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REVIEWS OF Gardener's Supply Company IN New Hampshire

Nan Headrick


This is a bit complicated.... Gardener's Supply Company bought out our locally owned nursery here last year. I only knew about Gardener's Supply through their catalog until they bought this place, and what I knew from the catalog is that they carried very cool, unique, clever, inventive, attractive and EXPENSIVE items. It was what I refer to as a "dream catalog" --- I could DREAM about what I would buy if I were rich! Last week, I took my mom here because she was looking for very precise items & she had looked everywhere else for them (like Walmart, Home Depot, and local greenhouses), and I was curious what a brick and mortar store of this brand would be like. I can tell you -- they have GORGEOUS stuff. Their houseplants section was absolutely amazing. Gorgeous plants, gorgeous pots, gorgeous decorative items, etc. But a "normal" houseplant in a 6-inch ceramic pot was like $48. I can't, or won't, buy a plant for that price. But I sure enjoyed looking! Their nursery items were just as comparison, a 4-pack of similar annuals (for outdoor gardening) at competitors might cost up to $10; the price at Gardener's Supply was $16. I desperately needed ONE individual basil plant & wasn't able to locate one [my general thinking was that there ought to be a massive selection if basil plants, given all the varieties and hybrids that have come about] so I found someone to help me. They found the very small selection of basil for me, but all the plants looked pathetic. Sure, they needed to be watered, and that would spruce them up, but that wasn't the only issue -- these basil plants were sad. Scraggly. Bare. Not at all like the lush, full basil I was expecting. {This is only referring to the generic basil, not specialized or hybrid ones.} Needless to say, I did not purchase one. But I did get a lively "Fine Basil" plant (3-inch coconut pot for $4.29). And I got a nice "patio" tomato plant. So, like I said, it's complicated. I can only shop here sparingly, and go to other local establishments for the majority of my gardening needs. But if money is no object, this would be a very fun place to shop!

Jon Dame

Jason Young

Karl Wordelmann

Everything is way over priced

Lana Remmes

Great assortment of plants and general knick knacks. Good quality, good price

Shawn Hutchins

Harold Flad

Katie Tolbert

This place is great and the customer service is as well!

Anita Concilio

Gretchen Stokes

Longacres was much better: attitude, prices, selection.

Christopher Malloy

So this may be coincidental; however, I recently bought a coffee plant from their nursery. Shortly after buying the plant, it developed a fungus in the soil and on the pot. I owne 40 plus plants, many of which I have had for years, and I have never had this problem. Now, not only has the fungus spread from the coffee plant, but it’s made it’s way to several other plant that I own. I can’t pinpoint it as being the result of neglect from Garden Supply, but it is odd that it was a plant from there that the problem began. I bought some fungicide, and started spraying my plants, so hopefully I will be able to save them. I also find their prices to be rather high. I have been to other nurserys where I could get the same plant for a much more reasonable price. The staff there is friendly though, I just am not sure I trust their plants from there anymore.

Timothy Pyer

Riyad Gandhy

Noël Figart

John Casey

These people are crooks! They sold me overpriced, defective merchandise in the form of a plastic hanging basket, and when it fell to the ground not once, but twice…ruining the flowers in it…they blamed the mishaps on “wind damage from a sudden storm” (even though the planter fell the day before the event), or the manner in which I had hung it (even though similar planters had survived the two previous summers without incident in the same spot). They offered no restitution and smugly ignored my request for some kind of adjustment. Beware! Their products are shoddy and their surly service is a disgrace.

Tiffany Martin

Great selection of plants (herbs, flowers, small trees, vegetable plants, etc.) and everything you need for garden care or creating your own from seeds! A gardner's paradise!

Mark Barnes

Too expensive. I went there to buy plsm

Deborah Josselyn

Wendy Jane Sichel

Good service great plants, like it!

Robert Ignatowicz

Marcey Carver

Jonathan Hurst

Forrest Blandin

Lisa Lawton

Jeffrey Plant

Knowledgeable staff and very helpful. The best place to buy fruit trees

Deeparnab Chakrabarty

Deborah Klingaman


Jef McDonough


Wide selection of stuff. Helpful staff. Shop with care because some things are quite overpriced while others are reasonable.

Daniel Cushman

Seth Dunn

Whitney S

The employees are knowledgeable and helpful, and the plants are good quality. Great nursery!

Teresa Stearns

Great service - Thank You

John Rakis

Emily St. Pierre

Zachary Wysk

Jim Lally

Best around for you planting needs for indoor or outdoor planting.

Joan Wells

Really wonderful place to find great gifts for your yard & inside decor.

Daniel Pike

Penny Allyn

Great place to shop!!

Teresa Colangelo

Great place!! Thank you Susan!! It was a pleasure meeting you.

jonathan alves

Lori Johnson

Fun shop! Love going there great selections. Pretty good customer service. The prices can be a little bit high.

Kevin Anderson

Ronald Pruzinsky

Madeline Car

Customer service is very good

Kelly Hawes

I like Gardner’s Supply in Lebanon. I think their plants a way more healthy than when it was Longacres. No more aphids!! Sure, prices are competitive. Much better than buying from Home Depot where the plants are treated with Nemitoids that kill

Betsy Alexander

Kanga Break

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