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REVIEWS OF Plant World IN New Mexico

Michael Romero

Incredible selection.

Matt G

I have been an assistant manager of a greenhouse and nursery and am very disappointed with his this greenhouse/nursery. They indicate they are a wholesale company which is far from the truth, there are NO discounts associated with becoming a member and are higher priced than the big box stores. Majority of the employees have no clue about the inventory or pricing. The only reason the average consumer/gardener should become a member is they do have inventory you won't find in most garden centers. This is not the place to shop for discounts or service. Their older nursery inventory is root bound so be cautious as they have no warranty at all but the new inventory is fine. Use this garden center as a last resort.

Michael White

I've used them for 10 years or more and had 1 minor problem

roy grace

Ask them if they guarantee ANY plants. I'll take my chances at Home Depot they guarantee for 1 year for half the price of these characters. Bought TWO evergreens replanted in pots that THEY recommended in potting soil THEY recommended. One thrived well the other died, went back they tried to blame POT. Too bad I can not post pictures. DONE with this OVER PRICED Walmart of plants.

Eugene Seiler

Nice place and plenty of plants are here. If someone wants to establish a big nursery than this place will save lots of money. There are prices are very cheaper.

Judy Reed

Mike was so helpful with my Scarlet Dropmore Dilemma. He took them back and helped me make the correct decision for our needs and sun requirements. Nothing but the best things to say about our ongoing experiences with Plant World. Thanks Mike

Alice Barnard

Cheney Perry-Hill

Huuuge selection. I felt like I was at a very very large park. Beautiful plants and a nice offering of pottery as well. Downsides; many employees did not seem to speak English so it was hard for them to help. Also very high prices. I was quoted in the neighborhood of $250 for a small tree. The kind you would probably pay $70 for at Home Depot.

Nora Santhoeurn

I've used Plant World for my landscaping business, Rising Sun Landscaping & Maintenance, and have always thought their selection and service are great!

John Crowley

I know what I like. PlantWorld has the wide selection my yard needs.

Anon Ymous

I like plant world, but I am a small scale gardener that likes native plants, so I've started to gravitate to some of the smaller local nurseries instead. The prices here are cheaper, so if you are going to do a large landscaping project, it probably will save you a lot of money to shop here. The pots here are typically cheaper (but FYI you're only going to find specialty ceramic style pots here, not the regular run of the mill plastic containers). I guess I would say I like to mix things up. I enjoy going to Plants of the Southwest to really feel like I'm "experiencing" the plants (cheesy, I know). Then sometimes I go to plant world to round out my selections. The people working here ARE helpful, but sometimes they are really busy b/c they are working with large scale orders. I guess my advice would be to come with the right expectations. It's a bit more DIY shopping than a smaller nursery but it's fun to see the big selection! There IS a membership fee before you can buy anything, but it's a one time cost. If you're just looking for that one plant for your house, then shopping here is not going to make sense. Really, think of it like a Costco for plants and it might make more sense. The big difference is that the busy time at Plant World is probably the weekdays when the landscapers are there! Disclaimer - I haven't purchased any big ticket items like trees here or anywhere else in ABQ.

li nguyen

Extremely over price on top of membership fee if you’re new. Better luck with alameda greenhouse couple street down. You can get same size trees at 1/3 of the price.

Sheri Livingston

Excellent customer service. Just planted 6 trees & assume if we follow their instructions we'll have a beautiful yard in the spring; even without leaves they make a huge difference to a property full of pinon & juniper! Excellent selection of trees, plants & shrubs.

Hiram Lopez

Nancy Kline

Kimberly Haight

I love Plant World. Please update your hours on Google!

Lisa Torraco

Vee G

Spent over $300 on a tree only to find out it has rot and spider mites.. Thank you for selling me something that’s slowly dying.

Tim Smith

Outstanding in every respect. I spent $4k on plants yesterday afternoon. Plants and trees were explained to me, and they showed me everything that they had, made suggestions for my plans, etc. Bob is, I think, the manager, and he helped me figure out which substitute plants for my plans would work, and he made sure that both truck loads were delivered the next morning. Delivery folks were equally helpful. I don't know why I wasn't expecting such service but I wasn't and was blown away. I highly recommend Plant World ABQ, having worked with at least five of the larger nurseries in the ABQ area, all of which are great as well, but I guess the next day delivery and variety professional advice (Bob, manager?) and, yes, cost (sorry, but that's a reality for someone on an educator's salary) drove me to write this review. Tim

wynn sandoval

Was there for 45 minutes. Not one person spoke to us or asked if we needed help. Tried to find someone to answer questions never did.

J Hughes

Be aware!!!!!! There are NO guarantees on any plant life!!!! We purchased a Cherry Lapins fruit tree in March and went home and planted immediately with all soil compost fertilizer and Superthrive they recommended along with daily watering and the tree did nothing.... it did not die (branches are pliable) thrive or grow. I patiently waited for leaves thinking tree is in shock from just being planted eventually I went to Plant World to get a replacement and was told that I cannot get replacement or refund and that it was my fault that I took tree off their property as there are no guarantees. It is a rip off!!!! Every other nursery including even Homedepot gives at least a 30 day guarantee. I will never purchase from Plant World again, and they are extremely expensive. The male manager was rude and lacking any care regarding the fact they sold me a dead tree, and implied as if I killed it. Not a good way to do business. Signed Disappointed Consumer

Jj R

Purchase over 400 dollars on fruit trees my tres started to get dry on the second day I planted at home I told the costumer service people. they said to wait until it dies AND BRING PICTURES and they will replace it. Came in today and they said my tree had a disease that kill it. Omg and they will only take off 30% on my next purchase. I will never buy anything from this please again There selling you fruit trees with diseases BE AWARE.

Frank Wirtz

Good inventory, but not good pricing, coupled with no warranty. I made a walk-through looking for some specific items. They have good inventory, but their prices are far from "wholesale to the public". For run-of-the-mill needs, such as annuals, you will get a much, much better deal at Alameda Greenhouse.

Melissa Riedle

What a great experience! Sara, Dominic and Robert were beyond kind helpful. I had purchased an Oklahoma redbud last year from plant world and for some unknown reason it ended up getting diseased. I called to let them know my situation and spoke with Sara. She was extremely knowledgeable and let me know that I could come pick out another tree. So last Sunday I went and tagged one and it was delivered today. Dominic and Robert were also very kind and even helped me get the tree to the back yard!! Thanks everyone for all your help!


This nursery has a huge selection and you can't beat the prices. I recommend anyone looking for something in particular, this place will have it. The staff is friendly and very helpful, this is my favorite place.

Angelina Crowley

It's the place for landscaping your yard!

Tom Taschner

Wow, what a bewildering assortment to choose from. Wasn't sure the membership would be worth it, but I was wrong. I had checked prices around town and they were by far the lowest price on everything I purchased. Very helpful staff even when they were really busy. This will be my go to place from now on.

Joseph Skeen

Have no regard for truckers time. Take their time unloading you. Takes all day, truckers beware. If there was a fire and it wasn't break time or lunch everyone would burn to death. It took them 7 hours to do what other nursery's could do in 2 hours.


In April 2019 I purchased a bare root red bud tree from Plant World. While paying for the tree I asked if I could have it planted for me. The cashier told me that some of their employees plant trees but it would be a private transaction. I hired the person referred to me. He planted two trees for $180. (One was in a container) The red bud died and I dug it up in August, discovering that the metal cage and burlap had not been cut away. I have talked to two people at Plant World. The cashier I spoke with stated that the metal cage and burlap should have been cut away from the roots. The manager I spoke with stated that those bare root trees are kept up to a year with the cage intact, essentially saying that was not the cause of the tree's demise. Other nursery people have told me the metal and burlap should be cut away. The manager did not offer any refund not did he ever ask my name. I am out $286 for the tree in addition to the fee for planting. Referring employees who are not qualified to plant trees is an extremely poor business practice. Update: After posting this review, I received a response from the management. Plant World has refunded the entire amount of the cost of the tree (store credit). I am very pleased at the prompt response. The manager was most polite and accommodating.

Dominic Martinez

Abrian Marquez

Very huge nursery with a wide selection. The prices are a bit outrageous though compared to other local nursery’s and half of the plants do not even have prices on them. Staff is not the nicest and is difficult to find help when needed. I’d recommend checking out Other nursery’s in the area first before this one as you will most likely find the same plant for cheaper and won’t have to deal with the headache of finding help and prices.....

Mrs Fuzzy

I would say that the customer service is HORRIBLE if they actually provided customer service. I was informed today by an employee that Plant World was a self service wholesale nursery. Apparently that means that they don't have to answer customers questions or give directions to where their products are located. So unless you're a landscaper or contractor they don't care whether you shop there or not. Wish I could get a refund on my membership fee.

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