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3525 William D Tate Ave, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States

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REVIEWS OF Marshall Grain Company IN Texas

Cheryl Sutter

Love love love this garden center the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable plus lots of great things Check out the Fairy garden accessories plus shrubs you don't find every where else

Don Wagner

Tony Smith

Great service, vast product selection, and the most awesome four legged employees one could ask for!

Kathy C

Ramzi Batrice

Showed up right at 6pm after driving across town, and had the door locked on me as I was coming in, and the people wouldn't even look out at me waving at them through the door. Knew what I needed and everything.

Marsha Blackman

Awesome staff. More than helpful...miracle makers!

Julia Karanian

i vw

W E Bill Dooley

Spring time. Got to get my container garden ready. Great selection of soil builders.

TSM_ jona

Liz Presley

Always helpful

Aerodex Com

Friendly Helpful Staff!

Darren Totten

Maureen Vanacore

Great place with reasonable prices. Just purchased 20 % vinegar to kill our weeds to later prep for our spring planting.

Kolette McLelland

This place has seriously gone down hill! I just waited 20 minutes for the manager to help me but instead of waiting longer I just walked out. I will not buy my products at a place that doesn’t honor or respect repeat customers. We have chooses!

Kerry Rodgers

Richard Sides

There are plenty of places where you can buy plants. What makes Marshall special is their people! Have a question about an organic issue? They have your answer? How deep to plant your new trailer. They've got you covered. They're smart, so I don't have to be!

Taylor Doyle

I’ve come in several times and worked with Ellen! She knows her stuff and i was super impressed when she was willing and happy to explain the concept of fertilizer to me


Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Great selection of plants and trees. Hard to find organic products here. Bulk bird seed for low price.


Nice organic lawn and gardening supplies. Limited plants on the day I went.

David Brown

The selection isn't the best but the prices are good. This is the second year in a row we've found our Christmas tree here.

Kathleen Riley

Athena Reynolds

Love this place.

Chuck Owens

This business is really disappointing. Supposedly they have a well schooled design person however she really knows very little about drainage, plant selection, etc. I had my back yard fully landscaped in early 2017. In just a short while plants began dying and had to be switched to a different variety, a holly tree died, was replaced by another but it died also. Now they refuse to replace it saying the warranty has expired. A reputable company would either replace the tree or refund my money. I was told that I was treated fairly as they came out 5-6 times. This only proves what a sloppy unprofessional job they did. I have asked for the name(s) and contacts of ownership but my so-called designer refused. I will be taking whatever measures are needed to have this rectified. Charles T Owens, Flower Mound

Elizabeth Hayden

Love this place for excellent variety of plants and a great organic selection.

Donovan Smith

Karol Archer

Great selection of almost everything I need for my garden.

Catherine Bethards

We get our dog food, bird seed, and plants here. Always a great experience

Tonya Entzi-Martin

Great customer service and knowledgeable employees.

Chris Taylor

In their defence from the "poor customer service" review, this is an old mom and pop store, and I am extremely thankful for their presence. They have many organic items not available anywhere in DFW and at a very reasonable price. Whenever I'm in Ft Worth, I make it point to buy something there. Yes, it's not the I'll get you out of here in 1 minute and 15 seconds or less, but they do try and they tend to the customers in front of them. I'd rate them a four but to balance out the lower ratings they don't deserve, I upped it to five.

Andrea Hedrick

p u

This beats Lowes or HDepot any day in all aspects! Plants I could not find else where I found here. The two named big box stores sell plants out of season knowing they will not survive. These plants are winter plants like stalks( UK plant). In Tx should be consider late fall through early spring. Primrose. Others but the sell in Spring and all ypu get is 2months if your lucky. Plant in the fall and they will last through a moderate Tx winter into spring. Thats 6 months! Anyway all the plants look healthy. Prices are slightly higher, I do mean slight but the product is much better quality! As for all you bellyachers out there Mr Owens you must have been over watering. Community standards are twice a week. How many times you expect a co. to replace a plant you killed? Everything I bought here is thriving in my novice garder and I went back for more. Took a friend there also & she was delighted! Store also sells my cat food, vaccinations, bric-a-brac for your yard, etc. All in all, I so glad I found this little gem.

joseph henry

Renee Hargis

They didn't have what I needed today!

Bob Bard

Great place for high quality dog food. A general store for outdoor good with great selections.

krishnan rajah

Staff were friendly

Jeanette Asgekar

Great for you gardeners...the cats are great too!

Cory Peterman

Best place ever for plants or pet food. Great organic selection

Garry Higgs

Great visit. People were friendly and knew what they were talking about.

Todd M

Joseph Lambert

Great place and great people

Dalton Wright

Ron Crim

This place has a great selection for your herb and pepper garden.

Bill Ponder

Donald Bownds

Steve Patterson

Great selection of plants at great prices.

Michelle S

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile staff. Have a wide, diverse supply for everything gardening, creating the perfect outdoor area utilizing organic methods and access to other methods. Great selection of pet food, toys, medicines and accessories and having special events for the pets.

Russell Dienell

GREAT place

Barfin Bob

Every kind of food for your animals. Lots of plants, flowers, trees. Friendly staff.

James Simpson

All ways a good experience .

Jessica Bell

Ian Austin

David McGeary Jr

Tommy Madison


Always very helpful staff. Great store and plants.

Kim-Ngan Nguyen

I called the store on Sep. 11, 17 about 2 hours ahead to make sure they have garlic to plant in stock. The answer was "YES". I drove 29 miles to come to the store in Grapevine. The answer in the store was "We are sorry, we don't have now" !!!!!?????? If the store manager could read this, he or she would have a meeting with the employees about how to answer a simple question that would not hurt the store reputation.

noa baron

Need organinc gardening advice, this is the place to get it!! We love it and buy all our amendments and plants from them.

Neil Obrien

Andrew Ehrmantraut

Awesome place. Helpful staff, good selection of plants and better prices than the big box stores.

lonnie bravo

Ricky Pike

Nick Riley

Super place for animal info big dog section wild birds plants and garden and grass info. Very kind and friendly people and be sure to talk to the cats Very fun place.

Jennifer Bomer

Always pleasant, and successful

Darya Farral

A camelia I bought from it has a real infestation of insect eggs! Dozens of yellow balls and I don't even know what pest that is! I really appreciated the help from people there though, they were extremely helpful and nice.

Chris Parsons

Had a great time at the charity dog pool party (dog wash). Thanks Marshall Grain for making it all possible.

Tatum Crawford

This place is awesome! We get our dog food here, vaccines when needed, and look around inside just for fun. Everyone is so nice and helpful!

Edward Baker

Staff was friendly and willing to assist

Gregg Parks

Clementine Wildfire

Love it in every possible way said Farmer Duckworth. ;)

Griselda Moony

The hours posted on this website are incorrect. They are also open on Fri., Sat., and Sun. They usually close at 6, but they close a bit earlier on the weekends.


Kim Mauldin

Awesome plants and will assist you with any plant issues you may be having.

Joseph Blain

Bigboi Slim

They have everything and the best.

Marc Washington

Megan Middleton

Sheldon Clark

Great experience. Very helpful

Teresa White

Magda Good

First time shopping here! Very friendly and helpful staff! Will most definitely be back.

Tony Morris

I needed beneficial nematodes for a grub issue, but knew I only needed a small amount. Knowing that Marshall Grain sells two sizes, I had my wife stop by there while she was in Grapevine to get the smallest size they have. The people gave her exactly what she asked for, but failed to mention two very important facts: 1. They were out of the smallest size they sell, and 2. No returns on this product. I drove back over to Grapevine the next day to return the nematodes because she had purchased the larger size. That's when they told me that they were out of the smaller size, and that I had to keep what she bought. She asked for the smallest size they have, which is exactly what they sold to her. Very poor customer service! Some mom and pops, like the Argyle Feed Store are much more attentive and informative.

Brad Haskovec

An early Sunday morning turned chaotic when what was thought to be bedbugs were discovered in a friends bed frame. Not knowing anything but fable and lore about the infestation, I thought that the best idea might be to go to a feed store. Being Sunday morning, most were closed, but Marshalls was not only open but willing to take the time to calm our nerves and explain the reality of the problem and explain their wide variety of products that could help. As it turned out, it wasnt even bedbugs...rather ticks. Thanks to the astute clerk, we saved a lot of time and confusion.

Amanda Oertwich

Amazing people providing amazing service!

Nathan Hickman

Great store and great folks! Always very helpful!

Jose Jesus Mora

(Translated by Google) Mui good place (Original) Mui buen lugar

Chelsea Galloway

Kind and joyful staff they provide gardening advice and samples. Their plants and flowers look happy.

Vanessa Andrews

Rebecca Tearman

Stellamaris Williams

Dale Ander

Great place for organic gardening

Roderick Netter

Nancy Peterson

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

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