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REVIEWS OF TLC Garden Centers IN Oklahoma

Hank Laakman

TLC only cares about their customers money, not their customers needs.

Sunny Garikipati

I got Jasmine plant from TLC in JUNE for 30$ and not happy with the plant . It didn't bloom for several weeks first once it started blooming was disappointed with the flowers which are small with single row of petals and don't smell . They need to stop selling this kind and stop disappointing their loyal customers . In the picture below the big one in dark green leaves is the one I got from TLC . The small one I got recently from non TLC store which I paid under 10$ but it's flowers are perfect with great smell . My sincere advise to TLC is to get good jasmine plants and get rid of these kinds . I told the manager the same but she didn't agree so I would like to tell every one. For clarification both are in pots not planted in the ground as I am planning to put them inside for winter . So its not the problem of transplant shock its not good kind of jasmine plant .Thats what I am trying to tell you.

Al Litchenburg

Very responsive and helpful.

jessy e

Great selection we love stopping here for all our plants.

Belinda Reyff

They have a great selection of plants. There is always employees walking around asking if you need help. The staff is able to answer your questions and concerns.

fred smith

Super helpful and reasonable prices.

Cindy Stephens

Great fast customer service. Thank you all.

baiba erc

Very helpful, timely, informative and polite.

Robert Jackson

These people are great and very responsive to questions.

Karen Overton

Much inventory of large varieties of healthy blooming, non blooming and on door.

Eli Wolf

Really great plants. Well taken care of

An Vu

One of the best garden centers. This place should be rating go up.

Catherine Coleman

I go to this shop a lot with my mom who is local. Usually the staff is really nice but we went yesterday and I asked a woman at the back desk if they had more of a plant I wanted and she barely looked up at me and said everything is out. However, there were 3-4 trays of the particular plant I wanted not 30 ft from her

Marion Banding

Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Matthew Winborn

Wonderful nursery. Super helpful staff. Huge selection.

Sam H

Need something to plant? This place will have it. They have everything. Just keep looking.

Yvonne Mullins

Great prices and nice helpers!

Nancy Burr

The staff was very helpful & answered all of my questions. Beautiful selection of plants.

Tyler Cushing

TLC staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

Duane Wood

We found what we were looking for. I'd be more comfortable if I could walk less but then others wouldn't be so happy.

Stephen Hawkins

Did not have what I was looking for. I still like the place however when I'm picking up plants.

Jack Milavic

Great selections and priCimg

David Burger

Amazing selection of plants and flowers

Nancy Lange

Fantastic nursery! So many employees who are willing to stop what they're doing and help! A really fantastic place. Even someone without a green thumb can be successful with TLC's help! Lots of things are grown on site and are native. Can't say enough good things about TLC!

Doug Paddack

Great choices prices and very good

Mark Macy

Went in for help...told to go to nursery office. Waited and waited...person came and said I would have to wait more. I saw 5 customers in whole place? Hmmm whatever happened to taking care of customers?

Brad Riggan

The best healthiest plants in OKC! I've been shopping here for years.

Vhonda Jarzombek

My very favorite place to buy plants and everything for my yard.

Anthony Santiago

Always a great place to find different plants you can't find anywhere else.

Konrad Cook

Large selection and very knowledgeable.

shana kortright

Stopped in to pick up a few small succulents. I haven't been able to find any elsewhere that are less than $7 and not in a decorative pot already. TLC had an awesome selection and they were only $3.99. They also had more elaborate potted assortment in containers that were more expensive. Check out was quick and easy too. Everyone was friendly and ready to help or answer any questions.

Joe OConnor

Great selection and prices

Sharon C

This is my go to place for all things plant. There is always staff easily available to answer your questions. Usually they are walking around to see if you need help. There is a great variety and plants always look healthy. I like that they grow a lot of their own plants. Go here. You won't be disappointed.

Thomas Gargrave

They answered my questions about my cactus and how to take care of them.

J. Breezy

Their prices were expensive. They had nice workers. Nothing spectacular especially for the high prices.

Barbara Downs

I finally located candytuft after contacting TLC Nursery. Very helpful staff. Thank you and see you soon.

Toni Metheny

Remarkable selection. I’m so happy to have discovered a local place with such an incredible selection. They carry everything I have been looking for and even had the hard to find varieties. I feel like a fool for shopping at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Instant convert to TLC!

Debbi Trail

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always a great selection of plants and other garden necessities.

Patrizia Spencer

Stuff always helpful, plants don't die, variety is bast, prices are always higher than any where else.

Adam Purdy

Beautiful plants and excellent customer service!

Deanna Atkinson

We always get healthy plants here. They have a great variety all year long!

Cherie Weyand

I had texted TLC to ask if they had a specific tree. It was after hours so I didn’t expect a text till morning. I received a text about an hour and a half later with the information I needed. I will definitely be visiting there store soon.

Andrea Amos

Great service even when it is busy.

Dave Amos

Come here every spring. Best place we found so far in Edmond for flowers, veggies and shrubs by far.

Kenna Morsman

Great service and inventory!

Ryan Wedel

Great selection and quality.

kelly thompson

Very helpful place for adults to find what they need while kids play in the sandbox.

Sandra Ermis

TLC is the place to go for all your landscaping needs! The staff is friendly and very helpful!

Shelly Landis-Scovill

Great place to find things for your garden

Derek Babb

Selection is great!

James Crawford

Great selection and friendly staff

Jason H

Delivery driver bringing new plants from Monrovia Farms

Scott Montgomery

Great place open and plenty of space, very well organized clean nursery. Staff was very nice. Plants appeared to be well maintained. I was only there for tomato plants, but plan on returning for other house hold plants later.

Levi Buck

Huge variety of plants for good value! Employees were very helpful. Parking wasn’t terrible, good as could be. Overall great experience and got several nice plants/tree.

Janice Stepp

Great selection of plants and knowledgeable staff make shopping here a great experience!

Karan Southerland

only place in OKC area that I can find green bean plants. Great selection of all types of plants, trees, shrubs. Really fun just walking around to see all the beautiful flowers.

Matt McNeil - McNeil Liquidations

Truly one of the finest nurseries here in the Upper South! Great selection and knowledgeable staff at all selections, but the Memorial location is our fave.

Stephanie Keef

Perennials are my favorite!! Awesome prices. And I especially LOVE the red tag tent at the back of the grounds!! Take my money!

Trey Woods

They have employees positioned at every corner to help provide excellent customer service. They have a wonderful selection and the price is right. They've been in business for over twenty years for a reason!

J. Persico

Great assortment and fun to visit. Plus, they have African violets and terrarium plants!

Michelle Huck

Our annual Christmas Tree excursion was perfect as always! TLC provides a cozy family environment with fresh roasted peanuts, hot cocoa, and coffee. TLC has many beautiful trees from which to choose. The customer service is top of the line...even capturing our family photo for us! It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Thank you TLC! ❤️

Katie Erwin

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff that is ready to give you tips and helpful information. They might even teach you or tell you about something that could change your gardening game forever!

Bill Clevenger

Great selection, helpful staff- a bit pricey, but you are getting top quality.

Wolfma Jack

Military Discounts. Great variety of plants and services. You won't be disappointed.

The House OKC

Good price, GREAT selection. Got my venus flytrap here.

Dean Baustert


William Opal

TLC has everything! I went there for some herbs and vegetables for my garden and they had everything i needed. The workers were very friendly and helpful. The only complaint I would have is their lack of fruit trees even early in the spring. Definitely worth a stop if you want some high quality plants and some good help.

Marvin Beutler

Too bad I can not leave 0 Stars - I am not to happy with the TLC off of Memorial Road. I purchased a bush, cared for it etc.... one week later it was dead, dry as can be. I took it to the TLC Nursery of which I bought it. They WOULD NOT refund my money or exchange for a live bush. They ripped me off $15.00 and seem to be okay with that. Never will I shop here again. Never Ever! I did not receive much of a discount if the bush only lasted one week. You still owe me $15.00

max soloviev

descent selection be careful though since a lot of plants are mislabeled

Juan Ramos

A beautiful amazing place full of vibrant roses, shrubs, trees and a lot more with amazingly friendly staff. Will definitely return!!

Rhonda Bratcher

I sent a “chat” question to TLC and received a quick response to my question. Very helpful and fast!

Kevin Ward

Super friendly, helpful service.

Tausha Maze

Spectacular selection of annuals, perennials and tropicals! The staff was very friendly, and multiple members asked if they could help me locate what I was hunting. I highly recommend TLC for a must-shop this spring.

Randy Nibbe

Great selection. Very engaging staff

Kathy Kennett

Always helpful and courteous. Good quality plants.

Scott Herrmann

Best and freshest, and widest selection of plants with new stuff coming in all the time, your one stop for all your gardening needs!

kenny lanman

Outstanding Service! Thank you.

Steven Polk

Years and years ago this place was great, then about 15 or so years ago, they decided to start penny pinching, cheating a bit here and there, and we just stopped going, there are other garden centers. TLC must mean trying to lose customers, well, they did.

Shayna Marino

I love this place...BUT, it is far too HOT and HUMID to be here this time of year... thankfully, there are a ton of fans!! And it was during their Moonlight Madness Sale....My friend got so much for so little there!! Definitely worth a little sweat!!

Chad Peters

Great selection. Slightly higher prices

Rebecca Anson

Great! Love it!

James Laws

It's like heaven for all vegetation! I wish I had come here first!

River River

I recently found TLC and have been there several times. The nursery is great and the staff are very helpful. I used their messaging service to inquire if I could bring my puppy, and they promptly replied pets are welcome. TLC is my favorite nursery in the area and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

omajust justice

But expensive. Lovely flowers, very helpful.

Aubrey Moon

The service is amazing! The people helping out where the perennials are know their stuff! They always give me the information I need and I've learned so much. As far as price, you get what you pay for. Every plant is showroom ready and gorgeous. I have also come with clippings of plants with questions and they have been spot on on verifying what the problem is and how to take care of it. Love this place!

Scott Martin

Staff is always knowledgeable and friendly.

Claudia Steen

I had bought some beautiful plants from TLC last year and needed just a couple more for this year. After purchasing the perfect plants I took them out to my car and proceded to lock them in my trunk along with my car keys and my phone. I went back in to ask if they could call me an Uber and instead they had an employee drive me to my home to pick up my extra keys. I moved to Edmond from Montana a year ago and cannot be happier with the thoughtfulness and kindness of this experience, the driver was very friendly as well. Thank you so much TLC, your plants are exceptional as well as your staff!!

chuck adams

I called to inquire about grass seed for an area under our pecan tree. I texted my question and within just a few minutes received a reply and advice. Advice was very helpful in making my decision. Product was in stock when I arrived at the Memorial location and I made my purchase. Great customer service and advice. Well done.

Bob C

Great selection and pup dog friendly.

Debi Kennedy

My favorite place to go. Great selection and the staff very helpful.

Kirsten Paschal-Wilson

This store is incredible! The largest selection of wonderful flowers! My mother and now myself have been shopping at TLC since Linda and Charles had softball practice in the back 40! Love it!!

Laura M

Prices r a little high for common things that u could get elsewhere but the plants r well tended and beautiful and they do have some things that r not available most places. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly when approached (though they don't ask if they can help u... U do have to sell them out.)

Jody D.

My husband and I were frustrated and waited over a week for a real tree we ordered on line from amazon, we decided to just go buy one. We went to a “ home improvement “ store where we had bought one a few years before and were very disappointed in the selection. We then decided to go to TLC to see what they had. We were so happy to see not only the selection they had, but also HOW they display the trees. Standing in water, the trees are open,( not tied together), and hanging so you can easily turn them to see all sides!!! What a great idea!!!! They also have stands that they will put on the tree you pick ( you have to purchase at an affordable price),so you don’t have to bother with the constant adjustment to get it right!!! They also offer the netting on the tree so you can easily get it in the door of your home. They have helpful and friendly staff that have answers for all your questions. They load the tree in (or on ), your vehicle for you too. We bought a 7.5 ft Douglas fir. The price was reasonable, compared to the online tree & home improvement store ones. I think this tree is the best tree we’ve ever had. Full, nearly perfectly shaped, fresh, smells great, and the needles are so soft! We know now where we will be buying our Christmas trees in the future. Thanks TLC!

Andrew Chapman

So much to see and such a great variety, absolutely loved it

Chris Nickel

It was very nice everyone was very nice in the store beautiful flowers

M R Noneya

Best location. Great selection and customer service. You get what you pay for.

James E Adams

Very good selection.

Judith VanCleave

Very helpful.

Lisa Ferguson

The young man that helped me was very polite and cuteous. We were talking to one other like we knew each other along time. We laughed and he was just so helpful and willing to help with what l was interested in purchasing. Wish their were more people just like him.

Lisa Boswell

Great flowers!!

David Jones

Great options.. the best among local garden centers.. pricing is a little stouter but you'll get what you need there.

Robyn Smith

They have a quick response I like the text message for questions. They were very helpful in helping me pick a tree for my needs

Nolabeth Balsiger

Great to be able to send a message and receive a reply without waiting on the phone.

Zee Ter

Paid their high prices for 10 blackberry plants...half died and the others never amounted to anything....I tried to take half of them back and was only 1 day away from their 'guarantee' and they just stuck their noses up at me and turned me away...what a disappointment.

Gayla Scott-Brown

They have everything you need and then some!

Steven Jesseph

The website was very friendly with a “text us” option. My text was answered quickly and we went and got what we needed. Thx!

Russell Levings

Very helpful staff and any plant you need

Michelle Harris

One of the best places to go for your garden needs.


Great service a bit expensive

Steve McMaster

Generally speaking, it is a roll of the dice whether you get someone that knows the answer or just someone that gives a quick not-so-accurate answer. Today was not so different. If it weren't for employee Josh, we would have walked away again with no real help. Getting pretty tired of the mediocre help at best.

Pink365 Lioness

Great place to buy trees, plants and shrubs. Staff who work out in the tree/plant area is knowledge, friendly and professional. They have just about anything you're looking for.

Larry Ferguson

Great selection, great prices, super friendly staff, and healthy plants.


As a landscaper, I work mostly with a budget and with stringent time frames. After my current supplier failed to deliver, I made the call to attempt to purchase my very large order from TLC. Unfortunately, I spoke with Frank. Apparently he’s the owner. He was very rude even after I explained my situation to him. That completely changes my mind about doing any business with this place. That’s a bummer because everyone else there that I’ve had contact with was nice and helpful.

Rick Sanchez

Love this place

pamela nelson

I love going in to TLC. They always have beautiful plants here that is without saying. They carry unusual shrubs or plants that I can’t find other places. Wonderful outdoor deco! But, my favorite thing is for us so called amateur flower farmers they have THE friendliest and Most helpful employees. They seem to be as excited about spring as we are and that’s wonderful. Thanks YOU TLC! P.R. Nelson

Deborah Bahena

This is a great help. By text I asked a question about one of my flowers and asked for a photo. Sent it and they gave me a couple of things to try to help. It was quick, they were super friendly and overall good support. I’ll use this again. Love TLC,

Johanna Spielmann

I appreciate having a place like TLC Nursery that still has exceptional customer service and quality products! From flowers to Christmas trees, they always have healthy plants that last, plus a wide variety to choose from. As a longtime customer, I was truly pleased when Darrell again extended his understanding of great customer service. We purchased a tree and arrived a little before closing to pick it up. Unfortunately, the skid loader had already left for the day. Darrell knew I had taken off work early to ensure we could plant the tree that evening, and without hesitating, offered to deliver AND plant the tree for us the next day. What a wonderful gesture! Service like this along with the quality of their products are what keep me buying from and recommending TLC Nursery!

Jennifer Timmons


Lance Shaw

Veggie plant prices were the best in town and the healthiest. Here is my issue. This was my first raised bed I have ever made. I plotted out my plan and created a map in 1 foot squares on my computer in order to properly show my bed. Along with my map I included the type of plants that would be planted in each section with spacing. I went to TLC and asked for an expert that could help me. After exhibiting my plan I was met with an unenthused person who vaguely stated that it would be fine and seemed to no interest in speaking to me. Fast forward to 3 months later - everything is too close together. Lost 3 pepper plants - 1 dill - 2 basil because I had no idea how large an indeterminate tomato plant would grow hence the reason I was looking for advice. Not to mention my honeydew melons are choking one of the determinate tomatoes. Now I have a better idea how to plant but this year after all my perfect planning is not going to be as good as expected.

Travis Miller

Love this place! Great selection of annuals, perennials, cactuses and seasonal plants to put in your garden. Pot Fertilizer Shrubs and trees Fruits and vegetables ( plants) Prices are typically average and most the time better than the big box stores

Michael sands

Plenty of selection and way more awesome than I was expecting.

Jason Fuentes

A beautiful place! Full of colorful and beautiful flowers! Great, friendly customer service. Really pricey though, some flowers overpriced but everything else is nice. Great place to buy all your gardening needs.

L. Logan

I am impressed. Everyone who works here says 'Hello', wants to help. Here we are still in winter and I stopped by TLC because I already have Spring Fever and I wanted to dream about my flower beds, my vegetable garden. I walked around, looking at all the colorful containers, the many varieties of pansies, allysum and houseplants (and even tropicals, including banana trees and palmettos). There are many green houses FULL of geraniums, petunias, vegetables, shrubs, trees and grasses. Yes, they're still growing, but SOON the place will be packed with smart gardeners who want the best, healthiest plants available. TLC also has holiday garden ornaments, doormats, flags and much more.

Peggy Killinger

I had a question about a tree I need to remove, so I sent an email to TLC. They responded in a text at 9:38 PM (even though they were closed!!) and gave me the information I need!!! I will definitely use TLC when I buy my replacement tree(s)!!! Never known a business that provides this kind of awesome service!

Shannon Libby

Expensive on some plants.. And reasonable on others. Depends on what your wanting.

kevin mears

I walked in the door and was immediately approached by a helpful employee. He listened to what I was trying to do, gave some great advice, and led me to exactly what I needed. It's nice to have knowledgeable employees who are so willing to help!

Roger Burcham

You can always find a plant treasure! My folks at Tealridge and I have been "planting" their porch!

Patricia Burnett

I have shopped at TLC since they opened and have always been pleased with their products and their customer service. Today was exactly the same when they responded to by questions. I highly recommend them .

Ann Carey

TLC has a huge selection of plants and gardening supplies. I highly recommend them! They also have classes for everything to do with plants!

Natalee Unruh

Super cute fall garden deco. That's a Jack o lantern chiminea!

Donna Deming

I’ve been thinking about trying to grow Rhubarb here in Oklahoma, but I’ve not seen any plants at the big home improvement stores. I didywant to take the time to call TLC because I was leaving for work, so I made use of their texting option. I got my answer texted back in short order. Yes, they do have Rhubarb for a good price. Yet another reason to give faves to TLC. Thanks.

Barbara Kitz

Very good


Carry only the "Cadillac" of plant material.

Dave Woodson

Got details answers from very knowledgeable staff. They are always willing to answer questions and provide infomation.

Ken Jacobs

Great experience! Lots of extremely helpful staff.

Terrie Gal

OMGoodness! The colors! The geraniums! They took all my flower money and I loved it!

nancy lange

Huge place. Fantastic selection. There is ALWAYS someone to help you!

Shannon Maloney

Very nice place. Good customer service and a great selection of plants, accessories, and tools.

Kelley Conaghan

Love that place!

Scott Baum

Great selection of annual and perennial plants and helpful service!

Eugene Bowman

Prices are high, but has alot of what you need.

Leigh Burns

I go to this shop a lot with my mom who is local. Usually the staff is really nice but we went yesterday and I asked a woman at the back desk if they had more of a plant I wanted and she barely looked up at me and said everything is out. However, there were 3-4 trays of the particular plant I wanted not 30 ft from her. Very unhelpful.

Joshua Cartwright

This place is friendly fast very accommodating and had a lot of the supplies that I needed a good spot to run to if you're needing supplies

Mona French-Holland

Nice plant store. Prices are a little higher than I care to afford, but the personnel are fantastic, friendly and most willing to assist. Super knowledgeable about the soil products they carry.

Taylor Olmsted

TLC is without question where we go when we start craving more flowers. The selection is remarkable, with us often discovering a plant we had never known before. The staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable—and will help if you want, or leave you alone if you’d prefer. The plants we purchase are always healthy, and we have had great success with their soils.

Kathy Fertgus

Found what i needed very easily and the staff were very helpful when i had questions.. Awesome experience!!

Lisa Velez

I love coming here. They have a huge variety of everything. They answer almost anything I ask they are very helpful.

Isis Palomino

TLC on memorial has a lot of options for your gardening needs. Went during the Moonlight Madness sale. It seemed crowded but it was not, they had a shuttle to take you to the front for those of us who parked in the back. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Don Keel

Always a great selection and friendly expert service.

Brenda Martin

They were very prompt and courteous ❌⭕️❤️

Gregory Morris

Pat was very helpful. I will go back because of him. Very knowledgable, friendly and courteous. Thank you Pat!

Linda Miller

I spent a hour here but could've done three. It's a gardener's dream place. MANY times I was offered help, friendly faces asking if I needed help with my purchases loading my car - yes, thank you - VERY organized staff and management. Very ultra - organized plants, flowers, bushes, trees of all sizes. Lots of Oklahoma Proven, but lots of 'Try Something New' also. I am so impressed. Will be back often.

Brody Mc

Great selection, and the staff is helpful and courteous. We shop here several times each season for flowers and organic fertilizers.

Anna Rambo

Give a little more space to walk

Cheryl Beard

Nice smelling

Olivia Tran

My new love! I'm impressed with the selection of plants they have. I love that it smells like heaven here and I feel like the air I breathe is even fresher. I plan on coming back in the near future to dress up my very sad garden and add more trees and shrubs to my garden. I will also come back to add more indoor plants in my house because they have a nice selection.

Julie Owens

Text the store for quick reply and help. Great service!

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