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REVIEWS OF Lawn Love Lawn Care of OKC IN Oklahoma

Yukichan Sky

Easy to sign up, service provided as scheduled, and they did a great job. Thanks!

Nicholas Medrano

Teri Dequasie

Chris Clifford

Really great job on the lawn. Better than I can do myself. Good communication and always at satisfactory times of the day.

tia roberts

amy tomlinson

Very nicely done lawn and the online process was awesome. I loved how you could do everything online. The system Lawn Love has is wonderful. The price was fair and the work was great. I will use them always!

Morgan Snipes

Lindsay Gramlich

Kristie Tanner

I just moved into a rental house and the property management company had someone cut the grass before I moved in. The grass was uneven and you could tell the person didn't care about how it looked afterwards. I was determined to find a company to come out who actually cares about the lawn, and after checking several companies in OKC I found Lawn Love. My lawn is even and the yard looks clean. The backyard actually looks like I can hangout there now. They sent a confirmation email a couple of days before arriving and the lawn tech called me the night before to let me now when to expect them. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Lawn Love for at least the next 12 months that I will be in this rental.

Kyle and Kimber

Don't waste your money. They will charge you for every little thing they do, and lie about what each tech did or didn't do. They will reschedule appointments all the time and then not show up. And trust me you will still get charged. After servicing us for several weeks they even mowed the wrong lawn on my street and tried to charge us. They will show up at 8pm when you are trying to put your kids to bed. I also still have bags of trimmings left in my back yard that I was told would be hauled away. Nope. Still sitting there. The reviews on Facebook are horrible. I should have read them before I called them. Run far far away.

Jennifer Jones

Kathy Washington

This was the worst job i have ever seen. First they were supposed y o come on Saturday. Nope came Sunday when my party was over. Then the left patches in my lawn. Like they did not care. So bad. The worst edging i have sren in life. Where did they find this lawn non pro.?

Christina Pitzer

tina crabtree

Professional, knowledgeable, personable! Hard worker!

James Gibson

Went online and scheduled to get my lawn cut, also asking them to give me a specific date and time they could do the service. They scheduled the service right away but hver gave me a time. When you try to call them NO ONE EVER PICKS UP THE PHONE. You have to email them. I emailed them 3 times and no one responded. I then called to get a quote thinking that's probably the only way you can talk to someone and I was right. I then cancelled my service becuase the Lawn Love representative didn't seem to care or try to help me with my service. They are really good at taking reservation and quotes, but other than that, your own your own with this company....0 customer service, and they don't pick up the phone. This is the MOST EXPENSIVE lawn service in the area...75 bucks for 1 lawn cut on a tiny yard in the city of Norman You would think that since they don't staff for customer service you would get some savings but that's not the case.

Bonnie Reichert

I'm now rescheduled for July 7th making it 27 days between service on a two week plan. I didn't even get a courtesy email yesterday that there wouldn't be service as scheduled again. I had to sit outside to watch my lawn until midnight with all the fireworks going off. I need service immediately and I need some sort of credit for the poor, extremely poor service.

Cathy Billings

I am a new customer to Lawn Love and couldn't be more satisfied. My yard looks well maintained and I don't get dirty looks from my neighbors

Madison Pierce

The service I have received from signing up to receiving the lawn car was fantastic. This service is handy to me because I’m out of town a lot and I really appreciate being able to manage my service online.

Nicole Lafontaine-Ross

courtney zeter

This is the first time we have used a lawn care service, and after searching for a week for the best price, we contacted Lawn Love! They were easy to schedule with, had great prices, I received a text before he arrived to remind me to bring my dogs in from outside, and they completed the service much quicker than I expected. The results were perfect and I can’t wait to book more services with them!

Lelan Hicks

Kevin Sutton

Dena Carolina

Brian Davis

Marilyn Alexander

Lawn Love is a great way to arrange for lawn care. It is so easy to get a fast quote in writing and arrange for the service immediately. My lawn pro is fantastic, professional, very helpful and informative. I truly appreciated the fact my side garage door had been left open and when Jarrod arrived he called me immediately to ask about it and asked if he should close and lock it. That act alone possibly saved me a great deal of distress. I love the fact I get excellent service and can pay through auto pay so I don't have to be home or even in the state to have my lawn cared for properly. I also know if there is an issue with my property Jarrod will call me to report. I highly recommend this company for all your lawn needs.

Lucie Doll

Tina Harmon

I received a personal call from the lawnlove pro concerning rain and possibility of mowing the following day. The weather however cooperated that day, and the lawn pro took care of my lawn. He was very professional and did a great job!

Z Davis Robison

Called and tried to setup an appointment to have lawn mowed. After being told by the scheduler my email was invalid for five mins and refusing to proceed without another one, I decided to look elsewhere. Their lawncare may be full of love, but the scheduling is a full blown headache. Two stars as a 1 star without seeing actual work would be overkill.

Jose Rodriguez

I do not recommend this company! I've been put off for almost 4 weeks I've been charged for no reason, i just keep getting the same answer "let me call the lawn provider for an eta" no one shows up.. Overall not a professional company but has professional prices

Yousef Salous

This is probably my first bad review ever! Absolute nightmare of a lawn service company! They are contracted with providers that are so unprofessional. Never consistent and they show up days later than scheduled service! Stay away! The app and customer service over the phone is all great and they’re so polite but the work does not get done! And when they finally show up, they do a horrible job and charge you a premium rate! Stick with your local lawn companies! This company is a middle man between you and the actual providers, and they absolutely can’t control anything!! So frustrating.. my yard never looked so bad!

Vicki Lewis

So disappointed for first time ATTEMPTING to use this company. Email confirmation sent for day of service, that day came & no one showed up. Called company to inquire as to what had happened. Was told they couldn’t come until 2 MORE days later even though confirmed by email. Was also told that person that setup my appointment was not available today. All of this, but had no problem withdrawing quoted amount from my credit card for services NOT rendered!!!!!!!!!! Should have read reviews first!!!

K. Lord

Les did a great job on my lawn


The lawn looks like it was done by professionals... because it was. It was easy to schedule and I don’t have to worry about being home during the lawn service. They even edged the yard and cleaned up the clippings. Absolutely the best lawn service I’ve ever had.

Bill Long

Lindsay Jones-Glover

Bo Sengkhamvilay

Excellent work and great trimming job

Nancy Cathcart

Lacorwin Haynes

Great service

M Melton

So easy to schedule and arrange. Good communication from my lawn pro Emmitt. Will use again!

Ellie Wright

My service was rescheduled five times over a week and a half, for various reasons. Then someone in the office misquoted my special instructions and the "lawn care professional," Josh, came, did a little work, then just left instead of coming to our door or calling to ask for clarification, then he just didn't show the next day, then he was sick. Then, a week after coming to my property the first time, Josh came back and decided my lawn needed more work than anticipated and that he would not only need more time, but that my cost was now nearly 2.5 times the originally quoted price. If my lawn is so bad that it's going to cost over double the quote, why would a "lawn care professional" not be able to tell me that the first day he comes to my property? Rhetorical question, don't care. Cancelled the service over the phone, which was the best customer service I received in the whole process.

Kim Hall

I have never seen such an incompetent company. They have been back twice in a week and never finished the job!


Danielle Carrigan

Matthew Bennett

Jimmy Gerber

When they show up!

Anna Raymond

My service provider was absolutely horrible. I asked for a yard clean up and they scheduled me for a leaf clean up, and when the provider came to my house he cleaned up only half the leaves in my yard. I called customer service and they sent him out again the next day and he cleaned up a few more leaves, better but not great work in any way, and instead of taking the bags of leaves with him (which was listed as part of the service) he left them in my yard. Also when I called to cancel the rest of my service, they put me on hold for 10 minutes. Being on hold isn't an issue and they usually pick up the phone quickly, but the cancellation line took forever and it almost seemed as though they wanted me to hang up and give up on cancelling. **PRO TIP: you can cancel you service online, which I found out after the fact** The company's only saving grace is that their customer service reps are at least kind and somewhat helpful. Seriously, look elsewhere for your landscaping needs.

Kimberly Arthur

Vinh Vu


Pretty cheap, pretty hassle free, and pretty good for just mowing your lawn (that's all I use it for)

Tiffany Melton

Amazing lawn care!! Very efficient. Ask for Jarrod.


They left grass clippings everywhere and my yard is patchy now. It looks like someone who has never held a weedeater or edger used them. The worst part was unbeknownst to me they left my side gate open so when I let my dogs I to the backyard they got out.

gary porterfield

Alex Dumas

Great group of lawncare professionals. The guys that came to service my lawn were great. They did an excellent job and I am very impressed!!!

Jerry Buxton

They take peoples money for fake lawn work

Mohammad Bourmaf

James Moore

I had a lapse in service from a different lawn care provider. Things were starting to look shabby. unfortunately I work very long hours and can't get to my yard like I once did. The first trip out everything was back to looking great again because of the extra mile! Great job!

Nathan Kellert

Mandy Gates

I do not recommend this place, first off their accent is so deep I can't understand them and it also sounds like they are reading a script, and I called thinking it was someone local in Oklahoma city but they later called back to tell me my quote for $73.00 is now 153.00 and they called from Wyoming. I hate getting scammed!!

Elaine Svec

Lawn Love did an excellent job mowing and edging both the front and back yard.


Emmit rocks, very friendly and helpful. Always goes above and beyond when working on my yard.

James Killian

Mercy Martinez

David LaBourde

Awful company. Stay away at all costs. Scheduled with them twice and no one ever showed up. All they do is apologize, act confused and offer to reschedule.

Stacie Nerdahl

We had a small commercial property that had been neglected (the contractor who was supposed to take care of the exterior ended up flaking!) and Lawn Love came in and mowed, trimmed etc to get the property back to professional in no time. I appreciate the quick and clear communication both by the main office and the lawn maintenance professionals. And the price was reasonable too!

Veronica Crews

Erich Hill

Received a quote of $44 for mowing my front and backyards. Price seemed reasonable for the area needing service. The lawn care specialist arrived the day of the appointment and proceeded to cut the front lawn, which took about 10 minutes. He did not cut the backyard as I had requested during the original quote. He also charged me an additional $20 (which Lawn Love says they will do if the grass is longer than anticipated). So I was charged $64 for poor service that took all of 10 minutes to complete. I submitted a complaint on Lawn Love's website (you can't actually speak to anyone on the phone). I received an email reply a day later with an apology and a $19 coupon FOR MY NEXT SERVICE. So now I have to find another service provider and pay again for service that should have been completed the first time. No thanks. This service was garbage and I won't be using it again.

Allison Taylor

Teri Jackson

Do not use them. They ran over my batting cage net which they were never supposed to be in the backyard in the first place. It has been almost two months and Morgan has ignored my calls or the three times I spoke to him (he has never called me but once when it happened) he keeps putting me off telling me it will be a couple of days to that day they were coming out to fix it. The company has not been wanting to take care of this and as Morgan told me the guy who did this was a "bad seed" and was fired. They were having problems with him already and he lied about the whole incident from the beginning. Do not use them. If they do anything they will not fix it. They are supposed to be bonded but they do not fix their mistakes

Tron Anderson

Lawn Love has rescheduled on me every week I have had scheduled with them, very unprofessional.

Pink365 Lioness

I had lawn service for the first time from this company. They left my back and front yard an absolute mess. Grass and clippings left on sidewalk, patio and garage. My neighbors were so upset by the mess. I had to clean up after these guys. When I called the company I was told that if I want clean it’s $50 extra each time to leave in put in my bags or can or if they haul away $ 85.00. I only gave a 2 star because the worker was friendly. Never recommend.

Shania Gallegos

I would not recommend this company. They left our front and back yard an absolute mess! It looked like someone had no idea what to do or the common sense on how to do it. It has been two weeks sense it was done and we called them to go back they came back and just did the front yard. And the back yard was still a mess they came by this morning and left all the cut grass in a pile and still did not finish the back yard. I would try doing my own lawn before calling these people again.

Whitney Gray

Caitlin Mitchell

Lawn pros are lazy & don’t even edge your yard. Oh & they constantly reschedule your service & then charge you the $20 fee for “grass being over 6 inches”. Complete joke!!!

Tod Higley

Great service had a small reschedule because I had something in their family but other than that they came back took care of everything I'd recommend these guys anytime and I do commercial construction it's hard to find guys that follow up and keep their word on getting stuff done and they do

C. L.

Unreliable and inconsistent. They don’t give you an accurate timeline of when they’ll arrive (so you can make sure your dogs are inside). They’ll also charge you an extra $20 for any dog poop. As of right now, they’re a week late to mow - they either just won’t show up, or they’ll cancel at the last minute.

Passion Bradley

Great Job, Jarrod!

Kara Riddle

Brent VanHooser

Amy Miller

Leah Baird

They were fast and efficient. Glad we hired lawn love. Hope the service remains the same. If so we will be happy customers!

Mason Blubaugh

Ricardo Flores Jr

Michael Magsig

Glen took care of mowing for two weeks while away on vacation. Did a good job. A bit pricey but good quality

Nichole Killebrew

If I could leave one star I would. These people are worthless and unreliable. A 1-year old could do a better job. And they cancel too much. Cancelled this service and will tell anyone I can that they are not only unreliable but worthless...


Brendan has been my provider for about six months; he always does a fantastic job and it's nice to come home to a job well done!

Angela Dyrcz

As a first time customer I had 2 no call, no show appointments. On the first reschedule I was told they could give me no time frame at all, only the day the service would be provided and when I called back after the 2nd missed appointment they had rescheduled me for another 3 days out so I had to cancel and use another company. They set appointments without knowing if they will have a company available for that time so if you need something quickly, I would chose another option.

Stephen Lynch

He showed up by himself. Late in the evening to mow, bag, edge, and weed eat my lawn. You don't see many young men with a willingness like this to get the job done

Cliff Petillo

Very satisfied.

Amber Swindle

DO NOT USE THEM. They have terrible customer service. My husband and I travel from our homes in Texas and Oklahoma and decided to use them because of the "good reviews" we came home today to our back yard a foot long. Our front area looks like a Jungle. I am beyond angry and told them I want a full refund.

Nancey Corbin

Don't use them, I have pictures of what they left my lawn looking like today. I will never use them again and I will tell everyone all about how my lawn was left today. Its like they went in a circle on my grass and left the middle there, they cut down half my rose bush and really messed up my shrubs. I wouldn't even give them a 1 star.

Shauna Marie

Would give 0 stars if possible. Moved in recently and don't have lawn care set up yet. Lawn Love was a recommended choice. They were supposed to come yesterday and never showed. Texted me at 8:30 PM last night saying they overbooked and wouldn't be coming because it was now dark. (Gee, you don't say). They said they would come today. Another NO SHOW. Texted them at 6 ish PM after I got home from work and saw that it wasn't done. Their response? Their system was down and they didn't have anyone's contact info (address/number), so they didn't make it out. Told me they would come tomorrow and take care of my lawn. No, thank you. Poor communication. Not that I would take a discount, but they didn't even offer anything for wasting my time. Get Lawn care from somewhere else.

Kristal Strawn

This company has horrible customer care service! When I first called to schedule a day for my yard service they seemed nice and ready to help. They said if anything happens and they need to reschedule they would call as well as email me to let me know. Well service day came and went and no one showed up to provide the yard service. I called and was informed that they had to reschedule me. I fussed, but knowing I really needed the work done, I said ok. Rescheduled day came and went, no call or anything. Finally 3 days after, I decided I am going to call again and see what was going on. All that they said was that they rescheduled me for almost a week after the originally scheduled day. I told them to forget it. If I'm not even worth letting me know what's going on with my service, you aren't worth me spending my hard earned money on. I will never call this company again for anything.

Kim Barrett

Do not use this company! Their fertilizer badly stained our brand new driveway. They didn't apologize or offer to fix it. They didn't show up for their scheduled appointment, and I had to call to find out they didn't come out because of debris ( brand new home on an acre of land) that we didnt know about or would of fixed if they would of communicated the issue. They never told us about it until just not showing up but claimed they mowed the front yard just not the back. They very obviously didn't mow the front yard like they claimed. They mowed the back 3 times and didn't say anything about anything in the backyard! After finding a new company it became apparent they weren't doing quality work! Don't waste your time!

Bethany Wray

Chandell Norman

Michelle Ferguson

My yard had gotten completely out of control. Every weekend I felt stressed for time with mowing or weedeating, planting grass, pulling weeds from the flower bed, etc. I wasn't sure what to do about it. I googled lawn services, found Lawn Love, got an affordable quote & booked service. Anthwann texted me on the day I requested service to let me know when he would arrive and showed up promptly on time. My yard is finally off my mind. I don't think I realized what a low level stresser it had been. And it looks much better than when I do it myself . I'm really grateful to have affordable help .


Amanda Bryan

They came out 1 time to do my lawn and then rescheduled every single day for a MONTH afterward. When I called and asked why, considering there was no weather, it was just COLD, they then cancelled that service and rescheduled me again and again! Had to call them 10 times in a row to even get anyone on the phone! If you’re ok only getting your lawn mowed once every month and a half, go for it. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

Auri Fry

Lawn mowing was decent, however they will delay mowing for up to a week at a time. You cannot rely on them to mow when scheduled! I will be using another company next year.

Carla okay

Angie Godwin

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