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202-12 Willets Point Blvd, Bayside, NY 11360, United States

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Where is Clearview Park Golf Course?

REVIEWS OF Clearview Park Golf Course IN New York

James Luisi

The staff is very helpful, and all just nice people. The course is best up. My round took 3.5 hours, but could have finished in 3 hours, but on the back 9 people were jumping holes, and not even polite about what they were doing. The course has promise but people were taking advantage, and showed no sense of golf etiquette.

Donna Rollins

Martin at the Pro Shop does incredible job at a very busy desk.

Rick Romaine

Public course, not bad at all.

Weikang Liu




Bad condition filed but low price

Jeffrey Barrera

Beeautiful. Great straight hole course. Loved it. Can't wait to play again. Made my game look good.

Oh Sung

Mike Zhang

Good golf course.

keith kim

yosuke arioka

Price is great but a better maintenance is necessary

Suzanne Butler

Clearview Park Golf Course, located at the foot of the Throgs Neck Bridge in Queens, is one of six courses owned by New York City and operated by American Golf. Here at Clearview Park you will find a good quality golf course, popular with local golfers. The tree-lined parkland layout contains a variety of attractive holes and pleasant features, which should provide an enjoyable test of golf at a generally affordable rate. Worth a visit if you are in the area and have some time to spare.

Douglas Considine

Very pleasant

Allen Wong

A lot of long par 4 holes, very flat terrain.

Joseph Licato



Karen Suh

Ivan Mixailov


John Moone

ricky chang

Surprisingly good! We took a 930 tee time. Round was a bit slow. Expect newbies. Our round took about 5 hours total. Come here with patience.

justin k

It is nice place for all golfers because it locates in NYC. The course is wide and enough long for beginers.

Zillah Lindsay

Great club area.

Eugene R. Williams


vincent BULZOMI

it may be the most played golf course in america , hard to maintain

Philip Trageser

Danny Vera

The course is very nice. The views of the bridge are great. I've played several times and the pace of play has been ok at best. Usually under 5. This past weekend it was extremely slow it took us over 6 hours. They need to control the groups. Love the course. Best course is queens or Brooklyn


Nice but a bit rough course.


There is no controller, so It takes time too much to play.

Hieu Nguyen

It is not a difficult course. Only beautiful in autumn.

Jaime M. Bello Casais, Esq.

Nice local course

Thomas Hornbuckle

kinda like the golf course from sopace jam with micheal jay jay znd bags bunny, so thats something. newman from sinfeld was in that movie and i loved it sop idk what youre talking about. FIVE STARS

Doug Kesselman

Sungill Choi

Cesar Andrade

Vincent Scarpati

Fine course but tee boxes were a mess

Jonathan Lee

Chris Manjaro

It sucked...damn course was closed for an outing. Got there at 4pm, place was empty and they said i couldn't play. The guy behind the counter was smiling at me and i wanted to bury a golf club in his skull.

chris colon

Good course....very slow many groups put on the back 9......but overall good play....

Felix Calle


Hae Lee

i try to call the number shows on the website for weeks and it keeps giving me busy signal all the time, they need to update the phone system

David Han

3년전 클리어뷰 골프장이 아니네요. 잔디관리도 아주 잘되였고 운영하는 방법도 현대화 되였네요. 고객중70%가 한국인들로 생각됨


Do not keep the tea time

Dayne Richards

This is a decent track to play early in the morning. It can get really slow at times because a lot of people try to take advantage over the early bird rates on the weekends. There are a few tee boxes on the front that need to be redone (#7 for sure). The course isn't very long but does present challenges for all part of your game.

Martin Friedman

Although things have changed in the last few years, this golf course is convenient to get to, located at Clearview expressway and Cross Island parkway, there is plenty of room to park. they have motorized golf carts if you don't want to carry or use a hand cart, and the course is pretty flat pretty good for the beginner or novice golf player.. the only negatives are after it rains the last two holes have lots of muddy terrain and the geese especially from Canada seem to love it here..

Alan Melgarejo

Haven't been to Clearview for about 15 years as it was always average conditions and it took the longest to play of all the Queens courses. Well it was time to go back and I had tee time at 712 am Saturday morning. Place was very busy with most trying to get out on the back nine. Tried checking in at the office at 640 only to be told coldly that it was to early and he'd call us when it's our turn. Got called in at 710 to pay then off to the starting to wait behind three groups. Cant believe it's this bac ked up so early in the day. But having witness a money exchange between a golfer and office staffer I sensed this was the cause of the backup. Once we able to tee off I had hoped things would get better. It's the most packed golf course I have ever played on. Jammed and slow everywhere not an enjoyable day of golf. Dont waste your time and go to another course. Along with overcrowding and under the table stuff many of the golfers on the course lacked golf etiquette and that killed for me. Golf course conditions where Ok for a municipal but Forest Park and Douglaston are in better shape overall and the greens roll better.


Maria Romero

raphael jansa

King Steve

Nice place and friendly

García Rudy

Seamus M Keating

$3 to park. Offensive and ridiculous.

Sungjun kim

john speck

Worst shape I have ever seen it in. Hard as arock. Need to spend some money on watering the course.


Ralph Biscotti

Central Fh

Young Jae Lee

Antonio Chia

Needs better upkeep!

John Kolb

Beautiful day


I came out to NYC to visit..and this place was the exception! Parking if you golf, if you don't no parking fee. Plus it's like ~$3 for a day, so cheaper than anywhere else in NYC. And if you're cheap, take an extra 20 steps and park on the other side of the concrete. With that out the way... GG YOU MADE MY DAY!!! OUTSTANDING! To be fair, all the staff is such good conversation. Sitting in the Club was like sitting in my club back home. Such a genial place. Plus, it was a poppin' spot. So many people coming through for Tee times. With the PA system, you'll never miss your Tee time and have that awkward conversation. Like I said. A lasting impression, right in the Bayside area! I got the same comfort and community of the Midwest, right here in Queens!

Jasvinder Mangat

Luke Ambrose

Great location . Easy to access . Well kept . Great staff . Fun course .

Rakesh Tihara

New York Realtor

Good golf course for playing with friends

Wai Hui

Course is in fine shape and the groups moved along steadily for a weekend round. Tony at the front desk was excellent. We were able to tee off about 10 minutes after our booking time of 7.48. Finished in 5 hours.

Dan Higgins

Carlos Del

Elias Miró

Chris Lovastik

Ronnie Priest

Yeong Bark


A great course whose layout offers a few challenges. However, due to its popularity, you will encounter long waits. Best time to start is literally at the top of the day. I played this in late February and it was well maintained. We encountered a 30-minute frost delay, but overall, it was not bad. If you book via the American Golf website or via Clearview Park GC, you will receive a lunch and a drink voucher with your play—I have not had the opportunity to enjoy this as I booked via GolfNow. Parking was free, but I was told during spring to fall seasons, there is a parking fee (not sure of the cost). The clubhouse has a barebones pro-shop and a bar that serves beers and other beverages—it also has a few tables to enjoy your meals/drinks post-round. Overall, a good experience, but I hesitated giving five stars due to customer service—need improvement in the friendly department.

John Costello

Vee p


James Hammer

Nice time, course in good shape

vladimir cuello



Nice course. Very slow play

Chris Rampe

Great place to work!

harry singh


Great place to have meetings. The workers are very nice.

young lim

juan vasquez


Diego Fdo Vivas M

Orlando A

Poor service

Kevin Dennean

Harlen Ivan Avendaño

(Translated by Google) Very good golf course excellent conditions (Original) Muy buena cancha de golf excelentes condiciones

James Miller

don't ever go without a tee time.. unless you like to wait forever....they tell you its wide open and you wait.. find someplace else to walk on


Sylvia Lau

Stephanie Cheng

Use to come here for high school golf meetings. It was only $6 for us to play an 18-hole course. I have really great memories here even when playing in the rain. The geese do poop a lot here though

Magdi Abdu

jackson brown

Friendly personnel who exhibit a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Moonho Park

T.J. Hodnett

Lucas Hearl

Course is decent layout but needs some work.

Freshgirl M

The scenery here is so beautiful!


John Bartolotta

Great links great customer service

Jessica Leiva Borghi

Paseando por NY.

Ming Jiang

Vincent Costa

Great shape the course is

hayoung kim

(Translated by Google) 'S state anjeot (Original) 상태가 안젛아요

John Di Paolo

Well kept

Klee Tang

Big Tone

Very nive, great course

Chiagoziem Okolo

Place is great on a sunny day. Too much geese poop

Sadakazu Aoki

Scott Duxbury

Val Major

Course was empty good shape for time of season, not worth $76 bucks though

KS Choi

(Translated by Google) I will. (Original) 널널합니다

Bob Dela Rosa

Played here at least once a year in the past and everytime was frustrated with the lack of control on the pace of play on weekend mornings. You would breeze thru the front 9 in normal time (around 2 hours) then would spend the next 3 - 3.25 hours navigating thru the traffic jam on the back 9 since they've loaded the back with 9-hole customers. Fivesomes on every other hole. But was "pleasantly" surprised the past weekend when we did not encounter the requisite traffic jam on the back 9 and finished in a respectable 4 hours (considering we were the first group off the tee). Would venture back if they keep the pace of play in check over the weekends.

manolo angamarca

(Translated by Google) I like it (Original) Me gusta

Sean Fagan

Good course for the price. In good shape. Expect long rounds here. In excess of 5 hours most days. Parking is not free.

Mike Fures

Jay Huh

Always able to get out to play. I recommend being one of the first groups out.

william niklaus

Massively busy, people are jumping holes creating no structure and dangerous, annoying play. If you just want to play golf, yell "Banzai" and tee off !!

Victor Molka

Larry Becker


Daniel Quick


Khin Zaw

Fairways are not in good condition. The layout of the course is good. Aeration is in process for several greens.

Richard Brown

Kyosook Byun

James Yoh

Great view, big crowds, small courses.

Dae Kim

Vincent Colangelo

Very good conditions, at the time. Greens could use some rolling and golfers really should correct pitch marks more frequently. Tight fairways, penal rough. Generally quite busy but freindly staff and good 19th hole.

Dany Kim

Very good

Paper Soldier

Patrick O'Connor

Erin Lee

need to work on there greens......other than that great place to play the view of the bridge gets me hitting my 6iron like a king.

T.J. Hodnett

Abraham Tupe

Roderick Hosey

Love Takes Time

alex lundqvist

Slowest course I have ever played. The course itself is nice, but when they let out 5 somes and 6 somes on to the course and there is barely ever any rangers on the course prepare yourself for a 6 hour round. And they charge for parking to add insult to injury.

Oscar Hernandez

Nice place

Big Daddy

My boys and i stop in occassionally on the weekend for breakfast or lunch and Jeanie provides the best service, and GG makes really delicious food. Both GG and Jeanie always make you feel at home and try very hard to make your visit a Clearview Golf Course memorable and a positive experience. The bar keeper, Chris also goes out of his way to treat you nice. This place definitely needs to be maintained and/or at the very least upgraded and/or repaired the ceiling (sheet rock) has watermark stains and the paint is peeling but otherwise it still is a nice place to hangout or have a party or get together as the staff are excellent!

Iva R

Great spot!


Love the course, but way to crowed. Very little to no starter pushing the game along. Ez a 5+hr to play during weekends and after 2pm week days. So far best time to play is early morning weekdays but im sure that would change as the weather gets better.

Samuel Fung

Nice course

Guillermo Hernandez

Vtian Zweidong

bad management!bad condition!I just play few times in a year!

Yuri Yanpolski

Not as good as it used to be

George Martino

$55 is too high.

Youmun Kim

Raul Salcedo


Kwak Jai

Good price because of membership system. But so dirty . The front pond is dirty. Every hole behind the box there is dirty littered garbage. No body cleans. Just like that during the whole year.

Ramón De La Cruz

Nathan Moon

So so

Alex Tsunis

Yoly R.

Enzo S. Guidi

It in great shape! Watch out for the yahoos on your fairway when you're driving.

Anthony Dario

awesome city course

Soon Hur

Mike Mogilner

Gorgeous golf course

Gouranga Kataky


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