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REVIEWS OF Kapolei Golf Club IN Hawaii


The apps were delicious. They have great hot teas! The saon was really good except that it was served in white sauce which didn't match it at all. But the fried rice is really good too. Amazing views!

EJ Kowal

One of my favorite courses to play, nice and wide open links so if you slice it you can probably find it. Everyone working is really nice and always helpful. Will play here again!

D Taylor

In great condition. Friendly staff. Only one minor complaint. At $185 you would think the practice mats woul have the rubber tees for you. You have to purchase them and they did not tell me thisthis I picked up my warm up bucket.

Daniel P. Landin

Fun, challenging, and beautiful golf course. The greens were bumpy 3 weeks after aeration, but they sadly ended their lower prices for that. If the greens were where they should be or how they would want them to be, it would be worth the price for this tourist (too expensive for the quality today!).

Daniel Arthur

One of the best breakfast grinds on the island. A hidden breakfast gem... with a view!

Steven Lee

Well managed and cared golf course

Mauricio Montoya

Best food in town


Beautiful course & facility.

Tom Hollenbeck

New head pro Steve is fantastic. Golf shop staff are incredible. Starter staff outstanding. A must play course.

Dean Howell

Gorgeous course, great service by the ataff, immaculate have to play this course!

Clifford Chillingworth

Great service

Frank Clouse

Nice lunch and good sevice. Mainly Japanese style menu.

Shirley Landford

The food I recommend is good service also just slow receiving your food.

Josephine Wong

Beautiful, well maintained. Not too difficult a course.

Julie Brady

Awesome experience! Food and view are outstanding. Sorry I don't golf!


(Translated by Google) One of the best golf courses in Hawaii Kapolei cc I always want to go to a golf course. (Original) 하와이에서 손에 꼽을수있는 골프장 역시 카폴레이cc 늘 가고싶은 골프장 입니다

Barney Cabus

Great course!

Masaru Koshimizu

(Translated by Google) A well-maintained course. Beautiful clubhouse. It is a very difficult course. When I asked for a charge transfer for the course, I took a long limousine for 4 people adding $ 20. (Original) 整備の行き届いたコース。綺麗なクラブハウス。 なかなか難しいコースではあります。 コースに有料送迎頼んだら4人で1人20ドル追加で長いリムジンで送迎してくれました。

Daryl Tokunaga

Nice course only bad thing is its pricey.

Gregory Hampton

Great course to play, fun too. I say this because sometimes when we play and don't have fun. I shot a 96 on this course due to me second guessing myself and not knowing the course layout. Dont' second guess and buy a course layout book. After I got off the course I realized that this was an easy course, therefore I pledged to play it again in a few weeks. With the exeption of the first 5 holes low handicappers should score well, but if its your first time, and if you can afford it play it twice do it. The course has some great scenic shots for the scapbook. The fairways are open, the greens are very well maintained. And unlike the other courses on the island, the sand is actually soft. Overall, it was fun.

Heston Kahue


Jonathan Sullivan

I was there for a meeting. Very spacious and well lit with natural light. Not crowded at all. Ot peaked my interest regarding membership

Tam Franco

Nice course with great staff and service


Great driving range. I can't wait to play the course.

Bryan Byard

Course is great. Poorly managed from a starter. Brutal waits. Had a photographer for the coarse and a girl just jump in right in front of us and actually t’d off into a couple in front of us. No marshall anywhere. When I confronted them they acted like they weren’t doing anything wrong. Cart girl only takes cash. Went again. Starter started us on 1. Had a foursome and singles in front of them. Asked if we could tee off 10. No one was on ten for the 15 minutes we stood there. Starter said we couldn’t go off 10. Ended up waiting forever behind people the whole round. Twice now. Just really poorly managed from the starter. Course is nice though.

S Weddle

Beautiful course, very nicely maintained and wonderful staff. The carts come equipped with gps and visual maps and information (like distance to hole) and the course can be finishes quickly if doing 9 or less, and can take much longer if doing 18 holes. Also has a driving range

Donna Caris

We have been going to breakfast here for many years. Beautiful atmosphere overlooking the greens. Sadly, I believe they are now under new management with some new wait staff. Poor customer service, food takes too long to be served. I don't think they have enough staff to cover the breakfast crowd. Mind you the place isn't that busy. Our breakfast group have no option than to find another restaurant to break bread at after church. Honestly, with my experience in the last 2 weeks, they don't even deserve 1 star!

Bob Onekea

Great course. Can play hard with the trade winds.


(Translated by Google) A major course on Oahu, which is very popular among Japanese (Original) 日本人に大人気のオアフ島にあるメジャーコース⛳

Edward Dumlao

All was good till ....bought a bottle of water...$$$


This is a really awesome golf course. Lots of water to navigate over/around, perfect fairways, and excellent quick greens that roll true. I’ve played all over the island during the last 6 months and while Kapolei’s local rate is a little higher than others, it’s totally worth it.

Angel Garcia

Great customer service in the golf range

Jonathan Velarde

I picked this course with only one day left to explore in Waikiki and was I pleased!!!! This is an amazing course and being Active-Duty I got an excellent rate of $45 for the 2:07 tee time. Beautiful tee boxes, plenty of water/sand traps to challenge you, and the staff is very friendly. I think they had just punched the greens, but I can't fault them for that being I booked it 3 hours before my tee time. Highly recommend. About 45 min-60 min from Ritz Carlton Residences Waikiki.

PalikiNui E

Beautiful modern decor and very clean

Jason Chan

Great breakfast, friendly staff. Very relaxing atmosphere and quiet enough for group meetings or business get togethers. Restaurant has a great view of the golf course ... try and get a window table.

Jason Simms

4.5. always in pretty good shape

Darren Franco

Great course we were there for the golf channels drive chip and putt!! Awesome job they did with the kids !

Marc Weintraub

IWedding, it was great, nice big hall ono food, everyone had a nice time. Views from the hall of the course added a cool backdrop. If I was a golfer I'd play and eat there.


Beautiful and very quiet.

scott sofa

Great Place


Nice course

James Gonzales

One of the nicest courses on Oahu. Great conditions at a good rate.

Joe Lopez

Beautiful course for my office today.

Ted Williams

Least friendly of 14 places I played. They let two slow foursomes go off the back nine just as we made the turn. Never again.

Ronnie Faustino

Well maintained facilities. Friendly staff.

Andy Sulzer

One of the best maintained golf courses on the island.

Roland Ragasa

I like the outdoor atmosphere always bringing my grandson it's not too high end but an upgrade from barbers point driving range. I guess it depends

Cisco Johnson

Good view

Samuel Bouyer

Outstanding Golf Course and in excellent condition.

Jayhyung Cho

very good donation

Jean Weiner

Beautiful location and nice staff. Great restaurant for breakfast.


This golf course is not located next to the beach, there is no strong wind. Good and wide green course and not so difficult to play.

marcelina pineda

Restaurant is great!

Scott Smith

Played there today! Awesome, Course great condition, staff very nice and helpful ... Well run place.

masakazu Tamiya

Great course and very playable course. Enjoy playing. We will play again anytime

Jared Foley

I only ate there but didn't get the chance to golf. Only feedback I have is the wait at the door to be seated. We stood almost 10 minutes until someone came up and said hi to us. Food was amazing and would go back again.

Chi Pio Mok

Probably one of the nicest course on the island that is open to the public, prices are high..But twilight prices are competitive...Greens are super slick and course is fun and challenging but not koolau

Nicholas Chomyed

One of the very best golf course on ohau.

Gerard Lee

This is a well manicured, sporty layout that suits single digit players and those on the opposite end of the spectrum. It's not long and the fairways are wide but the winds, bunkers and contoured greens protect par. Paspalum is making its presence felt more and more...not my cup of (grass) tea. The pro shop is well stocked and the restaurant offers a wide selection.... good bar too... recommended.

Alexis Viernes

Awesome service and good place to host a wedding

tino palacio

SHOUT OUT TO Kapolei Golf Course banquet service! One of the best event that happened this year! GREAT FOOD AND DRINKS! GREAT LOCATION! GREAT PEOPLE! GREAT SERVICE! I want to go to Kapolei Golf banquet hall again BABEE! Aloha.

Ipo Cole

Good day for golf, didn't do too well, but weather was great!

George Cawood

Nice but just a bit over priced for a similar experience minutes away

Pana Kia

Their hall is a great venue for parties as it looks out at a lake that is on the golf course.

Itaru Yoshikawa

(Translated by Google) All is a beautiful course. There are many ponds in the IN, and the accuracy of the shot is required, but like a resort golf course, the fairway is wide and the moderate difficulty is challenging. (Original) 全てが美しいコース。INは池絡みが多く、ショットの正確性が求められますが、リゾートゴルフ場らしく、フェアウェイは広く、適度な難しさが挑戦意欲をそそります。

Florante Gonzales

Went to a retirement party wow they serve good food there

Roy Apana

I had a lunch meeting at the restaurant today. Very relaxed atmosphere, comfortable setting, good service and good food.

Frank Thatguy

Love their breakfast I go here on occasion for a nice fancy breakfast at a reasonable price, it’s the kind of place you would envision a brunch or a tea party to be hosted at. Very group friendly too.

Alyssa Alcos

Very nice well kept greens.

Vicki Dunlap

Kapolei Golf Course--Great Dining Room for that Special Occasion..... Just call Jump 4 Joy Rentals for Full Service Hawaiian Shave Ice, Fresh Cotton Candy, and Hot Buttered Popcorn, and Mini Bounce House...... that 1st Birthday Party will be great!!!!!

Sheryl Subalisid

The food i ordered was really good Pan seared salmon. The price was affordable and the service was outstanding. I will keep coming back again and again. The view was really nice...

Marcus Bailey

It was great...

j toriu

(Translated by Google) I played with wife on June. Facilities and green conditions are uncommon at Hawaii golf courses and are as high grade as Japanese golf courses. However, because of this season, when I was driving a cart, there were too many flies and I could not see at all.You need sunglasses to avoid insects. The cost is a 40-minute drive from Honolulu, and although self-carting, Hawaii non-residents will be paid $ 130 and twice as much as Hawaii residents. It seems difficult to book non-residents recently. This is the first time since last year that I played with Kami in June. Equipment and green conditions are rare in Hawaiian golf courses and are as high-grade as Japanese golf courses. However, probably because of this season, when I was driving a cart, there were too many flies and I couldn't open my eyes at all. Sunglasses are necessary to protect against insects. The cost is 40 minutes by car from Honolulu, and even though it is a self-cart, non-residents in Hawaii will pay $ 130, which is 2.5 times that of Hawaii residents. It seems difficult to book non-residents recently. (Original) I played with wife on June . Facilities and green conditions are uncommon at Hawaii golf courses and are as high grade as Japanese golf courses. However, because of this season, when I was driving a cart, there were too many flies and I could not see at all. You need sunglasses to avoid insects. The cost is a 40-minute drive from Honolulu, and although self-carting, Hawaii non-residents will be paid $ 130 and twice as much as Hawaii residents. It seems difficult to book non-residents recently. ここは昨年以来1年ぶりにきて6月にカミさんとプレーしました。 設備、グリーンコンディションはハワイのゴルフ場では珍しく、日本のゴルフ場と同じくらいにハイグレードです。 ただこの季節のせいか、カートを運転しているとコバエが多すぎて全く目があけられず参りました。虫よけの為にはサングラスが必要です。 料金はホノルルから車で40分もかかり、セルフカートなのにハワイの非居住者は130ドルとハワイ居住者の2.5倍額も払わされます。 最近は非居住者の予約が難しいようです。

Eric Irwin

Nice golf course, well maintained but expensive. The are kama'aina rates for the course. Nice driving range and ample parking.

Jason Qi Zeng

nice golf course

Fernando Gonzalez

Best place to play on Island. Totally worth the price. Just a fun place to play.

Paul Pollock

Restaurant is nice,views from the dinning room are nice. Ok, now, service was horrible, food was not so good. Price of food was way out of line. I will not go to this place ever again. Stay away!!!!

Scott Williams

Immaculate greens. Course is well kept but is rather bland playing. Simple course layout with nothing too out of the ordinary for the high price.

dio pilar

Come here for golf but the after golf drinks and pupus are always good.

DA Serasio

Great atmosphere , Service was good but timing of our food was very poor. We received part of the meal and then approximately 10 minutes later we received the rest of the meals. Toast was hardly toasted, omelettes just ok.

Edlyn Masaoay

I only know kapolei golf course because my husband work there...and he said its beautiful...!


(Translated by Google) The course and the clubhouse are beautiful and you can enjoy resort golf. (Original) コースもクラブハウスも綺麗でリゾートゴルフ満喫でき大好きなゴルフクラブです。

Kimberli Oliver

The staff is very friendly! Delicious food at a great price. Beautiful restaurant & views. Gino is a great bartender

Ray Buck

Great course an peoples

Debra Caracol Person

Beautiful ambiance, Carly our waitress was awesome! The food was delicious, huge portions. We will be back definitely!

Victor Slickvic Harris

This place is awesome for weddings and events it's also good for great meals with the family the food here is delicious. I wish I could come here more often it's really good here. Garlic chicken, prime steak, and the wings are delicious! Mark with a C is the manager and a really nice guy. I love it over here they treat you like family.

Pikake Kane

Is it very nice place they have very cute little shops that you can go in and look and buy things that you want there's places to eat food is good it's very nice and clean

Lori Koo

Beautiful well maintained public golf course on Oahu. Very nice restaurant - great venue for events weddings etc. Really great service from all the staff!

Keithen Sueno

Driving Range is awesome

young jung

This golf course has one of best place to visit if you want to experience hawaii golf courses.

hannah wong

Nice collection!

vetbilly .

Did not help improve my game,but was very pleasant to the eyes.


Went there for a breakfast. First time at Kapolei golf club. Wow! Beautiful room and view. Delicious food. Great service. Room would be good for a party or wedding reception.

Brenda Espinoza

Nice and kinda private (:

KC See

Challenging course and always in top shape. Great course layout and their greens always Roll True. Slightly tough for beginners but a great challenge for mid to low handicappers. Tradewinds only add to the challenge, especially if you have a later Tee time. A beautiful golf course that will appeal to all golfers.

Robert Cavanagh

Even better now that President Obama doesn't play there anymore.

3 hiromic

(Translated by Google) The friendly staff and the beautiful course are outstanding (Original) 優しいスタッフと綺麗なコースは抜群です

James Slye

These clubs are awesome. Ones red. Ones white and ones blue. Awesomeness. Go Dodgers. Try and beat the next team. Kapolei is great. The court house is where my heart is. Divorced was successful. Sad and developmental. Oh well the ⛳ golf courses are great. This is my 3rd favorite. Great employees. Staff is very caring and take of us clients. The course is remarkable. Thanks a lot. Peter.

Jane Miyashiro

I went for a lunch today with a friend and I have to say their food was pretty good along with their friendly staff. I had a baby back ribs and it's just no difference from Tony Roma's.

Matthew Morgan

Well kept, bucket of balls are cheap the only problem they always hit off the mats you never get the head off the grass

Bob Hale

Awesome golf course

Johanna Dysard

Son & daughter in law got married, amazing

Joelle Melton

Friendly Staff. Clean and enjoyable environment. Good food.

Mark Kawamura

Attended a wedding tonight. Good food, great wait staff. Attractive, clean facilities.

george earl

Nice setup, but a little pricey

Travis Chock

A storm came down after 7 holes and they didn't give a raincheck. Horrible service in the restaurant. They were out of everything. $200 down the toilet.

Hendrick Kaio

Great place for twilight golf.

Pam Nash

The best breakfast ever!!!! Staff is awesome and prices are reasonable

James Harper

Trash all over the course. For what I paid should have that crap cleaned up.

Rowena Pilapil

I have been to Kapolei Golf Club restaurant some years ago for a retirement party but I don't remember the place as being this gorgeous. My friends and I, total of 8, took a friend for a birthday celebration and we were greatly amazed. First, the restaurant showcases the view of the golf course basically on all sides due to its clear glass walls. The ambience is terrific and the staff is outstanding. They were so thoughtful and catered to all our needs. Prices are reasonable even if we thought the portions are small but it was all overshadowed by the beauty of the place and the excellent service. We liked the Japanese menu and the butterfish dish is a must order. We definitely will come back here again. We loved this restaurant!

Chris Whitehead

Great course, in excellent condition

Victor Yoshimura

Nice clean and ono food. Price was reasonable. Great service

James Fessenden

Great practice facilities

Ron Kurjanowicz

Nice course, but play is super slow and no Marshall to keep players moving. Expect a 5plus hour round

Lawrence Kim

Beautiful dining service slow... large dining room with only 1 waitress and one wait help... pricey for lunch

Henry Kahue

Beautiful venue.

Joaquin Diaz

Great course with some challenging holes and large fairways.

Gina Portelli

From Sydney, Australia. August 6, 2011. I am a female golfer playing off 22 played 1 worse than my hcp, husband off 5 played to his hcp. Course not difficult but made hard by the strong winds. Played on the weekend so rate was fairly expensive $170+tax /person and that didn't include some range balls to hit prior to game, they were and extra $5.00. They give a little gift of a towel and plastic bag tag. They do have twilight rates on weekend $80 after 3:30pm but I don't think you would finish. Service fantastic. People in pro shop helpful and very nice. If you want to hit balls before tee time they even drive you a few feet away to the driving range and then without calling them they come back to get you at your tee time on time. All carts are equiped with GPS which is a great help when you haven't played the course before. Course in fantastic condition, manicured wide fairways, trimmed trees, and hard fast greens. A drink and food cart wanders the course but could come around a little more frequently. There are some cold water stations around the course. Half way house sells basic food, but ok. After your round there is a spa,sauna and showers in both men's and women's locker rooms to relax in. Pro shop has a fantastic selection of items for both men and women. Would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to pay for it. We had a great day and enjoyed ourselves.

Dominic A. Bustillos

Beautiful course.

Robin Agcopra

Was great service was awesome and the putting practice greens are excellent. And practice range top shape.


The starter could have been more clear when I checked in. The course was great, even being under construction; airated greens, rebuilding sand traps, etc. Pace of play was better than most courses I play and the drink cart found me often.

Samson Mokuahi

Expensive, aerated greens for $90....

Jenaro Rivera-Rivera

Good food and happy hr. Great place for sunday breakfast.

Clint Wi

An excellent and beautiful course. Not that long if you play white tee but it was good enough to enjoy the meaningful course design.

Chuck Dignam

Well maintained and great Staff, oh , and it's a President's choice !

Young Kim

One of the best golf course in Oahu. Very well maintained course with relaxed atmosphere. Strongly recommend!! Aloha~


(Translated by Google) Play in June. Japanese shop is OK, too and it is safe. The course is beautiful and in good condition. There are many ponds, but it is not a difficult course. However, the green was heavy, and I was at a loss of sense. The cart was equipped with the latest GPS, so it was easy to understand the distance from my position and I enjoyed myself enough. (Original) 6月にプレー。ショップは日本語もOKで安心。コースは美しく手入れもよく行き届いています。池が多いですが、それほど難しいコースではありません。ただ、グリーンは重く、感覚の差にとまどいました。 カートには最新のGPSが搭載され、自分の位置からの距離などわかりやすく、セルフでも十分に楽しめました。

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