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REVIEWS OF United States Botanic Garden IN Washington

Lise Neely

Home gardeners will especially enjoy the National Garden for its beautiful plantings, walking trails, and helpful signs detailing native specimens that can easily be incorporated into suburban landscapes. Well worth the visit!

Brandy G

Very cool variety of plants! Saw a banana tree for the first time! Love that they are separated by climates, and also herbs/spices/ plants used in healing/medicine

Lucas Pikula

Great place to beat the heat and enjoy some very nice plants. Really beautiful and tons of variety.

Shane Spitzer

Nice indoor botanic garden but the outdoor area is very small and crowded. It's worthy to check out but our nation's capital deserves a larger space.

Miriam Almodovar

Love all the different plants they have. Love the cactus area and the orchids

Tracey Jordan-davis

What an absolutely beautiful place. And some really unusual looking plants. All labelled up educationally.

Amanda Higgins

It was very beautiful with so many plants and flowers. The “children’s garden” was a small area with less to do than expected. There was an area for children to play in the dirt and plant a flower, but that was about it.

Tanya T

A relaxing stop with lots of green! Simple and can be quick or a lengthly stay. It would be wonderful in bloom but interesting even without.

Angie Madsen

I wasn't planning on doing anything touristy during my last trip to DC, but I'm so glad I came by! I can't believe this place is free. The guy talking about carnivorous plants had AMAZING facts to share and even put them under a microscope. On a hot day it does get hot and humid since it's literally a greenhouse, but there are plenty of benches to rest on.

Zachary -

Really pretty place to go and just walk around. The only thing annoying about it is they got rid of the public parking in the last year or so. I used to be able to park right out front but the last time I had to walk nearly a mile to get to it.

brandon dengler

This is a great, free stop on the national mall if you're interested. Many domestic and foreign species that are well laid out

je vf

If you're interested in horticulture, you'll enjoy a visit to the US Botanical Garden. Inside and out, it's organized into sensible subdivisions based on type of flora. Plants, shrubs, and trees are almost all clearly labeled, making each visit a true learning experience. There are pretty fountains outside and many native birds flying around within that are fun to watch and to listen to. If you like plants, check it out.

Sabah Shaikh

This place is gorgeous! AND ADMISSION IS FREE!! Although a lot of the outdoor plants weren’t bearing flowers because it is still the beginning of spring, the indoor amazon exhibit, the orchids exhibit, the desert exhibit, herbs and other tropical plants exhibits are beautiful! Very well maintained, clean indoors and outdoors, and very clean restrooms. I definitely want to visit again when the flowers are in full bloom, especially the roses! Definitely recommended for anyone interested in botany and gorgeous pictures

Priyesh Patel

A wonderful and refreshing experience. Try to visit a couple times a year to enjoy the different seasons and flowers. Really cool and educational visit

Steffanie Brown

The Gardens are beautiful! Its set up where you walk through different sections themed for different parts of the world. There is so much to see here and its all free! Incredible.

Violet Lingenfelter

This is one of my favorite spots in DC. It can get warm in some of the greenhouses during summer.


I always love going to botanic gardens and have from a child find one wherever I am. It is relaxing, beautiful and awesome escape. I cannot speak enough for the experience. Love that the gardens are more extensive now.

lane E

A must when in DC!! it's so beautiful and it's nice to see so much nature when in the city. love going here and it's free!!! it's pretty big inside and has a HUGE variety of plants and flowers. love bringing my friends here when they visit from out of state

CRad Varbs

Another national treasure. Lime trees and Cacao trees along with a trip through the tropics (climate controlled). How do they keep all of their plants looking so good? Friendly staff if you have questions. Easy place to visit right by the Capitol on the Mall

Amit B

It was amazing place to see variety of plants and nice atmosphere and without any entree fee.


Loved it. There's so much to see and it's all well taken care of. It's beautiful and free so definitely worth stopping by while your in the city.

Richard Sayde

A little small compared to other Smithsonians but it still has a lot of variety. Worth a quick stop.

Caden Chitwood

I understand that it cant be that big necause it is in a big city, but it is much smaller than the botanical gardens in Huntsville, AL. Other than that it is pretty good, if you like plants head there if you are in Washington DC.

Eric Miller

This was one of the biggest surprises of our trip. This place is amazing and should not be overlooked. I picked this place to start our day on a whim and it was one of my favorites places that we saw.

Cheshire Kat24

Been waiting to visit the gardens for a long time and it didn't disappoint! The different environments were a treat to my senses, so many little nooks and crannies to explore both inside and outside. I visited on a hot day and wish I had been better prepared. Bring water and comfortable walking shoes, and don't be afraid of the overhead misters


great place to see amazing plants of many varieties, the staff is very welcoming and willing to talk to adults or kids alike. my preschool daughter was just as awestruck as my pre teen son. expect to spend about 30-45 minutes if you are doing a quick breeze through visit. restrooms are readily available and clean.

Richard Eshelman

Superb ! Well done. The finest inside and outside. Every plant in their native environment.

Jacob Herrel

The first botanical garden ever made in North America was my not means a disappointment! There were plenty of rooms each with a certain theme. Some of these include a Mediterranean room where plants in the Mediterranean climate were grown. There was an orchid room which had all of the orchid plants on display. A medicinal room which had plants that can be used as medicine on display. There's a lot to see and a lot for everyone to appreciate. Think of this place as a zoo but instead of animals it's plants. So take your family and friends who know nothing about plants as long as you're able to be respectful to those like me who are can't be any more nerdy and passionate about plants!

Jan Riggs

It was nice..sadly under construction..but interesting.

Stephen JW Steele

The Botanic Gardens are a nice e restful place to stop. Stairs to heights, if you want to climb amongst the trees or stay put on the ground, with plenty of leaves and twigs and sounds of little birds. Beautiful little fountain pools. Best mostly in season with the natural blooms, butterflies seemingly for a moment, during the season. Ask. Recommended

Raven Neely

This is another one of those places I'd been meaning to visit for quite some time but never had proper motivation to fully attend. News of the public mural painting was just the right spark! I'm so glad I went and definitely look forward to visiting again, with little ones in tow. They do an amazing job of replicating the natural environments of all the different plant species housed within each zone of the gardens. It's like touring global terrain is as simple as a walk in the park.

Denise Montague

Plants from everywhere. Just beautiful, in the atriums and the outside gardens. Don't miss it.

Jessica Graziano

The Botanical gardens in Washington is well worth the visit if you love plants. They have several sections set up with it's own unique set of native plants. Such as tropical, medical, rainforest etc. There is a outside area also. But in winter they drain the water from the fountain. So to get the full advantage of all the beauty inside and out visit after the cold has left. They also provide a fun scavenger hunt for the little ones. So they can learn as you go. The tropical section has 3 story canopy viewing section. To allow you to see things from the top. Pretty cool. Over all we enjoyed the scenery and it was a good little stop. Took us about a hour.

Aaron Ochse

Very interesting plant displays that change each season. Beautiful gardens.

Tyler Jenkins

Beautiful place to take a break and slow down while touring the city! Nice clean bathrooms too. Outdoor garden is pretty too.

James Lau

We did not have high expectations. It ended up Botanical garden was a very interesting place. Many different plants that we had never seen before. It even had plants of some of the known chemotherapy agents. We easily spent a few hours there. We enjoyed our visit .

ataur chowdhury

Its a superb. Fantastic collection of plants from all over the world. I am one of the admirer of our wonderful Earth - its plants, flowers ... Beautiful.. Beautiful n Beautiful. I am fortunate to born in this beautiful world. I hope all of us will enjoy this beauty Allah(God) has created for us. Let us enjoy, contribute to conserve instead of disturbing and destroying the beauty of nature.

Sheila Davis

Outdoor gardens are beautiful with plenty of tables and chairs. We packed our lunch and sat in the outdoor gardens to eat. Lots of people doing the same when we visited

Megan West

This was so pretty! I love plants and it was very calming to walk amongst them. It was very nice that each little section had sliding glass doors into the next. Also there was a wide variety of plants and there was even a little area for kids!

Darlyn Hawkins

A real breath of fresh air in the city. Most plants are labeled. Many explanations of origins and uses. Out door plants are seasonal, of course, so what you see depends on the time of year. In doors is breathtaking.

Aneesh S.

You can walk in, and start looking around immediately for free. They have indoor, outdoor, and climate controlled sections. Its quite surreal walking through the indoor garden, seeing all sorts of plants and trees growing in harmony in the modern style greenhouse. While you will spend no more than 20 to 40 minutes here, its still a place you shouldn't miss. Drop by and say hello to the Venus fly traps.

Timothy Fitzgerald

I. Love. This. Garden. I cannot express to you how delightful it is to go in here during the cold winter months and connect with nature in a way that is difficult to do during such a season. Walking through the different climate zones demonstrates the fantastic differences in the types of plants one may see. My personal favorite is the desert one as it reminds me of my home, but I think there is something for everyone in this museum.

Jihad Saleh

Definitely a nice place to visit and look at the different plants. The medicinal portion was very interesting and the outside courtyard was beautiful to sit in and relax.

Tammy Uppercue

Apparently you can walk barefoot through here.

Dawn Frye

Wonderful. Every Season is different... the plants, flowers, and trees. Just beautiful. A must see for DC!! Everyone there is so knowledgeable and if they don't know they're eager to help you find the resources to find out. Relaxing and educational. Nice.

Natasha Williams

Pretty garden area...both indoor and outdoor exhibits are nice. I would say only takes about an hour to get through everything but if you're in the area it's a nice place to see

Megan Schmid

We have loved visiting the gardens especially around the holidays. It’s a lot of fun to explore their annual train sets display and take in all the amazing details. We also enjoy seeing the wide variety of poinsettias on display every year.

William VanZee

This is a fascinating place. I enjoy looking at the orchids and the other exotic plants... Plants that will move away from your finger etc. There was a banana tree that had several bunches of bananas on it among other things. If you have a few minutes, swing by and take a look, especially if you enjoy plants, it's a nice place to visit if it's cold outside as there is tropical plants here...

Short and Sweet

A must if visiting the area!

Umer Khan

Amazing place .even if you are not garden lover you will become . Diversity of plants , informative and we'll maintained .

Kay Rudo

Beautiful as always! Loved the outdoor displays. Summer flowers were at their peak.

Wanda Croft

So many wonderful specimans. The orchid room was amazing. And its free to check out. Lovely place to sit and rest.

Valerie K

The United States Botanic Garden Conservatory is beautiful place to visit. Free parking and no charge to spend the day marveling at the most gorgeous flowers and plants. There was even a children's garden where kids can be kids. This was my first visit and I definitely want to go again.

KD Carlton

The United States Botanic Gardens is a very spectacle, and beautiful place to go to in Washington DC. Me, and a friend was visiting the Washington DC area from Virginia. The United States Botanic Gardens truly has some gorgeous, and beautiful flowers. The vast variety of the different flowers and plants that the United States Botanic Gardens shows, and displays will truly catch your eye. Me, and my friend were truly impress, and satisfied on the displays that were at the United States Botanic Gardens.

Kyle Hartmann

Would highly recommend if you are anywhere in the DMV area. Place is kept very clean, with good signage and educational opportunities sprinkled throughout the gardens, and the specimens they have are phenomenal. All the gardeners are very nice and care about what they do, and as an added bonus, there is always a fun and fresh display going on depending on the season. The holiday show is very busy, and it is the only event that they charge for having no admission cost throughout the year. Some say the federal government is wasteful, but they are spending every penny rightly at the USBG. The photos do not do the place justice- also, it has brilliant views of the Capitol Building just a skip away.

Jamie Goad

Stopped in just to get out of the heat and was amazed at everything that was inside. My kids and I really enjoyed it. The children's area was cute. There were so many different types of plants to see.

Kymry Vance

A quiet place to go on the busy mall. They have a kids area in one open courtyard with a small play fort (best suited to kids 2 to 8 for size consideration), planters where kids can dig and water around real plants, a mist machine (which helps on very hot summer days), and seating around the edges in mostly shade for parents. Of course the canopy walk is also a plus for kids- elevator access is available to reach the higher tier for handicap individuals.

emily oates

Simply beautiful. Went by myself and had to bring my partner back with me I was so impressed. You can quickly walk through it or just sit and relax amongst all the beautiful plants and flowers. 10 out of 10 would go back!


The United States Botanic Garden is simply wonderful. In fact, it is the best thing to do in Washington. I went today and I will go again. Inside there are plenty of amazing and interesting things, namely miniature trains, miniature Washington monuments, and many different plants, flowers, trees, and even a jungle. Go there you will not lose your time.

lourdes massing

Well taken care of. An oasis in the middle of a city. The is a park nearby relax. Beautiful orchid section in the garden. I go there to relax from my cau. Thank you for this precios gift

L Luna

A quiet beautiful place to sit and walk. Staff are friendly. Bathrooms are at the back of the greenhouse. There is a place to fill your water bottle. I was inspired by the dry climate plant display & the pollinators.

Darian Smith

Amazing perspective of nature. If you get the chance take the "outdoor" guided tour. Very informative & interactive.

Russ Hess

Great place to visit. Lot of work and energy put into for people to enjoy.


The docent/volunteer was knowledgeable and gave a very interesting tour. There are probably 10 or more rooms filled with different "themes", desert, tropical, endangered, etc. It was neat.

Natalie M

This is well worth the visit, there are a variety of different themed areas, including a prehistoric plants area which is fun for dinosaur enthusiasts. The gardens outside are also nice to walk around in and quite peaceful because not many people visit. Also a beautiful orchid collection.

Tochau Nguyen

We always enjoy the plants and the flowers bloom in this garden. We have to park on the street but it is easy enough to find a parking spot close by.

Michael Whelan

We have visited the US Botanic Gardens twice. The first time was at Christmas and the second time in the summer. Both times The Gardens were beautiful to observe. The variety of plants from arid desert to lush tropical, It is all absolutely amazing. There is so much to see in D.C. and each time we go we always enjoy The US Botanical Gardens.

Michel de Ligt

I love this place which takes you away from the busy city life. A place to relax during the day and enjoy the beautifull outdoor and indoor gardens they have. One section is made for kids, they can explore the plants and play in the sand. Just like a lot of things in Washington DC there isn't an entrance fee. But they do like donations.

Noralee Williams-Schugg

There's always something new and interesting to look at, and learn! Great for families, couples, or singles trying to spend the day doing something worthwhile

ZyxDaGacha CookieLover

A great place to stop when you're travelling from New York to Washington D.C., the place is so clean especially the bathrooms and there are a lot of restaurants to choose from if you want to grab some food. There is also a souvenir shop where you can get products from Delaware. Parking is also not a problem because they have a big area for it.

Aaron Moreno

Beautiful oasis near the U.S. Capitol. A nice collection. I was unable to go into the conservatory, arrived too late. Truly a gem to experience.

Hilary Ryder

Amazing exhibits of tropical and desert plants. There is a whole room about mint which was fascinating- I learned that teak is a member of the mint family! Both beautiful and informative. And best of all, it is free!

Philip Roberts

One of the coolest places in Washington, D.C. by far. ADMISSION IS FREE, too. I do recommend wearing a T-shirt and shorts (if you get warm easily) because the building does tend to get very humid (to match the plants’ native habitats.) Also, across the street is a park that is also maintained by the United States Botanical Garden staff. The Gardens are also close to the U.S. Capitol and The Library of Congress.


Loved this place. I can spend an entire day just wondering around. I love the way the way they separate the plants into different regions and thereby creating many different habitats. I love the name tags which was displayed next to each plant. The best part of the entire experience is hands down the medicinal plants. The variety is so extensive that you are bound to be overwhelmed. I love that it is free and kid friendly.

Himanshu Babaria

Very nice place to learn about the diverse plants from around the world. They have a really nice chamber for tropical plants. My personal favorite was seeing the coffee and chocolate plant in person. Now I know how where my Mocha comes from :)

aidni Garcia

Amazing place! You will turn around the world while be there

Elias Castillo

Great place to transport yourself to the tropics or the desert. I always a join a walk through the conservatory.

Susan Selvitelle

Our docent gave us the most wonderful tour. I learned so much!!

Rachel Iverson

Amazing experience and it’s free! My favorite was the orchid room and the ponds with the lily pads. You can take tours or do an audio tour on your own. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I throughly enjoyed my time here.

Robbie Ward

A must-see for people in DC who love plants. You’ll leave the garden feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and amazed at the plant diversity represented. Be sure to also visit the outside gardens.

Katherine Watier Ong

I love what they have done with the outdoor gardens. I loved their exhibit with photos of other great botanical gardens through the US.

Phil Mizzi

An amazing place that is literally an oasis in the middle of our Capital. The indoor and outdoor plantings are fabulous, as is the range of cool growing things, and not the least of all, the building itself. The stroll around the upper gallery of the tropical greenhouse was tremendous, something I will remember for a long time. A quiet place to drop in and study or read, or for a beautiful, fun & educational visit this is one of the small great free attractions of DC

Anna Walters

Enjoyable place to visit with colorful flowers and some rare plants. Guide was friendly and knowledgeable. Great day trip!

Yurike Wahyudi

Love coming here to sit down and read books. Its beautiful and relaxing inside with pleanty of seating area. There's a children garden too that let children play around (planting little plants and digging) while parents can sit and watch.


Nice small conservatory near Capitol. Free entrance But Longwood Gardens is better and it only 2 h drive from DC

Robert Swanson

Great place to go and take your kids to. Has a friendly staff and also is very informative. Perfect place to go during the winter months and you need some greenery to cheer you up. :)

Karin Markert

Wow! Love the inside and outside gardens any time of year! What a national treasure! Hope to see the holiday display again.

Ann Lear

best botanical gardens I have ever see. so beautifully set out. there's a photo opportunity at every turn. thanks for labeling the plants so well. I appreciated the Bartholdi Gardens across the road - a sustainable garden. well worth it

Pam Gray

Great exotic plants to explore both local and from afar. The Sinage is very clear and precise enough to be educational. The caretakers are very friendly, knowledgeable and and helpful.

Ana Dolny

This is a very beautiful garden with a wide variety in types of plants from different climates such as a tropical and desert. Also, there are paper brochures in many different languages available to tourists that speak and read different languages other than English so information is more accessible regarding the botanical garden.

Erich Meier

Great place to come relax as an adult or bring kids to experience botany from various climates. The exhibits are truly gorgeous and the access to 2 air conditioned rooms to relax in are amazing on a hot day! I really liked the Golden Shrimp Plants.

Shaiyah Klein

Very nice! A beautiful garden definitely worth visiting

R Sean Lapp

Just beautiful & most just feel refreshed and at peace only after just a few minutes...

Natali Marrou

Beautiful spot to walk around, and the bathrooms were clean and cute (love the plants)!

Alexandra S

Great place to stop in for a bit or a long time. Accessible, family friendly, free, and well maintained.

Lauren Do

Last minute came here on a whim with in-laws. They loved this place as it had such a large variety of plants and flowers from diff regions of the world. Their favorite was the orchid exhibit.

Babel Mandeb

Very nice selection of plants from different areas of the world. The rainforest section is quite impressive. I wouldn't recommend bringing a stroller here as it's difficult to maneuver inside if it's packed given the tight walkways.

Dev Sodagar

Whether you want a brief break for lunch or to get a chance to see some exotic plants - this is an excellent venue. Although not as big as the likes of Kew Gardens, there is a stunning array of climates and specimens that will support many return trips.

Dan Egdes

Really beautiful gardens with great options to learn while you walk or simply just enjoy the nature!


Really beautiful gardens, very well laid out. It's amazing how much they have crammed into a fairly small space in the centre of DC. We cooled off in the AC rooms. All the gardens were sweltering, like all of DC in August. Brilliant jungle walkway and staff around the building doing talks and demos. Fascinating and informative. The gardens outside are a sight to behold!

Britz Vidz

Beautiful. Was interesting to see the different areas in the greenhouse type areas. All the plants and flowers were beautiful. My mom loves plants and she didn't want to leave

Cristian Gutierrez

It's pretty amazing how you feel each station and weather, I really loved it one of my favorites of Washington DC.


always worth a visit.. sometimes it can get a bit crowded but overall it's fine! enjoy the stroll

Taylor Smith

I had been to DC many times, but never to the botanic gardens. This time we were taking a Capitol tour and saw this was nearby, so thought we would stop in. We were blown away! The variety and care was astonishing, and the descriptions of many of the plants and their uses were fascinating. We particularly enjoyed the medicinal plants section. They had the bridge and steam in the tropical plants section closed for construction, and there were more people there than we expected on a Saturday afternoon, but it wasn't packed and it was quite relaxing to walk around the building. We saw quite a few plants that reminded us of our time spent living and traveling in other continents, which bright up some great memories. Overall, really enjoyed this visit, and wish we had gone years ago! You can easily walk at a moderate pace and see everything in an hour, or catch a few highlights in 20 minutes, or spend several hours to take a close look at everything. Highly recommended!

Mayank Bothra

Wide variety of plants. Different climates are maintained in different parts of the building so that all plans can thrive.

Jolene Yaksich

Beautiful garden shown in different climate zones. Amazing catwalk through the tropics in the Arboretum.

Ahmad W. Hanif

Its definitely one of the places you should visit if/when you are in DC. Especially if you are sight seeing DC in summer time to get away from the heat. Inside temperature is cool and there are restrooms in there as well. The place is full of different kinds of plants, trees and green life in general, and a lot to look around, especially if you are a "green" person.

Lexy McCauley

Beautiful free place to go with both outdoor greenery and indoor exhibits. It’s air conditioned with bathrooms and water fountains, too. Would definitely recommend to go with friends/family! They also have employees stationed throughout to tel you about some of the plants.

Patrick Monahan

Most versatile collection of plants on display inside and outside on beautifully landscaped grounds readily available in DC. The lecture I attended on plants in Hawaii was factual and easy to follow. Tom the presenter is a great speaker and kept the presentation enjoyable for all ages. His knowledge was evident by his ability to answer all levels of questions from participants. The price is right. It's free.

Rebekah Morris

We love coming here. Whenever we have guests in town the gardens are always on the list of places we go. It’s beautiful and relaxing. And a good midway point after doing the Capital building and the Library of Congress on your way to other things in the Mall.

Rubina White

So many varieties of plants. My granddaughters ages 10 & 2 really enjoyed all the different colors and textures of each plant.

Vanessa Chambers

Amazing!! Impressed by the plant varieties and the and the different climates in different rooms! I particularly enjoyed the orchids!

Saurabha Deshpande

Lovely place to scroll pass some beautiful plants. This place will give u some breathing space in summers after visiting US Capitol hill in Washington DC visit. Great place for kids and families. Must go place if you are a nature lover. Cheers

Kathryn Wheeler

A beautiful oasis that is home to plant species found in environments around the world. Always worth a visit to appreciate the incredible biodiversity of our planet.

Stephanie Gregory

The gardens are a treat easily missed with the larger attractions around the mall. Do take time to pay this a visit! Unique flora from around the world thrives here, and after a visit I was so excited to finally learn two "mystery" plants from my yard in Rwanda. During the December holidays they have a beautiful poinsettia and model train display. In the warmer months, you'll enjoy comfortable seats in the outdoor garden with beautiful views of the capitol building.

Isaac Barnoskie

Nice area for an early morning run just as they open gates but before crowds arrive.

Melissa Updegrove

Loved the different plant areas including flower, rain forest, etc. Many young people and children enjoying the site. Had a 12noon tour with volunteer which was super interesting. Always hoping to translate ideas into my own garden.

Mike MC

The Botanic gardens is a great place to learn about plants and ecology from around the world. Lots of photo opportunities with lots of flowers. If you are lucky you might spot a butterfly or two! A couple of hours to have a look round

Anne Scruggs

This garden is so peaceful and relaxing! It's one of our favorite things to do when we go to DC. It's never as crowded as the museum's and other things to do so it's a nice place to recharge. It's right next to the capitol, too, so you can get some cool pictures if you want to. It's also amazing to see some plants that are so unique and endangered. We highly recommend a visit if you have an hour!

Samuel Lerma

Surprisingly nice time! There's a tiny garden you walk into off the street and a great indoor section once you finish the outdoor section. The indoor portion was much bigger than I expected and had fountains, rare and endangered plants, a whole room of orchids and many other specialized ecosystem replicas. It's free to the public and there's no line, so it's a great way to shake up a trip to the national mall

Brandon Manni

It's amazing that they are able to preserve plants from different regions by simulating those regions through temperature and humidity. You are able to see plants from all over the world. Not only do you learn about different plants and trees, but the place also just looks amazing aesthetically. You could walk around for a couple hours. Very educational and relaxing. One of the best free things to do in Washington DC.

Artsy ButtercupM

We loved strolling about here inside and out for a couple of hours. We enjoyed their carnivorous plants, the rain forests, their desert environment and their orchids. Beautiful flora.


Such a a love place with super friendly staffs. One of the most aesthetically pleasing and educational place in DC. I highly recommend anyone visit DC to visit the botanic garden~

Camelia Janelle

I work near here and I have only been once and it was about 2 years ago. It was great. I had my daughter's 2year birthday

Mishkat Khetran

Thing that I like most about botanic gardens are their serenity. No matter, whatever the crowd is, they will always be peaceful and quiet but so much like a library. They feel therapeutic and healthy. This one is free and full of botanic species ,in other words full of knowledge. A great place to bring your kids and teach them about natural life. It's not the biggest but well designed and nicely managed. Mark it in your list when visiting DC.

Jade Phoenix

Nice place to walk around. It can get a bit busy, as with most attractions in this area. There are multiple floors and various separated sections featuring different types of plants, with information boards for you to read and learn more about what you're seeing. There are also some really big trees and plants that make for beautiful settings for photos.

Brian Jackson

Awesome place. It's totally free and no security to get it, so I was able to bring in my suitcase. They have a surprising number of different environments you can walk through and nearly every plant it labeled. It's a super neat garden and definitely worth the 20-30 minutes it'll take out of your visit to the national mall!

Melissa Sullivan

Lovely place with gorgeous displays! Childrens garden is so cute and fun for kids. Lots for adults and kiddos to see! You've got to check it out!

Rosalia Perez

This place is to feel that the natural world is connected with you. Bring your photo device and enjoy taking the most beautiful pictures.

Collette Nicole

A fun place to get lost in! I was going to give four stars because it didn't really WOW! me... but it was free!! So DEFINITELY worth a visit or few even, maybe! I missed the passports and didn't see them until the way out... be sure to pic them up before you go through! It would be cool to look for the different plants as you go through. There's a great outdoor space to sit and have a bite to eat as well! The children's play area is simple and fun. A pleasant experience for for all ages.

James Darby

Great place to while away an hour, such a varied array of plants and very well presented. Nice to have some time out from the business outside.

Divyanshi Jain

It was a great learning experience with me and my family. It is also great for all ages. I honestly loved the part where you can buy fruit that they had grown at the botanical Gardens it was epic! It also had different type of plants not only did they have North Carolina plants, they also had plants from all around the United States. My grandparents love the medical section of the botanical Garden.

Hilda Kroll

One of the joys of the Christmas season is the holiday display at the Botanic Garden. There's the tree, model trains, displays of buildings and monuments made out of plant materials and lots of little kids having a great time. Next year the orchid show will be held here at the garden and I'm sure it will be as amazing as it has been in the past. The exhibits have always been designed so that you can get up close and personal, seeing every beautiful detail of the flowers. Orchids have quite a history, so in addition to enjoying their beauty, there's always something to learn. Something to look forward to and plan for.


Great little place to escape the busy streets. And you can't beat free. Beautiful botanic garden. Plenty to see. Several different sections each for a different environment. Great location. Parking is difficult. Friendly staff. Well worth the visit if you are on the national Mall. Small outdoor garden is attached.

Karten M

If going to cool off from outside... Only the entry is ac. The gardens themselves are temp controlled for the different zones of plants. Highly recommend the walkway on second floor in the main area!

Matt R

Absolutely a beautiful place to go, and it changes throughout the year. The outdoor gardens are secluded and alive with insects and birds. The inside has a huge variety of plants from around the world, arraigned by region. Not to be missed!

Mo Fezz

Take time. to. visit the Botanic Garden, it is absolutely gorgeous and filled with stunning colors and plants from all over the world!

Patricia Scott

Bery interesting beautiful place. Its dress appropriately. They grow chocolate here.

SoFla Mom

If you enjoy exotic and rare plants this is the place to go. Take the tour and learn the history of these plants from coffee to orchids to medicinal. And of course it's free.

Yaksh Pachchigar

Lots of different species of plants from different parts of the world. Each section has a different climate, making the experience even more realistic. I would recommend going to the "Plant Adaptations" section, even though it's small, it has different Pitcher plants and the Venus Fly Trap, also the "mimosa" plant, which "falls asleep" when you touch it's leaves. Really nice place to visit even though some may find it boring.

Valeria Lombo

Such a lovely place! They have different climate gardens, giant trees and beautiful plants. Also they offer gardening workshops for kids!

Clive Barnes

Just down the road from the Capitol building lies the Washington conservatory. Wander around the world's flora and fauna in this amazing space moving from tropical to desert as you move through the many different rooms all the time listening to the sounds of the great outdoors. With exhibits both inside and out its well worth a visit.

Stephen Brown

The expected level of sophistication and variety for a botanical garden in Washington. Thought it would be larger though. One section contains large posters of beautiful gardens that at first glance seem to be a map of other sections to be explored, but upon closer read the posters invite you to affiliated botanical gardens across the US, which was a bit deflating. Otherwise, a very beautiful if short visit through a well maintained collection of botany. Even saw a cool collection of carnivorous plants including the Venus flytrap. And of course, you can't beat free admission.

Andre Bowen

I had a lot of fun here you should try 2

T. Hutchins

Wow . I didn't want to leave. A wonderfully designed garden of so much variety. A great place to collect your thoughts and reflect and take a moment.

Amanda Clark

Amazingly well taken care of plants! So peaceful and serene. Wish I lived closer. I would visit ALL the time!

Alysa Lanier

This place is beautiful with many rooms filled with endangered or simply beautiful plants. I thought it would be bigger than it was but I’m not complaining. It’s an amazing place to take pictures. It’s definitely not an all day experience more of like a hour trip. It’s free it is a nice side trip after visiting the capital.

Adriana Corr

One of my favorite places to walk and relax. During winter time the temperatures inside the main garden can make you forget about the bitter cold. During the warm months they have a cool interactive learning garden for kids. It tends to get a bit crowded at peak times, but is always worth a visit for the rotating plant exhibits

keith webster

Good all year but If you go during Christmastime, you're in for an extra treat.

omar gomez

Cool place to come and check out different plants from different areas of the world.

lina martinez

This is one of my favorite places in DC. The flowers, the smells... I love everything!

Olof Nilsson Heijer

Out of all Botanical gardens I have ever been to. This is the second best. And it sure deserves a 5 star since its free and all. If you have your ways by, pop in an enjoy your time. This is a relaxing oasis of a great atmosphere in Washington that everyone should visit. And you don't need to be here all day, pop over to the other museums after. Washington has so much to offer, Enjoy!

Michelle Payette

Another beautiful Smithsonian operated facility. Areas throughout if you just want to sit and take in the beauty. We did this on the hop-on hop-off trolley , stop #6. If you enjoy plants I would say about a 1.5 - 2 hr visit

Steve Papas

Very nice place to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of D.C. Friendly staff and a wide variety on plants to see.

David Hathaway

Usually not crowded. Great place to visit if your downtown. And it's free

Crafty Dora

They got indoor and outdoor Garden plant from around the World. From Africa, Hawaii and from the Tropical countries. Herbs, Medicinal plants and Orchids is my top of my list. Cactus and succulents are pretty too. they have rare and endangered species of plants too that if we just slip it away we might not see them anymore anywhere. So guys take care of out Flora and Fauna.

M 5

Super incredible enclosed space with sounds of water and birds. Incredible plants and green space. It’s like being at Disney World.

Anne Shillam

The garden is a place full of calm and quiet. It is refreshing, sometimes rich with colorful blooms and always green.

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