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REVIEWS OF Atlantic Gardening Company IN North Carolina

Lorenza Reid

Great selections and prices

Steve Ferrer

I had Tyler from Atlantic garden center redo my waterfall and add a pond skimmer to our fish pond. Tyler did an excellent job and we are more than completely satisfied. If I could give more stars I would. Tyler is extremely knowledgeable about ponds and fish. I was originally going to use another company that I’ve been using for 3 years that quoted me a price that was more than three times what Tyler charged for the same work. I highly recommend Tyler at Atlantic Avenue orchid and garden center to do all of any pond maintenance, new design or redesign work that you may have. I wish I had known of his services 3 years ago when I bought this house.

Mike Natchie

Outstanding knowledge and good pricing. Good selection.

Ben G

This is a great local nursery. We received great help picking out a flower for our garden that will attract bees. The prices are very competitive when compared to some of the big box chains around. Plants are looking healthy and happy in our garden. We will be back in the future to check out the bar and the indoor plants they have.

Alyssa R.

Initially I was thrilled to find a store in Raleigh that had such a great selection of orchids. On my first trip I bought a beautiful Vanda and have had no problems at all with it. If I had not gone back I would have left a five star review. However, as a special gift for Valentine's Day, my husband bought me an Oncidium (Howard's Dream). The plant itself is very robust and the pseudobulbs are quite plump. I was in love at first sight. Until today when I went to water it and saw it was HEAVILY infested with aphids. I quickly checked all my other orchids and luckily none of them were affected so poor Howard got a strong dose of rubbing alcohol/water/dish soap and is now quarantined. I have never had an aphid problem with any of my orchids, and as I said none of my other orchids have aphids on them. I'm sure these things happen but if I were you I'd steer clear of Atlantic Ave for a bit just in case they haven't gotten this problem under control yet. If you do go, I suggest you seriously inspect any plant before you buy it.

Susan Comer Fisher

This is the second time I've called out there to make sure they had what I needed and then driven all the way out there and found that was not the case. Please be respectful of people's time and do not mislead them if you are not able to help.

Cary Opteris

I love this place. I find the coolest perennials here! Great trees and shrubs. I go here for my container gardens also as they have a huge selection of annuals in a size that's great for making up a great container garden, including on a shady porch. The staff is so helpful. Bob is so knowledgeable and helpful about perennials and vegetable growing. The staff has a great mix of knowledge. Listen when they tell you it's all about the soil. If you want great results, amend the soil.

John Carley

So lovely, the people, the plants, the space

Stephanie Lormand

I always have such great luck finding local-to-NC plants. My son loves their fish pond. Shopping at locally owned small business it important to me!

Jose Rubio

Great service and selection!

steve holmes

I purchased a variety of plants and had Atlantic Garden Company install them December of 2016. They told me if they did the installation then the plants were covered under warranty for a full year. With the purchase of the plants and the installation fees the total cost was over $1000.00. Less than a year went by and a few of the plants didn't survive. I addressed this with Atlantic Garden back in early October of 2017 and the "lead" gardener told me that it wasn't covered under warranty; whomever told me that was incorrect and non-verbally addressed this as "too bad not his problem". I'll never go back there and will always refer others to go elsewhere.

Barb Soracco

Always successful and helpful. A pleasure to visit.

Beland Family

Wonderful place with an amazing selection of plants and trees. We bought 3 trees recently for our yard and Atlantic staff was very helpful and knowledgeable during the process. The trees have acclimated well and look beautiful in our yard. The garden boutique is very nice too - - lots of unique products.

Bonnie Elek

I really get orchids at and deal with Millie. I find the selection one of the best. It is not inexpensive but you do get the quality and that is worth a lot. I really do not go anywhere else for orchids. I have purchased containers there as I find the unusual ones there and they are really a focal point at my house.

Mary Block

The people that work at Atlantic Avenue are so well informed and helpful. The flower and plant selection is amazing. It is a joy to stop and choose something to add to your garden. If you have a garden problem, they can help you come up with a solution.

Nelson Columbano

Chris consulted with me on my major lawn renovation and was so knowledgeable, patient and honest with me. He answered question after question to help guide me to the most suitable solution tailored to my budget, site conditions and goals. He's earned a loyal customer because of the value he adds to the customer experience.

David Bott

Brew House and gardening and koi ponds and fish? Perfect combination! Very nice place with prices comparable to anywhere around the triangle.

Karen Critchley

Unique gardening items and plants

Brian Kaminski

Knowledgeable, inviting, and friendly staff with an amazing selection of plants and landscaping supplies and services. They get bonus points for offering discounts to military and uniform service members. Also, what other plant and tree nurseries have beer on tap?

Branden Gooch

This place is excellent! I've always been able to find what I'm looking for. And on some occasions when I don't even have a clue what I'm looking for, the employees were able to help me with and idea or any question I had. And that was just for plants. Now that I have a Koi pond, I've made several water plant and Koi fish purchases and all have lived and looked great doing it! They have an excellent selection on both plants and Koi! Whether you have a set goal in mind or are just pulling in to check the place out, you're bound to leave there with something!

bettyt008 .

I love this place..haven't been here in years as I moved to Middlesex..but since I was in Raleigh I just had to stop and buy some plants.

Michael Homsher

Nice, but very pricey

Alayna Bolyard

Kenny went above and beyond to show us first-time planters the ins and out of starting a garden. We really appreciate his kindness and such a cool place. They even have a bar!

Clayton Knudsen

Great variety, knowledgeable and helpful staff.... A bit pricey.

Joe Kaczur

Beautiful store with ever helpful staff with healthy plants

Justin Garr

Very nice place to shop & gather information for keeping a nice garden. The staff are very helpful and friendly. A++

Angel Kins

A wonderful selection of plants. May not be the cheapest in town, but probably the best selection. Plants are healthy, pest free, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. One of my go-to nurseries in the triangle

Eugene Warren

Excellent garden ctr. with the wide variety of different plants to choose from. Knowledgeable friendly staff.

John Grasso

Great quality & knowledgeable staff makes Atlantic my go to place for shrubs, trees, flowers & supplies.

Jasmine Simmons

My new favorite garden shop! Kenny helped answer all of my questions regarding hydroponics and helped me find everything I needed to get started. Can’t wait to go back!

Sue Kayarian

The gentleman helping us with our selection and the gentleman loading our car, I give them 5 starts. The director of design, Mike Riha I found to be very rude, borderline degrading. He made us feel like we were bothering him because we weren't clients of his. However we could have been but he never returned our phone calls or answered our emails then we had questions about his service. I had a friend with us today who overheard our conversation with Mike, he also stated the conversation was very rude. So for that experience he gets no stars.

Amanda Lamb

My first time there and I'm never going back. The first person I spoke to in the greenhouse was rude, stand offish and wouldn't help me with much. Everybody else I spoke to after that gave me WRONG and TERRIBLE information! I couldn't believe what they were telling me. I grabbed some plants and a cute box out of the whole ordeal but that was the last time I'm ever going there. I'll just stick to my usual plant nursery.

Michael Bridgman

Great place, helpful staff, good products.

olena zintchouk

It is beautiful place! One of the best places to get information about growing your own orchids and ideas for arrangements. They are selling very healthy plants. You can find everything for gardening and beekeeping.

David Dalrymple

A nice selection of houseplants and landscaping plants. Definitely not the best prices though.

D Savage

OK, thought i would relay my first real expense here. I arrived and the folks were very nice and helpful. I was looking for pond supplies and had a bit of a sticker sock (over $1000~), so the "pond specialist" offered me a one time discount. I thought this was an awesome offer! I wanted go check what i could get by with and left. When i returned, i picked up part of the items i looked at, went to check out, and this is when things started not going so well. First the clerk (from above) did not want to give the discount. Apparently i was not spending 'enough' ($500~). I started to leave it all but asked if he could do "anything" and he offered me a smaller discount than original percentage. Guess that's better than nothing but not what he first offered. Then things went sour. I received a call a week and half later. Apparently they did not charge me enough and wanted another $70 for a plastic spillway box i bought. Honestly If they had told me the thing was going to be $160, i would have returned it!! but it was now installed and glued in so i was stuck. The clerk was nice enough to tell me "i am sure we will help you on your next purchase" to which i can said "not likely". Being my first impression with Atlantic, this has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth and will encourage me NOT to spend money there. If your an manager/owner and want to know what this $60 cost you? Well - i just bought a $200 pump - not from you. Will be buying $400 in rocks to decorate the pond this weekend - not from you. Picking up over $500 on flowers and landscaping to be installed next week - not from you. Presently looking for trees (the ones in the 5gal buckets you had that i loved) to plant this fall. not sure how much i will spend but - you got it - not from you.

John Pienta

This is a well stocked nursery with lots of healthy plant specimens and a great selection of pots, potting media, fertilizers, pesticides etc. They have a whole section for hydroponic growing, starting plants and clones etc. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly, if they didn't know the answer they pointed me to someone who did. Their orchid selection was beautiful but not as varied as I expected. They were, however, in the process of getting more.

Brent Harrison

The knowledge of the staff here is nothing short of... the internet.

Racquel Phillips

They serve alcohol!!!

Olivia Cardoma

Superb service. I was helped immediately when I arrived and the gentleman answered all my questions patiently as we selected which type of bush to buy. He educated me on how to install It as well. I may have been dreaming, but I could have sworn the gentleman was also playing a live piano outdoors as well.

Viridiana Martell

Helpful and experience people and lots of beautiful plants

Guy Smith

Always great! Has what I need for my koi

Gabriella Corter

Excellent selection of plants. Awesome staff!

Naomi Forbes

Best place to be, buy gifts, have lunch, and go for garden supplies. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable about every plant and problems. They have classes on different subjects during the year. A great place to chill.

kile Law

I love the orchids here. All of the orchids in Blue Water Spa and in my home are from Atlantic Avenue. They orchids are beautiful and last a long time. The people there are great. They know I'm picky and particular so they will usually just stay out of my way :). But when I need help or inspiration that are always available. Zack is the best. If the orchids from Atlantic Avenue are good enough for Dolly Parton, they are good enough for me!

Jason Myers

I'm not much of a gardening person but even I enjoyed the trip to this greenhouse/green complex. ** Non Gardening People - There's a bar ** Prices are a little higher than somewhere like Lowe's, but the quality and selection justifies the extra few bucks. I absolutely recommend checking it out when you need to pick up some plants.

Alyssa Wells

Had a wonderful experience shopping here with my mom the other day. They have a huge selection of pots (along with their even larger selection of plants of course.) And the orchid greenhouse was just divine. I couldn't resist and purchased an orchid and they "prettied it up" by adding moss and twigs and I was wowed! I love my new orchid and will definitely be returning in the future.

Joseph Eardley

They dint serve Kfc ChicknB HERE veery dispointing

Terrie J

Awesome staff all super friendly. My very first visit they were able to meet all my needs by listening to me. I was very satisfied will be dealing with them from here on out :)

E Sepulveda

All the employees at Atlantic Orchid and Garden went above and beyond to answer all my questions and accommodate all my requests on the most rainiest Memorial Day Holiday weekend I have experienced. Planning is very important when putting a project together and I see that the employees will try to help me get the items I need to help my project turn out to be excellent. Thanks for the great experience over the rainy 2018 Memorial Day weekend.

Maria Fadri

I enjoyed my experience at Atlantic Gardening. They have a nice selection of flowers, seeds, bulbs, soil, orchids, sproutlings, and various garden accoutrements at reasonable prices. I bought a couple of ranunculus (ranunculi?) and a primrose for my container garden. Also available are classes on beekeeping and gardening! They were also kind enough to provide advice on gardening and hydroponic systems. I will be back to Atlantic Gardening soon!

Tom Davis

Nice plants and selection but very expensive. Most expensive nursery I have been to and I have been to many in wake county.

leslie rodgers

There is a great selection of both outdoor and indoor plants. Their orchids are beautiful and tempt me every time I go there. One can purchase orchids that aren't currently in bloom for 5 dollars or so. There is a little bar inside which has about 5 or so beers on tap and a selection of wine.

Blake Walker

I really enjoy working with Michael who heads up Atlantic's Landscape Architecture and Planning Division. He is always very optimistic and excited when designing and planning new projects for my home. Overall, he is a great communicator- timely and responsive. I also enjoy working with Dennis (one of the head gardeners) he has done two large projects for my home. Very courteous and gentle workers. My experience has been that the landscape team is very committed and hardworking. Very strong communication and planning overall! I planning on many-many more gardening phases in quarters to come. Whenever an issue comes up in regards to plant health they are quick to respond and repair/nurture/replace.

Fathmi Jahan

Awesome place, great knowledgeable staffs

Michael Sanderson

Has knowledgeable, helpful assistance.

Samantha Kwan

We went here because it was the only place that sold koi and pond plants/supplies open on a Sunday. The person who helped us was very nice and knowledgeable. We will see how the sturdy the koi are. I will definitely go back for pond and garden needs though!

Robert Albert

Selection is amazing, prices OK, the people that work here know their business and treat you very well

Julie Vazquez

Great nursery. They recently added a bar-beer, wine, and mimosas. Nice pours and not pricey. Nice to leisurely shop.

Esther Stewart

Wow! This is such an awesome store! I could spend all day there. :-) The staff answered every question (and I had a lot!) and were extremely helpful. Very pleasant store - I'll be going back soon!

Philip Price

Food and service were excellent all at a fair price

Grace Maher

Didn't get to stay long, it was raining cats and dogs. They have lots of nice plants amd stuff.

Peter Villadsen

The staff were helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. They all seemed to genuinely want to me make happy and give me a great experience. They had a nice selection of shrubs and trees - everything I expected to see was there. I'm really excited to have my new shrubs and look forward to going back in the future.


I absolutely love this garden center for several reasons, the biggest being the friendly and helpful staff. I have been there simply to get plants for my vegetable and herb garden, but oftentimes have questions. Each time someone has cheerfully asked me if I needed help, and then patiently told me everything I needed to know. One time I went in assuming I needed a pesticide for something that was eating one of my plants, but ended up speaking to a very knowledgeable employee who informed me of a DIY technique that would work better than any chemical, and be healthier. He knew this would mean I wouldn't buy anything, but selflessly put my needs first. What he said worked great! Very recently another employee was not 100% sure about the answer to my question, but said she knew where to get the information and went to the indoor area, returning quickly with a super helpful printout for me to take home. I always find the plants to be beautiful and the atmosphere pleasant and happy. I highly recommend this place!

Eric Sambraus

Garden bar rocks, great beer on tap along with a great bartender Forrest. Will definitely be back.

Ria Edens

Great prices, tons of selections, neat and orderly, and very kind and knowledgeable staff. These guys actually answer the phone when you call, too! Cant give them enough praise.

Brandon Tushek

This place is awesome. Super friendly and helpful, especially for a guy who knows nothing about plants.

LaTonya Jamison

My first attempt to get questions regarding pond questions no one to assist. I heard front desk call, but no one said anything to me after that so I left. Second visit about the pond Mr. Church was there to answer my questions. Great!!! The end of my meeting with Mr. Church we scheduled a visit to take a look at my pond. Well when the day came I called his mobile number on his card 2x’s left a message each time. I also called Atlantic Garden main number. At that time I was told he was there. When the call was transferred someone else answered and said he just stepped out a few seconds ago. Well, I never received a call to cancel or reschedule. I will take my business elsewhere. Thank you

Linda Winn

You pay a little more than big box stores, but you get knowledgeable staff and beautiful, healthy plants. Also great variety.

Robert Bodey

Excellent plant source & very knowledgeable employees.

Richard Graham

A good garden center, but a bit expensive.

Jamie Allen

I absolutely recommend going to see this place. It has a wide variety of flowers and plants. As well as a very nice staff with wine bar available. So Yes highly recommend it!!! A+

Tyler Pearce

Initially went here because it was one of the few nurseries open on sunday. Sure glad we did, knowledgeable staff, good slection, beer on tap, hyrdo equipment, and bee hives! The only garden center I'll be going to Raleigh from now on.

Jessica Nalbone

I just popped in over the weekend for the first time to check it out and had a terrific experience. The selection was excellent and the quality of plants looks superb. I had a few questions about planting heirlooms that Chris expertly answered. The ladies at the check-out desk were so much fun. When I told them it was my first time visiting, they gave me a coupon for my next visit. I'm just delighted to know this place is in my neighborhood, and am planning to make it my regular spot.

Catherine Anthony

Beautiful selection of plants and flowers.

John Sanders

Great place to buy shrubs, plants, and Orchids. A limb fell on our house last summer and destroyed the left side of our yard. We bought all the replacement shrubs at Atlantic Ave. and Garden. They have done extremely well in yard. I am a huge fan of the traditional NC shrubs and some of the newer varieties of the old classics. We bought Double Knockout Roses, Endless Summer Hydrangeas, and the Encoure Azaleas. We also love the classic boxwoods, and they had a huge selection. One thing they have changed recently that I really like is they started carrying more perennials and annuals. It is cool, it gives the place more of a market feel up front. Lastly, if you go, you have to go check out the Orchids, I have never seen so many. We always keep one of Millie's orchids blooming in our house. They cost more then the ones we by at Whole Foods but they last forever, it is totally worth it.

Bodyology Massage

Nice selection of succulents, and pots! And pet friendly! Very pleasant experience!


Thank goodness for Atlantic Orchid & Garden. My tiny apartment patio with tons of shade was getting me down. I love planting in the spring. The whole team spent so much time with me and helped me make great choices. Now I have a patio to be proud of!

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