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REVIEWS OF Maas Nursery IN Texas

Luu Nguyen

They have okay bonsai trees but way over price. And they are planted in regular soil witch eventually kill the tree by over watering. Bonsai needs free draining soil.

Raluca Kingston

Went here looking for planters after reading on their website that they have a large variety. I think that description was an understatement... there are probably thousands of different color/shape/style planters! And then some! There is probably every single garden/yard decoration you could think of, all covered and surrounded by huge beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. Looks more like a botanical garden than a nursery... Very peaceful... There is also a 2 level indoor area with other decorations and art pieces at the entrance; kinda reminds me of an antique shop... Spent about 3h last time we visited and had a great time, dealt with helpful, nice people and can't wait to come back!

Valerie Benavidez

this place is simply amazing & the staff is so helpful. I absolutely love this place.

Marquetta Howard

By far the best nursery I've visited ever! The grounds are spread out to enjoy the variety of plant life with beautiful garden statues, native pottery and fountains galore providing a very tranquil setting. The staff is exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and helpful great for a novice or experienced gardener. If you need to find that special plant or a place to walk think and find your inner peace/Zen, this is the place. I will be back just to walk the grounds and marvel at God's creation!

Jeff Towle

Our go to spot for organic & heirloom plants and supplies.

Frances Cooper

Large selection of beautiful plants and very helpful staff!

jan mcgovern

Very very helpful and they were unloading 3 semi's of new plants!!!

Joyce Coates

wonderful visit

Jenna Haden

Best nursery I have ever seen!

James S.

Love this place. Absolutely the best nursery in the houston metro area. Well worth the drive.

Peggy Halyard

Couples love visiiting Maas Nursery, maybe even a great venue for our couples weekend retreat by peggyanddoug

Miles Anderson

Love Maas Nursery staff is the best always helpful and have what you need!!!

Sophia Hernandez

Like something out of a fairy tale! I loved it and happy to have brought a little plant of my own with me. Just jaw dropping gorgeous.

J Cannon

Lots of selection and always have someone point you in the right direction

Johnny Diamond

We have loved Maas Nursery. Maas has many loyal customers who have been going there for years. I have purchased several of the largest bronze statues they had on sale along with ornaments, fertilizer and the plants... but beware of the Mailbox Witch! Let me explain. The loading area next to checkout is also where they have an obscure mailbox. All loading and unloading at Maas will block the mailbox because it is in a silly place. We witnessed a large Coca Cola truck pull in to unload. This blocked the mailbox. Also a FedEx Truck. But as a customer I was viciously attacked by the Mailbox Witch, while purchasing a few large trees. I was asked to back my truck up to the loading dock. A few minutes later Mailbox Witch had a hysterical fit in front of customers and employees. Everyone was embarrassed and shocked! She could have asked us to nicely move the truck... but instead began screaming in an inappropriate rage at everyone involved in the imaginary conspiracy to stop her mail. I think this is a horrible way for anyone to behave in public or private. But to be this inconsiderate to a customer clearly buying Christmas presents from Maas nursery for my family is sad. The fact is that Maas is VERY expensive compared to the massive amount of competition. Any neighborhood landscaper can out source Maas. There are hundreds of nurseries in Houston. Maas shouldn't be so arrogant about itself that they treat their customers like DIRT!

jody Faulkner

A must see! Very helpful!

Rose Valdez

I always find the most beautiful toses, and they are very high quality.

Andy Gaworecki

Great people and great plants.

Lauren Monroe

Great place! Everything you could ever want. Bought some plants and the staff was very helpful and nice to help us select the best plant for what we needed. Great years art and they have huge quartz crystals too. Wonderful place for a Sunday stroll.

Antonio Helm

Mass nursery has everything you could want for your garden. Block out a couple of hours. To wander the acres of plants, statues, bottle trees, crafts and folk art. It worth the trip to explore this one of a kind, place.


This place is amazing, the only way I could describe it is peaceful. I definitely want to work here when I am of age, but that's besides the point. Maas is very diverse, ranging from all different species. Seeds are plentiful, trees, flowers, everything is there. Please, stop by here, you will have a very good experience I hope.

David Peck

If you like exotic nurseries, well worth a visit. Neat place.

Keri Eckhardt

I give 2 stars because of my experience with some plants I bought. I bought some plants 3 weeks ago and they died within the 1 first week. I approached the owner (Carol) on another trip to Maas to ask what the return process is due to the fact that I followed the planting instructions very thoroughly and yet they still died. She told me she would not honor a return or exchange because she felt that I did not water the plants. I was so dumbfounded by her statement that I just walked away. I had to process what I had just heard. Yes, I watered them everyday. What kind of business does not honor a return and stand behind their products. The way she talked to me was as if I was a child. The place is beautiful, yet overpriced. By this experience I will shop elsewhere that stands behind their products and offers better customer service.

Patrick Atkins

Easily the best nursery I have been to in the Houston area. It's like the Disneyworld of nurseries. It's huge and has everything. I was looking for jacaranda trees which are a rarity for this area. No one else had them. Maas had 10-15 of them.

Gene Cole

Knowledge of staff is top notch. You will find plants you won't see anywhere.


Awesome place!! Has all kinds of plants, pots, garden trinkets!! They don’t use pesticide!! Great for caterpillars!

Yolanda Franklin

They have huge variety of plants and trees. Plan to spend more than hour. It is many acres. Very relaxing and peaceful.

Chris Smith

This place is great! They have a huge variety of plants you can't find at other nurseries. But honestly a lot of their stuff is over priced but I still love this place!

Darlene Mynes

I have shopped here for many years and I simply love the staff and I love this place!

Rachel McKellar

Been coming here for years. Large selection and not the same old thing. Lots to look at, so be ready to walk. Love this place.

Terry Canup

Is 5 stars the most I can give? Awesome is the proper adjective. Plant up, people. Go to Maas!

Lucia Sanchez

This has been a very pleasant place to shop for plants and flowers. They have a lot to choose from and is a very big place to walk around and enjoy the beauty of all different kinds of plants.

Eugenia Rolater

Maas is an ever evolving "secret garden", sprinkled throughout with whispers of lazy shaded afternoons spent reading and napping. The tinkle of fountains and the smell of campfire indices one into memories of relaxing vacations and times spent imagining what every day of my life would certainly be like...If only...I would win the LOTTO! So, each and every visit there ends in bringing just a little bit of it back to my home...and back to reality.

Justin Chan

Great selection of plants, including native varieties and plants suited to Houston's climate, as well as organic gardening supplies. Not cheap like a discount garden center, but you get quality plants and good advice from knowledgeable staff. On a nice day it's wonderful to just walk around and take in the beauty of the gardens.

Candace Dodge

Best plant&gardening stuff anywhere!

Jackie A.

Great nursery, tucked away in beautiful Seabrook Texas. We have been shopping here for over 30 years and haven't been disappointed. Wide selection of plants and outside decor, and helpful staff.

Michael Navarro

I love this place, lots of variety and unique finds. The staff here has always been helpful and accommodating too. I absolutely plan on being back for more plants and Palms soon!!

Jared Kelly

The most awesome garden center on earth! It is well worth every second of your visit!

Kari Hickman

DO NOT PURCHASE TREES FROM THIS PLACE!!! My grandmother purchased a magnolia tree and paid an expensive price for them to plant it at my new home so she was sure it was done right. After contacting them 6 months after the tree was planeted and me requesting them come look at it or can I send pictures it’s not doing anything they blamed me and said I must not be watering it enough (keep in mind this was December after hurricane Harvey which it rained daily on top of me HAND WATERING THE TREE) but whatever I said I’ll give it longer. So I contacted them when my “year warranty on the tree“ was about to be up and of course they still said I was doing something wrong and never came out or checked on me or anything so I basically wasted $1200 on a tree my grandmother planted for me that was supposed to be sentimental and a great experience and it was terrible, now I have a dead tree and nothing to remember my grandma by. I’m beyond upset they would treat me this way and sale me a dead tree.

Rose Zepeda

Absolutely Love this place,.., . Made a special trip here for some Sage....


Huge selection and knowledgeable staff

Chelsea Wheatley

Very knowledgeable & extremely helpful! Huge variety with reasonable prices!

Charles Nothig

Very nice place. Everyone was very very helpful. Found everything we went after. Prices better than any garden center we have ever visited. Saw plants we thought we would never see anywhere again.


A lot of plants, not much knowledge and the prices are high

Kellie Yosko

They have the best selection & prices, plus they also offer landscaping (which I can't wait to use!).

Kim Collom

A beautiful nursery they have so much to choose from.

Dan Pancamo

Just love that place... Just with I could afford all the cool stuff.



Spencer Hudgins

The plants and service are great, but the women at the front who do the cashiering have an absolutely dreadful attitude. I was there paying out last week, and had a red haired woman, I believe her name was Melissa, give me the worst customer service I’ve experienced in my life. Completely condescending and rude, I suggest the management find a different job for her ASAP to avoid sending customers to a different business, because I refuse to shop there when I see her now.

Kant Sleep

I come here often to browse through the wide variety of plant life. The atmosphere is very calming and comfortable. Prices seem to vary by size of plant. If it is too expensive, then most likely you can find the same variety of plant, just a smaller one for cheaper. The staff are friendly and helpful. Overall just an amazing place, actually one of my favorite places in the Houston area to visit.

lester frolick

Great variety of plants, little more expensive than most places.

Melanie Kitts

I am in love with MAAS Nursery!

Lamar Smith

Peaceful place to stroll the aisles of beautiful plants. Excellent selection and help.

bee sweet

Visited for the first time yesterday. Wonderful place and awesome experience! The staff is friendly and helpful. There's a great selection for all budgets, and we thought the company cat at the register was so cute. They also sell fresh honey during the week inside, and outside on the weekends, with cash. We'll definitely go again as our landscape project progresses.

Captiv Creative

Great place lovely family. I really enjoy their classes

David Blanco

Great selection and service! Every employee is very knowledgeable about what to do and how to do it when it comes to gardening. They have a wide selection of exotic plants too as well as a great selection of pottery.

Bob P

Great selection, the Nursery is the best in the Houston area but when I went to the cashier I was absolutely stunned with the cashier horrible attitude and customer skills. I questioned pricing of a couple of plants and her only response is "well are you going to buy them or should I put them back" What? The same plant had two different prices on them. I can't ask why? Then I asked about another plant that didn't have a price on and she said "well we just got them in yesterday". What does that have to do with no price on it? I questioned the price and I start to walk back to them to double check it and she says "I am going to have to ask you to leave" . As I head back I hear her call the Manager Carol over, Carol (who was very informative) actually helped us pick out all 9 plants in the first place! This looks to be multiple complaints on this lady. Everything was great until her encounter.

Josue Valladares

I went to buy a pineapple guava tree and not only did they have many to choose from but. One of the employees gave me the pineapple guava tree she had chosen for her self. That's good service I'm hooked.

Mary Worton

This is a beautiful nursery. It's an eclectic mix of plants, people, covered sitting areas and a really cool tomcat that was asleep in an aquarium that was on it's side under the cashier's counter. It's also HUGE. I could've wandered around for at least a whole day and not seen it all. The prices are a bit high, but the quality of the plants is top notch. I will say that the parking isn't the greatest, or I would've given 5 stars. I will definitely go back.

A Nixson

Beautiful selection!! All the plants are well taken care of. My mom and found plants that we have been looking for for years!

Xiomara E.

If you want to find trees and flowers or any type of fountains and decorations this is the place to go. This is a beautiful place well kept and there's alot of stuff to see here would definitely recommend.

Wendy Wilkins

Found my first Cajun hibiscus at Maas and I love it! Great selection of plants and garden decor, friendly and well informed staff. Love Maas Nursery and visit there often.

Teresa Lemming-Adsit

Love this place. I could stay here all day. So much to see. First time coming here and I didn't even see 1/4 of the nursery. Everyone was so helpful. Can't wait to go back.

George Ramirez

Just had a great find. Nice Orange tree that's healthy and smells great.

John Talley

Pack a lunch! It's worth the drive.

JoJo Palmer

wonderful people, beautiful plants. love the peaceful feeling you get here.

Michelle Hawkins

The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. They have acres of plants and pottery for residential and commercial.

xiomara espinoza

If you want to find trees and flowers or any type of fountains and decorations this is the place to go. This is a beautiful place well kept and there's alot of stuff to see here would definitely recommend.

Todd Garcia

Monday Zen- I love Maas Nursery whenever I'm feeling blue I come in and it picks me up

Sherri Wright

Best nursery around!

C.C. Rice

Tons of stuff! My favorite nursery.

Sierra Matlock

Absolutely gorgeous place! Lots of healthy plants for reasonable prices and the staff is really helpful.

Sidney Lampman

Herd about MAAS Nursery threw Jimbos Nursery here in Santa Fe. Its always hard to find MILKWEED mid and late summer. The Cats. have done stripped all my Milkweed and i cant keep up with the little guys.I still had about 15 catapillers i still needed to feed. So i called Maas and of course, they had some on hand. They had a very nice slection and all were very green and healthy. I was also promised that there had been no chem. used on them that should harm my Cats. Unfortunately though, befor i had called Maas cause they were closed, out of despreat need of Milkweed i went to another place on HWY 6 and she had 3 terribe plants and i bought them and she knew they were for my Cats, i brought them home and put them in the cage, the next day they were all dead. They have a great staff that will help you with any thing you need and you dont have to go look for them there always right there to help. And they even gave me some free firtilizer to try out, cant beat that. I give them a 5 star. P.S. There prices on there Milkweed was way cheeper then any one else i bought from. Thank you sooooo very much MAAS, i will be seeing you again.

Lane Johnson

Had a weird experience here about a week and a half ago. Went with the girlfriend, she loves this place. She was looking at plants and what not but really went there to look into their mulch. Keep in mind, she loves this place and has been here multiple times and even brings her out of town mom here. We start by walking around inside the main building looking at fertilizer and some type of grass feed stuff. Then she walks to the back to look for a few plants. I'm not a plant guy, I don't know the names. This is where it gets weird. An older guy in a polo starts following us around. He hangs out like 10-15 feet away and follows us everywhere we go. She keep looking around at plants and picks up a few. I'm pulling them behind us in this cart thingy. The guy is still following us. She notices too. We decide to just leave because we're getting creeped out. The dude follows us to the check out and is eyeing us the whole time! We walk to the car, put the plants in the truck and back out. We notice the dude still looking at us! Then he takes a picture of my car as we pull away! We were like, what the hell... We called the place and a nice girl picks up the phone. We say to her, "hey, this guy was following us around and taking pictures of my car, wth". She goes and asks the guy. Turns out, that guy was the owner! The girl comes back to the phone after a bit and tells us that the guy profiles people who have "backpacks". My gf has one of those purses that you wear like a backpack. The owner thought we were there to steal plant clippings or something, and that's the explaination we got. The owner didn't have the guts to tell us this himself, he made the nice girl tell us. The guy never said a word to use, just followed us around like a CREEP. I only went here with the gf, but she was so creeped out she said she's never going back. The owner of the place, profiling young girls with purses that you wear on your back, and taking pictures of people's cars. Not a way to win customers dude. We're taking out plant buying elsewhere.

Vickie Sims

Always a pleasure to be at this nursery and get great tips and advice about seasonal changes and products. Vegetable garden class today was wonderful, informative and fun.

Katherine Keys Reeves

If one is looking for information on gardening or plants, MAAS is the place to go. So many interesting things to see at MAAS.

Alesia Pennington

Spring is in the air and Maas never disappoints.

Jason McCorkle

Best Nursery in town! Love Jim and Carol Maas!

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