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Adithya Naresh

On of the best botanical gardens I've seen in the US. Must see if you are visiting St.Louis. I particularly enjoyed the home garden section which provided a lot of ideas on how to plant different vegetables along with flowers and other companion plants. Weather in August was excellent too. This place is huge, so be sure to schedule the whole day for it.

Jesse Lundgren

Always a fun time visiting the gardens. There is lots of natural beauty to see every time you come, which changes with the seasons. On special event days it gets a bit crowded, but the grounds are large enough to let everyone spread out and enjoy still.

Benjamin Dunlap

Missouri Botanical Garden is a treasure. Each section of the garden is beautifully and deliberately designed. Visit to learn. Visit to be stunned with beauty. Visit to be taken with whimsy. Visit to lose yourself in the study of a blossom or your place in the universe

Lara H.

If I am only visiting St Louis for a day, this is where I will go. Fantastic every time. They rotate the some of the plants for every season, while there are always old standards. Stays beautiful in every kind of weather. One of the treasures of St. Louis. Buy the fish food in the gift shop before heading out to the garden, and bring a refillable bottle as there are bottle refilling stations all around. You can also bring a lunch if you want. Backpack, hat, and comfy walkin shoes recommended

Eric Osborn

This place is amazing! The different regions are clear and each one is beautiful. We spent all day here and it wasn't enough. The food at the restaurant was okay, but that's not the focus or the purpose. Any restaurant is an added bonus to a perfect place. The whole family loved this place.

Phyllis Maxwell

I love this place. It is always beautiful and full of plants I've never seen before. The flowers are new and different every time I'm there. It gives me a lot of ideas about my own gardens.

Cringe Bunny

The greenery was very pretty and there was a lot to see! I went during the Japanese Festival and they had amazing activities through out the area.

Doug Chuka

Beautiful building and grounds! My daughter is having her wedding here and we wanted to get a feel for where the actual event would take place. Outstanding venue with extremely friendly, helpful staff. the flowers are gorgeous and exhibits are top-notch. Love this place!

Ji Xiaonan

Love this garden so much! I wish I can know it earlier. Best place in STL, definitely NO.1 if I can vote! So many amazing plants, being natural as well as artistic. What I appreciate most is the Chinese garden, a true Chinese garden (though not so large) where you can find peace, elegance, wisdom, and even ancient zen culture - it might help you feel the essential Chinese culture with a long history, which is totally not what you see in a China town.

Dr. Snodgrass

Very peaceful and relaxing. I went when it was pretty hot in July so there weren't many people. It was quiet and there's lots to learn about plants. There are very many places to sit quietly and reflect. Bring water if you can and be prepared for a 3 hour slow walk if you want to experience everything.

Robert Lamberg

Certainly what is the best botanical gardens in the world. they have an extensive research program catalog the plants of the world research on plants that they grow. Educational of displays embed adults and children. There's always something beautiful just see there regardless of the season. The Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome where's a true triumph in architecture to make a tropical Paradise for are tropical collection. Discontinued it to mature and the staff has headed educational props here and there the try not to obstruct the beauty of the collection.This is truly one of the gems St Louis

Elijah's Channel

One of St. Louis’s must see jewels. You could spend a whole day walking around the gardens. The children’s garden is an amazing playground with many interactive places to play and things to do. The Japanese garden is well manicured and beautiful with the ponds, trees and flowers. The kids loved feeding the huge fish. The indoor climate controlled gardens are great as well.

Enoch Warnke

The botanical garden is my favorite destination in St. Louis. It's always a great place to walk and talk and think and read. Touching and smelling certain plants, it's a more interactive and stimulating experience than you'd think too. The variety cultivated here, and the way they're displayed are truly awe-inspiring, and there's lots of complimenting features, like leaping fountains, sculptures, beautiful glass artwork, Japanese Zen rock gardens and other cultural displays... It's really a great place to explore and find a fresh and dynamic blend of history, trivia, natural beauty, cultivated beauty, artistic beauty, and cultural expression. Special events like the Japanese festival are even better. However, this last trip I went in mid-October was verrrry disappointing. Tons of plants were missing, presumably uprooted for winter. Ponds, walkways, greenhouses were I'd found so many cool things and wandered from wonder to wonder a couple months previous were barren. It was a huge disappointment to me and my date, and I was surprised they charged full price when they had so little on display. Lesson learned, I suppose.

Rebekah Chamberlin

This place was much better than I expected as I am not really a plant person. However they had a lot of diverse, unique plants that were cool to look at. The place is pretty big and you can get some good walking in or you can take a tram. I wouldnt go on a super hot or cold day as it is mostly outdoors.

Max Aricha

Awesome botanical gardens! My wife said that it was the nicest she has ever visited. Well taken care of and very nice staff

Shannon Knight

The experience was great. Price is expensive. I would love to take my kids but to spend close to $100 for a family of 4 is a little much. My husband and I did garden glow and enjoyed ourselves there are many different types of lights. 3d, interactive, projection and regular. Nice they offer drinks ,staff very friendly.

Jeremias C

This is a nice garden to visit. Even better for St Louis county residents to go on Saturday mornings before noon because it is free. The kids are (extra cost) is a must do if you have little ones.

Kathryn Kraut

The Missouri Botanical gardens are 1 of the top 3 in the world and you are missing a great experience if you have never been. On an average day, the gardens are peaceful and also gorgeous. Every view is breathtaking. They also have events throughout the year - one of the biggest would be the Japanese Festival that typically falls on Labor Day weekend. This is an amazing cultural experience that I highly recommend going to see. They have authentic food, martial Arts shows, cultural activities such as flower arranging, and so much more. This has been my favorite place in St. Louis since I moved here.

Jennifer Vo

Always great. But your tram service gets a big fat F. They need a new speaker she sounds board. The black lady with the long hair was a bully. She agrued with us over five dollars. She would not let my elderly mother on. I brought twenty people in that day, paid a lot of money and frequent the place often enough to be a member. She was rude and inconsiderate. I won't bother with the tram service until I see changes made. The times for the trams are confusing. If they could afford one more tram for high occupancy days it would be much easier to offer better customer service. That being said I am sure everyone was trying their best but the tram experience still left and unpleasant memory.

Alicia H

A beautiful place to visit with wonderful staff and volunteers! We enjoyed the free 219th birthday celebration for Shaw and will definitely be back on another visit soon! Plenty of space to walk, family and stroller friendly, and restrooms available and easily accessible to all throughout. Also a free splash area in addition to the one in the children's garden and many children's activities offered!

Jay F

Has an amazing time here today with my family. Everything there was incredible. It was also exciting and interesting for our 9- and 14-year-old sons. Highly recommend for families! Parking is free and wasn’t congested. Every employee we met was extremely professional, polite, and helpful. Thanks!

Abbie K

So many beautiful, uncommon plants and flowers to explore. The gardens are simply stunning. The Grove Tower house is also interesting and a must see for anyone who enjoys history. The piece of original wallpaper was so exciting to see preserved!

CJ Lackey

Awesome place. Went to the Japanese Festival here, and it was really awesome. I can't speak for any other time. Although, the garden itself is beautiful.

Supermom pooja

Nice place to visit with kids and family. If you are local here in st louis they will lower the price of your ticket. But you have to show some kind of proof. Best time to visit is from April to September.

Rudi Hodge

A friend and I came to St. Louis for the day and we visited! This place has so many neat things to look at and explore. We went on both floors and explored the garden outside. It was lovely. The inside on the first floor had a beautiful plant sanctuary right inside the building under the skylight. I will definitely come back here.

Juan Loto

Awesome garden with plants and trees from all over the world, themed gardens and lots of places to sit and enjoy the day. It'd take around 5 hours to fully walk around it! it also has a nice restaurant and a tram guided tour.

Tucker Walker

What a beautiful place to visit and unwind from living a fast paced life. The botanical garden offers a beautiful oasis to escape to and reconnect with nature. I recommend going during glow night, where lights add a fascinating touch to the variety of plants that are located in the garden

Sumit Joshi

A calm and serene place and it's beauty is real treat to eyes. Just awesome. A must visit place.


Wow...this place knows how to recycle. They are close to achieving zero-waste status. We volunteered as lowly helpers to the recycle and trash cans during an event and learned much about the right way to eliminate waste. And all supporting the beautiful setting.

Jesus Foshage

One of my favorite places in Saint Louis. Period. End of story. Blessed to have.

Matt Ritter

Really cool place. Very relaxing if you want it to be or it can be a good walk through the various gardens. It was beautiful now but I can only imagine how pretty it would be when the flowers were in full bloom in the late spring or early summer. A lot of history and educational opportunities here too. Great stop if you are in the St Louis area.

Aaron Ulrich

Most beautiful garden I have seen. I don't even like these things much but this place was breathtaking. Will definitely come back.

Belle Messenger

It's absolutely gorgeous here. A good place to go if you want pictures. They have a variety of things to see that tailor to all kinds of people. It's a walk though.

Ken Katerberg

Autumn is a great time to see the Japanese gardens. Since there are normally no flowers, the tree leaf colors stand out better.

Thiago Moulin

Absolutely beautiful place for a stroll to catch up with a friend, be with your loved one or to just enjoy yourself. The japanese garden section is quite impressive. Wish to do some meditation there some day.

Deb Classen

Spent our time in the Children's Garden with my 1 yr grand daughter. So impressed! She had so much fun. Lots to do, great for kids of all ages and adults can relax and let the kids play and make instant new friends.

Steven Dalbey

It was absolutely beautiful and such a peaceful place. An area for children to play for a reasonable fee. Cost of entry much better if you are a resident of St. Louis county or city I believe. If you go just a couple times it is worth the cost for a membership. Certain days before 9 or 10 residents of the city and county get in for free I do believe see the website for exact details.

Natalie Bishop

Always something for all ages, for every season. Stop by the children's indoor space and they have backpacks to check out for kid fun in the gardens! Can't see it all in one visit, perfect way to escape into nature in the middle of the city.

Jessica Kay Murray

I have had a membership here since 2009. I am never disappointed. This place is always amazing, even when it’s crowded. Most of the events are pretty fun, too!

Tom Shelton

This is a must see if you ate in the area. Lots of room so font be afraid if lots of people are there. Nice location but not many restaurants around. They have one inside that is ok. Great gift shop. Plan on spending 2 hours to get a good look at almost everything. Great place to bring kids. They have as shaded tram that can take you around on a tour. Lots of shad. Trails and path are very smooth and even. Lots of restrooms. Top 3 botanical gardens in the USA.

Linda Driy

Love this place! So beautiful here. Ride the tram and you can see the whole garden areas! They have a awesome children's play area with swinging bridges and slides. Its tropical paradise to see all the beautiful banana trees and plants and flowers! Highly recommend visiting this place!

Bill McKenzie

One of the premier gems of St. Louis. My wife and I had our first date here and have been members for many years. We go almost every week to see the progression of the seasons and enjoy the beauty and the extraordinary skill of the gardeners. Also one of the greatest horticultural research centers in the world.

Katelyn G

I wish I can know it earlier. Best place in STL, definitely NO.1 if I can vote! Most of the events may have a small admission fee, but it is well worth paying the price. The history here is very rich and the museums in the gardens are very informative. I wish I can know it earlier. Best place in STL, definitely NO.1 if I can vote!

Suzanne P

This is my peace and quiet place...BEFORE Best of Missouri! Like it best when there's nothing going on, but wouldn't miss the Glow! (This was spring)

Delmor Donald

The garden is always a pleasant place to stroll around on a weekend morning. You always see something new no matter how many times you go. With all of these events they put on, they always do a spectacular job. I have been recently for Garden Glow (a random weekday night is best for fewer crowds) and the Whitaker live music shows on Wednesday nights are a relaxing way to spend the evening. Stroll in with a picnic and make a night of it with friends

Wayne Olles

I should have gotten here earlier and spent the entire day here. Would love to go back again during a different time of the year. Absolutely worth a visit. Put on your walking shoes and enjoy the beautiful gardens!!

Anita Calorio

The history with this garden is very interesting. We had a guide who was well informed and give us information that makes the garden come alive. Kelly is a very enthusiastic guide and we enjoyed every moment she spent with us.

Karen Brutzman

Beautiful! My friend and I are traveling from Washington state. We had about 4 hours to spend here, so we started with a Tram ride. Our tour guide (Craig) did a wonderful job sharing the history of the gardens while pointing out some of the features we could explore in detail on foot. What a lovely afternoon!

Dale Wheeler

We've visited several times over the years and it's always lovely and interesting. The last time was on a cold Feb day. We enjoyed a spectacular orchid exhibit and also soaked in the warmth and smells at the tropical dome greenhouse.

virgil hawkins

A beautiful place. Easy parking close. Lunch there was very good and just a beautiful walk.

Tyler Mode

This place is wonderful. If you love nature or plants it all, it's an amazing place to go. All summer long, they have a concert series where in the evenings on Wednesdays, they allow free entry to the gardens and have a jazz/music festival. You can bring food and wine and just hang out for a few hours. It really is wonderful I would recommend it to anyone in the area.

scott knox

A Missouri gem. The flora here is perfectly maintained, and the surrounding environment can't be missed. Plenty of glass art is tastefully placed all throughout the park. The dome is obviously a stand-out with many plants I've never seen before. If you're in St Louis, don't miss out on the walk you can have here. It's one of a kind, and much larger than you think.

Emily Gruber

There was a beautiful lights festival as well as drinks and live music! It was beautiful and very well organized. I highly recommend visiting and if they do the light show again, you should definitely go!

Krista Chapis

Members' night is so awesome! It was a chance to watch the sun setting over the gorgeous Japanese garden. The staff and volunteers could not be any more friendly. No matter when you come here rain or shine, warm or cold weather, there is always something beautiful to see and experience. St. Louis should be so proud of this lovely park.

Joseph Kavanaugh

A world-class institution. An enormous variety of flora. Indoor and outdoor gardens. Gardens for beauty and for utility. Plan to spend 3-4 hours if this is your first time and are looking to see most of the gardens. If you are here for a quick visit in Spring to Fall, the Japanese garden is among the largest in the US.

Jane Burgei

Very lovingly cared for and maintained. Plants well marked, but don't loose your map because you can easily go in circles like we did. Employees and volunteers very friendly , helpful and informative. They do need a sign to show where campers can park.

James Wilson

The wonders of God's Creation of earth's tree's, flowering plants, for beauty and substance of life, presentation to visitors for education, enjoyment, and peaceful relaxation from the stress and struggles of everyday life. Design planning, layout of walking paths with benches, comment one's experience of this Beautiful kept and presented Garden. The main building houses the entrance, gift shop, with large stock in books, gifts for all ages, learning projects in bounty, and clothing. Restaurant for snacks or full meal's to relax enjoy. Special events are presented throughout the year and made with the main office for individual groups tours or events.

Andrew Schwartz

So well curated and taken care of. You would never know you were in the middle of the city. The festivals put it over the top. I love looking at plants and drinking beer!

Jayna Jones

We went to the Garden Party because they were offering $10 tickets through the end of Sept. It was a gorgeous night and we really enjoyed ourselves. They have some neat lighting experiences that make it really special!

Hiram Taylor

This is not like any botanical garden you have been to before. A trip inside the dome is like a step into the set of Jurassic Park (without the dinos that is). Always try to go by when in St. Louis. In other parts of the park you find yourself among a Chinese, Japanese or English Garden with plenty of places to sit and enjoy the plants or just relax.

Stacie Schroeder

Beautifully curated gardens in a historical environment. Water lilies and sculptures are among the many highlights. Educational postings enrich the experience without disturbing the tranquility of the gardens. On-site advice for home gardeners is friendly and helpful. Shop and cafe are also very well-done.

Courtnie Weaver

I love the botanical gardens. This is always a magical place no matter the time of year. Fall is my favorite time to go!

Chuck Digney

Absolutely beautiful gardens. Never a disappointing time here. Food is excellent, gardens are superb, and the staff is wonderful. Go. You will love it!

Jonathan Scupin

I’ve been visiting these amazing gardens for nearly 40 years! I love every inch of it!

Janet Minor

Gorgeous, mature garden right in the middle of the city. We were lucky to have a volunteer guide take us through many of the gardens. It's very interesting to hear the history behind the creation of the garden in the 1800's. A testament to the impact that one determined person can make.

Petya Dafova

Has some awesome time during the Japanese festival 100% recommend in checking out the botanical garden in Saint Louis. It’s beautiful!

Aaron Wolf

Went to the Japanese Festival on August 31. The festival is always one of my favorite events every year. It’s always a fun time learning and experiencing Japanese culture, art, food, and music. This year I had the opportunity to walk around the garden more. It’s always so surreal how beautiful some of the greenery can be. It was very relaxing to enjoy nature in a environment that’s caters to every plant, tree or flower.

Cynthia Ford

I can't say enough about this garden. You will get plenty of exercise walking to the various gardens. I did have trouble finding the Japanese garden but stubbornness prevailed. It would have helped with better labelling. A historic house museum is located on the premises. The gift shop sells books, seeds, plants and the usual fare. I stayed for four hours and I felt that I rushed thru. They even have an education department to help Missouri residents with horticultural questions. I took so many pictures that I had to stop because I was draining my battery. They have a great selection of courses you can take. It was a day well spent.

Kerry Moses

Magnificent history! The state of Missouri has keep a beautiful place thriving. Henry Shaw; whose property all of this is on was an Englishman with steel manufacturing skills & an amateur botanist. He was a good friend of Charles Darwin.

Nicole Smith

It's beautiful! I've never seen a bigger or more diversified variety of vegetation. I love the various pieces of glass artwork scattered around the gardens. I was surprised at first that the gardens weren't free because our local gardens are but after seeing the extensive time, energy and variety that goes into this beautiful place it was less surprising. I think it was about $14 for adults

Melanie Vincent

So beautiful! So much to see! It's very large, but not hard to walk it. They do have tram tours if you prefer to ride rather than walk. Guided tours are also available. Admission is very reasonable at $14 per adult. Lots to see and if you love unique plants, trees & flowers from all over the world, you'll be in heaven!!

Kita McLean

79 acres of gardens is an awful lot of gardens. We went in early fall, and there was still penty of beauty. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The Japanese , Chinese gardens were serene. The rainforest exhibits were incredible and extensive and housed in a massive climate-controlled dome. I wish I had more time to spend.

Gretchen S.

I love the gardens, always have...... and though the special light up events they have now throughout the year are most beautiful....I wish the costs for tickets were more affordable for a wider variety of the public to experience the events. I LOVE anything sparkly and pretty lights and beautiful gardens, but the cost of tickets prevents me from visiting the events more frequently. Again, such a beautiful place ..... I'd definitely recommend a visit to anyone with an interest in horticulture or simply a peaceful beautiful place

As Pretty Does

I have been to MANY botanical gardens - the Missouri Botanical Garden was by far my absolute favorite! First off, the staff (Mike at the front desk especially) are very helpful and friendly! The gardens have so much to offer and I love how well all of the plants are marked - a big pet peeve of mine. There are lots of great activities for kids. A good portion of the pathways are shaded. The history here is very rich and the museums in the gardens are very informative. Can’t wait to go back!

michael hedtkamp

The Climetron was awesome! Plants and trees that are endangered and once thought extinct within arms reach. To be able to be that close to a part of nature that may not be here in anymore in my lifetime..... Unforgettable!

Jacqueline Kahmke

A MUST SEE.... A beautiful place to visit. Cabt wait to return I love plants, and trees. Nice day time date option. Can't wait to go back.

Phillip Martin

The botanical gardens is a really magical place, they do a fabulous job of curating a lovely experience. The Whitaker music festival is one of the most fun things to do in st. Louis. In general if you're looking for a pleasant way to spend the day learning and experiencing plant life it can't be beat..

Deb Dew

OMG! This place is so amazing. Words cannot describe. Worth the time. Spend the time. See everything!

Amanda Kriss

I find myself at a loss for words when trying to describe how much The Gardens mean to me. How no others I have visited have compared. How much I respect and admire the staff. I have been going to the gardens ever since I can remember. Over the last 31 years I have seen it evolve and change always for the better. My Christmas present for many years in a row was a garden pass for the year. During my darkest times the beauty and peace walking, writing, working, napping, and meditating here have helped me through. I wish I could live inside its walls.

Moriah Messineo-Benge

Wonderful hospitality, great easy to walk paths, including those riding on wheels as well as little running legs. Upon entering one Dome it feels like you've stepped into Jurassic Park, IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Morgan Coulter

My personal favorite attraction (right now) is the building with all the indoor plants near the center for home gardening. Experts are available to answer questions about plant care. Many excellent examples of healthy mature houseplants.

Thomas Papouin

One of our favorite places in St Louis. Great. Diverse. Well maintained. Quiet and pleasant. Areas for kids. Free to residents on Saturday mornings. And pretty much the only free EV ChargePoint station in the city. A must see.

Olivia Knott

The flowers and other plant life are always gorgeous. Great place to go anytime: on a date, with family, or just by yourself. I know people who go here to meditate. Can't go wrong with this place.

J.T. Mills

If you're visiting Saint Louis and want to get away from the crowds at the free spots then the Missouri Botanical Garden is worth a stop. If you live in the local area then the festival membership is valuable because you can bring 6 guests including yourself anytime as well as get 6 tickets for 6 events during the year which adds up quick. One of our favorite amenities was the brunch spot open on Sundays till 2. Everything we had was delicious (breakfast enchiladas, grav lox, chicken bagel) and affordable at around $10 a plate.

Carlos Rivera

Great garden! The staff is friendly, the grounds are clean, and it invites you to relax. There is a lot to see and do. If you have kids they have a park (it’s cost extra) for them. It’s worth it to wear them out.

Nathan Langtry

This is such a pleasant place. I even get ideas what I could do in my own yard!

LeeAnn Tran

Such a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. The grounds are immaculate and there are so many different varieties of plants. Wish we had been able to spend more time.

Meg Blackstone

My parents got married here, and my husband and I got our engagement pictures done here 20 years later. MOBOT holds a special place in my heart- and truly in the hearts of many St. Louisans. The gardens are kept eloquently and there are many kid and adult friendly events that keep people coming back time and time again. The Beauty however is the gardens. The Japanese garden is a gem that everyone in earth should visit.

James Smith

This place is fabulous. I was there on a wedding and the area was great. There can be a stream flowing behind the building in which the wedding was and it turned out beautiful with trees and also the flowing water. It didn't sense New York at most of. The building itself had been great with two stages and great setting for 100 guests.


The light show on the building was fantastic! They always do such a great job here. Always a good time and it never gets boring!

Mary Roberts-Watts

This place is magical. It's a network of plant life, flowers, architecture & trees. You can get lost in the beauty of the scenery surrounding you. Some the gardens are peppered with landscape art that heighten their appeal; inviting you to sit & meditate, take pictures or just admire their beauty. There is small fee to visit some of the gardens. The Ultra nice guides will give you all the information you need for a great outing.

Robert Browning

This is one of the best botanical gardens in the whole country!! It's very clean and beautiful! My grandma would always take me here as a kid it's one of the best attractions in St. Louis for families to learn and appreciate the beauty and complexity of nature. It's cheap too.

Nina North Murphy

An adventure awaits when you explore this amazing botanical garden. The children's areas are absolutely amazing. Tons of both physical and hands on experiences. We could barely pry them away to move on to to new areas to visit. There is a sensory garden for the visually impaired which is lovely. Japanese garden is gorgeous. The Climatron is an enclosed jungle under a geodesic dome. Chihuly glass art is peppered everywhere! A hedge maze, many many specialty gardens, ponds, streams and waterfalls. Fish, birds, butterflies... Just go! You will not regret it

Shantell Boyd

It was awesome. They have many area for younger kids to play and also great activities for adults as well. The grounds are beautiful and it is so spacious to tour. I will be back to walk and tour the ground at a later date also.

Kirk Earl

The botanical garden was almost too big to see despite spending three hours there. St Louis City and County residents can go for free on Saturday mornings, so it was pretty crowded when I got in. However, there was plenty of room for all of us once we got away from the entrance. I especially like how different regions of the world are represented by their own gardens.

ashley scaggs

I absolutely loved this garden. It showcased many different aspects of our fauna world and different climates as well as histories. The Chinese garden was so peaceful I felt that I could've spent all day under the trees as it sprinkled. It was well worth the ticket fee and the gift shop was cute too! I found some good things that were on sale for presents.

Димака Яков

Amazing place as always last time i being here 16 years ago right after my wedding. Lots of good memories. gonna to come back at springtime

Laurie Whiteside

This is a wonderful place to visit if you are a nature lover or just like to learn about other cultures. They have several amazing events per year that is open to the public. Most of the events may have a small admission fee, but it is well worth paying the price. I go there any chance I get and I try to take people with me that enjoy culture and beauty. Highly recommend this for all ages

Grayson Goldsmith

This place is a gem. Lush and beautiful, such a diversity of plants and design. Worth it just to tour the climatron. The cafe was very good too, so plan to stay for a meal.

Anne Kiske

The Missouri botanical gardens is an impressive collection of plants and gardening cultures. It is pristine, clean, and the gardens tended seemingly without effort because you never see a worker (although there must be hours of sweaty work). Oriental gardens, Persian gardens, English gardens, Shaw's house and mausoleum. Admission is about $15 per person, so plan to spend the day. It's worth it.

raina talley

The music was tranquil. The lights were almost unreal and dreamy. The garden is so unique and exotic. Every visit here is breathtaking. I cannot wait to come back

Amy Miller

Wow. Magnificent and giant gardens. Kids garden is really neat and has various things to do for a variety of ages. Japanese garden is very peaceful. A must do in St. Louis.

Lana Al

Time for a Japanese Festival again.. So much potential.... Not used. I have a few ideas for you, please get in touch with me, so it can be even more fun next year.

Eric Da Garzster

I'm not a flowers kinda guy but a photography one. The place is simply wonderful if you like colors in camera shooting. It's clean, calm, but the lack in garbage cans can be bumped up a bit to keep it's grounds a bit more cleaner other than holding garbage for a while. This place was a color delight.

Teresa Sickels

Great signs/directions to featured plants. Staff were friendly/helpful when we approached them but it appeared there wasn't enough staff walking around to approach customers and ask to answer any questions we might have. "Gift shop" clerk was great.

Michelle Harding

Beautiful. More than you can see in a couple hours. Lots of areas to look at and hang out in. I loved the herb garden. The dawn redwoods were neat to see. Little garden areas everyehere. So enjoyable. 5 stars for me.

Zerk Clinseales

On A recent visit the gardens were beautiful. I was inspired to. Come home and plant and tune up my flower beds. The variety of plants and their beauty reflected much time and attentiveness from the staff. The roses were so pretty and there was a wide variety. Also, the various day lilies they had was amazing. It was a beautiful garden and a peaceful place to visit

Kathy Styer

Beautiful place to visit especially when the sun is out and humidity reasonable. Lovely flowers, beautifully planned plots, sculptures, and fountains throughout the entire property. Lots of benches to sit on and rest if you get tired. Generally a very peaceful atmosphere. Specialty gardens, play areas, museums are included so one could spend an entire day exploring if time permits. Restrooms are conveniently scattered throughout and are well maintained.

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