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Floyd Bennett Field, 3159 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234, United States

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REVIEWS OF Aviator Sports & Events Center IN New York

Alex Golubenko

We rent outside soccer field for the past 4 years. Harvey, Mike and the entire team are great. Always helpful, accommodating and go out of the way to make sure we have a great game. Thank you guys.

Andrea O'Keefe

Aviator is an amazing place. From soccer to gymnastics to hockey it offers so many club sport options. Not to mention the public skating,rock wall and party options. You can’t go wrong at Aviator Sports

Carlos & Ntianu Fraser

We had a great time. Free parking for the event. Only issue was low mobile service and long lines for the event.

Amelia Gallo

Great ice, boards are extra bouncy, control your rebounds or they'll pop right back out in front of your crease.. NHL size rinks (no Olympic.)

A St

Worst experience ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don`t ever go there to play indoor soccer because our soccer ball got stuck on their ceiling about a month ago and still they cannot reach and grab this ball for us, while I talked to their every supervisor and asked for about 4 weeks just to make them to grab this soccer ball for us, but these guys are too lazy to do something or to help their customers, I can`t understand how those soccer fields were made while on the ceiling there are a lot of soccer balls that got stuck and nobody even to do anything with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you AVIATOR for this awful customer service

Tinkerbellz Wand

I love this place they have year round events for familys as well as sports

Marsha Stanley

A fun place for kids.

Michael B.

Went for a gathering with my job. Well staffed and very helpful. Good place to do multiple events and activities.

Chris Biers

Excellent hockey programs for my son over the last 6 years and counting!

Mario Ogno Jr

Today the NYC Public Schools were closed. I expected to spend a day with my son Rock Climbing and Trampoline Jumping. However. The place was closed except for the Public Skating. The Arcade was even CLOSED. Did not bother buying Lunch there. Got to explore FLOYD BENNETT FIELD instead. That was more fun. Bad Management Decision The money you lost. The smiles you crushed.

How 2 Media

What a cool place! You can't IMAGINE all they have to do here! We DEFINITELY recommend Aviator Sports!

Aleksey Balagula

I have been coming to this place for years. They have ice skating, hockey teams, rock climbing, ticket prizes from arcade games and a pretty good food court. They even have a hockey shop where they can sharpen your ice skates. Awesome place with a big hockey sized skating rink. Lots of fun and great for people of all ages.

F Jameel

Great place to take your kids. I had a blast ice skating here on a Saturday night. There were quite a few people, but not enough to make people bump into each other. Staff was present just to make sure no one got injured.

Dank Memes

Cool, I iceskate and its

Colin Kilkenny

This place happens to be in my neighborhood and we love it. Who could ask for a better facility right in their neck of the woods. My son went here for a summer school program. He has played in their basketball program and now goes to open basketball from time to time. He also will not leave without getting chicken fingers and fries! The place is a bit pricey, but I honestly think that’s because of the neighborhood they service so make sure your pockets are together! Lol

Ronald Brown

I’m stilll waiting for Aviator Sports to get Roller Skating on wooden floors.

Erica R.

I went there only for a graduation. It was very challenging finding the entrance and exit of the place. Alot of the sites were closed off and had very long winding roads. They need more signs for directions. Its way too easy to get lost. I was at the main building and it seem smaller than what I had imagine it to be.

Jennifer Jenkins

We were at a birthday party and it was great. The kids had a great time with a bounce house and paying games in the artificial grass area. So much fun!!

Sonia Arjoon

Good place for family fun

Mays York

Sports, recreation, special events. Aviator sports has it all. Here’s a couple of my guys getting buckets.

Sidene F.

Fun place. Many thing to do

surviving you 2

Great swimming pool, good variety of activities. Wish it was better lit and ventilated


great place for kids and adults

Jacqueline Attia

The staff there is so nice and accommodating

Pat Trainor

Nice spot and friendly staff. Needs to be a better job of making sure that there are tees at all the spots

Paul Tortorella

Nice double set of ice rinks, decent food court.

Crystal Díaz

Great! Should be more the once a year ❤@_crysdiamond_

Edin Shaba

Plenty of booths, good staff, but balls are quite worn out and need to be replaced. A bit expensive for the quality despite the new mats.

Nysco_ organics

A fun place for the whole family

Nick Dale

Great place went ice skating with the kids a good time was had by all

Chanel Reyes

UniverSoul Circus, very entertaining, definitely is for kids, and because I still one I enjoyed so much, the best birthday gift.

Kara MacDevitt

This is a very large space with great equipment. The price and the make-up policy are really good. The sessions are long and give time to learn the skills. Unfortunately we had a terrible coach (Kim), she was so bad that my daughter and 3 other gymnastics quit the program mid-session. My daughter was never going to be a professional gymnast but she liked using her body and learning new skills. She wasn't that good at some of the skills and would get frustrated when she could not complete them as well as her peers. Her coach was not teaching to all levels and made my daughter feel as though she was not good at gymnastics. The coach told my daughter that if she didn't like it, then she should quit. This was directly after she had become frustrated with a skill. This coach did not seem like she wanted to be there, it was simply her job. I am sad that her lack of knowledge about her influence on these young girls caused my daughter to quit something that she really liked. My daughter had done 4 previous sessions there with other coaches and thought it was difficult but had fun as well. I would not recommend Coach Kim.

Yirmiyahu Lebowitz

Nice facility and the people were welcoming. We spent close to 3 hours there and could have stayed longer. Indoor sports, gymnastics, wall climbing, ice skating. They were accommodating to us. The only downside is that you can't bring in outside food.

Queen Nyjah

If you are sporty or athletic the aviator center has great activities and event not only kids but adults as well they have a gym hockey and ice skating rinks the also a arcade a climbing wall and bungi jumping contraption the tickets aren't that much either doe the whole day is about 30 dollars per person and the staff are really friendly as well and it's not one of those places that have terrible food just eat their tenders and fries !

James Gamerson

I had an amazing time ice skating and falling but in all seriousness it's a really great place, especially for teens and young adults

Bernicia Narayan

Today was our 1st time there...... Let's just say my 6yr old had a blast!!!!!!!

Nancy Disponzio

My daughter attends camp there, and we're happy with everything but the air quality. Something has to be done about the A/C problems, immediately.

Adrien W.

I remember visiting this facility when i was a little bit younger. They have a great choice for summer camps, my nephews are thrilled to visit there. It's not a long ride from the city center especially with a bike it's quite fun. Clearly a good choice!

Jeannie Vera

My daughter loves this place. She has attended gymnastics here for the past 6 years. At first, she was a bit afraid to try the different tricks, but with patience and help from her coaches she got them. Her favorite coaches are Jessica and Joel, they explain things step by step and have a knack with kids!

Timothy Ou

Cool sports area with nice cafeteria and activities including if your planning a trip there.

Monique Mark

Great place to have kids parties and summer camp. My son learned how to swim over the summer and all he talks about is going back to camp.

Klifford Pilay

Great place to entertain/ Great place for all ages / Clean /Prices are comfortable even for a group of 5 - .... the only thing was at night the parking lighting + and floor signage to exit should be more visable with tape reflectors. Also all staff on the floor should ware a consistent polo shirt color and or jacket ( the skating staff had an orange jacket and the letters were pealing off)

Ivonne De La Cruz

#nightnationrun it was super fun.!

Michael Perlberg

Aviator Sports controls permitting and access to the Floyd Bennett Field National Recreation Area. They have shamelessly been working to essentially privatize a public park by raising access fees for organizations that have been using the park for 25+ years exorbitant levels.

Prince Quinland

I am here for the bicycle race, Tuesday's and Thursday's.... Good summer fun for the family.

orly k

My kid went there for soccer lessons and he enjoyed it a lot but there so much more to do!!

Leffrey J

Great local entertainment for the kids. The rock climbing, incredible indoor simulated roller coaster....I haven't seen anything like this ever, 2 skating rinks, air hockey, sky jump, arcade and free parking. I have only 2 complaints" 1. The arcade is lacking in quality games. They have a lot of space and can fill it with quality games, but for some reason they have not. I would not bring kids here, if they were looking for arcade games. 2. The ice skating rink was not cleaned often enough during my visit - but this might only seem this way, since I understand that this week they are 10x more busy than usual and it might just be due to temporary overuse. Overall, you can't find another place like this in Brooklyn.

LingMei Garcia

Only been here for ocrs and th staff is very carefully with whom they let in checking bags I appreciate that


Very good place. Public skating a bit on expensive side but well-maintained rinks that are usually not too crowded and parking is plentiful.

Beth Quashie

Theirs so much fun activities here and you can do birthday parties it was my first time and I can't wait to go back...

Shishir Kumar Malav

Tons of stuff to do. Massive parking lot. You can kill hours here.


This is an amazing place to go ice skating; I've been going here for years! They usually have good groupon deals where you can get some free food with your purchase of skating rentals.


Beautiful and spacious. My children attend gymnastics here and they really like it. They even have classes for special needs children.

Catherine Casillas

It was so much fun just going there, went to the Brooklyn Chocolate was so yummy and they have so many different activities to do there.

Samantha Weeks

Love the wife open space, the best for photography of the clouds coming in

Denise Shannon

I absolutely love Aviator Sports and my girls do too!! Fantastic staff, my girls feel very comfortable and are anxious to be in attendance for every class.

Laia Rothstein

It was very nice 4 young children. There is a nice hay ride.

Danyelle Lee

Great event! Fun to do with family and friends

francina elcock

Great place to have fun

Maya Taylor

It was FUN but the Sky Jump will give you a wedgie

Larrin Larrin

Oh yeah I love this place is very good for the kids to go to very spacious a lot of activities a lot of games arcade games and the food was good it wasn't even salty

Drink Detach (@drinkdetach)

Had such a great time at the rugged maniac obstacle race. Well run event and grwst venue for such an event. Definitely come back again! #spartan #ocr #ruggedmaniac #health #fitness #trailrun #5k

Pamela Quintin

I love Aviator! There birthday party services are awesome! My son had an amazing 5th birthday there. My only reason for not giving a 5 star rating is because they don't have enough boy spots for the gymnastics classes.


Son enjoyed every moment at this camp lots of activities he goes every summer

kevin bustamante

The skating ring is pretty big and if you dont feel like skating there's plenty of other fun stuff to do!

ExoticYesHairs Beauty Supply

Soul circus was I plan on going again

Annemarie Leonard

Love going to Aviator Sports! Near Staten Island and is a perfect venue for Rugged Maniac!

Chris M

It's big, has sporting events like hockey, gymnastics, rock climbing, etc. And a moderately priced csfe, snd video srcade

Victor Tchij

Very crowded, spent 30 min in line for tickets and skates

Wh Stephenson

Great ice skating location

Valerie !!

FIGURE SKATING- from an athletes perspective So much wasted potential. Avaitor is the only year-round ice skating rink in Brooklyn, which means no matter how limited the conditions are, they know us skaters aren't going anywhere. This is really unfortunate because it has so much potential to be a place that actually feels supportive of their athletes. I've been skating there for almost 8 years, at a competetive level. You can find me along with other skaters at the rink not only everyday but every morning as well. Let me break it down Pros: -Good amount of ice time (freestyle) -Good ice (when cut) -Morning sessions -Two rinks so if one ever breaks the other is avaible Cons: -The ice is often left uncut after hockey at night, and has many ruts in the morning -Overpriced -NO ADDITIONAL OFF ICE TRAINING SPACE!! This is my biggest complaint. There are two perfromance rooms which aren't being utilized more than half the time... just there locked for no reason. When asked if skaters can use them we are told they're only for soccer and hockey players? Seriously? We always have to go on a scavenger hunt to look for a place to do off ice training, wether it be us getting lucky that the soccer? basketball field is open, or we retret to a small corner on the side of the rink. Mind you we pay $300 a month for ice time. - HORRIBLE lighting. Not as noticable in the summer when it's sunny but during the winter months the lighting makes me nauseos. Do you guys even change them? Ever consider using LED? More enviormentally friendly too... - Sometimes gets too cold in the winter. If it's close to 0 outside, it's common sense you should crank up the ice rink temperture to even it out. Ice gets over frozen and you either have to come with 5 jackets and 3 layers of pants or freeze your butt off. This was the case last year, hopefully it was just a heating issue that has now been resolved. OVERALL As I already said the place has potential but it completely neglects figure skaters. More concerned with public skaters then it's long time figure skaters. Such simple things that could make the place so much nicer. Unfortunate.

Danielle Sartori

My daughter had a bad experience at a private beach camp last summer, so I was very nervous for her with a larger camp like Aviator. She LOVED it! Already talking about next year; made new friends. Counselors SUPER nice!

Desiree Mercury

We had a blast!

steve clement

Ice skating rink was great


Chocolate fair held here was not worth it but had some fun so I will give credit for that

rafi rafi

My kids love that place Nice customer service Alot of parking

Jennifer Lane

Fun, fun, fun! We took our 7 year old daughters here for their birthday. It was really on a whim, but I'm glad that we did. We got to play video games, go rock climbing, even bungee jump. we were here last year with their girl scout troop to go ice skating. That was a lot of fun and we'll be doing that again soon.


Terrible customer services , poor communication!!!! My child was harmed by another child while under Aviator gymnastics care . No action was taken nor were my emails answered. Furthermore they refused to let me see the video of what happened claiming my son skipped the child in line justifying the actions of the abuser . We have been loyal Aviator customers for more than 4 years and this is how we are treated. Rather then deal with the incident they refunded the cost of the program for the remaining weeks . I would never recommend this facility to anyone !


Nice car show. Very underused National Park facility.

Tzvi Manela

Very nice great ice skating

Maceo O

I love the facility. The gymnastics room and classes are fun. I think they don't advance fast enough for some kids. . But safety first. . The basketball camp I sent my teenager to was pretty ok. He is a beginner. So, I'm not judging too hard. We may try it again. The food court is actually pretty good. They make a decent burger and tasty pizza - as well as some of the best fries around.

Nilesh Mishra

Great place for different age group of kids. We come here for ice skating lessons and they are good and the ice condition is well maintained. Their gymnastics program is also competitive and fun for those who just want to have fun. Big gym so the space is not an issue. Parking is ample so this place is nice for all in one activity place if the weather calls for indoor activities. During the warmer months the parking area gets rented out to circus, fairs even pumpkin patch farm. Can it be better of course but in NYC this place give you something most places won't is free parking and lots of activités under one roof.

nuveauterra2 .

It's very nice. I hope they get another virtual game. As for the directions. Please follow the signs until they say 500 ft turn left. Ignore the signs unless you have a team playing on the court like football. Google directions are suppose to direct you to the main entrance but does not. Other wise they have a system for buying food. The food is still good.

Yeet Master

I suggest if you want your child to have a good summer put them at aviators summer camp with ice skating and the most fun counselors ever

Zarina M

Cheap tickets and nice place to let go your kids enjoy,

Ksenya K

The staff at the ice skating rink was extremely rude. There was no focus on delivering a positive customer experience.


Very good and enjoyable place. Good to go to have a fun time

Ryan Toney

I love this place. Ice skating, rock climbing, food and games . its a good place to have fun

Gina Smith

Really nice place. Has an arcade and ice skating rink. And cafe as well.

Elle Ernshtayn

This review is for their Summer Camp and prices. $3,095 for the camp from 9 am - 5 pm (inconvenient, some people have to be at work by 9am) $3,495 from 8 am - 6 pm, bus transportation is extra $600! These prices are ridiculous and they don't even feed them well. For the price like this I would expect them to give them salad and yogurts, fruits every day. Instead my child would come home hungry. The Aviator space is incredible, it's big with its own field. Aviator needs to work on their prices. There are camps in Brooklyn that are $3000 with the transportation included, and they offer decent hot meal not just chicken nuggets with fries.

Olga Glushkova

I love this place. I really recommend it for all who want some activities in sport.

Roman Gutierrez

Was coming from staten island, website says to arrive before 12 to be allowed in to play basketball. Get there at 1155 and wasn't allowed in. Rude security straight up said I was loitering when I was just asking where to go.

Vincent Brown

Great place for basketball and ice hockey..


My grandson is attending the summer camp at Aviator. He is very happy there with no complaints. He attended another camp for two years and was very unhappy. I would highly recommend this facility.

genevieve faustin

Went there for the Universal Soul Circus had sooo much fun... very exciting

Eddie Burlem

Aviator Sports is nothing more then a greedy corporation that has shamelessly privatize a public park by raising access fees for organizations that have been using the park for 25+ years to exorbitant levels essentially killing off anything that they can't profit from.

Jennifer Lopez

It was amazing I went there to a birthday party and it was fun especially the skating ring

julia sepulveda

I was there to watch a Road Bike Race, during summer time those are popular there as the runways are great for that. This event was from Verrazano Bike Club.

tiger 342

This is a good place to take kids as a family or as a school trip. This place is focusing on all sports.

Neqqss J

Ice skating and rock climbing was awesome

Mahima Srivastava

Very far out in Brooklyn. You need a car to get here. Came here for chocolate festival and sampled quite a few. They also have ice skating here and a mini arcade.

Pete R

Great place with games and arcades for everyone to experience the fun and enjoy junior hockey games for free.

Maximillian_ 1035

Very cool and awesome place to go to soccer. The trainers were very nice and polite and thought me lots of cool stuff. Aviator is the BEST

Frederick Almanzar

Online said freestyle session was an hour and 20 minutes but when I got there they said it was 50 minutes. Traveled for two hours and paid 20 bucks and barely enjoyed the ice. Not to mention the entrance is misleading and not obvious at all.

Michael Guzman

Good place to play sports like soccer, basketball and for ice skating. Great sport complex for kids

Neashia Spencer

Great place to take the family. There is something for everyone in the family too do.

Jada Curtis

I absolutely love this place. Quality of gymnastics instruction is A+. I Would highly recommend.

Chaya Merzdov

Aviator Sports and Events Center offers everything from skating to gymnastics, to rock climbing and arcades. The perfect place to make a birthday party or just to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family or friends. I took figure skating lessons here and had a great time! I definitely recommend this place!!⛸

Robert N Sapp Jr

Yugioh regionals were

Dima Elk

Family place to hang out. We love Ice skating but rentals are not comfi. Place to rent a bike and ride by water. Wall climbing is fun. Food is junk. I love to watch hockey games live. Small game arcade. My son used to take gymnastics classes here.

Jovi Broadus

I've been to the circus and to football events at Aviator... it is a great place but not easy to get to.

Julia Marketos

Great place for kids. They really put a lot effort and dedication. I highly recommend

Abby Dove

Great staff & great activities for kids.

Yuliya Shamailov

Great facility, tons to offer, good management and staff. Love this place for 3rd year! My son goes to afterschool, intro to acting, soccer, ice skating, rock climbing, summer camp, basketball and much more!! Love it every second of it!!!

Zuko Ellis

Great place to go for events.

Sam Newman

Amazing place..a bit busy but to be expected..would reccomend..our son is part of 2 extra curricular activities and he loves it.


Great ice rink and lots of fun exciting things to do here. Also it's great for a birthday party or for a day to go out and do something fun. Best part is that it's right in Brooklyn and pretty easy to drive to.

andrea stewart

Aviator Sport I gave 5 stars. I had stopped in the middle of the review. I had a fantastic time at the Halloween haunted spooky house, and animal feeding/rides. I brought my niece and she loved it. No issues,very adorable, I even fed a pig. There were hayrides and food. Nice time. Kudos!!

silvia castillo

I go to comic-con every year with my family (its tradition lol) and although the place is always super crowded, I love the different arts, costumes and experiences you get to live. This place has become for my family and i a most every year and we always look forward on seeing what's different each year. It's always super fun.

Anna Midyushko

I LOVE coming here! There are so many activities to do. I enjoy the ice skating year round as well as the gymnastics. Not only can adults have a good time but kids have a blast here. They offer birthday party packages for the little ones. The employees are really friendly and attentive. I would recommend coming to Aviator and spending a nice day here. Lots of food options as well.

Lau BP

Upon speaking to management; I would like to edit my original post. I received a phone call from Aviator to come meet with one of their management team members. I was not prepared for them to tell me that my son wasn’t welcomed to come back to finish his last week of camp. While I agree, it wasn’t in HIS best interest either, I was appalled. It was made known by management that my son was in NO WAY a troublemaker, yet he was still asked not to come back. I received a check, for the amount of the week my son wouldn’t be there and that we were to “cut ties” with the camp. Though I appreciated the week refund, I was well taken back by the whole situation. An innocent child was asked not to come back because, I, as his mother, spoke up for the safety concerns my son was facing? I stand by what I said. I do not recommend Aviator Camp to any family. My hope is that; no family has the experience my family did this Summer. They need more equipped counselors, a larger staff, more communication with families, more safety plans implemented.. but most especially, they need to have the “higher-ups” more visible. Never once was I able to speak with ownership. Time after time, they had me speak to their head counselor, who was left to deal with their “dirty-work” completely throwing him under the bus. Personally, the head counselor i think, handled me well. For any new and returning families, I hope the camp returns to its original philosophy of putting the campers and their families before the bureaucracy it has become. Next year, I will be taking my son to a facility where safety and parental involvement is the primary focus above all.

Beatrice Octavie

Pedestrian entrance can be tricky to find but nice center. I am kind of disappointed with some coaches, they demonstrate but when it's the kid turn, they do not really correct the position. I noticed a lot of talking, explanations are good but 6 or 7 years old need sometimes to be placed properly, especially when they struggle on a specific move or position. Maybe this center policy is "NEVER touch body". I signed for the summer I will NOT make the same mistake for fall.

Eli Goetz

The ice skating there is so fun! They have a couple of other attractions there also.

ari weber

I use the ice-skating rink. very good. Usually not so full which is good. Staff are very helpful.

Robin Mckenzie

I went before and it was amazing but sadly I had to leave early I’ll be going again soon and I hope to have even more fun with my fam

Boris Spektor

Skating Ring is the best at NYC!

Carole Mayers

You can get New customers by giving discounts, or package deals on a monthly basis.

Mapa Macger

Very fun day with the family

Joan Bostwick

My children do everything from DTS soccer, gymnastics, and acting! The place is clean parking is plentiful. A Great place to birthday parties too!!

the man

One of worst summer camp ever overpriced my son came with bruises and black eye and they didn’t even bother to contact us. Please save your money and go somewhere else underage staff age range 13-16. We lost 4 bottles goggles t shirts socks name it. The upper management doesn’t care about kids they view kids as dollar sign. As a parent please I am requesting you to care about kids and black eyes are not common as one of the CFO has told me. Wonder why Mill Basin summer camp won Dime of Brooklyn and you because you guys are More of the show but less in quality.

Dee Mer

It's AWSOME they had a pool,Ice skating,hockey,Gymnastics,fencing, golf,and all that fun stuff

Victoria Katz

I like to bring my grandchildren to Aviator. But having hard experience in skateboarding. I can’t skate, my grandchildren just came and I asked for trainer, unfortunately nobody was available. We need to schedule in advance. Children need assistance, despite there are many employers they never help us.when I asked for help to go with grandchildren they answered to be not allowed. So my grandchildren fell many times and refused to go back . Also there is no space for change : children are wet no Servise at all . At list when we buy tickets for skating reception should explain us that there is no help and give us advise or schedule for training. That cost too high for 30 min of training and not available on weekends.

Joseph Fasulo

This place looks beat up and could use some updating. Some of the Staff were kind of unprofessional while others were outstanding. Great skating rink and bball court.

Kim Loccisano

The Best place!!! My son attends the after school program at Aviator. They assist in homework before the activity schedule begins. There is food and snacks, ice skating. Gymnastics, rock climbing, courts, turf and much more! He also attends the summer camp and doesn't want to leave! Swimming, water slides, fencing, theater , day trips and much too much to mention! The food is fantastic at Aviator. There is also bar that serves food upstairs and in summer outdoor bar with entertainment some evenings. The employees are awesome and wonderful with tbe kids. My son had bonded with all of them over the years. Thanks to Aviator,as a working parent my mind is at ease during the day that my son is safe, having a great time and well taking care of!!!

Ayy sub

UPDATE: They refunded me after couple of back and forth emails. ............................................................................................................... Terrible.. I had a very bad experience. We had rented 2 bikes for 2 hours, paid about $70 only to find out that they were not in good condition and very difficult to ride. Since it was 3 of us and only one single and double (was the side by side one) was available, we agreed to take them as we were told that we could ride them in the bike trail. We were later told that we could only ride that bike in the parking lot. After facing this problem, we went to the front desk again and asked for a refund, which according to them was not in their control. When we said to at least consider giving us a store credit so that we could at least enjoy our day, nth was considered. They said it was not under their control, and when we asked to speak to a manager, they kept on dismissing us, later asked us to leave our number but no one returned a call. So, not only my $70 went in vain, without even using their bike, :( all of us wasted our only vacation day that we had gotten after a long time. We had gone there with hopes of having a good time, but had a terrible terrible experience. I would never go back, nor would recommend anyone...

MacArthur W. Joseph

Great place and a lot of fun for the whole family. There are so many activities to do the whole year around. I say it is a MUST visit place. It is a great place to go for a date with your love ones. Thank you for all you do. Ps they have great birthday day parties for all aged.

Sonjia Winley

Limited Games in the arcade section , a lot of non functional games , cleanliness for the Arcade on a scale of 1-10 I’ll give a 3 . Aviators has the potential to be better I want to see that happen .

Childre Wayne

It was dope had a lot of physical activities had some bomb pizza but needs a little more finesse to be five star

Candace Davider

We had a birthday party and it was great! My daughter was very happy.

Nicolas Zamy

This place is amazing sports is awesome

Joel Louis

Very fun much to do here food is to die for but if you want to go with your family members dont go on a Friday

Julio Martinez

Amazing facility! A wide variety of activities and ample space for multiple events going on at once. I ran the Rugged Maniac obstacle run here and was blown away by this place. Rock climbing to swimming and ice skating. Great for large groups or parties.

Myleen Seri

Went here for a pool party. Kids loved it

Josette Belizaire

After only 2 sessions, my daughter starts ice skating on her own. She no longer holds on. She develops such passion for the activity. On Sundays, she no longer looks forward to her favorite meals and family bonding time, she is counting the hours to get in the ice. It takes excellent and devoted teachers to instill these skills on a student. Thanks!!!

Shamoya Lewinson

For my second time there..... Man!! I had both rough and good day... Bad because for some reason that photo booth machine took my $3 and It didn't take my picture....which was tuff cause I didn't get a refund

Cynthia Kostylo

Great facility for huge crowds! I attended an 8th grade graduation there. There were about a thousand people and there was ample parking

Kristofor Nelson

This place is nice. They keep up with the field and the place inside. They have plenty to do there. Plenty of parking as well. Its free to park. The football fields are well kept. I just wish they open the first parking lot instead of having to go all the down to the other end.

Nick Persad

Had a great time for our boys Birthday party, friendly staff and super helpful. Would recommend upgrade to AC system in party room with free WiFi.

Khaled Hussari

The Aviator Sports and Events Center hosted an event in which the entry fee was payable via cash only. The two ATMs in the facility were both out of service. Everyone who showed up without cash was forced to either find an alternative means of obtaining it or to leave the facility. If you’re looking for an adequate venue to host your event, I strongly recommend you look elsewhere.

Steve Viruet

I think that is was ok could of been better

Lyn Volpicelli

Love the events there. Been to all the night 5k’s. They were a fun and safe time. Many great memories and the security was A plus. Will be back for the next race in September Lyn

Flaminox Strike

very nice place for families with active 5-8 year old kids. we took a day pass, so my son skated on the rink, climbed the rock, jumped and even played arcade. the price was reasonable and the stuff was friendly and helpful. don't forget to take with you sneakers for rock-climbing and warm clothes for the rink, it's really cold there!

Daphne McClendon

My daughter and I visit Aviator Sports every Friday. They offer a variety of activities for the children and adults to do. It's a great place to have a party as well. Come and check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Talon Work

Nice facility. Good selectiin of food and entertainment.

Robert Mauceri

Aviator is a great place for group events and there is food served on the premises along with a bar

Carey Singer

I've known the Aviator facility for over fifteen years. It keeps getting better and better. Hockey-Figure Skating-Gymnastics-Outdoor Sports-Summer Camp-Sports Bar... Great place to spend a day or celebrate a child's birthday. Full information available on line.

E. Eshmawy

Aviator is quite literally our second home. Our son and daughter have been members of the Aviator Hockey Club for 5+ years in a multitude of programming, summer camps, or involvement in the resident Dutch Total Soccer and parkour classes, as well as the summer camps. We are really lucky to feel totally welcome and completely happy with everyone at the center from the staff to the instructors. The facility is GORGEOUS with two NHL size rinks, and several indoor and outdoor food options. I can't speak highly enough of the staff, sports and events programming and phenomenal facility.

King Codra Gaming

The hockey there is great

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