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Where is Red Butte Garden?

REVIEWS OF Red Butte Garden IN Utah

Kyle Smart

The concerts are a perfect date night. You can bring your own alcohol and food to the venue. Bring your own low sitting lawn chair, or buy VIP tickets and they have them for you. The food is pretty decent as well...

Rob Y.

One of my favorite outdoor venues... Definitely the best in Salt lake!

Kristina N

Tash Sultana was AMAZING! Such a beautiful venue for her to play at!

Skylar V

Red Butte Gardens was not everything I was hoping it to be. I understand that it's still mid-late April and there's not a whole lot blooming yet, but there was not as much color or scents as I hoped there would be... you'd be better off walking around parts of U of U campus or BYU. I still give it four stars because I know I did not attend during their main season.

Albie Hamilton

One of my favourite places up on the hill by the UofU


Beautifullll!! Whether you love horticulture or you just love to see something beautiful this is the place to see! I, have a "Black Thumb" and kill practically everything I touch, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy an amazing garden such as this. It was a real treat to visit. The free tram tour is very informative and I would suggest you take it before you head out on your own. The docent was very knowledgeable, sweet and kind. She answered all of our questions and was quick to point out her favorite areas that we might want to go and see. It is hill-y. My 80 year old father walks with a cane so exploring was a little difficult for him. My Mom is 77 and is a good walker. She really enjoyed exploring the Garden. There's so much to see and do here for plant lovers and beauty lovers alike. The Red Butte Gardens are a "Must See"!!

Tiffiny Tyler

Beautiful garden! Well taken care of, lots of paths you can go on. They have a children's garden that's fun for kids. I like coming here with and without my kids. It's really peaceful. Lots of fun places to sit and enjoy the garden.

Benjamin Graybill

Red Butte Garden is arguably the most beautiful place in SLC that I've been to. It's diverse in it's collection of plants and has a scenic view of SLC from the top. The membership is a great, affordable investment and I make use of it whenever I can. Love this place!

anna pass

We visited this garden twice. The first day we got there about 90 min. before closing time, but they were closing early, so I begged for a furrther opportunity, coming from Italy, and yes they were soooo kind and gave us two complimentary tickets. I liked this place! I liked the alternance of plants, the rose gardens, the suggestions for your home garden to have a pleasant appearance and save water and help the envornment. I liked the view of the mountains and the places to rest. It was hot and we visited the gardens late in the afternoon and I guess that this was a very good choice. Do not miss them!

Camilo Rozo

The pictures on Google for sure don't do this place justice. Before visiting (from Florida) I thought Utah was so harsh no plant could survive but I was wrong. This lush garden rivals and maybe even tops those I've seen in the sunny state of Florida.

Milli Pichardo

Went to watch the TGR Ski movie, it was really fun. Always a great venue.

John Harding

Absolutely stunning all year long. The variety is amazing and the place is always beautifully maintained. Bulbs are up right now and there's always so many new unique plants every time I go. I highly recommend spending a few hours just wandering around and enjoying all the different gardens they have.

Sara Harman

An incredibly special place. I hope heaven is close to this. Beautiful and inspirational. Anyone who appreciates nature or botany MUST visit.

luciana salmi

This place is beautiful. You will not be disappointed. I did a little picnic on the lawn on a nice warm afternoon. Afterward walk around the gardens. Its very peaceful and a bird told me there is an initiative to increase the WiFi to higher points. Laptop and great views? Productive, peaceful times? Hell yes.

Doug Larson

An incredible place for your wedding. I've filmed multiple weddings here over several years and every single one has been amazing!!!

Jill Hosman

This place is great. I didn't research at all before I went so FYI you can bring food, drinks, alcohol into the venue! They dont sell alcohol. It's super chill and fun.

Benjamin Larson

Beautiful large garden perched up looking over the valley. Great place to tour, attend events, or catch a concert.

Marguerite B

I absolutely LOVE this venue. They offer so many different activities. I love going to concerts there.

Yamino Bunny

I absolutely love this place! I only had to visit it once before becoming a member. It well taken care of, and the staff is awesome! I feel at peace when I'm here

Jacob Houser

Even when the weather is ever changing this time of year, you can still find beauty in this wonderful garden. From the top of the hill, looking out over the grounds, to the wonderful collection of fruit trees and herbs and spices, to the truly romatic rose garden, this place is one of my favorite getaways. Weather will be warming up soon and with that the flowers will be out in force! Make a day trip up there and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Merl Larkin

This is such a beautiful place for a wedding. People can walk around the grounds and enjoy the wide variety of plants. Even on a hot day it is cool and inviting!!


Hands down the most beautiful botanical garden I have ever been too. Loved how it was set up and you could walk for hours through the garden and surrounding landscape. A must see if you're visiting from the area. There are also so many great views!

Maria Felt

This is such a pretty and yet simple place! Kids activities are fun! Totally worth it!

Callaway McKay

Wonderful place to see a show with friends and picnic. It’s my favorite summertime activity

Justin Thorpe

Always gorgeous, always a wonderful break from whatever it is which is troubling you. A great walk.

maryanne caleris

Exceptional garden. Beautiful design layout. Loved all the sculptures.

Jayme Kralovetz

Dating season has come to an end, love Red Butte gardens for hikes and concerts so beautiful.

JP Pendleton

Beautifully and meticulously maintained and curated, the Red Butte Garden is a perfect spot to wander, observe, and just take in the beauty of the flora. Hiking trails above the main gardens give a good opportunity for leg stretching and a great view of the valley. This is a must-hit for me every time I'm in SLC.

Chris Hymas

Very pretty area extremely well taken care of and landscape I've been many times. The bonsai tree show was amazing I would go again definitely recommend. Go go go. Make sure to go and every season to see all the different colors.


Peaceful, lush gardens with a beautiful view. How lucky we are to have this gem in our city.

Kira Dunn

I am very excited to review Red Butte Gardens after having my wedding there at the beginning of August! I would absolutely recommend it for any event. The venue speaks for itself- the beautiful Utah plants and flowers and the lovely, peaceful surroundings are absolutely ideal for celebration. I had my ceremony at the Fragrance Garden and the luncheon that followed in the Orangerie. From the very beginning (over a year before my wedding), the staff was absolutely amazing to work with. I got to know many of the event people while we planned everything and I enjoyed working with all of the team very much. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and creative. They helped me figure out the best flow for my event and how to create an ideal experience for all 150 guests. They arranged everything for my bridal photos perfectly and even had a golf cart ready to transport us around the gardens to all of the ideal locations. The list of venue-approved caterers is fantastic, and they helped manage the seating very well too. Everything went perfectly and I honestly wouldn’t change a single thing. Go check it out and meet the events team- you won’t regret it! Thank you, Red Butte, for making my wedding ceremony and lunch unforgettable.

Raul Ochoa

This is one of the coolest venues in the city. Seriously has the best views and vibe. Bring something warm cause the temperatures do drop pretty low. You are to bring as much food and drink as you want (including adult beverages) just make sure you take out all your trash! One of my favorite venues, just get your tickets early shows always sell out here

Ruth Miller

This a beatiful, calm place that is great to look at local plantlife and just relax. The area is very wheelchair, walker and stroller accessible, so prepare to be delighted.

Brent George

Very good we all enjoyed it and the tram tour with awesome docent Julie Meyers.

Jamie Stien

Beautiful place to walk through. My cousin had his wedding there and it was perfect!

Justin Hutchison

I just got tickets to a venue at the red butte gardens and it was a very inexpensive show so I picked up a ticket for a friend of mine to join me. I looked at the concert area and being a musician myself I would say that this place is gonna b one of the best shows I would ever attend. It is outdoor GA seating so bring a blanket and I swear u r going to have the best of ur life. Enjoy the show! Tell em Hutch sent ya.

Thejaz G

Absolutely beautiful place, kids friendly, visit the Medicinal Garden Herb Garden or my favorite the Fragrance Garden. There are a store with products, fragrances and everything you can imagine about flowers and plants , I just love it


Phenomenal garden. Something for everyone. Trails for kids, paths accessible to wheelchairs, beautifully maintained gardens, hiking trails, lovely views, art exhibits, great gift shop. Plan to spend a few hours at least.

Timothy Ortega

I Love Red Butte Gardens! What's more to say than that, for people to enjoy the outdoors! We enjoy our experience every time we visit. Bring your walking shoes, and hat, the garden is quite vast, lots of things to see and experience. I enjoy their wide variety of gardens, children's garden, fragrance garden, rose garden, water garden, ect.. There are numerous wild trails going into the foothills, lots of hiking opportunities, Bonneville Shoreline Trail goes through the gardens. Lots of places to sit, and enjoy the scenery. They have a great concert line up every summer, Love this place!

Rebecca Fox

Beautiful. Such fun walkways. Beautiful outdoors. Great family time. And always an learning opportunity.

Chandra aka Tygrys

Loved this venue! Bring a blanket, or low seated lawn chair and show up early to get a great spot. You can also bring your own adult beverages and food with you. The only downside is the hill you have to walk up from the general parking area. I'd suggest taking a Lyft as the drop off area is right at the gate.

Sherri Cartwright

Absolutely beautiful! Enjoyed both the golf cart tour and walking on our own. Truly spectacular!

Chris Tyler

I really enjoy walking there trails and seeing and smelling the plants. There is poetry on posts scattered along the trails, and it's updated from time to time. All the plants are well labeled. We spent 5 hours at a leisurely place, studying the plants and labels. It's a great way to visit with old friends.

Kerri Allardyce

Fun and fabulous venue! What a great place to catch a concert :-)

Amy Badger

Garden after dark in a shadow of what it used to be. No onsite crafts, and it seemed focused on pumping headcount through a prescribed path more than being focused on learning and wild crafting. Barely anything really garden about it, lots of fake plant scenery that didn't add to the experience. No fun anymore.

Martin Koch

Beautiful place to relax. Garden provides plenty of opportunities to sit down, enjoy the nature and an amazing view over Salt Lake.

shaun wadley

Mad jams at the gov mule show with my beautiful daughter thanks gpa rod for the tix

jeff strong

An extremely beautiful place. Loved every minute of it. Nice walking trails and flower gardens. I will be back.

danny ramos

This place is great! Lots of areas that make for great photos. A wide variety of plant life. If you are there during the summer, I would recommend bringing water as it can get incredibly hot.

Caleb M

We come here every year and it never ceases to amaze! The plants are all organized into sections and with huge displays. There are so many it's easy to spend a whole day roaming the gardens. The guides are really great and highly knowledgeable. Red Butte is a botanical masterpiece.

Rebekka Rán Guðmundsdóttir

Lots of gorgeous flowers and different themed gardens. Be prepared for a long day of walking but the scenery is worth it.

Jessica Golden

So beautiful and fun! I loved the children garden for my little one!

John Hannan

Very nice property. For early spring, a lot of potted flowers. I'm sure early summer will have more local vibrant plants. Easy to traverse this mountain side garden. There are more trails to hike outside of the garden. There's also an amphitheater with headliner artists that perform here. There's also a man made waterfall on one side of the garden. A nice place to smell the roses and just unwind and relax. There's a beautiful overlook of Salt Lake City here.

Ruthann Shurtleff

This has both paved and dirt pathways to take and see native and non-native landscaping. The developed gardens are have a variety of plants with a focus on those that can deal with the snow in winter and hot and dry in summer. We often go here throughout the year just to walk and see what may be flowering. I really like the early spring plants but summer is beautiful here.

Stephanie Lunt

Great venue for concerts. Entirety of Red By the Gardens is well-kept and beautiful.

John Clem

Went after fall had started so basically everything was dead and brown,I know the place would have been amazing in the spring and summer months,

Maria Fox

Not sure if I can add much more than what everyone else have said. Other than, it is a FANTASTIC place!! The fragrance in the garden was heavenly and wow, what a peaceful place. Worth every dime for the entrance and no doubt about it, my husband and I will be back!

ufxjimbo Montgomery

This was an AWESOME place, I enjoyed the trails, gift store and amazing views

Daleya Wekluk

If you're going for a concert, be the people that are there standing in line 3 hours early for a good seat!! Otherwise, if you get a bad seat (not somewhere directly facing the stage) you will hear and see almost nothing. I dislike general admission concerts because it means some tickets will be $100+ seats while others are -$20 even though you all paid over $100! The venue itself was beautiful, the staff friendly, but not a great place for a concert in my opinion.

Dylan Walker

This is a very pretty, well maintained garden/park. If you're a newcomer, note that you have to go through the main building and pay to get inside. There are multiple gates marking entry in the area, but you can't go through them. My first time there, I was a bit confused on how to get in, BUT after finally finding out how, it was well worth it.

Jay Weaver

Attended a fund raiser at Red Butte tonight. What a perfect place for the event!

Ray Szczepaniak

This beautiful garden is one of my favorite places in the world. I find peace walking its well planned and maintained paths. There's something different every week. I'm so glad it's here in Salt Lake City.

yossi lvu

Wow beautiful place. Alot of plants. There is alot to walk but it's worthy. We love the pomegranate tree.

Paul Williams

It was bery awesome.even in 90+ heat. Still plenty of blooms!

Kimberly Perry

Beautiful! So kids will love it. Great wedding venue!

Anette Bauer

Just beautiful! I enjoyed my time at Red Butte Garden very much. The gardens are a feast for the senses, but if you prefer, there are wilder trails among the native trees and plants around the property. Many hidden benches, alcoves and picnic tables are found throughout and would be a perfect place for a picnic. The children's garden has a sweet little splash pad and a small ivy maze that are very quaint, so children have a space that caters to them too. There was a couple married there the day that we visited and I can't imagine a more beautiful setting for such an event. There is also a gift shop, but most items, though beautiful and useful, are very spendy. The price of admission isn't inexpensive either, we spent about $35 for two adults and a child. We spent a little over two hours exploring and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Next time we'll plan to take some of the longer perimeter trails that we didn't have time to experience on our first visit so that we can get more bang for our buck.

Rachel Blake

Love this place! There is always something new to see, as the flowers/plants are changed, depending on the season. Everything is always well-kept and beautiful!

Jonathan Alvey

My first time at Red Butte Garden was great. We went to a concert, 3 great bands, and the setting is beautiful. It's easy to get into, the temperature was great, the restrooms were very clean, the grass was nice, the moon came up over the concert after the sun set, and the atmosphere was just really fun to be in. We parked down the hill for free, and walked up to the venue. Getting back out was easy as well. I look forward to attending other shows or concerts at Red Butte in the future.

Lucy Lucy

I enjoy seeing OAR and American author's tonight

Ana Banos

Loved the Orquid exposition. I would like to come back during blooming time. As is the trails are beautiful. I had a great time. Lovely view of Utah.

Ethan Cohen

Lovely gardens wonderfully laidout, nice water features, great views, nice giftshop.

Ruben Carter

I first visited this place over a decade ago for a Suzanne Vega show. Now that I'm back in the area, I went for Howard Jones and Men Without Hats. The gardens are lovely, though I admittedly give more attention to the amphitheater. In regard to view and acoustics, I've always been able to find a location somewhere in the open seating that fits my desire for both. The food is good as well, though you are allowed and encouraged to bring your own as well. The scenery is gorgeous. They always have a wide selection of musical styles showcased every year. Well worth the trip.

Beth DeMers

I love being there surrounded by all those wonderful pieces of creation to enjoy... In addition, the events are just great!

Mercedes Hunt

Red Butte Garden has so much to offer. Beautiful gardens to stroll in, a darling gift shop, amazing event venues, a summer concert series which is my favorite concert venue in Utah. Outside of not having dog friendly hikes, there is little I would want that Red Butte does not offer. Entrance is also free to students of the University of Utah. I have visited many times, year round and always leave happy.

Jerome KoolAid37

An amazing place to see all sorts of plants from cacti to spectacular flowers, they got it all. They have lots of trails to go on and it will take a few hours to experience it all!

Jessica Nelson

This place is awesome. After walking through all the beautiful gardens. We went for hike we could see the Salt lake Valley. My boys had as much fun as me. This is definitely a place to come back several times a year.

Ryko Koldenhof

Absolutely gorgeous very well maintained and was larger than I thought. If you like beautiful landscaped and highly manicured gardens you will enjoy Red Butte Garden.

Noah Ellis

Red Butte garden is a lovely place to visit and walk through. At different times of the year you will see a brilliant explosion of colors, and every type of flower and plant that grows in the Utah climate. You can also enjoy this experience while enjoying a wonderful concert. There are many artists of all types that enjoy Red Butte Gardens

Sandy and Tracy Jensen

Feels like you've stepped out of Utah. They bring in some great artists. There is not a bad "seat" in the garden. Just bring your food, drinks and plan on an enjoyable evening!

Christina Magagna

Steve Miller Concert was average, low energy...sound was not adequate. Prices for a $24 burger...humm a bit too high for my budget. Beautiful Venue

Robert Gray

Red Butte garden is a lovely place to visit and walk through. At different times of the year you will see a brilliant explosion of colors, and every type of flower and plant that grows in the Utah climate. You can also enjoy this experience while enjoying a wonderful concert. There are many artists of all types that enjoy Red Butte Gardens

Trevor Vander

Was a very hot day but worth it, alot to see and impressive layout!

Stephen Nicholas

Reb Butte gardens is an amazingly beautiful garden spot in near the U of U. They also have a tremendous outdoor concert series. This evening was Steve Miller and company. A beautiful evening , great show and appreciative audience. Check out their website for all the details.

Maureen Flanagan

Beautiful place for concerts. You can bring in food/beer.


Beautiful place to visit, nice to walk around and find peace thare

Rachelle Roberts

Great place for weddings and receptions. Had my wedding dinner in the Orangerie. So charming. Not good sound system for the mic and music for dancing. Everything else was wonderful.

Audrey LT L

Beautiful during all seasons. Has rolling elevation path but overall can be enjoyed by people of all abilities.

Amber Nelson

Beautiful gardens, but we really come here for the summer concerts. Such a fun venue!!

Katherine Doman

Pricey, but worth every penny. Breathtaking gardens, creative arrangements and displays. Very well kept and very clean. If I could I would go there every day, I instantly fell in love with it.

C Roberts

The garden after dark is so fun. The staff creates the coolest sets to walk through.

Karen Castillo

Beautiful gardens are nestled in the high benches of Salt Lake City. Meandering from garden to garden, I leanred about plants and tress I have been seeing in the mountain west that I knew nothing. about. The rose garden is absolutely beautiful. I had no idea such beautiful roses can be grown in this part of the country. The uppermost gardens have spectular views of the city. This botanical site is a gem. I was to go seasonally

E. F.

Always lovely! When the flowers are blooming, there's no better place to go and take a stroll. If I recall correctly, if you're U of U student, you can get access for free so don't forget your U card.

Harley M

Went to a beautiful wedding ceremony in Red Butte Gardens on June 23rd. It was bright and lightly breezy and perfect weather. A tram was provided to ride from the parking lot to the Rose Garden for the event. Garden did not have bugs and walking paths were clear and clean. The flowers were blooming and fragrant. Water, lemon aid, and delicious salads/sandwiches were provided after the wedding. I just attended the ceremony so I am not sure how much reserving the venue cost, but it seemed like a great choice. This venue does allow alcohol, some wedding venues in the area do not permit alcohol.

Dawn Krempecki

Beautiful well thought out gardens. Fun themes for children. Kid friendly

Brandon S

Best venue in Salt Lake for music. Beautiful gradens

Richard and Kayla Savage

Beautiful beautiful place. We love coming here and enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon. Our kids love the childrens garden and the fragrance garden is always delightful! We buy a membership every year. We love red Butte gardens.

Lyssa Goss

Beautiful Gardens! Mught be over priced but definetly breath taking

Linda Renshaw

Beautiful place! Amazing number of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. Loved the water area and the hiking trails!

izzy 706

Beautiful scenery, steep if you go right at the gate.

Kyle Graff

Beautiful place for concerts. It’s small enough that you can take a blanket and picnic to lay out on the grass or your own chair. It’s got great views of the salt lake valley as well. When we went you can also take your own alcohol and beer or wine.

Dominic Welch

Best outside garden ive been to. And the place is huge. Cant wait to see what the hiking part of the garden looks like.

Darla Woodruff

What a great place to visit! The grounds were beautifully landscaped. We climbed the hills and had a spectacular view of Salt Lake. The staff and volunteers were exceptional. Very enjoyable experience.

Stephen Stanley

This place is great. Nice walks, concerts, kids and adult activities. There are a ton of native plants and trees on display here. All of which are labeled in case you get ideas. If you live in or are visiting Salt Lake and have never been here, you should visit.

Maria Cameron

This is a must visit place in Salt Lake City. It is really lovely and peaceful. The parking lot is pretty big, but as you walk around the park it never seems very crowded. I went on a sunny day and it was just beautiful and soon as you exit building and look at the garden. It is very well maintained and has very nice walking paths.

Beth Ann Giddens

Each garden area was unique and beautiful. Sweet smells bright colors and the trees. I took so many pictures. Trails for hiking fun garden area for kids. Worth the trip.

Julie Meadows

This place is just gorgeous. We come every year for the Garden After Dark and it always exceeds our expectations. They really go the extra mile to make it a really special and fun time for these kids, and it's great for the parents too! Just a beautiful place and great atmosphere. And all the seeds we got last year bloomed beautifully this year, and brought many bees and butterflies to out garden. Thanks guys! Can't wait for next year!

shawn bachman

Beautiful grounds, great venue for concerts. we arrived as the gates opened and were way back in line, but got amazing seats, I don't think there are bad seats. so much nicer than that other outdoor venue. The restrooms are beautiful clean and accessible. The best part, the ease of getting out after the concert, was out in minutes. way way better than waiting hours else where. Brought my own Cooler full of adult beverages and a amazing tuna salad. We had a picnic during the concert. Bring a blanket to lay down people seem the respect the blanket boundaries, where as with out it people will sit on your feet. Red Butte I will be Back

Jason Salvesen

Tash Sultana was everything we hoped for. Her art and passion exuded through her entire perfomance. Thank you for sharing. Love the bass! I can't say enough about what a fabulous evening it was. The venue as always never disappoints.

Sarah Cesnik Mejac

Stunningly beautiful gardens and wonderfully diverse & designed native plants & trees throughout! I will return whenever I'm in Salt Lake City. A must see & do for anyone who.loves Utah's high desert beauty. Thank you!

Jeremy Thomson

One of my favorite places to go for a walk and look at plants. Great seasonal varieties and peaceful places to sit and enjoy nature. University of Utah students get in free.

Nicole Garrett

Beautiful gardens. Well keep paths and grounds. A lot of shady areas to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. It is peaceful and quiet so high up on the mountainside.

Kelly Ten Berge

Beautiful gardens. Took a walk through out . All the flowers are in full bloom, coloration quite splendid and a waterfall is cascading peacefully next to a plank bridge.

Nick Jones

This place is awesome! Plenty of free days. Kids love coming here.

Jeff Thomas

Great space for corporate events. The hall was beautiful, the gardens great for conversational walking, and the staff were very attentive. Some of the chicken was a little dry, it would have been nice to have some sort of sauce with it.

Radiance Larrabee

I love how many romantic little nooks there are to have a seat and enjoy the view! Absolutely beautiful, lush, dynamic gardens, with many plants well marked to be able to know what you are looking at. A lovely way to spend a sunset!

Fred Helbling

Excellent concert venue. Well designed sound system. Easy access to restrooms and parking.

Jacob Heusser

Red Butte Gardens is one of my favorite places on the planet. If you're like me and you like plants and landscape gardening, or you simply enjoy being surrounded by beautiful, peaceful nature, you will love this place as much as I do. Plus, they have fascinating events on a regular schedule. Check out the Bonsai show; Red Butte hosts it twice a year, and the Bonsai trees are fantastic. (Red Butte's website has the details).

Allison Elmont

This place is so beautiful and will not disappoint! They have paved walking paths and unpaved hiking paths. The amount of walking paths is amazing. There is a childrens garden, herb garden, rose garden, natural meadow, large pond with several waterfall features and so much more. They have concerts in the evenings and a great indoor reception area.

taylor burke

Huge place ! Can easily spend three hours here or more

Kenneth Shanafelt

Its quite a unique experience walking through Red Butte Garden. Even a Zen like expierence and is best shared with a friend. You are struck with the beauty and peacfullness as soon as you step out of the reception area and into the receiving area and beginning of the garden. Here choose the 20 minute guided golf cart tour that gives you a brief history of the gardens as it quickly takes you through the multi-tiered landscape that make up each individual gardens areas that make Red Butte Garden so unique. Then at the conclusion of the guided tour wander back at your own pace and get a close up if what Red Butte Gardens is all about. And if your lucky you may catch a performance at the outdoor ampitheator.

Robby Simpson

Because my nephew got married beautiful ceremony

Capri Bailey

The gardens are extensive and beautiful. All the staff were courteous and very nice as we roamed the many paths and gardens, and they were all very knowledgeable about the gardens and plants. Some of the names were missing from plants, but all in all we were able to find the names of most varieties. Very nice afternoon...

H. K.

Do not put this one off, you will not regret going over and over again. Absolutely gorgeous, well thought-out, and sustainable gardening. Staff was friendly and informative; during our time there we saw several wildlife surprises including a juvenile rabbit and gorgeous waterfowl. The scent garden stood out, as did the myriad of cacti species that were in large planters along the trail. It stays relatively shady in most areas, but don't forget to pack plenty of water!

Lyn Smith

Great place to have your kids walk/run around. I love the free Sundance movie (members only) during summer. And they have concert too!

Taylor Blegen

Beautiful garden! Loved the herb/fragrance/medicinal gardens specifically. Only about $15 per person. Wished we could have seen the Rose's bloom too.

Nancy Nesset Curll

Would have been better if it had not rained.

Sydnie Henderson

So beautiful any time of year. There is so much to appreciate here, from the hiking trails to the immaculate gardens. There are classes, yoga, and tours. It's so worth it to have a membership even if you only come a few times a year. I love the low-water step garden with all the local plants and beautiful cacti. There is a very cute and adventurous children's area with little paths and "secret" hideouts. I'm jealous and want an adult-sized one!

Michael Rapp

Beautiful and well kept grounds. Great place to go for a walk with the family. There's a good deal of shade as well so good for a hot day.

Don Morgan

I have been going to Red Butte Gardens for a number of years, and have never been disappointed. It is a very well maintained facility, clean, and absolutely beautiful. The staff are so very friendly and helpful. There is a really nice children's area, so it is friendly for the little people. I think, that should visit, you will have a fun and educational experience.

Paul Tumsatan

Great concert!! Berlin OMD B52s. Beautiful venue and sound.

Talia Wingo

My boyfriend and I came here for our anniversary! It's a beautifully kept garden with a multitude of different plants and flowers, ranging from medicinal herbs all the way up to traditional roses! There are tons of secret little pathways to find, a lovely river (waterfall included), and it even has various hiking trails to traverse! Many places to sit and picnic if you choose to do so, and various events all year long. All in all, a great place to go on a date, hang out with friends, or even just wander around and relax. Highly recommend.

Trena Driessen

I love Butte Gardens! We took our granddaughter to the garden adventure today and she absolutely loved it! Planning on going to as many as we can! Thank you Allie & Jaedine for making her time magical!

Cindy Walker

This is the best botanical garden I have ever visited!! Awesome layout and venue.

Kionie Diarte

Drove a while to get here only for it to close early and didnt even get to go in very disappointing....maybe I can give a better rating when I can actually make it in.

Blaine Wolf

Is to park and walk to. Standing in line can be trying, especially in the heat. If your seeing a concert it us general admission. All seating has a good view of the stage

Steve Fuzzgoo

Gorgeous Gardens and well laid out. One of the most spectacular botanical gardens I visited in a very long time.

Steven Thulin

This was a lot of fun for our entire family. Our older boys took a short hike in the hills while the younger kids enjoyed learning about different plants and playing in the children's garden. They have made some wonderful additions since the last time I brought the family here. The kids really enjoyed the viking theme to the play area, and the snap dragons were beautiful. It reminded me of the garden I planted as a cub scout. Overall, it was beautiful and fragrant and we all enjoyed it!

Jeremy Jones

Rented a space here for an event. It wasn’t cheap but the staff was fantastic and the space is quite special. Very happy overall.

Kristopher Lyman

Wonderful place! Vast multi-tiered cemented garden path with a variety of (some surprisingly long) meandering dirt paths. Insightful blend of natural environments alongside an eye opening variety of plant life artfully distributed throughout the garden. Highly recommend climbing the hill a bit to see one of the many beautiful, well maintained lookout benches. Breathtaking views abound, bring some water!

Jonathan Strauss

GORGEOUS GARDENS. A must see. Would have given it 5 stars but there is no warning or caring recourse given by the front desk if you show up on a concert day and they decided to close early because of it. They should discount or offer a voucher. Guy is awesome. Yes his name is Guy. Look for him to ask about the plants.

chad kramer

Love walking around here, always find new things to see!

Joni Beals

A stunning place - a nature walk through beautiful floral arrangements, ponds, and plant life. It is secluded enough to make you feel you are away from the city, yet occasionally, you can look down upon a majestic view of the city.

Ty Warner

Very intimate setting. Limited seating outdoor venue. Definitely bring a jacket no matter what time of year

Jake Smith

It a great learning experience, a relaxing and scenic walk, and a breath of fresh air. I do wish they removed labeling plaques for plant that aren't currently there.

Nicole Wellemeyer

It's always so kept up and maintained. Definitely a little slice of heaven!!

Joshua Gilbert

Red Butte brings the most epic music artists... Steve Miller Band- Marty Stuart & the Fabulous Supurlatives

Holly Roberts

This place is awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed our visit!

Micah Bell

Saw Little Feat here. Very cool spot to catch a concert. Beautiful scenery.

Natasha McNutt

My family visited the Red Butte Gardens during September. The gardens were beautiful and plenty. Our children enjoyed the magical views of Salt Lake City. Highly recommend.

Cody Simonsen

Great place for a family gathering and morning. Lately they've had the Lego exhibits out which are fun! Great for kids. Easy to see and notice as well as a good variety of sculptures. We spent a good three, four hours here exploring. I especially enjoyed the variety of plants. The whole trail is well shaded so it's a good activity in the middle of summer on a sunny day. You'll only get fried at the water conservation garden which is like a desert so there's not a whole lot of shade trees. There's also a neat children's garden with a splash pad. Neat little jungle gyms and huts for kids to play in. Fragrance garden is actually fragrant unlike other gardens I've been to. The one suggestion is make is to have more benches throughout the various gardens. Some had a good amount but in other parts I'd go a while without having anything to rest with. Great garden!

Randy Maxfield

Peaceful, serene and beautiful! Escape to the foothills of the Salt Lake valley to wander seemingly endless pathways to diverse and breathtaking foliage combined with striking views of the Salt Lake valley. Markers along the paths identify each plant, bush or tree so you can increase you knowledge or attempt to duplicate the beauty in your own back yard. A wonderful place to re-establish and center yourself.

Ryan Christensen

Spent a couple hours here and didn't begin to see everything. Beautifully kept gardens and escape from the city.

Karthikeyan Baskaran

Beautiful place for both peaceful and scientific minds, managed by University of Utah. This place hosts summer and winter events and plant sale during spring. Outdoor amphitheater hosts summer music concerts. Great place for picnic and sight seeing. Fragrance and medicinal garden adds flavours to the place. Apart from garden this place also has small hiking trails up the mountain. Good view of city can be seen from the top of trail.

Anna Birenbaum

This was a great garden! We went on some of the trails in the back up the hill and we saw a rattle snake. He did not bother us because we didnt bother him but it was incredible to see such untouched nature so close. The flowers and set up was amazing.

Katherine Griffith

Oh my ... absolutely beautiful!! My grandson was captivated by everything!! A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beauty!

Tijs van Limburg

The gardens are gorgeous! There are a lot of lookout spots over the city and valley where you're looking out from an area surrounded by beautiful plants, trees, and arbors. The staff there is really nice and pleasant to work with. The facilities are great and will be sure to make any event you hold there or any time you spend there memorable.

Garon Yoakum

Best summer concert venue! Gardens are also amazing.

Amy Barker

Excellent concert venue. Great people. Clean bathrooms.

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