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992 E State Rd, American Fork, UT 84003

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REVIEWS OF B J Plumbing Supply Co IN Utah

Bret Gundersen

All of the employees are patient, friendly, and willing to talk through any plumbing project I've run into.

Michael Lonnecker

Randy Goddard

Brad and team are always willing and able to help whether an experienced tradesman or DIYer. Pricing is reasonable and stock generally plentiful.

Carlos Huerta

This guys are really easy to deal with and know what they're doing!

David Potter

Save yourself an errand. Don't go to the hardware stores. They have every part you need. They have saved me twice now.

Ron Thomas

BJ plumbing is a greasy place. They are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I have always been happy shopping there.

Shaunas Adventures

I love BJ's plumbing. It started about 25 yrs ago when I was a young lady and I wanted to out my sprinkling system in. I asked them if they could help me, and they said sure. I asked what is my first step. They gave me a simple step, I did it, and then said what's next. They gave me another step. We did that for weeks until my sprinkling system was all complete. I was known as the sprinkler lady each time I walked in, but since then they have stepped me through hot water tanks, garbage disposals, and many other projects. No matter what my project, if it has to do with water pipes, I know that these guys will not only always have exactly what I need, but they will help me make it though it. Love that about them.

briana Vega

Nice people


Macgregor is the man. I've been in multiple times and he has helped me with all I need. I will always come back and recommend everyone.


Overpriced! Call Moen Direct for parts and pay half.

Eliza Little

Extremely knowledgeable, and always exactly what I need. I go to other hardware stores for plumbing supplies and I ALWAYS end up at B J plumbing for what I actually needed and end up returning what I bought at the other hardware stores. Save yourself some hassle and go straight to B J plumbing. I love these guys.... and gals :)

James Speirs

Whenever I have a plumbing need I go to BJ Plumbing. They have a large supply of anything you might need, including odd pieces. They also have a knowledgeable staff who is happy to help you understand not only the parts you need but also how to put it together. They also offer free spirit let system designs. I've been going here for years and have never been disappointed.

Natalie Wennergren

Great service. They knew exactly what part I needed. They didn't take advantage of my lack of knowledge. I was planning on buying additional parts from doing my own research online but I was clearly wrong. They told me exactly what i needed to know to fix my leak and didn't try to sell me "extra stuff." And their prices are very competitive, even when compared to online pricing which makes it very convenient. They have just earned a loyal customer.

Jay Wood

BJ Plumbing is very helpful and the stock good quality parts at good prices.

Alejandro Alonso

Good place and very helpful

Daniel Ware

Super helpful, much better selection than Lowes or Home depot for poly pipe

Jacob Hofheins

This company had the worst customer service that I’ve ever dealt with. I was looking for an individual piece that could fix my water heater and they proceeded to tell me that I had to buy the whole unit instead of just buying the piece I needed. It was almost quadruple what I would’ve paid just for the piece I needed. I will never be shopping at this location or with this company ever. Their competitor was able to help me and sell me the piece that I needed instead of the whole unit.

Bryce Jensen

So this was a while back. I had to go there to get some drain parts and the place was packed with people trying to fix there sprinklers. A very young kid asked me if I needed help and he did. He knew just what I needed, walked with me around the place and got all that I needed. 10 times more knowledgeable than any employee you will find at the Depot. And for as busy as they were, I got out of there with everything I needed in no time at all. I also noticed that everyone that worked there were very busy and very patient. Model employee's. Don't go to the depot, go to B J plumbing S.C.

sandra diaz

Chase Russell

Matthew Long

Everyone was very helpful is letting me know what was the best toilet in my price range. Didn't try and sell me on something that was above what I wanted to pay. Very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.

Emily Calton

This place is amazing. We needed parts for our water heater that we couldn't find anywhere else. They were so knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend going to BJ Plumbing Supply!

Thomas Lawson

Helpful and knowledgeable. Just the right stuff to do the job. Quality parts.

Jack Kendrick

Great guys. Very knowledgeable and willing to help the novice plumber

Jeff Crow

Aaron Larson

These guys know their stuff! Good prices, very knowledgeable.

Tony Anderson

Always very helpful and knowledgeable.

Earl Stevens

Knowledgeable and helpful staff. They'll help you design your sprinkler system (or plumbing project), build a plan/parts list and pull the parts for you.

Brian Kilpack

Zach Olsen

I came in about a week ago, the store was super busy while all the staff members were helping guys with harder projects there was an employee who had a buzz cut and a young face helping people through the business while still talking and having a smile on his face. After he got done with a few people, he called me up to see if he could help me. I showed him the picture i had on my phone and he was able to get the new part and answer the questions i had about my sprinkler heads and valves. We love BJ plumbing!

Mike Carsey

The service their was excellent

Nic Johnson

So helpful and never made me feel dumb for asking all sorts of rookie questions.

Cameron D

Every time is good experience here. They're always helpful and willing to explain.

Charles Eads

Uncle Mike's Awesome Outdoors

This place is the best! Every time I come in here, they have what I need and if they don't have exactly what I need, they will make recommendations on what else will work. Friendly: Check. Smart: Check. Convenient: Check. This place checks all the boxes of awesome, and should be given the presidential medal of awesomeness, because they reek of plumbing knowledge, and it smells great! Don't waste your time going to the other 'plumbing' store on 500 east, because you will lose 6 IQ points and grow a bunch of knuckle hair after suffering through that experience...just come to BJ's first and become the plumbing rockstar you were meant to be!

Scott Wright

Staff was super helpful. I needed to find a small part that could have been easy for someone to brush off, but I was not only assisted to find the item, but given a discount due to circumstances out of their control. Very knowledgeable and great customer service. I highly recommend this place!

Steve Nau

Don't waste your time going to any other plumbing supply shop. BJ's go above and beyond for every customer every time. Their inventory is better quality and better priced than any of the garbage you'll get at big box stores. Mickey is the best rep in my opinion, that dude is a genius and is the only reason I became a dedicated customer. Pro Tip: even if you've got an issue after they're closed for the night, don't be tempted to go somewhere else. Just put a band-aid on it and wait for tomorrow. You'll thank me later.

Elan Drydenhall

Friendly, helpful, and they usually have what I want at decent prices.

Michael Hilkey

They are very knowledgeable and professional night and day compared to Home Depot and Lowe's I go to BJ Plumbing for everything now

Tiff Tiff

Thank you for recommending Jeremy and for your help in the store. My plumbing issue is fixed and you saved me thousands!

Huntington Homes

Harlen Soper

Great service. Much better than the big box stores

Brad Jensen

Excellent service! Had the perfect piece for my puzzle.

Richard Johnston

Love it - I go there all the time. Have been going to BJ's for almost 25yrs now. I built two houses and plumbed it all with BJ's stuff. They've never told me to go packing because I'm not a plumber. Tens of thousands of feet of pipe later and never a leak or break.

Dave Stillman

Teressa Gurney

Very knowledgeable and helpful! I will always go here for my future plumbing needs. I went in as a diy novice and they found me exactly what I needed and demonstrated how to install it. Thank you BJ Plumbing!

Curtis Weller

Level of service that's hard to find anymore. First, I went to BJ's to buy some parts. I was guided directly to the parts by a kind and attentive employee. Second, I came back to return some of the parts that I didn't need. No hassle at all. Third, I called to let them know that the parts I bought from them were leaking. The gentleman treated me very kindly, explained what I didn't understand with no hint of condescension, and offered a solution to my problem. He followed up by asking me to call him back if it didn't work. Well, his solution worked like a charm and I am one happy customer. These guys know their business and they're happy to share their knowledge with you in a kind and friendly manner. I rarely see this combination these days.

Jordan Cook

Very helpful and friendly service. They helped me assemble the connection for my water softener so I could just take it home and plug-and-play.

Ryan Crockett

Very helpful and had all the parts i needed.

Ron Anderson

These are amazingly helpful people. I went to them with an unusual plumbing problem, and they helped me think it through, explaining how to do the work, the potential pain points, and the potential risks. They had the parts in stock and told where to go to get the small tools required to do the job.

Mark Madsen

I stopped in this morning with a faucet problem. The man at the desk said they do not have access to the parts I need, but patiently looked through countless online registries and catalogs until he found the model number for my faucet as well as the part number I needed and contact information for the manufacturer so I could get replacements. Perfect service! This place deserves your business!

Chris Rogers

Fantastic service at a great price. I've always gone to the big box stores for plumbing supplies assuming that the specialty shops were for the pro's and were more expensive. That's half true; this shop is for the pro's as well as the average person wanting to fix a leaky faucet. I worked with a gentleman (I got the impression he was running the place) and he spent over 30 minutes with me, helping me understand what the issue might be, equipping me with the best value in parts, and helped put together a plan for getting things fixed. This is the only place I'll be going to for plumbing needs.

Joshua Erickson

Great work. Knows what they're talking about. We have a leaky water heater and they helped up out tons. Ask for Brad! He will hook you up and care about you and your needs.

Matt Rutter

I am a relatively unskilled do-it-yourselfer. I stumbled upon BJ's several years ago and they always know exactly what I need when I describe the problem I am trying to solve. My latest experience with them (about an hour ago) was such that I just had to write a review. I got to BJ's at 5:56 (they close at 6) and turned off the car just as "Hotel California" started on the radio. I had taken a picture on my phone of the toilet fill valve and flapper that were leaking. I showed it to the man and told him what was happening. He handed me a new flapper and a new valve cap and showed me how to install it. I payed for it and was back in my car BEFORE THE SONG ENDED!! Less than a half-hour later the toilet was fixed. Thanks BJ Plumbing Supply, you guys are awesome!

LaMonte Wilcox

They've been giving me advice and help for ten years and are great!

Brandon Ward

Craig Hermansen

Carlos Regalado

Jason Poulson

Lyle Winterton

When I was young 40 years ago there used to be places like BJ's that would give personal service and actually do repairs for you while you wait. BJ's is a little gem in a dying world of commerce. I'd recommend this place to anybody. I've been doing plumbing for 40 years and these guys are the best. Period!

Darrell Bunker

Good honest group of guys that seem to have any sprinkler part U might need.

David Moeai

My brother and I walked into the store on a busy Saturday morning while working on a sprinkler project. Being novices ourselves, and unaware of how to determine which flow heads to use for the different parts of the lawn, we were relieved to find someone who could give us a tutorial. McGregor (millennial-aged) was the name of the associate who helped us. He filled our basket with everything we needed, mapped out our coverage zones on graph paper while demonstrating how to make adjustments to the sprinkler heads themselves. Took the guess work out of the equation and got us out the door much faster than we would have had we tackled this buying experience alone. Ask for McGregor by name...the customer service we received was so much better than that of big box stores. If you need a little help with a home improvement project, or can't "do it yourself", this local business can help. Thanks B J Plumbing.

Sheila Carter

Very helpful and kind

Brittany Brown

I went into BJ plumbing today with a difficult problem for my camping trailer. Several of their staff helped me customize a solution that worked 100% perfectly. They were so helpful! At Home Depot I would have wandered around for an hour with no idea where to start. At BJ Plumbing I showed them pictures of my problem and gave a vague description showing I didn’t really know what I was taking about and then they walked up and down the aisles grabbing parts and ten minutes later I was walking out the door. They glued the parts that needed to be glued and used plumbing tapes in the parts that needed that and I was ready to go. Then when they rang it all up I was shocked at how great the price was! Such a win! I totally recommend them!!

Robert Carbine

They are very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to designing my sprinkler system.

Aubrey Jones

I went in with a DIY problem and two dollars and a few minutes later they had me fixed!

Skylar Dyreng


Kristen Shumway

Super helpful with my Sprinkler project, good advice and everything i needed.

Adi Dement

Totally helped me out as I had three kids in tow! They were patient and kind and didn't treat me like an idiot, since I had no clue what I needed. Even helped me over the phone.

Dennis Reimschussel

They always have what I need, and are helpful with suggestions.

Jackson H

Amazingly helpful staff. Skip Lowes and Home Depot, go here first. Had a leaking expansion valve at the hot water inlet. Rather than replace it for higher cost and tons more labor, BJs set me up with all the parts I would need to put an accumulator tank on the system. In and out in 15 min. Problem fixed fast.

Adam Denning

I have a sprinkler plumbing store and 2 major hardware stores nearer to me but I drive the extra distance to BJ's Everytime. Excellent customer service and prices are better than the big box stores for many items.

Gage Thompson

It's just one employee that just has no customer service skills. He will be extremely short with you, act irritated the whole time your talking to him. This last time (very last time) I came in with a problem, the guy wouldn't listen to me, kept cutting me off, he thought he knew what I was telling him and he clearly didn't. So I gave up and went to Home Depot found what I needed in two seconds the problem was extremely simple and the service from BJ's is a complete joke. With that one particular guy the other staff I've interacted with were fine.

Jesh Barlow

Showed a pic of what I needed (a complete manifold replacement) to the guy and he put together everything I needed. So helpful and collaborative!

Larry Mortenson

Kevin Masson

Fantastic service and very helpful staff

Samuel J

These guys are awesome. They have very helpful and knowledgeable staff that are willing to help you find the best solution to your plumbing jobs.

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