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REVIEWS OF Natty Garden IN New York

Daniel Chrabolowsky

Rude... The place is very nice, I never expected that hostility though. Came in to check for something, the person asked me to send an email for that question, which I did 2 months ago and never got a reply. I usually come to places with the best intentions and expect to be treated with just a tiny bit of respect and attention. Will find another place.

Andrea .

Devon Cherry

Love the chill vibe and music while you look at all the plants

Alexa Pierce

Bridget Burns

I love this place because in the summer they are playing reggae loud in the a.m. and because they have unusual plant varieties if you know where to look. The owner is sweet and has great advice and a nice manner. A good spot in the neighborhood.

Edge Celize

Nice place with a good selection of plants, they are friendly and the prices are reasonable consisting the condition of their plants, unlike home depot where the plants are about to kick the bucket. You'll find only specimens of exemplary health here, definetly a place to check out of your a fan of growing anything in the ground

Norman Oliver


Maggie Stewart

Yes, Natty has a friendly staff with professional service. I support local businesses and want to see small businesses flourish. Keep it up Natty.

Kris Sylvester

Always knowledgeable and friendly staff. Good selection and reasonable prices.

Sophia Pedlow

Varied and knowledgeable neighborhood plant store but sometimes hard to get attention of the staff here.

Lawrence V

The proprietor is one of the most courteous person you can find. There's a variety of everything you need in plants and planting both indoor and outdoor.

Melissa Fear

Dah Iam

delight dolcine

Willa C.E.

Great variety of plants and prices!

Bryan Lindner

Great for seedlings, compost, potting soil, indoor plants and all sorts of pots. Local, affordable and worth a visit.

Michael Rodriguez

Beautiful place , have bought from there before.

Annmarie Green

Nice Place

Brandon Knodel

Robinson Wolff

Overpriced for some flowers that are not well taken care of

Adero Bryan

Lovely selections great prices

Edward Russell

Kaitlin Schaer

Lovely local garden center. They will lend a wheelbarrow if you need to transport a large plant home. They also offer a reporting service if you need it- definitely worth it to go here over a big box home improvement store!

Cecilia I

Awesome plant shop with great prices for NYC! I'll be back for sure.

Judy Jhonson

This is one of my favorite nurseries in the city. Although small, this store has a great variety of indoor and outdoor plants and gardening tools/accessories. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Dorothy Vaughn

I brought a beautiful croton plant and it was mine and my girlfriend's first time raising a plant together. We were indecisive and inexperienced plant keepers but both workers present were patient and extremely knowledgeable. Our plant is growing bountifully! Great place with an awesome variety of plants and impressive service.

Ed Lightman


Simon Julson

Bubbles Llamas

Shaun Healy-McFadden

Best local nursery!

Alisa Glembotski

Specifically walked 20 mins here just to have the shop closed at 6pm. Both Google maps and the website indicate open until 7pm. Updated hours to 5pm on Google. The review will remain 1 star until someone updates the hours or let's me know what happened today and why I wasted my time.

Tom Monday

Snooty owner. Drives away business.

Mariel Henkoff

Knowledgeable and friendly staff with a quality selection of all types of indoor and outdoor plants, herbs, and flours. Solid selection of fertilizers and soils as well.

kevin jennings

Good prices

Molly McArdle

My favorite local business!

Eliott Levy

Great selection and super helpful staff :)

Mc Jeremiah

Natty has a friendly staff with professional service.

tiffany wines

I visited yesterday on a whim and was blown away by how kind everyone was, thank you for answering all my questions! I left with a beautiful pothos and I’ll definitely be back again. My only suggestion is to label pet-toxic/pet-friendly plants if possible since it’s a serious concern for so many people, turns out my plant is poison so I’ll have to keep it up high! But other than that I had a great experience and tweeted about it so hopefully sent some new customers your way.

Wendy B.-T.

Good location, selection, priceses, and service.

Jason Simms

This is my go-to nursery in Brooklyn. The folks are knowledgeable, patient, and willing to teach a bit. Amazing selection of plants, air plants, pots, soil, fertilizers, and almost every single plant need. Support this local business before going to a box store!

Ryan Higgins

Lorena Machado

natoya Nicholas

Nice plants !

Sandra Whittington

I've gotten my healthiest, happiest plants for the best prices at Natty Garden. This place beats all the fancy stores hands-down. The person working there (the owner) is hard at work tending to the store, but he was very calm, patient, and helpful with me. Can't wait to go back. :)

Bourcard Nesin

The plant we bought was only cuttings recently put in the soil. Most had not even sent out roots yet. Don't be decieved by the friendly looking woman working there, she is actually quite rude!

Francis Rodríguez


Great Brooklyn plant store

J. Amenta

Best garden space in Brooklyn.

Sherry Berger

I've gone here several times and each time I'm hoping to be proven wrong. But I have now had consistent experience with unhelpful and seemingly uninterested staff. Such a cute little garden center I hope they change their vibe.

Robert Glass

Great garden store with a super knowledgeable staff and ample selection. They also offer a reporting service to help you move plants into a bigger living space, if you want to not deal with the stress yourself. Ask the staff any questions you might have, and check here for your pots and other gardening sundries. Highly recommended.

Jason Wang

Nameste plants

Melina Martin

Trevor Safko

Taylor Argenbright

Great plant selection! Lots of cool pots and what not. Unfriendly staff though unfortunately :( Every time I come in the person working there has been rude and unhelpful. Don’t think I’m going to buy plants here anymore.

Laura Shafferman

I loved this store and I'm sure I'll go back. The store has a ton of high quality plants and trees all clearly labeled for low-light, high light and pet friendly. Service may be a little brusque but that is part of the experience and I appreciate it. You should go here! The place has lots of character, reasonable prices and really cool plants, trees, pots, accessories and atmosphere.

Lufa's Assistant

Beautiful selection but a bit overpriced.

Illan Gonen

Thomas Abbott

Love this place.

Stephen M

Melody Feo

Theresa Cassano

Super helpful staff, and very laid back vibe!

Lydia Hinton

Exceptional plants and help

jonathan herrera

One of the best and most affordable plant stores around. None of this 'over-priced gentrified hipster' stuff you see popping up in every other "shope" now. The employees are super nice and very helpful. Plus they have a ton of rocks, food, and soil to choose from.

Shelly Daniel

Great selection and customer service!

Tim Grover

Great local place to get indoor/outdoor plants that will grow well in BK: knowledgeable and helpful staff ✨

Rushaine McBean

Nice place with awesome customer service. Highly recommend and I plan to return for future plant needs.

Catherine McLean

Not very friendly. Couldn’t be bothered to help. Huge line because they only had one person at the register even though there were plenty of people working and they could have opened another register. Got the plant I wanted but won’t be back for additional purchases.

Vladimir Joseph

Yehudith Kravitsky

Hi. I got a good service in a pleasant manner. Definitely a place I would return to. Come visit.

Zoe Long

Plants are more expensive than those from say, Home Depot or a hardware store like Ace but they have a cool selection and very knowledgable staff. Also sell pots and other bits needed for starting a garden. Would recommend buying unique plants here that you cannot find elsewhere but for succulents and air plants and the like you can find a better deal at larger stores. Overall Cool neighbourhood spot with good service and good vibes!

Ivor Ip

Has a good selection of plants and supplies, good for urban gardens. If you need larger scale landscaping you will need to look elsewhere.

Amanda Della Fave

Friendly service! Great knowledge of houseplants.

Viviane Feldman

Helpful and friendly service!

Hank Mitchell

Great selection


Great selection of plants and garden accessories.

Janean W

It’s nearly 10am and the place is locked up with no answer when called. Update your hours!

Carolyn Gearig

Kiel Johnson

Good selection for such a small place. The soil prices are also very reasonable. I'll definitely be back.

stewart gary

Ninja von Oertzen

Great selection, fair prices, knowledgeable staff

Rashaad Hightower

A good place to buy some flowers

Hrr Coles

Quinn Kelly

Great spot to get your garden started


Last year I bought a bunch of plants from Natty Garden (for only a buck a piece) and they grew into huge plants! I'll def be coming back again this spring.

marcus henry

Great selection awesome prices and loved the healtiness of the plant

Kirthly Carty

Always a good experience every time I visit. I had a specific order so I called ahead. Not surprised, they had everything that I needed. Service is always respectful and knowledgable good business. KIRT.

Miguel A. Hernnandez Sr.

Good place for gardening and plant supplies as well as plants.

Michael Correia

Friendly service and nice selection of plants and plant related accessories. Pricing seemed reasonable.

Jason Pierce

Queen Z

Debra Waller

Not very helpful as a matter of fact the only person there didn't budge to ask if they could be of assistance and when I asked him he said look around there might be something hanging about that. Nice but where are those plants?? NO ASSISTANCE.. and this is your answer I'm sure if it was after 7 you would have told me you were closed I walked around outside for 20 min before I even came inside and walked around for another 20 asked for your assistance twice the baby wasn't an issue you were reading. Smh....if I could give you no stars I would..but no worries this is why you cant support your local business..attitude is everything in a customer service business...I agree with most...YOUR ATTITUDE WILL DRIVE MORE BUSINESS AWAY.

Brooke Coleman

Love this place

Bed-Stuy Provisions

Warren A

Good choices. Need more workers

Chris Malec

Nora McAuley-Gitin

Arnie Schlissel

Louis Pritchard

Nice neighbourhood garden centre

Matt Martinez

Angie Neefus

surprisingly unhelpful and unknowable staff. I went there for informed opinions I couldn't get online and was sorely dissapointed

Russ Bird

Quite pricey but a surprisingly broad selection. We've had many plants die from here, hence the 3 stars.


Daniel Grace

London Knight

I’ve come here for most of the plants in my house or even have dropped by to ask for pointers on keeping my plants healthy. The assortment of foliage and soil there are bound to have something of your liking. The staff there are very patient and understanding of those with questions or even people that come by with loud children. Always cool and calm at this place. I love it.

Mister Chaim

Nice people there, very friendly and helpful.

Caprice Fellini

I love this place. They have organic soils and amendments, a wide array of plants, containers, soils, accessories etc. If you want a place where you can find your plants in peace without a high pressure sales person on you, this is the place. Personally I don't like high pressure sales, so if I have a question, I ask it-- and the staff is pretty knowledgeable.

Porsha Monroe

I wish I could give this place a higher rating, but I just can't. The indoor plant selection is tiny, and the space itself is cramped. So browsing for plants turns into a rushed experience. There are only ever 2 (maybe 3) people working at a time, which means you'll wait forever for help and when you finally get it, the staff doesn't really seem to care about the plants or your questions. The only reason it gets decent traffic is because it's the only not-pint-sized nursery in the neighborhood.

Carlos Zalapa

First day of Sunday of spring and they have one staff member on. Good tunes at least. (More staff came on later but we waited about 30 mins to be served. )

Evelyn C

First time there & the staff was friendly and helpful pamphlets. Lots of plants inside & pots. So nice to have this place near by.

Josh Sowalsky

Icarus Schmicarus

If you're buying from a city vendor, like everything in our city, it'll be overpriced. You go in to this garden shop knowing the prices will not compare to Long Island, upstate NY or New Jersey nurseries. But you're not in any of those places. This location has some diverse options for a relatively small space, including multiple high quality soil and mulch options. If you're in the landscape industry and looking for nursery level products because it's too much of a pain to make another trek an hour away, not to mention terrible for the environment, then charge the client city prices and be happy Natty was able to make your job easier. If you're merely a local looking for some great plant specimens for your home or garden, this is a good option. Most plant shops in the city are smaller, less knowledgable and more limited in variety while costing at least as much.

chelle devon

Walter Scott

Good selection of indoor and outdoor plants despite the small store size. My go to garden supply shop in the area. Wish they were open until 8pm in the spring/summer months for outdoor planting needs. I can never seem to make it before the 7pm closing.

Crystal alfaro

Lots of variety of plants and labeled. The snake plant I bought there was healthy and is continuing to thrive, will definitely go back for more plants.

Norma DaRosa

I want to support neighborhood businesses but Natty Garden has been consistently unfriendly over the course of many years (I'm a neighbor and resident of Prospect Park for more than 15 years) and I won't make the same mistake of supporting this store again. Specifically, the staff is rude, unhelpful and short. It's a shame that it's so difficult to be even mildly pleasant to your own neighbors who would like nothing more than to see you succeed.

Ivan Z

Extremely unhelpful service. The guy wasted my time TWICE by not fully listening to what I wanted. I felt uncomfortable every time I had to address him - he seemed bothered and annoyed - and his suggestions were not aligned with my needs, probably because he never took the time to listen and understand what I want. I gave it a fair chance because I do want to support a local business but this place needs to learn some customer service if they plan on staying in business. I'm going somewhere else.

Nichole B

I called in to get an estimate for my small garden that is currently in complete shambles, and the woman who answered the phone refused to give me a price range for landscaping. She insisted that I needed to come in for a consultation, even though I reside across town. I would hope she would have at least asked for a photo of the garden to get an idea of what I was asking for. And then she actually hung up the phone on me when I attempted to explain this to her! I immediately called back and of course, there was no answer. I support local businesses and want to see small businesses flourish, but the way this place is run has much to be desired. They lost a potential client in me (but probably would not bat an eye at this, based on poor experiences of other reviewers as well). Disappointing.

James Hood

Great place to work and shop for all your gardening needs.

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