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REVIEWS OF Urban Jungle IN Pennsylvania

Menno Tas

Knowledgeable staff; good selection.

Cindy Vargas

I bought two plants about 2 weeks ago and I didn’t realized that they had thrips. And although the place was lovely and full of so many different, beautiful plants, I’m also disappointed that both my plants came with thrips. I’m now fighting to get rid of them and stop them from spreading to my other plants since these little things are vicious and reproduce quickly

Arthi Selvan

David Lytz

Hands down some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of purchasing from. The shop is thoughtfully arranged and I'd bet they have something for everyone. AND they provided stellar advice which I genuinely appreciated.

Josep Valls

Indoor and outdoor decor. A little pricey but really nice stuff.

Kea Stewart

Ron McAlister

I am sure that it is better in the summer. Poor selection right now.

Jessica Romero

Lovely plant shop with well maintained plants and knowledgeable/friendly staff. It took all of my will power to not buy every single plant in this store. My only wish - that this store was closer to home in NY.

Alexandra Amico

Sarah Monheim

Masen S.

Cute little plant shop! They have a lot of the “currently popular” plants, like variegated lipstick plants, medallion calathea, cathedral window calathea, philodendrons, silver satin pothos (scindapsus), burgundy ficus, lemon lime dragon plants, and tons of succulents & cacti! They also have a lot of cool, tiny plants— around $5 to $10 each. Their selection included: silver cloud pilea, bonsai mint (plectranthus caudex), lots of peperomia varieties, pellionia, begonia varieties, and African violets with really cool leaf patterns (I thought they were Episcia at first). I have over 200 houseplants and was able to find a few that I don’t have yet! Their selection isn’t the biggest I’ve ever seen, but it’s a cute shop, the people there are nice, and you’re bound to find at least one plant that catches your eye :) They also have a lot of neat planters, terrarium jars, glass cloches, and home decor items.

Michael Angeli

Good selection of plants. Some of the pots are too pricey and flashy for me but they looked nice.

Paul Styles

Cheryl Logan

Very happy fun place. Prices are good. And.... they lowered the price on the two things I asked about as a negotiation without me asking. Yay! Will be going back. I frequent high-end nurseries (mostly to look and get ideas). Thanks! Cheryl

William King

Kirill Belyayev

Loved it. So urban! So jungle!

George Adamidis


Had such a great time exploring this place! The main space downstairs is absolutely beautiful & there is sooooooo many awesome plants & planters to choose from. Upstairs is like a magical plant wonderland! I still can't stop thinking about all the beautiful terrariums and plants! I got a beautiful mid-sized cactus and while waiting in line to check out I found a grow light fixture they had marked for $10!!! There was nothing wrong with it they just didn't use it anymore so I got such a STEAL on an item I had been planning to buy! I'm not in the city often (and because this place IS in the city it's a tad pricier than I'm used to.. but that is ANYTHING in the city of course!) but I will be making a point to stop here any time I do end up in the city again!

Tim G

This is the only place you should be buying plants/accessories... Yes there are some crossover products with big box stores but supporting local is important! The two that run this shop know so much more than some Home Depot/Lowes dunce who just there to collect paychecks! The merchandising and display will clue you into all sorts of ways to liven up your inside and outs of your place! They were even kind enough to stay open late for me to ensure I was a happy customer! Love love love this place you must visit and support!!!

David Vargas

What a great place East passyunk my area on the weekend's to stop by a get some beautiful flowers love this place !

Susan D

An oasis of green and pottery.

Rick S.

This is the shop for your city garden! A vast array of containers of all shapes/sizes/color/material. They have stuff like soil, cacti/succulent soil, sand, rocks of all shapes and sizes and that are available from as little as a scoop to full size bags (yes, you can literally buy just enough soil to repot that one lil plant you swear isn’t dead yet!). They even have a greenhouse located upstairs! They typically don’t deliver but if you set it up in advance they will do it for a delivery fee of $75 (probably best to pick up that scoop of soil but if you need a bunch of plants/pots/soil then it’s a steal!)

Jerrod Legg

Great shop with lots of options

Bobbie Price

Stephen Wigmore

I must say there is a certain feeling a person gets when he or she lives in the city and stumbles into a plant nursery. I find it quite calming walking around and enjoying the silence, and Urban Jungle has a rather large facility for what they offer, which can be from the mundane to exotic. We mentioned in passing about a Bird of Paradise plant and the owner took the initiative and asked us when we would need it by, no hassling or arguing.

Taylor Adler

Sam Warrick

phenomenal local plants and helpful staff! great place

Lucas Secco

Daniel Berk

Sara Seibert

doaa Ouf

This is by far the best plant store I've been to. The staff is very friendly and helpful. If you're looking for something specific or want a second opinion be sure that they would help you out. The store has everything you could ask for from herbs to succulents to every kind of pot/soil possible. The layout is also great. Definitely will revisit whenever I need gardening stuff.

Gail Shields

What a great place, in the city, in the Passyunk area in philly

Justin K

Very helpful staff. I had questions about winterizing my plants and was directed to their relevant stock, but not pushed into buying substitutes for insulating material, which they didn't have on hand. Prices are higher than big box stores, but this isn't a big box store...

yanira zaco

Altinay Cortes

Very helpful staff and lots of beautiful plants and plant pots to choose.

Paul Hazen

Michael Rios

Great place! I went in there the other day to find some indoor plants and the lady who helped me was very nice and took the time to explain proper care. Granted, a few of their items are pricey enough to make me want to shop around, but I'll still keep coming back for some things.

Shanna G. Graziani

Sea Wright

Joleen Abbinante

Earl Harris

Love stopping in on the weekend stroll! I always end up picking up a little something. They people there are so nice and seem like they genuinely want to help when you throw questions at them.

Teodor Nihtianov

Destiny Justice

Eugene S

Very friendly and knowlegable folks.

Megan D. Burnette

Brooke Tomlinson

Hana Muratovic

Donna DeStefano

Laura c

Paul Gordon

Carlo DeVito

Great place to start your veggie garden.


Marcia Dubon

Chris Wiles

Great selection, super friendly and informative staff

Max Rappaport


Arlene Satz

Awesome oasis on Passyunk, in South Philly with something for everyone. Indoor, outdoor, plants, shrubs, trees, succulents, cacti from mini succulents to floor standing ivy. If you're a plant lover, it's like being a kid in a candy store. Great selection of ceramic , Terra Cotta pots of all shapes and sizes. The folks are knowledgeable, friendly and obviously enjoy being there. Treat yo self.

Louise Huuki

Expensive but fun selection and very fun atmosphere

Annie DiAntonio

The best indoor plant shop in Philly! I can't pass this place without stopping in to look around. They have an amazing selection of pots and plant hangers in all kinds of designs and sizes. The greenhouse is small but they make the most of the space and everyone who works there is so friendly and knowledgable. They also do a wonderful job of having something of interest all year-round - including xmas trees and holiday decorations.

Tuna Vulgarez

Joshua Frank

The selection is loved and well curated.

Joseph Tarricone

Matthew Gagliardi

Chau Do

The wonderful employee helped me immensely while my boyfriend and I shopped. One employee gave us helpful, detailed tips on growing our new cacti and succulents. The welcoming cashier carefully arranged our plants in boxes. Amazing service, all the employees were nice, and the entire place gave off great vibes!! The upper floor plant room stocked a variety of gorgeous plants; we spent a decent amount of time looking at everything. Urban jungle sold everything with fair prices. I highly recommend this cute, large shop.


Helpful staff.

Kenneth O'Donnell

Barb B

Betsy Jane Kells

Jessica Wilson

Loved my trip here and will most likely come back for more plants! They have great variety and beautiful quality plants

Subhan Farooqi

Great niche plant shop with a helpful staff that knows what plant is best for your home. Good selection of "air plants" that require minimal care.

Angela Brown

Love the smell of your flowers my living room smells lovely.

Alejandra Ponce De Leon

(Translated by Google) He lacks real plants (Original) Le falta plantas de verdad

Alexander Santayana

Amazing plants and place but the prices are so high!

Dakota Clark

Angela Lerias

There’s a variety of succulents here! The smallest size pot (1”) with a succulent is 4.99$ each! And the prices increase from there

Bee lee

They had good selection of plants on second floor and the guy who charged us was nice. I bought two plants (string of pearls and maranta). Today I found out my maranta was heavily infested with mealy bugs. It wasn’t just one or two. It was tiny to full grown size even saw egg sac behind the leaf. Try to catch some but the leaf of maranta is not so easy cause most of them were in the middle for new growing leaves and they are rolled over each leaf. I had to cut most of them just hope they survive. But I did not see anything from the soil or from the other plant (string of pearls)

Michele Westhoff

Leighton Cline

Poor selection of herbs, no vegetables at all. Plants looked sad and unhealthy. The mint plants had fungal rust.


nice place, friendly staff. Too expensive

Brittany Walker


Great place to go for ideas, but their prices on plants are outrageous. Prices on planters and supplies are pretty average

Nicholas Fagan

Such a great selection, and the staff is so very helpful. A bit pricey, but the plants are worth it.

Joey S

Ryan Johnson

Thomas Burke

Evelyn Garcia van Balen

live love plants

Michael Eiseman

Kyung Cho

Nice place in the heart of South Philadelphia, Passyunk neighborhood. We popped in after the Sunday Brunch at a nearby restaurant. Urban Jungle had many selections of handmade Christmas ornaments, live wreaths, and trees. I wasn't surprised to find shop such as Urban Jungle in the neighborhood. Very convenient for neighborhood residents without a car to acutely able to purchase a live Christmas trees.

Keegan Rammel

Nathan Schmidt

Great selection of plants and container gardening items.

Deion Arias

The Urban Jungle makes honor to its name! Please step in and enjoy the peace of nature in the city. I was so impressed to see a lot of plants that are originally from South America and they were just right in front of me here in South Philly. I always go there to buy seeds or plants for my garden but before buying I also like to go up to the 2nd floor and go into the room with all the plants and enjoy life there. I am a nature lover and plants and flowers always brings me a lot of peace and hoy to my heart and my soul. The staff at the Urban Jungle is very nice and friendly and always aware of the costumer needs. I have to say that I truly love this place and more than a business that sells a product to me it seems more like a place where you can trade your money for beautiful plants that will look great and bring peace and beauty to your home.

Danielle Matheny

Cynthia Sharp

We made an appointment with Urban Jungle to do our urban landscaping. The morning of the appointment, (15 minutes after the scheduled arrival time), we received a call from the owner of the company telling us that he was too overwhelmed to do our job because a manager had quit. Not only has this put us behind planting wise, but my partner also took the morning off of work and could have arranged his schedule differently if we had received a courtesy call the day before. BIG THUMBS DOWN!!!!!

Rajarajeshwari Palle

Jennifer Barr Dougherty

David Tague

Zen and inspiring

gerry burch

Lindy Backues

Great people with interesting artifacts and garden supplies and very knowledgeable folk. A bit pricey, but the quality is there.


Great selection of specialty plants! Staff is happy to help with any request

Charlie Forshee

Great options, superior quality

Zach Yuska

dre dre

Even in the winter they have their upstairs greenhouse open with the cutest thriving plants! Privey but unique pots. Staff is pleasant & kind

Lisa McCollum

Robert Bowen

John Dibartolomeo

Michael Dockhorn

debra wayne

This place is amazing! The owners are extremely nice and helpful... you could die happy here...

The Neebs

Great selection, super friendly and informative staff

anthony oliphant


Thomas McKeon

Nice cacti selection

Anna Ward

Deyuanna Wood

Beautiful plants, seeds and supplies. Knowledgeable staff helped with a plant issue I had with ease.

Slavica M

Love, love this place!!!!! This is plant lover heaven. Everything from cacti, succulents, indoor,outdoor plants is here. Plus, huge selections of planters, pots, hanging and /or decorative pots.... If you love plants, you must visit this "heaven". Employees are super friendly, helpful and they know their business. Any question or concern is answered. I'll be back for sure !!

Caroline Taylor

Evangeline Long


Rachel UE

Kaitlyn Dobbins

Got some really great plants to spruce up my deck for the summer, and the employees were friendly and helpful. Great little neighborhood shop!

Andrew B

Great staff and nice selection. We got very lucky with their amazing sale going on! Best in the city for plants etc.

Evelyn Zhang

John Possumato

Nice place. A little pricey on some things but most are reasonable. Plus it's better to support small and local business. Plants are super top notch!

Maggie Ammons

Victor Jorge

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