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REVIEWS OF Lanoha Nurseries IN Nebraska

Calvin Anderson

We just got a great deal on 5' scotch pines! The Bulk deal was better than home depot prices! Jake was helpful in loading up my truck. If in the market for a few or more at at time, they may offer more of a discount!

Voiz Boyz

Just what my back yard needed.Thank you Lanoha!

María Arriaga

Elkhorn Resident

Nicole was awesome. She walked us through and gave us ideas that would work for our home. Her knowledge of all the plants is incredible.

Brandy DeRuiter

Great experience with the landscaper, the crew, and the cost.

Jeff Kaspar

I love lanoha nursery. Got a Christmas tree here in the 80s... & All of our trees, shrubs & expertise when I have a problem w/bugs, etc, have come from them since 92. Every spring I get some great flowers here

Kurt Cisar

I am currently working with Pat Wood (Landscape Designer) on a phased landscape plan for my home. Pat, as well as Lanoha Nurseries, has been very helpful providing a unique design solution to my home. We have implemented the first two phases and will continue to utilize their expertise moving forward.

Hilary Schendt

I've been working with Pat Wood and his team at Lanoha for the last year. They provided a detailed plan that met all the requests we had for them. They also utilized existing plants where possible, rather than just selling us new product. Pat provided a clear and detailed pricing budget to let us understand exactly what we paying for. They have completed 2 separate projects for us, and we'll continue to use there service going forward.

Brandon Finch

Eileen Schafer

I was a bit late in the game searching for annuals for my potted plants. I went to Lanoha Nurseries. Their selection was slim. I purchased some items, and they were marked as "sale", but still rather pricey. Then I went to Mulhalls, where the selection was triple what Lanoha carried at a fraction of the cost.

Joshua Garth

Went to aquire roughly $6k in trees, but as my wife an I were looking at the options a sales representative rolled up on us and scolded us for looking at the trees without a sales person present. We promptly left and spent our money elsewhere. I couldn't believe the attitude that woman displayed to us; I realize it's a Saturday afternoon and you're at work, but good lord.

Mike Swartz

Pat Wood was great to work with in helping us replace and redo some of our landscape. He selected a great tree to replace our ash. He was patient, very helpful and gave us several great options. Would highly recommend him for your landscaping needs.

Nick Barton

Great place if you need expertise in picking out trees and flowers. Abbie was extremely knowledgeable and patient, and we will keep coming back.

Lorie Knudsen

I enjoyed visiting the garden center and seeing so many ways to enhance my outdoor living spaces. There is a large selection of pots, decorations, and plants to choose from. It is so enjoyable to look around the garden center both inside and outside. There are unique items for children and adults-There is something for everyone! I also appreciated the friendly customer service I received. I look forward to shopping at Lanoha again soon!

sonya nelson

I am incredibly disappointed in the lack of backing on the plants/shrubs/perennials That Lanoha sells, as well as follow through on the customer service side. My shopping experience was pleasant & I found the sales people helpful. Looking at my receipts, I collectively spent $900+ on various landscaping items for our new construction home. I felt confident in the quality of the plants, because it had the Lanoha name. Little did I know that there is probably a reason that Lanoha is the only garden center that I have found with such a limited guarantee window of time. Perennials are guaranteed for only 2 months, when everyone else is 12??? Less than one year later, 1/3 to 1/2 of everything I planted has died (rose bushes, St Johnswort, yarrow... the list is long. I consider myself quite a green thumb & love to plant, so I don’t feel this happened due to poor technique, or lack of care. Mulhulls, Canoyer, Lowe’s etc All cover their items for 1 year. Why is Lanoha the exception? I’ve called for two consecutive days & no one answers the phone, only voicemail. I’ve also left a message with no call back. I was forever a Mullulls customer, but since we moved to within 2 miles of Lanoha, I gave them my business instead. What an expensive lesson I’ve learned.

Dawn F

BEAUTIFUL! We had so many compliments on the landscaping at our previous house, that we opted to have Lanoha do the design and installation again for our new house. Our designer was very artistic and talented, flexible for working with our budget, and did a great job choosing low maintenance plants (we hardly even have to water them). I love how she was able to modify the design on-site if she felt something didn't look the way she had expected (a definite perk for having them do the installation instead of doing it ourselves). The crew was very professional and friendly, and did a great job cleaning up after themselves. There's definitely a reason Lanoha is in such high demand and is so busy. They do an exceptional job.

Ken Andersen

I built a new house and needed landscaping to finish it off. I got bids from a number of landscapers. However, those that finally returned my calls offered the same routine plans that you see all over town. I then called Pat Wood at Lanoha. Pat returned my call promptly and came out as agreed. Pat brought a very creative and modern design playing off the contemporary lines of the house. Pat truly listened to what I wanted and had the perfect creative plan while being conscious of my budget. Pat and his crew are very efficient, finishing on time and cleaning up as if they were never here. Pat and Lanoha have stood behind everything, with only a few minor replacements, which is amazing considering the amount of materials used. All my neighbors have raved about the new landscaping. I have even had a few people stop and ring the door bell to comment and find out who did it. I couldn't be happier with Pat Wood and Lanoha.

Yupin Chao

Staff was rude and unknowledgable about the trees they carry there. We were there over an hour and no staff there could help us with purchase some trees. Extremely disappointed. Will never go there for trees. Also, they only provide 2-month guarantee on special trees (meaning they don't know for themselves how those tress will survive through the winter in NE.) Be careful when you buy tress there.

Brian Patera

Long time Lanoha customer that's fed up with rude staff and them not standing by their products unless you keep the original receipt on every plant. Original tags still left on a dead $60 bush from Fall, but without the original receipt, I was rudely told to "Go home and find it". Wasn't looking for refund, just wanted replacement. So taking all future business to Mulhall's

Jack Phillips

Rachel R

Lanoha is the worst place I have ever been. The cashiers were amazing but when I went out to look at the trees there weren’t even close to enough people to help me. As I walked by what seemed to be a manager he rudely and loudly told me to go back out there. When I went up to the cash register a lovely lady named Hannah helped me and we had a great conversation. I hope the company learns from their cashiers because they know how to respect a customer.

Tavi Baker

I called three nurseries on a Wednesday to give us a bid for major work at our home. Two returned my calls within 24 hours. Lanoha did not call for a week. The young man who called couldn't believe we could have work starting the next day (day 8 after phone call) and asked me if I just meant they were bidding that day. I told him snooze you lose. I will never call them or go to their showroom again. I honestly think b/c we live east of 72nd street we weren't quite the high rollers they are used to.

Andrea Chlopek

We were looking for vine plants that were non-toxic to cats and dogs. We stopped by Lanoha and met with Jessica. As we walked around, she truthfully answered with, "I don't know." when we asked if a plant was toxic or not, instead of taking her best guess with our fur babies' lives. She was very patient as we looked up each plant until we found a few we wanted. We really appreciated her honesty in saying, "yes or no" when it came to toxicity to our pets. She then took us to the planting station. There, she and Diana transplanted our vines into hanging baskets. When Kathy walked by, we commented on how awesome the two ladies were and we all got to talking. Kathy then gave us some much needed pointers on the 8 Aspen trees we just planted. She walked with us to find an augar and explained to us the process of fertilizing our Aspens. The three of these ladies were extremely friendly, patient and super knowledgeable.

Jordan Van

Mike @ Lanoha's has been a tremendous resource for us. We own an older acreage property that had 4 trees on it. Mike has helped us fill in the voids with some small trees (to fit our budget) and some larger trees (to provide shade right away). With Mike's guidance, we've learned what trees not to plant (birches do not do well in our zone and Bradford pears do not survive the temperature swings). We also had browning of leaves on one of our trees. I took a leaf in and met with their arborist ( I am sorry to say I can not recall her name right now) to identify what treatment to use (which has been successful). It ended up needing a fungicide treatment that we could apply. Overall, we've been very pleased with the service and products provided by Lanoha's. And as Mike predicted, in buying trees to create habitat closer to our house, nature is filling in the rest our property with FREE trees:) So happy with our progress!

Deborah Perreault

I live out of town and have made a point of stopping at Lanoha Nursery the last few years because of the large selection of beautiful plants/ trees they have. I enjoy wandering through their nursery looking for new perennials and shrubs to add to the ever changing landscape in my yard. The staff has been friendly and helpful in my endeavors. It's definitely worth your time to check them out.

David Michael

Staff isn’t very knowledgeable on plant and tree species. I’ve been here multiple times and it’s almost pathetic.

Shadow Ridge Country Club

Lanoha Nurseries is unequivocally the best landscape design firm in the Midwest. They are the exclusive landscape & hardscape design company of Shadow Ridge Country Club and have provided outstanding service to our Club for years. Absolutely the best for upscale, high-quality landscape design and installation.

Aaron Eby

The quality of this nursery has dropped to a all time low!! Called to ask about plants nobody knew anything about what I was looking for. To top it off someone was supposed to call me back after they're "lunch break" at 3:30 no call and now they're closed for the day! Thanks for the help Lanoha!

Kristin Polking

We love Lanoha!! Everybody who works there is always so friendly and helpful. Thank you Lanoha Nursery for going above and beyond to make our shopping experience so positive!

Marsha Hewett

We've been working with Lanaha's for a few years now and we're very happy with the service we've received. Our landscape designer is Pat Wood and I would highly recommend him. Overall, excellent business in all aspects.

Laura Ishmael

Love to visit Lanoha for unique outdoor decor. Their staff is super helpful too!

Danielle Murphy

It was a pleasure working with Pat. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Having a landscape designer who knows what they are doing is truly invaluable!

Grant Gowen

We had the great pleasure of working with Pam from Lanoha's landscape design team on a very fast moving time sensitive project where she and her team came through with an outstanding design that perfectly complimented our home. After the installation we have had wonderful follow up support from Ian on Pam's team coming out to our home and replacing some plants that didn't make it through the hard winter. Overall we are very happy with the quality of materials and wonderful design Lanoha provided.

lisa mac

Delivery service is slow and not very dependable. I waited for two hours past my delivery time. I will never have delivery from there again.

Kiley Kiser

Our Lanaha Residence Landscaper Pat Wood has been very detailed and professional and has for the past few years has stuck to our agreed upon plan and our landscape has turned out perfectly

BotzHuskers .

Called a Friday afternoon looking for vermiculite. Gal told us they would get some in on their next shipment, the following Monday. Called Monday morning around 11AM and was told they had the product I needed. Drove to the store, stood around for 30 minutes waiting for someone to help me. Told them I was there to pick up my product that I was told would be there and confirmed it had come in. They had none on hand or in stock. Two separate people took my phone number and name so they could call when they found it or had it in stock. No phone call has been made. First time customer, will never return.

Ray Wollberg

What a beautiful store, lots of selection, prices are reasonable, the staff that I talked to where very friendly and helpful. We bought a tree and it was delivered today. The crew that planted it were professional and friendly. The tree is gorgeous.

Allison Blatchford

We always love visiting Lanoha's. From the beautiful grounds to the website that has tips and tricks for plant management, we always know we will have a great experience. I am looking forward to my spring visit to pick up my annuals and mulch!

Grant Willour

Crystal V

I’ve been on hold for 15 min. Just trying to find out if they sell Dwarf Liliac Trees and can install it. The lady that picked up sent me to the “Garden Center” immediately, extremely frustrating. Very poor service. If they cannot have someone answer just say that no one is available.

Sandy Paul

We were so impressed with Lanoha's residential design staff last summer that we have decided to use them again for our project this spring. We live in a Villa and don't have a very large yard, but Lanoha made sure to make us feel like a priority. The front yard looks so beautiful and professionally done - we just love it! We'll be doing another small project in the backyard this year and look forward to seeing what Lanoha comes up with for us!

Megan Foley

I found the nursery to have decent selection, but everything was overpriced. The pottery was marked down and still overpriced. I bought a Gynura aurantiaca (purple passion plant) and after a few weeks noticed it was completely infested with thrips. Thankfully it didn’t infest my other plants. When I contacted Lanoha, so they could resolve their infestation, they never returned my calls or emails. I won’t be returning.

Jacquelyn McKinney

Lanoha has been our landscaping provider since we bought our home 3 years ago and they have done flawless work! We had a berm created that changed the entire curb appeal of our house and we constantly get compliments on. Pat Wood does a great job ensuring our yard gets the monthly maintenance it needs to look beautiful and is quick to respond with any requests or concerns we may have.

Steph Matthiesen Avilés

Very overpriced! Which sometimes is worth it... But here every single plant I picked up was HORRIBLY pot-bound -- as in, there was a half-inch disc of roots that had grown through the drainage holes and under the plastic pot. Every single plant. I'm not about to pay above-average prices for shamefully pot-bound plants, guys! Good selection, cute store. But I didn't find anything worth the money.

Kevin Moran

I bought a $35 Pinky Winky hydranga for my daughter. I could have gotten the same thing at Lowes for $14.99, but I thought the quality and guarantee would be better at Lanoha. WRONG. I just found out that the bush is dead. I talked to them at Lanoha about a replacement. The original price and description card is still on the bush, but they are saying that I have to have the sales ticket, which I don't know if my daughter still has. The guarantee is for 60 days only. I would think, the guarantee would be for one growing season. BEWARE buying over priced plants,trees, and bushes at Lanoha. They act like their customers are pathological liars that try to bilk them out of inventory..


Huge nursery with a great selection! I give them only 3 stars because it was rather hard to find someone for help. The employees were extremely knowledgeable, but weren't really willing to help (not great at sales, I guess). I was ready to buy everything needed for my flower bed, brought in photos so they could see sun/shade and space, but the employees would just point and I'd find myself wandering a section with no idea what to buy. Since their plants are in great condition, they charge above average prices which I'm fine paying if only they would have helped me pick out what to buy. And since I'm a beginner, I don't trust myself to buy expensive plants that might not be right for the space, so I ended up getting less expensive plants from somewhere else entirely (less risk). So in all, this is a great place to if you already know what to plant, but not so great for beginner gardeners.

Debbie Egermier

Pat Wood planned and executed our project and did a terrific job!

Michelle Shanks

I have never used a landscape designer before, and didn't really understand the value that could be gained. I worked with Pam, who translated my vision into reality with amazing outcome! Thanks to Pam and Lanoha Nurseries, my home value was significantly increased. More importantly to me; I, and my family, will enjoy the "Lanoha Legacy" of Pam's design for many years. Wonderful design, exceptional service, and conscientious work ethics. Thank you! I will never hesitate to reach out to Lanoha Nurseries for future design services, especially if Pam is available!


Excellent products and great people. I have worked with many designers, but JT is the best. Very knowledgeable and polite. I am very particular on the trees and bushes I want in my yard, but after working with him, I just let him pick them out. Great listener and eye for what the customer is looking for. He is always around when jobs are being completed to make sure they exceed expectations and the workers doing the real work are super...they bust their butts! My wife and I stopped by the Nursery today and 3 workers approached us and asked if we needed help. Very attentive to customers who look puzzled and need help. :) The old saying is very get what you pay for. Keep up the great work!

Savanna McDonald

I love Lanoha Nurseries! They have a great selection and a charming staff.

Cristina Jurca

Fernando Gamon

This has to be the most disrespectful most unprofessional place I've ever been to I do not recommend people to come here or even waste your time my friends and family will never come to this place we prefer to go to my mojos instead we're at least people are kind

Jennifer Perreault

Great selection of trees and other plants. Staff was helpful. Will go back again.

Irina Harrington

Got a call from landscaping department: unless I commit to hardscaping and a water feature, and everything planted by Lanoha they did not want to send anyone out to do a draft and an estimate. This gal that called me kept asking if we built a new house. No, wanted landscaping plan and estimate, she said "they do not do that kind of thing". Well, their website says they do, I guess this job was too small for them (they are looking to sell a lot of expensive boulders).

newfinish .

I bought a Norway Maple tree that Lanoha that died . I was with in the warranty time. So They told me they would replace the tree @ 40% off the tree price and another $300 spade fee. Plus NO FURTHER WARRANTY. So I am out $1350 and I have to pay to get rid of the dead tree that is in my yard. So thanks for nothing!!!

Nicole M

Scott Thompson

I had a problem with a return at Lanoha’s earlier this week, but I am proud to say they resolved the issue and offered great customer service in the process. I deleted my original post because I felt a rewrite would be more beneficial to those that read it. In May, I purchased a yard art item that didn’t work as advertised. Unfortunately, I lost the receipt, and the clerk didn’t want to pull up the transaction from the system. My wife and I left the store pretty upset as we spend a lot of money at Lanoha’s. After putting our experience on this site, I am happy to report they responded quickly. I was especially happy to work with Kathy Cowles. Rest assured that Lanoha’s monitors these feedback forums and responds with class in a very timely matter. I’m proud to support local businesses that care about their clientele. My wife and I are very selective in where we shop, and I am proud to say I will continue to buy items from this nursery. Support local and hold businesses accountable. That has always been my model.

Volodymyr Yarotskiy

Justin Martin

Dave Killham helped me decide which tree was going to be the best fit for my yard and answered all of my questions I had about taking care of it. I would have been lost in deciding which to choose if it weren't for Dave. I appreciate it!

Jonathan Hart

I had a great experience shopping there. I was referred to go there by Ryan G., when I was looking to add a tree to my front yard i went in and the selection and quality was top notch

Mike Maxey

Ann McCoy

Purchased 8 yards of hardwood mulch. As we were putting it down it appeared to have a lot of dirt mixed in and there was trash throughout, mostly pieces of plastic bags but also other plastics and paper. We were picking out trash the whole season as it surfaced. But worst than that, we had an infestation of roaches. I dropped off a bag of trash at Lanohas administrative offices but the owner was out. When I spoke to him over the phone, he brushed off the complaint and said I had too much time on my hands to complain about something like that!!!.......Last purchase I will make at Lanoha.

Lillian Houseworth

Judith Myers

My landscaper has been working with me for 3 years and I cannot praise her and all involved enough. They are always willing to talk and change or add anything I ask. They honor their warranties and the nursery stock is top quality.I highly recommend Lanoha Nurseries.

Lanzo .

I love that you have such a variety of plants to choose from. The personnel you have there is always around so that you can ask questions or get help.

Henry Coleman

Lanoha is great nursery and they are very responsive to their customers.

Terri Holland

A few years ago we bought a three level fountain upon the recommendation of our son in law Dave Killham. The fountain looks and sounds great to this day. The crew that came out was very polite and professional. We enjoy this addition to our back yard every time we are near it. Thanks to all of the friendly and knowledgable Lanoha team members that helped with our purchase and install.

Leah Jipp

Ryan is a wealth of knowledge in the world of mulch.

Emily Engstrom

Got a Cherry Splash for my Grandma for Easter! She absolutely loves it for the front of her house!! Great quality, super helpful staff!

J.R. Rocha

Thank you J.T. Savoie for taking the time to come sit with me and give me some ideas to get me started in building my dreamscape in my back yard. Your obvious experience and knowledge of this industry has inspired me to think outside the box. Once I get a better grasp on what I want to do and what I want to spend, I will be contacting J.T. at Lanoha to build my dream backyard! Thanks Lanoha for having the best of the best representing your company. I will pass on your name to my friends!!

Teri McCune

I bought a bay leaf plant and made sure from the cashier that it had a warranty before finalizing my purchase. Well, it died and when I went to return it, I was told it didn't have a warranty - even though the cashier at the time of purchase said it did and gave me warranty paperwork (which I took when I returned the dead plant). Taking my business elsewhere.

Dave Martin

Updated August 18th: We were contacted within 30 minutes of this first review which says a lot about satisfying their customers. We were given an option of 25% off our original tree or have it replaced, we chose to have it replaced. We picked another tree that looked almost as good as the first one on 8/04 and it was planted 8/16. Looks beautiful in our yard. Only had scheduling issues as when we spoke on the phone, they said they would be here about 2:30 pm, however they came 2 hours early so I had to scramble to find someone to be at our house when they arrived as my wife and I were both at work. Quite an ordeal and glad it’s over. July 30th: We are very disappointed in the professionalism. We bought 2 trees 5 years ago and had tremendous sales, service, and delivery. We lost one of the trees in a storm in May 2018 so we went back to them in June and bought a replacement. They delivered and planted the tree July 5th 2018, but to our disbelief they damaged the trunk planting it at 5:30 pm. We took a picture and called them (and emailed the picture) the very next day. It is now July 30th and we have not gotten any results from them about what they are going to do about it. They have told us twice that someone would come look at the tree but no one has yet and now we cannot even get them to call us back. Terrible way to do business!!

Matthew LeFeber

Abbey Jackson

I attended the open house last weekend and had a wonderful experience!. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was very welcoming. Plus the plany selection was incredible! I was able to find a gorgeous succulent to add to my collection and a new pot to plant it in that I love. I will definitely visit Lanoha again when I need to use my green thumb!

Kathleen McGlynn

A Google User .

Staff knowledge and helpfulness are key in my 5 star rating. Plant, tree and landscaping varieties make shopping experience fun. Pricing of accessories is high, but if you are looking for specialized items, they are available.

Dreily Rivera

My husband and I, We will never go there again. Unprofessional people with no professional way of treating people.

Joe A

We went to Lanoha shopping for a small fountain. Once there, it took nearly an hour before we could get someone to even check a price for us. When we finally did, it took another 30+ minutes for them to find the correct price. We purchased the fountain, but then waited another 60-90 minutes before it was loaded in our vehicle. So a total of nearly 3 hours from the time of selection to the point where we were finally able to drive home with our purchase. Unfortunately, our problems were just beginning. Once I started to install the fountain, I called Lanoha back with a question on how to do so. After describing the parts that were included to their "fountain expert", I was told that we were given the wrong pump, and weren't given a long enough hose to reach from the pump to the inside of the fountain. I was also told that water inside the fountain should be allowed to drain down the same hole through which the pump's electrical cord was to be routed. I questioned the safety of such an arrangement, and the "fountain expert" said that's how all fountains are designed. We drove 40 minutes back to Lanoha's and spoke to a manager, Ross, about the problem. He barely spoke to us, but just took our pump and disappeared for 30+ minutes. Once he returned with the correct pump, I questioned their expert's advice about allowing water to drain through the same pipe used for the electrical cord. Ross then passed us over to two young Lanoha employees, Danny and Clayton. Not only did they correct the misinformation we were given previously and provide the correct parts (and no, water should NOT be flowing through the electrical cord "conduit" hole in the fountain), but throughout this entire ordeal, they were the ONLY Lanoha employees to offer an apology for all the trouble we'd encountered. To Lanoha's credit, after we asked for a price adjustment, Ross eventually, and grudgingly, gave us a refund of about 25% of our purchase price, still while barely speaking to us. At that point, it was too little, too late. With the exception of the two high school age employees who solved our problem AND apologized when none of their adult counterparts seemed capable of doing either, Lanoha employees across the board seemed intent on driving customers away. I'll never go back.

Dana Grisham

I did have a problem with a tree that did not make it but in the end Lanoha made it right for me. The manager, Mike, was great to work with and saw to it that my tree was replaced. They really do try their best to ensure your satisfaction. They have a great selection and the staff are knowledgeable. I will return to Lanoha. Its nice to find a business that keeps their word.

Adam Julch

Patrick designed the landscape for our new home I had a particular look I was going for and he nailed it. It is exactly what we wanted. The service has been great and timely. We are very pleased with our Lanoha experience.

Tony&Kami Venditte

Pat Wood is a rock star! When we built our house last fall he was able to come out right away and help us plan our landscaping. Pat and his team came out and laid out the plan before the sod came, which was awesome. We held off on the planting until this spring and we are looking forward to Pat coming out again to plant our flowers and shrubs. Pat is definitely good at what he does. If you have the opportunity to work with Pat you'll get the best!!

Laura Allis

I have used Jt Savoie from Lanoha Nurseries to design and landscape my home for the last two years. He is extremely talented and made the process simple and easy!

Bill Sudol

Did a great job on hardscape. Substituted plants I chose at the last minute, resulting in a dull pallete.

Crystal Rundle

Loved the smell of the nursery. Was like a kid in a candy store walking through found so many nifty things. My partner wanted to ask a question to one of the staff, and was rudely spoken too. If I come back I'll make sure I know exactly what I'm looking for and have done my own research that way I don't have to bother the staff. But in the mean time I'll shop other nurseries first.

Jenny Joy

Pat Wood was awesome -- came with great ideas, stayed in budget and made the whole landscaping process for our new home an absolute breeze. I highly recommend him.


Elin Rivera

Sarah Warren

Great selection and service!

lisa brinegar

Wanted to buy a tree. Waited 40 + minutes for help which never came. Trudged through the fields on our own until we found what we wanted. Still no help. Went back to the out door customer service area and waited some more. There was one poor guy alone already helping a customer. He did take the time to ask if we had a quick question. I told him we wanted to buy a tree. He got on the radio and asked if any one was free to help us. He said it would be a few minutes. Another employee did drive by (with another customer) and said someone would by by as soon as they were free. We waited an additional 15 min then called Robert's nursery and the had the same tree we wanted cheaper. We are on our way to Robert's now.

Kerry Holland

Dave Killham has been a pleasure to work with.

kayla linn Zain 7

Ryan Hanthorn

Huge number of options and helpful staff. World class nursery.

Jennifer Vinton

This is a review of landscaping design and installation done by John Brommer and his team. John created a design for perennial and shrub beds in our large and irregularly-shaped back yard. He listened, was accommodating, and had wonderful ideas. John's team put in a long, hard day to install the plants and mulch, and the yard looked beautiful when it was done. John and his team went above and beyond the call of duty. Many thanks to all!

(STUDENT) McKinnly Lanoha


Diane Marie

I love going to Lanaha Nurseries! There's always something new. Staff is always there to help with a smile and all the information you need. I also enjoy the "home" area. Such unique furniture, outdoor pieces and beautiful little items I love picking up for myself or as a gift.

JR Quinn

Ggrreeaattt selection, beautiful decor in the retail store. All the employee's are well educated & passionate !

Shea Dolezal

Dave Killham helped me out and I would highly recommend him for any of your outdoor planting needs!

Ann DeLashmutt

Lanoha designed our landscaping when our house was new. They did an outstanding job, we are so pleased. Our original designer moved out of state and we were assigned Pat Wood. He has done such a good job for us. He takes the initiative to contact us about Spring bed clean up and mulch, which the previous designer did not do. Pat is quick at responding. He listens to our ideas and turns them into gorgeous plantings. We often get compliments and refer people to Pat Wood at Lanoha's.

Christy Giles

A Google User

My wife & I love going to Lanoha's. Nursery has tremendous selection, the staff is knowledgeable and always have answers for our questions.

Cathy Wells

A lot of variety but way overpriced!!

craig brown

When planting your trees they will bury the garbage and plastic tubing that was wrapped around its trunks right in the hole they dug below the tree instead of taking it to a dumpster

Jamie carnes

One of the workers outside... Nicole... did an excellent job with helping us pick which shrubs and trees would work best for our yard. Very friendly and easy to get along with.

scott wehner

Pat Wood is the reason we use Lanoha. The guy is a beast - always delivers on quality, timeliness, and service.

Samantha Radda

Pat Wood did an amazing job on our landscaping at our new home. It looks amazing!! I would recommend him to anyone looking for landscaping work.

J Seeley

Was out for the Spring open house this weekend and was impressed by the variety and selection of plants that I was not finding in the box chain stores! If you are not finding what you need, I would make sure to check them out. Plus I love being able to shop local and buy local.

Schuyler Lovell

Nothing but great things to say about my experiences with Lanoha. Very experienced and helpful staff. Highly recommend.

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