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REVIEWS OF Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens IN Nevada

Wh Maximore

It's the place to put on your list to visit when you come to Las Vegas. The outdoor water show it great but make sure to go inside to the Seasonal Garden next to the hotel check in area. You will have bring a camera or a phone that is fully charged to take pictures in the day time and night time. The displays have a different look at the different time of the day and night. No matter what the season, it changes with the seasons and it's very unique.

Hedrick Jennifer

We love the Conservatory, it never fails to dazzle and amaze us. The wedding theme was spectacular.

Lisa Criner

I live in Las Vegas and try to get to Bellagio each season to see the new display. It's so magical, beautiful, and the creativity amazes me every time. If you are in Las Vegas this is a must see.

Isela Avila

Beautiful exhibits! Transports you to such a relaxing place.

Mandee F

Beautiful garden! Definitely stop to see if you're passing by!

Ashly Romero

It’s a garden, but there’s no educational component like a botanical garden generally has. It was a bit disappointing. The plants were nice, but it’s really small and not enclosed in anyway so everyone walks through it. It’s a nice area, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it unless the exhibit while you’re there looks interesting to you. The garden changes often, so it may be better/worse depending on what’s in it at the time.


Always a beautiful place to see it's amazing what they do with flowers

Brunna Caroline

This conservatory is one of the reasons why the Bellagio is my favorite resort on the Las Vegas Strip. It's beautifully decorated every season to match, and makes for a wonderful spot for photos, as well as a nice spot to hang out and admire the beauty. Make sure to visit the Bellagio lobby no matter where you're staying in Vegas, even if you've been before! You'll be treated with beauty!

David A

Very well kept place. The artwork and details to the place is extravagant. First time being here and I love it. Took some very nice photos with my family for future keep sakes. You should definitely go there as well.

Crystal Frye

Absolutely stunning display. Always love coming at different times of the year to see what they have done. Its so fresh smelling and incredible. I love going super late at night to avoid crowds. And sometimes you can see them putting the fresh flowers together to create the amazing art!

Neville Joseph

Its Vegas everything is extreme its so well presented well worth the visit you don't win money in Vegas but you sure get the experience

Mel H

As I researched things to do and places to see whilst visiting Las Vegas this place popped up on many sites recommending a visit. I am glad I listened to the recommendations and reviews. It was such a beautiful sight to see.

braum denton

Really beautiful exhibit with nice music. They really take pride in the displays. It's free, so definitely check it out.

tegan castillo

Very beautiful place, I love all the flowers and the floral patterns. They change the theme in the gardens! This was my first visit and it was a nice little walk around. A good quick escape from the heat for a little while. Will definitely return

j prost

It’s not a big conservatory - not a traditional one either. That said when you are in the strip and looking for things that are a spectacle, this a one! Recommend going and seeing whatever they have every time you are here since they have it seasonally.

Mary Ali

Beautiful seasonally changing botanical gardens. Lots of Koi fish. Free. Don't have to be a guest. The beautiful light fixture in the lobby is a bonus. Nice add on if you have already done to see the fountains.

Alan Lunny

well done Bellagio conservatory. for the past 17 years my wife and I have come to vegas and we always go to the conservatory as a must see. it was a wow when we first seen it and 17 years later it's still a wow.

Ana Mendez

Love the smell and all the little details this hotel has to offer.. the bathrooms are beyong clean, always well kept.. I love the attention to detail... I enjoyed the way the garden is maintained.. The staff is friendly and willing to help..

Jenny T

These gardens are free but beautiful. They're great for pictures and i like how they change the theme. go in the early hours if you want nice photos. It gets pretty busy during the day.

Irina Kadukova

Always fun to visit, with the different display every time we visit. I love the energy of the place - so inspiring and uplifting!

Miss Ell

Each and every time I visit Las Vegas, I always come to the conservatory to check out their flower arrangements. Best part about it is that it's free. A must see on the strip!

Adrian Lomeli

Outrageously beautiful. Always a new theme and they do a wonderful job making things come to life! Definitely a must when visiting


Very small. There isn't much to look at. A couple flamingos, ducks, and Koi. We saw none of the other birds that are supposed to be there. I guess they could have been hiding from the sun.

Lisa Ladaw

The "Indian Autumn" exhibit is just gorgeous! It has amazingly bright colors and incredible moving giant animals.

Gabriel Vaca

Had a great time, will come back.

Rodney Couto

They continually change the room and I'm always amazed.

Chelsea Miller

Whatever team puts these scenes together is genius. The details, all of the flowers, the smell of fresh flowers - its great. A definite must see while in Vegas. You won't be disappointed.

Adam Goff

Always a staple stop for me when I come to Vegas. The flora is always arranged so great and the decorations are typically very interesting. Pro tip: visit at night. There won't be as many Instagrammers and the change in lighting makes it very peaceful.

Tanya Shetayh

Always a favorite free activity to do for our family. We try to go every season to see the different themes.

Roxanne Ramirez

Gorgeous! Love the different themes. I still haven't seen the same thing twice. Love the originality.

Las Vegas Prof

Every season the Bellagio changes the decor in the conservatory. It is always magnificent. This season didn't disappoint. The Indian theme with giant elephants and tigers is a must see. It is located near the parking garage. The first hour of parking is free. That is enough time to pop in and visit the display.

Joan Ruffins

This is a beautiful and unique place. The display was one of a kind.

Katerina Shukhat

garden is MARVELOUS. soo beautiful with real flowers, giant, floor to ceiling and they always change it up with water features, once they had an aquarium! recommend the garden! buffet tastes really good too :), it's just kind of old. we stay at vdara and they have abridge that connects. also, outside, they have fountain shows every day (i think...) and they have music and lights! so cool!

Mike Jarczynski

Dazzling! A must-see in Vegas. It's free and open to all the public.


Such a beautiful place. They refresh the flowers every morning, and it always smells fantastic in there. As I'm writing this, it's their Japanese Spring display. I believe they change it 5 times a year. Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. I highly recommend visiting for winter, because they have a HUGE 40 foot tree completely decorated with lights and bulbs.

Rising Madness

It was very beautiful and breath taking I just can't believe it was so good to visit it was my first time going and not gonna lie it was the best experience I've had in a while

K Schu

Really fun, the light show is spectacular. Stay for several light shows, they are not the same. They have different music and different water shows. Park at the Bellagio, it's 15$ for 4 hours and you're right in the middle of all the action.

M kura

This place is always worth visiting. The displays are very colorful and interesting.

Christopher McVay

Beautiful displays, this time the theme honors the Hindu faith and culture. It can get very crowded here so be patient with the crowds! Outside this display the staff is friendly and the casino, although older, has had updates that retains her spirit. The O! theater is also beautiful.

Cate Turner

Really cool display. It's pretty crowded during the day on the weekebd, so it's hard to step back and take it all in or take pictures, but still definitely worth checking out. Feels like you're in a story book land.

Matilda Porter

Beautiful. The theme changes regularly so this is a great staple activity for every visit to Vegas. As of September 2019, the theme is horse jockeys, floral lemons with lemon trees and artwork made of various beans, chickpeas, lentils, cord, dried carrots, shredded coconut, and more. Spectacular! The floral artworks challenge the imagination and push past our regular idea of 'floral arrangements'. Don't forget to look up!

David Stowell

Always fun to check out the constantly changing botanical art. It's a quick visit but you can't beat free. Walkways can be crowded and it can be difficult to get good photos.

Anthony Berrios

So beautiful. There gardeners have got to be the best it the world. Nicest floral arrangement I have ever seen. You could easily spend and hour or two just admiring the beauty and hard work in this room.

Jeanise Kroger

If your looking for free things in Vegas, go here! It's amazing the amount of work that goes into the beautiful Bellagio conservatory and the way they are able to change this out 5 times a year. I was told that all the plants are donated after each change.

Miss One

This huge and so full of things to do. I didn't stay at the hotel but I visited the conservatory, the fountain and a lot more. It is beautifully decorated and designed. The people were friendly and I would definitely stay here given the chance.


This thing took my jeart belagio you're awesome

Laura Newton Ruff

Beautiful display of beautiful vivid flowers arranged in all sorts of ways. Definitely visit if you get the chance. I highly recommend it.

Jeramie Gatchell

Pretty darn cool, its basically like a flower float from a parade on steroids blown out to fill a huge room. Very colorful, very creative, very pretty.

Toy Brand

Always beautiful and awe inspiring. A great place to take your guests from out of town.

Kendra Cameron

Was really cool to see. The smell from all the flowers was amazing. A must see while in Vegas.

Cety T

This is my favorite place to visit in Las Vegas because every season has a different decoration, nice and colorful with flowers and plants. This is the first place that a visitor must go. If you don't have a picture here is as you didn't come to this city.

Tina Lally

Absolutely beautiful! We go every time they change it. Never disappointing.

Adam Zoellner

Always one of the best parts about visiting Vegas! They always mix up their exhibits to highlight certain flowers and seasons. I particularly enjoyed the Indian Summer theme to commemorate the Columbus discovery if America.

David Jones

The work was superb and the smells were amazing. This was a beautiful experience

Adnan Karim

Sky-lit Bellagio atrium featuring vibrant, seasonal scenes composed of plants, flowers and trees. The gardens indoors at the Bellagio are fabulous. This is a free attraction with plenty of photo options. It was crowded when we got there, …

Tigran Galoyan

Amazing place to be. Breathtaking experience. The colors, the compositions, the ideas, the solutions, everything is so magical like in a fairy tale.

Osaurus G

Always gorgeous and love all the detail they put into each display. Very impressive and worth checking out

deepa singh

Its located right inside the Bellagio hotel on the ground floor. Must place to visit when you are in Las Vegas with your kids or loved ones. Its a place decorated with unique themes and also i heard someone saying that they change the decor 3 times a year. Its free to enter even if u are not staying in the Bellagio hotel.

Christopher Anderson

So they change this garden often and it's absolutely gorgeous every time they do. The fresh flowers, the size of things they do is awesome. Need to see kind of place.

Ha Tran

So beautiful and creative. MgM spent millions of dollar to change out the flower designs for each season. Highly recommended if you stop by Bellagio

Richelle Jensen-Dodson

The Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio are gorgeous. The flowers and plants used to create each season are so vibrant and leave you in awe of their beauty. It's a great place to visit.

Karen Mueller

Every time I am in Las Vegas I like to stop in to look at the conservatory and botanical gardens at Bellagio. The gardens are always so beautiful and creatively presented.

Mega Kracka

Beautiful and free! It was pleasant to walk around and see the displays and they change it out frequently there is something new to see.

Dina Miller

A must see if you are visiting the strip. The exhibits are beautifully put together and the themes are amazing. It's a great place to take pictures and take your time. It can be a bit crowded but should not get in the way of enjoying the experience. Highly recommend making a point to visit.

Suki Sodhi

Indian Summer Nights display is a must see. So much amazing detail.


Absolutely breathtaking. So cool to see the level of detail they put in this setup and all the different flowers, which are all real! Lots of Koy fish in the pond too. It's free to check out so I highly recommend it of you're checking out the Strip!

jacqueline tran

They have a small but beautiful garden. If you are nearby, you should walk through it to get a few great pictures. Good luck taking pictures without someone in the background. You will just have to get creative.

Pete CL

A beautiful conservatory with some bright colors of displays. The Indian themed figures are just beautiful and feel like they come to life with robotics. You have to visit this place for yourself to get the full experience

John McKay

I went there for lunch one day after being at the casino stop nice bar would be good fun at nights cheers

Esther Garcia O'Hare

I didn't stay at the hotel. We came here specifically to see the Conservatory, and it didn't disappoint. The exhibit was gorgeous! It had an Indian theme, including the Taj Mahal and animated animals. My favorites were the elephants. Their heads moved, ears wiggled, tails swished. So cute! Get your camera ready, because you'll want to revisit these photos!

Timothy Martin

The botanical gardens in the Bellagio is seriously one of the coolest things I've seen on the Vegas strip. I've only seen 2 of the settings (The Winter and Spring setup) but they were both really interesting. There are signs up over the place, so you can learn a bit about the cultural meanings behind the flowers they have, the animals, the architecture, etc. It is normally pretty full unfortunately, but I would highly recommend going during the daytime. Seeing the sunlight stream in on the flowers just makes it all seem magical.

Rachel Eaton

Such beauty! I'm a florist by profession, and I love seeing how creative the Bellagio gets each season with the landscaping and design. Fair warning, the walkways are tight, but the view is just beautiful. Go during the day to get the skylight!

Stetson Thacker

Incredible botanical display. It's a huge tourist attraction. It is almost always flush with people walking around and taking pictures. It's an attraction worth visiting if you're on the strip.

Cheri Brown

OH MY GOSH!!! YES!! Come and take the time to stroll through these very beautiful gardens. Well worth it! It's serene, right there in Las Vegas! Who would have thought? You will not be disappointed! I understand they change it - something like every 3 months? They take no expense . . . done with such good taste and beauty. Come and enjoy - bring everyone!

Luis Castro

It was a fantastic experience in my life....I enjoyed a lot and my family too

jan ser

As beautiful as always. This exhibit has moving animals and birds. Dhows the beauty of India.

Renae Smith Trevino

Everytime we're in Vegas I make a trip to the Bellagio Botanical Garden because it's always such a gorgeous spectacle & is free. To avoid crowds and waiting in line to take photos, I recommend going early in the morning.

Mukul Lele

Have visited this place multiple times. Everytime Bellagio sets up their botanical space by following a theme. I have seen Chinese setup during the Chinese New year, Indonesian theme and this year in September I saw the Indian theme. Being an Indian, I could see some of their idols, especially Lord Hanuman didn't resemble the way he's worshipped here in India. But the creator must have taken some artistic liberty while building these statues. Overall the way they decorate and highlight the culture, kids s to them.

David Joel Boyette

This place is awesome, especially if you like to take selfies like I do. Just a few steps away from the casino, a few steps away from your room also. The Magnificent decor will give you many great memories to take home with you. DJB highly recommends this MGM Resorts Hotel and Casino. With the Mayfield Supper Club opening soon, you will have a better than five star restaurant and bar. I would rate this place above all the others on the strip. #mgmresorts

Freda McClain

This was fun to see. Only takes a few minutes and worth your time

Jessica Anspach

This is my favorite stop whenever anyone visits. I cant wait for the new scenes to come out. It's so amazing

shirley shinohara

Love the garden display. It is si creative. It was the highlight of my day!

Marialaina DiGregorio

Breath Taking! Such vision! Every season is Amazing!

Brianna Bowles

This place is lovely. As my partner and I were viewing the beautiful arrangements, there was actually a proposal under way beneath the lemon tree.

Lucy Jackson

Short, sweet, gorgeous and free!! Take a walk into the Bellagio and immediately be uplifted by the light floral scent. Large floral arrangements fill the lobby that leas you to the conservatory. The view in there, that changes with the seasons, is breathtaking. Take your time to look up and enjoy the ceilings and chandeliers that hang above. The entire place is beautiful

Roman Galaviz

It is really nice, I come usually every 2 months, I love when you change the garden area thank you for all you do

Gregory Wingo

Took a stroll through here for about 10 minutes. It was a lot smaller than I expected but still pretty cool to see things made with so many flowers and to think about how much maintenance it is to keep everything replaced with fresh flowers. The theme seemed to be lemons during our visit. Glad we got to check it out.

Dane Bryan

A beautiful garden inside the Bellagio. Keep to the left side wall as you walk down past the main casino floor then take a right and you’ll see it. Beautiful flowers and plants with lots of natural daylighting coming in from the glass roof and large windows. The cherry blossoms were one of my favorites. There’s also a nice store in the back with awesome floral artwork.

Michelle M Tucker

Winderryl place to come see each time you visit LV. Garden theme, decorations and flowers change with the season. Popular place to visit for tourists so taking photos can be a little hard. Early am is the best time. Natural sunlight

Martin Svärd Åkesson

Fun well maintained place to visit for everyone to visit, even children. Located right next to the lobby. The exhibit is always changing so this is a great place to revisit every time you are in Las Vegas.

ShaRhonda The 1 N Only

Always a beautiful, over the top presentation. Such a wonderful place for photos

Teri Lloyd

Bellagio always had different team, Summer, fall n Winter just awesome to visit

Game Generation

What is there to say about it? The place is an exquisite Italian masterpiece. Honestly, I would explain the intricate details of its surroundings, but if you haven't ever gone there and seen it for yourself, then take a trip down there if you want to admire its architects' ingenuity and creativity. It would be a disservice to it if I spoiled its contents.

Martin Martinez

The conservatory change's 4 times a year's. Its goes with there season. Love how there decorate and that Christmas tree with its ornaments.

travis higley

I have to say, these are one of my favorite things in all of Las Vegas. While not as popular as the fountain show outside, I feel like they are underrated and just as spectacular. They switch out the displays periodically, and each time they are phenomenal. Definitely worth a stop especially if you're walking the strip.

Christine McCoy

Amazing and beautiful. Head over to the Bellagio to get the zeitgeist of the season. Any season.

Justin Maxwell

free and a good way to cool down for a few minutes looking at the nice display of flowers.

Grant Bremner

I love coming here to see the fantastic arrangements of the flowers. You never know what to expect as the arrangements are changed often. To say that the displays are absolutely wonderful seems like an understatement as you get completely engrossed in what beauty has been created for your pleasure. Giant green frogs, flowers set in pictures, Swans in pools and so much more to take in. Make sure you have your camera as you are bound to want to take lots of photos. Another amazing thing is that it's free and you don't even have to be a guest of the hotel. So if you are on holiday in Vegas head from this indoor garden as you won't regret it.

Samantha Johnson

Every time I've visited here the displays are outstanding. Great job !!

Tony Monroe

In Las Vegas The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical is a huge tourist site due to its magnified experience. Walking through is like taking a trip to Narnia were animals, insects, trees, and extraordinary plants are all up close and personal. A must see for anyone visiting Vegas.

Chrissy Rush

Very cool walk through art installation/ conservatory. Very colorful and bright. Unlike anything else you've seen.

Stephen Hensley

It's wonderful that they change the theme with three seasons.

Anthony DePalma

Just a beautiful break from the gambling and running about. Many photo opportunities in the conservatory.

Jean Devenport

It is really beautiful! Amazing how many flowers & pumpkins.

Israel Cervantes

I am a Las Vegas local and I love coming here to see the Botanical Gardens change over the seasons. It's super beautiful here and it's definitely a must-see for tourists! From what I know, most of what is showcased here are REAL flowers/plants, which is mesmerizing to me. I love this place so much, and even though it's filled with people, it makes me feel at ease.

Rick Easterly

Bright, pretty, well maintained. A few good pic backdrop spots. Rather small & crowded, but a nice short visit.

Patricia Blackwell

The theme and the botanicals are the best. Try to see them before 9am not so crowded then

GregTaryn Pinnaro

Beautiful setting, words cannot say enough to recount the experience!

Sheldon Nider

One our favorites. Drinks were expensive but very relaxing with comfortable seating. M rewards is only good at a few casinos but they have instant rewards good at the stores and restaurants. It does not take much to get a few bucks off a purchase. The Chihuly glass ceiling is wonderful and they have a changing cultural display next to the loby.

Samantha DeVoir

Pretty lame because I just wanted to see beautiful botanical displays but they have animatronic horses and a bunch of weird man made things. Not at all what I was expecting and very disappointing for me. Maybe others love it, but not at all my cup of tea.

Gerald Evans

We went expecting to see the usual fall display, which is always awesome, but they have a whole new setup based on Indian Summer, also awesome!

Barendina Smith

Every time we visit Vegas I'd come here it's a different theme... displays made out of flowers. Lots of fun

Anirban Mookherjee

Came here to see "O". The decoration in the hotel is stunning. A lot of memorable photo spots.

Cynthia Ornelas

Beautiful floral chandeliers!! Exquisite exhibits and the lovely lemons and swans give Bellagio its magic. And the chocolate fountain is pretty cool too!!

Elva C

A beautiful presentation of Art & Decor all mixed into one glamorous picture. Like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Only a few will stop to see its real beauty...

Naz jawwad

One of the beautiful Hotel of Las Vegas. This review is about the botanical garden which is at the lower level of the hotel. As you enter you will see the beautiful view on the ceiling which has flower patterns and when you walk into the hotel you will get to see the botanical garden, lots of flower, lemon plants and water ponds. It really gives you a fresh feeling.

Tamara T

I always enjoy the conservatory. The themes are unique and the ideas are beautifully done. I definitely appreciate the amount of time that goes into creating these works of art. The animatronic animals are a nice touch this season (fall 2019). It is also really easy to navigate to. Walk in the main entrance and pass the check in counter and you're there.

Sarah Gallaway

This was absolutely stunning when my mother and I visited. The aroma was gently fragrant with all the flowers in bloom. The air was clear and cool. There are even birds in cages adding chirping to the atmosphere! It feels like you're outside and it's amazing to see how much work must've gone into this. Must see!

C Kight

The displays are always beautiful and worth seeing. The displays change seasonally. Sometimes it's very crowded, but worth waiting in line to walk through.


The Conservatory Garden just past the check-desk always has beautiful topiary on display. And the water fountain facing the Strip has a nightly show with music at 6:30 PM sharp. (Just stand by the columns with a metal grate, those are speakers.)

Maria Umana

Lovely place, The hotel its beautiful, I think its better than the Cosmopolitan.

Shelly L

We love visiting The Conservatory to find how it is decorated each visit!

Share' Mayes

The Bellagio Garden is a real beauty and it's free! This place was AWESOME with great details! Beautiful scenery! We enjoyed it completely! There's so much to see here.

_Presbeuo_ M

Absolutely beautiful hotel. I little higher scale that others on the strip.

amy kate

Awesome experience! The artistry and craftsmanship is stellar. We saw the Japan exhibit with the cranes and teahouse. Highly recommend stopping and checking it out. Get out of the desert sun and enjoy the beauty.

Miss Svay

Great place for a night out with my husband and the art work is so beautiful

Kim DelMonico

I love these gardens! They change up the displays every season. Right now they have a gorgeous cherry blossom/Osaka, Japan-themed display. I like to visit every time the display changes.

Athena Cochrane

It's exciting to see all the new things they bring each season. It's even more enjoyable when there aren't a lot of people there so you can get good pictures in.

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