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REVIEWS OF Cold Creek Nurseries IN South Carolina

longtimelurker .

I really liked they had an organic market inside. The staff was helpful and the prices were competitive. They had a lady outside making tomato/apple soup and it was really good.

Carol Wilmot

Great variety. Plants at always well tended. All types of gardening items tools and decorative items. Helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Melinda H

Super nice folks! Try the hot ginger ale while you're browsing the greenhouse.

Clara Edmond

Employees were very helpful and cheerful. Its also stuck full of cheap, nice plants.

Paul Diggs

I purchase some black berry plants. They have produced some very good berries. I had to share them with the wild life.

Andrea Setter

Looking for a plant? This is you place! The prices are not that cheap but they are a good quality so you know what you are getting! Workers always communicative, friendly and helpful with anything you might need! This is located in hitchcock pkwy

Scott Reviews

Wow! If you are a gardener.. or even if you are not and just want to look like one (like me) then this is the place to come in Aiken. They have a HUGE assortment of indoor/outdoor/shade to full sun plants, trees and flowers to beautify your property. The staff are great and I'm pretty sure they all have big, green thumbs. They will even schedule someone to come and design garden space, or your entire yard!! This was a free service last time I checked and they do a great job of incorporating the plants you prefer with the space and lighting specific to your property. There is, of course, fertilizer and all of that but they also have a wonderful shop with garden gnomes, flags, bird feeding accesories, chimes.. if you can put it in a garden they probably have it. They also offer local produce as well. I come with the whole family because there is something for everyone here.

Brandi Wells

I took my kids there on Halloween. Very nice people.

Sandra Waddell

Thank you Cold Creek Nursery for my new yard. Great job of putting in new sod. Thanks to Will for doing a professional job. You were so helpful and knowledgable.

Rebecca Coldiron

Best garden shop in Aiken

Shalyn Najjar

It's really hit or miss at this place if you're looking for houseplants. Sometimes the plants look healthy and other times they're really run down. I once saw a tray of air plants being watered 'roots down', which concerned me. The prices are a little high, in my opinion. They offer a 5% military discount, but only if you pay in cash.

Carol Murphy

Great variety of plants and shrubs! Very helpful employees! Worth the trip!

Dr. Corbin Fox III

Great nursery! All the plants were fabulous and well cared for. The staff was friendly and very helpful. There was as section that sold local produce and other local products. Definitely will go back...

Tabitha Wilson

It's one of the best places in the world... One big family that helps everyone they can.❤❤❤


Always something to do there. Their fund raisers are fantastic.

Malory Belcher

I always come to this nursery when I am in Aiken. They have so much to choose from. I especially like their herb and edibles selection.

David Wheatley

Huge selection! Very impressed compared to other nurseries. Only bad thing was I lost my keys and trust me it's literally like searching through a jungle. Haha But that's on me great business.

Susan Huff

We are a long time customer and every experience with this great company has been awesome. Very customer oriented and knowledgeable and super friendly staff in all divisions.

Julie Trotter

Best place for gardening advice! They repot house plants at little to no cost. Great variety of plants and garden decor.

Jackie Arnett

My favorite nursery in the area!

Martin Schwerzler

Great nursery. They have a wonderful selection of plants for the current season at a fair price. They have everything you might want or need for your garden and some cute gifts. They are worth the drive. Ask about the military discount.

Kim Thomas

The best Nursery w the best selection and the best service. I drive over an hour bc this place is the BEST. A nice happy environment too.

Dennis Figley

Great place large selection and awesome produce.

Patrick McDonald

Friendly helpful staff

Reasa Hart

Amazing place. Everything you need to make your home beautiful! Staff is extremely nice and knowledgeable!

Jamie Fallaw

I love this nursery! They have amazing plants, trees, sweetest staff and very helpful, the best treats inside, and all kinds of goodies inside. Check them out!

Brandon Johnson

Cold creek was a good job. The pay was fair but some of the supervisor was very hostile and unprofessional which made the job more difficult then it really was beside that Cold Creek was a good job.

Kenneth Riggs

Nice and polite staff.

J.W. Benson

They have a great selection of plants but are very pricey.

Nyroc Yemar

Very nice selection. Very beautiful plants ❤️ Giving four stars because I asked for assistance and didn't really get any. Will def be going back though :)

Minah Rane

Took my class on a field trip this summer. Great tour. Beautiful place

Michael Perrino

Very nice place with an amazing selection. A little pricey though

Terri Kimbrel

Loved this place the people were very busy busy but nice but still stopped and to help you

Lou Honeycutt

Great place, the best plant selection. Workshops and community events check out their website.


Best nursery in Aiken.

David Malloy

I live at the subdivision next to it and the Cold Creek Nursery company drivers are very dangerous drivers. They have no respect for the other vehicles or the pedestrians. Also, early in the morning when people are rushing for work and school, the Cold Creek Nursery vehicles are blocking the roads even inside the subdivision. For example this morning the truck of the company blocked the road and took his time. That is very sad! I have been observing the Cold Creek Nursery drivers for more than 2 years now and it is getting worst.

Faith Meyers

Can’t stand the worker Diego!!!!!!!

Calvin Deeds

Best place to bye plants and staff is very good

Thth The

Great plants its a myst visit

Cathy Schefstad

Lots of great, healthy selections to get your planters and pots started for the new season!

Marylin White

Nice Christmas trees

Marie Alder

Cold Creek Nurseries is wonderful! Staff is kind and knowledgeable. The events that they occasionally put on are always a blast for the whole family!

Denise Lucas Shappee

Great nursery! Huge variety of plants for both indoors and outdoors. Anything you would need for your garden or indoor plants, you will find it here. Lots of friendly staff willing to answer any questions too!

j p

Great selection and fair prices

zaida rasheid

The staff was great . they have every thing you need for your garden. Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Devante Harris

Good place to shop great prices and very helpful worker.

Frank Davis

Plant nursery with average selection and prices are above average. Additional items also available for purchase. Customer Service is hit or miss. Watched customer service people interact with several customers/visitors, seemed receptive and helpful to people they appeared to know and cold reception to people they did not know.

Julie Williams

Gorgeous, healthy plants. Knowledgeable staff that were available and patient in helping my husband and me choose the right plants for our yard. If you’ve never been , it’s a little piece of paradise. Texas Pam went above and beyond to accommodate us!!!!

Jon Anderson

Great selection of indoor and outdoor plants. Landscape professionals are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in designing a good landscape for a residence.

Grizzly Bowen

A wide variety of items for yard decor, great prices, and friendly help along the way

Linda Baker

First time loved it. I could have stayed all day if my husband had and rushed me out. I will definitely go back.

Jim Stutts

Great store and good place to purchase plants of all types. Check out their selection of Christmas trees when it's time to buy a good fresh tree for your home during the holiday season.

Eric Long

I am employed at Cold Creek and I enjoy all the knowledge they are willing to teach me.

randy clewis

Good place to get plants a little pricey, but you want have to worry about plants dying when you get them home.

Rose Trowell

We've bought several beautiful plants and fresh veggies/fruit from Cold Creek. It's relaxing just to go in the nursery. The staff members are extremely helpful and kind. The most recent, major service I've received was for irrigation installation. The work completed was amazingly professional and our neighbors have asked us several times who completed our irrigation. Our entire lawn is covered and the price was reasonable. Cold Creek manages our entrance way for our neighborhood and it's always well kept and a gorgeous, dark green. We decided to go with Cold Creek this year for lawn fertilization. Barry is very knowledgeable and patient with any questions you may have. He is thorough with explanations and ensures you have a full understanding of how to take care of your lawn and how to benefit the most from their services. We plan to have aeration done in April. We will follow up with results.

Georgia McManus

Wonderful place, lots to see and touch.

Tiffany L.

I am honestly So pleased with the customer service at Cold Creek Nurseries!! I have called several nurseries, in Aiken, SC, looking for certain herbs and plants. I've left messages, spoken to people who "Promised" to call me back - only to never get a response.. This afternoon (around 1pm) I called Cold Creek, and spoke to a woman named Della, who informed me they were working on her computer, and she would have to call me back.. To my surprise, 20 minutes later, I received a call back from Della. We talked for 10 minutes, and she made me feel as though I was part of her family. She had all the answers I needed, and she was Genuinely, sincere and kind-hearted. - Note, I have not yet visited Cold Creek Nurseries, but my daughter and I are very much looking forward to going today or tomorrow. If the other employees are as sweet and helpful as Della, this may just be our new, favorite business to patronize, in Aiken!

Miri Williamson

A bit pricey but an amazing selection.


Cool nursery. A little on the high end but great service and good quality. It's worth spending a little extra and skipping Wal-Mart.

Michael Perry

Great staff and products

Valerie McCarthy

Very knowledgeable, helpful staff assisted us in our search for the perfect palms for our location. We'll definitely go back for additional trees and plants.

Donza Threedee

Great place to get plants & fresh veggies. S.O. swears it has the best tomatoes in town. Don't miss the yummy flavored goat cheeses.

Cali Dude

I gave it 2 stars only because of Mr. Pat he was professional knowledgeable good customer service! Unfortunately there was 2 outside guys and an older lady who did not bother to greet upon my arrival or offered to help poor customer service on their part!!

jim jordan

I really enjoyed myself looking at all of the plants, trees and shrubs as well as all of the neat things for the garden. So much to take in all in one trip.

Don Shourd

Excellent place to go for all of your landscape needs.

mike medlin

Great place to work

Diana La Luz

Great selection of plants. Beautiful Christmas display inside.

James Johnson

Such a beautiful assortment of trees plants flower etc... all were made to look less awe inspiring by such lack of customer service I asked several employees to help me find stella de oro they said all the plants were marked that I could go look for them myself.

Rich B

They have every type of plant you are looking for. Their customer service is outstanding. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to assist your gardening needs.

Tiffany Quattlebaum

I love browsing all of the awesome things here.

Mike Seither

Very nice plants.

Nancy Bodiford

Very helpful. They had exactly what I needed.

Linda Wrobel

Went to bluebird seminar, it was so good & lots of information.

Charlotte Schmidt

Love to visit here. The greenhouse is so peaceful. And the staff are so helpful

Willette Barnes

Not good at all, they give me the runaround for two days... would not give an estimate about grass cutting, than told me over the phone since I dont have a sprinkler system that they cant cut the grass, they also stated that if they do decide to cut the grass, it would probably be in two weeks, if at all, what kind of darn business are these people half as running....nothing, but bulls$%&.. Here in South Carolina, I find the people and businesses to be lazy as hell.....

Melissa Cooley

I love everything about this place. It's all so beautiful and set up so nice. The plants so nice & healthy. Highly recommend them to everybody !

Matthew Wilson

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff, but you pay for it

Karol Molpus

Beautiful but expensive nursery.

Angie Sheckelford

They have a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables! Very friendly customer service! I purchased some peaches, can't wait to try them. My family said they were delicious! Will be back soon!

Deanna Roberts

Employees are very helpful. When I need plants that no one else has I go to Cold Creek Nursery. I love walking around and looking at the plants. It's easy to find.

Michelle Lazenby

Love the options you have here, the prices are good, the people seem to be very knowledgeable and friendly.

Beverly Skye Roberts

They always are so helpful and have the best plants

Kent Barr

Excellent plants and excellent service.

John Schenk

Wonderful selection and very helpful staff. The prices are a little high on fruit trees and berry bushes, but not outrageous.

Nicole Ashley

Their customer service is awful, the workers didn’t ask if I needed help looking for anything special, no one greeted me with a smile, didn’t offer to help me, and just looked at me like I wasn’t supposed to be there. I would never go back there.

Melencia J

Check Cold Creek for your planting needs! The folks are really nice and will help customers find plants that fit their characters. They also have local food stuffs for sale and do gift wrapping!

Thomas Smith

Great selection, quality & service.

Shelly Taylor

Great nursery, I really like the greenhouse

Carol Brockington

If I could take a chair and just sit in their green house I would.... love it!!

Michael Day

Large variety of plants and out door ideas.

Kayla Barton

Good service at the nursery and great selection. Have had friendly interactions with staff except when they are driving around town. Need to hire some better drivers as I have had multiple occurrences where they have cut me off with their huge trailers or just arent paying attention at lights.

Andrea C

Gorgeous, sprawling nursery with more plants than you can see in one visit. The staff here is super helpful and extremely nice, and if they don't know an answer to your question then they will find someone who does, which I really appreciate - being that I am a plant novice! You definitely get what you pay for at this establishment. I ended up buying an assortment of perennial herbs, that will be not only add to the beauty of my container garden on my back deck, but also taste wonderful in my recipes.

Pat Loudermilk

Love this place...good flowers and staff is always very helpful

Tammy Mitchell

They have no idea how to run the registers. They need people that works not stand and look stupid.

marsha mason

I have been a customer for many years. The lawn care has been very good. After all these years I had an emergency and needed their help to quickly to move a shrub. The lady who took my call did not check she just promptly/bluntly said we can't help you that quick. I explained it was a unique situation and that I needed to be able to clear a path to repair air conditioner with 90 degree days and a father who is very sick. Didn't matter they were not willing to help a long term customer in a difficult and unique situation. Very disappointing.

lee anzek

Always a positive experience. Great deals were made today too! One happy customer.

Matthew Fleming

Beautiful plants and accessories. Fair prices and nice people.

Patricia Donohue

Beautiful selection of healthy plants. Staff on hand to help you make the right choice. My favorite nursery!

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