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At the moment the firm receives a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and the rating has been based on 234 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Bridgeport Equipment & Tool IN West Virginia

Sandy Isard

Equipment and hardware store. Staff is friendly . Stuff is pricey...

Dan Johnson

Like how this store is managed, come check it out, you'll be impressed by the professional manner of the employees

Connor Kehl

Great store very helpful staff top of the line merchandise at a decent prices.

Kevin Elliott

Another pleasant experience in the boot department; I called asking a question & planning on going somewhere else, but herd that familiar voice, my question unanswered and plans changed. I got the boots I came for and some reloading supplies & other stuff. Thank you for keeping good staff, and product. Composite Toe, Met Guard, water proof, lace up boots in 9.5 wide are hard to find.

Patricia Hardbarger

Good gun selection in Marietta Ohio Store.

Duncan Segrest

Good selection and prices.

Jessica Peters

Nice store

Bob Hayes

Nice store employs very nice and helpful.

Lonely Wind

Good store for John Deere equipment. Have a selection of good boots and personal protective equipment (PPE) in stock. They also rent equipment. I have been to both the Marietta OH and the Pennsboro WV locations.

Luis Orta

Nicholas HOSS Logan

I bought a hard hat, 2 pairs of work gloves , 2 safety vests and and pair of safety glasses here today to replace my work gear that was stolen out of my truck last week. Prices were pretty descent but the fr gear is still way to expensive and I can get fr gear way cheaper at other stores. But cashiers were nice. And store has a huge selection of stuff.

Tim McDole

Although, I didn't purchase anything this time. It was a very good experience.

Rodney Kinzel

Great gun store and excellent service!

Nicholas Malone

I work with Dustin in equipment sales all the time. Super friendly guy, knows his stuff and some times you can really find a great deal!

Larry Hawn

Great location, extreme amount of inventory, for the farm but for the active DIY person. Also caters to the sportsman with guns, boots and boats. Actually a fun store to visit.

Lora Hall

Everything you need

Marty Francis

Awesome place !

Caitlin Williamson

My boyfriend went to try on boots. He is very picky - ended up buying Carolinas. They were hurting his feet and the boot would pop at the heel when he walked. We came back two/three days later and the lady working the upstairs portion for boots was very rude! As soon as we got there my boyfriend said I’d like to return these and in a snotty voice she replied uhm can I ask why? He replied with they pop when I walk.. she continued to say the boots don’t have a comfort warranty. Which wasn’t told at our first visit before buying the boots and normally if you work retail and can’t make the customers your first priority at least APOLOGIZE about it. I was very upset with this woman and the way she treated us. Would NOT recommend her. Now the older man that works for the boot part also, he is ALOT nicer. Starra Hendershot is her name.

kirasaw c

Closing parts department at noon on Saturday is terrible! I work all week and on Saturday morning my mower deck breaks - I take off the parts to see what I need I get to the store at about 10 after 12 noon and it's sorry parts are closed. Now I have to wait a week before I can get parts to fix my mower. This is just plain poor service!

Wilbert Antill

I was just looking around. If you have never been there, you will be surprised at all the stuff they have.

Brad Balderson

Went shopping for a new riding mower and was very interested in buying a John Deere from Bridgeport, walked into the Marietta, Ohio store and found the one I wanted bad thing was is that none of the sales people even got off their butts to come over ask if we needed any help. My business is going to someone else as this is not the first time this has happened.

James Bowers

Enjoy shopping there, so much stuff

Jen henthorn

Friendly staff and everyone willing to go out of their way to help.

Karla .

Best selection of firearms in town.. customer service is amazing

Jeannie McAlarney

Nice place

Rick Headley

We have been trying to buy a Jon boat ,trailer and outboard for three days now. The staff has dropped the ball multiple times. Now they can find the wheels for the trailer. We were told by salesman “Scott” that he had too much to do to help us. The community rumors are true about their lack of concern for customers.

Jeremy Tanner

I'm usually here for boots or safety equipment, but they deal in the best brands of tools for commercial and outdoor use. Friendly, helpful staff get you what you need.

Rock Wilson

Worst service department on earth. Fixed the PTO on my tractor five times and the sixth time they brought it, I asked the guy to try it before he took it off the truck and it still didn’t work. He said “huh. That’s weird”. Slow. Don’t know how to use phones. Half the time you call they disconnect you. Horrifying.

ken fritz

Glenn Snider,Jr.

Nice place

Steve Johnson

Nice selection of products can be a little pricey though....$

Eric Ritche

Ronald Robinette

Love the store great prices... Don't care much for the owner bad business management don't pay his bills or employee's

Butch Vinka

Nice people to deal with

Ryan G

Always a bad experience!

Jerald Ream

Good selection and great people


I was very impressed with the lady that took care of me. I was looking at a lawn mower

Joe Mahaffey

Very helpful in the service department great store huge amount of inventory

Justin Diehl

Awesome have what I need. Friendly service

backwoods city slicker

Rental prices way to high. Never has anything I look for boot wise or pant wise. While store is way to high in prices

bill reis

Great service , friendly staff

Margie Carpenter

Went to return an item... ABSOLUTELY refused to take it back....had to travel almost 100 miles to return it to another Bridgeport store. The manager was very unfriendly at the Marietta Ohio store.

Craig Sexton

Great store... Great gun & ammo slection

Joyce N

It's a husband trip. He had a lot to visit.

Pam Cunningham

The gentleman in the gun department was helpful

Elijah The Gentle

Iv never been here, but they have been around for ever

bob demoss

Its a Saturday morning and no other rental equipment store is open, these guys got me a forklift, and delivered it no questions asked and its raining ice buckets! thank you!

Charles Hanes

Wonderful store, guns ammo and John Deere tractors can't get any better

Nancy Lamp

I bought a Carhartt jacket and wore it one afternoon. I found the zipper to be rough a catchy. Surprisingly, Not Carhartt quality. I took it back to the store to possibly exchange it for a properly operating zipper. The girl who waited on me was rude. She said "all Carhartt zippers work that way and I'm not going to return it!". I know that all Carhartt jacket zippers Do Not work that way and all I wanted was to exchange it for a zipper that operated properly. It didn't happen. The girl was so unprofessional and rude. I will never shop there again.

Nikki Weis

Rentals counter TOLD US "normal hours" for Saturday when called to reserve equipment Thursday. They DID NOT tell us that rentals counter was only staffed until noon. We live an hour away and drove needlessly here with a borrowed truck. Very disappointed in the disregard shown towards us; won't be shopping here again.

Leanne Delancey

Very helpful staff

Donald Hartley

Well run. Lots of selection. Friendly

Chao .

only for the firearm department

Courtney Rexroad

Good assortment of equipment, clothes, and toys.

Greg McAlarney

Love the new look.

konni hewitt

I thinks it's extremely inconvenient that a store is open for business to the public on Sunday, but the parts department, that is inside the store, is closed on Sunday, and only open until noon on Saturday. This is when most people are off and can work on their tractors, but if they need parts they can't find anywhere else then they have to wait until Monday. It's been an inconvenience on more that one occasion. On the other hand....even though I couldn't get my fuel pump, fuel and air filters, and spark plugs over the weekend, Zachary was very helpful in regards to my tire on Tuesday!!

Tyler Brown

Terry DeLancey

Talk about a sporting goods store this is a place you will want to stop at.

Butch Miller

Everything you need

Tim Smith

I have dealt with almost every department in the Marietta, OH location and all I can say is that every occasion has been nothing less than wonderful! I am very pleased with the professionalism of the Parts Department in my time of need. I was in a rush and needed a tie rod assembly for my mothers lawn mower, but was not sure what lawn mower she had. They worked with me until we were 100% sure that we had the correct machine. I would give this store a rating higher than 5 stars if I could. Thanks again to all the parts employees that helped me that day!


Big store full of much more than equipment and tools. Boots, toys, clothing, gadgets, etc... Good selection of lots of brand name stuff.

Shellie Mcintyre

my only complaint is they dont have Justin Boots

lonewolf7309 .

Had trouble getting waited on..then was out of advertised tractor..said had one in ripley..tried to get me to pay him then go to Ripley..i dont buy anything site unseen..drove around yard on leaving..they had one in the yard..had cash in pocket..went elsewhere and bought one.

Randy Montgomery

A great place for quality tools, equipment, and accessories. The staff is also knowledgeable, accessible, and friendly. My experience with their rental department was stellar. The only con would be price. This is a place for quality and service, not bargain basement deals.

John Moody

Great unload

Chris Bibler

Nice store. Clean and lots of selection. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Scott Sims

Good boots

Benjamin Arnold

Great selection on guns, ammo, chainsaws & other equipment.

Donald Marsh

Very impressive store. Take your time and look around because they will have something You didn't expect to find.

Timothy Bailey

Great service, selection, and prices.

Flying Camera Guy

Can I give it less than one star. Worst sales people ever. I called every day for over a week and talked to a different sales person about getting a tiller from them for my tractor. Everyday that salesman would tell me he would call me back in an hour. To this date nobody has ever called me back. I then talked to a saleman that told me he had a tiller like I wanted at their KY store and did I want it? I told him yes and he said he would have it in about 2 days. I called back today to make sure that it would be here and nobody knew anything about it and said they didn't have any in stock. This is 1 of the times I had crappy service. BTW, I will be picking up the tiller I wanted from Middletown Tractor in Fairmont tomorrow which they had in stock. On another occasion I went into the store in Marietta and asked for a Rotomec auger post hole digger. Could they get one. They salesman looks at me and said and I quote " Those are hard to get, probably take us about a month" I said why so hard to get? he said "sold out everywhere". I called Middletown tractor in Fairmont WV, and picked one up just like I wanted the same day. I also purchased a ballast box, forks for my tractor and also an I-match hitch that day. On another occasion I went into the Marietta store and ordered a new grill from my tractor. The service department told me it would be delivered in about a week and I could pay for it then. He took my name and number. Nobody ever called. I then went into the store and inquired when it would be delivered. Nobody knew anything about it and said they could order me one. This is just poor service. On another occasion I went into the store in Marietta and inquired about renting an SDS Max hammer drill, the guys at the rental desk said they only rent SDS Plus. I said you rent the small one but not the big one? He said, that is correct. I said why do you rent the one people can purchase for under 200.00 but not the one that cost 600.00 or more. He said he didn't know. So I went to another rental store in Marietta and rented one. A month later I was in the Marietta store and asked about the Hammer drill again to another employee, he said yea, we rent the big one, not the small one. These people are not very helpful. If you don't have any other choice, then you could purchase from them but I will drive 2 hours one way to find someone with good service. I will never spend a dime with bridgeport tool and I have spend over 30,000.00 with them in a 2 year period from purchasing zero turn mowers, to tractors, to wood splitters, to 880 magnum chain saws, etc.. they have the absolute worst service from everyone staffed there except the gun shop which has been helpful everytime I have been in there. If you can, I would go some place else.

Lorahlyn Salomon

Friendly cashier

Andy Biddinger

Got great service, salesman was quick, courteous, and knowledgeable.

don wilt

It sucked the store manager brandon in marretia ohio profiled me made me feel very uncomfortable needs better training in lost pervention

Tim Stone

Amazing friendly knowledgeable salespeople in the guns and ammunition department.

Otmer 123

I went to Bridgeport Equipment in Marietta today. It is Sunday, July 30 2017. I needed a pair of workboots & I didn't realize the store closed at 3:00. I arrived at 10 til 3 & it was obvious the 2 young ladies in the shoe dept. were annoyed. I ALWAYS buy 2 pair, because I'm in construction & I wear them out quickly. I picked out a pair & was debating whether to get them. They have a Metguard tarsal plate in them & I wasnt sure I would like that. I mentioned to one of the girls that I usually buy 2 pair, but I wasn't sure about these. It was maybe 3:05. She RUDELY says, "Sir, It IS after 3". I went ahead & bought the one pair, because I had to have a new pair for the next day, Monday. Otherwise, I would have walked out immediately. ( I actually was thinking of buying 3 pair this time, because I wear them out so quickly) . I live in Lubeck, WV, so it takes about 30 min. to get to Bridgeport Supply. I understand the store closed at 3, & I don't make a habit of running into stores at closing. In my experience, though, closing at 3 doesn't mean that employees run out the door at 3. My wife has worked at several retail places and you lock the door at closing, so no one else can come in, but you still help each customer in the store. She Never left the store at "closing time" . They should lock the doors at 2:45 if they don't want anyone in the store after 3. I wont be back. ( unless I have to return these boots because I was rushed into buying them)

Shaun Nash

It was a joke they will not return merchandise any more and give no details on there products in the shoe department area

L boggess

Wonderful place to shop, they alot to choose from

Mark Daughety

Great service.

Adam Hall

Great sale prices

Denver McIntire


Jon Coffman

Great service and they have American made products. You can't beat it.

Annette Mcknight

Our favorite store, employees are very nice to him. He just loves to go here and explore

Cm Hens

Best cold weather gear in town.

Angie Coffield

Purchased a Used Tractor here because I heard good things about this company and sales ..... well short story short. I bought a used tractor, it drove on trailer it drove off the trailer to garage and now will not start just backfires. Called Bridgeport Sales did not want to help it started when it left here was there comment. They told me to call service on Monday and pretty much said your screwed nothing we are willing to do ..... not service I was expecting. Please do your homework before purchasing at this establishment because if it starts in the parking lot that’s their guarantee !

Crystal Haas

Very helpful people there help me a lot trying to find a pair of shoes insulated still toe cowboy boots and They have layaway

Jason Vanscoy

Gun shoes etc.

Nathan Snyder

I think it's ridiculous that a store based around the working class people closes at 6pm when people are just getting off of work. Really need to think about changing there hours up

Kenneth Barlow

Excellent sales rep in footwear

Shelley West

Very clean and friendly

kevin ruggiero


David Poulton

Very pleasant and helpful staff

Jamie Elkins

Nice place,friendly staff

todd tefft

Always worked with me to find the right tools or ammo. When I bought my tractor here they were a great help. Friendly staff. Some of the girls there dont know a lot but will try their best to help you

Mustang Guy

Deere is the best, and Lee in service is great. Parts dept seems pissed at customers, and sales force seems understaffed. They are well stocked, the prices are decent, and they are open on weekends. PS: I changed from a previous 2 stars _just_ because of Lee.

James Addlesburger

They have everything you need

Steve Jeffers

Bridgeport Equipment has a huge parking lot for parking. Oversized doors for handicapped patrons. The store has just about anything a contractor would neet to rent, bobcats, manlifts, concrete saws, excavators, just to name a few. Outdoor clothing, fire resistant clothing, hats, gloves, boots for men and women and for every size of person. Chainsaw sales, boat sales, tractors and farm equipment and they also sell guns and ammunition. Friendly rental staff know their stuff and can help you with anything you need. The rental prices are quite good. The retail sales prices are a little pricey but the products they sale are quality. Its worth taking the time to browse. You wont be sorry

jeff moore

Good selection on boots and cold winter gear. Enjoy shopping here

Bobby King

Great place to get ammo and gun accessories, staff was very helpful

Ian Ruppel

Great service. 1 on 1

Corbin Nichols


Miranda Vargo

Dillon Davis

Great place for diecast construction trucks

david Munyan

Large selection of boots and oil field clothing

Carlo Vannoy


Todd Schell

Reasonable prices good friendly service

Brent Muskin

Great variety lackluster staff

Misty Knisley

Nice clean place

John Rogers

Always have what you need.

Johanna Ray

This store is very cool, something for everyone and my little boy loves the real tractors and the toy ones.

Chad Berry

Every time I go to Williamstown, I make sure I stop at Bridgeport equipment to shop!!! They have everything in one place

Tiffany Harvey

Rude staff! Made me feel like an inconvenience to them. I will never shop here again!



Brooks Clauss

Great friendly dealership


Good gun selection but you can buy the same guns online for cheaper. I took a pistol here to trade it in on another pistol and they didn't want to give me half what it was worth so your better off selling it yourself. They have a decent ammo selection and sometimes you can find a deal on bulk ammo, also they usually carry tannerite.

Kevin Haught

Joe Christian

Great place! The store in Bridgeport and Marietta are incredible. Great staff that will help you find anything.


Awesome Gun room!

Billie Gammell

13 yr old jd garden tractor needed work. They picked it up. Told driver we wanted estimate before we sunk $$ into it. Never happened. Ended up with over $300 bill. Mowed lawn & oil leaking! Picked it up again. Went to check on it & now they tell us it could be plugs, seals, motor...wanted us to buy new mower. Wouldn’t give us anything on trade. In fact they said they could just keep it! Said they didn’t realize how old it is & how much rust it has. If you didn’t know the age, this tractor has been thoroughly cleaned & kept up. Then they wanted us to buy a tractor that isn’t made anymore because of problems! This place is a total rip off. Including charging $85.00 an hour for labor. Get it in writing people before you deal with this business. Better yet..turn around & go somewhere else!

emtcoffeejunkie brougher

Great service and selection of John Deere

Shawn Lamp

Great place to buy guns. People very friendly

John Thompson

Bridgeport equipment has it all. You can buy or rent what ever equipment you need. Then grab that hard hat and boots for the job. Don't for get your new gun and amo to protect your self. While your at it grab a toy for the little one. Oops momma needs a Yetti cooler for your next camping trip.

Steve Howard

Service dept. Sucks can't get service on chain saw i got there.

Nathaniel Kidd

I'm there a good bit only thing wish the fishing section was bigger. But what they got is quality!!!!

Marco Sosa

Buen servicio y buena calidad d mercancía

Ry D

I purchased a JD 1025r TLB from Scott M. in the Marietta store. Not only did they have the best price I could find (and I searched for months) but Scott went above and beyond as a sales person. He was always quick to follow up, straight forward and helpful. I visited several local JD dealers prior to traveling nearly 350 miles to Bridgeport Equipment & Tool. None of the local guys seemed extremely interested that I was considering a 1 series, Scott on the other hand handled my purchase as if I was buying one of the Big Boys. I highly recommend Scott and Bridgeport (I spent about 13 hours round trip and it was worth every second) and won't hesitate to travel there again the next time I am in the market for a new toy (tractor, motorcycle, etc)!

Kevin Chandler

I had warranty work here done around July 15th. Was promised blades would be sharpened. When they call to pick it up I asked if blades were sharpened, was told no but will be before I pick up next day. When I picked it up the blades didn't get done. Reminded him he promised. Was told sorry. No offer to bring back

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