

The play speaks for itself from the staff to the courteous amazing people here that made out waiting extra special it was a great experience

kenny g

Attended a beautiful wedding there!!

Johan Mcvey

great place for event, the view are fantastic, recommended for wedding

Shalom Deutsch

Loved it

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