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REVIEWS OF Green Oasis IN Wisconsin

Judith Lato

Tomas Hinrichs

not one regret having Green Oasis service my lawn. My lawn has never looked better! while weeds and dandelions prevail on both sides of my lawn and across the street. not one to be found in my yard. I have had a few people comment or ask what I use I my lawn. It was worth the investment to have them do it. I feel it is part of the investment of owning a home. to have pride in the lawn. Green Oasis has done a great Job. prompt service great customer support and communication.

Andrew Lawrence

Bill Schmitz

Excellent customer service and communication! I am very impressed with the look of my lawn and the professional attitude of the lawn care professionals!!!

Cheryl Stacken

My Mother's Day gift this year was two gorgeous hanging baskets from Green Oasis! Just love them. Green Oasis's has an awesome display of flowers and other greenhouse items. Stop by you won't be disappointed!

Liz Lund

Excellent services for reasonable prices. I've been very happy with the job they do - my lawn needs a little more work but it's looking pretty fabulous compared to how it looked before Green Oasis started coming.

Kelly Atkins

Patti helped me with all my questions on succulents. The tea was also a lovely touch. Beautiful arrangements, definitely going back next year.

Linda Flynn

Great service always! They have done our lawn fertilizing, our window washing, our lawn irrigation maintenance and they have updated some landscaping. Everyone is always friendly and they do a great job!

Patricia Rundle

Beautiful flowers but $$

Robert Drew

A fun place to work with talented and professional crew!!!

Michelle Hurst

A fabulous place! Looking forward to going again!

Paula Bonnin M.S.

I LOVE GREEN OASIS!! I had thrown in the shovels for Spring and Green Oasis came through and plowed my alley & in front of my garage so that my little VW Beetle doesn’t get stuck again!! Great service, wonderful personnel and amazing work!! Have them on speed dial for next winter!!

Pamela K. Westby

We love the new landscaping from Green Oasis. The designer created a completely new look for our yard with healthy plants at an affordable price. We had a great customer service with window washing, too - fast yet thorough!

Rod Bonnes

We have used Green Oasis for 13 years, dating back to when they were Greens Keepers. Until the last few years, they were well run company. In the spring of 2017 during the start up for our irrigation system which services 4 homes. Green Oasis lost our pump.... which they had stored annually. We were told they only stored pumps for 3 customers, so it would not take long to find. took a couple weeks. When the pump was missing, we were told it was worth $500.00. When they finally found it, they said it was worth $1,500.00....hmmmm! It turns out they had given our pump to a builder who was constructing a new development. During the 2+ weeks the pump was missing, I spoke with the city of River Falls regarding the need for a pump. They thought there may be enough water pressure where we might get by without a pump. I called Green Oasis and they said they would do the plumbing without the pump at no charge. Turns out there was enough water pressure so we could eliminate the pump. Once the system was turned on, we discovered a pinched line caused by tree roots.. Considering where the line was, I asked Green Oasis to run a new line to avoid this issue in the future. They said they would work on it tomorrow. Unfortunately I could not be there to supervise the work...hint (it is in your best interest to be present for multiple reasons). All they did was repair the pinched line leaving us with the potential for the same issue to happen year after year. For the fall blowout last year, they improperly blew out out the system resulting in a crack ball valve. At first they denied they were at fault. Ha....a few phone calls later.... they sucked it up and decided to make the repairs at their cost. The same improper blowout happened about 5 years ago with the same denial of fault. After the repairs to the ball valve were made this year and the start up completed. I received an email from Green Oasis informing me that the start up & blowout policy had changed. "We" were now required to coordinate with the city of River Falls to turn the water on and install the meter(something Green Oasis has done for 10 plus years). The start up fee would also be increased by 20% Throughout the last year and a half there has been a "serious" communication issue with Green Oasis. "Rarely" were phone calls returned. On occasion, I would have to go there personally to speak to the so called manager..... who does not listen and loves to talk over you. The sign of a well run company is when problems arise, they jump out in front to resolve them. In our case they failed ....multiple times!! I wrote the owner of the company Wayne Bollinger a detailed letter regarding the disappointing experiences we had with the River Falls office. He did call me...with what I would say was a phony... insincere apology. Fortunately there are plenty of irrigation companies in the area providing professional our opinion Green Oasis is not one of them.

Leann Wiese

Green oasis has done a great job on my yard. My weeds are way less and my grass looks a lot greener

Lori Gehl

Green Oasis is a wonderful place for a person like me who knows nothing about landscaping. They came to my home, drew up the plans and even helped pick out the plants. After the project was finished Green Oasis was still very friendly with our calls and many questions. You will never know by looking at our beautiful yard now, that we know nothing about gardening.

Kristina Lecloux

I always love going to Green Oasis. They have unique items and great green items.

Linda Kinnear

I don't have much experience in weed control and fertilizer, so after two treatments from Green Oasis my grass was growing and looking great! Also, the customer service is great as well!

Missy Panama

We had Green Oasis do some landscaping, and when their finished work led to other issues, they seemed to vanish off the face of the earth when we called about the issues. Every time, they said they'd "send someone out right away" but never did. It was like they didn't want us bothering them after we paid them. Eventually, someone did come but stated there was nothing they could do. This person also said he'd bring other items "next week" that might help and then "next week" became "never showed up." They were also unwilling to replace some of the dying perennials because they weren't fully dead yet. Though some of the landscaping did turn out nicely, customer service was very, very poor. We would not recommend this place to others and plan to look elsewhere for future needs. Response to Green Oasis's reply: Thank you, but no thank you. When we called and emailed repeatedly, you did not respond. Or you said you'd send someone out and then never did. And when you finally did, they simply said there was nothing to be done. The only reason we feel you're reaching out now is because we've put our story out there so others will know what kind of customer service we received from your company for a very costly project. I'm not releasing my real name because really, what good will that do? Nothing. (By the way, it's been well over a month since that last person said he'd bring over some things to help with the issue. We're not expecting him, if you're wondering...)

kysi96 .

Wow. So many huge mums. Hard to decide. Very nice greenhouse and nursery too

Paula Stuettgen

Great service --- very responsive to my questions and requests! I have been using Green Oasis for my lawn and yard work needs for many years and have referred many friends and neighbors to them. They do a great job for a fair price.

Ken Mueller

This is my first season with Green Oasis. We built a brand new house last summer and Green Oasis started our lawn last summer and they continue to take care of my lawn this summer. The lawn had come along very well so far. The applications have really made a difference and our new lawn and home look green and beautiful right now in year two of our new lawn. Both the customer service and professional lawn care staff have been super helpful with all of our questions on our new lawn. I would highly recommend Green Oasis to anyone who is needing to start or improve their lawns. We will continue to use Green Oasis as our lawn care provider in the future and refer them to all of our friends and family too.

Vicki Jenson

Awsome place and people

John Modjeski

I just started with Green Oasis and so far I'm very impressed by their attention to detail, their communication and their service!

Justin G

I have used Green Oasis for my lawn care fertilization and weed control needs and have been nothing but impressed with the service. They stand behind their work and their customer service reps are top notch.

phyllis meier

Reliable professional service!

Kenneth Schindler

Green Oasis does the job needed for a lush and green lawn. In our neighborhood, we have many different services and the lawn is the greenest of all. Keeps its color long into the fall season. While their lawns are brown, we still have a green looking lawn. Well done Green Oasis.

Shmayshem Smizzington

Maybe tailgating people on the freeway isn't the best way to advertise your business... licences plate greens something. Couldn't make it out as the guy sped past me on the way from chippewa to EC after I moved over. Mind you he was doing over 80mph... breaking two laws. How about get up earlier so you can make it to work on time bud?

Louise White-Roach

Good selection of gift items...a little pricey, but it's nice stuff.

Art Leuthe

Green Oasis has serviced our yard for the past several years and has helped take it from a weed infested yard with numerous bare spots into a lush green inviting yard we are proud of. With suggestions and good advice from their we now have a beautiful yard.

Lake Holcombe

We have used Green Oasis for many years for our sprinkler system and have always been happy with the service. This year we signed up for the mosquito control and are happy to say that we have very few if any mosquitoes in the yard. Makes being outside much more enjoyable!

scott hagen

I would highly recommend them for servicing your sprinkler system. I bought a house and Rob took the time to show me all the ins and outs of the system while he winterized it. He answered all my questions and was a joy to work with.

Chris Wiener

So helpful, and reasonably priced!!!

Dave Elbert

We have used Green Oasis for several years, both at our former residence in Cadott, and now here in Eau Claire. We have been very pleased with not only their quick and courteous service but also the results on our lawn.

Kim Read

Ken Schindler

Started with Green Oasis the fall of 2015 and cannot believe the results. The grass is thicker and greener then ever. We had creeping charlie, dandelions, crabgrass and other assorted weeds in the lawn that have either been eradicated or minimized. The weather has been hot, humid and somewhat wet so the crabgrass is starting again but they come and take care of it. Very happy with the service and personal that comes and sprays. Excellent company.

Kathy Wittwer

Great place. Good quality plants. Great staff to help with any questions

Teri Olson

Not what I was expecting. More of a decor/boutique.

Alex Strom

Worked with Jen Hundt on a landscaping project and lawn treatments. She was great! Worked with me to put together a design I wanted that fit into my budget. She also helped me set up financing and scheduling. Very professional and courteous. I would HIGHLY recommend Jen to anyone looking for ideas to improve their yard whether the job is large or small. Thanks Jen!!

Aaron Ramirez

New customer, couldn't be happier. I have used a few other Lawn Care Companies in the past but none that offer the level of customer service and professionalism; "Before & After the Sale". More importantly we have seen much better results than we are used to thanks to Joe Gillen and Chris Turner. "They have made sure their company is delivering everything they have promised". If you are willing to do your part as the home owner, you can be assured that Green Oasis will do theirs. Great Company + Great People = Great Results!

Niki Hale

I don't know who was driving the little Green Oasis car on Hwy 53 on 3/1/2017 around 4:45, but KUDOS!!!! and WAY TO DRIVE!!!! I drive that road daily and usually it's really frustrating with people distracted with other things than paying attention to their driving! It can be INCREDIBLY frustrating!!! But yesterday, following the Oasis car--- smooth sailing; was obviously paying attention, was courteous to other drivers and was focused on getting where he/she was going! WAHOO! I'll follow you anytime! Good job and thank you!!!!

Robert Hassemer

Over the past three or four years that I have been using Green Oasis for our lawn care we have been very happy with the service. The representatives that come to the house are always very nice, helpful and courteous. I have never encountered a problem or issue with the Green Oasis staff. Since i began service with Green Oasis my lawn has improved each year. The staff have made suggestions on how to improve my lawn care and I really appreciate their assistance. Thanks for your service. Bob Hassemer

Amity Kuehl

Bill Gribble

I recommend Green Oasis Gardens to anyone looking for high-quality, comprehensive lawn care, landscape, irrigation and lighting solutions, or snow removal services from friendly and professional company. The pleasant and knowledgeable staff will go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction and help you find the oasis in your own backyard.

Tracy Ostrom

Finally, a place that listens to your ideas and helps you embellish your ideas into a space you can call your home. I have never been nothing but treated with respect. You get what you pay for as my grandma would always tell me. I love the boutique and flower shop and now is a place were I can get fresh oolong tea, Yummmm!

Debra Montagne

Great service, affordable prices and my lawn is looking so awesome! I highly recommend Green Oasis to anyone who wants a beautiful lawn without all the time, care and expertise it takes to make that happen.

Karen Noger

What a beautiful setting!! Great sale today on gorgeous flowers. They have a large selection of plants and garden accessories, and I'd recommend them!

Scott Krueger

Great selection of beautiful plants an shrubs. I always enjoy visiting Green Oasis, the calm and inviting sights and aromas surround you with tranquility. Thank you Green Oasis for another summer plant, and a great shopping experience. I was hoping for a greater selection of cherry tomatoes.☹️

Dennis Yakesh

Very happy with their service. Been very prompt answering questions.

Genavieve Mirr

Green Oasis has always provided prompt, quality service. We have had Green Oasis provide multiple services from lawn installation to maintenance and have been happy every time. There are multiple houses on our block which use Green Oasis services and all the lawns look great!

Penny Burstad

I have been using Green Oasis for mosquito treatments for 2 years and have been very pleased with the results. It makes spending time in my yard so much more comfortable.

Katie Metcalf

Patricia Gardner

I've always felt a uplifting experience here. Magical. Enjoy just looking or buying. Wonder if you have dapple try colored willow shrubs...

Ben Jone

Over priced and under served! Rude and arrogant!

Joy Stanek

Very friendly staff and great prices for your home!!

Nancy Schulz

Would not recommend them to anyone since I had very poor service. I prepaid in the spring to have my lawn sprayed for insects. It took until August for them to come(and that was after talking to them several times) and all they did was sprinkle some granules on some of the ant hills. VERY DISAPPOINTING


Frankie Soto

The gal that help was so great and made me feel welcome.

Dean Mathwig

In the Fall of 2011, we had Green Oasis install a lawn irrigation system at our residence. Since that time, we have experienced nothing but excellent customer service from the entire staff. Whether it has been technical questions, billing concerns, repair needs, or simply general advice about our system, I can't share enough positive comments about how Green Oasis has responded. Each year, their friendly and knowledgeable crew shows up on time for spring start up and fall blow out. Even though I know they are always very busy during those times, there is never any hesitation to answer questions or offer advice as needed. Over the years, I have had no hesitation in recommending Green Oasis to many co-workers, family, and friends. Keep up the great work!!!!

LeanneObryan #taco

Blake Ojibway

Really cool store, lots of neat stuff there. Stopped by to get some Lilly's for the lady friend and they are perfect. Always my go to floral store.

Bonnie Kehren

Pretty cute, unique apparel and locally made soaps, lotions and jewelry. Prices can be right depending. Though I do love what they sell, the customer service is poor. I've never felt welcomed in or spoken with a single friendly person working there. Honestly makes me not want to go in there strictly based on that.

dale carlson

Really cute and great staff.

mark adams

I called Green Oasis to take care of a weed problem in my yard, the customer service was excellent and their product really took care of the weeds. My lawn is the best it has looked and I am getting further applications of their product because of the results I have seen so far.

Christena O'Brien

I've been an irrigation customer for 10+ years. The technicians are always friendly and knowledgeable. Staff also are quite helpful when I call to ask questions about lawn maintenance. I'm having them handle my fertilizing this year, and I can't wait to see how awesome they will have my lawn looking.

Diane Hunt

Love the sale of tea and supplies!

Shannon Spangler

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