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REVIEWS OF Garden Supply Company IN North Carolina

Sonja Kracke

Best garden center in the triangle!!

NaveenKumar Kalaikannan

Kat .

Always helpful and friendly.

Jacquelyn Manson

Great staff and the plants last. They are very helpful.

Catherine Truxillo

Awesome service, amazing selection. These people love gardening and want to share that love.

Larry Kornegay

Glenn Cutler

I wandered into Garden Supply last week on a mission - I wanted a nice fig bush for my yard. After one employee and I looked around for one without success, I was ready to leave but thought I'd walk around and look at other plant/shrub options. A very nice lady asked me then if she could help me. I told her probably not as we had already looked but she wanted to go look at the computerized inventory list to see what it showed. When it showed 4 fig bushes in stock she insisted on us hunting them down way in the back area where plants that aren't even for sale yet are stored/nurtured. We found what I wanted, and a beautiful specimen of bush too, and she lugged it out of the "back 40" by hand and was almost as pleased as I was to help me find what I had come seeking! I'll go back there again! They rock in customer services!


Incredibly knowledgeable staff.

Kate In Cary

Had an issue with birdseed resolved very quickly by employee named Kitty. Some products are pricey but when quality matters I usually get the plants there. if I'm buying annual - like petunias I usually look for a cheaper source. I do appreciate that the owners give back to the community. that sways my decision in their favor.

Siobhan Kenna

What a great garden space experience! So many plants; bird, bee & bat houses, and feeders; garden furniture; knick knacks & bird baths & fountains, for inside and out... There is just so much to see! If you even like gardening a little bit, you will love it here and find just about everything you need.

Bonitia Cleary

Just a beautiful garden supply store. A variety of decor, indoor and outdoor as well as friendly staff.

Henry Patrick

Not the cheapest in town but well worth it. Yes you can buy a plant at Lowe's or the local grocery cheap. What you get for your money here are finer quality ( remember you get what you pay for ). Also a very helpful/knowledgeable staff ( plant people not shelf stockers ) and a incredibly diverse selection of beautiful plants for and landscaping need. Before you balk at the $25 hanging basket you think you can "cheap" look at the quality. They are the best quality if that matters to you as a buyer.


They're always helpful and knowledgeable.

Rosemary's Lantern

Matthew Taggart

Incredible selection of perennial plants, fertilizers, pesticides, and everything else you need.

Richard Batchelor

Great place for the do it yourself gardener. Huge selection. Staff very helpful and friendly.

Cary Opteris

adamwoodring1 .

Love this place. Huge offering of plants and very knowledgeable staff

Patty Jasper

While we have spent the last several years as customers at GSC - I am going to agree with the majority of posters here and say, while the quality of the plants are usually exceptional it's the service from the staff that is lacking. We usually buy annuals and hanging baskets every year here, this year we decided the front garden needed a refresh and signed a contract with GSC to have a landscape consult and install a new garden. Most everything went fine when the install day happened, (save for the installers cutting our cable line that was marked by utilities people) we ran into an issue with 3 of the plants one disintegrated, the others just were failing. I sent a note to the landscape designer Matthew Noel, asking if he could come take a look. He never replied he simply forwarded my email to "Danielle" who went on vacation and got back to me about 2 weeks later when she informed me she was out. I asked for a different species of plant which I got and they sent someone over to install just last week, we were heading out of town, but didn't think much of it, just happy it got done. Fast forward to today, we're back in town, and noticed all of our plants "sagging" over on further inspection the person who installed these replacements BARELY planted these coneflowers into the ground, thus the drooping. We spent a total of over $2K on plants and installation, it's disheartening to find such lack of attention to detail with these replacements and the lack of concern by the landcape designer after I asked him to come look at the plants, and the delay in even getting a response, I think GSC is more concerned about making money than customers. I'll be shopping elsewhere for plants and garden supplies.

Grace Brown

Kazuhiko Negi

Beth Morrell

Showed up and was greeted first by an adorable kitty then a very helpful woman that showed me exactly what I needed and loaded it up for me. Appreciated it because the place is huge and I don't know about plants! Great place.

Cassandra Colegrove

Great help!!

Dalton Mann

Mario Bonello

Evan Garner

Charlie Lufniak

Karen Frack

They have some beautiful and unique decorations and I love to come here around the holidays. Prices are a bit higher than others in the area but high quality items.

John Toebes

Excellent service from very knowledgeable folks

Kriti Pokhrel

Thomas Ingram

Mark Steele

People here are very knowledgeable and helpful

Steve Meckman


Megan Harden

Lovely shop!

Maggie O'Keeffe

Worst care of our 33homes property less and less work performed as hired for. Would never recommend.

Peter Fournier

Ben Simons

This is one of the nicest and most pleasant garden stores around. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy. This is also one of our dog's favorite places to go.


Leigh Yokeley

Karen Taul

Service was excellent. Very unique gift and plant areas.

Saida Hussein

Their selection of plants are really nice! I bought two plants from them, make sure your plant is in good shape when you purchase, unfortunately they don’t have a return policy like most stores do on plants so if you get a sick plant your money is gone. Other than that I would recommend them.

Liz Clark

Jackie Chambliss

Clint Turnbloom

Aleksandra Idziak-Brown

Frank LeBron

Quality inventory nice atmosphere. get there in early early spring to avoid the rush

Justin Richardson

Nice local garden shop with good selection and friendly staff

Norman Bayton

All the staff at GS are very helpful and knowledgable, able to answer any questions you ask. when they come to your home, they are very efficient and make sure everything is done just right.they also clean up thoroughly when they're done. whatever landscaping needs I have in the future, I won't bother shopping anywhere else.

Andrew Chiara

The folks at this place offer superb service. Everybody I've dealt with is kind, knowledgeable and most helpful.. Their plants are very good quality too! A pleasure to buy from!!

Irene Sherman

We love Garden Supply! Fantastic employees and incredible garden selections!


Nice variety but way too expensive!!

Ricky Owenby

Dave Mattison

Had several trees removed from my home, went to Garden Supply company to get consultation for landscaping to repair the now large deforested area. I paid $125 consulting fee upfront, made an appointment 2 weeks in advance. They only had a 4:00pm appointment available, so I took it (with Matt). I normally work till 5, so I took off an hour early to be there at 4. I sat and waited until 4:40 and no one showed. Finally I called and they passed me around to a couple of people before finally admitting they weren't going to show. I demanded a refund of the $125 but I'm still out the hour's pay I missed by leaving early. Apparently they have enough business they can afford to alienate customers. Buyer beware, you time and money means nothing to this company.

Tenaya D

Lovely and lots of selection. Prices are a bit high

Dave McClellan

Helpful staff, great selection of plant

Katherine Marting

Decent variety but FALSE advertising and labeling of prices of plants and then POOR customer service related to solved discrepancies. Example: sign was clearly mislabeled for product and they just said no sorry that's still the price, even after acknowledging the sign was wrong. Buyers be ware, you'll be disappointed if you come here.

brbrightnow .

Pat Conway

Vary helpfull staff! Gave us awesome tips for our patio project. Not finished but looking good! Thanks! Plant's are doing great!

Brian Little

These folks did our wedding flowers. They got enough garland and greenery together in short notice to pull off a Christmas wedding outdoors. Our family used that greenery and those poinsettias for the whole season after the ceremony. The shopkeeper who did our order still remembers us almost ten years later. So TLDR, they do fantastic work under unrealistic expectations with quality plants.

Maia Talley

Dean Scibilia

I love this place.... very knowledgeable people.

Greg Adams


Erin McKeon

If you haven’t been, you should go! I love looking around here. Especially around Christmas time! You can find wonderful gifts. I picked up this little air plant recently. Everyone is so helpful and nice. Dog friendly too!

Sheree McReynolds

Best crew ever!!!!! Did just what I wanted!! Love this company

Conor Manjorin

Rachael Byrnes

I don’t write reviews often, but I was SO impressed with this business. My husband and I are new homeowners and went here to get plants and flowers for our front yard. Keith helped us the whole time we were there. He gave us great advice and helped pick out appropriate plants based on our lighting in the yard and the heat. He spent a lot of time educating us on things we didn’t know about, and we really appreciated that. We encountered some other staff members and all were equally friendly, helpful, and informative. We will definitely be coming back! Thank you so much for the fabulous service and all that you offer.

Hitesh Patel

The price was good I think. I picked up few azalea bushes and green hedge bush. The man who helped me was knowledgeable and gave instructions to plant.

Seonju Yeo

Paul Collins

Really nice garden center. They always have great looking plants and knowledgable workers.

Luther Utt

I really like Garden Supply. Since we moved to the area it's pretty much the only garden center I go to becauseof their selection and location. However, I do get very frustrated with attempting do any kind of special orders. I follow their directions as to when to call to place an order for the fall or spring and not once has it ever worked. I've been told numerous times someone would call me to confirm or to tell me the availability and that has only happened once, literally. And then I got a conflicting phone call which was even more maddening. The folks there are nice that work outdoors and the girls on the registers are super friendly. But the staff that is responsible for orders and callbacks needs vast improvement.

Moises Martin Antonio

Pauli Warren

For unique gift ideas, delightful atmosphere and conscientious staff go to GSCo. Like going back in time when family owned businesses were the norm, not the exception. A refreshing break from huge warehouse chains.

Andrew Hill


Pass Garden Supply Co all the time and finally took a few minutes to stop in on a Saturday afternoon. They have an impressive collection of plants and the people there are passionate about gardening and helpful. Special thanks to Steven, who gave me ideas and helped pick out suitable varieties for my project.

Justin StClair

Awesome service, and they have bee hives and supplies for bees.

Bonnie Thompson

Very nice. Was greeted and left to browse. Found what I was looking for and got a rewards card.

Amy Thureson

Bill Bishop

Garden Supply is a beautiful retail nursery, but not to be taken seriously for installation or maintenance. Workmanship and follow-up/follow-through was shoddy and irritate. Material performed poorly even with Garden Supply installation and maintenance. Getting Garden Supply to honor their one-year warranty was a project, and even then weak and sickly material was not replaced. My experience was entirely disappointing, particularly given their charming retail presentation.

Danielle Allery

It is a beautiful place to find plants, decor, gifts, etc. It is a combination of a garden supply store and "The Ivy Cottage" in one.

Steve Riley

Went to Lowes the day before and their plants looked so sad. All plant at the Garden Supply looked great. Great variety of healthy happy plants.

jason geisler

Very helpful staff and wide selection of plants and home decor. The best in the area!

Chris Inscore

Love this place! Everything is laid out in a way that is really easy to understand. If I am looking for shade loving perennials, there is no question about what section I need to look in. The only thing I wish they would do is call you when you get on the list for a specific plant. I recently asked if they had gotten a specific plant in, and I was told they had already sold them all. Kind of defeats the purpose of being put on a list. Otherwise everyone is always very helpful and kind.

Steven Fried

The person who helped me was very knowledgeable.

Ashly Guthrie

Timothy Dillman

Helpful staff and great offers.

Elaine Cook

One of the best garden resources in Cary.

Xxx Xxx

Very good

Anne Fessler

I just spent quite a bit of time here and got excellent one-on-one help from one of the gardeners since it wasn't too busy. She was very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. I learned a lot! Beautiful selection of plants and fair prices.

Janet Ray

Wonderful place to shop for different kinds of plants! All of the sales personal are very patient, helpful, pleasant and very much knowledge of all that you’re interested in!

Laura French

Great selection and helpful personel.

Julian Andres Vergara Moreno

The plants are beautiful

Kristine Gonzalez

Picked up bees for the first time. Jason was AWESOME! Helped me ease my fears. Highly recommend if you are in need of bee supplies or bees.

Tyler Ashworth

This was my first experience at this location. I had visited and called several other nurseries and garden centers in the area looking for a specific plant for a gift, with no success. Anna was very helpful and gave me a brief overview of their inventory over the phone along with pricing. She even took the time to pot the plant that I was giving as a gift, helped me with care instructions, and she even answered some questions I had about seeding a new lawn. She went above and beyond even though it was the end of her shift. Will be back in the future.

Molly Street

Kyle Michalak

H Mar

Fantastic garden shop with a huge selection.


Stephanie Mohammad

David Ingham

Great selection. Friendly staff. Decent prices

Michele Durst

Great time at sip n shop.

Kirby Leiby

We bought 10 scoops of mulch and they originally quoted us $45 for delivery. When we scheduled the delivery they told us it would be $65 because we live in Holly Springs and it's $45 for Apex and Cary only. We live 1 mile from the Apex line and they couldn't cut us a break of $20? Especially for buying 10 scoops of mulch? Will not be using them ever again and will be sure to tell friends and family the bad experience we had with them.

Sascha Weyer

Ed Bailey

If you have a great thumb, Garden Supply Company is the place for you! There's a dizzying array of plants, both indoor and outdoor, a wide variety of planting pots, striking yard decorations of all styles, soils, fertilizers and associated chemicals, and even beekeeping supplies! The staff are friendly and highly knowledgeable. And even if your thumb isn't green, it's a great place to go for inspiration (and a helping hand) to put a little more green in your life. Give it a try; if nothing else, you'll find it relaxing, strolling through what amounts to a kind of rain forest, and gazing on their masterful landscaping examples.

Kevin Seitz

Went to the local garden supply shop for a yard of soil. I got a yard and a half and soil and paid $45. Went to another garden supply five miles away and got one yard which was more than I got from the yard and a half for $30. Bummed, I guess I need to make the drive.

Harlan Stafford

Exceptionally helpful staff and a wide selection of bedding plants, shrubs and trees as well as pots, fertilizer and gardening tools. I found the prices comparable to big box departments with far superior and more knowledgeable service.

Tom Baker

Vickie Hann

Charles White

Great folks to work with.

Jeanne Cowen

Kathy Geheb

The staff is very knowledgeable and always ready to help. Good quality stock.

Umasankar Natanakumar

Michael DeHaan

Great selection on plants throughout the year, though prices are sometimes on the high side.

Jenny Somerville

They have lots of stuff here. Outdoor plants of all kinds. Some indoor plants. Trellises, fairy garden stuff, yard deco, bees and beehive materials, ladybugs, birdseed and bird feeders. Worth checking out for sure

Marc Smereck

Nice facility with helpful employees. Excellent selection off plants

steve vesilind

I love being able to buy my landscaping needs locally instead of a Home Depot or Lowe's. The service you get at the Garden Supply is second to none.

Bao Dang

I went up there today to ask about whether or not they make custom bouquets for Valentine's day coming up, and the two staff i ran into were extremely kind and helpful. The first lady i spoke to was in the middle of doing something, but she stopped as soon as i started approaching her to see if i needed something. I told her what i was looking for and she pointed me to the store florist, who also stopped what he was doing in order to help me. We spoke for about 15 minutes, and he was considerate enough to ask me enough questions in order assist in me figuring out what exactly it was what i needed. This was very helpful since i honestly had no idea what i was doing; I've never bought flowers for anyone before. He also spent time telling me about his background as a florist/shop owner in NJ in order to give me assurance. Consideration that i told them at first that i only need 1 bouquet, the fact that they spent so much time assisting me says a lot about whether or not they value money over customer service. I found this to be quite contradicting of many of the bad reviews that i had read prior to leaving my house to go on a hunt for the right florist/flower shop. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first from reading the other reviews about the customer service, but since it was right by my house i decided to stop by and check anyways. That and i have bought some hay from this place before for my outdoor doghouse, and i remembered the staff being quite friendly. Anyways, I had a list of 10 different florists/flower shops in Cary that i was going to scope out in order to make sure that i go to the right place to get my flowers for valentines, and after speaking with the two people that i ran into at GSC, i decided that there was no need to drive all over town and meeting every florist in Cary. I am confident that the bouquet i will be getting from here next week will be just fine, if not Perfect for my needs. Also, the florist was kind enough to tell me about an in-store event next Thursday from 5-9 pm, where i can come in, enjoy a few beers, and pick out the flowers i wanted in my bouquet for Friday as well as put them on reserve. I could even come as early as Wednesday in order to get first dibs! Needless to say i am looking forward to being there on Thursday and putting the flowers i need on reserve, so that i do not have to stress out on Valentine's day about making sure that my bouquet will be ready in time or about them running out of the ones i want. Needless to say, i am very happy with the service i was given and i plan on going to them for my gardening needs in the future. I hope that everyone who has read the bad reviews, like i did, do not steer away from giving this place a fair chance because of it. I am glad i didn't! Oh, and the prices are quite reasonable compared to all the other shops i looked at online, which for me is a very good thing!

Shelbe Holben

The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful!! I had absolutely no idea where to start with my project, we were helped and I left feeling confident that I won’t kill my plants(fingers crossed)! It is a beautiful nursery & store. I would highly recommend stopping by, even if it’s just to look around!

Nick de Silvia

This was our first trip ever here and we were very impressed with the amazing collection and variety of good quality products at multiple price points. The entrance, parking area and grounds are beautifully decorated with koi pond, pin wheels and foluage. Inside is well lit and fun to walk around looking at the inventory from fairy houses to bee keeping equipment to everything in between. Staff was very friendly and helpful and we left with everything we were looking for. I would definitely recommend a visit, even if just to browse and get inspiration! Like if you agree!

Ali Page

I always have a great experience at Garden Supply.

Gwenyth Vuke

Angelo Addona

I am a first-time customer and purchased a tree back in May. After a few weeks the leaves began to drop and a week ago the plant had lost all its leaves, so I contacted GSC to ask what my options were and how I could get a replacement. The staff member asked me if I purchased soil conditioner, cow manure and fertilizer at the time I purchased the tree. While I had already purchased these items elsewhere, to my surprise, I was informed by the staff member that there was nothing GSC could do for me because I didn't purchase these items from GSC. I proceeded to explain to the staff member that no one mentioned this to me at the time of purchase. I asked to speak to a manager and repeated my situation, even mentioned the person who helped me select and load the tree into my vehicle, to which the manager replied, "He's just our summer helper". I again asked why no one mentioned that their one year guarantee only applies if you purchase their overpriced soil conditioner, cow manure and fertilizer and the reply was, "Since it's less than six months, we can replace it." Not really an answer. Furthermore, I received conflicting advice about watering the tree and almost lost the replacement. I wholeheartedly agree with other posts and say that GSC is more concerned about making money than customers and the staff is far from knowledgeable. First and last experience for me.

Janice White

Beautiful plants and trees with great customer service. Pricey.

Kimberly Plum

Mariangela Crowley Walker

Fun & Festive

Marj Nowak

Very helpful!

Barrett Grubbs

Nani lovescakes

Great place with very helpful and knowledgeable employees. Big variety of plants, trees, bushes, etc. Prices are a bit on the high side.

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